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DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2004-02
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cvs commit: src/contrib/binutils-2.14 COPYING COPYING.LIB README README.DELETED README.DRAGONFLY src/contrib/binutils-2.14/bfd COPYING MAINTAINERS PORTING README TODO archive.c archive64.c archures.c bfd-in2.h bfd.c bfdio.c binary.c cache.c coffgen.c ...

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 23:29:28 -0800 (PST)

dillon      2004/02/01 23:29:28 PST

DragonFly src repository

  Added files:
    contrib/binutils-2.14 COPYING COPYING.LIB README 
                          README.DELETED README.DRAGONFLY 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/bfd COPYING MAINTAINERS PORTING README 
                              TODO archive.c archive64.c 
                              archures.c bfd-in2.h bfd.c bfdio.c 
                              binary.c cache.c coffgen.c 
                              config.bfd corefile.c cpu-i386.c 
                              dwarf1.c dwarf2.c elf-bfd.h 
                              elf-eh-frame.c elf-strtab.c elf.c 
                              elf32-i386.c elf32.c elf64-gen.c 
                              elf64-x86-64.c elf64.c elfcode.h 
                              elfcore.h elflink.c elflink.h 
                              elfxx-target.h format.c genlink.h 
                              hash.c ihex.c init.c libaout.h 
                              libbfd.c libbfd.h libcoff.h 
                              libecoff.h linker.c merge.c opncls.c 
                              reloc.c section.c simple.c srec.c 
                              stab-syms.c stabs.c syms.c sysdep.h 
                              targets.c targmatch.sed tekhex.c 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/bfd/doc bfdsumm.texi 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/binutils MAINTAINERS NEWS README 
                                   addr2line.c ar.c arlex.l 
                                   arparse.h arparse.y arsup.c 
                                   arsup.h binemul.c binemul.h 
                                   bucomm.c bucomm.h budbg.h 
                                   budemang.c budemang.h debug.c 
                                   debug.h emul_vanilla.c 
                                   filemode.c ieee.c is-ranlib.c 
                                   is-strip.c nm.c not-ranlib.c 
                                   not-strip.c objcopy.c objdump.c 
                                   prdbg.c rdcoff.c rddbg.c 
                                   readelf.c rename.c size.c 
                                   stabs.c strings.c unwind-ia64.c 
                                   unwind-ia64.h version.c 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/binutils/doc addr2line.1 ar.1 
                                       binutils.texi nm.1 
                                       objcopy.1 objdump.1 
                                       ranlib.1 readelf.1 size.1 
                                       strings.1 strip.1 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/gas CONTRIBUTORS COPYING MAINTAINERS 
                              NEWS README app.c as.c as.h asintl.h 
                              atof-generic.c bignum-copy.c 
                              bignum.h bit_fix.h cond.c depend.c 
                              dwarf2dbg.c dwarf2dbg.h ecoff.c 
                              ecoff.h ehopt.c expr.c expr.h 
                              flonum-copy.c flonum-konst.c 
                              flonum-mult.c flonum.h frags.c 
                              frags.h hash.c hash.h input-file.c 
                              input-file.h input-scrub.c listing.c 
                              listing.h literal.c macro.c macro.h 
                              messages.c obj.h output-file.c 
                              output-file.h read.c read.h sb.c 
                              sb.h stabs.c struc-symbol.h 
                              subsegs.c subsegs.h symbols.c 
                              symbols.h tc.h write.c write.h 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/gas/config atof-ieee.c obj-elf.c 
                                     obj-elf.h tc-i386.c tc-i386.h 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/gas/doc as.info as.texinfo c-i386.texi 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/gprof MAINTAINERS README TEST TODO 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/include COPYING MAINTAINERS ansidecl.h 
                                  bfdlink.h bin-bugs.h demangle.h 
                                  dis-asm.h dyn-string.h 
                                  filenames.h floatformat.h 
                                  fnmatch.h fopen-same.h getopt.h 
                                  hashtab.h ieee.h libiberty.h 
                                  objalloc.h obstack.h progress.h 
                                  safe-ctype.h symcat.h 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/include/aout aout64.h ar.h ranlib.h 
                                       stab.def stab_gnu.h 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/include/coff ecoff.h internal.h sym.h 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/include/elf alpha.h arc.h arm.h avr.h 
                                      common.h cris.h d10v.h 
                                      d30v.h dlx.h dwarf.h 
                                      dwarf2.h external.h fr30.h 
                                      frv.h h8.h hppa.h i370.h 
                                      i386.h i860.h i960.h ia64.h 
                                      internal.h ip2k.h iq2000.h 
                                      m32r.h m68hc11.h m68k.h 
                                      mcore.h mips.h mmix.h 
                                      mn10200.h mn10300.h msp430.h 
                                      or32.h pj.h ppc.h ppc64.h 
                                      reloc-macros.h s390.h sh.h 
                                      sparc.h v850.h vax.h 
                                      x86-64.h xstormy16.h 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/include/mpw README 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/include/opcode i386.h 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/ld MAINTAINERS NEWS README TODO 
                             gen-doc.texi genscripts.sh ld.1 ld.h 
                             ld.texinfo ldcref.c ldctor.c ldctor.h 
                             ldemul.c ldemul.h ldexp.c ldexp.h 
                             ldfile.c ldfile.h ldgram.y ldlang.c 
                             ldlang.h ldlex.h ldlex.l ldmain.c 
                             ldmain.h ldmisc.c ldmisc.h ldver.c 
                             ldver.h ldwrite.c ldwrite.h lexsup.c 
                             mri.c mri.h sysdep.h 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/ld/emulparams elf_i386.sh elf_x86_64.sh 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/ld/emultempl astring.sed elf32.em 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/ld/scripttempl elf.sc 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/libiberty COPYING.LIB README argv.c 
                                    basename.c choose-temp.c 
                                    concat.c cp-demangle.c 
                                    cplus-dem.c dyn-string.c 
                                    floatformat.c getopt.c 
                                    getopt1.c getpwd.c 
                                    getruntime.c hashtab.c hex.c 
                                    lbasename.c lrealpath.c 
                                    make-temp-file.c objalloc.c 
                                    obstack.c safe-ctype.c 
                                    xatexit.c xexit.c xmalloc.c 
                                    xstrdup.c xstrerror.c 
    contrib/binutils-2.14/opcodes MAINTAINERS dis-buf.c 
                                  disassemble.c i386-dis.c 
                                  opintl.h sysdep.h 
  Bring GNU binutils-2.14.  This commit is an exact copy of the contents of
  binutils-2.14.tar.gz.  No files have been modified.  Files that we do not
  currently used have been deleted and two files, README.DRAGONFLY and
  README.DELETED have been added.

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