DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2008-12
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DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2008-12
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DragonFly-2.1.1 annotated tag v2.1.1 created

From: Simon Schubert <corecode@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 19:59:11 -0800 (PST)

        at  3d7add7439dab6cdebf9adfa8faa2bf24f1faa87 (tag)
   tagging  02a112e67533ef38cdb99bd93b46b3232f0f0a44 (commit)
 tagged by  Simon Schubert
        on  Wed Dec 3 04:47:05 2008 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
DragonFly 2.1.1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (DragonFly)


Aggelos Economopoulos (12):
      Let's try and start a tradition here. This is book is now a classic.
      The i386/amd64 abi specifies that the direction flag must be clear
      do early copyin / delayed copyout for socket options
      update unix domain socket option retrieval
      Provide MP_LOCK_HELD() for UP builds as well
      Update bluetooth ctloutput functions not to use copy{in,out}
      Don't do copy{in,out} in ctloutput any more
      More copy{in,out} removal for ctloutput routines
      Do copy{in,out} early in the {g,s}etsockopt system call paths
      Fix sockopt syscalls for the Nth time.
      Set fp to NULL on EINVAL
      Use cred from componentname, don't access curthread

Charlie (1):

Chris Pressey (299):
      Pre-test spot removal solutions in an inconspicuous area before use.
      Practice commit: learn how to use 'cvs remove', so that, should I need
      Fix minor formatting errors in cpdup(1)'s man page.
      Clean up the code in bin/ to reduce warnings from GCC3.
      Clean up the code in bin/ to reduce warnings from GCC3.
      Clean up the code in bin/ to reduce warnings from GCC3.
      Clean up the code in bin/ to reduce warnings from GCC3.
      Clean up the code in bin/ to reduce warnings from GCC3.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Correct obvious typo in comment.
      Four new features and a bugfix.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup: remove ``register'' keywords.
      Correct a typo that was introduced in revision 1.2.
      Correct misspelling of "orphan" and fix up comment structure.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Update to style(9) guidelines.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 1/21: coda.
      Remove `-ly' and `${LIBY}' from our Makefiles.  Linking to liby is not
      Clarify the purpose of liby:
      Correct type slippage in previous commit: a u_int was accidentally
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 2/21: deadfs.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 3/21: fdesc.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 4/21: fifofs.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 5/21: ext2fs.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 6/21: hpfs.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 7/21: isofs.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 8/21: mfs.
      Make a comment less misleading.  rpcbind_enable (portmap) isn't
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 9/21: msdosfs.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 10/21: nfs.
      Fix code typo in previous commit to this file, thus allowing make(1)
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 11/21: ntfs.
      Clean up typos and punctuation in comment.
      Remove two unused GEOM function prototypes.  They were hangovers from
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 12/21: nullfs.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Split the suggested invocation of fdisk (which is failing for some
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 13/21: nwfs.
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 14/21: portal.
      Clean up style(9) issues that were missed in previous commit to this
      Style(9) cleanup.
      Merge with FreeBSD (RELENG_4) src/sys/dev/syscons/syscons.c,
      Add missing function prototype.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 15/21: procfs.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 16/21: smbfs.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 17/21: specfs.
      Merge with FreeBSD (RELENG_4) src/bin/mv/mv.c, revision
      Merge with FreeBSD (RELENG_4) src/sys/msdosfs/msdosfs_vfsops.c,
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 17/21: udf.
      Make a small grammar correction: "...most forms of the disklabel
      Fix a bug in bsd.port.mk that was causing 'make clean' to fail in some
      Merge with FreeBSD (RELENG_4) src/usr.sbin/timed/timedc/timedc.c,
      Three minor fixes:
      Fix catman(1) so that it recognizes valid manpage names as valid.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 19/21: ufs.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 20/21: umapfs.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/vfs, stage 21/21: unionfs.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/sys/netinet6:
      Correct sort order of SUBDIRs.
      Style(9) cleanup to src/usr.sbin: remove remaining `register' keywords.
      Clarify how our `test -w' is a superset of POSIX' requirements.
      The default shell for the user `man' is nologin(8).  Make the examples
      Style(9) cleanup:
      Fix typo.
      Fix typo in error message - there is no system call named "lchflags."
      Add -u option to cpdup(1), which causes its -v[vv] logging output to
      Merge with FreeBSD (RELENG_4) src/usr.bin/script/script.c, revision
      Fix a bogus type declaration to remove a compiler warning - `group'
      Merge with FreeBSD (HEAD) src/usr.sbin/kbdmap/*:
      Merge with FreeBSD (HEAD) src/usr.sbin/adduser/*:
      Make virecover more robust.  Instead of aborting (and causing
      Perl is no longer user during kernel build, so remove the Perl scripts
      Correct the FreeBSD attribution on this file.
      Correct the FreeBSD attribution on this file.
      Synch to modifications in the installer scripts:
      Don't enable CAPS unnecessarily.
      Remove temporary files immediately after they're no longer needed.
      Change the REQUIRE from `inetd' to the more sensical `mountoptional'.
      Update the URL from which the installer packages can be obtained.
      Clarify behaviour of the -s option.
      In dumpon(8) usage, `off' is a literal keyword, not a parameter name.
      Style(9) cleanup:
      Import from NetBSD: `pgrep' and `pkill' utilities for finding and
      DragonFly-ize pgrep/pkill:
      Correct an inaccuracy in disklabel(8)'s manual page: the default
      Update list of installer packages to match installer version 1.1.
      Hook pkill up to the build.
      Update installer packages to 1.1.1, fixing a couple of minor bugs:
      Correct an inaccurate statement.  According to my testing, cpdup never
      Update installer to 1.1.2.
      Add various improvements to the "pre-flight installer":
      Document the slightly surprising behaviour of 'ifconfig -alias' when
      Bump WARNS to 6.
      Bump WARNS to 6:
      Bump WARNS to 6.
      Oopsie; use WARNS?=, not WARNS=.
      Bump WARNS to 6.
      Bump WARNS to 6:
      Bump WARNS to 6:
      Bump WARNS to 6:
      In install_* targets, honour any EXTRA_PACKAGES and EXTRA_ROOTSKELS
      Improve seperation between kernel code and userland code by requiring
      Bump WARNS to 6 and apply some style(9):
      Bump WARNS to 6.
      Merge with FreeBSD revision 1.16 (sheldonh):
      Merge with FreeBSD revision 1.18 (jmallett):
      Raise WARNS to 7 and apply some style(9):
      Apply some style(9):
      Merge with FreeBSD revision 1.20 (markm):
      Make an example follow the recommendation given in the immediately
      Merge with FreeBSD revision 1.21 (kientzle):
      Clean up the usage message, both in usage() and in the main program
      Use real getopt() handling instead of the hand-rolled and IOCCC-worthy
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Style(9): the return type of strcmp() is not a boolean, so don't
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      There is no such thing as WARNS=7 (yet,) so use WARNS=6.
      Apply style(9):
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Clarify a run-on sentence by splitting it into two.  snprintf() and
      Style(9): remove `register' keywords.
      Style(9) cleanup:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS of newfs to 6:
      Clarify/clean up code, make fewer assumptions about types:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Further cleanup:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6 and generally clean up:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 3:
      Reduce warnings when compiled under WARNS=6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      mkdep(1) seems to want the current directory on the include path,
      Fix typo in error message.
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Unlike printf(3), fwrite(3) doesn't stop at the first NUL character
      Use memchr(3) instead of a hand-rolled loop.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Clean up:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Partial merge with recent revisions[1] from FreeBSD.
      Clean up:
      Partial merge with recent revisions from FreeBSD:
      Apply less dodgy range checks.
      Fix up a bug that crept in during the strcpy->strlcpy conversion;
      Change type of find_compare() so that it doesn't need to be casted
      Partial merge with FreeBSD: revisions 1.23 through 1.34.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Merge with FreeBSD, revision 1.27 (fenner):
      Merge with FreeBSD, revision 1.29 (imp):
      Merge with FreeBSD, revision 1.30 (markm):
      Further cleanup:
      Import (slightly modified) ru.koi8-r.win.kbd:1.1 from FreeBSD (fjoe):
      Hook ru.koi8-r.win.kbd up to Makefile and INDEX.keymaps.
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Add "exit" command as a synonym for "quit".
      Make pgrep(1) print a newline at EOL, as expected, instead of at the
      In the parent process, close the slave file descriptor at the earliest
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Don't have binsrch() alter a global variable if it fails.  Instead,
      Constify filename variable.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Merge with FreeBSD, revision 1.16 (stefanf):
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Sync with FreeBSD, random.c:1.17 and random.6:1.7-1.8 (ru):
      Improve data validation:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Add WARNS?=6 to Makefile.
      Update installer to version 1.1.4.  Highlights include:
      Remove 'pristine' file tree.  It is no longer needed now that there is
      Update cdrtools package requirement to version 2.01.
      Add the pfi_backend variable, which can be used to specify which
      Reduce warnings as part of WARNS=6 cleaning, stage 1/6:
      Reduce warnings as part of WARNS=6 cleaning, stage 2/6 (or so):
      Reduce warnings as part of WARNS=6 cleaning, stage 3/6 (or so):
      Reduce warnings as part of WARNS=6 cleaning, stage 4/6 (or so):
      Reduce warnings as part of WARNS=6 cleaning, stage 5/6:
      WARNS=6 cleaning, stage 6/6:
      Small step towards WARNS=6:
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Unbreak the pfi_autologin option by fixing a broken invokation of sed
      - Tack pfi.conf onto the end of rc.conf later (only after pfi.conf
      If a get_authorized_hosts file exists on the pfi media, copy it into
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      When rendering the routename() or netname() of a struct sockaddr
      When dumping the contents of a struct sockaddr with an unknown address
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Followup to previous commit: use uint8_t instead of u_char, for a real
      We have _DIAGASSERT now; might as well enable it here.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Add the pfi_curses_escdelay variable.  When using the curses frontend,
      Update installer to version 1.1.5.  Highlights include:
      Update the information regarding the installer and the pfi
      Punctuation, formatting, grammar, and spelling nits.
      Back out revision 1.31.  The 'release' target alone should be
      The error message issued when a requested package cannot be found has
      When installing packages into an ISO-image-to-be file tree:
      Reduce warnings that appear under higher WARNS levels:
      Style cleanup: instead of seperate #defines for NULL cast to different
      Fix grammar (associate -> associated) and start sentence on new line.
      Make comments about bpf_validate()'s behaviour reflect reality.  The
      Style(9) cleanup: use ANSI format for function definitions.
      Merge with FreeBSD vary.c:1.16 and date.1:1.68 (yar):
      Merge with FreeBSD netdate.c:1.17 (charnier): udp/timed -> timed/udp
      Merge with FreeBSD 1.44 (dds): report and exit on write error.
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Sync with all revisions up to FreeBSD date.1:1.72 (ru), notably:
      Reduce diffs with BSD Installer repo:
      Introduce a make variable PACKAGE_SITES to improve package fetching in
      Document non-obvious behaviour of missing 'a' line in fdisk script.
      Clarify examples by differentiating between literals and arguments.
      Make 'make upgrade' work from the LiveCD, stage 1/5 or so:
      Make 'make upgrade' work from the LiveCD, stage 2/5 or so:
      Make 'make upgrade' work from the LiveCD, stage 3/6 or so:
      Make 'make upgrade' work from the LiveCD, stage 4/5 or so:
      Make 'make upgrade' work from the LiveCD, stage 5/5:
      Two small alterations to 'make upgrade':

Chris Turner (2):
      testing, 123
      Add '-l' support to vnconfig(8) and supporting VNGET ioctl to vn(4).

Dave Hayes (5):
      Testing a commit per man page
      Installer import
      Installer import into contrib (real import this time)
      Merge from vendor branch BSDINSTALLER:
      * Allow nrelease/Makefile to build the local installer in usr.sbin

David P. Reese, Jr. (34):
      Change the split syscall naming convention from syscall1() to kern_syscall()
      Make the linux emulator use the newly split listen(), getsockname(),
      Create an emulation/43bsd directory and move the recently modified
      Separate all of the send{to,msg} and recv{from,msg} syscalls and create
      Split getsockopt() and setsockopt().
      Modify kern_{send,recv}msg() to take struct uio's, not struct msghdr's.
      Modify linux_{send,recv}msg() and linux_{set,get}sockopt() to use the
      Introduce the function iovec_copyin() and it's friend iovec_free().
      Fix a bug in the last commit where sendfile() would forget to drop a file
      Implement socket() and shutdown() using the in-kernel syscalls.  This
      Rename do_dup() to kern_dup() and pull in some changes from FreeBSD-CURRENT.
      I wasn't properly checking for rollover in iovec_copyin().  Remove code
      Create kern_readv() and kern_writev() and use them to split read(), pread(),
      Create the kern_fstat() and kern_ftruncate() in-kernel syscalls.
      makesyscalls.sh wants comments to be on their own line.  Move the Checkpoint
      Remove the FreeBSD 3.x signal code.  This includes osendsig(),
      Split wait4(), setrlimit(), getrlimit(), statfs(), fstatfs(), chdir(),
      Unbreak svr4 damage from last changes to kern/kern_resource.c.
      The recent lseek() fix didn't touch olseek().  I don't see why, as olseek()
      The big syscall split commit broke utimes(), lutimes() and futimes() when
      Split execve().  This required some interesting changes to the shell
      Remind myself and others that kern_readlink() isn't properly split yet.
      Split mkfifo().
      Kill two more stackgap allocations.  One is in linux_sysctl().  The other
      Move ogethostname(), osethostname(), ogethostid(), osethostid(), and
      Move ogetkerninfo() to the compat tree without any changes.
      Split mmap().
      Remove an unused variable from last commit.
      Sync with FreeBSD-5.x MODULE_DEPEND() and DECLARE_MODULE() broke viapm.
      Implement linux_truncate64() and linux_ftruncate64().
      Implement linux_truncate64() and linux_ftruncate64().
      Implement linux_mmap2().
      Fix a bug in signal translation introduced in last revision.  This effects
      Fix linux_getrlimit() and linux_old_getrlimit() which weren't copyout()'ing

David Rhodus (277):
      Null terminate the new argv[] array when converting 'tar zcf' to
      Fix for trap 12 on KVA space exhaustion.
      Fix CPU stats percentages formatting
      Try to distinguish PCS encoding error events
      Fix a problem that occurs when truncating files on NFSv3 mounts: we need
      Don't map LINUX_POSIX_VDISABLE to _POSIX_VDISABLE and vice versa for
      Allow the caller to get an error directly if we sent the packet immediately.
      Fix compile error.
      LINT breakage fix.
      The iBCS2 system call translator for statfs(2) did not check the
      Fix for insufficient range checking of signal numbers.
      Fix a bug which caused signals on YUV images to fail.
      Add or correct range checking of signal numbers in system calls and
      *	Fix the type of the NULL arg to execl()
      Fix a bug that could cause dc(4) to m_freem() an already freed
      Add function so Control-D erases the screen.
      Allow the optional setting of a user, primary group, or grouplist
      Update man page to reflect the optional setting of user, primary
      Cleaned up dead declarations.
      Sync with FreeBSD
      M_PREPEND() can fail, meaning the returned mbuf
      The game rogue(6) has a potential buffer overflow allowing
      Add USE_SLAB_ALLOCATOR into the config.
      #include reorganization
      Add a few more build options.
      Inital cleanup work to make NETNS compile again
      Add NETNS to the LINT config file.
      Do not record expanded size before attempting to reallocate
      Clean up.
      Correct address parsing bug that is believed to be remotely exploitable.
      *	de- __P()
      *	de- __P()
      *	de-__P()
      *  Intel ACPI 20030228 distribution with local DragonFly changes.
      * Finish up last commit.
      Forgot another one.
      Looks like we can't have comments on the same
      * Add #include <sys/buf2.h>
      * Add the Promise Supertrack to the build
      Correct a case in readv(2) where the file descriptor reference count
      Introduce a uiomove_frombuf helper routine that handles computing and
      *	Turn on debugging options by default
      *	Try to make gencat(1) recognize.
      *	Correct several integer underflows/overflows in linprocfs
      *	Fix a typo that was introduced from the last change.
      *	Add this nice filesystem testing tool that I've recently
      *	Move variable 'p' into a more proper place.
      *	Add missing function declaration that was some how
      *	Pull is some security checks from sendmail 8.12.10.
      *	Un-break buildworld
      *	Nuke ~771 __P()'s from our tree.
      *	Fix a that showd up on 64 bit systems. It was actually
      *	Change the buffer lenght test in NEEDSP() so that it does not
      *	Add a comment to the file pertaining to the last commit
      *	Handle realloc() failure correctly.
      *	Call crypt() directly instread of taking a detour through makekey.
      *	Fix BBS buffer overflow in makeargv().
      *	Fix two buffer overflows caused by off-by-one errors: avoid writing
      *	Do not set the No_CRC bit in the Mode Control Register.
      *	Fix a potential race condition in crfree.
      *	Temporarily back out last change because of a problem reported
      *	Add ACPI to the LINT build.
      *	s/FreeBSD/DragonFly/ So I know what system I'm booting up now.
      *	Fix some __P() mess up.
      *       Fix a locking issue inside the inode hashing code which
      *	How did these get here.
      *	Add quirk for LEXAR 256MB JUMPDRIVE
      *	Prevent leakage of wired pages by setting start_entry
      *	s/FreeBSD/DragonFly at the boot2 prompt.
      *	buildworld doesn't need to look at nrelease.
      *	Attempt to save the last dregs of emacs users' sanity by saving the
      *	don't fclose() a bogus FILE *.
      *	Document the fact that send(2) can return EPIPE (like when a
      *	Allow a return of 0 from __sys_write() to exit the loop in libc_r's
      *	Add support for gb18030 encoding.
      *	Add GBK encoding support.
      *	  Fix problem where initgroups would silently truncate groups with
      *	Sync comment with code's reality.
      *	Might help if we built gbk.c and gb18030.c
      *	Remove a few extra $FreeBSD$ tags
      *	Add a part of the AGP update that was missed.
      *	Print out a warning if /dev/null doesn't exist.
      *	Add GB18030 directories.
      *	GBK locale directories
      *	Try and match README guideline better.
      *	Update Sendmail to version 8.12.10
      *	Sync Changes over from FreeBSD
      *	Add the POSIX.1-2001 header file <cpio.h>
      *	Cleanup compiler warnings and other style cleaning while here.
      *	Add the pst(4) driver to the GENERIC kernel build.
      *	Merge From FreeBSD
      *	Merge From FreeBSD
      *	Implement POSIX (XSI)'s header file re_comp.h
      *       Change __guard back into a multi-character int
      *	Add ending comment to line as to avoid warning messages.
      *	Merge From FreeBSD
      *	Merge From FreeBSD
      *	Remove references to deprecated options.
      *	Welcome the DragonFly project into to new year by bumping
      *	Add in some basic parameter values that we will use for
      *	Merge in changes from FreeBSD with some modification
      *	Merge in the copyright that DragonFly is being distributed under.
      *	Add usb_mem.c back into the build process so the usb module
      *	Don't install the freefall gnats files into /etc as
      *       Remove the HTT option from the kernel as we can now
      *	Remove HTT option from kernel config files.
      *	Update so as to reflect structure name changes to upcall.h
      *	Perform some man page maintenance bringing the miibus related
      *	Use id(1) instead of grep(1) to detect the presence of the smmsp
      *	Add in support for the IBM ServeRAID controller.
      *	Change SUBDIR sort order.
      *	Add in ips.4 to the Makefile so it gets installed
      *	Add in 'device ips' to the LINT kernel config.
      *	Fix libcaps build by syncing up with kernel work.
      *       Drop the directory outline for building gcc3.
      *	Starting using GCCVER when needed and other things
      *	Fixup gcc3 build process to use correct install path.
      *	Fix man page names.
      *       Remove extra compile flag to clean up redefine warnings.
      *	DragonFly<-FreeBSD name change in boot loader code.
      *	Change FreeBSD ifdefs to DragonFly
      *	Change FreeBSD ifdef over to DragonFly
      *	DragonFly<-FreeBSD Name clean ups
      *	Add kern_systimer.c to the kernel build process.
      *	Sync pages with FreeBSD 4.x
      nectar      2004/02/05 10:00:35 PST
      *	Update function defines to match up with the work from
      *	Remove ufs_disksubr.c from kernel build files.
      *	Return if array is out of bounds in icu_setup function.
      *	Fix placement of return value.
      *    Remove instances of PRIBIO because DragonFly no longer
      *   Correct end value calculation. This should fix the numerous problems
      *   Add in support for the Silicon Image SATA controller.
      Start removing the old build infrastructure for the a.out
      Hook in UDF to the build process.
      Should have been on last commit.
      Change which(1) over from a perl script to a C program.
      Change whereis(1) over from a perl script to a C program.
      Next time I'll run cvs update to make sure I've added
      Attach mount_udf to the buildworld process now.
      Update rc.d scripts to use the correct path for the named pidfile.
      Change this vnode check inside of the VFS_BIO_DEBUG
      *	Fix an off-by-one problem.
      *	Change the offset alignment in vn_rdwe_inchunks()
      Make sure the ELF header size is not too large. This fixes a potential over
      Move vm_fault_quick() out from the machine specific location
      The existing hash algorithm in bufhash() does not distribute entries
      Update tag creation paths to reflect the cvs
      Add back in basic ACPI support into the LINT kernel build.
      Place 'device acpica5' into the TINDERBOX kernel config so
      Add in the twa(4) driver. This adds in support for the 3Ware
      Add in kernel config file options that were
      Define that Dragonfly HAS isblank() as to fix the
      Fix an symlink ordering issue that was causing the install
      Fix symlink ordering issue with the less man page.
      Count statistics for exec calls.
      Add in the new acpica5 to the device build path.
      Remove the VREF() macro and uses of it.
      General update:
      Cosmetic changes.
      Leave out acpica5 from the device build path for a little longer, well
      Cosmetic changes.
      Point the remote site to use gobsd.com so the remote option now works.
      Cleanup pass. Removed code that is not needed anymore.
      Remove unneeded typecast.
      Add the SysKonnect ethernet driver to the GENERIC kernel config.
      Default the MMX/XMM kernel optimizations to the on position. Also make a
      Fix installworld by making it aware of the rconfig examples.
      Create twed0 entries in /dev
      Drop to the debugger if unable to sync out the buffers during shutdown.
      Unhook gcc-3.3 from the buildworld process. This also removes the gcc3
      Use correct copy-write notation for The DragonFly project copy-writes.
      Sync in Copyright notice change from FreeBSD.
      Update some copyright notices to become more legal compliant.
      Fix compile warning.
      Remove unused variable.
      Merge in FreeBSD-SA-04:13.linux
      Fix warning when building with c99.
      Fix memory leak.
      Fix a typo in last commit as to fix the EHIC compile.
      Bump the rev to 1.1-CURRENT.
      Implement advisory locking support for the cd9660 filesystem.
      Perform some basic cleanups. Change some types over to C99 standard
      Remove __FreeBSD__ defines which were not needed and caused compile
      Cleanout __FreeBSD__ defines which we don't need.
      Cleanout __FreeBSD__ defines which are not needed.
      DragonFly MP support, not fbsd anymore.
      Emulate __FreeBSD__ till 3rd party applications later add in DragonFly
      POSIX.1-2003: Changing the group ID is permitted to a process with an
      Correct line wrap.
      Correct getpriority() and setpriority() function definitions to
      We will need more resource-limiting compliance work done before these
      Correct path location search when pulling packages from GoBSD.
      Document that there seems to be a problem with the syncer not running
      Remove unused variable.
      Plug in missing brelse calls as to fix a bug in the FFS reload code.
      Check error return value when creating the IPC service.
      Minor cleanups. Make a type usage correction. Remove unneeded cast when
      Add a few notes.
      Clearly I need to wakeup all the way before starting to make changes.
      Fix a problem introduced by the last commit.
      Change the array of char to an array of struct pollfd to avoid an
      Avoid leaving an obsolete pointer while the interface is detaching
      yar         2004-08-28 12:49:58 UTC
      Add in support for the iRiver iFP MP3 player.
      add in support Frontier Labs NEX IA+ Digital Audio Player with USB CF
      Bring in fix from gzip 1.3.3 to avoid crashes when processing certain
      do not send icmp response if the original packet is encrypted.
      Fix typo.
      Fix printf example.
      I guess I should bumb document date too.
      Print link level address on vlan interfaces using ether_ntoa(), to make
      Fix a problem with the NSIG check which could lead to an exploitable
      Fix another incorrect usage of NSIG.
      Add support saving both user/group permission on symlinks(-p)
      Remove register keyword usage.
      Check that the authpf user and group are installed before starting the
      Since there isn't an authpf user we'll have to grep for the authpf
      Declare some of the local variables static.
      Update the 3ware card comment to better reflect which cards are supported.
      Sync up items from the GENERIC config and a few more items to make
      Initialize 'version' variable to silence compiler warning.
      Quiet tinderbox:
      Spelling: Filesystem is one word.
      Handle all types of interrupts when operating the uhci(4) controller in
      Remove the old system perl binary when performing 'make upgrade'.
      ANSI and whitespace cleanup.  No operational changes.
      Fix typo.
      re-fix typo.  Maybe its time to start drinking coffee in the morning. :-)
      Add information about return code for immutable files.
      Add information about return code for immutable files.
      Remove call to readdir() that was missed durning the libc namespace
      Connect our 1:1 threading library to the build.
      Compensate for off by one bugs in disk firmware for 48BIT addressing cutover.
      no need to have break; after return;
      Fix some signed/unsigned comparisons.
      Clean up main() arguments.
      Unbreak the pkg_add -r which the last commit broke.
      Testing a new commits monitoring script.
      Correct a pair of buffer overflows in the telnet(1) command:
      Merge from vendor branch HEIMDAL:
      Correct a pair of buffer overflows in the telnet(1) command:
      Remove some uses of the SCARG macro.
      Remove the telnet program from the heimdal source as it contains
      Remove the telnet program from the heimdal source as it contains
      Merge from vendor branch HEIMDAL:
      Add in a 'livecd' taget for those who don't want to include the
      Clean up some register keyword usage.
      Remove some uses of register keywords.
      Fix kernel build issue.  Missing function argument.
      Replace spl with critical sections.
      Remove reference to devd.
      Fix typo.
      Remove scheduler define which was never used.
      Make print statements more verbose.
      ANSI-fy some functions, remove some duplicate CVS tags and add in some
      Remove some register keywords and add in some missing $DragonFly$ tags.
      The packages have been moved to the fireflybsd server now as it is a
      scm test.
      Change the MAX_BUTTONS count to 31.  This allows us to recognize more than
      Add -P to the cvs example commands.
      Merge in security fix from FreeBSD.
      Fix typeo.
      Add missing code needed for the detection of IPSec packet replays.
      NetBSD merge.
      NetBSD merge.
      Correctly identify the user running opiepasswd(1) when the login name
      Properly copy in userland scheduler name via copyinstr.
      Mark a few more system calls MPSAFE.
      Merge from FreeBSD.
      Hold MP lock for getppid().  As noted by Dillon getppid() is not MP safe.

David Xu (96):
      My first commit.
      Import initial version of 1:1 pthread library.
      Implement sigtimedwait and sigwaitinfo syscalls.
      Implement sigwait.
      generate __sys_sigtimedwait and __sys_sigwaitinfo to allow
      Implement cancellation points for sigwait, sigtimedwait and sigwaitinfo.
      Fix timeout verification bug. Matt Dillon asked to check tv_sec,
      Remove debug code.
      Remove unused macro.
      Set initial thread's stack to 2M on 32 bits platform, 1M for default stack.
      Use new kernel tls interface.
      With new tls interface, sysarch.h is no longer needed.
      Code cleanup, remove unneeded includes.
      Remove alpha support.
      Style fixes.
      Add barrier prototypes.
      Enable barrier support.
      In kern_sigtimedwait, do not mask SIGKILL because a stopped process
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Add more relocation types.
      Import tls support code for static binary from FreeBSD.
      Add tls functions prototype.
      Implement _set_tp which is used to set TLS pointer into
      Oops, fix license format(copy and paste problem).
      Compile tls support code.
      Compile tls.c
      1. use __weak_reference to define weak symbol.
      Initialize tls support code for static binary.
      Add clockid to _thr_umtx_wait, so that clockid attribute of condition
      Fix comments.
      unconstify a modifiable parameter.
      Add prototypes for pthread_condattr_getclock and pthread_condattr_setclock.
      Add following prototypes:
      Fix incorrect comment.
      Add types prgregset_t and psaddr_t which will be used by
      Add support for TLS.
      Use rtld's TLS interface to allocate tcb.
      Don't restart a timeout wait, one can periodically send signal to
      Pass exact number of threads to thr_umtx_wake.
      tcb is now managed by rtld, caching it is not correct,
      Remove unused strong reference.
      Fix brokeness by using _pthread_xxx functions instead.
      Backout revision 1.5, the pthread->error was used as internal
      Fix comment of error member, now errno is TLS based.
      Define type lwpid_t, it will be used for thread debugger code.
      Add prototypes of proc service API, every debugger must provide the
      Add libthread_db, a thread debugging support library.
      1. Fix symbols needed by libthread_db.
      Remove unused function.
      Sort names.
      Add locking for FILE.
      Eliminate PS_FILE_WAIT state, instead use FILE locking code in libc.
      o Fix obsolete comment.
      Override _flockfile_debug.
      I am lost. if thread is blocked on mutex, _thread_kern_sched_state()
      Fix off-by-one error.
      Introduce pthread_timedjoin_np().
      Introduce pthread_timedjoin_np.
      put pthread_timedjoin_np in right order.
      Add pthread_mutexattr_setpshared and pthread_mutexattr_getpshared.
      Export following functions:
      Make usleep as a weak symbol, so thread library can override it.
      Make usleep as a cancellation point.
      Remove a redundant tls_get_curthread() call.
      Remove unneeded tls_get_curthread() call.
      Clear return code to zero if joiner sucessfully waited joinee.
      If we got a SIGKILL signal in kern_sigtimedwait, call sigexit to
      Close a race for thread detach.
      copy flag DETACHED.
      Rewrite mutex_init, get rid of compile warnings.
      Oops, disable debuging code.
      Make thread suspension really work.
      Revamp the algorithm to acquire a contested lock, the intention
      Update UMTX_LOCKED and add UMTX_CONTESTED macro.
      Convert weak reference to strong reference so that static library
      Pull in all symbols needed for static binary.
      Unbreak buildworld.
      Move some global variables into its module, remove priority mutex code
      Add function prototypes: pthread_atfork, pthread_attr_getguardsize,
      Add all pthread functions into libc namespace.
      WARNS level 4 cleanup.
      Unlock recursive mutex in pthread_cond_wait, though this is arguable.
      Tweak source code a bit to make gcc to generate better code.
      Add compiler branch prediction hint macros, obtained from FreeBSD.
      Use the branch prediction macros in sys/cdefs.h.
      1) Use int for m_flags of pthread_mutexattr.
      namespace cleanup.
      Seperate _mutex_cv_unlock from _mutex_unlock_common.
      Allow userland to bind a process to specific CPUs. The initial
      Oops, the usched_set syscall prototype should be updated.
      Use type lwpid_t for lwp_tid.

Eirik Nygaard (204):
      Add some missing $DragonFly$ keywords.
      Remove __P macros from src/usr.bin and src/usr.sbin.
      Remove some __P macros in sbin that my script missed.
      Fix typo in cloud -> in a cloud.
      Remove send-pr from the build.
      Make truss check if procfs is mounted, and where it is mounted.
      Reattact send-pr to the build and change the mail address to bugs@crater.dragonflybsd.org
      Nuke some more __P macros.
      * Add a missing $DragonFly$ keyword
      Remove the rest of the __P macros in src/usr.sbin
      * Parse arguments with getopt
      * then -> they
      Add missing $DragonFly$ keywords
      * Remove some __P macros from gnu/usr.bin/
      * __P removal from games/
      * Get rid of of the _BSD_XXX type usage.
      * Add missing $DragonFly$ keywords.
      * Removed the __P macros from lib/
      * K&R function cleanup
      * K&R function cleanup
      * K&R function cleanup
      * K&R function cleanup
      * K&R function cleanup
      * Added tabs instead of spaces for readability and consistency with NetBSD
      * Add DragonFly as an possibility to a case statement.
      Fix a bug which causes wrong filename being written into the syslog
      * Make pkg_add fetch the packages from /packages-4-stable instead of
      * K&R function cleanup
      * Remove unused #includes.
      * Merge fixes from libc to libcr.
      * Indentation cleanup
      * Let mergemaster look for make.conf in the correct path.
      * Fix typo: becuase -> because
      * K&R function removal
      * Remove the use of the kern.devname sysctl since it does not exist.
      * Remove the historical r in front of the old raw character devices in /dev
      * Default to a calendar file that actually exists (calendar.all)
      * Add devname_r(3) function, which takes a buffer and buffer length as
      * Nuke calendar.freebsd
      We don't have the ACPI module, so don't try to load it at boot.
      Last commit was completely wrong. Reverting to old revision of file.
      Catch up with recent libc updates.
      His name is Fred.
      Let the man page know about varsym links.
      Remove genassym and gensetdefs from the cross build as well.
      Readd ending '\' so it compiles the cross build tools
      Remove stale text in front of the DragonFly and FreeBSD keywords
      Add missing */ on the end of a comment.
      Replace K&R style functions with ANSI C style functions.
      Fix comment to show the munlockall function, and not the mlockall one.
      Remove unused settings
      Update FILES section
      style(9) cleanup:
      style(9) cleanup:
      style(9) cleanup:
      Make the comment a bit clearer.
      this -> the fix in comment.
      Move the ASSERT_VOP_LOCKED and ASSERT_VOP_UNLOCKED macros into its own
      Remove perl from the i386 kernel build.
      Update libcr with recent libc updates.
      * Remove ``register'' keywords.
      Add lock.9 man page, it is also symlinked to: lockcount.9, lockinit.9,
      We are DragonFly not FreeBSD, so rename the name in GENERIC, and remove the
      Tell awk where the arguments for the program ends and where the arguments for
      Remove gawk from the build and let one-true-awk be our default awk from now
      Fix a core dump caused by a .DEFAULT target with no commands.
      Merge from vendor branch DIFFUTILS:
      Import of diffutils 2.8.1
      Remove vim swap file, which should not have been imported.
      Update diff, diff3 and sdiff to use diffutils 2.8.1
      Merge from vendor branch AWK:
      Import of awk 20040207
      Update to awk 20040207.
      Merge from vendor branch LESS:
      Import of less 381
      Update less to version 381.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBPCAP:
      Import of libpcap 0.8.3
      Merge from vendor branch TCPDUMP:
      Import of tcpdump 3.8.3
      Update libpcap to version 0.8.3
      Update tcpdump to version 3.8.3
      Remove two mis-added .orig files.
      Remove unused error variable.
      Change mbug allocation flags from M_ to MB_ to avoid confusion with malloc
      Add ref counting to the checkpoint handler and unload function so an unload
      Split the __getcwd syscall into a kernel and an userland part, so it can be
      Print the entire path to where the checkpoint file is being created to avoid
      Use MAXPATHLEN as the size of the checkpoint filename sysctl variable instead
      Swap order of first and second argument in bcopy, forgot this when changing
      Update tcpslice to version 3.8.
      This is less, correct name in upgrade file.
      Make sure the xe driver found a supported card type, if it didn't then bail
      Some laptops return other values for working toucpads. Allow test_aux_port to
      -{h,k} are mutually exclisive.  So only pay attention to the last of the two
      Speed up hardlink detection by using a self-sizing hash table rather than the
      Change machien to machine.
      Rearrange the machine/cpufunc.h header and add it where needed to make libcaps
      Play catchup with libc.
      Fix formatting error.
      The syscall number lives in ms_cmd.cm_op now.
      * Remove one of the two err.h include statements.
      Forced commit to note that this fixes was submitted by: "Liam J. Foy"
      Fix build with gcc34.
      Remove a not needed main() definition.
      style(9) cleanup:
      style(9) cleanup.
      Add missing va_end(ap);
      Don't depend on pollution in <limits.h> for the definition of <stdint.h> macros.
      Add WARNS?=6 and remove CFLAGS=.
      Remove local main() definition.
      Fix gcc 3.4 build.
      Fix gcc 3.4 build.
      Fix gcc 3.4 build.
      Since we are DragonFly we want to use the DragonFly version instead of the
      Since we are DragonFly we want to use the DragonFly version instead of the
      Fix gcc 3.4 build.
      Add message passed syscall's.
      Use strchr instead of index, and strrchr instead of rindex because the str*chr
      Use strchr instead of index, and strrchr instead of rindex because the str*chr
      Redo the sysmsg test programs to match the changes done in the kernel to
      sendsys.h is no longer needed.
      Move the simple pager from db_ps.c into the more obvious file db_output.c and
      Add noops for vga_pxlmouse_direct and vga_pxlmouse_planar in the case where
      Add KTR, a facility that logs kernel events to help debugging. You can access
      Add two more header in the !_KERNEL case so libcaps knows about
      * Fix spelling.
      * static functions
      * pid should be pid_t not int
      style(9) cleanup.
      Update the sysperf tools to match the current sysmsg functions.
      #endif does not take an argument, comment it out.
      Consify some variables.
      Remove not needed void casts.
      Constify VAR.
      Remove xpt_release_simq_timeout(), this function has not been in use since the
      Back out constification. This caused a SIGBUS becaus a functon wanted to write
      WARNS= 6 cleanup.
      Fix traceroute.
      Move away from GNU traceroute and use the BSD licensed one.
      Make the code WARNS= 6 clean.
      It is sys_checkpoint.2 not checkpoint.2
      Fix type. It is pkgs and not pksgs.
      Add directory /usr/include/kadm5.
      Merge from vendor branch HEIMDAL:
      Add heimdal-0.6.3
      Update the kerberos5 build framework to work with heimdal 0.6.3.
      Kerberos no longer comes with it's own telnet, so always build the one in
      Kerberos no longer comes with it's own telnet. Always build the one in
      Whitespace cleanup.
      Move libutil up above KERBEROS5 libs and remove the duplicate entry when
      No longer used.
      Fix kerberos5 build by adding some headers files. These should be generated on
      Allow numbers to be used after a letter in the modifier section after a
      Add per cpu buffer for storing KTR information.
      I have added a per cpu buffer for ktr, so this note can be scraped.
      Merge from vendor branch NCURSES:
      Add ncurses 5.4 source code.
      Be consistent in the use of BOOLEAN.
      Remove Ada95 files and man files.
      Merge from vendor branch NCURSES:
      Remove Ada95 files and man files.
      Update ncurses to version 5.4.
      There is no need to set *entry on each entry traversed in the red-black tree
      Fix nested comments. Vim added another */ while I copy/pasted some of the lines
      A few more instances of leaf that should be leap.
      getopt is WARNS 6 clean.
      Remove *spl() from dev/disk/{advansys,aha,ahb,aic7xxx,amd} replacing them with
      Remove *spl() from netinet6 replacing them with critical sections.
      * Include string.h to get strlen() prototype.
      More spl_* removal from dev/disk/, replacing them with critical sections.
      Replace the hand rolled linked list with a SLIST.
      We are in callout_stop, not callout_reset. Tell that to the world.
      Commit untouched SCTP files from KAME originally written by Randall Stewart.
      Add DragonFly to the #ifdef mess.
      Our mbuf allocation flags are prefixed with MB_ not M_.
      We have to declare the parent node for a sysctl.
      Add va_arg handling for DragonFly.
      Remove the second argument to ip_stripoptions(), it was never used.
      Properly handle mbuf copying on DragonFly when we try to reduce the size of a
      Initialize a few more timers.
      Add a forth argument to soreserve(). Pass just a NULL for now.
      Add libsctp.
      Convert spl* to critical sections.
      Remove forgotten debug printf.
      Call suser() with the correct number of arguments.
      Don't return right after a goto.
      Tie SCTP into the kernel, this includes adding a new syscall (sctp_peeloff).
      Hook libsctp into the build.
      Update manpages to reflect the changes joerg did that added const to some
      WARNS?=	6 and style(9) cleanup.
      Remove libraries libtermcap and libcompat from the linking.
      Make wakeup, tsleep and friends MP-safe.
      Back out last change since Matt has issues will it. Will reimplement it using
      Use errx(), no errno is set in this case.
      SUSv3 states that the type builtin should return a value > 0 if the completion
      Make SCTP compile when IPSEC is enabled.
      Add SCTP to LINT.
      Remove syscall-args. It is not needed now that libcr has been removed.
      Add locale(1).

Gregory Neil Shapiro (28):
      Test CVS commit.
      Merge from vendor branch SENDMAIL:
      Import sendmail 8.13.4 into a new contrib directory as the first step
      Bring DragonFly's sendmail infrastructure up to date.  This commit includes:
      Remove installation of the dragonfly{,.submit}.cf files since users may
      Make links for hoststat(8) and purgestat(8) man pages.
      Merge from vendor branch SENDMAIL:
      Import sendmail 8.13.6
      Slight cleanup on the DragonFly README
      Adjust build infrastructure for sendmail 8.13.6
      Merge from vendor branch SENDMAIL:
      Import sendmail 8.13.7
      Add README.DRAGONFLY for sendmail 8.13.7
      Hook sendmail 8.13.7 into the build
      Make the patch apply cleanly with sendmail 8.13.7's source
      Merge from vendor branch SENDMAIL:
      Import sendmail 8.13.8
      Add DragonFly instructions file to new version directory
      Upgrade to sendmail 8.13.8
      Merge from vendor branch SENDMAIL:
      Import sendmail 8.14.1
      Add DragonFly instructions file to new version directory.
      Change build infrastructure over to sendmail 8.14.1.
      Merge from vendor branch SENDMAIL:
      Bring in sendmail.org code from the future 8.14.2 release which restores
      Import sendmail 8.14.2
      Merge from vendor branch SENDMAIL:
      sendmail 8.14.2 has been imported

Hasso Tepper (287):
      Although defined in sys/time.h we don't have CLOCK_VIRTUAL and CLOCK_PROF
      Bring kernel threads back into top.
      Revert intial IPv6 routing header type 0 processing fix.
      More agressive fix for IPv6 routing header type 0 issue.
      My round of spelling corrections in /share/man.
      ICMP extensions for MPLS support for traceroute(8).
      Although our linker supports pie, our elf loader doesn't.
      Update ping(8) code and manpage to the newest ones from FreeBSD.
      Add implementations of the inet6_opt* and inet6_rth* functions (RFC3542).
      Add ip6 and icmp6 displays to systat(1).
      Fix rewrite error which appeared in rev 1.3.
      Bring in manpages from RELENG_6. Manpages related to sound imported in
      Bring in the latest sound changes from RELENG_6.
      Add mpls-in-ip. Bring in some fixes from IANA and FreeBSD in progress.
      Nuke "is is" stammering.
      Clean up sys/bus/usb/usb_port.h. Remove not used/dead/old code.
      - Fix headphone jack sensing support for Olivetti Olibook 610-430 XPSE.
      malloc -> kmalloc
      One callout_stop() is enough.
      Nuke USBDEV().
      Nuke the code specific to NetBSD/OpenBSD/FreeBSD at first. I doubt anyone
      Use kernel functions. I don't understand how I could miss these ...
      Remove duplicate.
      Nuke SIMPLEQ_* and logprintf.
      Nuke usb_ callout macros.
      Fix KASSERT messages.
      Nuke PROC_(UN)LOCK, usb_callout_t, usb_kthread_create* and uio_procp.
      Nuke USB_MATCH*, USB_ATTACH* and USB_DETACH* macros.
      Nuke USB_GET_SC and USB_GET_SC_OPEN macros.
      There is no need to have ETHER_ALIGN define here.
      Nuke the code specific to other BSDs.
      Nuke USB_DO_ATTACH and remove device_t dv, since it is no longer needed.
      Fix typo.
      Remove last usb_port.h defines usages from the tree - selwakeuppri(),
      Fix stupid mistake. Sorry.
      Reduce diff with FreeBSD where it makes sense - add a lot of vendors and
      Regenerate usbdevs.h and usbdevs_data.h and fix affected drivers to use new
      Better chips distinguishing code for uplcom(4).
      Add more and fix some IDs, all related to uplcom(4).
      Add support for many new devices into uplcom(4). IDs are obtained from
      Minimal (relatively) patch to make my Nokia 9300 smartphone which uses
      Some trivial fixes obtained from NetBSD:
      Add references to the uftdi(4), umct(4), and umodem(4).
      ICMP Extensions for MPLS is porposed standard now - RFC4950.
      Fix driver_t.
      Fix warning.
      Reomve unnecessary sys/vnode.h include.
      ttyclose() increments t_gen.  Remove redundant increments from drivers.
      There is no need to explicitly call ttwakeup() and ttwwakeup() after
      Magic Control Technology (MCT) USB to serial converters are not handled by
      Add devices based on Silicon Laboratories USB-UART bridge.
      Add uslcom(4) driver which provides support for USB devices based on
      Add uslcom(4) into LINT.
      uslcom(4) works with devices based on CP2103 chip. Tested by me with CP2103
      Add some new uslcom(4) devices found in Linux driver.
      Add some new uslcom(4) device ids found in Linux driver.
      - Correct SYNOPSIS section in USB serial manpages.
      Add uark(4) driver which supports Arkmicro Technologies ARK3116 chip found
      Hardware flow control support for uslcom(4).
      Add the ID of USB serial interface used in HandyTech Braille displays.
      Add support for HandyTech's Braille displays into ubsa(4) (ID found in
      Remove reference to the nonexistant uhub(4).
      Add some devices based on Qualcomm HSDPA chips.
      Add umsm(4) driver for EVDO and UMTS modems with Qualcomm MSM chipsets.
      Make functions static.
      Fix setting 115200 baudrate.
      Add Smart Technologies USB to serial adapter.
      Add Smart Technologies USB to serial adapter.
      Use device_printf() where it makes sense.
      There is no reason to be so verbose.
      Bring in latest uftdi(4) driver from FreeBSD.
      Add usbdi(9) manpage.
      Nuke ARCnet support.
      Nuke token ring support. This also means one blob less in DragonFly.
      Nuke FDDI support.
      Nuke ARCnet, Token Ring and FDDI related headers and manpages during upgrade.
      Remove remainings of the oltr(4).
      Nuke fla(4). It's known to be buggy, supports very limited set of obsolete
      Remove fla(4) manpage during upgrade.
      Nuke nv(4), we have nfe(4) which replaces it.
      Missed this file in previous commit.
      Simplify the way how chip type is determined. Instead of managing insane
      Handle baudrate requests algorithmically with newer chips (not old SIO),
      Better setpgid(2) documentation.
      Add bus_alloc_resources() and bus_release_resources() functions to allow to
      Update the agp(4) code to the latest one from FreeBSD HEAD. This brings in
      Update the agp(4) manpage. General description and example based on NetBSD
      Oops, remove comma.
      uftdi(4) related usbdevs work:
      Add many devices to the uftdi(4). Sources of the info are mainly Linux and
      Add info about Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation VSC8601 PHY and Realtek
      Add support for Vitesse VSC8601 and Realtek 8211B PHYs. Patches are obtained
      Remove duplicates.
      Unconstify members of the lconv structure to make it conform to the C89 and
      Fix typo.
      Remove terminating semicolons from SYSCTL_ADD_* macros. This will allow to
      Add support for newer ICH SMBus controllers. Also corrected ICH4 entry in
      Fix warning.
      Hardware sensors framework originally developed in OpenBSD and ported to
      Coretemp(4) driver for Intel Core on-die digital thermal sensor with patch
      lm(4) and it(4) drivers for hardware sensors used in many motherboards. Ported
      Fix synopsis (reminded by Constantine A. Murenin) and history.
      Dragonfly always passes a flag for every IO operation depending whether
      Simplify the code a lot - don't try to be too clever and handle chips with
      According to RFC2711 routers shouldn't treat all packets with a Router
      If answer to the repeated probe (same TTL as in the previous probe) packet
      Update named.root to the version from 1 November 2007 from ftp.internic.net.
      Sync with FreeBSD - add OpenBSD 4.2.
      Kill usage of USB_VENDOR_FOO and USB_PRODUCT_BAR defines mostly using two
      Nuke usbdevs and references to it.
      Kill devinfo handling in drivers, set device description in one place -
      - Add support for 230400 baud rate.
      Add uticom(4) driver for Texas Instruments TUSB3410 USB to serial chips
      Add moscom(4) - the driver for MosChip Semiconductor MCS7703 USB to
      Add uchcom(4) - the driver for WinChipHead CH341/CH340 chips.
      Add missing USB to serial drivers.
      Update the uftdi(4) manpage.
      Fix LINT build.
      Remove 386 CPU support from the runtime linker.
      -x was removed long time ago.
      Fix typo.
      Add SATA ATAPI support for AHCI controllers.
      Fix the fix.
      Fix typos.
      Allow for any baud rate within a range rather than having a fixed list of
      Add support for Intel 7221's and 845M GMCH controllers.
      Fix no-sound issues with ASUS A9T notebook.
      - Merge input/microphone support for ASUS A8N-VMCSM series.
      - Add codec id for Realtek ALC268.
      - malloc M_NOWAIT -> M_WAITOK.
      - Gigabyte G33-S2H fixup, due to the present of multiple competing
      Enable headphone jack-sense for HP nx6100 with AD1981B AC'97 codec,
      Remap and virtualize mixer controls for HP nx6110 with AD1981B AC97 codec,
      Add support for trimmed down version of ATI SB600 AC97 audio
      Limit total playback channels to just 1, for ALi M5451. The reliability
      * Fix support for followings:
      - Add missing MCP65 id which was accidentally removed in previous commit.
      Some trivial changes from FreeBSD that allow to  use kgdb on /dev/fwmem0.0.
      Hifn 7955/7956 support to the hifn(4) driver.
      - Add a '-k' option which does not remove input file, like bzip2(1) do.
      Add ID for ICH8M in compatibility mode. This makes Thinkpad X61s report
      Remove references to drivers which don't exist in DragonFly.
      Don't show in netstat(1) output without the -a switch TCP socket in LISTEN
      Kernel part of bluetooth stack ported by Dmitry Komissaroff. Very much work
      Pass all ATAPI commands through. Fixes detecting capabilities of DVD
      When attached to a high-speed device, report a more appropriate
      Make NO_GETMAXLUN quirk really do something useful.
      Add missing ';'.
      Pay attention to the timeout value passed down by the upper layer. This
      Add bluetooth userspace libraries - bluetooth(3) and sdp(3).
      Add /etc/bluetooth/ with common files.
      Add bluetooth(3) and sdp(3) libraries. Adjust indenting in progress.
      Add btconfig(8) - the utility used to configure Bluetooth devices.
      Add sdpd(8) (Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol daemon) and sdpquery(1)
      Fix id of the 945GME chip.
      Add few more usb devices. 0-5 are used in any modern machine and user might
      Don't supress attach messages from devices other than first one while
      - Fix compiling umsm(4) with UMSM_DEBUG
      Add support for EVDO/UMTS card found in X61s Thinkpads.
      Make sure we really do only the software part if we're dying. Fixes panic
      Huawei UMTS/HSDPA adapetrs are already handled by umsm(4).
      Increase size of the umsm(4) buffers and tty(4) input buffer to allow high
      Defaults for btconfig and sdpd rc.d scripts.
      Speed up uhub attachment considerably. Rather than powering up each port
      Import libevent-1.3e.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBEVENT:
      Add READMEs.
      Build libevent.
      Add bthcid(8) - Bluetooth Link Key/PIN Code Manager and btpin(1) Bluetooth
      Add rfcomm_sppd(1) - RFCOMM Serial Port Profile daemon.
      Document bthcid(8) related variables in rc.conf(5).
      Nuke wicontrol(8).
      More wicontrol(8) removal.
      Nuke the ntpd(8).
      Short manpage for ubt(4). Most of it is commented out for now because sco
      Implement net.bluetooth sysctls.
      Add bluetooth(4) manpage.
      Implement SCO related sysctls.
      SCO sysctls are implemented now in ubt(4).
      Mobe btpin(1), rfcomm_sppd(1) and sdpquery(1) where they really should be -
      Remove btpin(1), rfcomm_sppd(1) and sdpquery(1) from /usr/sbin.
      umsm(4) -> ugensa(4) as it makes much more sense - there is nothing Qualcomm
      Update to the version 2008020400 which adds IPv6 addresses for six root
      - Install bthcid.conf.
      Add some Sierra Wireless devices found in Linux sierra driver to ugensa(4).
      Add more device id's to the ugensa(4) taken mostly from option USB serial
      Add _SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF and _SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN variables to the
      Fix pf and ipfilter module loading checks.
      Fix typo.
      Remove #ifndef __cplusplus around wchar related stuff in include/wchar.h
      Fix buffer overflow in ppp command prompt parsing (OpenBSD errata 2008-009).
      Make sure lo0 is brought up before any other interfaces to avoid problems
      10Base-TX -> 10Base-T and 1000Base-TX -> 1000Base-T. Although 1000Base-TX
      Regenerate miidevs.h.
      Protect macros with "do { } while(0)" where needed.
      Sync Bluetooth stack with NetBSD.
      Decrease the number of reported stray interrupts from 100 to 10. Problems
      DRM update to git snapshot from 2008-01-04.
      Add double_t and float_t typedefs for both i386 and amd64 as required by C99.
      Fix ifdefs to make it possible to use time.h in standards compilant code.
      Sync Citrus iconv support with NetBSD.
      Add libc support for gcc stack protector. Compatibility with gcc34 propolice
      Add OMNIKEY CardMan 4040 smartcard reader.
      Add a driver for Omnikey CardMan 4040 smartcard reader - cmx(4).
      Add support for cmx(4) devices.
      Add useconds_t and suseconds_t used for time in microseconds.
      Assorted fixes to ugen(4) from FreeBSD.
      Remove udbp(4) form tree. It was never connected to the build and supports
      Remove fortran from base.
      Make use of interrupt endpoint to increase responsiveness.
      Update the traceroute(8) to the newest code from FreeBSD HEAD. Besides many
      Merge error fix.
      Add support for for the AI_NUMERICSERV getaddrinfo(3) flag. While pulling
      Add pthread_atfork() implementation to libc_r. libthread_xu has it already,
      Unbreak buildworld.
      According to SUSv3 including just regex.h must be enough. Fixes build of
      Remove superfluous recursive lock. This little change makes possible (safe)
      Remove the code which disables port status change interrupts for 1 second
      Make sure host controller interrupts are not enabled until all
      Fix probable cut-n-paste error.
      Link libarchive against libbz2 and libz to be compatible with upstream.
      Move timeval struct into its own header and include it from headers where
      Change suseconds_t to long as it is in most of systems. Fixes a lot of
      Add objc to the gcc-4.1.2.
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Build objc support.
      We are using 4.1.2 really.
      Fix [gs]etsockopt(IP_HDRINCL) which allows mere mortals like me to obtain
      Detach correctly so there is no need to panic during reattach.
      Cleanup err/error mess in the uticom_download_fw().
      Use IPv6 documentation prefix (RFC3849) instead of 6bone prefixes in
      Fix interrupt pipe processing to treat a ugensa(4) interrupt message
      Remove some useless variables and assignments from USB code.
      Fix some NULL pointer dereferences, most of the in debug code though.
      Make Huawei E220 change the mode from device with single umass interface to
      Some agp(4) fixes:
      Add some methods to ACPI to handle embedded controllers and device matching.
      Move acpi_toshiba.c, it's not pc32 specific.
      Add ACPI support module for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad laptops. Work in progress,
      Add acpi_video(4) - a driver for ACPI video extensions.
      Document STAILQ_FOREACH_MUTABLE macro.
      Add acpi_video(4) manpage and move acpi_toshiba(4) manpage out from man4.i386.
      acpi_thinkad(4) manpage.
      Unbreak build.
      Remove dhcp-3.0 from base and import dhclient from OpenBSD. Porting work
      Upgrade pieces for new dhclient and dhcpd/dhcrelay removal.
      Remove dhcpd and dhcrelay remainings.
      Make BOOTP server in installer work with dhcp server from pkgsrc.
      Handle (unit == -1) case in the device_find_child() function as already used
      Fix coretemp(4) to provide temperatures from all cores (instead of reading
      Make pkgsrc/wip cvs checkout use -P.
      The result of the "RFC3542 support" SoC project by Dashu Huang.
      Bring in newer ping6(8) from KAME via FreeBSD lying in my disk quite some
      Forgot this file in the "RFC3542 support" SoC project commit.
      acpi_cpu(4) update. It's now possible to use higher (lower power usage) C
      Quite minimal patchset to help to save some more power - put unused PCI
      Sync pci_[gs]et_powerstate_method with FreeBSD which makes things a little
      Make acpi support modules depend on acpi module.
      Turn power off for detached (module unloaded) PCI devices. No power down is
      Put IPV6_RTHDR_TYPE_0 define back until the world fixes itself.
      Add _SC_PAGE_SIZE as alias to _SC_PAGESIZE to make modern software pieces
      Attempt to fix the crash if accessing usb device(s) after unloading usb.ko.
      Update acpi_battery(4) related code to the latest one from FreeBSD HEAD.
      The devinfo(3) library provides userspace access to the internal device
      Welcome devctl(4) and devd(8).
      devctl(4)/devd(8) support in acpi_thinkpad(4).
      If a neighbor solictation or neighbor advertisement isn't from the
      Correctly handle Intel g33 chips and add support for g45 chips.
      Don't allocate space for empty banners. Makes me able to connect various
      How buggy this little piece of code could be? Repair strnvis() buffersize
      Add code to parse the utrace(2) entries generated by malloc(3) in a more
      Update sensorsd(8) to the latest code.
      Fix CVE-2008-3831. Affects the Intel G33 series and newer only.
      Bring in some fixes from FreeBSD. Amongst other fixes, like panics in debug
      We don't have /dev/audio support any more, but make it symlink to /dev/dsp
      Hopefully more bulletproof workaround to fix problems with SATA ATAPI
      Make apps using '#define _POSIX_C_SOURCE' compile.
      Install acpiio.h.
      Add hardware type value define for IP over firewire. Not used yet.
      Unbreak installworld.
      Sync libusbhid with other BSDs (breaks API compatibility). Sync usbhidctl
      Remove /usr/include/libusbhid.h.

