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Re: negligible error in mined

From: Mathias Schacht <schacht@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 13:34:34 +0200

Bill Hacker wrote:
Mathias Schacht wrote:


    mined "expects" at most 1024 chars in one line
    and gives a warning if one tries to create files
    with longer lines. However, mined allows to open
    files containing longer lines. Trying to edit or save
    those files gives seg faults and new files with n
    ames containing part of the lines etc.


Potentially problematic, though I could live with it as long
as there are no such files in /etc or /boot, and the like.

But which UNIX editors habitually create such files?

I could create such files with ee. I stumbeled over the issue when I tried to minedit some Makefile in the ports tree, but I forgot which one.

- or is it seen primarily with files created on non-UNIX?


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