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DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2005-03
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cvs commit: src/lib/libc/gen isascii.c toascii.c ctype.c src/lib/libc/nls catclose.c catgets.c catopen.c src/lib/libc/locale ___runetype_mb.c __mb_cur_max.c __wctoint.h _def_messages.c _def_numeric.c _def_time.c _wcstol.h _wcstoul.h ...

From: Joerg Sonnenberger <joerg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 22:54:42 -0800 (PST)

joerg       2005/03/15 22:54:42 PST

DragonFly src repository

  Added files:
    lib/libc/gen         isascii.c toascii.c ctype.c 
    lib/libc/nls         catclose.c catgets.c catopen.c 
    lib/libc/locale      ___runetype_mb.c __mb_cur_max.c 
                         __wctoint.h _def_messages.c 
                         _def_numeric.c _def_time.c _wcstol.h 
                         _wcstoul.h _wctrans.c _wctrans_local.h 
                         aliasname.c aliasname_local.h ctypeio.c 
                         ctypeio.h iswctype.c multibyte.h 
                         multibyte_amd1.c multibyte_c90.c 
                         runeglue.c runetable.c wcscoll.c wcstod.c 
                         wcstoimax.c wcstol.c wcstoll.c wcstoul.c 
                         wcstoull.c wcstoumax.c wcsxfrm.c 
  Add Citrus files not conflicting with the current rune implementation.
  Obtained-from: NetBSD / Citrus Project

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