Hidetoshi Shimokawa (11):
      Add dcons(4), a pseudo console driver for FireWire and KVM interface.
      Use opt_dcons.h.
      Add support for eui64(5) to libc.
      dconschat - user interface to dcons(4)
      Add dcons(4) related manpages.
      Hooks to build dcons(4)/dcons_crom(4).
      Add dcons(4).
      Update FireWire device nodes.
      Add eui64.5.
      Preserve dcons(4) buffer passed by loader(8).
      Sync with FreeBSD-current:

Hiroki Sato (6):
      Test commit.
      Replace IPv6 related manual pages that may have violated
      - Nuke #ifdef SCOPEDROUTING.  It was never enabled and is useless now[1].
      Move to ND_IFINFO().
      Query A records before AAAA records in getaddrinfo() when AF_UNSPEC
      Fix a bug which can allow a remote attacker to cause denial

Hiten Pandya (452):
      Add a handy macro, called FOREACH_PROC_IN_SYSTEM(p) for better
      Consolidate usage of MIN/MAX().
      mdoc(7) assorted fixes:
      mdoc(7) assorted fixes:
      Oops, fix build before anyone realises. :-)
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Fix building of vm_zone.c in the case of INVARIANTS.
      DDB updates:
      Bring the malloc/mbuf flags up-to-date with FreeBSD.
      Bring us in sync with 4.8-STABLE.
      Assorted mdoc(7) fixes:
      Kernel Police:
      Kernel Police:
      Comment out the unused proc/thread declarations.
      No need to comment out unused thread/proc declarations (prev. revision),
      Remove INVARIANT_SUPPORT conditional pre-processing on zerror().  Just
      style(9) police:
      Consolidate MIN() usage across kern/ tree.
      - Make `vmstat -i' working after Matt's interrupt related
      LINT breakage fix, part one:
      Generalise, and remove SI_SUB_VINUM; use SI_SUB_RAID instead.
      Get LINT to build.
      Use FOREACH_PROC_IN_SYSTEM() throughout.
      LINT cleanup: add <sys/systm.h> for printf()
      LINT cleanup: fix MAX difinition.
      Define HAVE_PPSRATECHECK macro, now that we have merged the
      LINT cleanup: remove redundant ``struct proc *p'' declarations.
      Add backtrace() prototype.
      DELAY() does not belong in a MD include file, instead, move
      Move the backtrace() function from kern_subr.c to  kern_debug.c.
      Um, ok.  I should have slept a little more.
      Backout my ``proc cleanup'' brain damage.
      Remove the documentation/ folder from under 'src' tree.
      Add the TINDERBOX kernel configuration file.
      Remove `YOUR'.
      Add two useful macros that I have been meaning to add for quite
      Fix style issue.
      Use addalias() to track the vnode if it not of a regular type.
      Optimize split(1) by using dynamic allocation for buffers.
      Add a `-q' option to killall(1).  This is helpful when you don't
      Fix the case when `-p' option of truss can be passed the pid of
      Fix vmstat(1) diagnostic output.
      Fix sorta critical bugs in fsdb(8); the @mtime and @atime reporting
      Add device indentification for Intel 82801DC (ICH4) SMBus Controller.
      Add device identification for Intel 82801EB (ICH5) SMBus Controller.
      1) Add new tunable, kern.syncdelay:
      Respect ps_showallprocs when using the Proc file system.
      Use vm_page_hold() instead of vm_page_wire().
      Return a more sane error code, EPIPE.  The EBADF error code is
      Introduce a new poll operation bit, `POLLINGIGNEOF'.  It is used for
      Fix style nit.
      Pass only one argument to vm_page_hold() as a sane person would do.
      Check when M_PREPEND returns an empty mbuf.
      Change my e-mail.
      Fix logic, flow and comments for previous (rev 1.9) change.
      OK, fix build, while I am there, I will get some screw for my head
      Add MLINK mount_ufs(8) to mount(8).
      Mdoc cleanup of section 4:
      Add the linux(4) manual page.
      Fix IPFW2 build.
      K&R style function removal.  Update functions to ANSI style.
      Sort Copyright order.
      Fix L2 internal cache reporting when it is an AMD Duron rev. A0 chip.
      K&R style function removal.  Update functions to ANSI style.
      K&R style function removal.  Update functions to ANSI style.
      Fix a spelling mistake.
      Security Fix:
      Correct unsafe use of realloc().
      Fix compile when GUPROF is defined.
      Fix kldload(2) error return when a module is rejected becaue it is
      AMI MegaRAID Crash-Dumps support.
      Fix an ordering issue, call vm_map_entry_reserve() prior to locking
      Nuke the zalloci() and zfree() stuff sky-high.  We no longer have
      Remove zalloci/zfreei from the Makefile too.
      Major contigmalloc() API cleanup:
      Second contigmalloc() cleanup:
      Fix build by not attempting to compile libc's malloc directly.
      Add SysV IPC regression suite.
      Use vnconfig(8) instead of mdconfig(8) to enable ${swapfile},
      Update sysinstall's NFS module:
      Add the pim(4) and multicast(4) manual pages, following
      Fix a ``missing free''.
      Un-initialise (i.e free) the HPFS inode hash; previously, unloading
      Fix two bugs in split in split revealed after my optimization in
      Remove unneeded XXX, to rename lwkt_create() as it was named
      Add a prototype for if_indextoname().
      Fix long interface name handling.
      Support for conflict (pkg_add -C) checking and pkg_tools (pkg_add -P).
      Add pkgwrap.c, which was missed in my last commit.
      Improve device identification strings.
      Fix typo in a comment.
      Fix build of the PPS driver.
      Remove the pca driver from the build for now, due to the revamp
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Update to devlist2h.awk and friends:
      Include Makefile.miidevs, so we can just do:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      NEWCARD: change `device card' to `device pccard'.
      Update maintainer contact information.
      Score a duh-point for myself.  Change the remaining lines for the
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge: FreeBSD (RELENG_4) uipc_socket.c rev.
      Merge: FreeBSD (RELENG_4) isp_ioctl.h
      Merge: FreeBSD (RELENG_4) i386/isa/psm.c rev.
      Merge: FreeBSD (RELENG_4) netstat/inet.c rev.
      Update the Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet driver and the Broadcom
      Remove my middle initial.
      Correct a filename typo, there is no such thing as machine/pcpu.h,
      Bring the cue(4) and miibus(4) manual page in line with
      Include thread.h if _KERNEL_STRUCTURES is defined.
      Do not print a warning about PIM sysctl node (net.inet.pim.stats)
      I just scored a few duh-points for myself.  I committed an older version
      Bring the BFE(4) manual page up-to-date with FreeBSD RELENG_4.
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Document that kldload(2) can also return EEXIST.
      Fix violating usage of M_DONTWAIT in calls to malloc() by replacing
      Adjust IPFW to use M_WAITOK instead of M_NOWAIT.  The M_NOWAIT flag on
      Fix spelling mistake, s/itnerrupts/interrupts/.
      Convert the code to ANSI style, and remove 'register' keywords.
      Linux emulation system call update.
      Mega mdoc(7) update:
      Replace a manual check for a VMIO candidate with vn_canvmio() under
      Use info->td instead of curthread in ffs_reload_scan1(); although
      Collapse the if(...) block in pim_stats added by my previous commit
      Correct typo in comment.
      Turn TDF_SYSTHREAD into TDF_RESERVED0100 since the flag is never used
      Integrate remaining part of the network interface aliasing
      Integrate the remaining parts of the network interface aliasing
      Fix loading of the SMBFS kernel module.  The KMODDEPS line in the SMBFS
      Give the VFS initialisation functions an update:
      Add manual page for the busdma(9) API.  It has detailed information on
      Merge: FreeBSD (HEAD) sys/kern/sysv_sem.c rev. 1.69
      Merge: FreeBSD (RELENG_4) ip_fw2.c rev.
      Correct a bug in vm_page_cache().  We should make sure that a held
      Per-CPU VFS Namecache Effectiveness Statistics:
      The globaldata houses a pointer and not an embedded struct for nchstats;
      Add Makefile for the netif/ie ISA NIC driver.
      Adapt the netisr message handlers to accomodate the available error
      Garbage-collect unused variable.
      Add `device atapicam' to unbreak TINDERBOX config.
      Merge: FreeBSD (RELENG_4) aac_pci.c rev.
      Merge: FreeBSD (RELENG_4) kern_descrip.c rev.
      Merge: FreeBSD (RELENG_4) msdosfs_vfsops.c rev.
      Merge: FreeBSD (RELENG_4) kern_event.c rev.
      Merge: FreeBSD (RELENG_4) vfs_syscalls.c rev.
      Add a KKASSERT to mount(2) to make sure we have a proc pointer.
      Rename the sysctl handler for nchstats to reflect reality; I named it
      The "Hashed Timers and Hierarchical Wheels: Data Structures for the
      Fix compilation of profiling.
      1) Move the tcp_stats structure back to netinet/tcp_var.h.
      Make IP statistics counters per-CPU so they can be updated safely.
      Clean warnings under DIAGNOSTIC.
      Use the correct cast, ns_ifra_addr -> ns_ifaddr.
      Move around some #ifdefs to silence warnings.
      Add a forward declaration of 'struct uidinfo'.
      Bring the I4B layer up-to-speed with 64-bit physical addressing.
      Handle UIO_USERISPACE (just fallthrough to UIO_NOCOPY), to silence
      Just pass NULL to sync(), no need to create a `dummyarg'.
      Catch up with if_ioctl prototype changes (see rev. 1.10 of net/if_var.h).
      Bring le(4) up-to-speed with 64-bit physical addressing.
      Correct pre-processor conditional surrounding mmxopt's declaration by
      Add bus_alloc_resource_any(9).
      KKASSERT that we require inp->inp_pcbinfo, in in_pcbinswildcardhash().
      Add a readonly sysctl for the `kern.mmxopt' loader tunable (same name).
      Remove redundant newline in a call to panic(9).
      Remove newline from panic(9) message, it is redundant.
      Remove newline from panic(9) message, it is redundant.
      Add MLINK busdma(9) which points to bus_dma(9).
      Update the tsleep(9) manual page about our reality.
      Update the DELAY(9) manual page about the header file where
      Update the KASSERT(9) manual page to reality.
      Update the suser(9) manual page about reality.
      Correct mdoc(7).
      Remove unneeded empty line to silence mdoc(7) warnings.
      Mdoc(7) police:
      Mdoc(7) police:
      Remove erroneous use of the `Fl' mdoc macro and replace it with
      Correct the use of the .Dx/.Fx macro.
      Add entry for the CAPS IPC library.  It is now possible to refer to the
      Correct the usage of the .Dx macro to avoid mdoc errors.
      Remove extraneous `.El' macro.
      Correct the usage of the .Dx macro.
      Correct usage of the `.Em' macro.
      Do not specify a macro as first argument to the literal macros
      In sodealloc(), use do_setopt_accept_filter() to free an accept filter
      Add a read-only sysctl for observing the maximum number of
      Remove an extra comma at the end of .Nm list.
      Add a manual page which documents the generic hash routines, i.e.
      Add an MLINK for KKASSERT(9).
      Document the ``resource management'' (rman) abstraction in rman(9).
      Quickly fix an MLINK while no one is looking...
      Update the mlock(2) manual page:
      It is DragonFly BSD, not FreeBSD.  Correct config(8) files.
      Document the pmap_kenter_quick(9) function.  While I am here, fix
      Fix SYSCTL description style.
      Wrap the VM MAP locking routines with _KERNEL, user-land has no
      Consolidate SYSCTL_DECL(_kern_ipc), move it to sys/sysctl.h as
      First pass at updating top(1):
      Adjust include path so that the machine.h in ${.OBJDIR} is used
      Force commit to clarify that the previous revision should have been
      Remove a stale comment: PG_DIRTY and PG_FILLED were removed in
      Remove an unimplemented advisory function, pmap_pageable(); there is
      Do not use the display function if the -o (opaque) or -x (hexdump)
      Remove '-*- nroff -*-'.
      Correct spelling.
      Merge from FreeBSD, RELENG_4 branch, revision
      Plug a memory leak when the kernel initialiazes config_devtab resources
      Remove some long gone #defines, PFCLUSTER_BEHIND and PFCLUSTER_AHEAD;
      Quotactl(2) should set the uid correctly, based on the QUOTA type supplied.
      Cleanup the textvp_fullpath() function; summary of changes:
      VM Resident Executables update:
      Cleanup the manual page:
      Remove the compat macro textvp_fullpath(), and use vn_fullpath()
      Surround a multi-line conditional block with braces for readability.
      Lock manipulation of the 'exec_res_list', i.e., the list of resident
      Add a manual page which describes the vn_fullpath(9) function.
      Flush cached access mode after modifying a files attributes for NFSv3.
      Deprecate use of m_act, which is an alias of m_nextpkt; just use
      Allow top(1) to toggle display of processes+threads or *only* threads
      Re-arrange the 'Executable' column for the '-l' option so that long
      Add a manual page describing the LSI Fusion family of devices with a
      Discard the first 1024 bytes of output as suggested by
      Now that we have clients that use m_getcl(9), set the default mcl_pool_max
      Do not use the installed include files, instead, set the include path
      Implement POSIX.1-2001 (XSI)'s ulimit(3) library call.
      Add a reference to the ulimit(3) manual page.
      Register keyword removal.  No operational changes.
      ANSI-fication.  No operational changes.
      Dissolve use of the 'register' keyword.
      Use correct sentence structure.
      Remove useless __STDC__ junk.
      Avoid a memory leak if vfprintf(3) by always calling va_end(3); this
      Use ANSI C prototypes and remove the !__STDC__ varargs compatibility
      FUNLOCKFILE(fp) *after* modifying the FILE pointer's fields.
      Set the return value properly for fgetpos(3).
      Document security issues with gets(3) in a proper manner.
      mdoc(7) corrections; use .Dv instead of .Em etc, fix grammar.
      C99 update: freopen(3) with NULL 'path' argument so that it opens the
      Re-order include, 'sys' includes first, 'vm' includes after.
      Conditionally include the essential header files, sys/queue.h and
      Remove an accessory function called msf_buf_xio(); it is unnecessary for
      Replace the use of specially reserved pbufs in NFS's nfs_getpages() and
      IEEE Std. 1003.1-2001 dictates that fileno(3) behave as it locked the
      IEEE Std. 1003.1-2001 wants feof(3) to behave as if it locked the FILE
      If handed a bad file pointer that we can't write to, set the errno value
      Revert previous commit about FUNLOCKFILE(fp), it causes ill (and weird)
      Add a 'big fat comment' about the FUNLOCKFILE(fp) implementation and why
      Add some whitespace for clarity.  No operational changes.
      Revert the locking of feof(3) for now; there is possibility of ill
      Do not produce a warning if the sysctl does not exist.  This happens when
      If there was a cache hit, and the msf->m_flags was set to SFBA_ONFREEQ,
      Make the procfs_validfile() function static.
      Fix spelling in comment.
      Spell 'written' properly.
      Add a helper utility, called asf(8): Add Symbol File.
      Fix prototype of usage().
      Add the csplit(1) utility, which splits files based on context, as
      IEEE Std. 1003.1-2001 (SUSv3):
      Hook up the recently added utilities [1] to the build.
      Add the POSIXv2 asa(1) utility; it interprets FORTRAN carriage-control
      Hook up the asa(1) utility to the build system.
      Zero the interval timers on fork(2) rather than copying them to the
      Zero-out the whole pstats structure and then copy the relevant fields,
      Move the 'p_start' field from struct pstats (Process Statistics) into the
      Use the kern.boottime sysctl for retrieving the system boot time as a
      Check kp (struct kinfo_proc *kp) against NULL and not 0, because it is a
      Remove references to FreeBSD in the comments.
      Fix indentation.
      Merge rev. 1.7 of FreeBSD's src/sys/dev/twa/twa_freebsd.c.
      Turn on the DDB_TRACE config option, so that we will get a trace as soon
      Merge from FreeBSD-4, revision
      Merge from FreeBSD-4, revision
      Add a debug directory under src/test, where we will house all of our debug
      Document the 'running_threads' GDB macro.
      Update our xlint(1) to work with recent preprocessor changes.
      Randomize ephermal source ports.
      Generalize a comment, remove 'FreeBSD' from the comment because we are
      Remove the advertising clause from this file.
      Use the official devised license for the first time, starting with
      Fix a small but important mistake.
      Bunch of mdoc(7) and various file path fixes.
      Add a bunch of .Fx (FreeBSD) version numbers.
      Correct mdoc(7) errors:
      Use the .Dv directive for marking up PROT_* constants.
      A variety of mdoc(7) and grammar changes:
      Correctly use the .Bd directive, i.e., present it with the -literal
      Just use the .Ev directive for printing an environment variable,
      Use the official 3-clause license for the MSFBUF header file.
      Update list of FreeBSD version numbers, for use with manual pages.
      BUF/BIO work, for removing the requirement of KVA mappings for I/O
      Correct reference to buf->b_xio.xio_pages in a comment.
      Append necessary information to the package name for portupgrade(8) to
      Remove an erroneous '+' symbol at start of 'rand_irqs'.
      Update a stale comment about lwkt_replymsg().
      POSIX update and cleanups for getopt(3):
      Correct mdoc(7) processing errors; the .Bl directive should be provided
      Correct mdoc(7) for basename(1) and passwd(1) manual pages.
      Merge changes from FreeBSD:
      Stop depending upon an implicit 'int' as the return type of main().
      Annotate the b_xio field member of the BUF structure.
      Change all files that I own to use the official DragonFly Project
      Merge revision 1.25 of src/usr.bin/time/time.c from FreeBSD.
      Merge revision 1.26 of src/usr.bin/time/time.c from FreeBSD, and an
      Eliminate hard sentence breaks.
      Eliminate hard sentence breaks.
      Double semi-colon police!
      BUF/BIO stage 2:
      Remove an erronous 'static' in front of pci_alloc_resource(9).
      Add a prototype for isab_attach(), which is used by the ACPI-5 ISA
      Bring definition of va_list and friends, so that ACPI module actually
      Eliminate hard sentence breaks.
      Merge revision 1.16 of src/usr.bin/rusers/rusers.c from FreeBSD.
      Minor KNF/style cleanups.  No operational changes.
      Display proper information when the verbose flag (-v) is passed to
      Aesthatical change, move 'All rights reserved' to the same line as
      Include <sys/types.h> and <netinet/in.h>, so that parse.y gets the correct
      Fix compiler warnings; include <sys/types.h> and <netinet/in.h> to satisfy
      Mechanically kill hard sentence breaks.
      Respect locale settings from the environment.
      Add new options to select different registries, basically synch'ing us
      Assorted spelling fixes from Christian Brueffer <brueffer@freebsd.org>.
      It is 'estcpu', not 'setcpu'.
      Add the C99 utility, now that we have a decent C99 compiler in base, i.e.
      The return-path is optional in a headline, therefore don't skip a message
      Merge mdoc(7) corrections from FreeBSD -CURRENT.
      Merge revision 1.8 and 1.9 from FreeBSD -CURRENT, i.e., add a section on
      Aesthetic changes:
      Add MOD_SHUTDOWN to be processed by the module event handling function.
      Fix generation of opt_inet.h and opt_ipx.h by providing their targets
      Remove UIO_USERISPACE, we do not support any split instruction/data
      Remove VAX conditionalized code.
      Add the ieee80211(9) API manual pages.
      KNF/style changes.  Match scanfiles() function prototype with the rest
      Minor cleanups to bring us on-par with FreeBSD's cat(1):
      Use the correct header file, which is located in netproto/802_11.
      KNF/style and warnings clean up.  ANSI style prototype for printb(), and
      Major cleanup of the base IPFilter:
      Readd the $DragonFly$ Id tag which I removed by mistake in previous
      Correct spelling.
      Test Commit
      Add a SECURITY section which describes the kern.ckptgroup sysctl among
      Reorder included headers to an acceptable standard.  System headers
      Tell the reader about sys/buf.h as well.
      Document lockcountnb(9) which is the non-blocking counterpart of
      Slap 2005 into the COPYRIGHT.  Happy New Year!
      Slap 2005 into the copyright.  Happy New Year!
      Improve the IPFilter rc.d file, mainly bring it in line with changes
      Move the MALLOC_DECLARE into sys/msfbuf.h header file.
      Remove a comment that does not make sense; it was just a remnant of
      Fix whitespace for function prototypes.
      Header include protection from userland.
      Rename the flags for sf_buf_alloc(9) to be in line with FreeBSD:
      Add a typedef msf_t for struct msf_buf *.
      Cleanup build warnings, cast and type modifications.
      Remove 'rttrash', it has been long removed from the routing code; former
      Remove stale inclusion of struct disklabel and other bits from
      Remove contents of include files from their associated manual pages thus
      Fix GCC3 related pre-processor issues.
      Fix mistakes from previous commit, cleanup _NCH_ENT macro.
      Conditionalise include of "opt_ktr.h" under _KERNEL.
      Fix display of code in the EXAMPLE section; do not enter vertical space
      Bring in the ktrdump(8) utility from FreeBSD.
      Update manual page with the version in FreeBSD, r1.8.
      Update manual page with FreeBSD's r1.7.
      Fix $FreeBSD$ ident string.
      Add a new function to the nlookup API, called nlookup_set_cred(9); this
      Provide a better annotations for KTR_VOP and KTR_NFS trace classes.
      Add manual page for closefrom(2) system call and hook it to the build.
      Add entry for DragonFly 1.2.
      Add standard entries for libcaps, libkinfo and libkcore; they can now be
      Add 'mycpuid', a #define for accessing mycpu->gd_cpuid.
      Mechanical cleanup of TCP per-cpu statistics code, better naming etc.
      Remove the '_GD' macro hack:
      Forced commit to note previous change, of introducing 'mycpuid' was
      Mechanical cleanup of IP per-cpu statistics code, better naming etc.
      Ick!  Seems I was under a placebo, correct a last minute typo.
      Use the correct macro for printing TCP statistical counters when we only
      Add bpf_mtap_family(9) which allows the client to specify an address
      Fix whitespace in copyright dates.
      Be consistent for preventing redundant header inclusion.
      Change CPU time statistics (cputime) to be accounted on a per-CPU basis.
      Adapt the KINFO library to aggregate per-cpu cputime statistics.
      KINFO library cleanups:
      Fix breakage.
      Adapt kcore_get_sched_cputime(3) to retrieve and present an aggregated
      Minor adjustment of types for consistency.
      Use reallocf(3) and cleanup some NULL checks.
      Add some useful comments to interface functions; required a little bit of
      Networking routing statistics on a per-CPU basis:
      Correct typo in comment for vshiftl().
      Covert netproto/ipsec into using critical sections instead of SPL ops.
      The BLIST API is just as usable in userland as it is in the kernel; and
      Minor word-smithing.
      Use _KERNEL macro for wrapping kernel-only code.
      Add code comments to improve object type documentation.
      Add counters for recording Token/MPlock contention, this would help in
      Correct a typo, v_rbdirty_tree is for dirty buffers.
      Remove conditional bits about other operating systems, they are not
      Update the unifdef(1) utility to the latest code from FreeBSD, and the
      Remove outdated information with regard to old tinderbox.
      Clean the VFS operations vector and related code:
      Add some useful GDB macros that have been sitting in my local tree,
      Add minimal manual page explaining use of bread(9) and bwrite(9) kernel
      Remove items from TODO list that have been implemented in last major
      *** empty log message ***
      Forced commit to ensure revision 1.18 fixed a build break introduced
      Update the physio(9) manual page to reflect reality.  Clean up the
      Update description of msfbufs sysctls.
      Update filename in comments.
      BUF/BIO cleanup 2/99:
      Add flag for compiling the tests without GCC -O2 optimisations, quite
      Add test for comparing following types of conditionals:
      Add a workaround to make 3COM cardbus cards to propagate the device
      BUF/BIO cleanup 3/99:
      Bring name of an unused flag field in line with the rest.
      Put unused flag space definitions back to their original position in
      Initialize buf->b_iodone to NULL during bufinit(9) stage.
      BUF/BIO cleanup 4/99:
      BUF/BIO cleanup 5/99:
      Update copyright notice.  Use standard DF copyright.
      Add 'debug.sizeof.buf' sysctl for determining size of struct buf on a
      BUF/BIO cleanup 6/99:
      A better description for 'debug.sizeof' sysctl.
      BUF/BIO cleanup 7/99:
      Add minimal utility that is able to make sense of the per-cpu load
      Move the bswlist symbol into vm/vm_pager.c because PBUFs are the only
      Remove stale comment about vm_mem_init's arguments.
      Make a few PRINTF lines readable, break them up if necessary.
      Whitespace cleanup.
      Re-word some sysctl descriptions, make them compact.
      Wrap 'pqtype' variable with INVARIANTS so annoying GCC warnings are
      Move bio_lblkno (logical blockno in a file) field back to its rightful
      Remove PV_* flags from PMAP MD header files; these were made useless
      Update the TWE 3ware/AMCC driver code, bringing in all the fixes made
      Remove NO_B_MALLOC preprocessor macro, it was never turned on, and
      Add more documentation comments to disk_create() and dscheck().
      Style: break line into two, so it fits nicely in 80-column mode.
      Add a comment on top of ad_start, mentioning that it is called with
      Document the dscheck(9) function and explain how it affects the slice-

Jeffrey Hsu (278):
      Add support for RFC 3390, which allows for a variable-sized
      Use relative directory, rather than /sys, as base directory for "make tags".
      Implement the Eifel Dectection Algorithm for TCP (RFC 3522).
      New statistics to keep track of supurious retransmits.
      Fix spurious spelling within comments.
      Make the logic clear on when to use Eifel detection or fall back
      Add statistics to disambiguate how a spurious retransmit was detected.
      Decouple slow-starting an idle connection from Nagle's algorithm.
      Non-semantic-changing cosmetic transformation.  Gets rid of unnecessary
      Properly handle an error return from udev2dev().
      Fix typos in comments.
      Add support for Protocol Independent Multicast.
      Add support for Protocol Independent Multicast.
      Account for when Limited Transmit is not congestion window limited.
      Differentiate between send and receive window variables.
      Introduce the DDB_TRACE kernel config option to automatically print a stack
      Non-semantic changing cleanups:
      Centralize if queue handling.
      Add missing interface queue.
      Leftover netisr consolidation cleanups.
      Leftover netisr consolidation cleanups.
      Leftover netisr consolidation cleanups.
      Leftover netisr consolidation cleanups.
      Reset the retransmit counter when setting the timer on a failed
      Optimize out an unneeded bzero().
      For performance reasons, kernel sends should not be subject to sockbuf
      Unroll obfuscated loop.
      Unravel a nested conditional.
      Remove illegal identifier after #endif.
      This patch improves the performance of sendfile(2).  It adds a hash
      Pull the sf_buf routines and structures out into its own files in
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD rev 1.43 (original commit made by tjr@FreeBSD.org).
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Remove dead code.
      Remove unused local variable.
      Cosmetic code cleanup.
      Relax a KASSERT condition to allow for a valid corner case where
      Cosmetic changes.
      Split out wildcarded sockets from the connection hash table.
      A UDP socket is still bound after it is disconnected, so we need to
      Introduce access methods for making protocol requests.
      Once we distribute socket protocol processing requests to different
      Propagate curproc removal changes to files compiled by LINT.
      Remember the next lowest power of 2 of "npus" in "ncpus2".
      Use power of 2 masking to make packet hash function fast.
      Verify code assumption on number of processors with a kernel assertion.
      Dispatch upper-half protocol request handling.
      Dispatch upper-half protocol request handling.
      Correct double increment of the inp generation count.
      Use 0 for integer value rather than NULL.
      Change the "struct inpcbhead *listhead" field in "struct inpcbinfo"
      Eliminate the use of curproc in route_output() by passing down the process id
      Remove unused second argument to ip_stripoptions().
      Send UDP packets out without a temporary connect.
      Cosmetic changes.
      Implement Early Retransmit.
      Print out Early Retransmit statistics.
      Include <sys/types.h> for autoconf/automake detection.
      To comply with the spec, do not copy the TOS from the outer IP
      Partition the TCP connection table.
      Clarify strange ipfw byte ordering convention.
      Make tcp_drain() per-cpu.
      Make tcp_drain() per-cpu.
      Ifdef out unused variable.
      Cosmetic cleanup.
      Consolidate length checks in ip_demux().
      Eliminate use of curthread in if_ioctl functions by passing down the
      Do all the length checks before returning even if "ip_mthread_enable"
      Eliminate use of curproc and curthread by propagating thread pointer down
      Need header file to deference proc structure.
      Directly call pru_control until copyin problem is resolved.
      Give UDP its own sosend() function.
      Pull out m_uiomove() functionality from sosend().
      Change sendfile() to send the header out coaleseced with the data.
      Only enter wildcard sockets into the wildcard hash table.
      Only enter into wildcard hash table if bind succeeds.
      Only enter into wildcard hash table if bind succeeds.
      Remove the ip_mthread_enable sysctl option.  Enough code has been converted
      Consolidate length checks in ip_demux().
      Fix byte-order.
      Dispatch reassembled fragment.
      Consistently use "foreign" and "local", which are invariant on the
      Cosmetic changes.
      Workaround for not having a proc context.  Use the thread0 context when
      Push the lwkt_replymsg() up one level from netisr_service_loop() to
      Fix typo with last minute change in last commit.
      Add header file to pull in the setting of the TCP_DISTRIBUTED_TCBINFO option.
      Send connects to the right processor.
      Add predicate message facility.
      Make the declaration of notifymsglist visible outside #ifdef _KERNEL
      Always send the sendfile header out even if the file has no data.
      Fix compilation errors with missing header files and misnamed formal parameter.
      Silence warning about missing prototype.
      Silence compiler warning by adding include files.
      Create another entry point into ip_input() so MT_TAGs will work.
      Don't need opt_tcp_input.h for TCP_DISTRIBUTED_TCBINFO anymore.
      Cosmetic changes.
      Allow an inp control block to be inserted on multiple wildcard hash tables.
      Pass more information down to the protocol-specific socket dispatch function
      Use a message structure off the stack for a synchronous call.
      Drop packet if the length checks fail in ip_demux().
      Replicate the TCP listen table to give each cpu its own copy.
      The default protocol threads also need the check for
      Cosmetic changes.
      Remember if an inpcb was entered into the wildcard table to save
      Add restrict keyword to string functions.
      Move accounting of sendfile header bytes sent down one level to handle
      Trade off more writes for a simpler check for when to pull up snd_recover.
      Put snd_recover in the same cache line as snd_una.  Make room in the
      Panic in udp_output() if a socket is found in an inconsistent state.
      Allow an inp control block to be inserted on multiple wildcard hash tables.
      Detect and foil optimistic ACK attack with forced slow-start
      Close race condition in accept(2).
      Try the ELF image activator first.
      Update some of my copyright notices before we officially publish
      Add the standard DragonFly copyright notice to go along with mine.
      Add the standard DragonFly copyright notice to go along with mine.
      Increase the size of the nfsheur hash table as pointed out by
      Readability changes, mostly removing the option to not do NewReno,
      Fix bug with tracking the previous element in a list.
      Get cosmetic changes out of the way before committing SACK.
      Move a comment to the right place.
      Allow the syncache to run lock-free in parallel on multiple processors
      Update includes now that the Fast IPSec code has moved to netproto/ipsec.
      From KAME freebsd4/sys/netinet/ip_input.c rev 1.42:
      Remove duplicate comment.
      Separate out the length checks from IP dispatch and also do them along
      Correct use of the flags argument to the recvmsg system call.
      Implement SACK.
      Fix bug with wrong length being used when coalescing out-of-order segments.
      Properly propagate the FIN flag from the following to-be-coalesced segment.
      We have to replicate listening IPv6 sockets in the wildcard table
      Handle window updates inside header prediction to increase the hit rate.
      Accept resets sent while the receive window is zero.
      Cache a pointer the last mbuf in the sockbuf for faster insertion.
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Clean up routing code before I parallelize it.
      Clean up routing code before I parallelize it.
      Patch up user/kernel space difference with boolean types.
      Fix whitespace.
      Clean up the routing and networking code before I parallelize routing.
      Fix problem with last commit that was breaking tcpdump.
      Clean up the networking code before I parallelize the routing code.
      Fix off-by-one error with the range check for PRC_NCMDS.
      FreeBSD PR:  kern/54874
      Fix buffer overflow bug involving inet_ntoa().
      Forced commit to say the previous commit wasn't really a buffer overflow
      Fix compile error.
      Add the new ND6_IFF_ACCEPT_RTADV flag to control whether to accept
      Add the "accept_rtadv" interface option to specifiy whether to accept
      Document the "accept_rtadv" interface flag.
      Back out port randomization.  FreeBSD users report problems with it under load.
      Fix double-free problem when sysctl net.inet.ip.rtexpire=0.
      Fix double-free problem when sysctl net.inet.ip.rtexpire=0.
      Correct a byte-order bug with fragment header scanning.
      Set ip6_v6only to true by default.  The administrators who want to use
      Cosmetic cleanups.
      Move a global variable into local scope for MP safety.
      Fix compile error.
      Now that I understand the poorly written BSD routing code and what
      Catch up to recent rtlookup() changes.
      Fix copyright notice.
      Remove the sysctl options for altering the initial TCP congestion window size.
      Remove the sysctl options for altering the initial TCP congestion window size.
      Increase the default TCP maximum segment size from 512 to 1460.
      Instead of explicitly initializing "fp" to NULL in kern_sendfile(),
      Now that we generate the ethernet header in place in the mbuf instead
      Code cleanup.  Refactor some functions.  Push some globals into local scope.
      If dhclient fails, an interface could be left with an IP address of
      Temporarily disable non-working Path MTU discovery pending real fix.
      Now that 'so_pcb' is properly declared as a 'void *', remove a layer of
      Eliminate conditional check for initialized 'fp' on error in kern_sendfile().
      Strip away convoluted route reference counting logic.
      Clear up confusion about negative route reference counts.
      Use malloc(M_ZERO) in preference to separate bzero() after allocation.
      Convert the struct domain next pointer to an SLIST.
      None of the callers of rtredirect() want to know the route that was modified,
      Remove (void) cast before a function call with an unused return value.
      Readability changes.
      Change a 'char *' to a 'void *' because that field is not accessed
      Cosmetic changes only.
      Prefer rtlookup() to rtalloc() when not saving the result of the look up.
      The route in a syncache entry is cleared if the connection was successfully
      Minimal patch that allows Path MTU discovery to be turned back on, but
      Give some guidelines on when to turn on Path MTU Discovery.
      Take into account the number of SACKed bytes skipped when slow-starting
      Use fixed-width type to ensure correct wraparound for
      Fix confusion with wrong route reference count being decremented.
      Better byte packing for struct tcpopt.
      Ensure that Limited Transmit always sends new data, even after a
      When doing Limited Transmit, don't retract snd_nxt if it was previously
      We can only do upper-layer protocol length checks on the first fragment.
      Eliminate a redundant variable assignment.
      Keep a hint for the last packet in the singly-linked list of packets
      A kludge to always give the driver a second chance to attach the cbb device.
      Use a larger initial window size when restarting after a long idle period.
      Minor cosmetic cleanups.  Use the canonical name "ro" for a variable
      Defer assigning to the forwarding route variable until the forwarding
      Prefer TAILQ_EMPTY() to null-check on the result of TAILQ_FIRST().
      sbappend() is called by stream-oriented as well as record-oriented
      Strip away a layer of indirection.  Now that we properly declare
      Cosmetic changes, mostly changing zeros to NULLs.
      Clean up some of the sockbuf append code.
      Implement TCP Appropriate Byte Counting.
      Remove redundant assignment.
      Prefer m_getcl() to separate calls to MGETHDR() and MCLGET() in order to
      Fix typo with last commit.
      Deprecate MCLGET() in favor of m_getcl() or m_getl() in order to
      Use m_getl() to get the right sized mbuf.
      Rename local variable for clarity.
      Simplify the interface to m_uiomove().
      Deprecate MCLGET() in favor of m_getcl() or m_getl() in order to
      Prefer the clearer m_getc() API over m_getm().
      Generic cache of pre-initialized objects.  It uses per-cpu caches
      Re-implement the mbuf allocator using the object cache.
      Convert to use m_getl() in order to take advantage of cluster caching and
      Allocate the right type of mbuf to begin with rather than switching types
      Should have allocated a mbuf packet header to begin with.
      Only allow packet headers to be copied into a packet header mbuf.
      Get an mbuf packet header to begin with instead of getting an mbuf and then
      Only duplicate packet headers into mbuf packet headers.
      A packet header without any packet tags is still a packet header.
      The header type of a mbuf doesn't change when appended onto a chain.
      Preserve the target M_EXT_CLUSTER flag when duplicating a packet header.
      Also preserve all the non-copied flags in the target mbuf when duplicating a
      Deprecate MCLGET() in favor of m_getl() in order to take advantage
      Fix typo that turns out to be harmless by accident, as MT_HEADER and
      Deprecate MCLGET() in favor of m_getcl() or m_getl() in order to
      Use m_gethdr() instead of m_get() to get a mbuf header.
      Deprecate MCLGET() in favor of m_getcl() or m_getl() in order to
      Replace the linear search in file descriptor allocation with an O(log N)
      Document the standard and historical behavior that open(2) returns
      The proper way to check for a normal mbuf cluster is with the
      A machine-independent spinlock implementation.  It has the advantages of
      Add a space to the output for legibility.
      Check the IP length first to avoid a memory leak later.
      Fix indentation with previous commit.
      Now that the C language has a "void *", use it instead of caddr_t.
      Give each CPU its own taskqueue thread so per-cpu data can be
      Make zalloc() and zfree() non-blocking for ZONE_INTERRUPT zones.
      Prefer the general purpose m_getl() routine for mbuf allocation.
      Zero out stack memory before copying out to requesting process.
      Correct test for fragmented packet.
      Explicitly mark places in the IPv6 code that require a contiguous buffer.
      We're guaranteed m_pkthdr.fw_flags is already zero on allocation.
      Combine two allocations into one.
      Clear up mbuf usage statistics.
      Remove unneeded assignments.
      Fix missing malloc -> kmalloc conversions.
      Never dereference a NULL pointer.
      OpenBSD rev 1.66:
      Cosmetic cleanups.
      Refactor internal ip6_splithdr() API to make it more of a pure function
      Eliminate a macro layer of indirection to clear up the control flow.
      Cosmetic changes.
      Cosmetic changes.
      Remove nested block.
      Fix compilation error with IPSEC.
      Localize some variables.
      Clean up code.
      Fix userland compilation error.
      Apply FreeBSD rev 1.9:
      Apply FreeBSD rev 1.15:
      Apply FreeBSD rev 1.16:
      Apply FreeBSD rev 1.6:
      Apply FreeBSD rev 1.17:
      Clean up code.
      Add support for SSDT tables.
      Same as FreeBSD rev 1.27:
      Same as FreeBSD rev 1.19:
      Add some comments.  Same as FreeBSD revs 1.28 through 1.30.
      Just bump version numbers due to null offsetting changes from FreeBSD:
      Merge FreeBSD revs 1.20 through 1.21:  update list of supported tables.
      Sync up to FreeBSD rev 1.23:
      Add support for parsing MCFG tables.
      Add split on whitespace functionality.

Jeremy C. Reed (9):
      testing cvs commit
      Create a manual page link of passwd.5 for new master.passwd.5.
      Add master.passwd as a name of this manual page.
      Only define atop for _KERNEL or _KERNEL_STRUCTURES.
      Document that the caret works like the excalamation mark
      Fix typo or mispelling.
      Fix typo.
      Comment out line about UDF specific mount options -- none were listed
      Add patch from 9.3.5 to 9.3.5-P1. This is for adding randomization

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai (539):
      Clean up two lint warnings, by adding /* NOTREACHED */ in the appropriate
      Remove kerberosIV from the build.
      Correct spelling of Matt's surname.
      Install math.h.
      Remove math.h from Makefile, it gets installed through lib/msun/Makefile.
      Change __signed to signed.
      Remove kerberosIV a.k.a. eBones.  It has served well, but definately
      Change __volatile and __const into volatile and const.
      Add, hopefully, support for the ICH5 sound hardware.
      First stab at our own UPDATING file.
      Remove reference to FreeBSD's documentation about their source trees.
      Add README for the documentation directory.
      Get rid of __const.
      Update the manual page to reflect the normal definitions.
      Remove more __const occurences.
      Add the RIPEMD-160 header file.
      Fix dependency that long is always 32 bits.  This does not work on (I)LP64
      Remove 'register' keyword while I am here.
      Get rid of __P, the days of K&R support are long past.
      Make sure a DiskOnKey never sends a sync_cache.  This fixes the error
      Linux emulation has been working well for a while now, remove notice.
      Allow NVIDIA's nForce 2 chipset to use proper ATA DMA modes.
      Add OHCI support for the NVIDIA nForce 2 chipset.
      Add NVIDIA's nForce2.
      Reorder to alphabetical order.
      Add the AMD-766, Apple KeyLargo, and SiS 5571.
      Add a bunch of Intel USB controllers.
      Add NVIDIA nForce3 OHCI USB support.
      Add the NVIDIA nForce3 chipset.
      Change 'nvidianf2' to 'nforce2' to be more explanatory.
      Make our manual pages report that they are part of DragonFly.
      Get rid of DDB, INVARIANTS, and INVARIANT_SUPPORT in the boot floppies.
      Change # comments to /* */ equivalents.
      Properly detect and print the nForce2 Host to PCI bridge and PCI-PCI
      Add nForce AGP support, taken from FreeBSD with some minor changes to get
      Add identifier for the nForce2 PCI to ISA bridge.
      Remove the matching for the host to PCI bridge, since this is actually
      Add another vendor who delivers PL 2303 derived cables/convertors.
      Add -ifstat functionality to systat.  It shows the network interfaces and
      Add protocols 134 and 135.
      Add Subversion's port number.
      Add Veritas NetBackup.
      Make sure to skip the PC98 architecture on the OPTi detection, since it
      Properly document getenv()'s return values using a slightly altered patch.
      Add __DragonFly_version, set to 100000, which basically means:
      Change wrapping definition from ending in DECLARED_ to DECLARED.
      Convert files from DOS to Unix.
      Add FreeBSD's makeobjops.awk.
      Rework the logic in the kernel config files.
      Add forgotten semi-colon.
      Factor out the object system from new-bus so that it can be used by
      Fix misplacement of code.  Due to additional DF code everything got
      Add details on how to get a "checked out" source tree.
      Spell initialise correctly.
      Use unsigned integers for the counters, since they cannot be negative
      Remove the archaic wd(4) driver and its dependencies.
      Remove the archaic wd(4) driver.
      Properly spell compatible and compatibility.
      Use malloc() + M_ZERO instead of malloc() + bzero().
      Remove haveseen_iobase(), it is not in use in the kernel.
      Add proper $FreeBSD$ identifier.
      Add two more awk kernel build scripts from FreeBSD.
      Remove KTR damage.
      Also revert the VI_UNLOCKED damage.
      Change $FreeBSD$ to $DragonFly$ on the output files.
      Get rid off the POSIX real-time extensions as well as the System V IPC and
      Temporary hack out release.9, which creates the floppies.
      Add support for the ICH 4 mobile chipset.
      Get rid off FreeBSD mirrors and add our own three (in Germany, Ireland, and
      Add forgotten newline in debug output.
      Add PFIL_HOOKS functionality.  This allows us to plug in many firewalling
      Add the packet filtering files.
      Comment PFIL_HOOKS since it should not be needed in GENERIC.
      Add entry for the EHCI controller, pretty common these days (especially
      Replace the boring beastie with a dragonfly.
      Synch up with FreeBSD 5 with clean up changes.
      Add support for SoundBlaster Audigy and Audigy 2.
      Add PCI identifier to match against a Dell OEM version of the SB Live!
      Make sure we identify our toolchain as DragonFly, not FreeBSD.  This is
      Make sure the vendor identifier matches the right project.  The binutils
      Get rid of PZERO.  This was removed about the first of August.
      Spell 'separate' and its siblings the way it is supposed to.
      Spell 'weird' the way English expects it.
      Synchronise partially with NetBSD's umodem.c v1.46:
      Synchronise partially with NetBSD's v1.85:
      Make sure cvs reports the proper OS.
      Update for the new version of CVS.
      K&R -> ANSI C conversion.
      Update config.h.
      Update with new source file targets.
      Synchronise with FreeBSD:
      Add support for the following AC'97 codecs:
      Get rid of question mark, the vendor ID is correct.
      Fix name of 'Silicon Laboratories'.
      Recognise the Asahi Kasei AK4544A and AK4545 AC'97 codecs.
      Recognise the Realtek ALC850.
      Add support for the Wolfson WM9711L and WM9712L.
      Add support for the Wolfson WM9709.
      Fix typo to make the TLC320 work.
      Add Texas Instruments' TLV320AIC27 AC'97 codec.
      Add support for the Conexant SmartDAA 20463.
      Fix the entry for the CX20468.  The base default is 28h, not 29h.
      Fix misunderstood commit.  The CX20463 is not the AC'97 codec.  It _is_
      Add missing comma.
      Add recognition code for the SiS 645DX.
      Add detection code for the SiS 746 ATA133 controller.
      Update to latest version.
      Cut our umbilical cord from mother FreeBSD.
      Add missing . before An macro at the end.
      Add -S flag for C99 support.
      Synchronise with NetBSD: get rid of __STDC__ selective compilation.
      Synchronise with NetBSD: ANSIfy.
      Synchronise with NetBSD:
      Add support for CS4294.
      Add ATI Radeon RV280 9200.
      Forced commit to, belatedly, note that this (rev 1.1) was:
      Add proper entropy pool scripts and rc.conf lines, as it was.
      Add a clarification comment stating that Avance Logic's IC products are
      Add detection support for the Avance Logic (Realtek) ALC203 and ALC250.
      Sync with FreeBSD v1.16:
      Add support for the Texas Instruments IEEE 1394 controllers designated by:
      Change identifier display text to include all models supported.
      Add detection code for the Intel 82372FB IEEE 1394 OHCI controller.
      Add support for the Adaptec AIC5800 based IEEE 1394 cards.
      Detect the National Semiconductor Geode CS4210 OHCI IEEE 1394 controller.
      Add the SiS "7007" OHCI IEEE 1394 controller.
      Fix the vendor id string of NatSemi to its correct one.
      Add detection support for the Intel ICH6 chipset.
      Add support for the 82801FB UHCI/ICH6 controller.
      Add Intel 82801FB EHCI/ICH6 controller.
      Update per Intel 82801FB errata:
      Add Intel 82801FB/FBW/FR/FRW PCI-LPC detection code.
      Update string to show this device is the Hub-PCI bridge for ICH2, 3, 4, 5,
      Document addition of ICH6 UHCI.
      Clarify VIA Fire II identifier string.
      The device in question is the Sony CXD3222, not the CX3022.
      Add the Sony CXD1947, which seems to be used in some Sony Vaios.
      Clarify the Sony strings.
      Correct dumb copy/paste of existing line mistake to correct name.
      Update comment to point to the right file (src/sys/bus/pci/pcireg.h).
      Add rndcontrol.
      Update the PCIS_ definitions per the PCI 2.3 specification.
      Add PCIS_ definitions per PCI specification 3.0.
      Correct some PCIS to PCIC and PCIP prefixes.
      Update pciconf to print the recently added categories.
      Add identifiers for Serial Attached SCSI per dicussion with the PCI SIG
      Inspired by rev 1.33 of FreeBSD, but which was not documented:
      Document PCIY_xxx.
      Make unit_adjust() static as per its prototype.
      Garbage collect RETAINBITS, not used anywhere.
      Use static on file scoped function prototypes and variables.
      Make f_stream static.
      Make scanfiles() static since it is limited to the file scope.
      Also mark the function itself static, not just the prototype.
      Make setthetime() static per the prototype.
      Garbage collect two unused variables (SaveFs, CountCopiedBytes).
      Mark the variables defined at file scope static.
      Mark filescope functions static.
      Actually mark the function itself static as well.
      Rework the WARNS levels per FreeBSD's CURRENT source.
      Make usage() static.
      Raise WARNS to level 6.
      Correct usage of the cvsup command.
      Use err() instead of a perror()/exit() combination.
      Move a perror() to warn().
      Use proper ANSI function definitions.
      Fix two sign comparison mistakes.
      Make the second argument of interval() const, since it is not changed
      Initialise to NULL to silence gcc.
      Add WARNS and set to level 3.
      Hook c99 up to the build for usr.bin.
      Bump version number for the 1.1-CURRENT tree.
      Remove stray fr_checkp() declaration.
      Use stronger wording against using 'register' and '__P()'.
      Get rid of varargs.h.
      Get rid of varargs.h.
      Get rid of the CFLAGS with traditional-cpp, it compiles fine without.
      Get rid of varargs.h.
      Add Pentium 4 Thermal Control Circuit support.
      Get rid of varargs.h.
      Actually add the main file for Pentium 4 Thermal Control Circuit support.
      Get rid of varargs.h.
      Update mk files list with the current supplied one.
      Add the latest source versions of OpenBSD's traceroute program (which came
      Add proper prototypes for dump_packet() and pr_type().
      Use proper ANSI prototypes and make sure all arguments are supplied in the
      Use proper EXIT_FAILURE/EXIT_SUCCESS for exit() calls.
      Make all the local functions static.
      Split off code in print_all_info() into print_batt_life(), print_batt_stat()
      Remove question mark (?) case statement.
      Fix function definition {} placement according to our own style.
      Add the long overdue ehci(4) manual page.
      Update to reflect DragonFly reality.
      Add a temporary hack to avoid the local files to be picked up.
      Add a commented out STRIP variable to show people how to make sure installed
      Clarify the 's' and 'msg' arguments and note how send() and sendto()'s msg
      Remove a redundant call to gettimeofday().
      Rework the wording in a different way.  For send() and sendto() change
      Change rcvar from "mixer" to `set_rcvar`.
      Add updated Lithuanian locale (lt_LT-ISO8859-13).
      Update zoneinfo database with the latest information.
      Correct typo: mv -> nv.
      Get rid of COPY, its functionality has been superseded by install -C.
      Add first stab at Faroese locale.
      Get rid of the alpha entries.
      Forced commit to note that site_perl/5.005/i386-freebsd is now:
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Add OpenSSL 0.9.7d.
      Use proper filenames for the Faroese locales.
      Add missing entries for fo_FO, lt_LT, Argentina.
      -1, not -15.
      Add 136:	UDPLite [UDP for error prone networks]
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Add OpenSSL 0.9.7d.
      MLINK sata(4) to ata(4).
      First stab at getting the Silicon Image (SiI) SATA controllers 3112 and
      Synchronize with our current code.
      Fix it properly.
      Switch from OpenSSL 0.9.7a to OpenSSL 0.9.7d.
      Commit manual pages after running 'man-update' and add new manual pages.
      Update per latest manual pages.
      Update per latest manual pages after running 'man-update'.
      Update per latest manual pages after 'man-update'.
      Change hackers@freebsd.org to kernel@crater.dragonflybsd.org.
      Add comment markers to avoid the same stupid mistake as I made.
      Get rid off the host.conf to nsswitch.conf conversion.
      Update per recent newsletters of the ISO3166 committee.
      Belatedly remember that in Nordic languages the aa, ae, and similar letters
      From NetBSD 1.11:
      Merge from vendor branch BIND:
      Add BIND 9.2.4rc7.
      Remove a '+', remnant of patchset.
      Switch to 9.2.4rc7.
      Fix typo of->pf.
      Unbreak addump().
      Synchronise with FreeBSD-CURRENT as of 2004-09-26.
      Fix spammage introduced by dillon's commit in r1.5.
      Add WARNS, set to 3.
      Make WARNS ?= instead of = per all the other Makefiles.
      Bump WARNS to 6.
      Add WARNS, set to 6.
      Add WARNS and set to 6.
      Add WARNS and set to 3.
      Add, if not already present, WARNS and set to 6.
      Set WARNS to 6.
      Add WARNS and set to 5.
      Set NCURSES_CONST to const.
      Make ls compile under WARNS 6.
      Bump hostname to WARNS 6 by initialising silen.
      Add, if not present, WARNS and set to 6.
      Bump WARNS to 6.
      Add WARNS, set to 0.
      Bump WARNS to 6.
      Bump WARNS to 6.
      Fix author name with .An macro.  Add missing period.
      Bump to WARNS 6.
      Bump WARNS to 6.
      Forced commit:
      Add Wacom Graphire 3.
      Bump to WARNS 6.
      Be consistent in the white space usage.
      Add some more vendors and some HP devices.
      Change SYNOPSYS to SYNOPSYS2 and regenerate.
      Change to use USB_PRODUCT_LINKSYS2_USB200M.
      Add the Unicode 3.2 ctypes table.
      Prepare for the locale additions.
      Add en_GB.UTF-8.
      Add UTF-8 time definitions.
      Be a coward and add ja_JP.EUC back in for now.
      Add la_LN.UTF-8.
      Add collation definition for UTF-8.
      Fix consistent mistake: CP1252 -> CP1251.
      Add zh_CN.GBK.
      Add Hye-Shik's UTF monetary defitions.
      Add Hye-Shik's UTF-8 message definitions.
      Incorporate Hye-Shik's work for numeric UTF-8 definitions.
      Correct BASE_LOCALEDIR to ..
      Correct the Polish locales per the submission of Bodek <bodek@blurp.org>
      Add sr_YU.ISO8859-2/5.
      Correct non-matching comment.
      Add definitions for _CTYPE_SW[0-4MS].
      Add more locales:
      Use rune.h instead of runetype.h.
      Add omitted space after 'while'.
      Add NetBSD 2.0 and DragonFly 1.1.
      Add iso-C alias and p1003.1-2004 definition.
      Document ENOMEM error case, note how strdup() is 1003:2004 sanctioned.
      Remove leftover 'is'.
      Merge FreeBSD SA 04:16 security fix.
      Add IDs for the following:
      Add more detail to the 845, 865, and 915 family.
      Major cleanup and expansion of the NVIDIA id section.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Add OpenSSL 0.9.7e.
      Add some nForce2 identifiers.
      Remove obsolete/unused file.
      Merge from vendor branch FILE:
      Add file 4.12.
      First stab at file's libmagic.
      Use the more commonly used SRCDIR instead of SOURCEDIR, does not seem to
      Add libmagic and reorder/restructure the list of the libraries to be build.
      Add LIBMAGIC.
      Use a space instead of a tab.
      Use spaces after the CFLAGS assignment as well.
      Simplify file to be a binary linking to libmagic (which contains the real
      Move the Magdir handling from usr.bin/file to here and simplify.
      Add libmagic to _prebuild_libs
      Revert from previous commit, seems to have to be solved elsewhere.
      Merge from vendor branch BINUTILS:
      Add binutils 2.15.
      Switch from OpenSSL 0.9.7d to 0.9.7e.
      Regenerate the manual pages after the OpenSSL update to 0.9.7e.
      Move from K&R function declaration to ANSI.
      Let the allocation of registers be done by compilers nowadays.  The average
      Merge from vendor branch CVS:
      Add CVS 1.12.11.
      Add missing backslash.
      Remove file from build_tools, since it serves no build tool purpose.
      Add binutils 2.15 directories.
      First stab at bmake glue for binutils 2.15.
      Match GCC's configured target.
      Regenerate manual pages.
      Add ICH5 10/100 Mbit interface id.
      Get rid of unused hardware targets.
      Retire Alpha bits.
      Get rid of hardware architectures we do not use.
      Add abi.h which defines particulars for x86 and AMD64.
      Make sure to include header files from -I${ARCH} directories, in this case
      Replace the files with the NetBSD ones, which are the rewritten ones by
      libm hasn't been used in ages.  msun has taken over its place for a long
      Add more files to the architecture specific section.
      Use ANSI C and get rid of the __STDC__ and other wrapping.
      Prefix -I's path addition with ${.CURDIR}.
      Get rid of an Alpha specific part.
      Prefix function names with __generic_ as per the rest, to remove the
      Add NetBSD's ieee754.h header file.
      Include sys/types.h for now.
      Add ieee.h files for amd64 and x86.
      Add lrint() and associated functions.
      Add matching line for ATI Radeon RV280 9200SE.
      Get rid of the register keyword.
      Add icmp6 alias.
      Update comments for the Belarussian locale.
      GCC supports two pseudo variables to get the function name, __FUNCTION__
      Get rid of the #define mess for other platforms.  We're just Unix.
      Get rid off conditionals for hpux, AIX, THINKC, TURBOC, MS_DOS, VMS.
      Get rid of the Alpha specific manual pages.
      Do not create Perl 5.00503 directories anymore since it is removed from base.
      Get rid of [cat|man]1aout.
      Remove [cat|man]1aout directories.
      Fix HISTORY by using a proper .Dx macro.
      Fix extraneous spacing of .Dx by changing two unneeded tabs to spaces.
      Add the additional space to make mount_udf.8's .Dx macro work for real.
      Get rid off the PC98 support.
      Use .Dx macro.
      Get rid off PC98 conditional code.
      Get rid off PC98 conditional code.
      Get rid off Alpha mentions.
      Add va_copy() implementation (thanks to Chris Torek's comp.lang.c post).
      Replace Turtle references.
      Merge from vendor branch CVS:
      Add CVS 1.12.12.
      Change EXIT STATUS to DIAGNOSTICS.  We have standardised on the latter.
      Add gperf 3.0.1.
      Merge from vendor branch GPERF:
      Update to 3.0.1.
      Synch our GNU_PREREQ() macro with FreeBSD:
      __pure__ is supported from 2.96 onward, not 3.0.
      Get rid off the wrappers around __va_copy(), they serve no real purpose.
      Remove dllockinit.3 from the Makefile.
      Back out getloadavg()'s change from int to size_t.  This breaks gmake, for
      Detail thread-safety conformance.
      Add fsblkcnt_t and fsfilcnt_t.
      Add blkcnt_t and blksize_t per IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 Edition.
      Add id_t, a general identifier type, per IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 Edition.
      Add first stab at a statvfs.h.
      Sync to FreeBSD 1.14/1.15:
      Fix last two return() calls to comply to style.
      Bump FreeBSD identifier to 1.16 to signal to which version we synchronised.
      Document thread-safety.
      Add include file protection wrapper.
      Add NO_PKGTOOLS to disable building of the pkg_* tools during world.
      Remove NO_PKGTOOLS wrapper, it existed in top-level Makefile already.
      Remove extraneous closing brace.
      .Fx -> .Dx.
      Fix two installworld mtree warnings.
      Rename the variable PROG to LDR to remove a warning message about
      Add SHF_TLS and STT_TLS to complete the ELF ABI for TLS.
      Expand e_type with OS and processor-specific ranges.
      Seriously expand e_machine.
      Expand e_machine per ELF ABI of Dec 2003.
      EM_ALPHA has been assigned number 41 nowadays, reflect this fact.
      Demarcate e_machine reserved ranges.
      Retire EM_486.
      Add ELFOSABI for OpenVMS, HP Non-Stop Kernel, and Amiga Research OS.
      Add section group flags (GRP_*).
      Add PF_MASKOS and PF_MASKPROC and realign the comment section.
      Add NetBSD's nls(7).
      Reorder alphabetically.
      Remove part about wscons.  This will need information about our console
      Get rid off extraneous spaces in function prototypes.
      Add sshd example, might be useful for jails.
      Add manual page.
      Add EXAMPLES.
      Actually add a copyright name.
      Add SUSv3 information.
      Document the fact we do not conform to 1003.1-2004/SUSv3.
      Document that we do not conform to SUSv3.
      Document that dirname does conform to SUSv3.
      Remove part about 89 and 1989, we live in the 21st century now.
      Use consistent wording, blank has been changed to empty (which is POSIX
      Document SUSv3 conformity.
      Use POSIX wording of the -R option, the previous one was really unclear
      Add -f to the non-standard list.
      Pull -h to its own synopsis line to avoid possible confusion of it being
      Take the -h use case separate to make it clearer.
      Remove trailing /.
      Synchronise with NetBSD v1.18:
      Add vendor ids for ATi and Philips.
      Update with the NetBSD code (which can include FreeBSD/OpenBSD changes):
      Update FreeBSD tag to what the source code has.
      Sync with NetBSD:
      Place && at the right place.
      Synchronise with NetBSD (some come from OpenBSD):
      Synchronise with NetBSD:
      Clean up manual page.
      Add DragonFly release numbers.
      Merge from vendor branch BIND:
      Merge from vendor branch BINUTILS:
      Merge from vendor branch CVS:
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Merge from vendor branch NCURSES:
      Use FreeBSD's HEAD tag.
      Merge from vendor branch TEXINFO:
      Add texinfo 4.8, appropriately stripped down.
      Switch to texinfo 4.8, which is needed for a lot of new texi files.
      Commit a missed change.
      fdl.texi is needed.
      Merge from vendor branch TEXINFO:
      Merge from vendor branch GROFF:
      Add groff 1.19.1, stripped down appropriately.
      Merge from vendor branch GROFF:
      Add groff 1.19.1, stripped down appropriately.
      Merge from vendor branch GROFF:
      Update and reorder.
      Remove mdoc.local, we need to make this truly local.
      Merge from vendor branch GROFF:
      Remove mdoc.local, we need to make this truly local.
      Taken from FreeBSD-HEAD:
      Retire old perl 5.00503 optional manpath and replace with a manpath to
      Update to groff 1.19.1.
      Get rid of the old texinfo.
      Get rid of the old groff.
      Add patch to add Dx macro definition to doc-syms.
      Use groff 1.19.1 supplied file.
      Culminate all our local changes into one file:
      Remove these files, we augment with mdoc.local what groff delivers us
      Fix for the error
      Get rid of xditview, since by default we do not have X installed, it makes
      Update to groff 1.19.2.
      Merge from vendor branch GROFF:
      Update to groff 1.19.2.
      Update to groff 1.19.2.
      Add pdfmark to the build.
      Unhook cvsbug from the build.
      Get rid of the Makefile.
      No need to prototype main().
      Synchronise with FreeBSD:
      Move the termwidth declaration over to extern.h, where is make more sense
      Get rid of the third clause from the UCB license.
      Make len size_t, since strlen() returns a size_t, case i to size_t later
      Use warnx() instead of home-rolled fprintf() constructions.
      ls.1: Add y to SYNOPSIS line.
      Update FreeBSD Id.
      Synchronise with FreeBSD:
      Make sure err() does not use a NULL format string, this way we at least
      Synchronise with FreeBSD v1.65:
      Synchronise with FreeBSD:
      Fix long standing logic bug in basename() introduced in 1.4.
      Update FreeBSD Id and synchronise with FreeBSD:
      Move the Ids down to where they should be.
      Fix one last nit: compare the result of strlcpy() only to see if it is
      Rework dirname() with the same logic Joerg introduced for basename():
      Restore the MAXPATHLEN comparison in basename.c, don't forget that strlcpy()
      Welcome to 2005:
      Partial synch with FreeBSD v1.74:
      Add inttypes.h for intmax_t.
      Partial synch with FreeBSD 1.74:
      Bump FreeBSD Id.
      Synchronise with FreeBSD:
      Synchronise with FreeBSD:
      Synchronise with FreeBSD up to and including v1.86.
      Synchronise with NetBSD:
      Reflect type change and remove third clause.
      Get rid of the third clause.
      Fix broken comment.
      Get rid of the third clause where we can.
      Bump OpenBSD Id.
      Synchronise with v1.73:
      Synchronise with FreeBSD:
      Fix strmode()'s parameters to reflect the reality it had been in for a long
      Pull in sys/types.h if it has not been parsed yet.
      Actually add a manual page for xe(4).
      Actually hook up ipw.
      Document and order the wlan devices.
      Fix the function declaration.
      Enable wide character support in ncurses, since we have it, better make
      Fix accidental reversal of assignment for suffix/suffixlen.
      Revert last commit for two reasons:
      Add the wide character files for ncurses.
      Add usr.bin/stat to bootstrap-tools:
      Use echo instead of ls to test for files, change test logic slightly for
      Replace use of ls with echo and tr.
      Get rid of ls and use basic sh/echo constructs.
      Remove bin/ls from the bootstrap-tools.
      getchar() is void in its prototype.

