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Fwd: cross-installing fails

From: "Devon H. O'Dell" <devon.odell@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 19:23:30 -0700

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From: Devon H. O'Dell <devon.odell@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 22-sep-2005 19:23
Subject: Re: cross-installing fails

2005/9/22, Simon 'corecode' Schubert <corecode@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> hey,
> we have a problem with cross-installing, i.e. running make installworld
> on a client with /usr/src and /usr/obj nfs mounted from another box:
> make installworld uses all btools and ctools compiled for the host.
> The problem here was that it used ctools_i386_i386/usr/bin/strip which
> itself is statically linked, but
> ctools_i386_i386/usr/libexec/binutils215/elf/strip, which is being
> called (due to set OBJFORMAT_PATH) is not.  The easiest fix would be to
> build ctools statically as well.
> Should I add a -DNO_SHARED to TMAKE and XMAKE?
> cheers
>    simon
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I sort of addressed this in my patch to distcc which allows world to
compile using distcc (although the speedup is negligable, still, I
think). I'd be curious to know whether this still works for people.


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