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[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2336] 3.0.3 catchall

From: Venkatesh Srinivas via Redmine <bugtracker-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 23:06:30 -0700

Issue #2336 has been updated by Venkatesh Srinivas.

Commits 799ea500fc9a83af3435056a7fbc0a1aafb6bfc4 (lock fixes to softdep), 19af187033dafb57f0739a8b0b21f74d4e5373e8 (zombie SIGIGN issue), 19cd98ea71f56117435402874beedbdf6d399b52 (vm page scan null objects), and 41a8e51772c65775f6b34c29ececa01178e633b9 (hammer multivolume assertion failure) have been MFCed.

Bug 2338 is probably resolved at this point.

To MFC: 

b642a6c1f5bbb295e29522d99c65038f459288ac cluster_write conversion to delayed writes
66030e2b4635359f2d84f23298c9d8ce1e6af5da Only B_CLUSTEROK okay-to-cluster (64k) bufs in HAMMER

The HAMMER zero-append bug may solved by the above two commits in -master. They will also close a space-usage issue and performance regression in HAMMER in the head of the -stable branch (but not in 3.0.2). These should be MFC-ed soon.

Open bugs:
Bug 2296 (i386 pmap assertion) remains open.

Bug #2336: 3.0.3 catchall 

Author: Venkatesh Srinivas
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Target version: 

This bug tracks outstanding work for the next release on the 3 -STABLE line.

Outstanding MFCs:

68cc29492751172e9897a90c303b1c7fbb18112a : MSDOSFS 32/64-bit issue (Issue 2334)
61f40eab02d073fff26f1d1cc78d5693c3bcea53 : libc: Don't allow stuck syslog to screw up system
afea4d5a3cf396976e5b778f8477d972e8c29735 : AMD Errata 721 workaround
aad00981445a4e7c60d89f07717d431f8a228e39 : Incorrect HAMMER unlock/lock sequence
3d102df7db4f442f9921757788d791d3ec0ebca0 : AHCI missed interrupts bugfix #1
d16d3400e7cd9e7c897c37abab0b8f2668fcc5c0 : AHCI too eagerly unlocks;
6bac9ae49e088aafa7604314335e9822676799bb : SILI missed interrupts bugfix

Outstanding bugs:
(leftover from 3.0.2) Bug 2296: panic: assertion "m->wire_count > 0" failed i386
Bug 2291: UFS/softdep panic in lwkt_remove_tdallq 

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