Joe Talbott (11):
      * testing
      Make vkernel compile with 'options SMP'.  Most functions are stubs that
      Fix files that included the posix scheduling headers that were merged earlier.
      Add break after parsing the -n option.
      Add usched_set() manpage.
      Add support to vkernel for locking virtual CPUs to real CPUs.
      Let the user know if they attempt to start a vkernel with vm.vkernel_enable
      Make mbuf allocator statistics SMP safe.
      Fix conditional so that the linux module is loaded.
      Add support for Cisco-Linksys WUSB54GC which has a different vendor ID
      Test commit

Joerg Sonnenberger (2002):
      Move the FreeBSD 2.2 and 3.x PCI compatibility code into pci_compat.c and let it
      Add/uncondionalize the sixt argument of set_memory_offset to ease the migration
      Add card_if.h dependency
      Split off the PCCARD specific driver parts of fd and sio and remove last
      Add hw.firewire.sbp.tags to control tagging for SBP devices. The default
      Add PCIBUS to nexus
      Add rman_get_device and rman_get_size, use macros in nexus.c
      Make hw.firewire.sbp.tags tunable
      Add black hole device for system PnP IDs
      Fix indentation to tabs, no functional changes
      Drop chip driver and merge the functionality into pci_probe_nomatch.
      Sync pci_cfgreg.c with FreeBSD 5, rev. 1.101. This makes the PCI interrupt
      Fix linker issues with /usr/libexec/elf/ld not using rtld's search path
      Add pcib_if.m
      Add pcib interface methods.
      Remove HOSE support which should be implemented in the bus function when
      Use nexus_pcib_read_config instead of pci_cfgread. Do some cleanup.
      Add comment for nexus_pcib_write_config.
      Replace pci_cfgread and pci_cfgwrite with PCIB_READ_CONFIG and
      Fix compile errors introduced with last commit
      Fix PCI deadlock on boot
      Add DragonFly specific headers. Add __DragonFly__ and correct the specs.
      This is Fred, not Beastie
      Add a dummy dependency for each target make(1) is called with when
      Add lib/gcc3/csu
      Fix tconfig.h dependency
      Add lib/gcc3/libgcc and lib/gcc3/libgcc_r
      Import libstdc++ from GCC 3.3.3-pre 20031106.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBSTDC++:
      Add directories for lib/gcc3/libstdc++
      Conditionalize use of vfscanf
      Implement __cxa_atexit and __cxa_finalize as requested by the cross-platform
      Add C++ runtime libraries for gcc3
      Fix missing .. from last commit
      Rename GCCVER to CCVER and prepend gcc to the former values
      Clean multiline string literal for gcc3
      GCC 3.3 doesn't support #pragma weak A=B, when A is defined. This patch
      Fix multiline string literals
      Fix more multiline string literals
      Fix compilation with GCC 3.3 and a few warnings
      Fix GCC 3.3 compilation and style(9)
      Include ${.CURDIR} before bin/ls to get the right extern.h
      Use C99 syntax for variadic macros
      Add -I{.CURDIR} to CFLAGS
      Add missing \ to string
      Add -I${.CURDIR} to Makefile
      Remove bogus sys_nerr defines
      Fix prehistoric C
      Fix prehistoric C
      Remove some prehistoric C crap
      Add support for ${BINUTILSVER} to objformat. This defaults to gcc2
      Adjust program names by removing the additional 3
      Remove generated file from repo
      Force make to export CCVER for buildworld
      Both cc and cc3 were built using CCVER=$(CCVER) for certain compiler path.
      GCC3 doesn't inspect #line to allow inclusion relative to the source
      Add -I${BIND_DIR}/bin/nslookup
      Fix prehistoric C
      The  __cxa_atext/__cxa_finalize patch is based on FreeBSD OR bin/59552
      Remove bogus -fstrict-prototypes which isn't support for gcc3.
      Use new style variadic functions
      Add GCC3 to buildworld.
      Add -ffreestanding to CFLAGS for gcc3
      Split multiline string literal
      Don't use non-existing DragonFly override ports for ports using
      Cleanup the fix for dependency handling. This explicitly checks wether
      Replace K&R style function declarations with ANSI style one.
      Rename bsd.cpu.mk into bsd.cpu.gcc2.mk and add the proper Makefile magic
      Always re-export CCVER
      Fix make complaining about CCVER being not defined
      Always include bsd.init.mk to fix CPUTYPE evaluation
      Remove C++ from libc_r. Use __attribute__((constructor)) instead.
      Really remove C++ from libc_r
      To let the crazy Perl Makefiles work, add the support for ../Makefile.sub
      Rename Makefile.inc to Makefile.sub
      Rename Makefile.in to Makefile.sub
      Remove Makefile.inc
      Rename Makefile.inc to Makefile.sub
      Add support for the AMD 8111 chipset
      Change functin definitions to conform to style(9)
      Fix various warnings and other glitches.
      Move binutils from /usr/libexec/gcc2/{aout,elf} to
      Add getopt_long from NetBSD
      Build lwkt_process_ipiq_frame only for the kernel, since
      Fix various warnings.
      Update style(9) to reflect current code practise.
      Sync DragonFly and FreeBSD-current's FireWire driver.
      Add missing sbp.h to complete the firewire sync
      Second part of the firewire sync. Add defined(__DragonFly__) or
      Fix bug when doing backquote expansion.
      Allows option to be specified on the command line when mount with -a.
      De-K&R-ify source, remove register keywords.
      Adjust infrastructure for NEWCARD
      Add a tunable hw.pci_disable_bios_route to work around broken PCI-BIOSes.
      Add lost -D__FreeBSD__
      Initial backport of NEWCARD from FreeBSD 5.
      Allow choosing different GCC versions for buildworld and buildkernel as
      Fix gcc3 compilation
      Add defined(__FreeBSD__) and defined(__DragonFly__) where appropiriate.
      Add defined(__FreeBSD__) and defined(__DragonFly__) where appropriate
      Fix gcc3 compilation
      Sync with FreeBSD's pccarddevs
      __FreeBSD__ to __DragonFly__
      Probe via CIS lookup
      Add accessor for CIS4 and change some functions to take const char* arguments
      Add __DragonFly__
      Add __DragonFly__
      Always include net/bpf.h
      Add __DragonFly__
      Add __DragonFly__
      Add __DragonFly__
      Add __DragonFly__
      Add __DragonFly__
      Add __DragonFly__
      Add __DragonFly__
      Add __DragonFly__
      Add __DragonFly__
      Fix wrong conditional from last commit
      Add __DragonFly__
      Fix broken string literals
      Fix # style comment in file using the C prepocessor
      Add __DragonFly__
      Add __DragonFly__
      Sync if_ed with FreeBSD current
      Fix warnings about casting const pointers.
      Add device_is_attached to allow a driver to check wether a given device
      Add PCIR_BAR and PCIR_BARS for FreeBSD 5 compatibility
      Add pci_get_ether and pci_set_ether for FreeBSD 5 compatibility
      Add BUS_DMA_ZERO flag to bus_dmamem_alloc.
      Install getopt_long.3
      pmap_zero_page expects an address, not a page number
      Fix typo.
      Add proper match routines for PCCARD nics.
      Remove duplicate line for if_ray
      Add PCCARD match routines sio and the disk drivers.
      Add PCCARD match function to ata. Code taken from FreeBSD.
      Remove some unneeded #include
      PCCARD has a central device database in bus/pccard/pccarddevs, add one
      Add generated pcidevs files. Fix a small typo in devlist2h.awk.
      Add supfile to fetch only dfports
      INTR_TYPE_AV is used by FreeBSD 5 code and was defined to INTR_TYPE_TTY
      Fix compilation with -fno-common
      Certain port Makefiles expect variables like ARCH or HAVE_GNOME to be set
      Add missing make_dev
      DFports cleanup part(1)
      Split off the PCI-PCI bridge and the PCI-ISA bridge code from
      Add support for the kernel printf conversion specifiers %b, %D and %ry.
      Use -fformat-extensions when building kernel with GCC2.
      Hide ISA compatibility layer under COMPAT_OLDISA
      Use ovbcopy instead of bcopy to match prototyp
      Fix some warnings
      Fix a typo and include <sys/random.h>
      Remove unused static variable
      Add prototype for bootpc_init
      Remove unused static declarations
      Fix format string
      Fix argument order for snprintf, the size is the second argument
      Fix format string
      Fix spurious warning about ANSI trigraphs
      Conditionalize filll_io and filll, they are only used with VGA_NO_MODE_CHANGE
      #ifdef0  pst_shutdown, it is not used
      edquota(8) should honour MAXLOGNAME.
      Remove mixerctl script from NetBSD and add a replacing mixer script.
      Style(9) cleanup. Remove K&R style prototyps and use __BEGIN_DECLS/i
      Fix use after free / double free bugs. Return an error in error conditions.
      Adjust mixer script to depend on mixer_enable="YES" and default to NO.
      Cleanup emujoy_pci_probe
      Don't use parameter names for kernel prototyps
      Remove parameter names.
      Remove the entry for pccard and allow src/include/Makefile to properly
      Remove parameter names, adjust white spaces in prototyps and remove
      Remove unused and undocumented strhash files.
      Add missing return from last commit
      Use ifp->xname instead of if_name(ifp)
      There are historically two families of fixed size integers, u_intX_t and
      Add bfe(4) support from FreeBSD.
      De-K&R-ify function prototyps and remove register keyword.
      Merge FreeBSD rev. 1.8:
      Adjust indentation, use uint32_t and line up comments.
      Make subr_bus.c more consistent with regard to style(9) and itself.
      Use M_WAITOK instead of M_WAIT to get memory.
      We have /etc/rc.subr, don't add the dependency
      The slab allocator has been in for while now. Change the printf for invalid
      Add patch infrastructure for contrib/ and similiar directories.
      Propolice for GCC 3.3 based on:
      From FreeBSD:
      Fix panic in acd_report_key when ai->format==DVD_INVALIDATE_AGID.
      Handle failure in atapi_queue_cmd correctly
      While converting ATA to use MPIPE allocations, ata_dmaalloc was changed
      Remove a debug printf added with the last commit.
      Use local cpu tcbinfo
      Initialize the interface name for if_de
      Initialize all fields in MALLOC_DEFINE and VFS_SET to fix warnings.
      Add a short cut for DVD_INVALIDATE_AGID to simplify the rest
      Think before commit and remove some more cruft
      The free(9) implementation based on the slab allocator doesn't handle
      Merge the kernel part of UDF support from FreeBSD 5.
      Add userland UDF support based on mount_cd9660
      Merge from FreeBSD 5:
      Add convient functions for the bus interface: child_present,
      Add BPF_TAP and BPF_MTAB macros from FreeBSD
      Fix warning about missing prototyp for psignal
      Remove macro definitions for BPF_MTAP
      Remove unused BSDI I4B interface
      BPF has been in the kernel for ages and is supported by all NICs but I4B.
      Remove BPF_MTAP definition
      Some drivers depend on the link layer address in ac_enaddr.
      Add a new function ether_ifattach_bpf which can be used by NICs not using
      Merge FreeBSD's rev. 1.81:
      Add support for building dependent modules automatically by
      Cleanup sis(4):
      Add default case of error = EINVAL to ether_ioctl
      Add device IDs of BCM5788, BCM5901 and BCM5901A2. Fix some spelling mistakes.
      Change to PCI_VENDOR_DELL
      Replace the Perl scripts makewhatis(1), makewhatis.local(8) and catman(1)
      Add functionality to binutils 2.14's ld to scan /var/run/ld-elf.so.hints
      Remove the old locking based on memory flags by lockmgr based code.
      Revert last commit. This should not have happened.
      Add SI_SUB_LOCK as sysinit priority for the initialisation of tokens and
      M_NOWAIT => M_INTWAIT conversion. This subsystems are way too crucial to
      Remove unused obsolete drivers.
      Fix warning about unused variable
      Add the "struct ucred *" argument to the remaining nic ioctls in LINT.
      KObj extension stage I/III
      KObj extension stage II/III
      Convert sis(4) from vtophys to busdma.
      Allocate the DMA segment array in bus_dma_tag_create instead of using a
      Correct C++ header handling for gcc2 and lex.
      Readd _G_config.h and the missing std headers. This brings C++ back to where
      Since GCC 2.95.4 is known to produce bad code for higher optimization
      Adjust the C++ preprocessor to include /usr/include/c++ by default for
      Add support for AC'97 codec of the AMD-8111 chipset.
      This is _SYS_XIO_H, not _SYS_UIO_H.
      nawk => awk
      Explicitly build the boot2.c without propolice. We can't really handle
      Remove unit from sis_softc and use device_printf and if_printf instead of
      KObj extension stage IIIa/III
      Don't print the recording sources to stderr, the manpage doesn't indicate
      Do some style(9) cleanups and make add static.
      Fix output format of "mixer -s", it is supposed to be =rec rdev1 rdev2 ...
      Use "mixer -s" for saving the mixer settings and adjust messages since we
      KObj extension stage IIIb/III
      Move IFF_PROMISC and IFF_POLLING from ifnet.ipending to ifnet.if_flags,
      Nuke unused fields in struct ifnet, if_done and if_poll_* hasn't been used
      for() ==> TAILQ_FOREACH
      Merge changes from FreeBSD 5:
      In contrast to FreeBSD 4 and 5, our slab allocator does hand out cross-page
      m_tag_alloc illegally passed the mbuf flags to malloc, hitting the
      Partial sync with kernel to get libcaps compilable again.
      Fix bsd.port.subdir.mk by adding the normal environment hacks
      Small style fix
      Sync libcr with libc.
      Conditionalize accept_filter variable on defined(INET).
      Move the Plug'n'Play BIOS support into a separate file. This is included
      POSIX lock resource limit part 3/4
      Fix races in lf_getlock and lf_clearlock when waiting for memory.
      Serialize access to lockf via pool tokens.
      Switch to the callout interface and rename the associated entry to sis_timer,
      Add ifmedia infrastructure for the generic IEEE 802.11 support.
      Two more defines from FreeBSD.
      Fix panic due to the way change_ruid handles the userinfo.
      Merge rev 1.10 from FreeBSD:
      Fix two bugs in the lockf code. The first one is a missing reinitialization
      Sync em(4) with FreeBSD current. Most important is the initial bus DMA support.
      Add the lockf regression test from NetBSD, slightly modified to test
      - remove em_adapter_list, it was not used for anything beside adding and
      Readd em_read_reg_io and em_write_reg_io for workarounds in various
      Add PCI IDs for i865 agpgart support.
      Temporary switch cc3 to the old stabs debugging format to unbreak gdb5.
      Update bktr(4) to FreeBSD current's version. This most importantly
      Add dev/video/bktr and dev/video/meteor to the header file list.
      Use struct thread for kernel threads, not struct proc.
      Explicitly cast away the volatile for conversions and argument passings.
      Explicitly cast-away volatile since it should be save here.
      Initialize the magic cookie using real numbers instead of a multi-character
      Fix some const warnings
      The const call is linted, use proper cast to silence GCC
      Use __DECONST to silence GCC. Make some private routines static.
      Use volatile and __DEVOLATILE to silence gcc warnings.
      set_lapic_isrloc depends on APIC_IO for the prototype to exist, it isn't
      Improve the way error message from ALART are printed.
      Include ns.h to get prototyp for ns_cksum
      Hide unused function under #ifdef SMP
      Hide unused functions to silence GCC
      Don't cast away the const before dereferencing.
      Move extern declaration to file scope to fix warning
      Change pr_output's signature to take two fixed arguments and possible
      Make pr_domain and pr_usrreqs pointers to const. The general stack is not
      Make pr_input use variadic arguments for anything but the first mbuf.
      Continue cleaning em(4).
      Fix a small bug in the last commit. ether_ifdetach has to be called
      em(4) assumes that bus_dmamap_destroy of bus_dmamap_load_mbuf maps
      Begin implementing a -liberty replacement for binutils and GCC under
      Fix the warranty, this is not UCB code
      Add implemenation of lrealpath. This works like realpath, but returns
      Add Makefile support for host programs (.nx) just like we support normal
      Import BSD-licensed crtbegin/crtend support.
      Switch from GCC-version specific crtbegin/crtend code to the version
      Add the old CSU files to list of file to be deleted and keep the new ones.
      Build infrastructure for GCC 3.4
      Add directory entries for GCC 3.4.
      Add CCVER=gcc34 support to bsd.cpu.mk. Also add the magic for AMD64 support
      Nuke lib/csu/i386 (a.out support) and copy lib/csu/i386-elf there.
      Really use the host compiler in bsd.hostprog.mk
      Fix warning
      Don't whine about malloc/realloc "poising" the code for YACC files.
      The insn-conditions.c generated by stock GCC does some bad premature
      Include ProPolice suport for GCC 3.4.
      Include ProPolice suport for GCC 3.4.
      First stage in cleaning the built-in pathes of gcc. Adapted patch from
      Remove the evil inline ==> rpcgen_inline CPP hack, rename the variable
      Fix GCC 3.4 build
      Fix compilation "Label at end of compound statement" and some missing
      Fix GCC 3.4 build.
      Fix GCC 3.4 build
      Redo the ProPolice patches, there were partly broken.
      Manually recurse into ../cc_prepend for depend to workaround
      Use our specs, not FreeBSD's.
      Always set the _CPUCFLAGS in bsd.cpu.gcc2.mk to some known, safe
      Define __DragonFly_cc_version for CPP
      Don't include _CPUCFLAGS since the host compiler (aka NXCC) might not
      Export HOST_CCVER via environment to fixate it to either the specified
      Explicitly recurse into gnu/usr.bin/cc34/cc_prep for depend to ensure
      For cc_tools, recurse into cc_prep when building dependencies to get
      Add the STABS default output hack for GCC 3.4 too.
      make => ${MAKE}
      make ==> ${MAKE} ${.TARGET}
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      This is GCC 3.4, not 3.3
      Add missing WI_UNLOCK
      Fix a race in the initialisation of struct lock by moving the TAILQ_INITs
      Print the correct list in _lf_print_lock
      procfs_validfile does have a public prototyp, but doesn't seemed to be used.
      Remove cast as lvalue
      Remove cast as lvalue
      Use const char * for string argument of _assert_sbuf_integrity and _assert_sbuf_state
      Remove invalid tokens after #endif
      Add a default initializer for data_sds. The warning from GCC is not correct,
      Remove invalid tokens after #endif
      Add the support for BSD format specifiers. This was adopted from the
      Announce MAC address in ether_ifattach, not in each NIC indepently.
      Add common functions for computing the Ethernet CRC on arbitrary length
      Add ETHER_ALIGN for portability.
      Include the header files from the current source tree and not from /usr/src.
      Add IFCAP_POLLING for per-interface polling support.
      Add re(4) as kernel module. After some feedback, this will be added to the
      Add support for setting polling on a per-interface base.
      Add re(4) to the list of manpages. Update the list of NICs supporting
      Welcome BPF in the 21st century and remove all the pre-ANSI C, BSD < 1991
      Add per-device polling support.
      Add PDEBUG call for device_shutdown.
      In lf_wakeup, once we got a range embedded in the unlocked range,
      Stop using if_dname, use if_printf or ifp->if_xname instead.
      Don't init sc->re_timer twice.
      Fix grammatik error.
      Don't return 0 from rl_probe, because rl(4) is not a best match for
      Add if_broadcastaddr to struct ifnet to hold the link layer broadcast address.
      Add struct ucred * argument to ng_fec_ioctl
      Add llc_snap shortcut.
      Add handling of patches to the module framework.
      Remove unused variable _PATCHES.
      Unify the input handling of the low-level network stack by introducing
      Sync with FreeBSD 5-CURRENT.
      Add RC4 to the crypto module / device. This will be used by the generic
      Instead of casting the function, cast the argument to the (correct) type.
      Comment out extra token at end of #endif.
      Remove usage of NTOHS / NTOHL / HTONS / HTONL.
      Last commit changed a NTOHL to ntohs, correct this.
      Extend the patch framework to handle non-compilable files. E.g. for
      Add macro to test for broadcast / multicast Ethernet addresses.
      Don't cast lvalues.
      Don't use cast as lvalues.
      Import generic 802.11 layer.
      Add 802.11 include directory
      Add 802.11 include directory
      - turn a strcpy into a strlcpy to avoid overflow
      Make raycontrol(8) WARNS=6 safe by adding const and fixing a signed/unsigned
      Use netproto/802_11 includes, instead of net/if_ieee80211.h
      Use netproto/802_11 includes instead of net/if_ieee80211.h.
      Use netproto/802_11 includes instead of net/if_ieee80211.h
      Use netproto/802_11 includes instead of net/if_ieee80211.h and
      Use netproto/802_11 includes instead of net/if_ieee80211.h.
      Refer to netproto/802_11/ieee80211{.h,_ioctl.h} instead of net/if_ieee80211.h.
      Remove now obsolete header.
      Sync with FreeBSD CURRENT.
      Add two more 802.11 media types.
      Add IF_QLEN and the ALTQ macros. This are only the lock-free versions with
      NTOHL(x) ==> x = ntohl(x)
      NTOHL / HTONL removal.
      Sync with FreeBSD CURRENT (most white space cleanup and ordering).
      Change (almost) all references to tqh_first and tqe_next and tqe_prev
      Forced commit to annotate the (unrelated) changes from the last commit.
      Release to correct ressource in re_detach, this is PCI_LOIO now.
      Add re(4) to GENERIC.
      Add re(4) to LINT as well.
      Yet another hack for x11/xorg-clients.
      The EISA attachment of vx does have a softc, export it's size correctly.
      Add MODULE_VERSION(pci, 1), e.g. agp(4) can't be loaded as module otherwise.
      IOCTL mapping layer Part I/II
      - remove '?' from getopt switch case
      Add DFOSVERSION for ports to check for DragonFly and allow them to handle
      - remove prototype for main
      IOCTL mapping layer Part II/II
      Make the addr parameter to kernacc and useracc const.
      - WARNS ?= 6 clean
      Add strotonum(3) into the !ANSI_SOURCE && !_POSIX_SOURCE && !__STRICT_ANSI
      Minor style changes.
      - use const for file names, static for local functions
      Fix the fprintf statement for overlong domainnames.
      Make libftpio WARNS=6 clean.
      More constify.
      Fix various buffer overflows.
      In cmd(), after the vsnprintf is a strcat done to append a newline.
      Make this WARNS?=6 clean by explicitly using __DECONST for the write
      Add implemenation of splay tree and red-black tree.
      Use sys/param.h instead of sys/types.h for endian macros.
      - use WARNS?= 6 instead of a hard-wired list. -pedantic doesn't really work
      sys/types.h ==> sys/param.h for ntohl
      Fix spurious warning
      Hide prototyp for loginit if ACULOG is false.
      Fix prototype for signal handlers
      sys/types.h ==> sys/param.h for endian macros
      sys/types.h ==> sys/param.h for endian macros
      - include sys/param.h for ntohl
      - include sys/param.h for endian macros
      - include sys/param.h for endian macros
      - include sys/param.h for endian macros
      - include sys/param.h for endian macros
      sys/types.h ==> sys/param.h for endian macros
      - include sys/param.h for endian macros
      sys/types.h ==> sys/param.h for endian macros
      rev 1.35:
      Remove ASR_MEASURE_PERFORMANCE, it doesn't work anyway.
      Improve the endian support for DragonFly by providing functions to convert
      Remove pre-FreeBSD4 compability code.
      Use sys/types.h here, since we don't want to restrict ourselves to the safe
      Fix compilation of !PCI config.
      Fix linker set creation for GCC 3.4 with -funit-at-a-time.
      Add support for Nforce onboard ethernet. This is the content of
      Fix the way warnings are printed. Use warnx(3) if the message is provided,
      Remove the unit included in the softc, it is not used beside the call to
      Create the dma maps before allocating the memory. Use WAITOK for the
      Save current version of wi(4) as owi before switching to generic 802.11
      Add const for argument of argmatch to fix warnings.
      Import the new wi(4) driver based on the generic 802.11 layer.
      Minor style cleanups.
      Sync driver:
      Add wlan and crypto for the new wi driver.
      Sync with FreeBSD. Most importantly, add handling for -e, -H and -F
      Make mark/unmark static. Use getprogname() instead of __progname.
      Make edstop and writeback static.
      Remove !TIOCSTI code and TIOCEXT conditionals. This have been in the
      Remove void casts of function return values. Remove empty lines for missing
      Transform the PCI probe ifs into the normal loop. Merge the controller
      Don't sleep and commit. Fix the last commit.
      Fix some warnings in the code about non-ISO C prototypes and void *
      Add GID_MAX and UID_MAX.
      From FreeBSD 5:
      From FreeBSD 5:
      Minor style cleanup. Use err(3) since we are interested in the error message.
      Remove a duplicated PCIR_BAR definition.
      Remove the unused PACKET_TAG definitions and document the structures used
      Don't append '\n\0' to the return value of clnt_sperror if the string was
      Make clnt_create take both host and proto as const char * arguments.
      - statify functions
      IP6A_SWAP is never set in our code base and this fragment doesn't even
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Convert axe(4) to use splimp/splx instead of mutex calls, use the
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Add axe(4).
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Remove dead code which depends on timeout interface.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Convert timeout ==> callout_*.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      SUS3 specified that netinet/in.h provides ntohl and may provide all the
      The prefered location of the byteorder functions is arpa/inet.h. This
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Remove unused consumer of timeout
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Don't use dev/acpia/* includes for the ACPI5 infrastructure.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Replace the timeout based busy-loop with a DELAY(1000) based busy-loop.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      if_clone_event should take a struct if_clone *, not a struct ifnet *.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      - ISO C cleanup
      Move the timer declaration a bit up. I don't know why GCC 3.4 works and
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Split DN_NEXT into a version with and without cast. For the left side usages,
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*, even though this is currently not used.
      Don't include arpa/inet.h, which needs certain struct to be defined.
      Remove unused defines
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Don't include the PCI parts until the our system has involved to support
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Fix some warnings / typos
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Change the FreeBSD 5 jail sysctls to the correct DragonFly locations.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Fix typo.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_* for p->p_ithandle
      It is unlikely that NetBSD wants to take this code back or that DF will
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Move the callout init below the softc allocation. *sigh*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Use ioctl_map_range instead of ioctl_map_cmd, as required by the mapping API.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Remove cast of lvalues.
      Remove extra tokens at end of #undef.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Change getgrouplist(3) to take gid_t arguments for the groups.
      The CIS vendor and product string routines return the string directly, not
      Kernel part of PF
      WARNS=6 cleanes
      Also define global uid_t and gid_t variables and remove some warnings.
      Install PF header files.
      Add various ICMP defines used by PF.
      Add a new option "TIMER_USE_1", which allows switching the primary heart
      Use libcaps_free_stack instead of kmem_free for userland
      Sync defines with sys/globaldata.h.
      Include machine/cpu.h for userland to get clear_lwkt_resched.
      PF uses -1 as rule number for the default entry. To make the value more
      Uesrland part of PF
      Use const char* for tcpstates
      Add pidfile(3).
      This should read const char *, not char char *.
      Use the protected names for BYTE_ORDER and co, the others are not defined
      Change the conditionals to use the protected _BYTE_ORDER defines.
      Fix typo
      Add GPL-free patch. This is the extended version of Larry Wall's original
      From FreeBSD:
      Allow ip_output to be called with rt=NULL by making the FAST_IPSEC code
      - make process() static and take const arguments
      tsptype is an array of character constants, declare it as such.
      EVENTHANDLER_REGISTER uses the name of the event as string and therefore
      We now have pidfile in libutil, update kerberos5 accordingly.
      Make the BSD patch WARNS=6 clean
      Don't use patch -b, the flag has different meanings for BSD and GNU patch.
      Switch patch(1) from GNU to BSD version.
      Fix the setup for initial processing. Always use argv[0] and correctly
      Add CTASSERT, a facility for simple compile time assertions. This is useful
      Fix the code for the nxt != 0 case and use the assembler backend.
      Fix locations of PF helpers.
      Add some more functions for -liberty and make the library WARNS=6 clean.
      GCC 3.4 doesn't check for NULL format-strings for __attribute__((printf))
      Import zlib-1.2.2 using new-style contrib handling.
      Merge from vendor branch ZLIB:
      Import zlib-1.2.2 using new-style contrib handling.
      Remove the GCC 3.3 build system.
      Use SCRIPTS instead of a beforeinstall target, it's cleaner.
      I have to specify SCRIPTSNAME too, otherwise bsd.prog.mk strips the extension.
      Welcome GNU bc to the Attic.
      Fix the references to libz sources scattered over the tree, make them
      Import GNU readline 5.0.
      Import GNU readline 5.0.
      Merge from vendor branch READLINE:
      Build framework for GDB 6.2.1.
      Forced commit to add missing annotations.
      Hide prototype for tilde_expand, it's incorrect now.
      Add the info pages for GDB 6. The inc-hist.texinfo and rluser.texinfo are
      Complete doc infrastructure.
      Merge from vendor branch GDB:
      Import GDB 6.2.1 as obtained from ftp.gnu.org without the files in
      Good bye, GNU awk. RIP
      - fix order problem in Makefile, Makefile.${ARCH} has to be included before
      RIP GNU patch.
      Remove the GCC 3.3 library build framework.
      Remove GNU-CSU Makefile
      Add gzip based on libz. This is faster for decompression and yields
      Add support to specify the default compiler and binutil version in
      gcc3 ==> gcc34
      Change the way binutils versions are handled. Depending on CCVER,
      Define PRId64 as "lld" for older systems laking support for it.
      Switch to libz-based gzip.
      Remove the old one-true-awk.
      We have to support uncompress by default, because zcat is used e.g.
      Move libstdc++3 into the attic. It can be removed from the repo later.
      RIP gzip, we found a nicer playmate.
      Remove a.out support from base. Bumb WARNS to 6 for ldconfig.
      Fix a race condition in detach path of Ethernet devices. Most current
      We don't have lkm, use aftermountlkm instead.
      Small speedups:
      Remove references to sysinstall, it vanished quite some time ago.
      Fix the column width for IPv6 to correctly align the fields.
      I don't know why I added use_bpf.h, it isn't needed of course.
      Define IOV_MAX for userland too and make it available via sysctl and
      Use the speedup patches, too
      Import OpenNTPD 3.6 (the OpenBSD version, not the portable).
      Merge from vendor branch NTPD:
      Import OpenNTPD 3.6 (the OpenBSD version, not the portable).
      Switch to gdb 6.2.1 and wait for new problem reports.
      After another look at the current changes, switch directly to the in-tree
      Merge from vendor branch NTPD:
      After another look at the current changes, switch directly to the in-tree
      Add SA_LEN patch for client.c, too
      Close .if.
      Install GNU tar as gtar now in preparation for adding bsdtar.
      Import libarchive and bsdtar. The default tar (/usr/bin/tar) can be choosen
      Merge from vendor branch BSDTAR:
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive and bsdtar. The default tar (/usr/bin/tar) can be choosen
      Import libarchive and bsdtar. The default tar (/usr/bin/tar) can be choosen
      Add libarchive to prebuilt libraries.
      - style(9) cleanup
      Add _ntp to the user database, correct the path to nologin for proxy
      Initialize pseudointr_ch in fdc.
      Change zconf.h and zlib.h to use underscored protection macros.
      Fix systat -netstat and remove the dependency on KVM for this part.
      Switch to OpenNTPD by default. For the moment, the documentation is
      Remove ntpdate from FILES list as well.
      Show the CPU used by the multi-threaded network stack to handle a socket.
      Fix the condition under which yacc -o is used. This should fix the parallel
      Remove left-over '{'.
      Add solib-legacy.c, it is needed for proper attach support.
      Merge from vendor branch GDB:
      Add solib-legacy.c, it is needed for proper attach support.
      If the first slot is empty, don't continue scanning. This fixes hangs
      Fix an endian bug in pflog. The DragonFly version of PF uses the normal
      -W is included in CFLAGS already.
      -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes already in CFLAGS.
      Remove CFLAGS?= 2
      Remove the dependency on either asprintf or va_copy. This will be included
      Fix a lhs-cast by casting first to unsigned char and then to the
      Sync with FreeBSD. Most importantly, this removes the need for perl.
      Remove ptx, it isn't maintained and hasn't been used by base for years.
      The code and sources here haven't been used since FreeBSD 2.x, nuke
      Add preprocessor handling for newer processor, they should get the better
      Sync with FreeBSD. This removes the need for perl.
      Remove the old release infrastruture. Certain parts e.g. sysinstall or
      Cleanup send-pr and ptx on next update.
      Add some more hacks for dfport handling, to allow make index to mostly
      - use STAILQ, instead of hand grown implementation
      Fix a bug in parsefmt where a string still referenced would be freed.
      Override USE_GCC=3.4, we want to use our system compiler in that case.
      Don't install the undocumented scriptdump Perl script.
      Replace spkrtest script with a shell version.
      Always use the width field from the varent, not the original width.
      Use the YACC source for c-exp.y and f-exp.y, not the pre-built
      Normally we want to warn if the local IP address is used by a different
      Change the name entry in struct nlist to const char *.
      Make pstat WARNS=6 clean.
      Revert a part of the last commit. The changes to use sysctl interface
      Add a new system library, libkinfo. It is intended to replace libkvm for
      Include Makefile
      Add kinfo_get_vfs_bufspace(). Remove some junk from Makefile.
      Use kinfo_get_vfs_bufspace instead of kvm.
      Replace lvalue cast.
      Change the include order of archive_string.h and archive_prviate.h.
      Comment out extra tokens after #else and #endif.
      Add the basic of libkcore. Switch pstat to use kcore/kinfo backing,
      Fix parameters for comparision function.
      Fix warnings about yyerror, yylex and yy_unput
      Don't define the .BEGIN with the override message twice for modules
      Remove some !FreeBSD compat code, which produces warnings on DragonFly.
      Fix a stupid fault in the last condition. The code should be skipped, if
      Reorganise the nlist handling a bit, use an enum instead of preprocessor
      Missing return-value check for malloc.
      Cover the verbosity code in {}, otherwise the newline is printed everytime.
      Allow "make index" to actually by fixing lots of smaller glitches all over
      Convert some broken cases where Error is called, but we try to continue,
      Set DFPORTSDIR. It will be used by "make index" soon.
      main.c: 1.81->1.82
      author: ru
      dir.c: 1.31->1.32
      Fix a bug that leads to a crash when binat rules of the form
      job.h: 1.20->1.21
      parse.c: 1.53->1.54
      make.1: 1.67->1.68
      Don't include stddef.h from the kernel.
      Remove struct ipprotosw. It's identical to protosw, so use the generic
      Switch a strncpy into a strlcpy. I'm not sure why this triggers propolice,
      Makefile: 1.31->1.32
      Makefile: 1.32->1.33
      make.1: 1.77->1.78
      *** empty log message ***
      Merge from vendor branch NTPD:
      *** empty log message ***
      Force commited to annotate missing log message.
      Merge from vendor branch NTPD:
      Force commited to annotate missing log message.
      Change the default for ntpd back to -s, the bug which triggered this
      Move ntp.org's ntp into the attic.
      Add rdate(8). This supports both SNTP(RFC 2030) and RFC 868.
      var.c: 1.42->1.43
      var.c: 1.44->1.45
      job.c: 1.51->1.52
      Don't read userland pointers directly, copy them first into kernel land
      Remove unused tcpdump sources.
      Make rp(4) compilable again. Don't even think about unloading this stuff.
      Replace div_pcblist / rip_pcblist / udp_pcblist with in_pcblist_global.
      Return retval if the second sysctl failed, not NULL.
      Don't include the "Hello, world" example in libz.
      Mark the following stuff as depricated:
      Implement generation counters as (at least) 64 bit counters. The increment
      Add dependency for libcrypto to dc(1). Don't build bc and dc if
      Merge from vendor branch NTPD:
      Sync with OpenBSD.
      Add an example ntpd.conf. This is not installed by default, because
      Remove generic generating counting. I'm going to use a different approach
      Add weak fake pthread functions, which always fail. This is needed to
      Remove the userland visible part of the socket generation counting.
      Consistently use /:/boot:/modules as search path in the loader, the kernel
      USER_LDT has been removed ages ago.
      Remove unecessary range check. start and num are unsigned anyway and
      Define __arysize for FreeBSD 4 buildworlds.
      Remove cruft for GCC 3.3
      - Update GCC to version 3.4.3.
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      - Update GCC to version 3.4.3.
      Don't even include the GDB build framework.
      Install the GCC 2.95 main info pages as gcc2.info and cpp2.info.
      Fix a regression with GCC 3.4.3 by using __packed instead of mode(byte).
      Change type of len to size_t.
      Use size_t for len.
      Fix NO_OBJC knob.
      Depend on _KERNEL or _KERNEL_STRUCTURES.
      Remove support for ancient (FreeBSD) kernel, which don't set profrate.
      Trust your intuition. If something feels wrong, it often is wrong.
      Add digi driver to simplify testing. This should replace dgb.
      Add new structures for exporting the cputime statistics via 64 bit counters
      Remove my local patch again, it was still not meant to be commited.
      Check that the ifnet_addrs entry is actually used before dereferencing it.
      Ignore ENOENT when fetching the interface MIB. This can happen for
      Don't build the gdb-related documents in binutils-2.15.
      Mark old file as dead.
      Replace sockstat(1) Perl script with the C version from FreeBSD 5.
      Switch from binutils 2.14 to binutils 2.15.
      Update isc-dhcp to 3.0.2rc3 using patch infrastructure.
      Update isc-dhcp to 3.0.2rc3 using patch infrastructure.
      Merge from vendor branch DHCP:
      Don't install old GDB documentation.
      Add ISO C99's _Exit, which is identical to _exit.
      Merge FreeBSD rev 1.70:
      WARNS=6 safeness:
      Mark binutils-2.14 as dead.
      Move sa_X macros under _KERNEL protection for now.
      Unhook Perl from build.
      Add _DIAGASSERT macro for library internal usage. This is not active by
      style(9) cleanup.
      Don't clobber match_str in buildmatch by strdup'ing the string internally.
      ANSIfy. Fix various warnings. Statify.
      It's WARNS?=6, not WARNS=6.
      Don't create binutils 2.14 and perl directories. Remove perl and
      RIP Perl.
      Move short option parsing into its own function. Constify the local char *
      Move the handling of '--' as argument into getopt_internal. Add a parameter
      Add support for getopt_long_only. It allows using long options with a single
      Fix two small bugs in getopt_long_only handling:
      Better diagnostic for getopt_long_only.
      Remove wx(4). It's been superseded by em(4).
      Remove wx(4) man page as well.
      Remove documentation of NOPERL, it's the default now. Don't create an
      Remove perl's man path.
      Add local_syms script. Nice for cleaning the kernel namespace.
      Add splitpatch.
      Mark OpenSSL 0.9.7d as dead.
      Make newkey WARNS=6 clean.
      WARNS=6 cleaness.
      Switch chkey/newkey to use libcrypto instead of libmp for the internal
      Add forgotten cast back. This code depends on BASE being short and
      Remove some debugging printfs. Fix an error message.
      Remove another Perl left over.
      Convert to keyserv, telnetd and telnet to libcrypto's BIGNUM
      Deorbit libgmp.
      Remove LIBGMP and LIBMP.
      Add gmp handling to upgrade_etc.
      Add default if_re_load line.
      Don't write the name of the sysctl to a temporary variable and truncate
      Correctly reset place in getopt_long_only the next time it is used.
      Now that we have dhcpd and dhcrelay in base, fix the inherited rcNG scripts
      RIP acpica-unix-20031203.
      Explicitly initialize fp to NULL. If sendfile is called on a non-socket,
      Don't include the kvm backend, it's not really working anyway.
      Add "proc" command.
      Initial jail support for varsyms.
      Initial part of DEVICE_POLLING support for wi(4). Still some rough edges,
      Replace temporary allocation from alloca with malloc/free.
      strl* conversion.
      Instead of messing around with sprintf, use asprintf to do the allocation
      Back out part of rev 1.24. The intention the quoting backfires and bad
      Don't print the override warning for package-name.
      WARNS=6. The __DECONST is save, because execv doesn't mess with the strings,
      Avoid possible copyright problems and add the copyright of the
      Use PCIB_ROUTE_INTERRUPT instead of PCI_ROUTE_INTERRUPT, the latter is
      Ignore zero length mbuf in bus_dmamap_load_mbuf.
      Remove left-over.
      From FreeBSD:
      Add a simple tool to generate a sequence of numbers, without all the
      Add missing 'by' in the license text of the man page.
      Adjust calling convention for idp_input, idp_output and spp_input to match
      Add forward declaration of struct vnode to fix compiler warning.
      Use __DEQUALIFY, not only __DECONST to get rid of the volatile too.
      Consolidate ifqueue macros for the upcoming ALTQ work.
      Remove the support for lib/csu/${MACHINE_ARCH}-elf.
      ether_input already handles BPF and dropping of
      Use BPF_TAP and BPF_MTAP instead of the expanded versions where possible.
      Mostly switch to the patch framework. For cvs.1.patch, it's easier to do by
      Fix a type in rev. 1.16
      Remove !_KERNEL parts.
      Remove the _KERNEL parts.
      - Add support for attaching alternative DLTs to an interface.
      Add some spaces for typographical correctness.
      Fix the quoting of MAKEFLAGS as noted in rev. 1.47.
      Don't build a new mbuf and bpf_mtap the old one.
      Use and define size_t as specified by SUSv3.
      Add a default for Perl 5.8.5 to override the default for
      Use M_INTWAIT, not M_NOWAIT. We don't really support fast interrupt
      ANSIfication and minor style cleanups.
      remove bad semicolon
      We don't currently build ld-elf as binary for i386 and even if
      Don't build sysctl as bootstrap tool. This helps us avoiding FreeBSD 4
      Remove unused compat code like FXP_LOCK, a fake struct mtx.
      In preparation for the jail commit, include sys/param.h instead of sys/types.h.
      sys/types.h ==> sys/param.h
      Split vn_fullpath into cache_fullpath and vn_fullpath. The former just
      Uncomment the entry for kern_chrot in kern_syscall.h and change the
      Add jail_attach syscall.
      Don't copy blindly MAXPATHLEN byte from fullpath. vn_fullpath
      Cleanup last commit. Remove local ncp, it shadows the parameter, add
      sys/types.h ==> sys/param.h
      sys/types.h ==> sys/param.h
      Fix warning by adding explicit () around addition.
      Use PRIx32 to fix compiler warning correctly.
      Buglet in last commit, the first argument of bpf_ptap is the actual bpf_if.
      Remove unused local variable.
      Define in_inithead in net/route.h, it's purpose is the initialisation
      Add missing "return(error)".
      Include jail.h after proc.h to get struct ucred.
      Add jail_attach support.
      Remove GPLed fpemulation, old rp, old awe and pcic.
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove compat code for anything, but DragonFly.
      Add prototype for ciss_print0 in place.
      Make const correct.
      Hide pure kernel threads from jailed processes.
      Remove SCARG junk.
      Always honor fdp->fd_nrdir as root. Once the loop reached NCF_ROOT,
      *_load_pallete's second argument should be const.
      Don't double assign -W -Wall and some more warning flags.
      GCC 3.4 doesn't include a #pragma weak reference, if the symbol
      Change the ALTQ macro stubs to actually work. For the current ALTQ less
      Change default perl version to 5.8.6
      Fix CPP buglet.
      Don't cast int ==> unsigned char ==> char, int ==> char is enough.
      Don't use the statfs field f_mntonname in filesystems. For the userland
      Free temporary buffer in the buffer overflow case too.
      GCC 1.x is dead.
      Read eaddr in two parts (32 bit read and 16 bit read). This fixes a
      No namespace pollution in sys/cdefs.h. Rename VM_CACHELINE_SIZE
      Fully separate the kcore initialisation and the kinfo wrapper.
      Don't define _Bool for GCC 3.0 and later. It was added was builtin
      Remove debug flag which slipped into last commit.
      Use M_ZERO instead of manual bzero.
      exit() needs stdlib.h
      strcmp() needs string.h
      Forced commit to note that I'm removing the default VINUMDEBUG for now.
      Remove the default VINUMDEBUG option for now. I'll make most of the
      Provide a mechanism for dumping relocation information.
      No need to zero fill memory, mmapped anonymously. Kernel will
      Remove -DFREEBSD_ELF.
      give out a little more information in case of a missing dependency
      If we change obj_rtld.path after initialising __progname, make sure we
      Do not depend on existence of _end symbol in obj_from_addr, use
      Stop caring about GCC versions between 2.5 and 2.7, they are
      Readd the copystr for f_mntfromname of root. It wasn't meant to be
      Do initialise fp to NULL explicitly, the last comment wasn't enough.
      - Add support for DT_FLAGS.
      Add a macro SYSCTL_SET_CHILDREN. Use it to avoid lhs cast.
      During init time, we can savely allocate the mbuf cluster with
      Remove the conditionalized FreeBSD 5 code. Keep the capability assignment,
      Add missing */.
      Don't cast lvavalues.
      - convert to bus_space macros
      Include pci_private.h to get pci_class_to_string.
      Set so->so_pcb directly to NULL to avoid lvalue cast.
      Add -DIN_TARGET_LIB to prevent libobjc from depending on in-tree GCC code.
      Directly use ifp->if_snd, it's type will change soon.
      Don't assign &ifp->if_snd to a temporary variable, it's type will change
      Use ifp->if_snd directly. Use IFQ_SET_MAXLEN.
      Remove stale local variable ifq.
      Add the 'All rights reserved.'. It's not entirely clear if this is still
      Remove unused variable.
      Import ALTQ support from KAME. This is based on the FreeBSD 4 snapshot.
      Add ALTQ support to pfctl(8). Fix a small bug introduced earlier
      altq include dir
      install altq headers
      Remove unnecessary packed attribute.
      Remove unneeded packed attributes.
      Remove extra token after #endif introduced in last commit.
      Separate error handling path from normal return to avoid
      GC strsize.
      GC local variable size.
      Mark dead. Not supported and if we ever want to support it again, this needs
      Move mac = NULL initialisation up and simplify second conditional.
      Inline some users of SC_STAT to avoid lvalue cast.
      link in altq support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      Mark it as ALTQ ready too.
      Increase size of limit column by one character to better fit
      Add support for ICH6 and some nForce AC97 chips.
      Rename IFM_homePNA to IFM_HPNA_1 and IFM_1000_TX to IFM_1000_T.
      ALTQ support.
      Set ALTQ ready.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support. Remove bogus check of ifq max len.
      ALTQ support.
      Introduce vnodepv_entry_t as type for the vnodeopv_entry functions.
      Use ifq_is_empty to allow USB drivers to support ALTQ.
      Be more careful when doing el_parse() - only do it when el is
      ALTQ support.
      Don't cast lvalues.
      Avoid casts as lvalues.
      Replace lvalue cast with explicit cast from u_short via int to void *.
      Replace lvalue cast.
      Make the second argument to ncp_conn_asssert a const char *.
      ALTQ support.
      Change second argument of dc_crc_le to c_caddr_t to fix warning.
      Fix lvalue cast.
      Replace list of checks with loop. Fix lvalue casts.
      Fix lvalue cast.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      Forgotten in last commit.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      Add __pure as attribute. A __pure function can only depend on the
      The old USB ethernet code utilized a netisr to hand packets over
      Rename PACKAGES to REL_PACKAGES. PACKAGES is used by ports already.
      Use -pthread instead of adding -lc_r for linking the thread library.
      GCC supports two pseudo variables to get the function name, __FUNCTION__
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      Use ifq_set_maxlen and don't change the field directly.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      Don't inline lnc_rint and lnc_tint, it's useless and GCC rightfully complains
      ALTQ support.
      Call the "cluster_save buffer" type just "cluster_save", it doesn't fit
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      Use ifq_set_maxlen instead of messing with the fields directly.
      Depend on ntpd. ntpdate is gone and the behaviour is the default now.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      Add m_defrag_nofree, which works like m_defrag, but doesn't free the
      Fix a bug introduced earlier. We can't put packets back into
      Prepare for ALTQ.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support. Fixes a small bug which could result in packets showing
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      Move the m_freem from vr_encap to vr_start, making the passed mbuf effectively
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support
      Replace dc_coal with m_defrag.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support.
      ALTQ support. The error handling in nv_ifstart should be reviewed,
      Remove tulip_ifstart_one, always process the whole queue.
      ALTQ support.
      Remove altqd's init script, we don't have it anyway.
      Don't depend on altqd.
      We don't need syslogd support for chrooted ntpd.
      Require NETWORKING, not DAEMON for ntpd. The former makes much more sense
      Rename local variables and arguments "index" to "idx".
      Some cleanup.
      Use ether_crc32_le.
      Expand some macros.
      Use normal inb / outb / inw / outw / inl / outl functons.
      Remove LE_NOLEMAC and LE_NOLANCE conditionals.
      Remove TULIP_USE_SOFTINTR support. If someone really needs it, we can
      TLUIP_HDR_DATA was always defined, unconditionalize.
      GC __alpha__ support.
      GC TULIP_PERFSTAT support.
      GC !__DragonFly__ section.
      Add sigtimedwait.o and sigwaitinfo.o.
      Remove some duplicate FreeBSD CVS IDs, move some IDs to better places.
      More cleanup.
      Define default value for PRId64 to keep FreeBSD 4 happy.
      Conditionalize the source on INET and INET6 respectively.
      Temporary switch the cardbus interrupt from INTR_TYPE_AV to
      Split search for already loaded object into a helper function.
      Sync changes from OpenBSD. Most importantly, this adds reverse proxy support.
      Move the open, stat and recheck for already loaded objects into
      Also bumb the reference counters when a object is already loaded.
      Instead of messing with the internal name-to-oid conversion,
      Make init(8) WARNS=6 clean.
      Merge from vendor branch NTPD:
      Sync OpenNTPD with OpenBSD.
      Sync OpenNTPD with OpenBSD.
      Don't define unit field on DragonFly.
      We already have the unit number in fl_ifname.
      lvalue cast.
      Remove NO_WERROR assignment.
      Remove -Werror from CFLAGS and fix the missing part for WARNS=6.
      Use __DECONST for the linted interface violations.
      Remove pre-ANSI malloc prototype.
      Remove NO_WERROR.
      lvalue casts.
      Add some consts.
      lvalue casts.
      Mark symname const
      Update Atheros entries.
      Remove extra tokens after #else and #endif.
      Use u_char define from sys/types.h.
      Rearm receiver, it was lost in the conversion.
      Define __DECONST here for the sake of FreeBSD.
      Simplify patches by defining SA_LEN in one place.
      Rest of last commit. Define SA_LEN in one place.
      Reduce foot-shooting potential by adding -dP for cvs update and -P for
      WARNS=6 cleaness, some constification, some cleanups.
      RIP Alpha libc.
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Add C++ ctype based on NetBSD-style ctype.h.
      Use NXCC to compile a runnable executable. The libc we are building might
      Use the standard isxdigit instead of the non-standard ishexnumber.
      Replace digittoint(c) with (c - '0'), we already know that c is a digit,
      Use isdigit instead of isnumber.
      Don't define isatty, it's already defined in unistd.h.
      WARNS=6 cleanup.
      Fix warning about pre-ANSI function types.
      Fix prototypes. This functions actually need a parameter.
      Use ULLONG_MAX, off_t is unsigned.
      Correct a mixup between NLSGRP and NLSOWN. Add LOCALE{DIR,GRP,OWN,MODE}.
      Remove bad line breaks.
      Don't use stdint.h on FreeBSD.
      Really use ALTQ.
      Don't try to prepend to an ALTQ queue.
      ALTQ support.
      Initialize all fields in kobj_class.
      Change Makefile to follow common white space rules. Hide -DALTQ and
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Use getprogname() instead of depending on __progname where possible.
      Add bus_dmamap_syncs before bus_dmamap_unloads.
      Add generic build framework for message catalogs.
      Use bsd.nls.mk.
      Use NLS framework.
      Add data files for Character Set mappings and Encoding Scheme alias
      Add locale and character set descriptions. This differs from the
      forgotten file
      iconv frontend.
      Helper programs.
      Add i18n directories.
      I18N module build framework.
      Add UTF7 build wrapper.
      Add citrus backend code and iconv front end. This is intentionally
      Add wchar and multibyte related man pages.
      Remove MT_FTABLE, it is not used anymore. Remove the #if 0'd entries
      Add ALTQ-style enqueue / dequeue / request functions for traditional
      Always build altq_etherclassify.
      Change PACKET_TAG_* ids to be consecutive.
      Fix build. Move common CFLAGS additions up.
      Don't build / install the various historic troff papers to
      Don't create some directories which will now be empty.
      Don't build groff as buildtool, it's not needed anymore.
      Move ctype man page from locale to gen, they are locale-sensitive, but
      Use getopt_long's getopt implementation.
      Use libc's getopt_long, I've been building and using ports for a while with
      Another man page which was moved to lib/libc/gen.
      SUS says that getopt() should return -1 immediately if the argument is "-".
      Correctly return -1 for "-" as argument as required by SUS.
      Add '+' to argument list of find to prevent getopt from reordering
      Back out switch to getopt_long implementation of getopt, it breaks
      Merge r1.2 from NetBSD:
      Move SHLIB_MAJOR / SHLIB_MINOR assignment up into Makefile.inc.
      Use NXCC to build make_hash and make_keys.
      Instead of using the non-standard conforming %+ format string,
      Stop building old GDB.
      Pass const ** as second argument to the command functions,
      Raise WARNS to 6:
      Fix warnings.
      idx is always used, shut GCC up by initialising it to 0.
      Fix some warnings.
      s/index/idx. Add an explicit default case to teach GCC that idx is
      Make dktypnames const.
      More stuff for Citrus.
      More Citrus code.
      Add Citrus files not conflicting with the current rune implementation.
      Add some more path definitions as used by the Citrus framework.
      Remove redundant declarations. Convert to ANSI C function declarations.
      Use a common source for the string to integer conversion. Add
      Fix warnings. Raise WARNS to 6.
      Generic firmware support. Currently implemented is loading from
      Add /etc/firmware, remove /etc/gnats.
      Minor style changes.
      Add kqueue overwrite for libc_r. We have to trace the opened descriptor.
      Override _kevent, not kevent. This should fix the DNS issue, since
      Change prototype of sys_set_tls_area and sys_get_tls_area to take
      Adjust userland prototypes as well.
      int size --> size_t size
      Fix reboot -k, it didn't truncate /boot/nextboot.conf.
      No more Alpha support for RTLD.
      Defer work from the signal handlers into the main loop.
      Check for the signal handlers another time, they might not disrupt
      Include sys/types.h to make it self-contained.
      Fix handling of deallocation of dynamic TLS, the previous code could
      Don't activate -fstrict-aliasing by default, not even with -O2+.
      Use the correct type in va_arg call, char is promoted to int before calling
      License typo.
      Remove redundant panic.
      Remove the pre-NEWPCM sound drivers and the speaker-based emulations.
      Separate M_NULLOK from M_RNOWAIT.
      Cleanup the TLS implementation:
      New strcspn implementation, which is O(strln(str) + strlen(chars))
      GNU getopt resets itself partially when the application sets optind to 0.
      Fix warnings, use ISO prototype.
      Remove tcb_size and flag argument for _rtld_allocate_tls,
      Remove extern for functions, line up function names, remove option names.
      Avoid discarding constness.
      const correctness
      Declare prototypes for all functions.
      Fix non-BPF declaration of bpf_ptap, it was out-of-sync with the header.
      Make it O(strlen(s) + strlen(charset)) like strcspn.
      Back out part of last commit, optind has to be initialised to 1.
      Move the processing of malloc flags out of the loop. The exception
      Move the processing of flags out of the loop. The exception is M_WAITOK,
      Remove reminders of VoxWare.
      Remove VoxWare related entries, don't list drivers support by NEWPCM.
      Split pcm into the generic framework (pcm) and the sound cards (snd).
      const changes.
      Remove pre-FreeBSD 3 compat conditionals.
      Add a macro to print the list of current processes independ of wait state.
      When ALTQ was detached from an interface queue, the function pointers
      Replace TIMER_USE_1 kernel option with hw.i8254.walltimer tunable.
      Sync nv(4) with nvnet-src-20050312.
      Since optind=0 has a special meaning for GNU getopt compatibility,
      Revamp getopt(3) usage:
      Add nv(4) man page.
      Add closefrom(2) syscall. It closes all file descriptors equal or greater
      Add userland prototype for closefrom.
      Use kernel's closefrom.
      Tell the world that we have closefrom.
      Don't just undefine USE_RC_SUBR, because it does define the list
      Simply the loop based on the knowledge that fd <= fdp->fd_lastfile
      First bunch of dump(8) cleanups.
      Remove unused functions.
      Compute buffer length only once per rmtcall.
      Split atomic into two functions, atomic_read and atomic_write.
      Warning fixes.
      Move initialisation of wrote into the loop to prevent longjmp/setjmp
      Remove argument names from prototypes. Adjust prototypes to deal
      Don't write to tape, strdup it first.
      Remove a cast, correct another.
      Decommon a lot of variables, makes some static, fix a small bug in rmtcall
      Remove another argument name in a prototype.
      Simplified NTP kernel interface:
      wether ==> whether
      Use corrected system time internally, adjust old offsets after
      Use corrected system time internally, adjust old offsets after
      Merge from vendor branch NTPD:
      Sync with OpenBSD. This fixes the bug of -s not working and allows
      leap second, not leaf second. fix totally stupid, but consistent spelling
      Ignore replies with a negative delay. Correct time of next query and
      Fix a small stack disclosure in ifconf().
      Extend a local buffer to workarond a buffer overflow for now.
      Fix the parameter order of __stack_smash_handler. Also print the
      GC OLDCARD userland tools.
      Remove pccard RCNG script, the daemon config, the depency on pccard
      Use the headers from src/include for ctype.h and runetype.h instead
      Add snprintf and vsnprintf.
      Make kern.ntp.permanent specify the frequency correction per second,
      Switch IP divert from mbuf based tagging to mbuf tags.
      Use the local runetype.h here too.
      Sync with OpenBSD. The ntpd -s is included now.
      Merge from vendor branch NTPD:
      Sync with OpenBSD. The ntpd -s is included now.
      WARNS=6 + minor style issues while here.
      Sync in my paranoia check.
      Merge from vendor branch NTPD:
      Print "reply from ..." before "adjust local clock ..." in debug mode.
      Merge from vendor branch NTPD:
      Provide correct PLIST_SUB value for batch scripts.
      Correct a bug in the positive 32bit overflow handling of ntp_tick_acc.
      Add support for ServerWorks chipsets.
      Use get_approximate_time_t().
      basetime should be static, all access done via PKI.
      Remove some commented out warnings.
      Remove old beforeinstall hack. Should be not used for ages.
      Un-disable stack protector. I take responsibility for all problems this
      WARNS=6. The (int) case should be reevaluated when this code is converted
      RIP compat libraries. Use misc/compatXX from ports instead.
      Make GCC 3.4 the default compiler.
      Add _DATE_FMT to get the locale-specific date(1) string.
      Use new _DATE_FMT langinfo instead of '%+'.
      Unhook PCVT from kernel build.
      Stop building libkeycap, PCVT is gone.
      Unhook GCC 2.95 and Binutils 2.12 from build.
      date as bootstrap tool doesn't make sense, remove it.
      Make osreldate.h building happing by explicitly using /bin/date.
      Override gcc2 for buildworld. Necessary to handle the former default
      As long as a peer has some trust left, use the aggressive retry interval
      Consider only drifts smaller than 32 ms as negligible.
      Bump major numbers in preparation for libc work.
      Don't create directories for gcc2 and binutils212 anymore.
      Build aicasm as host program, not via world's compiler.
      Complete Citrus import. Import message catalog implement from
      Use system version of getopt_long and basename for the bootstrapping tools.
      Unhook gperf, it was only used by gcc2.
      RIP PCVT userland.
      Remove RC scripts for stuff we have don't have in our tree.
      Add frequency correction support. The drift factor is currently
      Don't install wscons.
      Remove obsolete rcNG scripts as part of make upgrade.
      Use normal variable names for rtsold, provide default values.
      Move to CPU #0 in settime() to prevent races.
      Back out last commit, we are not there yet and I have to study
      Don't call cpu_mb1 after lwkt_setcpu_self, but call it internally
      Remove MIPS bits.
      GC more mips parts.
      Make kern.ntp.delta preemption save.
      Add forgotten SYSCTL_ADD_QUAD, move the SYSCTL_ADD_INT up where it belongs.
      Add support for unsigned quads. Use strtoq and %qd / %qu.
      Always use SYSCTL_OUT, sysctl doesn't print the value otherwise.
      Fix stupid order bug. The code should ignore the first sample(s),
      Properly create and destroy the DMA maps.
      ANSIfy and fix function casts.
      CISS quirk.
      Ansify getcwd and declare the syscall prototype.
      First stab at WARNS=6 cleaning. More will be done once I figure out
      Fix warnings, ANSIfy, constify.
      const correctness
      Readd ypresp_allfn, now correctly typed.
      Fix warnings.
      Unconditionalize HAS_UTRACE, we never have NetBSD syscalls.
      Remove compat junk, __getcwd always exists on DragonFly.
      Remove more __NETBSD_SYSCALLS.
      Fix warnings, remove unused headers. Remove additional { }.
      Fix warnings. Sprinkle const. Use size_t in some places.
      ANSIfy. Fix warnings.
      Fix warnings, ANSIfy.
      Fix warning.
      vfork can clobber the local stack frame, use fork(). We might also
      Fix warnings.
      use uid_t / gid_t for prototype in stdlib.h, ANSIfy.
      Use namespace mangler.
      ANSIfy. Fix warnings.
      Ensure that the directory fits into memory. Fix warnings.
      Include sys/types.h to get uid_t and gid_t.
      Include guard.
      Fix warnings. Use sysctlbyname.
      Really include patches, don't let them catch dust.
      Fix warnings.
      Fix warnings.
      Change arc4random_addrandom to pass the more natural uint8_t * and
      Add prototype for __creat.
      Fix warnings. Use sysctlbyname.
      Correct and improve __diagassert.
      Work around restrict.
      Explicitly initialize e. The code flow looks safe, but having
      Fix warning.
      Always use strlcpy, in the last case also check the return value to
      Remove useless void * before free. Remove local prototype of
      It's dead, Jim.
      ANSIfy, no (void) before functions, include stdlib.h for prototype.
      Correct types for devname[_r].
      Remove dead code. Fix warnings.
      Remove unionfs hack. DTF_NODUP is now a NOP.
      const / sign correctnes
      const correctness
      Mark name as const char *, not char *.
      ANSIfy, fix warnings.
      Always use strlcpy, in the last case of possible truncation also check
      Remove dllockinit, it's been deprecated and is a NOP anyway.
      Remove dllockinit.
      Fix warnings.
      Use size_t for length, not int.
      ANSIfy, use strlcpy from strncpy, fix most warnings.
      Fix warnings.
      Use size_t for the number of elements, use sysctlbyname instead of
      Fix warnings, use strlcpy instead of strcpy + manual check.
      When bitwise iterating over in_addr_t, use it for the loop variable too.
      Include string.h, use strlcpy.
      Use const for internal casts to not conflict with const pointers.
      Remove unused local functions. Const correctness. Sign correctness.
      DragonFly has decided to depend on char being signed, use it.
      Declare __system first. ANSIfy.
      Use __DECONST for interface const violation.
      Fix the sign issue by reordering the operations. Use memcpy instead
      Rename symlink to my_symlink to avoid global shadowing.
      Fix warnings.
      Declare environ on file scope. Don't declare __findenv as inline,
      Always setup the initial TCB correctly. This saves us from having to
      Add support for TLS.
      For the initial thread, rtld has already created the TCB and TLS storage.
      Slight correction for the last commit, thread TCB == NULL as error
      Forced commit to correct imporant spelling error:
      Always allocate static TLS space.
      Readd explicit u_char casts for tolower().
      Readd lost line.
      PANIC for now, if the linker can't allocate TLS space.
      Including errno.h and still declaring errno is BROKEN.
      extern int errno considered harmful.
      Only install man page for libc.
      Separate INTERNALLIB and INSTALL_PIC_ARCHIVE. We want to have the latter
      Make a special libc version for RTLD which doesn't use TLS as it will
      Prepare for thread-local errno by implementing full TLS support for
      sys_set_tls_area is called from _init_tls path, it should not touch
      Add NO_PKGTOOLS to not install the FreeBSD derived version of the tools.
      Include __error in libc_rtld too, otherwise RTLD is left with an undefined
      Link with --no-undefined to enfore the normal missing symbol check,
      Remove sys_set_tls_area hack, doesn't matter when we fault in case
      isprint() should be true only for characters in space, not blank.
      Override closefrom() in libc_r to prevent it from closing the
      Explicitly close low descriptors to keep the internal state
      Forgotten major bump.
      We have to allocate the TLS area for _thread_kern_thread too.
      Remove PCVT related entries.
      Make errno a thread-local variable and remove the __error function.
      More spring-cleaning.
      More spring-cleaning.
      Refine USE_RC_SUBR / USE_RCORDER handling. The install-rc-script target
      gnu/usr.sbin and gnu/libexec have been empty for ages, so save us
      Move old locale sources into the attic.
      Sync with FreeBSD. This adds read-only support for zip and ISO9660.
      Sync with FreeBSD. This adds read-only support for zip and ISO9660.
      Merge from vendor branch BSDTAR:
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Sync with FreeBSD. This adds read-only support for zip and ISO9660.
      Don't bother dealing with hidden syscalls, just do it for all.
      Remove obsolete patches.
      Allocate some additional space for dlopen'd libraries. Currently 256 byte,
      Split libc and libc_r. -pthread now links aginst both libc and libc_r.
      Typo, linking against -lc_p belongs into the -pg case.
      Left-over from the old mbuf chain tagging.
      Add handling of R_386_TLS_TPOFF32.
      Bite the bullet and add real masks isprint and isgraph. Use this as
      Nuke ctypeio.c and associated ctype to rune table conversion,
      Catch up with ctype.h.
      Replace ifq_handoff like code with a call to ifq_handoff.
      atm_output did almost the same as ifq_handoff, it just skipped
      Use ifq_handoff instead of handrolling it.
      Use ifq_handoff instead of the hand-rolled version with inlined
      0x7f is only a control character.
      Typo in '(' description.
      Replace __offsetof with similiar pointer expression and use "m"
      Remove sc_unit and use if_printf / device_printf instead.
      Remove obsolete comment.
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Remove two unnecessary entries.
      Simplify code by using IF_DRAIN.
      Replace local tulip_mbuf_compress with m_defrag call.
      Remove unused second argument to tulip_intr_handler.
      Use device_printf / if_printf and stop abusing the ifnet fields for
      Don't activate -funit-at-a-time with -O2 and higher by default, when
      WARNS=6 clean already.
      Fix pointer arithemetic.
      Add an explicit abort in printaddr to avoid unused variable warnings.
      Move if_initname call before xl_reset to ensure correct initialisation.
      Reorder initialisation by calling if_initname before vr_reset.
      Remove an incorrect free. The code path should normally not be hit, but
      Rework TX EOF handling. We have to always check for TX underruns,
      if_printf/device_printf cleanup. Remove minor junk.
      Use bus_alloc_resource_any. Use pci helper functions, don't roll them
      Exploit bus_alloc_resource_any.
      Use ether_crc32_le instead of local hack.
      Convert bge(4) to the new M_EXT API. This allows merging the dynamic
      Spurious semicolon broke gcc2 build.
      style(9) and nic style changes.
      Cleanup bfe_probe.
      device_printf / if_printf cleanup.
      duplicate is
      Fake DES was removed a while ago, remove the prototypes as well.
      Remove spurious semicolon.
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Update in-tree GCC to 3.4.4.
      Update in-tree GCC to 3.4.4.
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Update for GCC 3.4.4.  Note that the prefered way to fetch just
      Revert to old local unit allocation until I find a better solution
      Use ether_crc32_be.
      if_printf / device_printf.
      No FreeBSD 5/6 support here.
      No machine/clock.h needed.
      Use ether_crc32_le.
      Add a device ID for MPI350.
      if_printf / device_printf.
      Use bus_alloc_resource_any when possible.
      Convert to new m_ext API.
      Use ether_crc32_be.
      if_printf / device_printf and some further cleanup.
      Nuke further compatibility junk.
      if_printf / device_printf and some more cleanup.
      Use ether_crc32_le.
      Remove compat junk.
      Force jumbo buffers to be a multiple of 64bit.
      Convert to new m_ext API.
      Remove some compat junk, deindent a switch.
      Add missing splx(s) in sk_detach.
      style. remove some unused variables.
      Use ether_ioctl for the default case in dc_ioctl. Merge SIOCSIFADDR,
      Fall through to ether_ioctl and merge those cases which just called it.
      Use ether_ioctl for the default case. Merge cases which just called it.
      Don't call ether_ioctl first, check for errors and call it again
      Don't cast command to int.
      Use ether_ioctl for the default case and merge the cases which just
      Minor reorder of the code to make it easier to deal with capabilities.
      Remove nge_jpool_etrny, not used anymore.
      Convert to new m_ext interface. This also fixes a memory leak, since
      Use ether_crc32_le and ether_crc32_be.
      style and minor cleanup
      Use ether_crc32_be.
      Forgot to assign ext_buf, resulting in a panic.
      libc_r has to provide strong versions of the public symbols to override
      if_printf / device_printf.
      Use ether_crc32_be / ether_crc32_le.
      Use PCI accessor functions instead of messing directly with the config
      if_printf / device_printf cleanup.
      if_printf / device_printf.
      Remove bogus check if interface was already attached. The function is
      Use PCI accessor functions instead of messing directly with the
      Remove __inline hints, let the compiler figure out the details.
      Let fxp_release take a device_t directly and change some device_printf
      No need to bzero softc.
      Convert to new m_ext API.
      If we want to abuse an API by providing a callback doing nothing, we
      Remove M_EXT_OLD, rename m_ext.ext_nref.new to m_ext.ext_ref and
      Don't match executables with ELFOSABI_NONE against the brand list.
      Update to file 4.13. Put the contrib files into contrib/file-4 instead
      Merge from vendor branch FILE:
      Update to file 4.13. Put the contrib files into contrib/file-4 instead
      Increment subversion to allow matching for ELF ABI tagging enabled kernels.
      Teach file about DragonFly's ELF ABI tagging.
      Add back support for SYSV binaries.  Those are nasty since
      Stop branding DragonFly binaries with the FreeBSD ABI.
      Removing rest of debugging code which slipped into the commit.
      if_printf / device_printf. remove stored device_t reference as it is
      Back out last commit, this wasn't supposed to crep in.
      Don't name arguments in prototypes. Nuke __STDC__ conditional.
      Don't commit half of a change. Prefix parameter names and local arguments
      Use IF_DRAIN.
      reorder declarations
      Add missing parameter.
      Include sys/thread2.h to unbreak build.
      Rename label to not collidate with local variable. Conditionalize error,
      Expand itjc_bus_setup, it declares variables.
      Add a new macro IF_LLSOCKADDR which maps a ifnet pointer to the
      Another instance of IF_LLSOCKADDR.
      Instead of checking for ifnet_addrs[ifp->index - 1] == NULL to detect
      Instead of using ifnet_addrs and following ifa_ifp, use ifindex2ifnet
      Add f_owner (user who mounted the filesystem), f_type (filesystem type ID),
      Merge the pointer to the link-layer address into ifnet and remove
      Make call to arc_ioctl the default case.
      Remove splimp in xl_attach, the interrupt is created last and
      Replace splimp with critical sections for now. Fix a bug in xl_init,
      Always hook the interrupt up last, we don't have to worry about
      Use WAITOK allocation, fix some arguments and remove a now unused
      Let the system deal with device shutdown, don't do it yourself.
      Convert splimp to criticial sections for now. Cleanup the critical
      Fix detach order: We have to unhook the interrupt first and leave the
      Reorder initialisation to make protection unnecessary.
      Fix some bugs in the last commit. We have to call ether_ifdetach if we
      device_printf / if_printf and some minor nits.
      Use PCI helper functions instead of hand-rolling them. Remove now
      Use ether_crc32_be.
      Don't bzero the softc, it is already zero.
      Use M_WAITOK for contigmalloc now that the attach path is interrupt-save.
      Explicitly note that updating from pre-1.2 to PREVIEW or HEAD is not
      Convert to critical sections, move timer reset into the protection.
      Convert to critical sections. No need to protect the interupt from racing
      Add /usr/pkg/etc/rc.d to the rcNG search list.
      Reorder critical sections to be as short as possible by moving invariants out.
      if_printf / device_printf
      Use the PCI helper functions and nuke now unused macros.
      Move the callout_reset into the critical section.
      Use epic_detach for error cleanup during attach. Make attach interrupt
      Remove a useless assignment. Move callout_reset into critical section.
      We know that tl_probe is run first, so turn the check for a bad device
      Don't bzero softc. Setup interrupt last to get tl_attach ISR race free.
      Really use M_WAITOK.
      Convert from spl* to critical sections.
      Remove compat junk.
      Convert splimp to critical sections.
      Stop abusing splbio simply because others do the same. Use critical
      Switch to critical sections, fix some possible minor nits with ISR
      - convert to critical sections
      - setup interrupt last
      Only delete the miibus if it was attached first.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert from splhigh to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections. Fix an early return without restoring
      Convert to critical sections.
      - convert to critical sections
      Convert to critical sections. Remove compat junk. Hook up interrupt
      Missed one splnet.
      Convert to critical sections.
      - convert to critical sections
      No interrupts, no M_NOWAIT. Use M_WAITOK instead.
      Remove compatiblity code.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections. Add a missing ether_ifdetach when
      Convert to critical sections. Use bge_detach as common error path
      Convert to critical sections.
      Fix build.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      - convert to critical sections
      Use critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      - convert to critical sections
      Convert to critical sections.
      Remove old attempt at locking, it was incomplete and partially incorrect.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Nuke code dealing with empty address list or trying to set the link-layer
      Enable port and memory-mapped IO in the PCI layer when the associated
      device_printf / if_printf.
      Use PCI accessor functions.
      Use ether_crc32_be.
      Nuke compat code.
      device_printf / if_printf
      Use PCI accessor functions.
      Use local storage instead of ac_enaddr in tl_attach.
      Use local storage instead of ac_enaddr.
      static != extern
      device_printf / if_printf
      Use PCI accessor functions.
      Fix an uninitialised variable I introduced earlier.
      Hook up interrupt last. Use ti_detach as common error path.
      No interrupts, no M_NOWAIT.
      Use local storage instead of ac_enaddr in ti_attach.
      Resource allocate now turns on port / memory bit in the PCI command reg,
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      - convert to critical sections
      Use PCI accessor functions and nuke the port / memory enabling.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Add missing breaks.
      - convert to critical sections
      - convert to critical sections
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections. Be a bit more conservative for now.
      Use if_printf for TUNDEBUG.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Use if_printf.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Forgotten from the ALTQ conversion.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections. Stop updating interrupt masks.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Nuke compatiblity parts.
      Missing ether_ifdetach in error path.
      Fix another bunch of missing ether_ifdetach calls.
      Convert to critical sections. Drop a splz.
      Convert to critical sections. Stop messing with the interrupt masks.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections. Rename a local variable from s to i,
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Remove now unused variables.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Let the compiler decide what code should be inlined and what not.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Convert to critical section.
      Convert to critical sections.
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Include the fortran library sources from GCC 3.4.4.
      Unhook old g2c from build and start building the GCC 3.4.4 version.
      Remove old libf2c.
      Fix some glitches.
      Also include files in the .OBJDIR.
      - initialise interface name early
      Use PCI accessor functions. Stop changing port / memory bits manually.
      Use ether_crc32_be.
      Use vr_detach as common error path.
      - pass dev directly to txp_release_resources, call it only once
      Use PCI accessor functions, don't change memory / port bit manually.
      Use queue(3).
      Use ether_crc32_be.
      Use local storage for MAC instead of arpcom.ac_enaddr.
      Explicitly set error before jumping to fail.
      Common PCI probe style.
      Setup interrupt last in txp_attach. Protect against concurrent interrupts
      Use queue(3) macros for if_multiaddrs.
      queue(3) for if_multiaddrs.
      Restore copy of revid in softc.
      Add BCM5751.
      Add BCM5751.
      SuSE includes a special .note.SuSE section descriping the version of
      Defancy the infinite loop. Fix a bug where the loop wasn't left when
      Instead of emulating a userland system call via stackgap, use
      Remove redundant verbosity. The description of the parent just costs space
      Hack in support for ar(4) based devices.
      Use if_printf, especially for DPRINTF. Merge two DPRINTF statements
      Remove now unnecessary messing with PCI command register.
      don't include regression tests, we don't use them anyway. more than enough
      Tear down interrupt in wi_free when necessary.
      Add PCI ID for BCM4401-B0.
      Add support for Broadcom BCM4401-B0.
      Push device_t's down to vxattach, not the softc.
      Remove some unused macros. Constify. Minor style changes.
      Remove a bunch of breaks after return, merge a return into a default case.
      Fix some stupid style bugs. Call bus_setup_intr after vxattach,
      Slightly chance the order of interrupt handling. First hook the
      Deorbit Alpha.
      Use local storage for MAC address.
      Use M_ASSERTPKTHDR. (Obtained-from: FreeBSD)
      Allow inclusion of Citrus modules in statically linked binaries.
      Declare module for mapper_parallel explicitly to allow static linking.
      Sync with NetBSD:
      Sync with NetBSD:
      Update to file-4.14. Remove merged patches.
      Merge from vendor branch FILE:
      Update to file-4.14. Remove merged patches.
      Add forgotten wcstoull.
      Remove explicit int casts for the array index. While it doesn't
      Sync with master copy. This is necessary to allow installworld from
      Use pcidevs. Use common probe style and PCI helper functions.
      It's dead, Jim.
      Convert to NEWBUS, remove ISA compat.
      Allow disabling of unused parameter warnings. This is handy for third
      Allow radio and statistic dump to use arbitrary interface names.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENPAM:
      Import OpenPAM Figwort.
      Add /usr/lib/security, to be used for PAM modules.
      Build the PAM modules under lib/pam_module, since they are not
      Catch up with Perl version.
      Revert part of the ALTQ conversion. It unintenionally removed code which
      Import current pam_tacplus from FreeBSD HEAD.
      Also install the pam_tacplus(8) man page.
      Import current pam_opie(8) from FreeBSD HEAD.
      DPADD is currently broken since LIBDIR != /usr/lib.
      Import current pam_krb5 from FreeBSD HEAD.
      Import current pam_opieaccess from FreeBSD HEAD.
      Import current pam_radius from FreeBSD HEAD.
      Import current pam_ssh from FreeBSD HEAD.
      Hook up remaining PAM modules. Don't use DPADD for now, it's conflicting
      Switch to OpenPAM. The PAM modules are now installed in /usr/lib/security
      Define struct in_addr in both, arpa/inet.h and netinet/in.h,
      A lot of software depends on netinet/in.h being self-contained,
      Prepare for moving from /etc/pam.conf to /etc/pam.d.
      Remove unused junk.
      Change to common PCI probe style.
      Use ether_crc32_be.
      Use if_printf most of the time and remove the device_t stored in softc.
      Move PCCARD attachment into separate file. Use the NEWCARD helper
      Call bus_setup_intr in xe_attach, not xe_activate. This prevents
      PAM is dead, long live PAM!
      fix typo, SRCS should contain the .c file.
      Prepare for using the "official" PAM support.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Prepare for using the "official" PAM support.
      MODULE_DIR must include the final '/'.
      pam_skey is not supported anymore, remove it from the default config.
      Instead of duplicating the Kerberos tools, use a single version.
      Switch to auth-pam.c from OpenSSH to unbreak Kerberos 5 build.
      Fix missing initialisation of big numbers. BN_hex2bn behaves
      de-nop part introduced in the last commit.
      Remove the minigzip example from libz. Since the real gzip is based on
      Switch to zlib 1.2.3, imported under contrib/zlib-1.2 to reduce impact
      Switch to zlib 1.2.3, imported under contrib/zlib-1.2 to reduce impact
      Merge from vendor branch ZLIB:
      Mark zlib 1.2.2 as dead.
      Some more junk to remove after manual installation.
      Add emulation of statvfs and fstatvfs based on statfs / fstatfs.
      Split monolithic /etc/pam.conf into separate files for each service
      pthread_self is used by stdio.
      Add shlock(1), a program for the safe creation of lock files from shell
      First step to cleaning up stdio. This breaks the libc ABI, all programs
      Merge __sFILEX into __FILE. Let __fpending handle the ungetc buffer
      Remove partial NetBSD support. It's pointless to have an emulation of
      Fix C++.
      Just threat all ELF dynamic objects as shared libraries, don't verify
      Add description of FPU for floating point conversion functions.
      Add most parts of the wide char stdio support. This is not hooked up
      GC unused header from BSD libm.
      Unhook rc.d/network, it should be unused.
      Add support for HP hn210e usb ethernet.
      Install pam.d's README and convert.sh as part of upgrade_etc.
      Don't panic. Also races in the attach path.
      Drop GCC < 1 support, simplify inline assembly and use proper #error for
      Add a new feature-test macro __DF_VISIBLE for those functions we want to
      Simplify conditional by making use of __DF_VISIBLE and __ISO_C_VISIBLE.
      FreeBSD and NetBSD both use derivates of Sun's math library. On FreeBSD,
      Fix typo.
      Merge revision 1.38 from FreeBSD:
      cvtstat doesn't exist.
      Factor out an_detach, since the implementation for all busses is
      Remove useless .PATH entries inherited from FreeBSD.
      Use pcidevs and common PCI probe style.
      Remove unnecessary initialisations. Return ENXIO instead of 1 in
      Sync with FreeBSD(if_anreg.h, if_an.c and
      Sync with FreeBSD(if_an.c, if_aironet_ieee.h
      While setting up a transmit packet disable interupts on the card then
      Remove break after return.
      Eliminate USEGNUDIR and instead allow the target directory to be
      Instead of overriding LIBDIR, override the new TARGET_LIBDIR variables.
      Use TARGET_LIBDIR variables instead of overriding LIBDIR.
      Fresh installations don't have libtelnet installed and older FreeBSD
      Restore NCURSES_CONST constness.
      Stop installing profiling libraries as /usr/lib/lib${LIB}_p.a, because
      Partially backout last commit. /usr/lib is added by GCC anyway and the
      Since we have a table for each device anyway, we can also use it to
      GC unused variable.
      Move ostat definition from sys/stat.h into emulation43bsd/stat.h.
      Fix macro name in comment.
      Add passwd manipulation code based on parts of vipw and chpass.
      Import pam_deny, pam_permit and pam_unix from FreeBSD, use them instead
      Import pam_deny, pam_permit and pam_unix from FreeBSD, use them instead
      Merge from vendor branch OPENPAM:
      Add new option COMPAT_DF12, used for ABI compatibility with DragonFly
      libutil.h hsa to go after pwd.h.
      Instead of always defining FLOATING_POINT to get floating point, define
      Constify xdigs argument to __u[lj]toa. Cast u_long and u_quad_t to
      Add missing bit of the wchar stdio support and hook the whole thing in.
      Make nlink_t 32bit and ino_t 64bit. Implement the old syscall numbers
      Bump version to 1.3.4 for stat changes.
      Require 1.3.4 before installworld.
      Enforce COMPAT_DF12 for now, this can be overriden via NO_COMPAT_DF12
      Readd fix for FreeBSD PR/30631.
      Catch up with reality, this is GCC 3.4.4.
      Clean up search directories to what we really use.
      Really support rpath only linking. Add a special option -nolibc which
      Remove unused include of sys/dirent.h.
      Add rman_set_device.
      Don't depend on struct dirent == struct direct, but fully separate the
      Remove redundant assignment.
      Add ethernet port of JVC MP-PRX1.
      Move up CVS IDs, first must be DragonFly.
      Reimport devlist2h.awk from FreeBSD, this version actually works. It
      _PC_NAME_MAX is NAME_MAX, so use that for the storage allocation as
      Instead of trying to compute the local storage based on maximum entry
      Instead of MAXNAMELEN, use NAME_MAX for now. This should be revisited
      Don't check for zero-length direntries, expect the system to handle
      Don't match entries by hand, just use strcmp. It is efficient enough for
      Both file and dp->d_name are NUL-terminated, so it pointless to first
      Use NAME_MAX instead of MAXNAMLEN and strlcpy, since dp->d_name is
      Match "." and ".." with strcmp.
      Make it actually compile without warnings.
      Use NAME_MAX instead of MAXNAMELEN, replace a strncpy with strlcpy.
      Use NAME_MAX instead of MAXNAMLEN. Cast ino_t to uint64_t + proper
      Add vn_get_namelen to simplify correct emulation of statfs with maximum
      Use vn_get_namelen to reduce bogusnes.
      Kill stackgap in (f)statvfs(64).
      Don't hide errors from kern_statfs by overwriting error, check if it was
      Use vn_get_namelen to provide correct f_namemax field.
      fsfind should use direct here, not dirent.
      When allocating memory for the index file, query the filesystem for the
      Just expect either the kernel or libc to drop empty dirents.
      Pass the direction to kern_getdirentries, it will be used by the
      - Propagate error code from various bus_dma functions in bfe_dma_alloc.
      Revive multicast support, it got lost in the initial import.
      Set both, CRC32 generation and LED modes. Clear powerdown control bit.
      If possible, use builtin constants for newer GCC versions, but fallback
      Add wcsftime(3).
      Sync with recent libc and libm changes.
      Add vop_write_dirent helper functions, which isolates the caller from
      Set baudrate to 100Mbps and advertise VLAN.
      Break long commits. Don't ask for transfers when there's nothing to
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Update GCC 3.4 to current 3.4.5 pre-release.
      Update GCC 3.4 to current 3.4.5 pre-release.
      Use new vop_write_dirent function.
      Use vop_write_dirent.
      Add _DIRENT_NEXT, which is for now only used in the kernel to skip to
      Replace the 4.3BSD getdirentries compat function with something which is
      Use vop_write_dirent. Allocate a temporary buffer for the name for now,
      Fix merge bug. d_namlen is used by GENERIC_DIRSIZ, when it isn't
      We want to separate dirent and the maximum directory entry size.
      Rip off PROCFS_ZOMBIE, it wasn't even a knob to play with.
      Split the two parts of linprocfs_readdir into subroutines.
      Split the two parts of procfs_readdir into subroutines.
      Honor process visibility for jailed processes and ps_showallprocs for
      Sprinkle some const.
      Convert to vop_write_dirent.
      Utilize vop_write_dirent. Slightly change the order by writing to
      Use vop_write_dirent. Correctly handle the case of spare fd tables, e.g.
      Improve C++ support.
      Convert to vop_write_dirent.
      Add some new Broadcom IDs.
      5705K, 5714C, 5721, 5750, 5750M, 5751M, 5789 support.
      Atomically load and clear the status block.  This makes the bge
      Enable the memory arbiter before turning off the PXE restart.  This
      Prevent spurious link state changes.
      HPFS != UFS, so use the right constant for directory entries. Check
      Create a kernel option BGE_FAKE_AUTONEG for IBM/Intel blade servers,
      GC unused macro.
      Also document BGE_FAKE_AUTONEG in LINT.
      Don't assume that ttys are always located directly in /dev. This
      Also allocate PATH_MAX for the threaded case.
      sendmail tried to limit directory names to MAXPATHLEN - MAXNAMLEN in an
      Back out accidental commit.
      We have to copy the pam.d entries after running mtree, otherwise
      Don't define infinite macros when we want to define infinity.
      No need to forget wcswidth.
      Make struct dirent contain a full 64bit inode. Allow more than 255 byte
      Sync GCC 3.4's propolice with Etoh's official version. This fixes the
      Remove space before '('. Correctly align some function names. No need to
      Smoke something else and revert the use of ssize_t, I've put it there
      Add real function versions of the _unlocked family. Use putc for putchar
      Retire old sendmail.
      Don't add files patches via *.no_obj.patch back to SRCS, make them a
      Update __DragonFly_version as well. Don't let this slip, please.
      GC openssh-3.9
      Sync with FreeBSD HEAD.
      Add strnvis, which is orthogonal to strvisx by bounding dst, not src.
      Welcome OpenSSH 4.2.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Welcome OpenSSH 4.2.
      Add some words about PAM.
      Add /usr/pkg/info to info search path for pkgsrc users.
      Move the modification of hspace out of the realloc call to make this a
      When testing whether a negative delta is smaller than the default
      Call resettodr on shutdown to ensure that RTC and wall clock gets
      Too many windhills in the third party software world to fight them all.
      Avoid text-relocations, binutils don't like them on AMD64.
      Add rcng script to start ftpd stand-alone.
      Add an option -H to override gethostname.
      Also install the new ftpd script.
      Add missing atoll.
      Fix a very, very old bug in the man page, lbl-csam.arpa doesn't
      Make the syslog message string static const, saves the copy.
      Don't depend on the DragonFly keyword anymore, all unsupported scripts
      Don't depend on DragonFly keyword for shutdown scripts as well.
      Honor NOFSCHG.
      Set POSIX feature test macros to the correct value as mendated by SUS.
      toascii(3) got lost during ctype conversion.
      Revert last change and add toascii.c to the right variable.
      Rework nrelease framework for pkgsrc.  The way the bootstrap kit was
      Add g77 link.
      Add g77 here as well.
      Add a simple library for the default g77 linkage, providing main.
      Provide proper offsetof macro for C++. Prefer __size_t here, since
      Enable wchar usage.
      Remove useless define.
      nextpid is not public, so don't use it. It's not really useful anyway,
      Sleep before commit, remove trailing ,
      Honour NOSFCHG for the kernel installation as well, allowing to install
      Allow static compilation of linprocfs using a LINPROCFS option.
      Further cleanup of GCC's builtin directory list in an attempt to
      When using visibility macros, sys/cdefs.h must be included first.
      Merge OpenBSD r1.104:
      Add a fix for CAN-2005-3001, via pkgsrc from Ubunto.
      Sync vfscanf with FreeBSD, which makes it almost symmetrical to
      pam_unix.so needs -lutil. Fixes qpopper issues as seen by Adrian Nida.
      Fix initialisation of wide char support in FILE. Problem reported
      Apply post-install correction of +CONTEXT files. nrelease now also
      Be more jail friendly:
      Add missing callout_init.
      Improve portability of patch(1):
      Merge bug fix from binutils main line:
      Introduce a new variable to hold the size of buf.
      Use localhost instead of, since IPv6 should work as well.
      Teach kdump a handy new trick: -p $pid selects the records of
      Include unistd.h to get isatty(). Has been lurking in my release tree
      Don't depend on POSIX namespace pollution with u_char from sys/types.h.
      Add wide char support for printf and friends. Fix a possible
      Fix format string to process all arguments. Noticed by Trevor Kendall
      Merge rev 1.96 of NetBSD's net/if_spppsubr.c:
      Move atomic_intr_t to machine/stdint.h and predent __ to reduce
      nullfs_subr doesn't exist anymore.
      Ensure that exit_group actually returns a sane value, not some random
      Add some more PCI IDs for the SATA300 controllers of newer Intel boards.
      Fix buffer overflow in config parser.
      Don't try to guess if the hunk was already applied if it doesn't have
      Check, complain about and accumulate errors when writing reject files
      Fix one inversed condition.
      Remove bootstrap code -- you should really have stdint.h by now.
      Just remove the README file, noone bothers with it anyway.
      _PATH_MKDIR is unused, nuke it.
      Make comment more readable by putting the copyright on a separate line.
      Merge revision 1.21 and 1.22 from OpenBSD. Add a missing "the" to the
      Fix typos in copyright.

