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DragonFly bugs List (threaded) for 2010-09
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Bugs while using encrypted HAMMER root fs

From: Matthias Schmidt <matthias@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 10:13:06 +0200


I installed a recent master ( on my old IBM Thinkpad
T42 and I installed the system on an encrypted HAMMER root volume.
While installing packages and using X I made some observations:

- After a crash, the "loader" in the initial ramdisk is no longer able
  to load the real init.  It displays all HAMMER related messages about
  an unclean file system and stops right after "recovery complete".  I
  can move the cursor and panic the system, but nothing else happens.
  Rebooting the live CD and mounting the partition fixes the problem.

- The systems tends to freeze regularly during heavy disk activity.  No
  crash dump, no messages, just everything stops working.  Not sure if
  thats related to the crypto stuff ...

Anybody an idea whats going on?



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