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disklabel segfaulting on -current

From: walt <wa1ter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006 14:43:09 -0800

This is almost the definition of a corner case :o)

I've been trying to find the cause of a new bug in my
FreeBSD-current installation.  This might make you suspect
that I should be posting this elsewhere, but wait...

I'm trying to use DragonFly to edit the FBSD disklabel so I
can figure out why the two types of partitions are suddenly

First, I do this (from DragonFly):
#disklabel -w ad1s8 auto (that's my FBSD-current partition)
Fine. That writes a virgin disklabel with no problems.

Next (from DragonFly) I edit the new disklabel like this:
#disklabel -e ad1s8
and create a new 'b' swap partition like this:
b: 514080  0
and then save-and-exit the disklabel program.  The result is
a segfault from 'disklabel'.

I finally found that if I do this instead, everything works:
b: 514080  0  swap
I forgot to enter the filesystem-type 'swap' on the first
attempt, and that is what caused the segfault.  It was my
own error, but a segfault doesn't seem the appropriate
kind of error message ;o)

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