Justin C. Sherrill (14):
      Sync with FreeBSD 4-STABLE manpages.
      New logo of the DragonFly logo instead of the BSD Beastie.  The old
      Added short descriptions for kern.acct_suspend, kern.acct_resume, and
      Added mention of using MAKEDEV for when the target slice for installation
      whereis will find a given application in various locations, including
      Remove my changes.  PATH_PORTS is not checked for multiple entries as
      A cvsup file that pulls the "checked out" version of source.  I'm referencing
      Removed freebsd.mc line, added ports/arabic line as found in the FreeBSD
      Testing auth forwarding.  Me am idiot!
      Testing commits.
      Test commit of new file.
      Create DragonFly fortune files, based on either the FreeBSD fortune files
      This commit sets new users to see the DragonFly-tips fortunes instead
      Making dntpd server list match the recommendations at:

Liam J. Foy (190):
      Test commit! Thanks eirikn!
      -Remove main proto
      - Remove main() proto
      - Remove registers
      - Fix some sentences
      -Setmode will deal with the octals, so we dont need to.
      - Add $DragonFly$
      - Bump WARNS to 6
      - Remove unnecessary (void) casts
      Add special case for the german whois nameserver. Without the
      -Set WARNS to 6
      - Remove all registers in bin/. This saves us doing it each time we come
      Fix cpdup man page. The option -v[vvv] should be -v[vv].
      Whoops! setmode(3) returns a void *, not mode_t *.
      The gr_gid member of the struct group should be gid_t
      Needed to add sys/types.h for previous commit. Spotted by Mr Dillon.
      - Allow ipcs to display information about IPC mechanisms owned by
      - Remove unnecessary selection statement to see if buf == NULL.
      Sync with FreeBSD rm(1) with my modifications. Some things have been
      - Remove (void) casts that are not necessary.
      - Remove space
      Small patch to fix the output of apm. It called print_batt_life twice
      - Remove main proto
      - Remove sys/time.h
      - Set the clnt error functions protos from char * -> const char *
      - Set the clnt error functions 's' argument to const char *
      - Use the correct error functions
      - Add $DragonFly$ tag
      - Add WARNS?= 6
      - Import newgrp(1) from FreeBSD
      - Add newgrp(1) into the build
      - Add new -vv option. If the -v flag is specified more than once,
      - Remove unnecessary casts
      More cleans
      - Fix setmode. Setmode can fail due to malloc. We should print the correct
      - Sync with FreeBSD
      - Constify most of the function
      - Remove unnecessary casts
      - Remove registers from rcorder
      - strings.h -> string.h
      - Remove signal.h
      - We should always check the setenv() call. Why? because it uses
      - Check the return value of setenv(). We should check this value since
      - Whoops! I missed some from the previous commit. My bad, sorry.
      - We should warn with argv[i] not argv[1]
      - Remove both errno.h and string.h. Both are unnecessary.
      - Restructure the code
      - Complete re-write/re-structure of rev(1). The previous code was ugly!
      - Add $DragonFly$ tag
      - Change manpage to show the change from M_ -> MB_
      - Deregister strlcpy
      - Remove unneccessary cast
      - Add WARNS?= 6
      - Make *user, *group and *groupset local, constify them and initialise
      - Detect and exit on write errors (from FreeBSD, but our code)
      Sync daemon(8) with FreeBSD:
      - string.h is unnecessary, remove it
      -Setmode can also be caused to fail because of malloc().
      - Remove *ttyname()
      - Static functions/globals
      - Clean sbin/dump of all registers.
      - Both <unistd.h> and <sys/types.h> can go - unnecessary
      - Make modestr const and initialize it (stop GCC moaning)
      Equivalent to:  FreeBSD rev 1.82
      - Bump WARNS to 6
      - Remove duplicate headers
      - Static functions/variables
      - UNIX conformance: If -r -f on non-existent directory, don't emit error.
      - Remove both sys/wait.h & sys/types.h - unnecessary
      - Add -k option for whois.krnic.net (hold details of IP address
      - Add WARNS 6
      - Add WARNS 6 and make WARNS 6 clean
      - Remove unnecessary headers
      - Clean up wc (remove (void) etc)
      - Complete re-write of sasc.
      - Remove a duplicate unnecessary check on errno. strtol(3) will only ever set
      General clean up of lptcontrol. Similar to FreeBSD 1.15
      - Add -v option (verbose). Taken from FreeBSD with my modifications.
      Minor Patch
      - Initial import of the battd utility.
      - Tie battd into the build
      - Do not depend on stat_warn_cont when executing commands.
      - Large cleanup/changes to man page.
      - Improve how we handle the APM device. Much cleaner code.
      - Reduce the size of msg (1024 -> 80)
      - Remove unnecessary header (time.h)
      - Remove mode argument from open().
      - Remove two unnecessary headers
      More cleaning:
      - Improve the debugging functionality in battd.
      - Fix some spelling mistakes.
      - Fix a few grammar 'nits'.
      - Remove unnecessary headers (string.h, sys/uio.h, utmp.h)
      - Use strcasecmp() for upper and lower cases.
      - isupper(x) can be true for x in [128..255], but since tolower(x) is
      - Better handling of a given(-p) invalid port number.
      - Add battd rcng script
      - Add battd to rc.conf(5)
      - Remove unnecessary header
      - Remove unnecessary casts
      - SUSV3 states on error we should return > 1
      - Fix some xdrproc_t warnings (FreeBSD)
      - Remove unnecessary headers
      - The maximum value for a time_t is assumed to be <= INT_MAX, not >= INT_MAX
      - Remove an unnecessary call to stat(). We can just use lstat before
      - Static
      - Back out rev 1.6 noticed by Matt Dillon. However, still keep the use
      - Use variable 'len' instead of making an unnecessary call to strlen()
      - Make sure we free() 'modep' after setmode()
      - Back out part of previous commit. I thought free() was the prefered
      - Remove unnecessary header
      - Write status information to stdout instead of stderr.
      - perror() -> warn()
      - Update mesg(1) to confirm to SUSv3 changes previously committed.
      - Remove unnecessary header
      Minor patch:
      - Validate the -i option (Idea from FreeBSD)
      - Correct use of the err() family (err() -> errx())
      - Validate -i option
      - Good english
      - Sync the example with the correct sentense.
      Clean up:
      - Remove sys/stat.h, sys/signal.h, varargs.h and ctype.h
      - Correct usage of gethostname(3)
      - Make sure we call exit() after clnt_pcreateerror()
      - Style(9)
      - sysctl(3), sethostname(3) and malloc(3) set errno, use it!
      - Remove unused variable
      - WARNS 6
      - Correct usage of gethostname(3)
      - warn() -> warnx(). The global variable errno will not be set.
      - Cosmetic
      - Clearly state that errno is set
      - WARNS -> WARNS?
      - Let receiver know if the sender accepts replies
      - Use errno to report why freopen(3) failed
      - Check return value of setenv(3)
      - Add further functionality to check for invalid characters
      - ANSI
      - ANSI
      - Improve option handling
      - sprintf -> snprintf
      - Use socklen_t
      - Add missing include <stdlib.h> for exit()
      - WARNS 6
      - When calling syslog(3), use %m for errno and lose strerror(3)
      - Use socklen_t
      - Produce more informative output to syslog. Generally improve/clean error handling
      - The AC Line state can be returned as 2 meaning 'backup power'. The previous
      - Actually make the debug code work
      - WITHOUT_ERRNO should be 0, silly mistake.
      - More fixes for the debug code
      - util.h -> libutil.h
      - Use pidfile(3). The pid file can be used as a quick reference if the process
      - Fix memory leak if realloc(3) failed. Use reallocf(3).
      - Minor restructure. Don't bother calling makemsg() unless we can create
      - Kill keyword 'register'
      - int -> pid_t for pid
      - We should use inet_ntoa which returns an ASCII string of representing the
      - Small message
      - Make rwhod now use poll(2) instead of signals
      - Document mined(1) key bindings
      - Introduce new -g option. This allows for the broadcast time to be reduced
      - Whoops, some test code slipped in. Remove it
      - Don't role our own - use err(3)
      - Fix return values to conform with SUSv3
      - Use MAXPATHLEN
      - Don't flag NIS entries at invalid
      - If at least one call to onehost() fails, return 1
      It's actually 11 minutes when the machine is assumed to be down and removed
      - State default
      - In the ICMP debug code, use %d over %x. This makes it much easier when
      Remove the hack that varied the first character of the output file name
      - Do not allocate memory to entries in /var/rwho which have been down for
      Fix a bug introduced which causes chkgrp to coredump on certain group file
      - Use pidfilei(3) to write a pid file in /var/run
      - Don't write our own pid file, just use pidfile()
      Remove undocumented historic support for treating "-" as an option
      Include the option-arguments in the description and remove a non-existant
      Minor typo
      This program requires at least one option. Clean up the checking and report
      Remove the sleeper crap and use MAXPATHLEN
      Kill unused variables
      perror() -> err()
      Zap unused variable!
      K&R style function removal.  Update functions to ANSI style. Also a few
      Don't declare a struct just for sizeof(). Just use sizeof().
      - Check for execvp returning ENOTDIR
      - Dont pass a complete interface struct to icmp_error, just pass the mtu.
      - Update to new icmp_error signature

