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Re: cvs commit: src/contrib/perl5 Artistic Changes Changes5.000 Changes5.001 Changes5.002 Changes5.003 Changes5.004 Configure Copying EXTERN.h INSTALL INTERN.h MANIFEST Makefile.SH Policy_sh.SH README README.threads Todo Todo-5.005 XSUB.h XSlock.h ...

From: Joerg Sonnenberger <joerg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:55:55 +0100
Mail-followup-to: commits@crater.dragonflybsd.org

On Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 07:04:11AM -0800, walt wrote:
> On Sun, 9 Jan 2005, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> >   Log:
> >   RIP Perl.
> I notice that the 'make upgrade' target left a lonely
> /usr/bin/perl on my machine.  Shouldn't she join the
> rest of her family?

Like I said in another, I can't safely delete /usr/bin/perl. That file
is created by use.perl. Either set it to the real perl via use.perl port
or remove it.


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