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Re: missed Option in pkg_info

From: walt <wa1ter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 08:03:55 -0700

willi wrote:
> Hello,
> I dont know whether this is the correct address for my problem but i hope you 
> can help me.
> 1. problem
> if i want install a new port then search the MAKEFILE of any Port the tool 
> "pkg_info" to install after compile the port in /usr/local/sbin but i found 
> in dragonflybsd this tool in /usr/pkg/sbin/
> I have make links in /usr/local/sbin to pkg_info and stuff and it works.
> 2. Problem
> If i want execute "make install" after compiling then i recieve the follow 
> error message from make and pkg_info 
> pkg_info illegal option -- O
> usage: pkg_info .... blabla

I can think of two possible reasons:  You may have two different
versions of pkg_info on your machine; one from the old FBSD ports
system, and another in /usr/pkg/sbin from the new pkgsrc system.

Or, if you are using the new pkgsrc system, you should use 'bmake'
instead of 'make' for building *and* installing ports.  (You still
use 'make' for building the operating system, though.)

And 'bmake' must be in your $PATH, of course.  (I thinks it's in
/usr/pkg/bin IIRC.)

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