Matthew Dillon (3856):
      Initial import from FreeBSD RELENG_4:
      Add the DragonFly cvs id and perform general cleanups on cvs/rcs/sccs ids.  Most
      Add the DragonFly cvs id and perform general cleanups on cvs/rcs/sccs ids.  Most
      Remove UUCP support.  Note: /usr/src/gnu/libexec/uucp and /usr/src/libexec/uucpd
      Retarget makesyscalls.sh from FreeBSD to TurtleBSD
      thread stage 1: convert curproc to curthread, embed struct thread in proc.
      thread stage 2: convert npxproc to npxthread.
      thread stage 3: create independant thread structure, unembed from proc.
      thread stage 4: remove curpcb, use td_pcb reference instead.   Move the pcb
      Oops commit the thread.h file.
      remove unused variable.
      get rid of (incorrect) gcc warning.
      Add missing prototype (fixes warning).
      thread stage 5: Separate the inline functions out of sys/buf.h, creating
      thread stage 6:  Move thread stack management from the proc structure to
      thread stage 7: Implement basic LWKTs, use a straight round-robin model for
      thread stage 8: add crit_enter(), per-thread cpl handling, fix deferred
      rename td_token to td_xtoken to deal with conflict against sys/thread.h
      Add kern/lwkt_rwlock.c -- reader/writer locks.  Clean up the process exit &
      thread stage 10: (note stage 9 was the kern/lwkt_rwlock commit).  Cleanup
      Add parens for code readability (no functional change)
      Finish migrating the cpl into the thread structure.
      minor code optimization.
      proc->thread stage 1: change kproc_*() API to take and return threads.  Note:
      Optimize lwkt_rwlock.c a bit
      proc->thread stage 2: MAJOR revamping of system calls, ucred, jail API,
      proc->thread stage2: post-commit fixes/cleanup
      proc->thread stage2: post-commit fixes/cleanup(2)
      proc->thread stage3: make time accounting threads based and rework it for
      proc->thread stage 3: synchronize ps, top, and libkvm, and add some convenience
      proc->thread stage 3.5: Add an IO_CORE flag so coda doesn't have to dig
      proc->thread stage 4: rework the VFS and DEVICE subsystems to take thread
      proc->thread stage 4: post commit, introduce sys/file2.h.  As with other header
      proc->thread stage 4: post commit cleanup.  Fix minor issues when recompiling
      Introduce cratom(), remove crcopy().
      proc->thread stage 5:  BUF/VFS clearance!  Remove the ucred argument from
      simple cleanups (removal of ancient macros)
      cleanup some odd uses of curproc.  Remove PHOLD/PRELE around physical I/O
      proc->thread stage 6: kernel threads now create processless LWKT threads.
      Cleanup lwkt threads a bit, change the exit/reap interlock.
      go back to using gd_cpuid instead of gd_cpu.
      smp/up collapse stage 1 of 2: Make UP use the globaldata structure the same
      Give ps access to a process's thread structure.
      smp/up collapse stage 2 of 2:  cleanup the globaldata structure, cleanup
      format cleanup for readability.  Tab out back-slashes.
      threaded interrupts 1: Rewrite the ICU interrupt code, splz, and doreti code.
      Implement interrupt thread preemption + minor cleanup.
      Add 64 bit display output support to sysctl plus convenient macros.
      Misc interrupts/LWKT 1/2: interlock the idle thread.  Put execution of
      Misc interrupts/LWKT 1/2: threaded interrupts 2: Major work on the
      Fix a race in sysctl_out_proc() vs copyout() that could crash the kernel.
      Add threads to the process-retrieval sysctls so they show up in top, ps, etc.
      Sync userland up with the kernel.  This primarily adjusts ps, etc to handle
      Operations on the user scheduler must be inside a critical section (fixes
      For the moment uio_td may sometimes be NULL -> nfsm_request -> nfs_request ->
      Enhance debugging (sync before MP work).
      Remove pre-ELF underscore prefix and asnames macro hacks.
      fix unused variable warning
      Add some temporary debugging.
      Split the struct vmmeter cnt structure into a global vmstats structure and
      properly initialize ncpus for UP
      Split the struct vmmeter cnt structure into a global vmstats structure and
      Split the struct vmmeter cnt structure into a global vmstats structure and
      misc quota proc->thread
      Misc interrupts/LWKT 2/2: Fix a reentrancy issue with thread repriortization
      Document hardwired indexes for fields.
      add gd_other_cpus
      Generic MP rollup work.
      Integrate the interrupt related operations for /dev/random support
      fix a bug in the exit td_switch function, curthread was not always being
      Remove td_proc dependancy on cred that is no longer used.
      oops, forgot one.  Remove another curproc/cred dependancy
      MP Implementation 1/2: Get the APIC code working again, sweetly integrate the
      MP Implementation 2/4: Implement a poor-man's IPI messaging subsystem,
      MP Implmentation 2A/4: Post commit cleanup, fix missing token releases that
      The syncer is not a process any more, deal with it as a thread.
      MP Implmentation 3/4: MAJOR progress on SMP, full userland MP is now working!
      MP Implmentation 3A/4: Cleanup MP lock operations to allow the MP lock to
      MP Implmentation 3A/4: Fix stupid bug introduced in last commit.
      MP Implmentation 3B/4: Remove Xcpuast and Xforward_irq, replacing them
      MP Implmentation 4/4: Final cleanup for this stage.  Deal with a race
      misc cleanup.  Add a case where we don't want an idlethread to HLT (if there
      Cleanup hardclock() and statclock(), making them work properly even though
      Fix overflow in delta percentage calculation due to the fact that our 32 bit
      Make the cpu/stat display work properly again.
      account for the time array being in microseconds now, and allow the
      partially fix pctcpu and userland rescheduling.  We really have to distribute
      Forward FAST interrupts to the MP lock holder + minor fixes.
      Collapse gd_astpending and gd_reqpri together into gd_reqflags.  gd_reqflags
      Make the pigs display more meaningful by showing processes which haven't
      oops, fix bug in last commit, and adjust the p_slptime check.
      Add missing required '*' in indirect jmp (fix assembler warning).
      Fix minor buildworld issues, mainly #include file dependancies and fields
      Fix minor compile warning.
      The comment was wrong, ptmmap *is* used, put it back in (fix crash
      GDB changes required for gdb -k kernel /dev/mem.  Still selected by
      Make the kernel load properly recognize ABS symbols (.SET assembly
      Remove an unnecessary cli that was causing 'trap 12 with interrupts disabled'
      Nuke huge mbuf macros stage 1/2: Remove massive inline mbuf macros to reduce
      Remove the priority part of the priority|flags argument to tsleep().  Only
      Nuke huge mbuf macros stage 2/2: Cleanup the MCL*() cluster inlines by
      Remove references to the no longer existant PZERO.
      zfreei->zfree (there is no zfreei anymore)
      This is the initial implmentation of the LWKT messaging infrastructure.
      Add externs for *_nonlocked atomic extensions to avoid warning.
      Profiling cleanup 1/2: fix crashes (all registers need to be left intact
      doreti was improperly clearing the entire gd_reqflags field when, in
      Minor cleanups so GENERIC compiles.  Fix underscores in assembly and an
      Fix a minor compile-time errors when INVARIANTS is not defined.
      DEV messaging stage 1/4: Rearrange struct cdevsw and add a message port
      DEV messaging stage 1/4: Rearrange struct cdevsw and add a message port
      LINT build test.  Aggregated source code adjustments to bring most of the
      Throw better sanity checks into vfs_hang_addrlist() for argp->ex_addrlen
      DEV messaging stage 2/4: In this stage all DEV commands are now being
      Remove two unnecessary volatile qualifications.
      LINT pass.  Cleanup missed proc->thread conversions and get rid of warnings.
      LINT cleanup, add a static function back in which I thought wasn't used.
      Merge from FreeBSD 2003/07/15 15:49:53 PDT commit to sys/netinet.
      2003-07-22 Hiten Pandya <hmp@nxad.com>
      Here is an implementation of Limited Transmit (RFC 3042) for DragonFlyBSD.
      Add all_sysent target to /usr/src/sys/Makefile to rebuild syscalls.
      Preliminary syscall messaging work.  Adjust all <syscall>_args structures
      Bring RCNG in from 5.x and adjust config files and scripts accordingly.
      Fix some stub prototypes (some missed proc->thread conversions).
      Have MFS register a device as a VCHR instead of VBLK, fixing a panic.
      Fix NULL td crash in net/if.c when detaching a net interface.
      libcr copy: Retarget build paths from ../libc to ../libcr and retarget
      Syscall messaging work 2: Continue with the implementation of sendsys(),
      Regenerate all system calls
      Oops, need to update truss's conf files re: new syscall support header
      Fix a minor bug in lwkt_init_thread() (the thread was being added to the
      Remove thread->td_cpu.  thread->td_gd (which points to the globaldata
      Performance cleanup.  Greatly reduce the number of %fs prefixed globaldata
      Fix __asm syntax error from previous commit.
      Fix minor bug in last commit, add the required register keyword back in
      syscall messaging 2: Change the standard return value storage for system
      Fix the msgsys(), semsys(), and shmsys() syscalls which were broken by the
      add missing lwkt_msg to manually specified syscall args structure.
      fileops messaging stage 1: add port and feature mask to struct fileops and
      Remove KKASSERT(p)'s, 'p' (curproc) no longer exists in this functions.
      syscall messaging 3: Expand the 'header' that goes in front of the syscall
      LINT synchronization, remove remaining manually defined MIN macros.
      Turn off CHECK_POINTS debugging.
      Clear the BSS earlier in the boot sequence and clean up the comments.  This
      Fix a pointer bug introduced by syscall messaging.  semget() should work
      Cleanup remaining tsleep priority issues.
      Remove NOSECURE which no longer serves a purpose.  Note: FreeBSD also removed
      Explicitly use an unsigned index for 'which' in shmsys(), msgsys(), and
      Fix a compile time error.  Rename MAX to RAINMAX and get rid of all the
      kernel tree reorganization stage 1: Major cvs repository work (not logged as
      kernel tree reorganization stage 1: Major cvs repository work (not logged as
      kernel tree reorganization stage 1: Major cvs repository work (not logged as
      kernel tree reorganization stage 1: Major cvs repository work (not logged as
      kernel tree reorganization stage 1a: remove -I- for kmod build
      Set _THREAD_SAFE preprocessor symbol when the -pthread option is used,
      Kernel tree reorganization stage 2: Major cvs repository work.
      Fix the buildkernel target.
      Add a few missing cratom() calls.  In particular the code in kern_exec()
      Add the 'wmake' script to /usr/bin and wmake support to Makefile.inc1.
      add cvs-site dist (The layout for the dragonflybsd.org web site).
      Add src/test and throw in some of the ad-hoc timing and testing programs
      Syscall messaging 4: Further expand the kernel-version of the syscall message.
      Syscall messaging 4a: LINT build.
      Remove FBSDID, move $ rcs id back to a comment field.
      Add softlinks so ports like sysutils/ffsrecov will compile.  Eventually
      Make modules work again part 1: Rename netgraph's Makefile.module to
      Make modules work again part 1: wire up the module build for bus/
      Make modules work again part 1: linkup emulation/ and change the architecture
      Make modules work again part 1: linkup "net" and rename Makefile.module files
      Make modules work again part 1: linkup vfs, rename Makefile.module files,
      Make modules work again part 1: linkup crypto.
      Make modules work again part 1: forgot a file in 'emulation'.
      master makefile for netproto modules, of which there is exactly one
      Standardize the syscall generation target to 'sysent'.
      Make modules work again part 1: hook up 'dev'.  Note that not all devices
      Fix compile-time error when compiling a profiled GENERIC.
      Make modules work again part 2 (final): Link the module build back into the
      Add missing Makefile.modules (forgot to add it in the last commit)
      The make release process tries to stat/open a non-existant device, which
      Linux needs %edx to be 0 on entry.  It registers it as an atexit function if
      Linux needs %edx to be 0 on entry.  It registers it as an atexit function if
      Set SYSDIR properly for sys/crypto and deep sys/dev/disk/... drivers by
      Silence warnings about _POSIX_C_SOURCE not being defined.   This occured when
      Fix minor bug in last commit.
      Temporarily go back to an absolute path for signal.h's #inclusion of trap.h
      Separate system call generation out from the Makefile so kernel and
      Modify the header dependancy ordering so the bsd.kmod.mk/bsd.prog.mk
      Adjust an #include line to fix a build error.
      Reintegrate the module build for usb.ko
      Allow a NULL dev to be passed to _devsw().  This should close any remaining
      Separate out userland copyin/copyout operations from the core syscall code
      Add an alignment feature to vm_map_findspace().  This feature will be used
      Remove now unused proc p variables.
      Add the 'eatmem' utility.  eatmem is a memory stressor.
      Add the NO_KMEM_MAP kernel configuration option.  This is a temporary option
      Remove unnecessary KKASSERT(p) checks for procedures which do not need
      Remove additional KKASSERT(p)'s that we do not need (fixes lint)
      SLAB ALLOCATOR Stage 1.  This brings in a slab allocator written from scratch
      A significant number of applications need access to kernel data
      Adjust our kvm based utilities to use the _KERNEL_STRUCTURES define
      Cleanup some debugging junk and fix a bug in the M_ZERO optimization code.
      oops.  Forgot a commit.
      At Jeffrey Hsu's suggestion (who follows USENIX papers far more closely the
      Fix sendfile() bug introduced by the message passing code.  The call to
      req->r_td can be NULL, remove KKASSERT() and fix check.
      cleanup: remove register keyword, ANSIze procedure arguments.
      Do a bit of Ansification, add some pmap assertions to catch the
      General cleanup, ANSIfication, and documentation.  Prep work for the VFS
      Adding missing '|' from last commit.
      Make bind1() and accept1() non-static for linux emulator use.
      Adjust linux emulation calls for bind and listen to use the new broken-out
      Make bind1() and accept1() non-static for linux emulator use.
      Convert DIRECTIO code to DragonFly.
      Add DIRECTIO to LINT
      Cleanup some broken #include's for VESA.
      Add the relpath utility which /usr/share/mk/bsd.port.mk will use to
      Add bsd.dport.mk, which Makefile's in /usr/dports will use instead of
      add relpath to the build Makefile
      Add UPDATING note on /usr/dports
      rename /usr/dports to /usr/dfports.  Includes some CVS surgery.
      rename dport -> dfport
      Add a cvsup tag, cvs-dfports
      Cleanup.  Remove unused variable.
      Change argument from proc to td.
      Remove unused thread pointers.
      Permanently fix the 'allocating low physmem in early boot' problem which
      update version to match FreeBSD after buffer security fix.
      Additional comments: ssh may attempt to zero and free the buffer from
      Fix a DIAGNOSTIC check in the heavy-weight switch code.  A thread's process is
      Additional ssh patches relating to the same fatal() cleanup issue.  They
      Import prebinding code into DragonFly, based on Matthew N. Dodd's
      The twe driver requires all requests, including non-data requests, to be
      Add notation on the alignment requirement for the twe driver.
      namecache work stage 1: namespace cleanups.  Add a NAMEI_ prefix to
      Clean up thread priority and critical section handling during boot.  The
      oops, remove some namecache leakage that is not ready for prime time yet.
      Cleanup td_wmesg after a tsleep completes for easier debugging.
      Apply FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-03:14.arp.  Fix DOS crash due
      Do not attempt to access kernel_map in free().  It's a bad idea, and doubly
      Fix a number of mp_lock issues.  I had outsmarted myself trying to deal with
      Allow unlock and non-blocking lock operations from FAST interrupts.
      Remove the NO_KMEM_MAP and USE_SLAB_ALLOCATOR kernel options.  Temporarily
      Remove the NO_KMEM_MAP and USE_SLAB_ALLOCATOR kernel options.  Temporarily
      Try to generate more debugging information when the critical nesting count
      namecache work stage 2: move struct namecache to its own header file and
      Hash the link-check data to improve performance on filesystems containing a
      Cleanup: get rid of the CNP_NOFOLLOW pseudo-flag.  #define 0'd flags are a
      Move pst from dev/misc to dev/raid, add a Makefile for 'pst'.
      Add pst to the raid Makefile
      Move the pst device from dev/misc to dev/raid.
      Fix a negative cache entry reaping bug, cache_zap() expects ncp's ref count
      Fix a bug in lwkt_trytoken(), it failed to exit its critical section on
      Describe the hw.physmem loader variable.
      correct a comment.
      Fix a number of interrupt related issues.
      Addendum:  Many thanks for continuing to Galen Sampson for running such an
      The CMOV family of instructions do not work across all cpu families.  In
      The splash_bmp and splash_pcx builds were missing some symbols, add the
      Disable background bitmap writes.  They appear to cause at least two race
      Add _KERNEL_STRUCTURES support for userland use of this header file.
      Define _KERNEL_STRUCTURES instead of _KERNEL to get just the
      Use the _KERNEL_STRUCTURES define to allow userland to bring in kernel
      Sync with FreeBSD-5, fix-up the use of certain flags variables.
      namecache work stage 3a: Adjust the VFS APIs to include a namecache pointer
      Data reads and writes should not need credentials, and most filesystems
      add bsd.dfport.pre.mk and bsd.dfport.post.mk, part of the DragonFly ports
      Upgrade isc-dhcp, e.g. dhclient.
      Add a -p option to fdisk that allows it to operate on normal files which
      document the new fdisk option.
      Fix bugs introduced from the last commit.  The loadav routine somehow got
      More hacks to support DragonFly port overrides.  Deal with ports which
      Add a splash example / DragonFly BMP
      add /usr/share/examples/splash to the mtree, for installworld.
      Add bsd.dfport.pre.mk and bsd.dfport.post.mk to the Makefile
      Augment falloc() to support thread-only file pointers (with no integer file
      Extend NSIG to 64 and introduce a registration function for the checkpointing
      Use the one remaining free termios control character slot for a tty
      Fix miscellanious kern_fp.c bugs.
      Start separating the ucred from NDINIT.
      Oops, I gave Kip bad advise.  The checkpoint execution code is supposed
      Add checkpoint tty signaling support to stty and tcsh.  The signal
      Make sure PORTSDIR is not in the environment when bootstrapping a
      /bin/sh needs to use sys_nsig, not NSIG, when accessing static arrays
      NSIG is now 64.  Extend the siglist arrays to match.
      Update the sys_sig* manual page to include portability suggestions.
      Fix an inherited bug in ptrace's PT_IO.  The wrong thread was being assigned
      Have lwkt_reltoken() return the generation number to facilitate checks
      correct the .PATH for access to scvesactl.c
      Fix the userland scheduler.  When the scheduler releases the P_CURPROC
      Remove PUSER entirely.  Since p_priority has nothing to do with kernel
      Cleanup P_CURPROC and P_CP_RELEASED handling.  P_CP_RELEASED prevents the
      Fix a uni-processor bug with the last commit... we weren't rescheduling on
      Make malloc_type statistics per-cpu, which fixes statistics update races
      Fix memory leaks in the namecache code commited so far to stabilize its
      Make vmstat -m understand the new per-cpu aggregation for
      machine/param.h has to be included outside of _KERNEL for MAXCPU.
      Fix races in ihashget that were introduced when I introduced the
      Remove a diagnostic message that detected PHOLD() vs exit()/process-reaping
      Don't try to call an ipiq function with a UP build when the cpuid doesn't
      Hack up param.h even more so sys/socket.h can include portions of it without
      Entirely remove the old kernel malloc and kmem_map code.  The slab allocator
      Fix the INVARIANTS memuse test, the memuse for each cpu must be aggregated
      Enhance the fp_*() API.  Reorganize the ELF dump code using the fp_*()
      Add a fp_vpopen() function to kern_fp.c, and add reserved fields to
      Add the 'checkpt' utility to support the process checkpoint module.  This
      Add the 'checkpt' utility to support the process checkpoint module.  This
      Additional checkpoint suppor for vmspace info.  In particular, the data size
      Add the checkpt module to the system tree.  Currently this may only be
      Do a bit of cleanup and add a bit of debugging to the checkpoint module.
      Fix an error message.
      Fix a bug introduced by recent INVARIANTS debugging additions, sometimes
      Yah yah.  Always good to commit the header file needed for the last fix.
      A hackish fix to a bug uio_yield().
      Fix bug in last commit, flags were not being passed to fo_write() which
      Use sys_nsig instead of NSIG so libc-suspplied arrays match up.
      Add support for SIGCKPT to csh/tcsh's internal 'kill' command.
      MSGF_DONE needs to be cleared when a message is to be handled asynchronously.
      Hook i386/vesa up to the module build
      Add SIGCKPT support to tcsh's built-in kill.
      This is FreeBSD 5.x's code to dump the kernel's identifier through
      Honor MODULES_OVERRIDE if defined.
      Fix type-o's, minor documentation update.
      Interrupt threads could block in free waiting for kernel_map().  Add a
      Add a DEBUG_INTERRUPTS option for debugging unexpected (trap 30) interrupts.
      Simplify the lazy-release code for P_CURPROC, removing the TDF_RUNQ
      Backout last commit, oops! SIGCKPT had already been added and it was redundant.
      Fix a bug introduced when I redid the stray interrupt arary.  The
      Deal with multicast packets in a manner similar to Solaris, RFC 3376, and
      Better documentation of the MP lock state for new threads.
      Augment the LWKT thread creation APIs to allow a cpu to be specified.  This
      64 bit address space cleanups which are a prerequisit for future 64 bit
      Do a minor update of Groff to deal with the addition of intmax_t and
      Do a minor update of getconf to deal with the addition of intmax_t and
      Fix a minor compile-time bug introduced in 1.22 when DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS is
      Fix the pt_entry_t and pd_entry_t types.  They were previously pointers to
      Give up trying to do this the clean way and just hack groff to remove
      Fix LINT issues with vm_paddr_t
      Fix a translation bug in the last commit.  The second status translation
      Add a missing element related to the dev messaging changes.
      Get rid of the intmax_t dependancies and just specify the maximum
      add cmpdi2 and ucmpdi2 to conf/files to fix LINT build.
      Change ui_ref from an unsigned short to an integer.  A 16 bit ref count is
      Cleanup the ui*() API in preparation for the addition of variant-symlink
      Variant symlink support stage 1/2: Implement support for storing and retrieving
      An additional ui*() API cleanup that I missed.
      Add the 'varsym' utility which may be used to manipulate system-wide and
      Remove named arguments in the varsym prototypes which conflict with not very
      Add 3c940 ethernet driver support ('sk' driver) for ASUS K8V (AMD64)
      If a panic occurs from a BIOS call (16 bit mode) or VM86 DDB will attempt
      Fatal traps were not reporting the correct %cs (code selector) for the SMP
      sync from FreeBSD-5.x.  No operational changes.  Get rid of a .byte macro
      Synchronize APMBIOS with FreeBSD-5.x bios.c 1.64.  The primary change is
      Import a good chunk of the PNP code from FreeBSD-5.x
      Hopefully do a better job disassembling code in 16 bit mode.
      Document critical section and IPIQ interactions in the message port
      Network threading stage 1/3: netisrs are already software interrupts,
      Update the systat manual page to reflect the new -ifstat option.
      Core integer types header file reorganization stage 1/2: Create and/or modify
      Core integer types header file reorganization stage 2/2:
      Add a wmakeenv target for use by the wmakeenv script to aid in debugging
      Initialize base unconditionally to get rid of a bogus compiler warning.
      Add prototypes for __cmpdi2() and __ucmpdi2(), get rid of compiler warnings.
      Add a pmap_getport_timeout() call hack that allows rpc.umntall to control
      Add the -f 'fast timeout' option to rpc.umntall.  Using this option will
      Add the -f option to the rpc.umntall call to reduce boot-time stalls when
      Fix minor snafu in last commit.
      machine/stdarg provides __va* macros, not va* macros, use <stdarg.h> instead
      3c940 bug fix update.  This patch simplifies IFF_PROMISC checking from
      Implement variant symlinks!  In order to use variant symlinks you must first
      Catch attempts to queue to unregistered ISRs
      Fully synchronize sys/boot from FreeBSD-5.x, but add / to the module path
      Fully synchronize sys/boot from FreeBSD-5.x, but add / to the module path
      Fully synchronize sys/boot from FreeBSD-5.x, but add / to the module path
      Add a temporary workaround to prevent a panic due to a truss related problem.
      Add buffer bounds checking during check pointing since it is possible for
      Document the edx assignment to fds[1]
      What happens when you mod a negative number?  Mask off the hash value before
      The last major syscall separation commit completely broke our lseek() as well
      Add the varsym_list() system call and add listing support to the varsym
      Add the varsym_list() system call and add listing support to the varsym
      Most code that calls vm_object_allocate() assumes that the allocation will
      Prep for GCC 3.x kernel compiles, stage 1/2: Remove bad C syntax including
      Add Marvell chipset support.  Adding the PCI ID is all that was needed.
      cleanup extra )'s missed by the __P commit.
      The MBWTest program (/tmp/mbw1) attempts to figure out the L1 and L2
      Refuse to load dependancies from the root filesystem during early boot when
      Bring in the MODULE_DEPEND() and DECLARE_MODULE() macros from FreeBSD-5.x.
      MT_TAG mbufs are terrible hacks and cannot be freed.  Skip any MT_TAGs
      Remove __P() macros from include/
      __P removal.
      Fix bug in last syscall separation commit, an extra semicolon was causing
      Add a make variable listing obsolete header files that need to be removed
      Prep for GCC 3.x kernel compiles, stage 2/2: Remove bad __asm embedded-newline
      Move bsd.kern.mk from /usr/src/share/mk to /usr/src/sys/conf and
      Misc cleanups to take care of GCC3.x warnings.  Missing 'U' and 'LL'
      Correct bugs introduced in the last syscall separation commit.  The
      panic() normally tries to sync.  Add a sysctl to control the behavior in
      Fix a bug in the last fix to a prior locking issue.  A vdrop() was
      Cleanup the linux exec code to match other recent fixes to the exec code.
      Enable Conrad parallel port radio clock support in ntp by default.  No reason
      Cleanup aux args and 32-byte align the initial user stack pointer.  Note that
      Fix a missing backslashed in the 1.9 commit.
      clarify the solution for typical build snafus in UPDATING.
      Backout part of 1.16.  It is not necessary to align the stack at this
      Correct several bugs.  If we fail to add a device be sure to delete its kobj.
      Use M_ZERO instead of manually bzero()ing memory allocated with malloc().
      Sync TAILQ_FOREACH work from 5.x.  The closer we can get this file to 5.x
      Turn off CHECK_POINTS in mpboot.s.  It was accidently left on which resulted
      RC cleanups and minor bug fixes to support the uname change to DragonFly
      Add a .makeenv directive to make, which allows variables to be exported to
      This file needs sys/cdefs.h for __ extensions and such (similar to what
      Change the system name from 'FreeBSD' to 'DragonFly'.  We are now officially
      Change the system name from 'FreeBSD' to 'DragonFly'.  Additional commits
      Add syscall4 (/tmp/sc4) perf test.  This tests stat() overhead instead of
      Redo the 'upgrade' target.  Get rid of the old elf stuff and change the
      Change the system name from 'FreeBSD' to 'DragonFly'.
      Change the system name from 'FreeBSD' to 'DragonFly'.
      Adjust nfs module loading to use nfs.ko (4.x style) rather then the
      This is a major cleanup of the LWKT message port code.  The messaging code
      Add a DECLARE_DUMMY_MODULE() so we can get linker_set module names
      Add a DECLARE_DUMMY_MODULE for snd_cmi to detect kld/static-kernel conflicts.
      Implement an upcall mechanism to support userland LWKT.  This mechanism will
      Add a big whopping manual page for the upcall syscalls, upc_register and
      Add UPC_CRITADD, the value that crit_count must be increased or decreased
      Add an upcall performance test program + example context function
      Add some comments to the upcall test code.
      Tweak the context data a bit and do some code cleanup.  Save %edx as well
      'Building databases' has 10 seconds worth of sleeps that it doesn't need.
      Do some fairly major include file cleanups to further separate kernelland
      When looking for files that have already been linked, strip off any
      Make the 'bad isr' panics a little more verbose.
      NETISR_POLL cannot use isr 0.  Use isr 1.
      Fix the OID_AUTO collision with static sysctl numbers.  This can occur
      More LWKT messaging cleanups.  Isolate the default port functions by making
      Add a new library, libcaps, which is intended to encompass DragonFly-specific
      Add /var/caps/root and /var/caps/users.  IPC rendezvous services for root
      Set the close-on-exec flag for CAPS client descriptors.
      #include cleanups for lwkt_msgport.c and lwkt_thread.c... the committed
      Cleanup POSIX real-time so the kernel compiles without the P1003_1B
      Fix a DOS in rfork().  Disallow kernel-only flags.
      Fix bug in last commit (missing ..)
      Add the MPIPE subsystem.  This subsystem is used for 'pipelining' fixed-size
      Add cpdup to /bin (not /usr/bin), so we can start using it during boot
      Add the -C option to mount_mfs.  This option will automatically copy the
      Documentat mount_mfs -C
      Add a missing PRELE() when the mfs_mount kernel process exits.  Because
      Do not require -i0 when -o is used.
      When attempting to open a file path do not treat a file that appears as a
      Introduce /usr/src/nrelease which begins to implement the new 'live CD'
      Fix a minor bug... install cvsup and mkisofs in the correct
      Temporary disable the ports checks.. the Makefile has to be runnable from
      Add nreleae back in.  It's a dummy target designed only to ensure that
      Use mkiso -R instead of -r in order to properly record file modes.  In
      Add a README file, rc.conf, and example fstab.  Disable a number of system
      After testing the manual installation instructions on a real box make some
      Add additional information on cvsup'ing various sources.
      Add chmod 1777 for /tmp and make other minor adjustments.
      As part of the libcaps threading work a number of routines in lwkt_thread.c
      General cleanups as part of the libcaps userland threading work.
      Augment the upcall system calls to support a priority mechanism rather then
      Major libcaps work to support userland threading.  Stage 1/2.
      Minor cleanups to sysport.  Use ms_msgsize in the sendsys() call.
      Modify the upcall code to access the critical count via the current thread
      Adjust a comment.
      Add additional functionality to the upcall support to allow us to wait for
      Major update to libcaps.  Implement support for virtual cpus using
      Thread testing code for libcaps.
      Convert alpm to use the devmethod code.
      PCI compat cleanup, part 1.  This brings in the LNC and VX drivers
      This patch adds a bunch of stuff from FreeBSD5.  It consistantly makes
      Add strlcpy and strlcat to libkern
      Add libc support for propolice.  See:
      Add -fstack-protector and -fno-stack-protector support to GCC.  Note
      Add -fstack-protector support for the kernel.
      More cleanups to make ports work better.
      Do not print out error messages in quiet mode to make shell scriptiong
      Add the -o file option to rcorder.  This will cause rcorder to generate
      Add a -p option to rcorder which generates the PROVIDE keywords for the
      Adjust rc.subr to generate system-wide varsyms tracking RCNG operations.
      Add /sbin/rcrun and symlinks rcstart, rcstop, rcrestart, rcvar, rclist,
      Oops, forgot the rc.subr update
      Make a distinction between disabled entries and running entries.  Do not
      Be smarter about services which are in a disabled state.  If the
      Add another special return code, 3, which means 'subsystem is not
      Minor grammatical fix.
      Add an 'enable' and 'disable' target to rcrun, and add softlink shortcuts
      use the proper $RC_ variable when returning irrelevancy.
      Make savecore return RC_CONFIGURED unconditionally.
      Support multicast on the Marvell Yukon Chipset.  The GMAC on the Yukon
      Fix a memory leak that occurs when an attempt is made to checkpoint
      USER_LDT is now required by a number of packages as well as our upcoming
      Fix a syscall separation bug in recvfrom() which sometimes dereferenced
      Minor syntax cleanup.
      Patch to make the P4S8X run in ATA100 mode.  This is a compromise, since
      Add a p_sched field to accomodate Adam K Kirchhoff's scheduler work.  This
      The attribution for the last commit was incorrect, it should have been:
      Try to catch mbuf cluster mclfree list corruption a little earlier with
      Backgroundable NFS mounts can still cause a boot sequence to stall for
      FreeBSD-5.x removed the 'read interrupt arrived early' check code, for
      Most motherboards these days have at least two USB controllers.  Adjust
      Synchronize the USB, CAM, and TASKQUEUE subsystems with FreeBSD RELENG_4.
      Fix the peripheral list scan code, which was broken when the new linker set
      Primarily add a missing lwkt_reltoken() in ntfs_ntput(), plus a little
      minor syntax cleanup
      Get rid of individual /* $xxx$ */ comments entirely (which was an artifact
      Add missing prototypes in last commit, other minor adjustments.
      Add support for cam_calc_geometry(), from FreeBSD-5.
      Bring in the entire FreeBSD-5 USB infrastructure.  As of this commit my
      These files have been moved to bus/usb.
      Add idle entry halt vs spin statistics counters machdep.cpu_idle_*,
      Cleanup a DIAGNOSTIC test so LINT compiles.
      Bump the network interface cloning API to what is in 5.x with the following
      Get EHCI to compile.  This will make USB2.0 work when 'device ehci' is
      Rearrange an INVARIANTS overflow test so it works with more immediacy.
      Fix a bug: remove an extra crit_enter() in the default waitport/waitmsg
      Remove proc related extern's from sys/proc.h that are now static's inside
      When you attempt to kldload snd_sb16 and then unload it, the system crashes.
      Import the libkern/fnmatch code from FreeBSD-5.
      Maintain the fnmatch() API from FreeBSD-5 using an inline, rename the
      if_xname support Part 1/2: Convert most of the netif devices to use
      if_xname support Part 2/2: Convert remaining netif devices and implement full
      if_xname support Part 2b/2: Convert remaining netif devices and implement full
      Add the -r option to set the hostname based on a reverse lookup of an IP
      bktr depends on bktr_mem.  Add a KMODDEPS line.
      *** empty log message ***
      Compensate for the frequency error that occurs at higher 'hz' settings.
      tvtohz() was originally designed for tsleep() and timeout() operations but
      note last commit based on evidence supplied by: Paul Herman <pherman@frenchfries.net>
      Fix a bug introduced in the last commit.  When calculating the delta count
      Add necessary critical sections to microtime() and nanotime().
      Make the phase synchronization of the hz clock interrupt (I8254 timer0)
      Arg3 to kern_fcntl was incorrectly passed as NULL, causing
      Minor corrections to the documentation.
      ANSIfy procedure arguments.
      Add a missing thread pointer to a busdma call that needs it.
      Cleanup the vm_map_entry_[k]reserve/[k]release() API.  This API is used to
      npx_intr() expects an interrupt frame but was given something inbetween an
      Fix a long-standing bug in protocol 2 operation.  The client will top sending
      minor syntax cleanups (non-operational changes).
      scrap stderr from the ps output to avoid an annoying warning (due to
      Major GCC surgery.  Move most compiler-specific files into named
      Augment the upgrade_etc target to remove stale compiler-related binaries
      Fixup /usr/libexec/gcc2/aout binutils generation.  The install targets had
      Adjust the upgrade target to remove stale /usr/libexec/aout files now
      Handle recursive situations a bit more robustly by adding a second reference
      non operational change.  vm_map_wire() now takes a flags argument instead
      Fix an off-by-one error in fdfree() related to flock/fcntl unlock on
      Fix reversed snprintf arguments.
      CAPS IPC library stage 1/3: The core CAPS IPC code, providing system calls
      CAPS IPC library stage 2/3: Adjust syscalls.master and regenerate our
      vm_uiomove() is a VFS_IOOPT related procedure, conditionalize it
      Add test programs for the new caps system calls.  Temporarily disable the
      move the caps_type enum so it is accessible through both user and kernel
      Fix a minor malloc leak in ips.
      Add and document an example disklabel file for the ISO
      Fix a panic if -i is used on an interface which does not have an IP.
      Retool the M_* flags to malloc() and the VM_ALLOC_* flags to
      Resident executable support stage 1/4: Add kernel bits and syscall support
      Resident executable support stage 2/4: userland bits.  Augment rtld-elf
      Add sys/resident.h for userland syscall prototypes, and give the unregister
      Resident executable support stage 3/4:  Cleanup rtld-elf and augment and
      Resident executable support stage 4/4: remove prebinding support.
      Resident executable support stage 4/4: cleanup options.  -R and -x id now
      It really is supposed to be CAPF_ANYCLIENT.
      Follow FreeBSD's lead and remove a test utility which is not under a free
      Fix the bandwidth specifier once and for all.  Properly distinguish
      Use the fliesystem block size instead of BUFSIZ when the client sends files.
      Fix some type-o's and add some info on things to try if your initial attempt
      Add a 'dd' prior to the first fdisk to cover situations where people are
      Get rid of embedded newline continuation entirely and switch to an ANSI
      Assume read access for execute requests so we can fill in the read credential
      Synch the XL driver with FreeBSD-4.x.
      Turn off hardware assisted transmit checksums by default.  In buildworld
      When creating a new uidinfo structure, check for an allocation race whether
      Cleanup the duel-macro specifications in sioreg.h and ns16550.h by having
      Prevent killall from killing itself.
      Fix a serious bug in the NTPD loopfilter.  Basically what happens is that
      USB storage devices are standard fare these days, add device atapicam to
      Fix type-o's and add a few files to the cleanup list.
      Describe variant symlinks in the 'ln' manual page.
      func() -> func(void) style.
      Try to work-around a DFly-specific crash that can occur in ufs_ihashget()
      Fix the DDB 'trace' command.  When segment address adjustments were added
      Undo some of the previously made changes to deal with cross build issues
      Rename Makefile.sub back to Makefile.inc to fix cross builds.
      Rename .sub files back to .inc.
      Remove the remainder of Makefile.sub handling.  Make objformat aware of the
      have upgrade / upgrade_etc remove /usr/libexec/gcc2 now as well, it has
      Add back a directory path that buildworld needs, remove /usr/libexec/gcc2
      oops, undo part of the last commit. cpp, f77 need their gccX frontends in
      Set a variable indicating that we support .makeenv, so we can conditionalize
      This should hopefully fix current issues with bootstrap buildworlds from
      This commit represents a major revamping of the clock interrupt and timebase
      This commit represents a major revamping of the clock interrupt and timebase
      This commit represents a major revamping of the clock interrupt and timebase
      Clean up the sys_nsig verses NSIG code to handle additional fault
      Update miscellanious firewire manual pages from FreeBSD-4.x.
      Remove limitations on the 'machine' specification.
      MAINTAINER lines in Makefile's are no longer applicable, remove them.
      Remove genassym and gensetdefs.  These programs are obsolete and no longer
      remove genassym and gensetdefs in the upgrade_etc target.
      Make gcc3 the default for non-i386 architectures, leave gcc2 the default
      binutils214 stage 1/4.  Bring in the build infrastructure (left untied from
      Don't use wildcards in csh expansions to avoid early termination of
      binutils214 stage 2/4.
      Merge from vendor branch BINUTILS:
      Bring GNU binutils-2.14.  This commit is an exact copy of the contents of
      binutils214 stage 2/4 (continued).  remove /usr/bin/gcc{2,3} from
      AMD64 infrastructure stage 1/99.  This is just a preliminary commit.  Many
      Update the GCC3 infrastructure Stage 1/2.  This commit generates the basic
      Undo the xmalloc->malloc optimization FreeBSD made in certain cases
      Adjust __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly_
      Make the 'realclean' target respect KERNCONF.
      Add -DSETPWENT_VOID to CFLAGS to work around a __FreeBSD__ conditional in
      Adjust osreldate.h to only set __FreeBSD_version if __FreeBSD__ is set,
      Fake __FreeBSD__ for various contrib/ code that needs it.
      Change __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__
      Remove obsolete __FreeBSD_version checks, add __DragonFly__ tests to
      Try to clean up more of GCC's xrealloc and xmalloc wrapper mess so
      Fake __FreeBSD__ for sendmail contrib use.
      This should fix the dependancy loop for sure.
      More __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__ translation
      Add some basic in-pipeline instruction timing tests.  Instruction timings
      Add a locked-bus-cycle add to memory test
      Fix a DFly buildworld from 4.x issue.  Only set HAVE_STDINT_H for
      Split the lwkt_token code out of lwkt_thread.c.  Give it its own file.
      devsw() does not exist in DFly.  use dev_dflags() to extract d_flags.
      The logical pci busses must attach to the physical pci bridges using the
      Convert mbuf M_ flags into malloc M_ flags when calling malloc().
      Use a globaldata_t instead of a cpuid in the lwkt_token structure.  The
      isa_wrongintr() cannot depend on the (void *) unit argument pointing to
      activate any tick-delayed software interrupts in the per-cpu hardclock
      sys/dev __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__ cleanups.
      Change lwkt_send_ipiq() and lwkt_wait_ipiq() to take a globaldata_t instead
      Convert __FreeBSD__ tests to __FreeBSD__ and  __DragonFly__ tests
      Add -D__FreeBSD__ for buildworld (vacation pulls source files from
      Use "iq" instead of "ir" for the register constraint.  "iq" means 'an
      bio ops can be initiated from the buffer cache, td_proc may be NULL here.
      Oops.  Forgot to renumber the %N's in the macros in the last commit.
      Rewrite the IP checksum code.  Get rid of all the inline assembly garbage,
      Fix forgotten lwkt_send_ipiq() API update.  cpuid -> globaldata pointer
      C99 specify ary[] instead of ary[0] in structure.
      gcc2 doesn't like ary[] inside structures.  Add __ARRAY_ZERO to
      Add PCI busses to the device list in bus number order to make debug output
      Actively manage cam rescan timeouts in the usb subsystem.  This does not
      Change M_NOWAIT to M_WAITOK.  This does not fix any known issues but it
      Get rid of some old cruft and add a failsafe for M_WAITOK which guarentees
      Create a new machine type, cpumask_t, to represent a mask of cpus, and
      Move <machine/in_cksum.h> to <sys/in_cksum.h>.  This file is now platform
      Remove old in_cksum.c and in_cksum.h (they were moved to netinet and sys
      atomic_*_*_nonlocked() inlines are not MP locked.  Remove the MPLOCKED
      Split the IPIQ messaging out of lwkt_thread.c and move it to its own file,
      Cleanup and augment the cpu synchronization API a bit.  Embed the maxcount
      Install new .mk files (/usr/src/share/mk) as part of the upgrade_etc target.
      Make buftimetoken an extern so it is not declared as a common variable.
      buftimetoken must be declared in a .c file.
      Remove duplicate declarations in preparation for adding -fno-common to
      Remove duplicate bioops declaration in preparation for -fno-common
      Add a dependant include.
      Remove common variable to get ready for -fno-common.
      Compile the kernel with -fno-common to guarentee that we do not accidently
      Remove common declaration for -fno-common
      Remove duplicate declarations for -fno-common
      Remove duplicate declarations for -fno-common
      Undo part of the last commit.  Part of a different patch set leaked into it
      Introduce an MI cpu synchronization API, redo the SMP AP startup code,
      (followup) remove lockid.
      ATAng stage 1: synch ad_attach() and atapi_attach(), including a fix for
      ATAng stage 2: sync part of the ata_dma*() API.  No operational changes.
      ATAng stage 3: sync additional atang from 4.x, mostly non-opertional changes,
      ATAng stage 4: sync additional atang from 4.x, all non-operational changes
      ATAng stage 5: sync additional function API changes from FBsd-4.  We now
      ATAng stage 5: sync chipset changes and bug fixes.  busdma is not synched yet.
      Add experimental (as in hacked) support for the Silicon Image SATA
      ATAng stage 6: Comment-only.  Many thanks to David Rhodus for generating
      Merge vfs/ufs/ufs_disksubr.c into kern/subr_disk.c.  The procedures in
      RCNG, shutdown ppp connections nicely when told to.
      M_NOWAIT work stage 1/999:  Fix some boot-time misuses of M_NOWAIT -> M_WAITOK
      Implement a pipe KVM cache primarily to reduce unnecessary TLB IPIs between
      Synchronize a bunch of things from FreeBSD-5 in preparation for the new
      Synchronize a bunch of things from FreeBSD-5 in preparation for the new
      Bring in the FreeBSD-5 ACPICA code as a module.  Note: not hooked up yet,
      Bring in acpica-unix-20031203.  As with other contrib imports, this import
      Fix a bug in the last commit.  4.x improperly tries to add the children
      Include the required machine/bus.h if we do not already have it.
      Bring in additional stuff from FreeBSD-5, fixing some issues (fwohci not
      INTR_EXCL moved to sys/bus.h, add #include.
      Remove static resource_disabled(), the function is now supplied by
      Make nexus understand the new INTR_ flags, mainly INTR_ENTROPY.
      Newtoken commit.  Change the token implementation as follows:  (1) Obtaining
      Partitions>8: Do not hardwire partition limit at 'h'.
      Partitions>8: Leave a whole 512 bytes for the disklabel and squeeze code
      Partitions>8: Increase the number of supported partitions from 8 to 16.
      Correct bug introduced in last commit.
      Simplify LWKT message initialization semantics to reduce API confusion.
      Bring libcaps in line with recent LWKT changes.
      Additional CAPS IPC work.  Add additional system calls to allow a CAPS
      Adjust the caps client/server test code to match new CAPS features.  The
      The sys/xxx2.h files are supposed to be included after all the normal
      get rid of thr{1,2,3}, which are obsolete at the moment.  Keep the
      Initial CAPS IPC structural encoding and decoding support.  Note that the
      libcaps now compiles ipiq and token in userland, make those files compile
      ANSIfy the tsleep() and sched_setup() procedure definitions.
      Config cleanup part 1/3: Remove old style C cruft and cleanup some variable
      Config cleanup part 2/3: Remove old style C cruft.
      Config cleanup part 3/3: Remove the ns() and twisty eq() macros and replace
      The "Don't forget to do a ``make depend''" warning no longer serves any
      Add -B to display buffer limits instead of current buffer usage.
      Increase the default socket buffer for NFS to deal with linux bugs and to
      Addendum comment to last commit.  Jeffrey Hsu reminded me that kernel writes
      ncpus2 must be initialized to 1 in the UP case.  ncpus2_mask and ncpus2_shift
      Allow the nominal NFS io block size to be set with a sysctl vfs.nfs.nfs_io_size
      Explain some of the instruction details in more depth.
      ANSIfication, convert K&R procedure declarations and remove 'register'.
      dislabel -> 16 partitions work addendum: MAKEDEV now understands and
      Minor documentation adjustments.
      Allow %e, %E, %f, %g, %G formats to work without producing an error code.
      ANSIfication, remove 'register' and 'auto' use, convert K&R procedure decls.
      gdb was unable to obtain backtraces of pure threads.  Change the 'proc'
      Change M_NOWAIT to M_INTWAIT or M_WAITOK.  CAM does a mediocre job checking
      Use M_INTWAIT and M_WAITOK instead of M_NOWAIT within the USB bus
      In an rfork'd or vfork'd situation where multiple processes are sharing
      Fix a bunch of NFS races.  These races existed in FreeBSD 4.x but are more
      The cam_sim structure was being deallocated unconditionally by device
      Do some M_WAITOK<->M_INTWAIT cleanups.  Code entered from userland, such as
      The cam_sim structure was being deallocated unconditionally by device
      When deregistering a bus, pending device bus scan timeouts are not deleted
      When detaching UMASS, abort all the pipes before detaching the sim.  Note
      Do not free the old VFS vector when recomputing the vectors.  If a module
      Code cleanup, remove 'register' and (void) casts.  No functional changes.
      Move a drain output call to before a dirty block check instead of after
      Partial merge from FBsd-5, code to make some PCCARDs work under NEWCARD.
      Add a Makefile stub to build pccard as a module.
      Add a Makefile stub to build ep as a module.
      ANSIfication, K&R cleanups, 'register' removal.
      The kernel realloc() does not support M_ZERO, assert the case.
      nextsoftcheck (which is a really aweful interrupt interlock hack) needs to
      Separate chroot() into kern_chroot().  Rename change_dir() to checkvp_chdir()
      main() more typically uses 'char **argv' instead of 'char *argv[]'.  Remove
      An strlcpy() in the last commit was unconditionally overwriting 'name'
      Fix a bug in the recent connectionless commit.  When sending a UDP packet
      Update the 825xx GigE support.  Add a large number of new device id's and
      Create /usr/src/test/test ... a dummy directory that new committers can
      Merge FreeBSD ifconfig.c rev 1.94, strlcpy() cannot be used if the source
      Separate the pieces a bit.  The usb.ko module does not build EHCI, and
      Add some missing SRCS dependancies to the EHCI module.
      Add some USB specific documentation to make life easier for people
      Add additional default-generation entries for usb2-5, most new PCs these
      Repository copy libkern/{Makefile,iconv*} -> libiconv, and modify the
      Adjust the Makefile's to move the iconv files to libiconv, and add it to
      Bring in MODULE_VERSION from FreeBSD-5.  Even though our kernel doesn't
      Fix generation of USB_EVENT_DEVICE_DETACH, which was commented out in
      Incorporate NetBSD rev 1.111:  Set the device address before reading the
      If XL cannot properly attach it tries to detach to clean up.  Unfortunately,
      Make ALWAYS_MSG the default.  This introduces an extra procedural call
      Get rid of the obsolete SMP checks in SMBFS.
      Add function call overhead tests for (1) direct calls, (2) indirect calls,
      Add some additional spaces so the ctl string does not bump the
      64-byte-align the test functions so they appear on different cache lines.
      Fix p_pctcpu and p_estcpu.  When the new systimer stuff was put in the
      Fix p_pctcpu and p_estcpu (addendum).  Add a ESTCPUFREQ and set it to 10hz.
      Add a missing resetpriority() which was causing all newly forked processes
      No changes. force commit / update timestamp so ioctl.c is regenerated.
      correct a buildworld failure, fix the include file filter to allow the
      Undo part of the last commit.  OBJFORMAT_PATH controls how the cross
      A large number of targets were doing a mkdir -p openssl.  A parallel make
      grr. fix bug in last commit.  Use .ALLSRC instead of .OODATE
      This represents a major update to the buildworld subsystem.
      buildworld subsystem update addendum.  Hopefully fix buildkernel,
      Another attempt to fix make -j N issues with this subdirectory.
      Add hexdump and kill to the bootstrap list.  Correct the tools path used
      Add 'route show' to the route command, plus style cleanups.
      Make the Destination and Gateway columns wider when printing FQDNs so
      Add -w, which prints the full width of the data being represented even if
      ANSIfication (procedure args) cleanup.
      make -j N support, add a required dependancy.
      Fix malloc semantics, M_NOWAIT->M_WAITOK.
      agp_nvidia.c was not being linked into the module build.
      Fix malloc semantics (M_NOWAIT->M_INTWAIT/M_WAITOK).
      Return a low priority for the "hostb%d" catch-all for pci busses, which will
      make -j N support, the generated lib_gen.c and nomacros.h files depend
      Fix a missing makewhatis related change so buildworld works again.
      The NXCC (native C compiler) misnamed OBJFORMATPATH, it neesd to be
      Make the .nx/.no native program helper binaries work and add some missing
      Protect v_usecount with a critical section for now (we depend on the BGL),
      Do some major performance tuning of the userland scheduler.
      Import Alan Cox's /usr/src/sys/kern/sys_pipe.c 1.171.  This rips out
      Add the pipe2 sysperf test.  This test issues block writes from parent to
      Initialize the pcpu clocks after we've activated the cpu bit in
      Generally bring in additional sf_buf improvements from FreeBSD-5.  Separate
      Bring in a bunch of well tested MPIPE changes.  Preallocate a minimum
      UDF was not properly cleaning up getblk'd buffers in the face of error
      Count vnodes held on the mount list simply by using the
      Protect the mntvnode scan for coda with the proper token.  Since we do not
      Second major scheduler patch.  This corrects interactive issues that were
      Initial XIO implementation.  XIOs represent data through a list of VM pages
      Hook XIO up to the kernel build.
      Change CAPS over to use XIO instead of the vmspace_copy() junk it was using
      Trash the vmspace_copy() hacks that CAPS was previously using.  No other
      Cleanup libcaps to support recent LWKT changes.  Add TDF_SYSTHREAD back
      Allow the child priority (receive side of the pipe test) to be specified
      Cleanup the forking behavior of the CAPS client test program.
      Add missing sf_buf_free()'s.
      Get rid of the upper-end malloc() limit for the pipe throughput test.
      Implement a convenient gd_cpumask so we don't have to do 1 << gd->gd_cpuid
      Fix an unused variable warning (non-operational).
      Enhance the pmap_kenter*() API and friends, separating out entries which
      Make buildkernel's require a buildworld to be done first, because they
      Correct the commented-out example for MODULES_OVERRIDE.
      In the sysclock commit I tried to make 'boottime' a fixed value, but it
      Fix bugs in xio_copy_*().  We were not using the masked offset when
      Create a normal stack frame in generic_bcopy() to aid debugging, so
      Cleanup NXENV so it works properly when running buildworld from FreeBSD.
      Perl is no longer needed by buildworld/buildkernel.
      Setting the date/time does not always properly write-back the RTC, causing
      Fix a missing wildcard binding in the recent wildcard binding hash table work.
      Quake 3 server (running under linux emulation) was failing with odd '
      Undo the last commit.  Utility programs which install c++ includes have no
      Fix buildworld.  Document TOOLS_PREFIX and USRDATA_PREFIX, improve INCLUDEDIR
      Bring in FreeBSD  Properly unwind the stack when certain
      Partial sync from FreeBSD adds some more support and fixes.  Also replace a
      Remove makewhatis from /usr/bin (it officially resides in /usr/sbin),
      per-cpu tcbinfo[]s aren't ready for prime time yet.  The tcbinfo is assigned
      Export the lwkt_default_*() message port default functions so other
      Subsystems which install an so_upcall may themselves call socket functions
      Do not reset %gs in signal handlers, some programs depend on it (KDE in
      Protect nfs socket locks with a critical section.  Recheck rep->r_mrep just
      Use hex bit values instead of decimal bit values (non operational change).
      General netif malloc() flags cleanup.  Use M_INTWAIT or M_WAITOK instead
      General bus malloc() flags cleanup, M_NOWAIT -> M_INTWAIT.  Note: leave
      General ata malloc() flags cleanup.  Use M_INTWAIT where appropriate and
      Make TCP stats per-cpu.
      Enable propolice (stack smashing detector) by default on gcc3.
      Make TCP stats per-cpu. (forgot to add new header file)
      TCP statistics structure renamed tcpstat -> tcp_stats.
      /tmp/motd* files were being left sitting around after a reboot when the
      namecache work stage 4:
      namecache work stage 4a: Do some minor performance cleanups with negative
      Introduce negative (ENOENT) caching for NFS.  Before this, an attempt to
      ANSIfication and style cleanups.  Non operational.
      Do some minor critical path performance improvements in the scheduler
      Add vfork/exec perf test.  exec1 tests static binaries, exec2 tests dynamic
      Use the sf_buf facility rather then kmem_alloc_wait/pmap_kenter/kmem_free
      Fix the conditional used to determine whether psignal() should be called.
      Remove the now obsolete /usr/include/g++.  Cleanup after the nawk->awk
      ANSIfication/style cleanups (non operational)
      The malloc() call in at_fork() needs to use M_WAITOK instead of M_NOWAIT.
      get rid of TCP_DISTRIBUTED_TCBINFO, it only added confusion.
      res_search only incremented got_servfail for h_errno == TRY_AGAIN *AND*
      uio_td might be NULL, do not indirect through uio_td to get to td_proc
      Run the exec test for 5 seconds instead of 1 to improve measurement
      Implement lwkt_abortmsg() support.  This function chases down a message and
      Detect when the target process's thread is sitting on a message port and
      Change WAIT_FOR_AUTO_NEG_DEFAULT to 0.  Do not wait for auto-negotiation to
      netisr_queue() needs to reliably allocate the message used to reference the
      Use vm_page_hold() instead of vm_page_wire() for exec's mapping of the first
      Revamp the initial lwkt_abortmsg() support to normalize the abstraction.  Now
      When an mpipe was being destroyed, each element in the array was being
      Followup commit, redo the way the root file descriptor slop is calculated
      Fix a netmsg memory leak in the ARP code.  Adjust all ms_cmd function
      Fix a race in user_ldt_free() against an interrupt (which attempts to
      M_NOWAIT -> M_WAITOK or M_INTWAIT conversions.  There is a whole lot of net
      Use M_INTWAIT instead of M_NOWAIT in the ip messaging redispatch case to
      The temporary message allocated to execute a connect request is not
      M_NOWAIT to mostly M_INTWAIT conversions, with a splattering of
      Correct type-o in last commit.  oops.
      More M_NOWAIT -> M_INTWAIT | M_NULLOK conversions, primarily atm and ipsec.
      posixlocks resource limit part 1/4: Add support to the login.conf database,
      posixlocks resource limit part 2/4: Add support to /usr/bin/limits.
      Revamp UPDATING with separate instructions for upgrading from sources
      buildiso was assuming a native obj hierarchy when running the make distribute
      msync(..., MS_INVALIDATE) will incorrectly remove dirty pages without
      Fix a client tail -f vs server-appended file data corruption case by
      #ifdef out the PCATCH/CURSIG code for userland (libcaps), it only applies
      Support for more video modes: accept mode names like MODE_<NUMBER> where
      If the server goes away while the client is trying to copy a message from
      Fix a bug noted by David Rhodus and removes minor redundancy.
      nextsoftcheck must be a volatile pointer, not a pointer to a volatile.
      Bring in the following revs from FreeBS-4:
      Revamp the PIPE test a bit.  Use a calibration loop to make the test always
      Due to pipe buffer chunking the reader side of the pipe was not traversing
      Add mem1 and mem2 .... memory copying and zeroing test suites, making it
      Rewrite the optimized memcpy/bcopy/bzero support subsystem.  Rip out the
      Make hash tables one power of 2 larger so they don't (generally) fold
      Make SF_BUF_HASH() into an inline routine, sf_buf_hash(), and add an
      Remove the (now non existant) i486_bzero assignment for I486_CPU.
      Correct a bug in the last FPU optimized bcopy commit.  The user FPU state
      Fix a race in npxdna().  If an interrupt occurs after we have set npxthread
      Fix a race in the FP copy code.  If we setup our temporary FP save area
      Fix another bug in the recent bcopy revamp.   The range checking was
      Clear npxthread before setting CR0_TS.
      Add bcopyb() back in for the PCVT driver.  bcopyb() is explicitly
      Commit an update to the pipe code that implements various pipe algorithms.
