DragonFly bugs List (threaded) for 2008-08
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DragonFly bugs List (threaded) for 2008-08
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Re: Problems with HUAWEI E220 rev 1.10

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 09:37:46 -0700 (PDT)

: panic: uhci_abort_xfer: not in process context
: Trace beginning at fram 0xca605b94
: panic(ca605bb8,c04f0e40,c13adf28,c13adf28,ca605bd0) at panic+0x8c
: panic(c049f3dc,6,c1305ec0,ca691ec0,c04f0e40) at panic+0x9c
: uhci_abort_xfer(ca605bec,c03b5784,c13adf28,c1349f00,1) at uhci_abort_xfer+0xbb
: uhci_device_bulk_abort(c13adf28,c1349f00,1,ca605bf8,c05fd2fd) at uhci_device_bulk_abort+0x10
: usbd_abort_pipe(c1305ec0,ca605c0c,c05fd8af,0,c146ced0) at usb_abort_pipe+0x36
: ucomstopread(0,c146ced0,1,ca605c28,c027679a) at ucomstopread+0x1f
: ucomstop(c14ced0,1) at ucomstop+0x37
: ttyflush(c14ced0,1) at ttyflush+0x4e
: ttyinput(1a,c14ced0,c14ced0,c02777d3,c125f1ae) at ttyinput+0x2c9
: ucomreadcb(c13adf28,c1349f00, at ucomreadcb+0x209
: usb_transfer_complete(c13adf28,c1305ec0,0,c0260e58,c13adf98) at usb_transfer_complete+0x149
: uhci_idone(c948eaf0,c13adfb0,c13adf7c) at uhci_idone+0x120
: uhci_softintr(ca691ec0,0) at uhci_softintr+0xcd
: usb_schedsoftintr(ca691ec0,c1201b00,c04f0e3c,ff800000,ca605d2c) at usb_schedsoftintr+0xd
: uhci_intr1(ca605d84,c02361a7,ca691ec0,0,1f84) at uhci_intr1+0x199
: uhci_intr(ca691ec0, 0) at uhci_intr+0x26

    My patch didn't fix this panic unfortunately, because the supposed
    uhci_softint() is not actually a software interrupt.  It's still being
    run directly from the hard interrupt.


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