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i386 SMP boot freezing

From: "Vincent Hourdin" <vinvin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 10:18:43 +0200

I have an old compaq proliant with 2 Pentium-II 400, I wanted to test 
DragonFlyBSD on it.
The GENERIC kernel works fine with one cpu. I compiled the 
GENERIC+SMP+APIC_IO, and boot hangs with :
APIC_IO: Testing 8254 interrupt delivery
APIC_IO: Broken MP table detected: 8254 is not connected to IOAPIC #0 
APIC_IO: routing 8254 via 8259 and IOAPIC #0 intpin 0

nothing happens after these three lines. Does that means APIC won't work on 
this system ? or is this a kernel bug ?

I've noticed in the GENERIC config file above SMP options, that on some 
systems, SMP with no APIC_IO might be working. I tested it, it boots 
correctly, a SMP motherboard is detected, cpu0 is detected but not cpu1.

Thanks ! :)

- Vincent 

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