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Re: panic: assertion: leaf->base.obj_id == ip->obj_id in hammer_ip_delete_range

From: YONETANI Tomokazu <qhwt+dfly@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 00:40:41 +0900

On Tue, Mar 09, 2010 at 11:27:56AM -0800, Matthew Dillon wrote:
>     Here's another patch to try:
> 	fetch http://apollo.backplane.com/DFlyMisc/hammer12.patch
>     Hopefully it will print out the debugging message and continue on its
>     merry way instead of asserting in the higher level HAMMER code.

It survived the first bulkbuild, but crashed several hours after
starting the second one.  I found many warnings like this in /var/log/messages
after the crash:
(the hexadecimal numbers differ between lines)
Mar 15 14:31:19 dfly64 kernel: HAMMER Warning: depth limit reached on setup recursion, inode 0xfffffffe4d5274e0 00000004c138829a

according to the last command's output, I guess these were logged just
before the crash.  The crash dump is on my leaf account as
~y0netan1/crash/{kern,vmcore}.5 .

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