      We must pmap_qremove() pages that we previously pmap_qenter()'d before
      (non bug) The hash routines are never called with a size of 1, but make
      ipstat needs thread2.h for MP stuff and mycpu.
      A memory ordering barrier is needed in crit_exit() ensure that td_pri
      ip6_input() must call the IP6_EXTHDR_CHECK() macro with a specified return
      Fix an exit-race with ^T.  If a process is exiting it may be detached from
      Another major mmx/xmm/FP commit.  This is a combination of several patches
      pmap_qremove() takes a page count, not a byte count.  This should fix
      Do not trust the third-party ACPI code.  Track memory mapping requests
      Use M_INTWAIT instead of M_NOWAIT for the rest of the acpica support code.
      Document the fact that SYSTIMERS operate without the MP lock.
      Followup, fix some missing ODFM->OFDM conversions.
      One of the lf_create_range() calls in lf_clearlock() was passing a bogus
      Add the filesystem/NFS stress tester program, adapted for BSD by Jordan
      Move the fsx filesystem tester program from /usr/src/tools/regression to
      Fix IPV6 listen().  It was simply a matter of a missing
      Peter Edwards brought up an interesting NFS bug which we both originally
      lf_setlock() was not returning the correct error code due to an 'int error'
      lf_alloc_range() must initialize the returned structure sufficiently such that
      Add an assertion to sys_pipe to cover a possible overrun case and reorder
      Followup log-only addendum: It turns out that last commit did not solve
      Fix a bug in sys/pipe.c.  xio_init_ubuf() might not be able to load up the
      Attempting to access a device which has been destroyed, such as a UMASS
      sf_buf_free() requires a critical section to safely manipulate the free
      Remove DIAGNOSTIC elements that are no longer correct.
      Close an interrupt race between vm_page_lookup() and (typically) a
      malloc() flags cleanup and fixes.  Get rid of M_NOWAIT in places where the
      sf_buf_ref() needs a critical section.  Note that the function is not
      device switch 1/many: Remove d_autoq, add d_clone (where d_autoq was).
      INCSLINKS cannot be used to make softlinks within machine/ because
      Fix another race in ^T.  ttyprintf() can block, during which time the
      Fix more ^T panics.  calcru() and p_comm also need p_thread checks.  Just
      Bring in a better seeding and random number generation algorithm from
      Device layer rollup commit.
      Using the new contrib rev mechanism, bring cvs up to 1.12.8.  Add patch files
      Make the primary PQ_ macros available to modules by creating the pageq
      Cleanup compile issues with the recent dev_t changes.
      Cleanup compile issues with the recent dev_t changes.
      Cleanup pass.  No operational changes.
      Get rid of obsolete PQ_ options.
      Cleanup pass.  No operational changes.
      Get rid of VM_WAIT and VM_WAITPFAULT crud, replace with calls to
      Pass the proper mask/match arguments to cdevsw_add() so the various sound
      The extended mbr handling code was improperly using the b_dev from a
      ANSIfication and cleanup.  No operational changes.
      Increment v_opencount before potentially blocking in dopen to avoid
      Cleanup cdevsw and dev reference counting ops to fix a warning that occurs
      ANSIfication and general cleanup.  No operational changes.
      count_udev() was being called with the wrong argument.
      preload_delete_name() needs to use the same path munging that the other
      Cleanup warnings.  No operational changes.
      Cleanup warnings.  No operational changes.  Note that the original ACPICA
      Correct a bug in the last commit, udev must be assigned from vp->v_udev, not
      ANSIfication and cleanup.  No functional changes.
      Mask bits properly for pte_prot() in case it is called with additional
      Bring in the fictitious page wiring bug fixes from FreeBSD-5.  Make additional
      Attach bind-9.2.4rc4 to the base system.  Rip out bind-8 binaries and add
      Initialize the FP unit earlier in the AP boot sequence.  This solves
      Add lwkt_setcpu_self(), a function which migrates the current thread to
      Make sysctl_kern_proc() iterate through available cpus to retrieve the
      Two unused arguments were recently removed from pmap_init() without
      In the root fs search use the correct unit number when checking for
      When doing a restart, sleep for 0.1 seconds after the kill to avoid racing
      Fix the path to named's pid file.
      Since RNDC does not yet support 'restart', use RCNG to restart named
      Add RLIMIT_POSIXLOCKS support to csh/tcsh.
      Add a pfil_has_hooks() inline to shortcut calls to pfil_run_hooks(),
      ANSIfication.  No operational changes.
      VM86 calls on some BIOSs, apparently mainly VESA calls, use 8254 timers that
      ANSIfication and cleanup.  No functional changes.
      Clean up some misuses of bp->b_dev after a strategy function has completed
      ms_cmd has changed to a union, update the test code.
      ANSIfication.  No functional changes.
      Use MPIPE instead of (the really aweful improper use of) mbuf_alloc() for
      Remove dtom() in unused (#ifndef notdef'd) code.  Well, just remove the whole
      Use MPIPE instead of the really hackish use of m_get() and mtod()/dtom()
      Use MPIPE instead of misusing m_getclr() (i.e. m_get) for NETNS's
      Add MPF_INT (for mpipe_init()), which allows one to specify that an MPIPE
      Use a normal malloc() for PCB allocations instead of the really aweful mbuf
      Remove dtom().  dtom() is no longer supported (precursor requirement for
      async syscall work: The async syscall code got dated by recent LWKT
      Allow dup_sockaddr() to block, otherwise the code becomes non-deterministic.
      Rearrange the kern_getcwd() procedure to return the base of the string
      M_NOWAIT is just wrong in the init code.  The allocation must succeed.
      Add the MSFBUF API.  MSFBUFs are like SFBUFs but they manage ephermal
      Deal with revoke()'d descriptors.  The underlying vnode is vgone()'d, which
      The usbcom's device was being released too early in the close sequence.
      Remove the canwait argument to dup_sockaddr().  Callers of dup_sockaddr()
      Add the prototype for the recently added XIO API call xio_init().
      Back out the last change.  Normal 'make' builds in the source tree are
      Remove dtom() from comment.
      Add in_pcbinfo_init() to encapsulate basic structural setup (right now just
      Recent accept() changes started depending on the protosw->pr_mport field
      Additional listhead->pcblisthead and marker support for netinet6.
      Convert netproto/ns to the pr_usrreqs structure.  This is untested work
      ulimit.h needed to be added to the include file list for installation.
      Fix improper vm_object ref counting in procfs that was introduced in the last
      Both 'ps' and the loadav calculations got broken by thread sleeps, which
      Fix a bug in the reply port path related to aborts.  Aborted messages are
      ANSIfy the remaining K&R functions.  Remove two bzero-after-malloc's in
      start_forked_proc() should not be called when rfork() is called without
      Fix a race with the clearing of p->p_session->s_ttyvp.  NULL the pointer
      Clean up GCC3.3, rip out all the weird search paths it adds and fix a long
      Make sure gcc_local.c and any left over patch mess is cleaned up by make clean,
      Don't set prefetch mode on VIA chips, it causes problems on newer chips and
      Write a remote configuration utility called 'rconfig'.  This initial
      chdir into WorkDir before running the downloaded script.
      A sample rconfig script which completely wipes and reinstalls dragonfly
      Fix an aggregious non-terminated buffer issue and also fix the retry code
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Bring in a trimmed down gcc-3.4-20040618.
      Allow CCVER to be empty, which will cause the compiled-in default compiler
      'lrint' is a gcc3.4 builtin and gcc3.4 is unhappy if we use that for anything
      Fix a prototype error in gcc-3.3's com.h in order to allow gcc-3.4 to compile
      Remove the last vestiges of -DCCVER from 2.95.x contrib so we can remove
      Add a missing break after default: for gcc-3.4 support.
      Hook gcc 3.4 into the buildworld.  Rearrange HOST_CCVER so it becomes the
      gcc-3.4 cleanup.
      Adding missing break after default: (gcc-3.4).
      gcc-3.4 cleanups.  Add missing break statements, deal with goto labels,
      gcc-3.4 cleanups.  missing break / goto labels.
      Correct a known panic in the twe driver, M_NOWAIT -> M_INTWAIT work.
      General M_NOWAIT -> M_INTWAIT work, except in periodic timeout() routines
      Some more M_NOWAIT->M_INTWAIT.  Not sure if the sym changes are correct,
      Fix -j builds for gcc-3.4.  The .nx build in cc_tools was breaking
      Fix -j builds for gcc-3.4.  The .nx build in cc_tools was breaking
      Turn propolice (-fstack-protector) on by default.  Propolice rearranges
      Unbreak the buildworld by fixing a cc_tools dependancy on cc_prep in
      Check for a queued interrupt being dispatched after the ATA driver
      Fix an improper DELAY in the ata tag code (but nobody should be using
      Do a partial synch from FreeBSD-5 of the NVIDIA and NFORCE ATA setup code.
      Hack in the code from FreeBSD-5 to set the timings for NVIDIA/AMD chipsets.
      Fix a broken vrele() in the session tty exit code.
      The route table treats sockaddr data as opaque, which means that the unused
      Backout 1.19.  It prevents some machines from booting (READ timeout).
      Get rid of the PFIL_HOOKS option, integrate pfil in the system permanently.
      Bring in 1.33 from FreeBSD-5:
      Convert the M4'd btxldr.s to a preprocessed btxldr.S (taken from FreeBSD-5)
      Implement duel-console mode and make it the default.  Adjust the boot
      Remove a vn == vp case that was breaking out of the namecache lookup loop
      Stage 1/999: Rewrite boot0 to relocate to higher memory (beyond 64K).  This
      Add a signature for bootn0 so boot0cfg doesn't complain about it, even
      If Preposterous BIOS basemem is detected, instead of truncating to 640K
      Cleanup a comment.
      When a kernel-created thread exits, properly remove it from gd_tdallq and
      Some general cleanups and use M_ZERO instead of bzero() in one case
      Add some early serial console debugging support to the loader.  This is all
      Unhook bios_howmem (a simple reporting variable), it isn't ready yet.
      Add a short unconditional sleep in the lockf retry path to try to
      Reorganize the subdirectories into an include/ subdirectory so the
      ndp was using the old contrib/tcpdump instead of contrib/tcpdump-3.8.3
      Enhance lockf's debugging with macros.  Print the originating process in
      Move include path work for named related utilities.
      Remove 28.cvs for now (the files involved do not exist in the latest contrib)
      Update contrib/cvs to contrib/cvs-1.12.8, but note that this Makefile
      Bring boot2 and the loader into line with our new dual-console support.
      Do not generate the 'Block size restricts cylinder groups to BLAH' warning
      Do not try to chflags() a symbolic link when copying an underlying filesytem
      Do a bit of cleanup and enable the SIO FIFO (1655x) to reduce latencies
      Fix a minor bug in the auto-console selection (handle the -m mute option
      Be ultra conservative for now, do not try to initialize the FIFO.
      More missed named fixups related to the include directory move.
      Bring in YONETANI Tomokazu's acpi-update-2.patch (27-May-2004), a major
      Add note to cpu_idle_hook (which is currently asserted so the code doesn't
      Show a more complete listing of interrupt sources (do not weed out sources
      Make the VR device backdown to emergency polling if the interrupt appears
      Implement livelock detection for threaded interrupts and automatically
      The schednetisr() routine is supposed to be MP and interrupt safe, but wasn't
      Properly probe for the serial port.  If the serial port is unmapped or
      Addendum: it should be noted that boot2 also probes for a valid serial
      Turn the getty on on ttyd0 by default so a CDBOOT will run all the way through
      The acpica-unix-20040527 download from intel seems to like to use upper
      Fix three bugs in the livelock code.  Fix a minor range error in an
      Increase PCCARD_CIS_SIZE from 1024 to 4096 as per FreeBSD-5.  Add range
      Update the README file with useful information about ACPI.
      Undo one of the recent optimizations I made (only running the handlers
      Change the version string to RC1
      Fix a snafu in the last commit.  In the normal non-polling case interrupts
      Add an explanation for the use of CCVER in /etc/make.conf, and recommend
      Make sure a serial port exists by determining whether it is possible to drain
      Add AGP support for the i852GM, i855GM, and i865G.
      When booting from CD, check cd1a and acd1a after cd0a and acd0a, allowing
      Get rid of some debugging printf's that had been accidently committed.
      minor cleanups / no functional changes.
      Bring in acpica-20040527 from intel.  See: http://developer.intel.com/technology/iapc/acpi/downloads/acpica-unix-20040527.tar.gz
      acpica5 update part 1/3:  Implement support for acpica-unix-20040527.
      acpica5 update part 2/3:  Fix a bug introduced in the original acpica5
      acpica5 update part 3/3:  Bring the usr.sbin/acpi tools into the base system
      Cleanup conditionals on exit, remove unnecessary free()'s prior to error exit.
      Fix a bug in the -i code where an existing interface might not be located.
      More optarg and declaration cleanups.
      Update newvers.sh to RC2
      Don't allow a step size of 0 (leading to an infinite loop).  Have
      Be more verbose when printing information on transfer phase errors.
      Unconditionally reset ATAPI-CD devices during boot.  Brian's notes on this:
      In ip_mport() (IP packet demux code), check the minimum length requirement
      Bring in a bunch of updates from NetBSD:
      Bring EHCI up-to-date with NetBSD.  The most serious fixes are 1.53, 1.55,
      Julian Elischer posted an interesting proof-of-concept to freebsd-current
      ugenbuf is associated with the 'ugen' device, not the 'ugenbuf' device.
      Give the newly created ugenbuf.c the standard DragonFly copyright.
      Give ugenbuf the standard DragonFly copyright.
      IPS was using malloc flags of 0 (which is no longer allowed).  The helper
      Add a missing '$' to the FreeBSD cvs tags.
      Fix some issues with the pccard shutdown path (during reboot and halt).
      There was a mountlist race in getnewvnode() whereby the system could block
      (installer support).  We are going to have a special 'installer' login
      Import the new nrelease Makefile packaging and root template infrastructure
      The temporary 'installer' user is not supposed to have a password.
      The release password databases must be regenerated after installing the
      The password file the installer writes to the HD should not have an
      Update the version to 1.0-RELEASE.
      Update the README to include a description of the installer and add some
      Give the dfui packages a version number (1.0).  Implement serial console
      Resynch the pristine ttys for the installer with the base system ttys (put
      Adjust the copyright to the new official DragonFly copyright.
      Update dfuibe_installer to 1.0.1 to fix a series slice corruption issue.
      Update release to 1.0A
      Note that Jeff indicated to me that Jonathan Lemon gave his permission to
      Update all my personal copyrights to the Dragonfly Standard Copyright.
      Fix a URL displayed in an advisory.
      Minor documentation update to clarify the effect of the vfs.usermount sysctl.
      Compensate sockstat for the CPU column that netstat now adds.
      Don't let packets with DF set sneak by through the hardware-assisted
      Fix two serious bugs in the IP demux code.  First, if ip_mport() m_pullup()'s
      Bring the twiddle fix in from FreeBSD5:1.11.  This rev also added a
      Brute force a register save/restore for int 0x13 (disk I/O) and 0x10 (putchar)
      Sync bootn0 with recent boot0 fixes.
      Consolidate most constant memory addresses in bootasm.h part1/2.  Convert
      Consolidate most constant memory addresses in bootasm.h part2/2:
      Correct a bug in NXCCFLAGS generation.
      MAJOR BOOT CODE REVAMP / 30 hour+ hacking session (50 if you include the
      SCSI CD devices require 'cd0c' to be specified instead of 'cd0a', while
      Unconditionally print startup 8254 and TSC calibrations.
      ata-raid associates raw ata disk devices to record the raid setup and checks
      Add a dire warning about PCI_ENABLE_IO_MODES.
      Fix a device pager leak for the case where the page already exists in the
      Replace the perl man filter with a sed man filter, fixing manual page
      Update the userland scheduler.  Fix scheduler interactions which were
      Adjust gd_vme_avail after ensuring that sufficient entries exist rather
      Have DDBs 'ps' command display additional scheduler-related paramters
      Make fstat() account for pending direct-write data when run on a pipe.
      Move usched_debug out of the INVARIANTS conditional.  Make it unconditional.
      Add 'propolice' to the version string version_local.c sed patchup.
      Boot1 tries to clear boot2's BSS.  It makes several assumptions that are
      Patch out tcsh's use of 'exp2', which is math-reserved in gcc-3.4.
      rename exp() to expx() to avoid conflict with gcc-3.4 built-in.
      rename functions that clash with reserved math procedures to avoid gcc3.4
      udev2dev() can return NODEV now, make sure it doesn't crash autoconf's
      Change the default syslogd flags from -s to -ss, which prevents a network
      (From Alan):
      Output a more descriptive error message when AGP can't bind memory.
      Stage 1/many: mbuf/cluster accounting rewrite and mbuf allocator rewrite.
      Implement a kernel strdup() function (API synch with FreeBSD).
      Add a stack-size argument to the LWKT threading code so threads can be
      Add LWKT convenience functions lwkt_getpri() and lwkt_getpri_self().
      Move kthread_create() from lwkt_thread.c to kern_kthread.c.  Add a new
      add the 'y' and 'Y' options to ps, and add the 'iac' keyword.  The 'y'
      Remove a recently added incorrect assertion.  I was assuming that
      Add a test-and-set and release poll function.  This is really just a hack
      Work to allow pure threads to issue VFS lookups:  Only check p->p_ucred
      Work to allow pure threads to issue VFS lookups:  fp_open() uses proc0's
      Work to allow pure threads to issue VFS lookups:  (untested/experimental)
      Sync the IFM_MAKEMODE() macro from FreeBSD-5.
      Bring in NDIS emulation support from FreeBSD-5.  NDIS is a Windows device
      Generally speaking modules should unconditionally enable things like
      Fix more __stdcall issues.  Move the __stdcall into the function typedefs
      Provide some basic instructions on how to create an NDIS wireless driver
      Add the ndiscvt utility from FreeBSD-5, which is used to compile windows
      Bring in the latest pkg_install sources from FreeBSD-5.
      Change sendfile() to use the new m_ext callback scheme for cleaning up after
      Get rid of mb_map.  Retool the mbuf and mbuf cluster allocator to use
      Since mbufs are no longer limited by an mb_map the kern.ipc.nmbufs and
      Fix buggaboos that prevented ACPI_DEBUG from working.
      taskqueue_create() should use M_INTWAIT rather then M_NOWAIT.
      Add a global, clocks_running, which tells us when timeout/ticks based clocks
      Rip out the badly designed softint-based taskqueue used by ACPI for callbacks.
      Make doubly sure that timer2 is not used for speaker operation.
      tcp_input()'s DELAY_ACK() code checks to see if the delayed ack timer is
      The TCP stack is notified every time userland reads from the TCP socket
      The obj hierarchy must be built before the ssh-etc target can be run
      Merge from vendor branch CVS:
      Bring cvs-1.12.9 into the CVS repository
      Upgrade our CVS build from 1.12.8 to 1.12.9 to fix a number of pserver
      make the __asm for the pushfl fakery __volatile.
      GCC3.4's (default) unit-at-a-time optimization is incompatible with -mrtd.
      eventhandler_register() M_NOWAIT->M_INTWAIT.
      Add an event handler to adjust the cpu throttle state automatically when
      Remove the unconditional timer_restore in the bios call path, it is
      Do not hack a #define __FreeBSD_version if __FreeBSD__ does not exist,
      Improve compatibility with older FreeBSD-4.x systems when cross-building
      Add bzip2 to the bootstrap tools list.  The compat libs (if enabled in
      ffs_dirpref() calculates dirsize = (fs->fs_avgfilesize * fs->fs_avgfpdir).
      The SF64-PCR card has no sound support but stupidly uses the same PCI id
      Merge FreeBSD ip.c/1.101, commit message:
      Synchronize syslogd with FreeBSD.  Primarily syslogd.c/1.129.  This primarily
      Bring in FreeBSD mount.c/1.58, original commit message:
      PPP stupidly hardwires some flag constants that it 'steals' from the mbuf
      Discard accepted and pending connections after we detach the listen socket
      Add a state to sanity check tcp_close() to make sure it is not called
      Get rid of the NO_TCSH make.conf variable.   We do not support removing
      add 'read1', a program that tests reading one byte at a time from a file.
      The base/count bounds checking was insufficient, leading to a kernel memory
      Close a kernel mem disclosure bug in linprocfs.  The uio_offset was not
      Oops, undo portions of the last commit, some extra work got committed that
      Have make upgrade remove two stale 80211 header files that can mess
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 1/99.  This stage replaces the old
      Add a missing uio_td assignment (that unionfs needs).
      Add an installer-fetchpkgs target and other related stuff to reduce the
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 2/99.  This stage retools the vnode ops
      Properly record and print 64 bit file sizes, do not truncate the file size
      Add some robustness to the error-requeue code.  FreeBSD-5's (new) ata driver
      Test commits after machine upgrade.
      more testing
      more testing 3
      *** empty log message ***
      yet more testing
      more testing
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      [test format strings for cvs server config]
      Properly free the temporary sf_buf in uiomove_fromphys() if a copyin/copyout
      Make the buildkernel and nativekernel targets completely wipe and regenerate
      The -D__FreeBSD__ must be -D__FreeBSD__=4 or sendmail will not be properly
      Add the vop_ops for ntfs before obtaining the root vnode(s) rather then
      Remove the advertising clause where possible as per the directive from
      Include language describing the prefered method for recognizing authors as
      Add the standard DragonFly copyright with attribution to the author (which is
      Add missing extension return value for __byte_swap32_var() in the case
      The VFS work has made vnode_if.awk obsolete.
      Fix a SFBUF memory leak in sendfile().  We were not properly tracking
      M_EXT_CLUSTER was not being properly inherited in m_copym(), m_copypacket(),
      doingdirectory is really a boolean, use an int rather then ino_t and cast
      Minor cleanups, no operational changes other then to add an error message if
      Minor cleanups.
      Minor cleanups.
      Minor cleanups.  Also, change various exit(10) codes to exit(1).
      Document the unorthordox use of getopt().
      Check for a mkstemps() failure, generate a proper warning if the fopen()
      Minor cleanups.  Document -j in usage.
      Cleanup various type-o's in comments.
      Output an error message if the open fails.
      Correct a mistake in the last commit that caused usage() to seg-fault,
      Get rid of dfly/fbsd4/fbsd5 checks for the ntohl() return type.  We are
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 3/99:  Bring in the journaling
      Turn off the getty on ttyd0 by default to avoid certain machines from
      Merge FreeBSD/1.212 and FreeBSD/1.213.  These only appear to have an
      Bring in FreeBSD/1.214 - UC Regent's advertising clause removal per
      Bring in FreeBSD/1.218.
      TCPS_CLOSED is no longer 0 in DragonFly.  Because ipfilter was assuming
      Sync VESA support with FreeBSD-CURRENT, adding support for cards that
      Since ip_input() truncates the packet to ip->ip_len prior to entering the
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 4/99.  This stage goes a long ways
      Fix handling of the recycling of vnodes from a failed hash collision.
      Fix a bug that was causing a 'lockmgr: draining against myself' panic when
      Minor style cleanups.  Start a list of obsolete functions that should no
      Add the -8 option to finger for 8-bit output (from NetBSD).
      pkill does not compile cleanly, remove it from the build.
      Remove some unnecessary extern's of libc functions.
      With the 'cu' program removed from the system (long ago), enable 'cu'
      Reenable pkill.  There wasn't actually a problem with it, it turned out to
      Add VESA mode support for syscons.  The vesa.ko module must be loaded and
      Fix a bug in sillyrename handling in nfs_inactive().  The code was improperly
      Correct a bug introduced in a recent commit.  This fixes touch -t.
      Misc syntax cleanup.
      Minor non-functional syntax changes.  Remove (void) casts, and remove
      Replace all occurences of strcpy by the safe strlcpy where needed.
      Avoid WARNS=2 error by renaming the 'print' variable to 'printerr' to avoid
      Make timed WARNS 2 compatible.
      Remove #ifdef sgi and related conditionals.  Remove improper libc prototypes.
      Remove function casts to (void).
      Set OPENSSH_USE_POSIX_THREADS to 1 to work around a privilege separation
      Add a keyboard preference to kbd_init_struct().  When a wildcard keyboard is
      Use the new keyboard preference feature.
      Leave the USB keyboard registered with the keyboard subsystem even if the
      NULL out p_stats when detaching the underlying thread stack, since the
      The mount options matching code was incorrectly testing for string
      Temporary hack to remove historical schg protection on 'cu' to avoid
      With vnode locking now mandatory a number of bugs have cropped up in the
      Implement a convenient lwkt_initport_null_rport() call which initializes
      Fix a badly written preprocessor macro.
      Make sio.S aware of when -mrtd is or is not being used, so it can implement
      scalb() takes two doubles, not (double, int) (though there appear to be
      Clean up struct session hold/rele management.  The tty half-closed support
      ANSIfication/cleanup, no functional changes.
      Give the MP fields in the thread structure useful names for UP builds so
      Add the 'M' status flag to indicate those proceses or threads which
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      When a umass storage device is unplugged there might be pending requests
      Improve error reporting when the cdevsw code detects problems.
      Fix cdevsw_remove() warnings related to the removal of mass media (e.g.
      Don't complain when a cdevsw with non-zero refs is being removed if it still
      'vidcontrol show' was broken by the better vesa support commit.  Fix it.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Remove a redundant bzero (which also specified the wrong length in anycase
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_* [ Adding missing callout_init()'s ].
      Move all the softclock/callout initialization out of MD and into MI.  Get rid
      Remove a superfluous (and incorrect due to the recent callout changes) bzero()
      Unbreak the SCSI drivers.  Move the callout_init() from xpt_get_ccb() to
      Oops CALLOUT_DID_INIT had the same flags value as CALLOUT_MPSAFE, causing
      *** empty log message ***
      missing log message for last commit: Rearrange the mbuf clearing code in
      Fix a race on SMP systems.  Since we might block while obtaining the MP
      Make the freeing free mbuf assertion a bit more verbose.
      Fix a number of races.  First, retain PG_BUSY through a vm_page_remove(),
      Add a missing free to a failure case (non critical).
      Fix a type-o / syntax error in the last commit.
      Add missing callout_init().
      Joerg pointed out that callout_init is called by the SYSINIT.  Reorganize
      Fix the ncpu check for 'ps' so it does not display the 'M' flag on UP
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*	[structural fields appeared not to be used,
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      malloc() M_NOWAIT -> M_WAITOK, plus remove bzero's in favor of M_ZERO.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      Add DragonFly-stable-supfile and cleanup the comments in it and
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      cleanup syntax a bit.  non functional changes.
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*
      timeout/untimeout ==> callout_*.  NDIS hides the callout in a windoz
      Remove timeout() and untimeout() plus all related support.  Not having to
      Quick cleanup in preparation for a more complete cleanup.
      Add a missing #include and add a missing semicolon.
      Do not unconditionally fork() after accept().  accept() can return -1 due
      if_pfsync.h needs pfvar.h for struct pf_addr.  The ioctl header collection
      Use the appropriate #defines instead of hard-coding constants.
      Here are (BSD licensed) replacements for bc and dc:
      M_NOWAIT -> M_INTWAIT/M_WAITOK.  Plus fix a NULL free() that can occur if
      Hook the new bc and dc into the tree.  Unhook the old gnu bc/dc and add
      Fixup the location of openssl / fix release builds.
      Remove unused variable.
      Add the -L and -l options to install.  -L allows an alternative /etc directory
      Add support for the LinkSys EG1032 GigE PCI card, and add support for
      The inode size must be unsigned-extended to a quad, not sign-extended, so
      Fix a bug where DragonFly's nat was closing TCP connections every 10 minutes.
      Only assume a numeric group id if the ENTIRE string is numeric.
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 5/99.  Start work on the new
      Document the additional vendors applicable to the 'sk' driver.
      Get rid of some conditionalized code which the pmap invalidation API took
      The wrong vendor-id was used when adding Adaptec ServeRAID Adapter support.
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 5/99.  Start work on the new
      Clarify an element in the BUGS section related to the sticky bit.
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 5b/99.  More cleanups, remove the
      Minor cleanups to TIMER_USE_1 (no real fixes or anything).
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 6/99.  Populate and maintain the
      Attempt to make the boot code operate in a more deterministic fashion.
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 7/99.  BEGIN DESTABILIZATION!
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 7a/99:  Firm up stage 7 a bit by
      Remove ATTY.
      Unsetting an undefined variable or function is not an error.
      Enforce directory creation ordering for subdirectories to fix a make -j
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 7b/99: More firming up of stage 7.
      Make patch's -b option match the old patch's -b option, at least for now,
      Add a debugging utility which dumps that kernel's namecache topology.
      Only include opt_vmpage.h if _KERNEL is defined.
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 7c/99: More firming up of stage 7.
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 7d/99: More firming up of stage 7.
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 7e/99: More firming up of stage 7.
      Update ncptrace.c to handle DragonFly_Stable and HEAD.
      Add the -I option to rm.  This option asks for confirmation just once if
      Do not run getty on ttyd0 by default.  The installer's version of ttys already
      alias rm to rm -I by default in interactive shells.  rm -I is a safer, more
      Last commit inspired by: Giorgos Keramidas <keramida@freebsd.org>, who
      If we get an EOF in check2(), terminate the yes/no question loop rather
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 7e/99: More firming up of stage 7.
      Add vnodeinfo - a program which scans each mount's vnode list and dumps
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 8a/99: Sync other filesystems to stage 7
      Fix a bug in the tty clist code.  The clist code was only protecting itself
      The last commit was improperly documented as being VFS related.  It was
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 7f/99: More firming up of stage 7.
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 7g/99: More firming up of stage 7.
      Fix the -N and M options for ncptrace.
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 7h/99: More firming up of stage 7.
      Conditionalize the flag->string conversions so pstat compiles for both the
      Add conditionals so vnodeinfo compiles for both old and new api kernels.
      Add the standard DragonFly copyright.
      Bring in a fix from NetBSD for hid_report_size().  This fixes a detection
      Fix a USB stuttering key issue.
      Add a missing agp_generic_detach() call if a bad initial aperture size
      Make a DFly buildworld work on a FreeBSD-4.x system again by fixing
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 8/99: Major reworking of the vnode
      Try to close an occassional VM page related panic that is believed to occur
      test commits@ list 1/2
      test commit@ list 2/2
      Make a chdir failure fatal rather then just a warning, otherwise pax could
      Forgot to add for last commit:
      Avoid redefined symbol warning when libcaps uses thread.h with its own
      Do not use non-blocking malloc()'s in the busdma support code.  A lot of
      Initialize the 'kernel' environment variable from loader.4th
      When pxebooted loader is detected not only change the kernel name, but
      Add /boot/defaults/loader-bootp.conf, a separate default configuration
      Final cleanup.  After giving up on trying to avoid having two loader*.conf
      Remove the 'ether' module dependancy, it is not defined anywhere and will
      Add the "nv" interface, and enable it in the bootp case since the netif/nv
      The forth code is a real mess, things are repeated all over the place.
      Augment vnodeinfo to retrieve and display the number of resident pages in
      *** empty log message ***
      Add devices da4-da15 and ad4-ad7 to MAKEDEVs 'all' for convenience.  Plug-in
      Create a softlink from /kernel to /kernel.BOOTP on the CD.  Mount
      Implement hotchar support for ucom.
      Fix a bug where sc_ctlp() is improperly called when the packet is passed up
      Adjust rm's usage and manual page synopsis to include the new -I option.
      oops, forgot a mention.  Last commit:
      MFC FreeBSD if_em.c 1.48 and 1.49.
      Fix bugs in the limiting code for negative-hit namecache entries.  The system
      Fix an assertion, vgone() now requires that the vnode be VX locked and refd.
      Old API compatibility: The directory vnode passed to VOP_LOOKUP() must be
      The last commit failed to adjust the alignment like it said it did.
      Fix a boot panic with the amd device.  We inherited some busdma code from
      Change the default handling for kernels built with debugging info (DEBUG=-g).
      Set the file modes for those rc files which are unconditionally replaced by
      Fix a final bug in the vfs cache cleaning code.  An incorrect assertion was
      Make an existing vnode lock assertion a bit more verbose.
      The old lookup() API is extremely complex.  Even though it will be ripped out
      This is a really nice rewrite of rc.firewall that cleans it up and adds
      Fix bugs in the last commit.  Some islink checks and a fd->fdval change was
      Generate the BRANCH field from the current tag, use CURRENT if the current
      Synchronize a few libi386 issues from FreeBSD.  Fix a bounce buffer bug,
      Add a default for X_WINDOW_SYSTEM in the dfports override case.
      Synchronize bug fixes from FreeBSD/RELENG_4.
      Fix a compiler warning by pre-declaring struct vnode;
      Remove the vfs page replacement optimization and its ENABLE_VFS_IOOPT option.
      Document bus_dmamem_alloc() a bit more.
      Fix bugs in the vm_map_entry reservation and zalloc code.  This code is a bit
      Fix a seg-fault if -l is used without a /dev prefix, e.g. cu -l cuaa0.  Of
      Add a section to UPDATING describing the users and groups that might have
      Fix a NULL pointer dereference panic that occurs when the TCP protocol
      null_revoke() needs to return 0.
      Remove unused variable.
      unmount was not removing the negative hits associated with a mount point.
      Conditionalize _CTYPE_SW* for bootstrap purposes.
      The last fix wasn't good enough.  This one causes the SWIDTH lines to be
      The PRId64 check was wrong, causing bootstrapping failures on
      Bring in Jeff Wheelhouse's CLOG / circular log file support for syslogd,
      Fix 'route add -host <target> -interface <interface_name>.  This was
      Remove incorrect cache_purge() calls in *_rmdir() (OLD API).  These could
      Note last commit: changes were made primarily to avoid global variable name
      Fix a possible remote DOS against pppd, described in detail at
      Save and restore the 'version' counter file when doing a full buildkernel
      Add humanize_number(3) and split the trimdomain(3) function out from
      Bring in some more PCI ID's from FreeBSD.
      Give makewhatis an absolute path to make upgrading etc from single-user
      Fix a Trident DMA limitation.  Symptom as reported by Brock was that his
      Remove an assertion that used to double-check the cred passed into vn_open().
      Correct a typo and a mdoc(7) style issue.
      The last commit created a memory leak because 'buf' is static.  Fix that,
      Add tip(1)'s emulation of cu(1) to tip's manual page.
      Sync make.1 with the rest of the make source.
      Do not explicitly set PCIM_CMD_SERRESPEN or PCIM_CMD_PERRESPEN.  This was
      Correct a softupdates bug, an ir_savebp buffer was not being properly
      vfs_object_create() was being called too early on devvp in the FFS mount
      Fix another minor bug-a-boo inherited from 4.x sources, the wrong indirdep
      Create a non-blocking version of BUF_REFCNT() called BUF_REFCNTNB() to be
      Add lockcountnb() - a non-blocking version of lockcount() to be used only
      vmpageinfo is a program which runs through the vm_page_array and the
      The min() and max() macros in sys/libkern.h are typed u_int and thus do not
      Fix a very serious bug in contigmalloc() which we inherited from FreeBSD-4.x.
      The 'start = 1' change wasn't needed, revert that one little bit back to
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 9/99: VFS 'NEW' API WORK.
      Correct minor tinderbox -DDEBUG error.
      Add a 'preupgrade' target which creates any missing users and groups
      Temporarily remove union and nullfs from the vfs build list, they are
      Default vfs.fastdev to 1 for wider testing, so the vnode bypass for device
      Forced commit, correct comment for last commit.  1.25 has nothing to do with
      Add a missing com_unlock() to the serial port drain test code.  This code
      Remove various forms of NULL, and cleanup types.  This is a partial sync from
      The strings package passes back a pointer via brk_string() to internal
      efree()->free().  remove #define efree (which was defined to free).
      Do some deregisterization.
      Partial sync from  FreeBSD/jmallet:
      Diff reduction for great justice against NetBSD, cast to unsigned char when
      Make the DEBUGF() macro portable by (ugh) adding a Debug() function, which
      Convert make(1) to use ANSI style function declarations.  Variable
      Possibly expand the variable name's embedded variables before using it, as
      Split var.c into var.c and var_modify.c and move all the modification funcs
      Split var.c into var.c and var_modify.c and move all the modification funcs
      Make both arguments to str_concat() const char *'s and remove STR_DOFREE
      Spelling corrections.
      Add support for the ATI Radeon 9600 XT and XT_S.
      * Restore indentation to tabs.
      Partial sync from FreeBSD, add dummy syscalls for extended attribte
      direct sysargs to /dev/null for the emualtion system call sets to avoid a
      Continuing synchronization from FreeBSD.
      Fix an inverted conditional which could lead to nameBuf being truncated in
      Temporarily change the net.inet.tcp.sack default from 1 to 0 after confirmed
      Fix a bug in the checking of malloc()'s return value.  It turns out to have
      Cave in and remove NULL checks for M_WAITOK mallocs.  DragonFly's M_WAITOK
      Follow NOFSCHG if defined.  (It's needed to be able to run make installworld
      Remove unused junk from the slab allocator.
      Do a cleanup pass on the mbuf allocator.  Reorder the mmbfree cache tests
      Bring in various fixes from FreeBSD:
      Clear the NOCORE flag on any text mappings that the RTLD modifies due to
      Lots of bug fixes to the checkpointing code.  The big fix is that you can
      Cleanup some dangling issues with cache_inval().  A lot of hard work went
      Re-enable SACK by default.  Jeff fixed the corruption issue reported by
      Give init the ability to chroot to a directory based on kernel environment
      Fix a conditional.  sdl was not unconditionally being checked for NULL.
      Add code to the BIOS VM86 emulator to detect writes to the 8254.  If a
      sendfile() was seriously broken.  It was calling vm_page_free() without
      Fix a number of SMP issues.
      Cleanup the 'cache_lock: blocked on..' warning message.  Fix a minor
      Add support for adjusting the interrupt throttling rate via
      The fp argument to vn_open() is optional but the code wasn't treating it
      Fix the PRI field to not display bogus process priorities for pure
      Fix a bug in chown, chmod, and chflags.  When the setfflags(), setffown(),
      Document the mandatory use of vget() prior to modifying vnode/inode ops.
      There is enough demand for Kip Macy's checkpointing code to warrent
      Add the sys_checkpoint(2) manual page and expand checkpt(1).
      Remove checkpt/ from Makefile.modules.  checkpt is not integrated into the
      Remove the checkpoint module.  checkpointing is now integrated into the kernel
      patch-4.10: Clean some includes and remove ifdef __STDC__, -Wall cleanup,
      o Print a warning when we are given two scripts for one target.
      o Pacify ``make -f /dev/null -V FOO''.
      o Fix proto type
      o Give make(1) the ability to use KQUEUE to wait for worker
      Cleanup some ESTALE issues on the client when files are replaced on
      Fix a bug in ESTALE handling for NFS.  If we get ESTALE in vn_open() we
      Fix the boottime calculation when the time of day is set in absolute terms.
      Unlock the namecache record when traversing a mount point, then relock and
      Bring in FreeBSD/1.206 by Alan Cox, bde@, and tegge@:
      Bring in elements from the FreeBSD usbdevs that the DFly usbdevs does not
      vm_page_free_*() now requires the page to be busied, fix a case in
      Do not reinitialize the translation mode if reattaching to an existing
      Document vmpageinfo.c
      Fix a diagnostic check related to new VOP_INACTIVE semantics.
      Fix field for recent radix.h cleanups.
      Remove bool and boolean_t typedefs from header files where they don't belong,
      Correct a bug where incoming connections do not properly initialize the
      'bool' is a really bad name for a variable, rename it.
      Fix the keyboard lockup problem.  There were two big clues:  The first was a
      VFS messaging/interfacing work stage 10/99:
      Synchronize usbdevs with NetBSD and regenerate.
      Cleanup missing and duplicate defines from the last commit, rename an
      Temporarily allow recursion on locks to deal with a double lock in the
      The dos slice scanner was incorrectly including extended partition entries
      There seems to be a race during shutdown where ifa->ifa_addr can become
      Correct conditional which would always make kcore_open() fail and return
      Move the CCVER override for the release build from a make command line
      Remove bogus DIAGNOSTIC code that checked if the process was SZOMB or SRUN
      Add missing ..
      Fix format %lx->%x for ntohl conversions in diagnostic warning printfs.
      Fix duplicate script warnings byt remove a duplicate .include of bsd.subdir.mk.
      Fix printf format specifier from %lx->%x for ntohl argument.
      Remove duplicate _EXTRADEPEND entry.  bsd.lib.mk already has one.  It is
      Remove duplicate .include of bsd.subdir.mk.   It is already indirectly
      The ../Makefile.inc chain may be .included early (it is also included by
      Clean up "`cache' might be used uninitialized" warnings.  These come from
      Move the doscmd: depdendancy to after the .include so it does not
      Correct the make target the user is told to use to fetch required
      Remove confusing comment.
      Make sure that cn_flags is properly updated to account for side effects
      The grouplist variable made local in the last commit was not being NULLed
      Do not loop 3 times in the interrupt processing code, it's an unnecessary
      Remove now-unused loop_cnt variable.
      Add a missing initialization for the error variable which resulted in netstat
      Add the -P flag which displays more PCB information (in particular, TCP).
      Make sure ntfs_lookup() has the correct side effects by ensuring that
      Try to be a bit smarter when closing down a ULPT device.
      Silence a compiler warning by adding parenthesis.
      Journaling layer work.  Add a new system call, mountctl, which will be used
      Properly recognize a YUKON device's on-board ram.
      Fix to make jumbo frames work properly.
      Do not allow '.' or '..' to be specified as the last path component when
      Add support for tail -f'ing multiple files.  part 1/2.
      Improve the printing of ==> filename <==.  Do not print the same filename
      Fix a range check bug in lseek()
      Journaling layer work.
      Rename the proc pointer p to pp to clarify its use in portions of the tty
      nvp may fall through as NULL, check it before vput()ing.
      Get rid of dead non-DragonFly code.
      Journaling layer work.  Lock down the journaling data format and most
      WARNS 6, cleanup compiler warnings, de-register, staticize, etc.
      Restore b_data prior to calling relpbuf().  This isn't really necessary but
      Journaling layer work.  Add shims and skeleton code for most of the
      WARNS 2->6 and a minor code readability cleanup.
      Make sure the temporary .c file generated from the .y file is properly
      Fix a kernel crash that occurs when the SMB protocol stack is used.  The
      Merge of FreeBSD rev. 1.36+1.37 of ip_nat.c.  Conditionalize declarations
      Correct two bugs that may result in incorrect CBCP response for
      While removing a memory leak, rev 1.32 introduced a
      Do not specify the -B option when executing the sub-make.  In the BSD
      Fix one of probably several smbfs issues.  smbfs is improperly tracking
      Fix a memory leak in regex.
      This is the initial skeleton for the new mountctl utility.  Manual page,
      Add support for retrieving the journal status via mountctl.  Increase some
      Revamp the argument format a bit, add basic suppot for creating, deleting,
      Add /sbin/mountctl to the build.
      When re-connecting an already connected datagram socket be sure to clean
      Oops, undo accidental commit.  The last commit was not related to the
      proc0 is still used by e.g. smbfs to fork off a kernel thread and certain
      Do not early terminate if ^C is hit just as a valid job is returned by
      Followup note last commit: FreeBSD PR/66242, FreeBSD/1.68 originally
      Add syscall primitives for generic userland accessible sleep/wakeup
      Add missing kern_umtx.c to sys/conf/files.
      Add umtx.c, a simple utility which implements userland mutexes using
      Minor correction in umtx_*() calls, the mutex pointer should point to
      Minor correction in umtx_*() calls, the mutex pointer should point to
      falloc() was not returning an error code on failure.
      When a PCMCIA networking card is removed the IF code may free() the network
      Add some descriptive comments.
      Change lockcount->lockcountnb in an assertion.
      Properly vget() vnodes that the syncer intends to VOP_FSYNC(), rather then
      Replace the cache-point linear search algorithm for VM map entries with
      The vnode reclamation code contains a race whereby a blocking condition may
      Repo-copy vinumparser.c and vinumutil.c from /usr/src/sys/dev/raid/vinum
      Disable hardware checksum support by default, it produces packet corruption.
      Tell the user more explicitly what port needs to be installed to get the
      Mount points use a special empty namecache entry to transition from one
      Do not leave VCTTYISOPEN set if our attempt to open /dev/tty fails, otherwise
      Fix the virtual 'status' file for procfs.  The wrong length was being used,
      getblk() has an old crufty API in which the logical block size is not a
      Redo argv processing to better conform to standards.  A NULL argv is no
      Add a sysctl to control 8254 bios overwrite warnings.  Default is on.
      Take advantage of our new namecache topology to generate the actual paths
      Remove _THREAD_SAFE depenendancies.  Create weakly associated stubs for
      encap_getarg() was not properly loading the pointer argument associated
      Fix bug in last commit that broke 'df'.  'sfsp' is now a structural pointer
      Count time spent in interrupts in the overall runtime calculation so ps
      Fix an invariant test that tries to catch locked tokens being left on the
      Add a intrmask_t pointer to register_int() and register_swi(), and make
      Fix type-o in last commit.
      The last commit broke ttyname(), which broke ssh -1.  Fix that, plus
      Minor adustments to avoid a signed/unsigned comparison compiler warning
      Fix a hard-to-find bugaboo in the struct file list sysctl.  The code was
      Generate more useful -v information on the console during device attach.
      m_clalloc() was improperly assuming that an mcl malloc would always succeed
      Annotate the class byte with a class name in the bootverbose pci "found->"
      One of the last things the system does before it tries to mount root is
      Revert the last device_print_child() change, it was too confusing to
      The last commit was not sufficient.  Rework the code a bit to make it
      gdb-6 uses /dev/kmem exclusively for kernel addresses when gdb'ing a live
      Add support for pure kernel thread stack frames.  Pure kernel threads do not
      Up the initial interrupt configuration hook delay to 20 seconds before
      Fix a case that can prevent the vnlru_proc vnode recycler from operating.
      Fix a cache_resolve() vs cache_inval() race which can result in a livelock.
      Greatly reduce the size of ISOFS's inode hash table.  CDs and DVDs are small
      Add support for the Intel 82562ET/EZ/GT/GZ (ICH6/ICH6R) Pro/100 VE Ethernet.
      rcorder tries real hard to free things while processing the list but this
      Track the last read and last write timestamp at the device level and modify
      Add a manual page for the umtx_*() system calls.
      Implement TLS support, tls manual pages, and link the umtx and tls manual
      Implement TLS support, tls manual pages, and link the umtx and tls manual
      Add system call prototypes for userland.
      Improve the contigmalloc() memory allocator.  Fix a starting index bug,
      Add DFly copyright to cache.c.  This file was originally my creation in
      Have the getroot script chdir into /etc/namedb itself instead of relying
      Fix an issue that the iwi driver seems to hit, that of routing socket
      Rewrite the loops which extract the interpreter name and arguments out
      Add signal mask save/restore to the checkpoint code.  Reorder the file
      Fix a firewall rule ordering problem, the 'OPEN' firewall mode was
      Allow the #! command line to be up to PAGE_SIZE long, rather then
      Journaling layer work.  Generate output for path names, creds, and vattr,
      Clean up the XIO API and structure.  XIO no longer tries to 'track' partial
      PHOLD is a throwback to FreeBSD that we don't actually need here.  This
      off_t is a signed value.  The last commit caused the kernel to fail with
      Also, do not use M_NOWAIT for an allocation that must succeed.
      This is a major revamping of our MSFBUF API.  MSFBUFs are used to map
      Pass the memfifo option to the kernel.
      Make msf_buf_kva() return the correct base address.  It was not including
      msf_buf_kva() now returns a char * rather then a vm_offset_t.
      Journaling layer work.  Write the actual data associated with a VOP_WRITE
      Remove some of the nastier debugging printfs.
      msf_buf_alloc() can be called with a NULL vm_page_t when e.g. the first
      Fix an incorrect pointer in a journal_build_pad() that led to a panic.
      Add a simple msf_buf_bytes() inline which returns the number of bytes
      Fix a number of alignment and offset bugs that were corrupting the
      Replace references to TurtleBSD with DragonFlyBSD.  Turtle was one of the
      Bring in the IWI driver from FreeBSD and merge in ALTQ support.
      Do some WARNS 6 cleanups.  Add __unused, add a few type casts, and
      Bring in the IWI driver from FreeBSD and merge in ALTQ support.
      Bring in Damien's IPW driver.
      Change NOWAITs into WAITOKs.  In FreeBSD NOWAIT allocations seem to be
      First cut of the jscan utility.  This will become the core utility for
      Cleanup the debug output, fix a few data conversion issues.
      Sync with FreeBSD/1.103.   In the softupdates case for ffs_truncate() we
      Add a couple more PCI IDs for the Intel ICH5 ATA100, ICH6 SATA150,
      pipe->pipe_buffer.out was not being reset to 0 when switching from direct
      Fix a serious bug in cache_inval_vp()'s TAILQ iteration through v_namecache.
      Add a function that returns an approximate time_t for realtime for
      Fix a couple of NFS client side caching snafus.  First, we have to update
      Implement CLOCK_MONOTONIC using getnanouptime(), which in DragonFly is
      Bring in the minix editor 'mined', in its original form except for necessary
      Bring in PicoBSD changes from the FreeBSD Attic.
      Make ^L redraw the screen, like people expect.
      Support XTERM function key escape sequences.
      Add 'mined' to the bin build and add a minimal manual page for it.
      flesh out a tiny bit so people at least know what the help key is.
      Bring in some CAM bug fixes from FreeBSD.
      src/games WARNS 6 cleanups.
      Fix a bugaboo in the last commit.  We cannot safely modify n_mtime based
      Fix a potential security hole by outputing non-printable characters related
      Close a possible security hole by using strvis() when displaying td_comm.
      Clean up a number of caching edge cases in NFS, rework the code to be
      Ignore additional stty control characters like ^Y which interfere with
      Add RCNG support for setting the negative attribute cache timeout, make
      Add a sysctl "net.inet.tcp.aggregate_acks" which controls the tcp ack
      Add Windoz autorun support to the CD to automatically pop up a browser with a
      Fix a crash in the firewire / DCONS code that occurs when the crom data
      Pick up changes in rev 1.8 of src/sys/dev/ic/mpt_netbsd.c from NetBSD.
      Rewrite a good chunk of MAKEDEV, commonizing paths, cleaning up device
      Fix a minor bug in pass*) generation.  'units' was not properly optioned.
      Do not allow the journaling descriptor to be a regular file on the same
      Start working on the full-duplex journaling feature, where the target can
      Reverse the order of dragonfly and FreeBSD since it says right after
      Allow an info.size field of -1 to indicate that the descriptor should map
      Because destroy_all_dev() checks the mask/match against the device's si_udev,
      Correct the th_off check against ip_len.  The check in ip_demux occurs
      Additional note to last commit.  GCC-3.4 improperly generates a warning
      Remove an assertion in bundirty() that requires the buffer to not be on
      Have the server complain if the NFS rpc stream from a client gets corrupted,
      Fix a server-side TCP NFS mount stream sequencing problem which could result
      Display additional information about a vnode's object.
      Sync with the kernel to make ncptrace work again.  CINV_PARENT no longer
      Fix a bug where the main system clock stops operating.  We were using a field
      Do a better job distributing RPC requests on the NFS server side.  This
      The old ntpdate displayed the clock error by default.  Change rdate to do
      Temporarily back out the last change due to time zone display issues
      loginfo/commitinfo test
      test 2
      Add another syscall test, and test cvs commits after loginfo/commitinfo/config
      Don't hide the library build's ar/ranlib lines, or shared library link
      Cleanup and retool portions of the TLS support and make sure that
      Move the setting of sopt->sopt_dir down into the lower level sogetopt()
      The vnode recycler was not handling a hardlinking case that is capable
      WARNS=6 cleanup.
      General WARNS cleanups: staticize functions.  Adjust strdup()
      WARNS cleanup of array initializer.
      WARNS=6 cleanup.
      WARNS=6 cleanup.
      Bring in some work from FreeBSD:
      A cache invalidation race that generates a warning was not properly
      WARNS?=6 cleanup for fstat.
      Add the 'webstress' utility.  This program will fork a number of child
      A program which dumps the wildcard hash table for the TCP protocol for
      Fix a bug in the distributed PCB wildcardhash code for TCP.   For the SMP
      Apply same bug fix as last commit to IPV6.
      Automatically calculate the kernel revision for release tags by extracting
      Make sure neither the boot loader nor the kernel is compiled with the
      Add cases for the nvidia nForce3 PRO and PRO S1.  Who knows how well it
      Add some minor in-code documentation.
      libstand is used by the boot loader, make sure the stack protector is
      Correct an NFS bug related to ftruncate() operations.  When the client
      Include fsid information in the mount point dump.
      Update the various DragonFly supfiles, rename some of them to make their
      add ports/polish
      The cdrom MNT_ROOTFS check was interfering with the NFS export handling,
      Add a hardwired dhcpd.conf for the installer's netboot server support.
      Sync up to the latest installer packages (with netboot server capabilities!).
      The release is 1.2, bump the HEAD of the tree to 1.3 for post-release
      Bump HEAD's official release #define to 130000.
      Clearly state when ACPI is overriding APM's device entries.
      Optimize lwkt_send_ipiq() - the IPI based inter-cpu messaging routine.
      Only bump the switch_count counter when lwkt_switch() actually switches
      Zero the whole structure, not just the name, so we don't trip up on this
      Implement Red-Black trees for the vnode clean/dirty buffer lists.
      Fix a bug in the last commit.  A FIFO calculation was incorrect (3/2 instead
      staticize lwkt_reqtoken_remote().
      CVS was seg-faulting on systems with hostnames greater then 34 characters
      Abstract out the routines which manipulate the mountlist.
      NULL-out two stack-declared variables that were incorrectly assumed to
      Get rid of VPLACEMARKER and retool vmntvnodescan() to use a secondary
      Make the kernel malloc() and free() MP safe by pushing the BGL past the
      Document the rwlock routines as being MP safe.
      Add some convenient targets for cvs maintanance by the cvs meister.
      Make access to basetime MP safe and interrupt-race safe by using a simple
      Fix the structural type for kern.boottime and kern.basetime.  Fix basetime
      Initial commit for the DragonFly home-made ntpd client.  Why?  Because
      Correct some packet ntohs/htons issues.  Fix a documentation bug.
      Cleanup compiler warnings.  Generate cleaner debug output.  Change the
      Fix an overflow in the delta time calculation.  A double as incorrectly
      Allows 16 samples with a correllation >= 0.96 in addition to the
      Change client_check() to calculate the best offset and the best frequency
      Implement a variable polling rate capability.
      Don't issue a frequency correction if it is the same as the last
      Implement a course offset adjustment for large time steps.
      Add information on interrupt preemptions by the current thread on any given
      Make the trace code a bit smarter.  It now looks around for something
      Add config file support, daemon() backgrounding, pidfile,
      Redo the way the thread priority is displayed.  Split out the critical
      Fix an SMP bug.  The SMP startup code waits for the APs to finish
      Minor rearrangement of an mpcount.  This isn't actually a bug because the
      On MP systems, malloc's using R_NOWAIT are not supposed to block, so don't
      Add -n (not for real) option.  The program goes through motions, but
      Do not try to collect offset data if a prior offset correction is still
      Correct a bug in the last two commits.  The time_second global was not
      Implement -s/-S (do quick course adjustment on startup).
      Add a manual page, clean up the options display, and link dntpd into the
      Clean up the manual page, correct spelling, add additional information.
      Final forced commit to correct log comments.  char's are *signed*, not
      Report on segmentation violations (from testing file mmap) rather then
      A program which sets up a TLS segment and then loops with random sleeps
      Add a binary library compatibility infrastructure.  Library updates are
      The library compat Makefile needs 'tail'.
      If a process does not block between setting up %gs and fork()ing, a
      Adjust the upgrade target to remove libraries from /usr/lib that exist in
      incore() is used to detect logical block number collisions, and other
