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I miss old TIMER_USE_1

From: Yury Tarasievich <grog@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 10:03:44 +0300

After pausing with dfbsd for a while, I tried both 1.2.0-RELEASE and cvs head, 
it's named 1.3.1-DEVELOPMENT yesterday. However, both versions in their 
GENERIC configuration have same old problem -- dead hang of system when 
starting X.

I tried to start X both from standard anf vesa.ko+VESA_800x600 console modes. 
Each time screen flickers a bit, with vesa_800x600 it goes to the standard 
80x25 mode first, finally screen settles to 720x400 textmode (I see it on the 
display menu) and then nothing happens. After hard reset, filesystems often 
get massively corrupted (files disappearing, getting cross-linked etc.)

Now, in times of 1.1, one could use option TIMER_USE_1 and everything worked. 
In current edition, there's no such option??

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