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Re: Firefox hangs in state 'kqread'

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 05:21:45 +0800

Matthew Dillon wrote:

    The kqread doesn't help... it probably isn't kq at all that is the issue,
    and more likely a decriptor that firefox is waiting on which is not
    working right (e.g. like the IPV4 issue could be the cause).

    If this is repeatable, use netstat to see if firefox (or whatever) is
    stuck on trying to make a TCP connection or something like that.

    Also ktrace the process looking specifically for the trace of what happens
    when firefox *RECOVERS* (i.e. does it suddenly get a connection timeout
    return from a descriptor or something like that).


Also - see if there is an 'alarm' pop-up - maybe with lost Z-focus - hiding
under Firefox trying to tell you a site is unreachable after trying for 't' time...

Suspected on Mac OS X hangs, but 'top' - even with flags, doesn't show if it is in
kqread or riding horseback.... (and the F'fox crashes more often than Moz as well)

IOW - may not be a DFLY issue at all....


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