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Re: hammer: Missing volume (No header)

From: "Alex Hornung" <ahornung@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 26 Nov 2010 19:38:54 GMT

you just need to update your repository with git pull and then build the
kernel, not the syscons userland tool.

regarding the other issue, I don't quite understand. the message you pas
ted comes from trying to mount the swap partition as hammer. 'd' is the hammer partition.

cheers, alex

"Diegu" <peur.neu@gmail.com> wrote:
not much success with syscons. i'll have to make world. higly undesired
on a
data full hdd.

about hammer. yes, ad2 s1b is swap. but the message comes out from the hammer partition
rather than from swap partition.

"Alex Hornung" <ahornung@gmail.com> escribi� en el mensaje 377118498312450701.478455ahornung-gmail.com@nntp.dragonflybsd.org">news:377118498312450701.478455ahornung-gmail.com@nntp.dragonflybsd.org.
. .
The text console switching was actually a bug recently introduced in
syscons that has been fixed for a while now.

Regarding your hammer issue, usually the b-partition is swap. Are you
sure that it is hammer? As I was saying, the installer uses b as swap
a normal hammer based install.

Alex Hornung

"Diegu" <peur.neu@gmail.com> wrote:
Had a crash as usual using xorg i915 driver while switching to text
i915 xorg driver works fantastic. console crashes.
after the crash this is the result on a fresh system.

foo# mount_hammer -o ro /dev/ad2s1b /media/R1
hammer_mount: Missing volume, cannot mount /dev/ad2s1b
(No header)

foo# uname -a
DragonFlyBSD 2.8.2 (i386)

using DF 2.8.2 (x86_64) seems not to happen.

the other hammer functions on x64 work flawless on a full 100Gb driv

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