      Initial commit of the generation utility and configuration files for the
      Give the DEVELOPMENT branch a subversion so we can do build/installworld
      Do not allow installworld to proceed if the currently running kernel
      Major TLS cleanups.
      Document additional work in last commit.  Bumped library to ld-elf.so.2
      Add NEWBUS infrastructure for interrupt enablement and disablement.  This
      Have the EM device call the new interrupt enablement and disablement
      Do better range checking on the LDT.  FreeBSD-SA-05:07.ldt
      Get rid of bus_{disable,enable}_intr(), it wasn't generic enough for
      Get rid of the bad hack that was doing network polling from the trap code.
      (add missing file related to last commit)
      Rewrite the polling code.  Instead of trying to do fancy polling enablement
      Fix a bugaboo in the last commit.  We can't move to a generic mux yet
      Change ifconfig 'poll' to ifconfig 'polling', the same keyword that it
      Get rid of IFCAP_POLLING for now.
      Properly conditionalize a call to ether_poll_deregister via
      Fix a race in the serializer's use of atomic_intr_cond_enter().  When
      Remove some debugging that crept int othe last commit.
      Fix a bug in the serializer's race detection code.  It is possible for
      Properly initialize the serializer by calling lwkt_serialize_init().
      Implement a new cputimer infrastructure to allow us to support different
      More cleanups, add the API implementation to select the system clock.
      Disable the ability to change the system clock with a sysctl.  More
      Use the ACPI timer as the system clock if possible.  This should free up
      Add a simple API tha allows the interrupt timer to efficiently convert
      Fix a recursive clock_lock() on SMP systems which was deadlocking on boot.
      Fix a bugaboo in the last commit.  The wildcard patterns were not accounting
      Only do the OS version requirements check if DESTDIR is non-existant,
      Clean up type-o's.
      Remove spl*() calls from the bus/ infrastructure, replacing them with
      Conditionalize an #include so libcam can build the file.
      Remove spl*() calls from the atm code, replacing them with critical sections.
      Remove spl*() calls from the crypto device driver, replacing them with
      Conditionalize thread2.h so /usr/src/usr.bin/fstat can include vm_object.h.
      Remove variable names from procedure declarations so userland doesn't
      Fix a warning by conditionalizing a forward declaration.
      After some thought, replace the splhigh()/spl0() combination in swapout()
      Remove spl*() calls from the netproto/atm driver, replacing them with
      Remove spl*() calls from netinet, replacing them with critical sections.
      Make -I only apply to rm's run in the foreground.  Silently discard it if
      Remove spl*() calls from net/i4b, replacing them with critical sections.
      Remove spl*() calls from i386, replacing them with critical sections.
      cpu_mb2() needs to load %eax with $0 before running cpuid.
      Add a sysctl, debug.use_malloc_pattern, that explicitly initializes data
      Augment the panic when attempting to switch from a FAST interrupt to include
      vm_contig_pg_free() must busy the page before freeing it in the case
      Replace cpu_mb1() and cpu_mb2() with cpu_mfence(), cpu_lfence(), cpu_sfence(),
      The acpi module was failing to load due to exposed crit_*() functions.  Add
      Remove spl*() calls from kern, replacing them with critical sections.
      Add some missing #include's from the last commit.
      Get rid of an unused variable due to the last commit.
      Reorder code in m_chtype() to properly decrement the mbtype stats.  Before
      Temporary hack to fix interrupt race when decrementing a shared
      Handle the case where the version file might be empty, which can occur
      Rollup mbuf/objcache fixes.
      Add a missing lwkt_reltoken() in the NULL return path.  Do not count NULL
      Fix a bug in the mbstats accounting.  m_mbufs was being decremented for
      Attempt to avoid a livelocked USB interrupt during boot by not enabling
      Another terrible hack to leave interrupts disabled until the USB bus
      Replace SPLs with critical sections in the opencrypto code.
      spl->critical section conversion.
      spl->critical section conversion.
      spl->critical section conversion.
      spl->critical section conversion.
      spl->critical section conversion
      spl->critical section conversion.
      spl->critical section conversion, plus remove some macros which are now
      spl->critical section conversion.
      spl->critical section conversions.
      spl->critical section conversion.
      Add missing #include <thread2.h> to support the critical section calls.
      Move sys/buf2.h and sys/thread2.h into the #ifdef _KERNEL section.
      Fix mismatched crit_*() pair.
      Add additional sanity checks, remove unused arguments to vm_page_startup().
      Remove illegal parens from #ifndef.
      The callout timer init code was using { SI_SUB_CPU , SI_ORDER_FIRST }.
      Rip out bad spl manipulating junk from mpt and clean it up.
      spl->critical section conversion.
      spl->critical section conversion.  Also fixes a missed spl in DGM.
      spl->critical section conversion.
      spl->critical section conversion.
      Remove all remaining SPL code.  Replace the mtd_cpl field in the machine
      When cleaning an mbuf header for reinsertion into the objcache, make sure
      Abstract out the location of an m_tag's data by adding a m_tag_data() inline.
      Fix two bugs in the LWKT token code.
      Add more magic numbers for the token code.
      Fix a bug in the physmap[] array limit calculation and rewrite portions of
      Add a missing crit_exit().  The code path in question only got executed
      Fix a serious SMP bug.  The RWLOCK support used by dev/raid/aac,
      Tokens are recursive in the context of the same thread.  This also means
      Add a DEBUG_TOKENS option which causes token operations to be logged to
      Introduce an ultra-simple, non-overlapping, int-aligned bcopy called bcopyi().
      Reimplement the kernel tracepoint facility.  The new implementation is
      Use the KTR facility to trace token operations.
      Add a caller backtrace feature (enabled by default), which records part of
      Use KTR's built-in call chain recording rather then hacking it up ourselves.
      Include a bitmap of allocated entries when built with INVARIANTS.  I
      Add KTR support to the slab allocator.  Track malloc's, free's, oversized
      Correct a missing macro element for the NON-KTR case.
      Correct KTR masks for memory logging.
      Rewrite a good chunk of the ktrdump utility to work with the new DragonFly
      Add additional sanity checks to IPIQ processing, do some cleanups,
      Add KTR support to the IPIQ code.
      Have ktrdump run 'nm' on the kernel execfile and translate the caller1,2
      Bump fd_lastfile, freefile, and refcnt to 32 bit ints.  Also bump cmask
      File descriptor cleanup stage 2, remove the separate arrays for file
      Synchronize the fstat program with recent file descriptor cleanups.
      Synchronize libkcore with recent file descriptor cleanups.
      Synchronize the ipfilter contrib code with recent file descriptor cleanups.
      Randomize the initial stack pointer for a user process.    Introduce a
      Document cleanvar_enable in rc.conf.5 and document the purge code
      The recent file descriptor work is significant enough to deserve a
      Fix a race between fork() and ^Z.  If the ^Z is handled just as the forked
      Do a quick cleanup pass on the userland scheduler and move resetpriority()
      Repo-copy kern_switch.c to usched_4bsd.c, remove kern_switch.c, and point
      Remove unused variables (from prior spl->critical section conversion)
      Associate a userland scheduler control structure with every process and
      Cleanup indentation, no operational changes.
      Move remaining scheduler-specific functions into the usched abstraction.
      Move more scheduler-specific defines from various places into usched_bsd4.c
      * Remove a procedural layer in the scheduler clock code by having
      Print out additional information for a magic number failure assertion.
      Allow the CTYPE macros to be disabled, forcing procedure calls to be used
      Remove an assertion that does not compile due to a lack of a KERNLOAD
      The recent commit to propogate kernel options to modules enabled the
      Yet more scheduler work.  Revamp the batch detection heuristic and fix a few
      Re-commit usched_bsd4.c (losing the history) to try to fix a repository
      Do not abort the entire core dump if VOP_VPTOFH() fails.  VPTOFH is not
      The pipe code was not properly handling kernel space writes.  Such writes
      Fix a few issues in the kernel-side journal.
      The size of a nesting record may not be known (due to the virtual stream
      Major continuing work on jscan, the userland backend for the journaling
      * Fix a number of alignment errors that was causing garbage to be parsed.
      Remove some debugging printfs and fix a bug where libc's fread() returns
      Generate the correct referential data when journaling hardlinks.
      Add support for mirroring symlinks and hardlinks.
      Revert the last commit until a better solution can be found, it breaks
      Add another argument to fp_read() to tell the kernel to read the entire
      Implement the full-duplex ack protocol.  refurbish some of the memory
      Bring mountctl up-to-date with memory fifo statistics structural changes.
      Add an option and test implementation for the full-duplex ack protocol.
      Work around a ctype bug when displaying printable characters in the
      It is not acceptable to index the array out of bounds if an illegal index
      Adjust the inline to take a pointer to a constant array to avoid a
      Add missing m_freem() in BPF if the mbuf exceeds the interface mtu.
      Make shutdown() a fileops operation rather then a socket operation.
      Add journaling restart support, required to produce a robust journaling
      Check for a free-after-send case and panic if detected.
      For now just use lwkt_gettoken() rather then a trytoken/gettoken combination.
      Add some missing crit_exit()'s.  The original code just assumed that the
      Move a mistaken crit_exit() into a crit_enter(), which was panicing the
      Reorder the INVARIANTS test in crit_enter() to occur prior to modifying
      * Fix a bug that could cause dc_stop() to try to m_freem() something that's
      KTR_MALLOC should be KTR_MEMORY
      When a usb mass storage device is removed the related CAM SIM structure is
      DELAY() is a spin loop, we can't use it any more because shutdown
      Add KTR support for usb_mem to trace usb-related allocations.
      Fix numerous extremely serious bugs in OHCI's iso-synchronous code.  I'm
      Fix a MP lock race.  The MP locking state can change when lwkt_chktokens()
      If a fatal kernel trap occurs from an IPI or FAST interrupt on a cpu not
      Interlock panics that occur on multiple cpus before the first cpu is able to
      Limit switch-from-interrupt warnings to once per thread to avoid an endless
      Add some additinal targets to allow elements of a buildworld to be
      Add some debugging code to catch any dirty inodes which are destroyed
      Add some conditionalized debugging 'PANIC_DEBUG', to allow us to panic a
      When a cpu is stopped due to a panic or the debugger, it can be in virtually
      Support disablement of chflags in a jail, part 1/2.
      Only compile in lwkt_smp_stopped() on SMP builds.
      Additional work to try to make panics operate better on SMP systems.
      Fix a critical bug in the IPI messaging code, effecting SMP systems.  In
      Fix a sockbuf race.  Currently the m_free*() path can block, due to
      Do not compile the kernel with the stack protector.  I've decided to tolerate
      Support disablement of chflags in a jail, part 2/2.  This actually isn't
      Add a missing FREE_LOCK() call.
      Add missing crit_exit().
      Add a new kernel compile debugging option, DEBUG_CRIT_SECTIONS.  This fairly
      Add a missing crit_exit().
      If multiple processes are being traced and some other process has a write
      There is a case when B_VMIO is clear where a buffer can be placed on the
      Stephan believes that this patch, just committed to FreeBSD, may fix
      Bump the development branch sub-version from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3, indicating
      Add a new system config directive called "nonoptional" which specifies
      Port a major reworking of the way IPS driver commands are managed from
      Fix a bug in the last commit.  When using the UFS dirent directly,
      Add a sanity check for the length of the file name to vop_write_dirent().
      Fix a race in rename when relocking the source namecache entry.  Since we
      Fix an inode bitmap scanning bug.  Due to an error in the length adjustment
      UFS sometimes reports: 'ufs_rename: fvp == tvp (can't happen)'.  The case
      Convert RANDOM_IP_ID into a sysctl.
      Have vidcontrol set the video history size based on a new rc.conf variable,
      Instead of resetting the video buffer's history size to the system
      Add a TTY_PATH_MAX limit, set to 256, and reduce the size of the ttyname
      Reduce the buffer size for the threaded version of ttyname() to TTY_PATH_MAX.
      Filesystem journaling.  Reorganize the journal scan for the mountpoint to
      When writing UNDO records, only try to output the file contents for VREG
      Implement FSMID.  Use one of the spare 64 bit fields in the stat structure
      Reduce critical section warnings for AHC when critical section debugging
      Fix a serious bug in cache_inefficient_scan() related to its use of
      Only include thread2.h for kernel builds (its macros are used by vm_page.h's
      Add a typedef ufs1_ino_t to represent inodes for UFS1 filesystems.
      Dump and restore need to use a UFS-centric inode representation.  Convert
      Bump the development sub-version to 1.3.5.
      Require HEAD users to upgrade to 1.3.5 before running installworld, due
      Fix a deadlock in ffs_balloc().  This function was incorrectly obtaining a
      Use a typedef that already conveniently exists instead of anonymous
      Get rid of smp_rendezvous() and all associated support circuitry.  Move
      Make sure the vnode is unlocked across a dev_dclose() call, otherwise a
      Add a missing crit_exit(), fixing a panic.  Attempt to continue with the
      Print out a little more information on the PXE boot configuration.
      Remove old #if 0'd sections of code, add a few comments, and report a bit
      Compile up both the NFS and the TFTP version of the PXE loader and
      Give the kernel a native NFS mount rpc capability for mounting NFS roots by
      Cleanup the module build and conditionalize a goto label.
      Revert the very last commit to ehci.c (1.12).  It was locking the system
      Merge the following revs from NetBSD (in an attempt to bring new material
      1.101   Update code comments.
      Rework and expand the algorithms in JSCAN, part 1/2.  Implement a new
      Rework and expand the algorithms in JSCAN, part 2/?.
      * Generally change NOXXX to NO_XXX, similar to work done in FreeBSD.
      Rework and expand the algorithms in JSCAN, part 3/?.
      Document a special case for Journaling PAD records.   PAD records have to
      Rework and expand the algorithms in JSCAN, part 4/?.
      Rework and expand the algorithms in JSCAN, part 5/?.
      Slightly reorganize the transaction data.  Instead of placing the REDO data
      Rework and expand the algorithms in JSCAN, part 6/?.
      Syntax cleanup, add a code comment, add a newline in a bootverbose
      Fix isa_wrongintr.  The APIC vector was being directly assigned to a C
      DragonFly's malloc only guarentees X alignment when X is a power of 2,
      Fix a serializer bug.  The SMP serializer would in some cases fail to
      Fix a token bug.  A preempting interrupt thread blocking on a token cannot
      Cleanup minor syntax/informational issues.
      Rename all the functions and structures for the old VOP namespace API
      Cleanup a couple of serious issues with vinum.
      Bump the development sub-version to 6, covering the following major changes
      Add -d /cvs to tag update targets.
      Bump __Dragonfly_version to 130006 (+ slip preview on the file)
      Reserve the same amount of space for the spinlock structure whether we are
      Split spinlock.h into spinlock.h and spinlock2.h so we can embed spinlocks in
      Add an option, -y, which displays the 64 bit FSMID for a file or directory.
      Add an argument to vfs_add_vnodeops() to specify VVF_* flags for the vop_ops
      With the new FSMID flag scheme we can optimize the update of the chain by
      Using the ACPI idle hook while shutting down ACPI during a halt or reboot
      Fix the infinite-watchdog timeout problem.  the pending_txs count was not
      Re-initialize the interrupt mask on ACPI wakeup.  This seems to
      Because recalculate is only called once or twice for long sleeps,
      Do not attempt to modify read-only-mounted filesystems in ufs_inactive().
      Add a sysctl, kern.unprivileged_read_msgbuf (defaults to enabled) which if
      Implement sysctls to restrict a user's ability to hardlink files owned by
      Allow the target safety check to be overridden.  May be necessary in certain
      Ensure that FP registers are not used for integer code.
      Update subvers to 7 so we can sync up the Preview tag prior to Simon
      Bump subversion in param.h
      Add missing crit_exit().  If VR fails to attach the system will assert
      Attempt to add generic GigE support to MII.  If this creates issues we will
      Properly serialize access in the NV ethernet driver and attempt to fix
      Remove the INTR_TYPE_* flags.  The interrupt type is no longer used to
      Move a bunch of per-interrupt-thread variables from static storage to
      Major cleanup of the interrupt registration subsystem.
      Use sysctl's instead of KVM to access the interrupt name and count list.
      Fix a bug where fsetfd() was not returning an error when it failed,
      Move the polling systimer initialization code out of kern_clock.c and into
      Fix a bad panic check from the last commit in register_randintr().
      FreeBSD commit message:
      Bring another softupdates fix in from FreeBSD, FreeBSD commit message:
      Implement an emergency interrupt polling feature.  When enabled, most
      Display all IOAPIC pin assignments when bootverbose is specified, not
      MPTable fixup for Shuttle XPC with an AMD Athlon X2 - there is no entry
      Only resynchronize the RTC on shutdown if we had previously loaded it and
      Do a run through of the fragment allocation and freeing code, documenting
      Oops, fix the polling enable name, it's supposed to be kern.polling.enable,
      Only check GiGE related flags in the generic code when MIIF_IS_1000X is set
      Add an mii_flags field to the attach arguments, to make it easier to create
      Pass mii_attach_args to mii_softc_init() rather then initializing the softc's
      Add two checks for potential buffer cache races.
      Document kern.emergency_intr_{enable,freq} in loader.8.
      Temporarily work around a race in the kernel.  The kernel does a sanity check
      Avoid a recursive kernel fault and subsequent double fault if the VM fault
      Add a missing BUF_UNLOCK in the last commit.
      Remove the dummy IPI messaging routines for UP builds and properly
      Temporary hack until corecode can fix it.  There is a p_rtprio and also
      Redo the interrupt livelock code.  Simplify the frequency calculations
      Fix a long-standing bug in the livelock code.  An interrupt thread normally
      Fix a bug in the ppbus code where an interrupt cookie might be torn down
      Assert that the vnode is locked when modifying an inode inside ffs_balloc.
      Add a redundant double-check in ffs_reallocblks and assert that the number
      Increase the MSGBUF_SIZE from 32K to 64K, boot verbose messages don't
      Cleanup some of the newbus infrastructure.
      Add another parameter to BUS_ADD_CHILD to allow children to inherit
      An exclusive lock on the vnode is required when running vm_object_page_clean(),
      Move the freebsd package system from /usr/sbin to /usr/freebsd_pkg/sbin
      add an acpi_enabled() function, invert the "pci" logic and require that
      Bump config to 400022.  Added an 'arch' softlink.  'machine' goes into
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 1/many.
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 2/many.
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 2/many.
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 3/many.
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 4/many.
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 5/many.
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 6/many.
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 7/many.
      Make rndcontrol use the new ioctl so it can properly list interrupt sources
      Reimplement IPI forwarding of FAST interrupts to the cpu owning the BGL
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 8/many.
      Add more documentation for the APIC registers and rename some of the
      De-confuse the IO APIC mapping code by creating a helper procedure to
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 9/many.
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 10/many.  Be a lot more careful programming the IO APIC.
      Display warnings for any configured IO APIC pins that do not actually exist.
      Fix a bug in the last commit.  The wrong argument was being passed to
      We are already serialized when nv_ospackettx() is called, so it must
      Allow 'options SMP' *WITHOUT* 'options APIC_IO'.  That is, an ability to
      Fix a symbol not found problem by not including madt.c in the ACPI module.
      Switch to the BSP when doing a normal shutdown.  ACPI can't power the machine
      Fix the cpu the softclock thread(s) are created on.  The softclock threads
      Fix a comment.  The slave is connected to IRQ 2 on the first 8259, not
      Mark our fine-grained interrupt timer as being INTR_MPSAFE, because it is.
      The 'picmode' variable was mis-named.  The MPTable is actually simply
      ICU/APIC cleanup part 11/many.
      Solve the continuous stream of spurious IRQ 7's that occur on machines
      Make sure that the apic error, performance counter, and timer local
      When operating in SMP+ICU mode, try to disconnect the 8259 from the cpu
      Clean up the CPU_AMD64X2_INTR_SPAM option to check the cpu_id and provide
      Document CPU_AMD64X2_INTR_SPAM in LINT.
      Minor manual adjustment to add debug.acpi.enabled.
      Adjust the globaldata initialization code to accomodate globaldata
      Make tsleep/wakeup MP SAFE part 1/2.
      Turn around the spinlock code to reduce the chance of programmer error.
      Revert part of the last commit.  We aren't ready for the per-cpu _wakeup
      USB mouse fix for certain mice, such as the Logitech LX700.  Do not assume
      Fix a broken array lookup in the old 4.3 BSD mmap compatibility code
      Make tsleep/wakeup() MP SAFE for kernel threads and get us closer to
      Temporarily check for and correct a race in getnewbuf() that exists due
      Continue work on our pluggable scheduler abstraction.  Implement a system
      If a /dev/<disk> device node is fsynced at the same time the related
      Remove ancient interrupt handler hacks that are no longer needed.
      Do a better job formatting vmstat -i output.  Output entries that look like
      Convert the lockmgr interlock from a token to a spinlock.  This fixes a
      Protect allproc scans with PHOLD/PRELE, in particular to support the
      Fix a bug in the last commit.  The proc pointer can be NULL at the
      Remove inthand_add() and inthand_remove().  Instead, register_int() and
      Add a thread flag, TDF_MPSAFE, which is used during thread creation to
      Add a sysctl and tunable kern.intr_mpsafe which allows threaded interrupts
      Start working on making the printf() path MPSAFE, because it isn't at the
      Add a sysctl and tunable kern.syscall_mpsafe which allows system calls
      Followup to last commit, cleanup some SMP/UP conditionals.
      Fix the design of ifq_dequeue/altq_dequeue by adding an mbuf pointer and
      Wrap psignal() and a few other places that require the MP lock when
      Add a sysctl and tunable kern.trap_mpsafe which allows some traps to run
      Remove unused label.
      Document the fact that the vm86 instruction emulator is MPSAFE.
      Do not try to set up hardware vectors for software interrupts.
      Consolidate the initialization of td_mpcount into lwkt_init_thread().
      Add a lwkt_serialize_try() API function.
      Fix some minor bugs in lwkt_serialize_handler*() which upcoming code will
      Add the ips driver to GENERIC.
      Assert that he mbuf type is correct rather then blinding setting m_type.
      Fix a mbuf statistics bug.
      tcp_syncache.cache_limit is a per-cpu limit, reserve enough space for all
      Make all network interrupt service routines MPSAFE part 1/3.
      Properly serialize IPW.
      ipw (is the only driver that) needs a working interrupt to perform
      Jumbo mbuf mangement's extbuf callbacks must be MPSAFE.  Use a serializer
      Get rid of the p_stat SZOMB state.  p_stat can now only be SIDL, SSLEEP, or
      tsleep_interlock() must be called prior to testing the serializer lock
      The primary mbuf cluster management code needs to be made MPSAFE since
      For MPSAFE syscall operation, CURSIG->__cursig->issignal() may be called
      Do not hold the ifnet serializer when entering tsleep() in the PPP TUN
      Change the initial path from /bin:/usr/bin to /bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin
      cred may be NULL due to a prior error code.  crhold() handles NULL creds,
      Fix a bug in the big tsleep/wakeup cleanup commit.  When stopping a
      Fix a process exit/wait race.  The wait*() code was making a faulty test
      Reduce SCSI_DELAY in GENERIC from 15 seconds to 5 seconds.
      Fix a bogus proc0 test that is no longer accurate.  This should allow the
      Add support for DLink 528(T) Gigabit cards.
      Add /usr/pkg/[s]bin to /bin/sh's default path and login.conf's default path.
      Require pkgsrc to be installed, include pkgsrc bootstrap binaries and mk.conf
      Update more default cshrc/profiles with new paths.
      Fix a bug in our RB_SCAN calls.  A critical section is required to
      Sync up misc work on the currently inactive syscall mapping library.
      Add an option -b which dumps the clean/dirty buffer cache RB trees for
      Document the nfs dirent conversion code.  No functional changes.
      doreti and splz were improperly requiring that the MP lock be held in order
      The new lockmgr() function requires spinlocks, not tokens.   Take this
      Synchronize the TSC between all cpus on startup and provide a sysctl,
      Enhance ktrdump to generate relative timestamps in fractional microseconds,
      Add KTR_TESTLOG and debug.ktr.testlogcnt, which issues three ktrlog() calls
      Add additional KTR lines to allow us to characterize the total overhead
      Clean up more spinlock conversion issues and fix related panics.
      SB_NOINTR must be set for the socket to prevent nbssn_recv() from hard
      Fix the directory scan code for SMBFS.  It was losing track of the directory
      Beef up error reporting for a particular assertion to try to track down a
      Do not ldconfig -m /usr/lib/gcc2 if there is no /usr/lib/gcc2 directory.
      Fix UP build issues.  Move tsc_offsets[] from mp_machdep.c to kern_ktr.c,
      Make the KTR test logging work for UP as well as SMP.
      Add KTR logging for tsleep entry/exit and wakeup entry/exit.
      Add KTR logging for IF_EM to measure interrupt overhead and packet
      Don't display the file and line by default.
      Fix another interesting bug.  td_threadq is shared by the LWKT scheduler,
      Add a feature and a sysctl (debug.ktr.testipicnt) to test inter-cpu
      Remove the 'all' target to fix buildworld, and fix a
      Move tsc_offsets[] to a new home to unbreak kernel builds, again.
      pfnStop() seems to take a flags argument which as far as I can tell from
      Properly integrate the now mandatory serializer into the WI network driver.
      Add KTR logging to the core tcp protocol loop.
      Fix a number of panic conditions for network cardbus devices by implementing
      Add a feature that allows a correction factor to be applied to attempt
      Clean up some minor typos in comments.
      Fix numerous nrelease build issues related to the pkgsrc conversion.
      run ./bootstrap in a chroot so it configures the correct paths in the
      Cleanup minor typeos.
      Bump us to 1.3.8 in preparation for pre-release tagging.
      By the time list_net_interfaces() is called in /etc/rc.d/netif,  clone_up()
      1.4 Release branched, HEAD is now 1.5.
      Fix the installer_quickrel target.  Also fix the pkgsrc bootstrap, not
      A ^Z signals the whole process group, causing the parent process (vipw) to
      Fix a type-o that was causing the wrong mbuf's csum_data to be adjusted
      After much hair pulling the problem with dual BGE interfaces not coming up
      Make wait*() behave the same as it did before we moved TSTOP handling
      Add a 2 second delay after configuring interfaces before continuing.
      Add a cvsup example to track the 1.4 release.
      Give up trying to port ezm3, add a cvsup binary bootstrap package to
      Do not require a .sh extension for scripts in local_startup dirs,
      ether_input() no longer allows the MAC header to be passed separately,
      The stat and ino_t changes were not intended to break dump/restore
      Do not call ether_ifdetach() with the serializer held in IF_TAP.
      Weed out files with .sample, .orig, or .dist extensions.  Proceduralize
      Preliminary ndis cleanup.  The serializer has taken over the functionality
      Finish fixing NDIS serialization.  Wrap detach in the serializer and remove
      Add a target that will update the 1.4-release slip tag.
      Mostly fix nullfs.  There are still namespace race issues between
      Clean up unmount() by removing the vnode resolution requirement.  Just
      bx is supposed to point to twiddle_chars, not contain the first element
      Correct sizeof(pointer) bugs that should have been sizeof(*pointer)
      Add mk.conf to the ISO and have the installer install it in /etc
      Use the DragonFly contrib patch system to correct improper sizeof(pointer)
      Add the '-c cpu' option to arp, netstat, and route, to allow the route
      Switch the type and how argument declarations around to match what the
      The random number generator was not generating sufficient entropy by
      Add a missing #include <sys/lock.h> to fix a UP kernel build problem.
      Lobotomize libcaps so it compiles again and can be used by the code
      Bring in the parallel route table code and clean up ARP.  The
      Remove the VBWAIT flag test, it will soon go away.
      Remove serialization calls that are no longer correct, fixing a panic
      Make warn() a weak reference.
      Bring in a bunch of malloc features from OpenBSD and fundamentally change
      Get rid of seriously out of date example code.
      Properly assert the state of the MP lock in the async syscall message
      Make the entire BUF/BIO system BIO-centric instead of BUF-centric.  Vnode
      Fix a bunch of race cases in the NFS callout timer code, in the handling
      Reformulate some code which was #if 0'd out in the last patch.  When
      Reduce the default NFSv3 access cache timeout from 60 seconds to 10 seconds.
      bioops.io_start() was being called in a situation where the buffer could
      Change the server side NFS write gather delay from 10ms to 20ms.  This
      nvi's "memory use after free" bug exists in following call path:
      Do not set the pcb_ext field until the private TSS has been completely
      Properly check for buffered data in ukbd_check_char().  This fixes issues
      A thread may be freed from a different cpu then it was assigned to,
      dvp must be unlocked prior to issuing a VOP operation to avoid obtaining
      Pass LK_PCATCH instead of trying to store tsleep flags in the lock
      buftimespinlock is utterly useless since the spinlock is released
      vfs_bio_awrite() was unconditionally locking a buffer without checking
      Add additional red-black tree functions for fast numeric field lookups.
      Unlock vnodes prior to issuing VOP_NREMOVE to accomodate filesystem
      Replace the global buffer cache hash table with a per-vnode red-black tree.
      Roll 1.5.1 for the slip tag
      Remove two incorrect serializer calls in the NDIS code.
      Struct buf's cannot simply be bcopy'd any more due to linkages in the
      cluster_read() was very dangerously issuing a blind BMAP for a buffer
      Add missing block number assignment in ATA raid mirroring code.  The
      Change KKASSERT() to not embed #exp in the control string.  Instead pass
      cache_fromdvp() uses a recursive algorithm to resolve disconnected
      Implement a VM load heuristic.  sysctl vm.vm_load will return an indication
      Cleanup the copyright in this file.  Easy since its my code.
      Add an option to add a slight time skew to the execution of scripts to
      Fix a serious bug in the olddelta microseconds calculation returned by
      Prevent the driver from reinitializing the card when it's already running.
      strnstr() was testing one byte beyond the specified length in certain
      Make a slight adjustment to the last commit.  Change saved_ncp to saved_dvp
      Backout the rest of 1.29.  There are a number of issues with the other
      Bump 1.5.2 for the preview tag, synchronized to just before the
      Add missing commit for the VM load heuristic and page allocation rate
      Major BUF/BIO work commit.  Make I/O BIO-centric and specify the disk or
      Don't just assume that the directory offset supplied by the user is
      Fix numerous translation problems in msdosfs, related to the recent BUF/BIO
      Sync fstat up to the changes made in msdosfsmount.h.
      Sanitize status message.
      Add options to allow the dump offset or system memory size (for the purposes
      Undo the last commit.  At the moment we require access to the structure
      Add the initialization of blockoff back in, the variable is still used.
      Clean up the extended lookup features in the red-black tree code.
      Change *_pager_allocate() to take off_t instead of vm_ooffset_t.  The
      Remove NQNFS support.  The mechanisms are too crude to co-exist with
      Correct some minor bugs in the last patch to fix kernel compilation.
      Add a RB_PREV() function which returns the previous node in a red-black
      Add PCI IDs for Intel's ICH7 and ICH7M ATA/SATA hardware, used in
      A VM object is now required for vnode-based buffer cache ops.  This
      NFS needs to instantiate a backing VM object for the vnode to read a symlink.
      ffs_truncate(), called from, truncate(), remove(), rmdir(), rename-overwrite,
      Fix a race condition between nlookup and vnode reclamation.  Even though the
      Use the vnode v_opencount and v_writecount universally.  They were previously
      Clone cd9660_blkatoff() into a new procedure, cd9660_devblkatoff(), which
      Require that *ALL* vnode-based buffer cache ops be backed by a VM object.
      Give the MFS pseudo block device vnode a VM object, as is now required
      ufs_dirempty() issues I/O on the directory vnode and needs to make sure
      A floating point fault (instead of DNA fault) can occur when the TS bit
      Document the use of SDT_SYS386IGT vs SDT_SYS386TGT when setting up the
      A number of structures related to UFS and QUOTAS have changed name.
      A number of structures related to UFS and QUOTAS have changed name.
      A number of structures related to UFS and QUOTAS have changed name.
      ufs_readdir() can be called from NFS with the vnode being opened, create
      Because multiple opens of /dev/tty only issue one actual open to the
      Properly calculate the ronly flag at unmount time.
      Transplant all the UFS ops that EXT2 used to call into the EXT2 tree and
      Unconditionally initialize a VM object for a directory vnode.  Continue
      Synchronize vinitvmio() calls from UFS to EXT2FS.
      Due to continuing issues with VOP_READ/VOP_WRITE ops being called without
      Get rid of bogus 'pushing active' reports.  Initialize a VM object for VREG
      Followup last commit, fix missing argument to vinitvmio().
      Fix one place where the superblock was being read (and written) at the
      Remove debugging printfs.
      Calculate the correct buffer size when reading a symlink via NFS.
      in_ifadown() was only cleaning up the route table on the originating cpu,
      /dev/random was almost always returning 0 bytes.  This was due to several
      Note: the previous rev's CVS comment was messed up due to an editor snafu.
      NTFS sometimes splits the initialization of a new vnode into two parts.
      If a process forks while being scanned, a non-zero p_lock will be inherited
      Supply version of wakeup() which only operate on threads blocked on the
      Fix a livelock in the objcache blocking code.  PCATCH was being improperly
      vop_stdopen() must be called when a fifo_open fails in order to then be
      Fix an edge case where objects can be returned to a per-cpu cache while
      Always guarentee at least one space between two network addresses.
      Conditionalize a lwkt_send_ipiq2() to fix the UP build.
      Fix a bug in the pkg_add -n tests where pkg_add was incorrectly reporting
      Recent bug fixes make this worthy for testing, update to 1.5.3 and slip the
      Generate a host-unreachable failure rather then a crash if the MTU is too
      Bring in some small changes from FreeBSD.
      Minor typing cleanups for aicasm.
      Add spin_uninit() to provide symmetry with spin_init().
      Misc sysperf cleanups.  Add another mutex tester to test the xchgl
      Get rid of unused arg.
      Get rid of LK_PCATCH in the agp lockmgr() calls.  AGP ignores the return
      Remove unused code label.
      Get rid of LK_DRAIN in dounmount().  LK_DRAIN locks are not SMP friendly and
      LK_DRAIN locks are no longer obtained on vnodes, rip out the check.
      Run the lockmgr() call independant of the KASSERT() in smb_co_init().
      Get rid of LK_DRAIN and LK_INTERLOCK interactions.  Recode interlocks when
      Get rid of LK_DRAIN, rely on nc_lwant to interlock lock races against
      Remove all remaining support for LK_DRAIN lockmgr locks.  LK_DRAIN was a
      Remove remaining uses of the lockmgr LK_INTERLOCK flag.
      Remove the now unused interlock argument to the lockmgr() procedure.
      Remove LK_REENABLE (related to the LK_DRAIN removal).
      The nticks calculation is still broken.  Sometimes the delta systimer
      Fix an incorrect header length comparison for IPSEC AH.  Add required
      B_INVAFTERWRITE is no longer used, remove it.
      If softupdates or some other entity re-dirties a buffer, make sure
      Call vnode_pager_setsize() before BALLOC rather than after.
      vfsync() is not in the business of removing buffers beyond the file EOF.
      Add a memory wrap check to kernacc to try to reduce instances of a bogus
      Rename KVM_READ() to kread() and make it a real procedure.  Also incorporate
      Generate unique identifiers for simulated FSMIDs so any errors appear to
      Separate the MD5 code into its own module.
      Get rid of the weird FSMID update path in the vnode and namecache code.
      Add the preadv() and pwritev() systems and regenerate.
      Fix the range checking for all read and write system calls.  Fix the
      Get rid of libcr, the idea(s) behind it are not really applicable anymore
      Move most references to the buffer cache array (buf[]) to kern/vfs_bio.c.
      Fix a bug in the POSIX locking code.  The system could lose track of
      Remove the buffer cache's B_PHYS flag.  This flag was originally used as
      Get rid of the remaining buffer background bitmap code.  It's been turned
      Remove non-existant variable from debugging message.
      Get rid of pbgetvp() and pbrelvp().  Instead fold the B_PAGING flag directly
      Bring in some fixes from NetBSD:
      Bring in SHA256 support from FreeBSD.
      Replace the the buffer cache's B_READ, B_WRITE, B_FORMAT, and B_FREEBUF
      Remove b_xflags.  Fold BX_VNCLEAN and BX_VNDIRTY into b_flags as
      The pbuf subsystem now initializes b_kvabase and b_kvasize at startup and
      Remove buf->b_saveaddr, assert that vmapbuf() is only called on pbuf's.  Pass
      Plug xform memory leaks. Don't re-initialize an xform for an SA that
      m_cat() may free the mbuf on 2nd arg, so m_pkthdr manipulation
      32bit from 64bit value fixup.  Fix typo.
      Fix fencepost error causing creation of 0-length mbufs when
      more strict sanity check for ESP tail. [From KAME]
      32bit from 64bit value fixup.
      Supply a stack pointer for a pure thread context so backtrace works.
      Plug memory leak in umass.
      - Add workarounds for dropped interrupts on VIA and ATI controllers.
      The wrong pointer was being used to calculate the page offset, leading
      Fix a bug in close().  When a descriptor is closed, all process leaders
      Fix an information disclosure issue on AMD cpus.  The x87 debug registers,
      Fix a biodone/AR_WAIT case.  b_cmd was not getting set to BUF_CMD_DONE,
      Add a missing ohci_waitintr() call that allows polled operation of
      Minor cleanup, plus initialize a few additional fields in the proc
      Remove the accounting argument from lf_create_range() and lf_destroy_range().
      Invert a mistaken test.  Set b_resid to 0 if B_ERROR is not set.
      Document the handling of a file holes in ufs_strategy() and clean up
      - Clarify the definitions of b_bufsize, b_bcount, and b_resid.
      Block devices generally truncate the size of I/O requests which go past EOF.
      Cleanup procedure prototypes, get rid of extra spaces in pointer decls.
      Remove VOP_BWRITE().  This function provided a way for a VFS to override
      Remove the thread pointer argument to lockmgr().  All lockmgr() ops use the
      Simplify vn_lock(), VOP_LOCK(), and VOP_UNLOCK() by removing the thread_t
      Remove the thread_t argument from vfs_busy() and vfs_unbusy().  Passing a
      The thread/proc pointer argument in the VFS subsystem originally existed
      Add some ifioctl() td -> ucred changes that were missed.
      The fdrop() procedure no longer needs a thread argument, remove it.
      Remove the thread_t argument from nfs_rslock() and nfs_rsunlock().
      Remove the thread argument from ffs_flushfiles(), ffs_mountfs(),
      Remove the thread argument from ext2_quotaoff(), ext2_flushfiles(),
      Remove the thread argument from all mount->vfs_* function vectors,
      Fix a null pointer indirection, the VM fault rate limiting code only
      We have to use pmap_extract here, pmap_kextract will choke if the page
      We have to use pmap_extract() here.  pmap_kextract() will choke on a missing
      We have to use pmap_extract() here.  If we lose a race against page
      Recode the streamid selector.  The streamid was faked before.  Do it for
      lockmgr_kernproc() wasn't checking whether the lockholder as already
      Remove the internal F_FLOCK flag.  Either F_POSIX or F_FLOCK must be set,
      Add a little program that allows one to test posix range locks.
      Rewrite the POSIX locking code.  It was becomming impossible to track
      Split kern/vfs_journal.c.  Leave the low level journal support code in
      Recognize the cpu ident for additional VIA processors.
      Fix three bugs in the last commit and document special cases.  Tighten
      UMAPFS has been disabled (and non-working) for a long time.  Scrap it
      Most of the fields in vnodeop_desc have been unused for a while now.
      Remove mount_umap.
      cbb_probe() assumes that the subclass field is unique. This patch further
      Remove vnode lock assertions that are no longer used.  Remove the
      Attempt to interlock races between the buffer cache and VM backing store
      Remove the (unused) copy-on-write support for a vnode's VM object.  This
      Pass the process (p) instead of the vnode (p->p_tracep) to the kernel tracing
      The ktracing code was not properly matching up VOP_OPEN and VOP_CLOSE calls.
      Oops, last commit was slightly premature.  Fix a bug-a-boo and remove
      Add another mutex tester for Jeff's spinlock code w/ the refcount
      p_tracep -> p_tracenode, tracking changes made in recent commits.
      p_tracep -> p_tracenode, tracking changes made in recent commits.
      Replace the LWKT token code's passive management of token ownership with
      Make spinlocks panic-friendly.
      Remove the last vestiges of UF_MAPPED.  All the removed code was already
      Consolidate the file descriptor destruction code used when a newly created
      Convert most manual accesses to filedesc->fd_files[] into the appropriate
      Recent lwkt_token work broke UP builds.  Fix the token code to operate
      I'm growing tired of having to add #include lines for header files that
      Embed the netmsg in the mbuf itself rather than allocating one for
      Fix a build issue with libnetgraph.  net/bpf.h does not need to include
      Remove so_gencnt and so_gen_t.  The generation counter is not used any more.
      Remove the (unmaintained for 10+ years) svr4 and ibcs2 emulation code.
      A little script that runs through all the header files and checks that
      Clean up more #include files.  Create an internal __boolean_t so two or
      Only _KERNEL code can optimize based on SMP vs UP.  User code must always
      Implement a much faster spinlock.
      Give struct filedesc and struct file a spinlock, and do some initial
      Do a major cleanup of the file descriptor handling code in preparation for
      Fix a minor bug in fdcopy() in the last commit, Consolidate the
      Sync to head.  Add a verbose option to vmpageinfo which dumps all the
      The pageout daemon does not usually page out pages it considers active.
      Move all the resource limit handling code into a new file, kern/kern_plimit.c.
      spinlock more of the file descriptor code.  No appreciable difference in
      Start consolidating process related code into kern_proc.c.  Implement
      Move the code that inserts a new process into the allproc list into its
      Fix issues with an incorrectly initialized buffer when formatting a floppy.
      When a vnode is vgone()'d its v_ops is replaced with dead_vnode_ops.
      Modifying lk_flags during lock reinitialization requires a spinlock.
      Adjust pamp_growkernel(), elf_brand_inuse(), and ktrace() to use
      Convert almost all of the remaining manual traversals of the allproc
      Fix several buffer cache issues related to B_NOCACHE.
      More MP work.
      * Make falloc() MPSAFE.  filehead (the file list) and nfiles are now
      Add #include <sys/lock.h> where needed to support get_mplock().
      * Fix a number of cases where too much kernel memory might be allocated to
      Remove FFS function hooks used by UFS.  Simply make direct calls from ufs
      Add a read-ahead version of ffs_blkatoff() called ffs_blkatoff_ra().  This
      Implement msleep().  This function is similar to the FreeBSD msleep() except
      Greatly reduce the MP locking that occurs in closef(), and remove
      Clear the new VMAYHAVELOCKS flag when after an unlock we determine that
      Mark various forms of read() and write() MPSAFE.  Note that the MP lock is
      Get rid -y/-Y (sort by interactive measure).  The interactive measure has
      Further isolate the user process scheduler data by moving more variables
      Clean up compiler warnings when KTR is enabled but KTR_ALL is not.
      Remove conditional memory allocation based on KTR_ALL.  Allocate memory
      Add two KTR (kernel trace) options: KTR_GIANT_CONTENTION and
      Shortcut two common spinlock situations and don't bother KTR logging them.
      Fix numerous bugs in the BSD4 scheduler introduced in recent commits.
      gd_tdallq is not protected by the BGL any more, it can only be manipulated
      Use the MP friendly objcache instead of zalloc to allocate temporary
      If the scheduler clock cannot call bsd4_resetpriority() due to spinlock
      Update the manual page to reflect additional spinlock requirements.
      Another update.  Clarify that a shared spinlock can be acquired while holding
      Since we can only hold one shared spinlock at a time anyway, change the
      namecache->nc_refs is no longer protected by the MP lock.  Atomic ops must
      Remove vnode->v_id.  This field used to be used to identify stale namecache
      Add an option which dumps the filename from the vnode's namecache link.
      Fix a file descriptor leak, add a missing vx_put() after linprocfs
      Rename arguments to atomic_cmpset_int() to make their function more obvious.
      Fix a bug in the linux emulator's getdents_common() function.  The function
      Misc cleanup - move another namecache list scan into vfs_cache.c
      An inodedep might go away after the bwrite, do not try to access
      Fix blocking races in various *_locate() functions within softupdates.
      Remove LWKT reader-writer locks (kern/lwkt_rwlock.c).  Remove lwkt_wait
      Fix a minor bug in the last commit.  lwp_cpumask has to be in the LWP copy
      Modify kern/makesyscall.sh to prefix all kernel system call procedures
      Fix a file descriptor leak in cam_lookup_pass() when the ioctl to
      Fix a WARNS=3 gcc warning related to longjmp clobbers, fix a possible use
      Remove lwp_cpumask assignment. lwp_cpumask is handled in the bcopy section.
      Remove an inappropriate crit_exit() in ehci.c and add a missing crit_exit()
      Add an INVARIANTS test in both the trap code and system call code.  The
      Cleanup crit_*() usage to reduce bogus warnings printed to the console
      Some netisr's are just used to wakeup a driver via schednetisr().  The
      Add missing crit_exit()
      Remove the asynchronous system call interface sendsys/waitsys.  It was an
      Add an option, DEBUG_PCTRACK, which will record the program counter of
      Add a new utility, 'pctrack', which dumps program counter tracking data
      Fix namespace pollution.
      We shouldn't have to fninit to make the FP unit usable for MMX based copies.
      Move selinfo stuff to the separate header sys/selinfo.h.  Make sys/select.h
      Remove the select_curproc vector from the usched structure.  It is used
      Add kernel syscall support for explicit blocking and non-blocking I/O
      The pread/preadv/pwrite/pwritev system calls have been renamed.  Create
      Use the _SELECT_DECLARED method to include the select() prototype instead
      Add two more system calls, __accept and __connect.  The old accept() and
      Well, ok, if you are going to turn off writable strings, then the code
      Do not set O_NONBLOCK on a threaded program's descriptors any more.  Instead,
      fcntl(.., F_SETFL, ..) should only do an FIOASYNC ioctl if the FASYNC
      Replace the random number generator with an IBAA generator for /dev/random
      Replace the random number generator with an IBAA generator for /dev/random
      Fix a case where RTP_PRIO_FIFO was not being handled properly.  The bug led
      /dev/[k]mem was not allowing access to the CPU globaldata area, because it
      Swap out FAT12 for NTFS so the boot0 prompt says 'DOS' instead of '??' for
      Add a new option -H <path> to cpdup.  This option allows cpdup to be used
      Do not attempt to read the slice table or disk label when accessing a raw
      If we hit the file hardlink limit try to copy the file instead of hardlinking
      Add a missing initbufbio() to fix a panic when vinum tries to issue a
      Include kernel sources on the release CD.
      Use bzip instead of gzip, rename the tar file to make it more obvious that
      Disassociate the VM object after calling VOP_INACTIVE instead of before.
      Cleanup, no functional changes.
      Change the seeder array from a modulo to a logical AND, improving performance
      Turn on the new kern.seedenable sysctl when seeding the PRNG.
      Update the manual pages for the kernel random number generator.
      Correct a problem with the user process scheduler's estimated cpu
      A broken pipe error is sometimes reported by zcat if the user quits out
      Add missing prototype.
      Use pbufs instead of ebufs.
      Attempt to fix an occassional panic in pf_purge_expired_states() by
      Add a note on where to find the release engineering document.
      Bump sub-versions and DragonFly_version in preparation for branching.
      Add a new target for cvs administration of the 1.6 slip tag.  Add a cvsup
      Adjust HEAD version from 1.5 to 1.7.
      Add a fairly bad hack to detect ripouts that might occur during a list
      Remove several layers in the vnode operations vector init code.  Declare
      Get rid of the weird coda VOP function arguments and void casts and
      Introduce sys/syslink.h, the beginnings of a VOP-compatible RPC-like
      Check the the ops mount pointer is not NULL before indirecting through it.
      Add code to dump lockf locks associated with a vnode.
      Fix a bug where the VMAYHAVELOCKS flag on a vnode may get lost, resulting
      Make a few more #define's visible when compiling with _KERNEL_STRUCTURES
      Fix a minor bug that prevented compilation.
      MASSIVE reorganization of the device operations vector.  Change cdevsw
      For the moment adjust dd to find the new location of the device type
      Why is ip_fil.h trying to declare kernel procedures for userland #include's?
      Remove duplicate code line.
      Fix an incorrect #ifndef label.  Also remove a now unnecessary
      Update the syslink structural documentation.  Add syslink_msg.h, containing
      Get rid of some unused fields in the fileops and adjust the declarations
      Get rid of a bogus check that cut the blocked-lock wakeup code a little
      Add structures and skeleton code for a new system call called syslink()
      Instead of indirectly calling vop_stdlock() and friends, install direct
      minor syslink cleanups to get the syslink_read() and syslink_write()
      LK_NOPAUSE no longer serves a purpose, scrap it.
      Protect the pfshead[] hash table with a token.
      VNode sequencing and locking - part 1/4.
      VNode sequencing and locking - part 2/4.
      VNode sequencing and locking - part 3/4.
      Update the X11 path for the default login.conf.
      Add a #define that source code can check to determine that the stat
      Add some linux compatibility defines, _DIRENT_HAVE_D_NAMLEN and
      Add a remote host capability for both the source and target directory
      Generate a nice message and make sure the program exits if we lose a
      Add a postscript printer filter example using ghostscript for a
      Remove the coda fs.  It hasn't worked in a long time.
      Fix a memory leak and greatly reduce the memory allocated when remembering
      Properly update the mtime for directories.
      VNode sequencing and locking - part 4/4 - subpart 1 of many.
      Bring in the initial cut of the Cache Coherency Management System module.
      Fix a case where a spinlock was not being released.
      Add skeleton procedures for the vmspace_*() series of system calls which
      Rename functions to avoid conflicts with libc.
      Rename functions to avoid conflicts with libc.
      Rename functions to avoid conflicts with libc.
      Rename functions to avoid conflicts with libc.
      Rename functions to avoid conflicts with libc.
      Rename functions to avoid conflicts with libc.
      Split extern in6* declarations for libc vs the kernel.
      Create 'k' versions of the kernel malloc API.
      Rename malloc->kmalloc, free->kfree, and realloc->krealloc.  Pass 1
      Rename malloc->kmalloc, free->kfree, and realloc->krealloc.  Pass 2
      Make KMALLOC_ONLY the default, remove compatibility shims for the
      Remove KMALLOC_ONLY from LINT
      Move the code that eats certain PNP IDs into a ISA bus-specific file.
      Clean up module build failures when compiling a kernel without PCI.
      Fix malloc macros for dual-use header file.
      Attempt to fix a vnode<->namecache deadlock in NFS's handling of stale
      Get rid of a struct device naming conflict.
      Rename struct specinfo into struct cdev.  Add a new typedef 'cdev_t' for cdev
      Rename the kernel NODEV to NOCDEV to avoid conflicts with the userland NODEV.
      Change the kernel dev_t, representing a pointer to a specinfo structure,
      Reserve upcall IDs 0-31 for system use.
      Move flag(s) representing the type of vm_map_entry into its own vm_maptype_t
      MAP_VPAGETABLE support part 1/3.
      MAP_VPAGETABLE support part 2/3.
      MAP_VPAGETABLE support part 3/3.
      More cleanups + fix a bug when taking a write fault on a mapping that uses
      Clean up some #include's that shouldn't have been in there.  Unbreak
      Collapse some bits of repetitive code into their own procedures and
      Fix a bug in sysctl()'s handling of user data.  You can't wire 0 bytes
      Fix a bug in sendmsg() and two compatibility versions of sendmsg().
      Fix a bug when '-f -H' is used and the target already exists.  cpdup was
      Bump the version number reported by cpdup from 1.06 to 1.07
      Add a README file with some helpful porting hints.  I'd rather do this in
      Commit a comprehensive file describing how to do incremental backups along
      Make some adjustments to low level madvise/mcontrol/mmap support code to
      Make some adjustments to low level madvise/mcontrol/mmap support code to
      Move an assertion in the bridge code so it only gets hit if the bridge
      Disallow writes to filesystems mounted read-only via NULLFS.  In this case
      Set f_ncp in the struct file unconditionally.  Previously we only set it
      Remove the last bits of code that stored mount point linkages in vnodes.
      Check that namecache references to the mount point are no longer present
      Fix a bug in the script softlink code.  The softlinks were not being
      Add an option that causes cpdup to skip CHR or BLK devices.  This option
      Recent dev_t work confused sysctl.  Adjust the reported type to udev_t
      Fix a compile error when DDB is not defined.  db_print_backtrace() is
      Try to clean up any remaining filesystem references when rebooting.  Clean
      Fix an off-by-one error.  Track #1 is index 0 in the TOC buffer.
      Fix a bug in the device intercept code used by /dev/console.  The
      Follow up to kern_conf.c 1.16.  We can't just ignore the ops comparison, it
      Fix a bug where mmap()ing a revoked descriptor caused a kernel panic on a
      Do not temporarily set signals to SIG_IGN when polling whether the parent
      Add Marc's monthly statistics script to DragonFly's base dist.  These
      Fix a long-standing bug inherited from FreeBSD.  It is possible for a
      Add two more vmspace_*() system calls to read and write a vmspace.  These
      NULLFS was not releasing a reference to the root of the underlying
      Correct a compiler warning from the last commit.
      Add a device that attaches to the memory controller.  If ECC is enabled in
      Greatly reduce memory requirements when fsck'ing filesystems with lots
      Remove inode free race warning messages.  These were originally added to
      Add a ton of infrastructure for VKERNEL support.   Add code for intercepting
      Reformulate the way the kernel updates the PMAPs in the system when adding
      Reorganize the way machine architectures are handled.  Consolidate the
      Reorganize the way machine architectures are handled.  Consolidate the
      Add advice if a kernel config file cannot be found to remind people that
      memset must be a real procedure rather then an indirect pointer because
      Fix paths to arch/i386, related to the recent architecture topology changes.
      Get rid of the indirect function pointer for bzero().  We haven't used it
      Bump the config version.  Add a 'cpu_arch' directive that allows the
      Further normalize the _XXX_H_ symbols used to conditionalize header file
      Further normalize the _XXX_H_ symbols used to conditionalize header file
      Purge the IFQ when associating a new altq.   Packets that have already been
      Do a major clean-up of the BUSDMA architecture.  A large number of
      Fix a stack overflow due to recursion.  When the namecache must invalidate
      Major namecache work primarily to support NULLFS.
      Adjust fstat to properly traverse mount points when constructing a
      Sync our rm -P option with OpenBSD - if the file has a hardlink count
      test 4
      test 5
      Major kernel build infrastructure changes, part 1/2 (sys).
      Major kernel build infrastructure changes, part 2/2 (user).
      Misc cleanups and CVS surgery.  Move a number of header and source files
      Remove system dependancies on <machine/ipl.h>.  Only architecture files
      Move <machine/ccbque.h> to <sys/ccbque.h>.  ccbque.h is not a
      Move <machine/dvcfg.h> to the one device that actually uses it, remove
      More Machine-dependant/Machine-independant code and header file separation.
      Move the Maxmem extern to systm.h
      Get the MI portions of VKERNEL to build, start linking it against libc.
      bmake uses /usr/share/mk/sys.mk, so we cannot require that MACHINE_CPU be
      Add a missing #undef to properly compile atomic.c functions into the
      Adjust for symbol name changes.
      buildworld depends on hw.machine exported from the kernel being correct.
      Enable the building of boot0cfg for pc32.
      Check for subdirectories for both the platform architecture and the
      unresolve the vnode associated with the namecache entry for a mount point
      Fictitious VM pages must remain structurally stable after free.
      Use spinlocks instead of tokens to interlock the objcache depot.
      Allow M_ZERO to be specified when using simple object cache setups which
      Replace the global VM page hash table with a per-VM-object RB tree.  No
      Check an additional special pattern to detect dangerously dedicated mode.
      Add a manual page outlining the rules for committers.
      Make int bootverbose and int cold declarations machine independant.
      Misc vkernel work.
      Add a generic interrupt controller type that the virtual kernel build can use.
      Generate forwarding header files to mimic /usr/include -> /usr/include/sys
      Fix a NULL pointer dereference introduced in the previous commit.
      For the moment conditionally remove the declaration of certain libc
