DragonFly bugs List (threaded) for 2008-01
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DragonFly bugs List (threaded) for 2008-01
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Re: panic on kldload

From: "Simon 'corecode' Schubert" <corecode@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 23:58:29 +0100

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:I just booted with hw.physmem=64m and got a panic when trying to load a module:
:panic: kld: malloc limit exceeded
:#3 0xc0182129 in kmalloc (size=78, type=0xc02f5600, flags=2)
: at /usr/build/src/sys/kern/kern_slaballoc.c:445
:#4 0xc01678b4 in linker_make_file (pathname=0xc641b000 "./nvidia.ko", priv=0xc63ea028, : ops=0xc02f5bc8) at /usr/build/src/sys/kern/kern_linker.c:369
:the problem seems to be that M_LINKER already used 10% of all memory (allegedly). In this case kmalloc() simply panics if passing M_WAITOK without M_NULLOK. This is quite unfortunate. Shouldn't we try to stay alive and print a warning and block, hoping that the problem will resolve itself?
: simon

    That's an administrative limit, it sounds like the solution is to simply
    assign a reasonable minimum to it.

    Well, what's the malloc limit when you have 64MB of ram?  From gdb
    do 'print M_LINKER'.  And... is the amount of memory it thinks it is
    using roughly similar to the amount of memory the loaded modules ought
    to be taking up?

The limit is ~6MB, the linker consumes 8MB. I just realized that we have in struct malloc_type:

__uint16_t ks_limblocks; /* number of times blocked for hitting limit */

But we're never using this.


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