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usb bugs?

From: walt <wa1ter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 15:35:27 -0700

I'm trying to help Petr get his (and my) USB scanner working, so
I've been comparing the different behavior on DragonFly and FreeBSD.

For example, when I boot FreeBSD I see my scanner detected and it
finally appears on /dev/uscanner0 and works properly.

But, when I boot DFly (on the same machine) I see the scanner
detected on /dev/ugen0 -- but it never appears on /dev/uscanner0.
When I use ktrace on 'scanimage -L' I see a message that /dev/uscanner0
is 'not configured'.

I see similar results when I plug in a San-Disk USB drive -- the
device winds up as /dev/da0s1 in FreeBSD, but never appears as a
usable device in /dev in DragonFly.

I have all the usual suspects enabled in my custom kernel, like
device usb
device ugen
device usbmass
device usbhif
device usbscanner
and I also tried loading every kernel module that begins with 'u'.

One other datum:  the SanDisk USB drive shows up in dmesg as *both*
umass0 and umass1, which seems odd.

I recall reading that our USB support is not quite ready for prime
time -- did I misunderstand?

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