      Local variables that were improperly named 'errno' must be renamed so as
      Use ${.CURDIR} to get the correct path to the root skeleton directory.
      Document MADV_SETMAP and MAP_VPAGETABLE.  These functions support virtualized
      Add another ICH PCI ID.
      Fix umct and add F5U409 USB Serial Adaptor.
      rename sscanf -> ksscanf
      Pass NULL to objcache_create() to indicate that null_ctor() and/or null_dtor()
      Repo copy machine/pc32/i386/mem.c to kern/kern_memio.c and separate out
      Add a prototype for the new mcontrol() system call.
      Rename kvprintf  -> kvcprintf (call-back version)
      Add 'k' versions for printf, sprintf, and snprintf.  kprintf, ksprintf, and
      Undo some renames that don't apply to the boot code (linked against libstand).
      Add IFF_MONITOR support.
      Rename sprintf  -> ksprintf
      Remove unused procedures and declarations.
      Continue fleshing out VKERNEL support.  Initialize the per-cpu globaldata
      Rename virtual_avail to virtual_start, so name follows function.
      Remove unused defines.
      Make a chunk of low level initialization code for proc0 and thread0 machine
      Make certain libc prototypes / system calls visible to kernel builds
      Introduce globals: KvaStart, KvaEnd, and KvaSize.  Used by the kernel
      Make kernel_map, buffer_map, clean_map, exec_map, and pager_map direct
      Correct a conditional used to detect a panic situation.  The index was off by
      zbootinit() was being called with too few pv_entry's on machines with small
      Fix compilation error when building without INET6.  Fix a number of minor
      Fix manual page references to omshell.
      None of the patches in dhclient/client were being applied.  Add the patches
      Remove an old debugging kprintf.
      Try to locate any instances where pmap_enter*() is called with a kernel
      Get most of the VKERNEL pmap handling code in.
      Remove pmap_kernel() (which just returned a pointer to kernel_pmap), and
      Move dumplo from MD to kern/kern_shutdown.c
      Continue fleshing out the VKERNEL.
      Rename system calls, removing a "sys_" prefix that turned out not to be
      Move uiomove_fromphyhs() source from MD to MI.
      Remove fuswintr() and suswintr(), they were never implemented and it was a
      Repo-move machine/pc32/i386/i386-gdbstub.c to cpu/i386/misc/i386-gdbstub.c.
      GDB stubs were only being compiled on systems with serial I/O installed,
      The last commit was incomplete, correct.
      Conditionalize all of the subdirectories in dev so we skip them for
      Conditionalize the existance of a gdt[] array for the in-kernel disassembler.
      Conditionalize the existance of a gdt[] array for the in-kernel disassembler.
      Rename errno to error to avoid conflict with errno.h
      Remove all physio_proc_*() calls.  They were all NOPs anyhow and used
      VKERNEL work, deal with remaining undefined symbols.
      Remove the hack.So hack for virtual kernels.
      Remove old debugging printf.
      Use Maxmem instead of physmem.  physmem is used only within pc32
      Initialize thread0.td_gd prior to calling various gdinit functions, because
      Offset KernelPTD and KernelPTA so we can directly translate a kernel virtual
      If no memory image file is specified, locate or create one by running
      Add a new procedure, vm_fault_page(), which does all actions related to
      Assign proc0 a dummy frame to bootstrap vm_fork().
      Fix a conflict with libc's killpg().
      Fix compiler warnings
      Signal handlers usually inherit %gs.  Make them inherit %fs as well.  This
      Fix symbol conflict with falloc()
      define _KERNEL_VIRTUAL if not defined to hack-fix conflicts with normal
      Make libc prototypes available for kernel builds.
      Allow certain cpufunc.h inlines to be overridden by virtual kernel builds.
      Use itimers to implement the virtual kernel's SYSTIMER backend.
      Add a virtual disk device for virtual kernels to boot from.
      Add support for a root disk device file.
      The stack frame available from a signal to user mode stores the fault address
      Handle page faults within the virtual kernel process itself (what would be
      Set rootdevnames[0] to automatically boot from ufs:vd0a when a root disk
      Make the vmspace_*() system call prototypes available to (virtual) kernel
      Implement nearly all the remaining items required to allow the virtual kernel
      Modify the trapframe sigcontext, ucontext, etc.  Add %gs to the trapframe
      The signal return code was trying to access user mode addresses
      When removing a page directory from a page map, the KVA representing
      Add missing header file.
      Make more libc prototypes available to _KERNEL builds.
      Make libc prototypes available to kernel builds
      Implement vm_fault_page_quick(), which will soon be replacing
      Rewrite vmapbuf() to use vm_fault_page_quick() instead of vm_fault_quick().
      Use CBREAK mode for the console.
      Add the virtual kernel's virtual disk device to the fray (vd*).
      Rename the following special extended I/O system calls.  Only libc, libc_r,
      Add a missing pmap_enter() in vm_fault_page().  If a write fault does a COW
      Disable terminal control characters while the virtual kernel is running,
      Use our interrupt infrastructure to handle the clock interrupt, but
      Fix two incorrect sigblock() calls.
      A virtual kernel running an emulated process context must pop back into
      A virtual kernel running another virtual kernel running an emulated process
      Name the virtual kernel disk device 'vkd' instead of 'vd'.
      Get floating point working in virtual kernels.  Add a feature that allows
      Fix collision with variable named 'errno'.
      Have vectorctl silently succeed to remove a run-time warning.
      Tell the real kernel not to sync the file that backs a virtual kernel's
      Make the size of the pmap structure the same for both pc32 and vkernel
      Open the root disk with O_DIRECT.  We do not want both the real kernel and
      Properly block SIGALARM and disable interrupts (i.e. signals) in init
      Fix a bug vm_fault_page().  PG_MAPPED was not getting set, causing the
      When removing a page directory, tell the real kernel to invalidate the
      Major pmap update.  Note also that this commit temporarily nerfs performance
      Replace remaining uses of vm_fault_quick() with vm_fault_page_quick().
      Remove unused SWI's.
      Add missing link options to export global symbols to the _DYNAMIC section,
      Fix a number of places where the kernel assumed it could directly access
      Misc cleanups.
      Adjust the gdb patch to account for the new register structure.
      Set kernel_vm_end to virtual_start instead of virtual_end so it can be used
      Add missing bzero() during low boot after malloc().
      Add single-user mode boot option (-s).
      Fix the recently committed (and described) page writability nerf.  The real
      Pull in a few bits from FreeBSD.  Add a structure size field and floating
      Include the VN device by default.
      Allow VKERNEL builds to build certain non-hardware disk modules as well.
      The FP subsystem might not work properly when a vkernel is run inside
      Implement a new signal delivery mechanism, SA_MAILBOX.  If specified the
      Link up the interrupt frame to the systimer API.  Use PGEX_U to indicate
      Rename type to avoid conflict with 'kqueue' symbol.
      Add KQUEUE support to the TAP interface.
      Add O_ASYNC (SIGIO) support to kqueue().  Also add F_SETOWN support.
      Add kqueue based async I/O support to the virtual kernel.  Convert VKE to
      Pass an interrupt frame to kqueue-based interrupts.  Modify the console
      Close two holes in the pmap code.  The page table self mapping does not
      cputimer_intr_reload() - prevent a negatively indexed or too-small a reload
      We want the virtual kernel to be default-secure.  Disable writes to kernel
      Implement getcontext(), setcontext(), makecontext(), and swapcontext().
      Add missing -I path when compiling assembly files.
      Rename /usr/src/sys/machine to /usr/src/sys/platform.  Give the platform
      Fix license issue by removing -lreadline.  The programs don't reference
      Remove the advertising clause from vinum with permission from Greg Lehey,
      Fix a crash related to the NPX (floating point) interrupt.  The interrupt
      checkdirs() was being passed the wrong mount point, resulting in a panic
      Poor attempt to tracking the stack frame through a trap.  Adjust for
      Stop init before ripping its filesystem references out in order to
      Fix the incorrect addition of a leading '/' in file paths in the journaling
      Setup for 1.8 release - bump HEAD to 1.7.1 and synchronize preview tag.
      Setup for 1.8 release - add new targets to Makefile to udpate the slip tag
      Setup for 1.8 release - Adjust HEAD to 1.9.0
      Fix generation of the mount path for "/" when a process is chrooted into
      Remove gobsd from the list.
      Implement -D
      smbfs was not guarenteeing a NULL return vnode on error.  This is required
      Add note on using 'handle SIGSEGV noprint' when gdb'ing a virtual kernel.
      Make sure all string buffers passed from userland are terminated before
      Initial syslink system call documentation and overview.
      Minor syntax cleanup
      Generate a warning if a wired page is encountered on a queue during a free
      Try to catch double-free bugs in the ACPI code.  For now generate a warning
      Add syslink.2 to the install list.
      syslink work - Implement code for a reformulated system call, giving the
      Update the syslink documentation.  A number of major design changes have
      Reformulate the syslink_msg structure a bit.  Instead of trying to create
      Update the syslink documentation.  This is still a work in progress.  The
      Cleanup and reformulate some of the comments.
      Add IP_MINTTL socket option - used to set the minimum acceptable TTL a
      Add subr_alist.c.  This is a bitmap allocator that works very similarly to
      Remove ldconfig_paths_aout, it is no longer used.
      Use SHUT_RD instead of a hardcoded value of 0 in calls to shutdown().
      Kernel virtual memory must be mapped on a segment address boundary.  Try
      Bring in the skeleton infrastructure and manual page for the new syslink
      Probably the last change to the syslink() system call.  Allow a generic
      Don't allow snd_nxt to be set to a value less then snd_una when restoring
      Allocations of size greater then the radix were not returning the correct
      We have a few generation sets for Red-Black trees that implement RLOOKUP
      Clean up the so_pru_soreceive() API a bit to make it easier to read
      Make 'last mounted on' reporting by fsck work again.  Add a new option
      Convert all pr_usrreqs structure initializations to the .name = data format.
      Just throw all the main arguments for syslink() into syslink_info and
      Give the sockbuf structure its own header file and supporting source file.
      Sync netstat up to the sockbuf changes.
      sbappendcontrol() was improperly setting sb_lastmbuf, creating a possible
      IPV6 type 0 route headers are a flawed design, insecure by default, and
      Move syslink_desc to sys/syslink_rpc.h so kernel code does not need
      Fix various paths in rc.d/diskless and friends.
      Add a generally accessible cpu_pause() inline for spin loops.
      Implement ncpus_fit and ncpus_fit_mask.  Admittedly not the best name.
      When <sys/user.h> is included, it MUST be included first because it sets
      Add a shortcut function, objcache_create_mbacked(), which is more complex
      Implement SYSREF - structural reference counting, allocation, and sysid
      When <sys/user.h> is included, it MUST be included first because it sets
      Use the __boolean_t defined in machine/stdint.h instead of the
      Remove unneeded references to sys/syslink.h.  Get syslink_desc from
      * Use SYSREF for vmspace structures.  This replaces the vmspace structure's
      Store the frequency and cputimer used to initialize a periodic systimer.
      Revamp SYSINIT ordering.  Relabel sysinit IDs (SI_* in sys/kernel.h) to
      EST's module was being installed before the module list got initialized,
      Reorder cpu interrupt enablement, do it in the code that drops
      It is possible for spurious interrupt(s) to be posted to an AP cpu
      Make the mountroot> prompt a bit more user-friendly.
      More cleanups, do not allow backspacing beyond the start of the line.
      Implement kern.do_async_attach. default disabled.  To enable add
      Move clock registration from before SMP startup to after.  APIC_IO builds
      Add missing crit_exit();
      ata_boot_attach() is no longer used, #if 0 it out.
      Document the interrupt moderation timer and the fact that even though
      Reduce the livelock limit from 50Khz to 40Khz.
      When thread0 is initialized it must also be LWKT scheduled or LWKT will
      Add a new system call, lwp_rtprio(), and regenerate system calls.
      Make libthread_xu use the new lwp_rtprio() system call, mainly taken from
      Followup commit - fix a bug in the last commit.
      pci_get_resource_list() was returning an illegal pointer instead of NULL
      Update the vget, vput, vref, vrele, vhold, and vdrop documentation
      Update vnode.9, correct spelling.
      The bus_get_resource_list DEVMETHOD is primarily used to by PCI devices
      Use SYSREF to reference count struct vnode.  v_usecount is now
      Update for vnode changes.
      Update vnodeinfo to handle the recent vnode changes.
      Changes to consdev - low level kernel console initialization.
      Add fields to the ktrace header to allow kdump to also display the TID
      Replace NOCDEV with NULL.  NOCDEV was ((void *)-1) and as inherited
      Give the device major / minor numbers their own separate 32 bit fields
      Synchronize libkvm etc, with recent kernel major/minor device
      Fix a bug where multiple mounts on the same mount point cause the
      Fix the location of Make.tags.inc
      Add the ID for the Realtek ALC862 codec to the hda sound driver.
      Remove variables that are no longer used due to the previous commit.
      Fix a vnode recyclement namecache<->vnode deadlock introduced with recent
      Ooops, cache_inval_vp_nonblock() was being called too late, after the
      Make the kern.ipc.nmbclusters and kern.ipc.nmbufs sysctls read-only.
      Remove old unused cruft.
      Remove the ancient diskpart program.
      Start untangling the disklabel from various bits of code with the goal of
      Continue untangling the disklabel.  Have most disk device drivers fill out
      Continue untangling the disklabel.  Use the generic disk_info structure
      Continue untangling the disklabel.  Reorganize struct partinfo and the
      Add a new command, /sbin/diskinfo, which uses the revamped DIOCGPART
      The normal ATA driver is capable of handling 48 bit block addressing, but
      * The diskslice abstraction now stores offsets/sizes as 64 bit quantities.
      Support 64 bit file sizes and 64 bit sector numbers.
      Continue untangling the disklabel.  Add sector index reservation fields
      Port 16 byte SCSI command support from FreeBSD.  This adds support for
      Add dev_drefs() - return the number of references on a cdev_t
      Remove the roll-your-own disklabel from CCD.  Use the kernel disk manager
      Remove the roll-your-own disklabel from the ATA CD driver.  Use the
      Remove support for mcd and scd - these were old proprietary ISA cdrom
      Remove libdisk from the build.
      Synchronize the NATA kernel build.
      Use DIOCGPART instead of DIOCGDINFO to remove references to the disklabel
      Remove #include <sys/disklabel.h> from various source files which no longer
      Remove libdisk from the Makefile.
      Add getdisktabbyname() to libc.  This will soon replace getdiskbyname().
      Fix buildworld, getdiskbyname() has moved to <disktab.h>
      Add back PCI_MAP_FIXUP, it was mistakenly removed.
      Remove the NATA config file generation rules.  Add a rule to the check:
      use_mcd.h, use_scd.h no longer exist.
      Finish moving boot/i386 to boot/pc32 (it was left half done), remove
      Cleanup shutdown(2) usage and make it consistent.  The implementation in rsh
      Update # comments and documentation for disktab(5).
      Continue untangling the disklabel.
      Use the WHOLE_DISK_SLICE instead of the compatibility slice to
      Implement raw extensions for WHOLE_DISK_SLICE device accesses for acd0.
      Temporary hack until we can get rid of the disklabel dependancies.
      Make savecore work wagain by using the new 64 bit dumplo (_dumplo64).
      Continue untangling the disklabel.  Clean up dumpdev handling by having
      Keep the ds_skip_* fields in struct diskslice properly synchronized.
      Fix a one-character allocated string buffer overflow that was introduced
      Fix device recognition, /dev/vn0 now uses WHOLE_SLICE_PART, not partition 'c'.
      Include geometry data in DIOCGPART so fdisk can use it instead of trying
      Disklabel operations are no longer legal on the raw disk, use DIOCGPART to
      Quickly update UPDATING with 1.8 -> 1.9+ documentation.
      Cleanup diskerr() output a bit - don't say it was trying to write when
      When a traditional bsd disklabel is present, try to reserve SBSIZE bytes
      Remove all dependancies newfs had on accessing the disklabel.  Use
      More disklabel disentanglement - use DIOCGPART instead of DIOCGDLABEL.
      Remove the fragment size, block size, and cpg fields from the disklabel
      Continue untangling the disklabel.
      Revert sc1 to testing getuid() like it says it does in the output.
      Use 0x%08x for all minor numbers, not just those > 255.
      Fix a bug in recent commits.  When creating a virgin disk label for devices
      Handle disklabels with the disk management layer instead of rolling our own
      Remove DIOCWLABEL operation.  Doing it destroyed the purpose of having
      Remove unused define.
      Simplify the lwkt_msg structure by removing two unused fields and a number
      * Greatly reduce the complexity of the LWKT messaging and port abstraction.
      The dump device must be opened before ioctls can be performed on it.
      Fix the kinfo run/sleep state for pure kernel threads.  This effects /bin/ps
      LWKT message ports contain a number of function pointers which abstract
      Properly detect interruptable LWKT sleeps and display as 'S' instead of 'D'.
      Do an even better job discerning between blocked threads and blocked
      Add lwkt_sleep() to formalize a shortcut numerous bits of code have been
      Update documentation.
      Add a -c file option to the vkernel to specify CD images.  The first -c or -r
      Add the kernel support function allocsysid().
      The proper root device for a vkernel fs is vkd0s0a, not vkd0a.
      Syslink API work - greatly simplify the syslink_msg structure.  Reimplement
      From within a virtual kernel, make /sbin/shutdown and /sbin/halt actually
      Open the root image O_EXLOCK|O_NONBLOCK and exit with an error message
      Add some syslink debugging programs.
      Remove unnecessary initialization and fix a GCC-4.x run-time linking issue
      Rename private to privdata and class to srclass to avoid conflicts with
      Adjust M_NOWAIT to M_WAITOK or M_INTWAIT as appropriate.
      Add flsl() for the NATA driver.
      Add flsl() for the NATA driver.
      Add a missing header file dependancy.
      Merge all the FreeBSD work done since our initial import of NATA, except
      Bring in 1.343 from FreeBSD.  FreeBSD commit message:
      Synchronize to FreeBSD 1.35 - just adds a #define for ATA_SMART_CMD.
      Add a timings line for UDMA6 in two places.  The drivers in question may or
      M_NOWAIT can only be used in a driver where a failed memory allocation is
      Implement boundary and maximum segment size handling in bus_dmamap_load().
      Set the IDE DMA start bit as a separate I/O write from the DMA port
      Part 1/2: Add a sanity check to the NATA interrupt code to assert that
      Go to bed before the sun comes up.
      Catch up a bit with FreeBSD netgraph by replacing *LEN constants with
      Do any crash dump operation before the shutdown_post_sync event handler
      Add a field to the keyboard abstraction structure that allows the USB
      When compiling a kernel with all ktr logging (KTR_ALL), do not auto-enable
      Add polling support to BGE.
      Use the slab cache for PAGE_SIZE and PAGE_SIZE*2 sized allocations.  This
      Add KTR logging for SMP page table syncing ops.
      Implement vm_fault_object_page().  This function returns a held VM page
      Entirely remove exec_map from the kernel.  Use the new vm_fault_object_page()
      Get rid of some broken _KERNEL_VIRTUAL hacks.
      Remove unused variables after last commit.
      Remove the last source of SMP TLB invalidations in the critical code path
      Formalize the object sleep/wakeup code when waiting on a dead VM object and
      Increase the tsleep/wakeup hash table size and augment the KTR logging a bit.
      Add a new option to ktrdump (-l) which causes it to loop awaiting new data
      Change the -a option to be a bit friendlier.  Have it print sorted,
      Create an upgrade target for MAKEDEV.  This target will attempt to
      Remove the temporary NATA kernel build config file.  Change GENERIC to
      This patch allows umct (USB<->RS232 adapter) to write to devices that do
      Move initialization of a vnode's various red-black trees to the CTOR function
      Dont poll PS/2 mouse interrupts, it can cause the mouse to get jumpy.
      Refuse to poll a detached sim.
      dev_dopen() can be called multiple times with only one dev_dclose() when
      Expand the diskslice->ds_openmask from 8 bits to 256 bits to cover all
      Do not destroy the device queue, it is needed by the peripheral code
      xpt_bus_deregister() never returns 0, don't test for it.
      When getnewvnode() is called the vnode's v_type defaults to VNON.  Syncer
      Add vfs.nfs.pos_cache_timeout to complement vfs.nfs.neg_cache_timeout.
      Import the kernel GPT and UUID header files from FreeBSD, and bring in
      Bring uuidgen(3) into libc and implement the uuidgen() system call.
      Implement an opaque function, if_getanyethermac(), which retrieves MAC
      Regenerate system callsa (add uuidgen()).
      Update all sound code to use the snd_*() locking abstraction and sndlock_t.
      Correct mistake in last commit.
      Create the USB task queues before creating the event thread to avoid
      Bring the gpt labeling program in from FreeBSD.
      Backout the last commit, it's creating panics.
      Implement (non-bootable) GPT support.  If a PMBR partition type is detected
      Add subr_diskgpt.c to the platform conf files.
      Add subr_diskgpt.c - oops. part of the GPT commit.
      Bring in the uuidgen utility from FreeBSD.
      Have UFS set the vnode type to VBAD instead of VNON so it gets cleaned
      Add two new UUID helper functions to libc, uuid_name_lookup() and
      Lines in /etc/uuids[.local] beginning with '#' are considered comments.
      Change the location of the files to /etc/defaults/uuids and /etc/uuids.
      Fix mistake in last commit, the file locations were not changed properly.
      Augment RB tree macros even more, allowing for static declarations,
      Adjust gpt to use the new UUID lookup functions via /etc/[defaults/]uuids.
      Create defaults/uuids and adjust the build to copy the file to /etc/defaults
      Make indexes start at 0, not 1, so they match the GPT partition numbers.
      Fix compiler warning (embedded /*)
      Fix an overflow in the GPT code, I wasn't allocating enough slice structures.
      Disable per-channel interrupt sources before enabling the master interrupt
      Implement SIGTERM handling.  When a SIGTERM is received by a VKERNEL, it
      More syslink messaging work.  Now basically done except for the I/O 'DMA'
      Disklabel separation work - Generally shift all disklabel-specific
      Disklabel separation work - more.
      Move all the code related to handling the current 32 bit disklabel
      Improve the error message for gpt add a little.
      Implement non-booting support for the DragonFly 64 bit disklabel:
      Make some adjustments to clean up structural field names.  Add type and
      Correct a couple of uuid retention issues.  Output the storage uuid for
      Rename d_obj_uuid to d_stor_uuid to conform to the naming convention being
      Add the -p pidfile option to the vkernel.
      Refuse to label media that is too large to handle a 32 bit disklabel
      The fstype was not being properly tested for a CCD uuid.
      Do not blindly allow the block count to overflow.  Restrict newfs filesystem
      Correct a bug in the -S truncation mode where the mode was not being passed
      Fix an issue with positive namecache timeouts.  Locked children often
      Fix rts_input() which is the only procedure which calls raw_input().  As
      Recode the state machine to make it a bit less confusing.  Collapse the
      Adjust debug output so columns line up better.
      Create a default dntpd.conf file for DragonFly using three pool.ntp.org
      Add a new option (-i) that allows the insane deviation value to be set, and
      Repo-copy numerous files from sys/emulation/posix4 to sys/sys and sys/kern
      A file descriptor of -1 is legal when accessing journal status.  Just allow
      Implement jscan -o.  Take the patch from Steve and add some additional
      Fix a bug-a-boo, the type uuid was being printed instead of the storage
      Clarify cpu localization requirements when using callout_stop() and
      Get out-of-band DMA buffers working for user<->user syslinks.  This
      Add a new flag, XIOF_VMLINEAR, which requires that the buffer being mapped
      Add O_MAPONREAD (not yet implemented).  This will have the semantics of
      Clean up syslink a bit and add an abstraction that will eventually allow
      This is a simple little syslink test program which ping-pongs a 64K
      Implement struct lwp->lwp_vmspace.  Leave p_vmspace intact.  This allows
      Flag the checkpoint descriptor so on restore we can identify it and use the
      Add MLINKS for checkpoint.1, because most point looking for information
      Update the documentation for sys_checkpoint().
      Move the P_WEXIT check from lwpsignal() to kern_kill().  That is, disallow
      Try to avoid accidental foot shooting by not allowing a virtual kernel
      A signal is sent to a particular LWP must be delivered to that LWP and never
      More multi-threaded support for virtualization.  Move the save context
      Bring in all of Joe Talbott's SMP virtual kernel work to date, which makes
      Conditionalize SMP bits for non-SMP builds.
      Use dladdr() to obtain symbol names when possible and try to dump the
      Also credit lots of help from Aggelos Economopoulos <aoiko@cc.ece.ntua.gr>
      Do not allow umtx_sleep() to restart on a restartable signal.  We want to
      Implement an architecture function cpu_mplock_contested() which is
      Clean up a kprintf() that was missing a newline.
      Only use the symbol returned by dladdr() if its address is <= the
      Copy a junk file from pc32 needed for <time.h>
      sched_ithd() must be called from within a critical section.
      The kernel perfmon support (options PERFMON) was trying to initialize its
      The real-kernel madvise and mcontrol system calls handle SMP interactions
      Add an option (-n ncpus) to specify the number of cpus a virtual kernel
      Increase SMP_MAXCPU to 31.  Can't do 32 (boo hoo!) because spinlocks need
      sigwinch has to run with the big giant lock so use the DragonFly
      Exhaust the virtual kernel network interface even if we cannot allocate
      Put a timeout on the umtx_sleep() in the idle loop and add conditional
      Because the objcache caches up to two magazines on each cpu some pretty
      Make the virtual kernel's systimer work with SMP builds.  Have it
      Give virtual kernels access to sysctl() prototypes and clean up warnings.
      A virtual kernel can cause a vm_page's hold_count to exceed 32768.  Make
      Implement an architecture call for contended spinlocks so the vkernel can
      The vkernel's copyin/copyout implementation is not MP safe, acquire and
      Add usched_mastermask - a master cpu mask specifying which cpus user
      If more then 2 virtual cpus are present, dedicate one to handle I/O
      Fix a number of races in the controlling terminal open/close code.
      Fix an issue which arises with the TAP interface when the highly
      Add a section on how to build the world inside a virtual kernel.
      Try to catch double-replies a little earlier so we get a more meaningful
      Fix an insufficient test of the message flags when determining whether
      Update the CCD and disklabel documentation to reflect changes in
      Do not synchronously waitmsg in the unix domain socket's custom putport
      Use I/O size limits in underlying devices to govern I/O chunk
      Add SHUTDOWN_PRI_DRIVER and move all driver shutdown functions from
      Add an sc_maxiosize field which the ccd driver now needs.
      Fix LWP support on exec.  exec now properly kills all LWPs.
      Be more verbose in the bad-opencount assertion.
      Synchronous libarchive to 2.2.4 from FreeBSD, including fixes related to
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Synchronous libarchive to 2.2.4 from FreeBSD, including fixes related to
      Update to include info on last update.
      Reparse device specifications.  The slice is no longer optional.
      Clean up the ioctl switch and add support for DIOCGPART which is
      Rename the new cvsup bootstrap kit so make nrelease knows a new one
      Temporarily reenable writing to the label area for backwards compatibility.
      Update the installer to dfuibe_installer-1.1.7nb1.  Add logic to remove
      Be a little more verbose when reporting unmount errors.
      Remove the requirement that calls to vn_strategy() be limited to the
      Temporarily hack around an interrupt race against device detach by
      Properly initialize next_cpu to 0 when '-l map' is used for the default
      The disk layer must not inherit the D_TRACKCLOSE flag from the underlying
      Do not loop forever doing 0-sized I/Os if si_iosize_max is 0.  Instead
      When CAM creates the disk layer, set the underlying raw device's
      Incorporate the device DMA limitations into the request transfer size
      Add assertions for 0-length transfers and panic if one is attempted.
      SCSI CD devices do not support raw mode accesses (yet).  This fixes
      dssetmask() was being called too early, causing the disk layer to believe
      Remove a duplicate SUBDIR +=
      Clarify two usage cases for umtx.2
      Synchronize the syslink manual page with the system call.
      Minor checkpt usage() patch.
      Bump DragonFly_version and create a subvers-DEVELOPMENT file for HEAD for
      Add logic to allow the first hog partition to specify a base offset.  This
      release engineering: Add a slip tag for 1.10 and add an example cvsup
      Release engineering: Update version information in HEAD to reflect 1.11
      Update to 9.3.4-P1 with key id generation security fix.
      Merge from vendor branch BIND:
      Turn syscall_mpsafe and trap_mpsafe on by default.  This causes system calls
      Include a virtual kernel in the release along with GENERIC.
      Add an ordering field to the interrupt config hook structure and adjust
      Fix missing history->hist adjustments from libreadline->libedit commit.
      Add infrastructure to locate a disk device by name by scanning the disk
      When an inode collision occurs a partially initialized vnode will be
      Introduce krateprintf(), a rate-controlled kprintf(), and the related
      Rate-limit residual I/O warnings from the VM system that occur when a
      Allow the compatibility slice (s0) to be specified.
      vrecycle() is typically called from a VFS's inactive function, which
      Detect the case where rename()ing over a file that has been unlinked but
      Fix vinum.  Vinum illegally uses device ops such as dev_dopen(),
      Fix a coding mistake when dequeueing memory disk BIOs.
      I missed this file.  We are running 9.3.4-P1 now, not 9.3.4.
      The LWP run/sleep state does not always match the actual state of the
      The distribution installs a Makefile in /usr with easy-to-use targets to
      Breakout a target for preview as well, and use the slip tag for the
      Update some packages supplied by corecode.  The new bootstrap is a binary
      Do not require AHC_PCI_CONFIG to be defined.
      Adjust the installer to properly install /usr/Makefile.
      Fix build errors when MSDOSFS_DEBUG is defined.
      Fix a mbuf leak that was introduced in April.  In April I made a change
      Add the MBUF_DEBUG option.  This is a fairly invasive option that should
      Explicitly set a large receive buffer for datagram sockets to give syslog
      nfe_init() can be called as a side effect of certain ioctl operations with
      Introduce two delays in nfe_stop().
      Add support for a new revision of the RealTek 8168B/8111B called SPIN3.
      The 1's complement checksum in m->m_pkthdr.csum_data was not being properly
      It is possible to catch a LWP while it is being created or destroyed,
      Port FreeBSD/pf_norm.c 1.18 - fix 1's complement carry for csum_data when
      Oops.  Correct attribution for the last commit - 1's complement csum_data
      Add another fix to the 1's complement checksum.  A second carry does not
      Make m_mclfree() MP safe by fixing a N->0 dereferencing race.  The spinlock
      The cvs checkout commands were improperly specified the -d option.
      Change the ordering of the zombie test for ^T to avoid a NULL pointer
      Fix the fstab installation example. vkd0a -> vkd0s0a.
      Explicitly extract the sector size for the underlying media.  This solves
      Replace the huge mess that was vnode_pager_generic_getpages() with a much
      Add xio_init_pages(), which builds an XIO based on an array of vm_page_t's.
      Remove the vpp (returned underlying device vnode) argument from VOP_BMAP().
      The new VOP_N*() (namespace) operations pass a pointer to a namecache
      Add additional functionality to the syslink implementation.  Give the
      Part 1/many USERFS support.  Bring in the initial userfs infrastructure.
      Fix for amd geode cs5536 companion (ehci) panic.  Also fix a word-reversed
      Fix pci bus detection on certain motherboards.  Fixes bus detect on
      Add '-H', 'nlwp', and 'tid' options to ps(1) to display some LWP data (inspired
      Signals have to be blocked when creating our LWPs or a LWP may receive a
      Convert the lwp list into a red-black tree.  This greatly reduces the
      Clean up the kvm process code.  This is only used when trying to get a
      Bring CARP into the tree.  CARP = Common Address Redundancy Protocol, which
      Deprecate 'installer_*' targets.  If used a warning is generated and the
      Fix the root device selection to match the manual page.  Before it was always
      Fix another ^T race related to catching a LWP just as it is being created,
      Add a prototype and wrapper for lockuninit() to complement spin_uninit().
      getpages/putpages fixup part 1 - Add support for UIO_NOCOPY VOP_WRITEs to
      Do not try to dump UIO_NOCOPY writes to the journal.  There's nothing
      Temporary hack up a fix for msdos which avoids a deadlock between the VM
      Add missing xfer->state assignment.
      Add missing if_softc assignment, allowing pppX interfaces to
      Add geode companion support to ohci probe code
      part2 ppX fix for altq/pf.
      Add T2300 cpu support to EST.
      Fix a bugaboo in the last commit.  Pages are hard-busied for getpages,
      Fix a misleading error message when the device specified at the mountroot
      Add vop_stdgetpages() and vop_stdputpages() and replace those filesystem
      Fix a bug in vnode_pager_generic_getpages().  This function was improperly
      Add a MNTK_ flag to the mount structure allowing a VFS to specify that
      Bring in FreeBSD/1.177 - fix a bug in a call made to useracc().  This
      Force an over-the-wire transaction when resolving the root of an NFS mount
      Change the virtual kernel's default hz to 20, because the kqueue timers we
      Set si_iosize_max to silence run-time warnings.
      Remove a bogus assertion.  in_vm86call may have been set by some unrelated
      General userfs fleshing out work.  Abstract out construction and
      kern_access() had the same bug kern_stat() had with regards to a
      Fix bugs in the handling of CIDR specifications such as 'route add 128/8
      Fix a bootstrapping issue with the change of the default gcc to 4.1.
      alist debug mode - report unrounded byte usage.
      Interrupt thread preemption was switching in threads with held tokens
      Add a note that dntpd can be started at boot time even if the network
      Add an install location for the vkernel binary, add a second on how to
      Add a uuid for the "DragonFly HAMMER" filesystem type.
      libiconv was declaring a base kobj_class structure instead of an extended
      Remove the /usr/lib/crt* files.  These files have been located in
      Allow the crc32.c module to be used in userland or kernel code.
      Indicate that alist_free() calls do not have to supply power-of-2 aligned
      Add a typedef for uuid_t for kernel compiles.  One already existed for
      Adjust RB_PROTOTYPEX to match RB_GENERATE_XLOOKUP.  These declare a Red-Black
      Add syslink_vfs.h for userfs, defining the syslink element infrastructure
      Initial commit of mount_hammer - basic working skeleton for testing.
      Initial commit of newfs_hammer - basic working skeleton for testing.
      Primary header file infrastructure and A-list implementation for the
      Adjust the description of HAMMER's storage limitations.  I have rearranged
      Clean up the structural organization.  Separate out A-lists and make
      Give the A-list code the ability to do a forward or reverse allocation
      Add volume, super-cluster, cluster, and buffer abstractions to provide
      Fix a race between exit and kinfo_proc.  proc->p_pgrp and the related
      Fix more NULL structural dereferences that can occur when a process is in
      Reactivate a vnode after associated it with deadfs after a forced unmount.
      HAMMER part 1/many.  This is a clear-my-plate commit.
      Add a HAMMER kernel build option, add a VFS type for HAMMER, add a file
      Synchronize newfs_hammer with recent changes.
      Correct a bug in the lockf code.  F_NOEND was not being properly set.
      Properly set the buf_type in the volume, super-cluster, and cluster headers.
      A delete_tid of 0 indicates a record which has not yet been deleted and
      HAMMER 2/many - core mount and unmount code now works, the B-Tree search
      Add a PHOLD/PRELE sequence around a sysctl_out to fix a race against
      Modify struct vattr:
      Break-out the standard UNIX uid/gid tests for VOP_ACCESS into a helper file.
      Convert the global 'bioops' into per-mount bio_ops.  For now we also have
      When the quotacheck has not been run the quota code may have to
      Add regetblk() - reacquire a buffer lock.  The buffer must be B_LOCKED or
      Silence an annoying compiler warning.
      HAMMER part 2/many.
      Add bio_ops->io_checkread and io_checkwrite - a read and write pre-check
      Correct bug in last commit.
      Remove i386 support.
      Separate ssb_lock() and ssb_unlock() into its own header file and reimplement
      HAMMER 3/many - more core infrastructure.
      HAMMER 4/many - more core infrastructure
      Update the documentation for getdirentries(2).  Describe issues with using
      Add a helper function vop_helper_setattr_flags() modeled off of UFS's
      Adjust getdirentries() to allow basep to be NULL.  Use off_t for the loff
      Make necessary changes to readdir/getdirentries to support HAMMER.  HAMMER
      Clean up some missing 32->64 bit cookie conversions.  Adjust the NFS server
      Add vop_helper_create_uid() - roughly taken from UFS.  Figure out special
      Break out the scan info structure's support routines so external code
      HAMMER 5/many - in-memory cache and more vnops.
      Fix loc_seek - using lseek to acquire the directory cookie.
      Replace the very predictable 'random' IP sequence number generator with
      Remove debugging printfs.
      Drop into DDB if the vkernel hits a floting point exception (SIGFPE).
      Catch vkernel divide-by-0 traps a bit earlier so they are reported properly.
      HAMMER 6/many - memory->disk flush, single-cluster sync to disk, more vnops.
      HAMMER 7/many - deletions, overwrites, B-Tree work.
      Initialize idx_ldata - a forward iterator for allocating large (16K) data
      Make fixes to the A-list initialization and properly allocate records
      HAMMER 8/many - A-list, B-Tree fixes.  As-of queries
      HAMMER 9/many - btree removal cases, mount nohistory
      Bring the getent(1) program in from FreeBSD and link it into the build.
      Bring in Matthias Schmidt's nice little pkg_search script.
      Add clarifying comments for LWP_WSTOP and LWP_WEXIT.
      Fix a 'panic: vm_page_cache: caching a dirty page' assertion.  Even though
      Add missing sys/proc.h
      Fix krateprintf().  The frequency was improperly being multiplied by hz
      Update pkg_search to download and use the pkg_summary file, allowing
      Synchronize most of the remaining FreeBSD changes for Elf64 typedefs.
      Install hammer includes in /usr/include/vfs/hammer.
      Fix bug in as-of mount date specification.
      Save and restore the FP context in the signal stack frame.
      HAMMER 10/many - synchronize miscellaneous work.
      Properly set the mc_fpformat field in the ucontext so libc_r knows which FP
      Use the mc_fpformat field to determine the correct FP save/restore
      FP registers are now saved and restored by the kernel, remove the
      HAMMER 11/many - initial spike commit.
      HAMMER 12/many - add VOPs for symlinks, device, and fifo support.
      HAMMER 12/many - buffer cache sync, buffer cache interactions, misc fixes.
      HAMMER 13/many - Stabilization commit
      HAMMER 13B/many - addendum to 13.
      Add the 'hammer' utility.  This is going to be a catch-all for various
      HAMMER 14/many - historical access cleanup, itimes, bug fixes.
      UFS vnodes must have VM objects before they can be truncated.  This is
      Back out the last commit, it asserts in the getblk code due to the vnode
      HAMMER 15/many - user utility infrastructure, refactor alists, misc
      fill_kinfo_proc() may be asked to load information on a zombied process,
      HAMMER 16/many - Recovery infrastructure, misc bug fixes
      HAMMER 16B/many: Fix data overwrite case.
      Fix buffer cache deadlocks by splitting dirty buffers into two categories:
      HAMMER 17/many: Refactor IO backend, clean up buffer cache deadlocks.
      HAMMER 18/many: Stabilization pass
      HAMMER 18B/many: Stabilization pass
      Attempt to fix an interrupt recursion which can occur in specific
      HAMMER 19/Many - Cleanup pass, cluster recovery code.
      HAMMER 20A/many: B-Tree lookup API cleanup, B-Tree changes.
      HAMMER utilities:
      HAMMER 20B/many: New spike topology, simplify the B-Tree code.
      HAMMER utilities:
      HAMMER 21/many: B-Tree node locking finalization.
      Add hammer_recover.c for kernel builds w/ HAMMER.
      Fix an issue with cache_rename().  This procedure previously copied a
      Fix time conversion bugs in the stamp command.
      HAMMER 22/many: Recovery and B-Tree work.
      HAMMER utilities:
      HAMMER 23/many: Recovery, B-Tree, spike, I/O work.
      HAMMER utilities: Features and sync with VFS.
      HAMMER 24/many: Clean up edge cases
      HAMMER utilities: Add a verbose (-v) option.
      HAMMER 25/many: get fsx (filesystem test) working, cleanup pass
      HAMMER 24B/many: Edge cases, cleanups
      HAMMER utilities: synchronize newfs_hammer.
      Conditionalize the illegal MXCSR tests on SSE support.  Machines that did
      Address a potential weakness in IBAA.  The generator needs to be warmed up
      Make sure scb->lastfound is NULLed out when it matches the entry being
      HAMMER 25/many: Add an ioctl API for HAMMER.
      HAMMER utilities:  Add the 'prune' and 'history' commands.
      Add a conditional so we don't have to drag in everything when a user
      HAMMER 25/many: Pruning code
      * Implement a mountctl() op for setting export control on a filesystem.
      Fix a compiler warning.
      Implement NFS support and export control for HAMMER.
      HAMMER 26/many: More NFS support work, rename fixes
      Fix some NFS related bugs which cause the mount point's mnt_refs counter
      HAMMER 26/many: Misc features.
      HAMMER Utilities: Add an 'everything' directive to the prune command.  This
      HAMMER 27/many: Major surgery - change allocation model
      HAMMER 28/many: Implement zoned blockmap
      HAMMER 28A/many: Translation and write performance optimizations
      Make the Brother HL1240 printer work with ulpt.
      Adjust nrelease to a new package set.
      Bump to 1.11.1 prior to 1.12 branch and update the preview tag.
      Release engineering, Add a slip target to /usr/src/Makefile for 1.12 and
      Release Engineering on HEAD.
      Oops, drop head's version back one for head (it was set to the release's
      Fix an issue where the random number generator's random event injector
      Fix mount_nfs to allow hostnames which begin with a digit.
      Fix a use-after-free bug in the envelope code just after a port 25 fork.
      HAMMER 29/many: Work on the blockmap, implement the freemap.
      Require the the core file be owned by the user.  Please also see the
      HAMMER 30/many: blockmap work.
      HAMMER 30A/many: blockmap cleanup
      HAMMER 30B/many: Minor bug fix.
      HAMMER 30C/many: Fix more TID synchronization issues
      HAMMER 31A/many: File data size optimization
      HAMMER 31B/many: Fix busy block dev on HAMMER umount
      HAMMER 31C/many: Fix livelock in deadlock handling code
      Clean up the token code and implement lwkt_token_is_stale().  Users of
      Patch additional use-after-free cases.
      HAMMER 32/many: Record holes, initial undo API, initial reblocking code
      HAMMER utilities:  Add the reblock command, adjust newfs_hammer.
      HAMMER 32B/many: Reblocking work.
      HAMMER 33/many: Expand transaction processing, fix bug in B-Tree
      HAMMER 33B/many: Further B-Tree fix.
      Improve vkernel support.
      A threaded process going into SZOMB may still have active threads which are
      HAMMER utilities: feature add.
      Remove calls to pmap_clear_modify() in the swap_pager, fixing a kernel panic.
      HAMMER 33C/many: features and bug fixes.
      We must hold the lwp we are trying to kill to prevent it from being
      HAMMER 34/many: Stabilization pass
      Miscellanious features and adjustments to cpdup.
      Bump cpdup's version to 1.08.
      Add a FS_HAMMER id for disklabel.
      Fix collision in conf/files, add hammer_signal.c.
      Add mount_hammer, newfs_hammer, and the hammer utility to the build.
      HAMMER 34B/many: Stabilization pass.
      Synchronize various changes from FreeBSD.  This is not exhaustive but gets
      HAMMER 35/many: Stabilization pass, cleanups
      HAMMER utilities: automatic sync/sleep
      HAMMER utilities: Add -lm for double arithmatic.
      HAMMER 35B/many: Stabilization pass, cleanups.
      HAMMER 35C/many: Stabilization pass.
      Make sure there is no possibility of a cothread trying to access the
      HAMMER 36/many: Stabilization pass.
      It's frankly long past time that we turn net.inet.tcp.always_keepalive
      HAMMER 36B/many: Misc debugging.
      Fix a snafu with the last commit.  Not all of the new AHCI detection support
      Add fairq to altq.  Fairq is a fair queueing algorithm with bandwidth
      Bring the 'probability' keyword into PF from NetBSD.  This feature allows
      MFC 1.33/pf.c from NetBSD.   Don't apply a window scale to the window
      Add parallel transaction support for remote source or target specifications.
      More cpdup work.
      Properly detach children so we dont have to pthread_join() them.  Fixes
      Properly mark a transaction has being completed so the slave side of
      Update PORTING instructions for linux to support pthreads.
      Implement a number of major new features to PF.
      pfsync_state doesn't have or need a hash field, the state will be hashed
      Fix multiple issues with -p<parallel>, including several data corruption
      Fix ktrace for threaded processes.  Move the KTRFAC_ACTIVE flag to the LWP
      Don't free held clean pages when asked to clean.
      Minor optimization to LIST_FOREACH_MUTABLE taken from FreeBSD.
      Fix a bug in umtx_sleep().  This function sleeps on the mutex's physical
      Fix some issues in libthread_xu's condvar implementation.
      Update the documentation for umtx_sleep() and umtx_wakeup().
      Add __sreadahead() to help with pkgsrc's devel/m4.
      Remove debugging assertion.
      Refuse to talk with the remote cpdup if it's version is not compatible.
      Finish up cpdup.  Bump the protocol version to 2 and refuse to talk to
      Add an interlock for certain usb task operations.
      Dive the scheduler to implement the yield function.  For the moment it just
      Pass the current LWP to sigexit() instead of the current process.  Remove
      Fix some IO sequencing performance issues and reformulate the strategy
      HAMMER 37/Many: Add a flush helper thread, clean up some inconsistencies.
      Fix a free() race due to a misplaced mutex unlock.
      * Remove the SINGLEUSE feature for telldir(), it does not conform to the
      Fix two A-list corruption cases.
      Fix panics which can occur when killing a threaded program.  lwp_exit()
      HAMMER 38A/Many: Undo/Synchronization and crash recovery
      HAMMER 38B/Many: Undo/Synchronization and crash recovery
      HAMMER 38C/Many: Undo/Synchronization and crash recovery
      HAMMER 38D/Many: Undo/Synchronization and crash recovery
      HAMMER 38E/Many: Undo/Synchronization and crash recovery
      HAMMER 38E/Many: Undo/Synchronization and crash recovery
      HAMMER utilities: Misc documentation and new options.
      HAMMER 38E/Many: Undo/Synchronization and crash recovery
      HAMMER 38F/Many: Undo/Synchronization and crash recovery, stabilization pass
      Fix some pmap races in pc32 and vkernel, and other vkernel issues.
      Minor code reordering and documentation adjustments.
      Fix a NULL poiner dereference in the statistics collecting code as
      KTR_TESTLOG is a valid kernel option (it enables the KTR ipi performance
      Paging and swapping system fixes.
      HAMMER 39/Many: Parallel operations optimizations
      HAMMER Utilities: zone limit
      HAMMER 39B/Many: Cleanup pass
      The driver was improperly using kmem_free() instead of pmap_unmapdev(),
      Add some assertions when a buffer is reused
      Change the SMP wakeup() code to send an IPI to the target cpu's in parallel
      Cothreads do not have a globaldata context and cannot handle signals
      Add pmap_unmapdev() calls to detach functions for drivers which used
      Have vfsync() call buf_checkwrite() on buffers with bioops to determine
      HAMMER 40A/Many: Inode/link-count sequencer.
      HAMMER 40B/Many: Inode/link-count sequencer cleanup pass.
      HAMMER 40C/Many: Inode/link-count sequencer cleanup pass.
      Print the path even if we do not understand the filesystem type.
      HAMMER 40D/Many: Inode/link-count sequencer cleanup pass.
      HAMMER 40E/Many: Inode/link-count sequencer cleanup pass.
      HAMMER 40F/Many: Inode/link-count sequencer cleanup pass, UNDO cache.
      Correct a bug in seekdir/readdir which could cause the directory entry
      Print the 64 bit inode as a 64 bit quantity rather then a 32 bit quantity.
      The direct-write pipe code has a bug in it somewhere when the system is
      HAMMER 40F/Many: UNDO cleanup & stabilization.
      HAMMER Utilities: enhanced show, timeout option
      HAMMER 40G/Many: UNDO cleanup & stabilization.
      HAMMER 41/Many: Implement CRC checking (WARNING: On-media structures changed)
      HAMMER Utilities: Feature add
      Only call bwillwrite() for regular file write()s, instead of for all write()s.
      Keep track of the number of buffers undgoing IO, and include that number
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with recent changes.
      HAMMER 41B/Many: Cleanup.
      Remove the SMP_MAXCPU override for vkernels, causing the build to revert
      Enable kern.trap_mpsafe and kern.syscall_mpsafe by default for vkernels.
      Fix a sizeof() the wrong variable name.  The correct variable was the same
      Correct comments and minor variable naming and sysctl issues.
      Bump base development version to 197700 so it is properly distinct from
      Clear the direction flag (CLD) on entry to the kernel, to support future
      Recode the resource limit core (struct plimit) to fix a few races and
      Fix some lock ordering issues in the pipe code.
      Fix a race between the namecache and the vnode recycler.  A vnode cannot be
      Fix a nasty memory corruption issue which can occur due to the kernel bcopy's
      Fix fork/vfork statistics.  forks and vforks were being improperly counted
      Fix many bugs and issues in the VM system, particularly related to
      HAMMER 42/Many: Cleanup.
      Sync sysperf with some random stuff, and add a cld instruction tester.
      Return EINVAL if a NULL pointer is passed to the mutex routines, instead
      Fix a HAMMER assertion which turned out to be a bug in VOP_N*().  Sometimes
      HAMMER 42A/Many: Stabilization.
      Fix feature logic so changing kern.pipe.dwrite_enable on the fly works
      Finish moving the kernel from tsc_freq (32 bits) to tsc_frequency (64 bits).
      HAMMER Utilities: Feature add
      HAMMER 42B/Many: Stabilization.
      HAMMER 42C/Many: Stabilization.
      HAMMER Utilities: scan feedback
      Fix UP real kernel crash, a vkernel define was being used iproperly
      HAMMER Utilities: Features
      HAMMER 42D/Many: Stabilization.
      HAMMER 42E/Many: Cleanup.
      HAMMER Utilities: Cleanup.
      HAMMER 43/Many: Remove records from the media format, plus other stuff
      HAMMER 43A/Many: Cleanup, bug fixes.
      HAMMER 43B/Many: Correct delete-on-disk record bug.
      HAMMER Utilities: Misc features and adjustments.
      HAMMER 43C/Many: Performance cleanup
      HAMMER 44/Many: Stabilization pass, user-guaranteed transaction ids
      HAMMER Utilities: Feature add
      HAMMER Utilities: Features
      HAMMER 45/Many: Stabilization pass, undo sequencing.
      Fix str[c]spn off by one error.
      The char dummy must be dummy[2] to accomodate a nul terminator when dealing
      HAMMER Utilities: Stabilization pass.
      Add a sysctl jail.allow_raw_sockets (default to diabled) which allows
      Syntax cleanup and also commit a missing piece of the jail_allow_raw_sockets
      Change cluster_read() to not block on read-ahead buffers it is unable to
      HAMMER 46/Many: Performance pass, media changes, bug fixes.
      HAMMER Utilities: Update for HAMMER changes.
      Fix a number of core kernel issues related to HAMMER operation.
      HAMMER 46B/Many: Stabilization pass
      Fix an overflow in the time calculation.
      Add a DELAY(500) during the register init phase to give the device some time
      Properly track the write-open count when updating a msdos mount from RW to RO,
      Add a define for IEEE80211_FC1_PROTECTED.
      Bring in fixes for a bug which occurs when the filesystem become fulls.
      HAMMER 47/Many: Stabilization pass
      Fix a pipelining performance issue due to the way reading from the socket
      Calls to DIOCSYNCSLICEINFO were being made with the assumption that
      Use a per-bucket mutex to reduce contention and fix a seg-fault from a
      Bump version to 1.11.
      Fix a very old bug where the root mount was not getting a filesystem syncer
      Add vop_helper_chmod() and vop_helper_chown().  These helper functions
      HAMMER 48/Many: finish vop_setattr support, ncreate/nmknod/etc, minor bug fixes.
      * Implement SOCK_SEQPACKET sockets for local communications.  These sockets
      Create a new daemon called vknetd.  This daemon uses the new SOCK_SEQPACKET
      Get rid of an old and terrible hack.  Local stream sockets enqueue packets
      Add vknetd to the build.
      Do not try to set-up the bridge or tap interfaces when connecting to
      Add the notty utility, a program I wrote long ago which I should have
      Fix socketvar.h inclusion by userland.  This is a temporary hack and,
      Only test the IP protocol (ip_p) for IP frames.
      Implement a new utility called vknet.  This utility interconnects the
      Generate a semi-random MAC address when connecting to a SOCK_SEQPACKET
      HAMMER 49/Many: Enhance pruning code
      HAMMER Utilities: Add the 'hammer softprune' command.
      HAMMER 49B/Many: Stabilization pass
      HAMMER Utilities: Cleanup
      HAMMER Utilities: New utility 'undo'.
      * Implement new system calls in the kernel:  statvfs(), fstatvfs(),
      Implement a new system call: getvfsstat().  This system call returns
      Clean up statvfs() and related prototypes.  Place the prototypes in the
      More header file cleanups related statvfs.
      Add getmntvinfo() which uses the new getvfsstat() system call.
      Use newly available libc and system calls related to statvfs to make df
      HAMMER Utilities: Performance adjustments, bug fixes.
      HAMMER 50/Many: VFS_STATVFS() support, stabilization.
      Even using the objcache we need a one-per-cpu free-thread cache in order
      Fix kernel compile warnings.
      HAMMER Utilities: Correct vol0_stat_freebigblocks.
      Add missing exit(1).
      Disallow negative seek positions for regular files, directories, and
      Add the UF_NOHISTORY and SF_NOHISTORY chflags flags.  The nohistory flag
      Report the nohistory, noshistory, and nouhistory flags, and allow them
      HAMMER 51/Many: Filesystem full casework, nohistory flag.
      HAMMER Utilities: More pre-formatting, cleanup
      Do not update f_offset on EINVAL.
      HAMMER Utilities: Enhance mount_hammer
      HAMMER 52/Many: Read-only mounts and mount upgrades/downgrades.
      HAMMER 53A/Many: Read and write performance enhancements, etc.
      HAMMER Utilities: Critical bug in newfs_hammer
      HAMMER 53B/Many: Complete overhaul of strategy code, reservations, etc
      HAMMER 53C/Many: Stabilization
      Fix a SMP race in signotify_remote().  LWPHOLD() the lwp being
      Add an extern for hidirtybuffers.
      HAMMER 53D/Many: Stabilization
      Change bwillwrite() to smooth out performance under heavy loads.  Blocking
      HAMMER 53E/Many: Performance tuning
      HAMMER 53F/Many: Fix deadlock.
      HAMMER 53G/Many: Performance tuning.
      Switch from bioq_insert_tail() to bioqdisksort().  When the kernel is
      HAMMER 53H/Many: Performance tuning, bug fixes
      HAMMER 54/Many: Performance tuning
      HAMMER 54B/Many: Performance tuning.
      HAMMER 54C/Many: Performing tuning, bug fixes
      Add missing LWPHOLD/LWPRELE in kinfo code.
      Reimplement B_AGE.  Have it cycle the buffer in the queue twice instead of
      LWPHOLD/LWPRELE must be atomic ops because an IPI can call LWPRELE.
      HAMMER 54D/Many: Performance tuning.
      HAMMER 55: Performance tuning and bug fixes - MEDIA STRUCTURES CHANGED!
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with commit 55 - MEDIA STRUCTURES CHANGED!
      Change the namecache lock warning delay from 1 to 5 seconds.
      We must process incoming IPI messages when spinning in the thread
      HAMMER 56A/Many: Performance tuning - MEDIA STRUCTURES CHANGED!
      HAMMER Utilities: sync with 56A
      HAMMER 56B/Many: Performance tuning - MEDIA STRUCTURES CHANGED!
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with 56B
      Miscellanious performance adjustments to the kernel
      HAMMER Utilities: Bug fixes
      HAMMER 56C/Many: Performance tuning - MEDIA STRUCTURES CHANGED!
      Fix a bug in cluster_read().  An error returned by the call to
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with 56D
      HAMMER 56D/Many: Media structure finalization, atime/mtime, etc.
      HAMMER 56E/Many: Correct bug in 56D
      HAMMER 56F/Many: Stabilization pass
      HAMMER 57/Many: Pseudofs support
      HAMMER Utilities: Add the 'pseudofs' directive for commit 57
      Support S_IFDIR mknod() calls for HAMMER.  This is used by the Hammer
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with 58A
      HAMMER 58A/Many: Mirroring support part 1
      HAMMER Utilities: Remove time/transaction-id conversion directives.
      HAMMER 58B/Many: Revamp ioctls, add non-monotonic timestamps, mirroring
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync to 58B
      HAMMER 59A/Many: Mirroring related work (and one bug fix).
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with 59A
      HAMMER Utilities: Add "slave" option to hammer_mount.
      Make sure UFS disallows mknod()'s with type VDIR.
      Add KTR_HAMMER
      Vendor import of netgraph from FreeBSD-current 20080626
      Merge from vendor branch NETGRAPH:
      Netgraph port from FreeBSD - initial porting work
      Add additional atomic ops from FreeBSD.
      Add files and options lines for NETGRAPH7
      Apply patch supplied in FreeBSD-PR to ata-raid code:
      dummy_thr does not have to be committed and pthread_t might not even
      Increase the default request timeout from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
      HAMMER 59B/Many: Stabilization pass - fixes for large file issues
      Fix a system performance issue created by ata_sort_queue().  This function
      Bump the sortq_lost check from 8 to 128, letting the disk optimally read or
      Replace the bwillwrite() subsystem to make it more fair to processes.
      HAMMER 59C/Many: Stabilization pass - fixes for large file issues
      Fix hopefully all possible deadlocks that can occur when mixed block sizes
      HAMMER 59D/Many: Sync with buffer cache changes in HEAD.
      HAMMER 59E/Many: Stabilization pass - fixes for large file issues
      Adjust comments.
      Fix an issue where CAM would attempt to illegally get a lockmgr() lock
      Fix a NULL pointer dereference when a DDB 'ps' attempts to
      HAMMER 59D/Many: Stabilization pass
      Fix a buf_daemon performance issue when running on machines with small
      HAMMER 59E/Many: Stabilization pass
      Add a new helper function, kmalloc_limit().  This function returns
      Fix a low-memory deadlock in the VM system which can occur on systems
      HAMMER 59F/Many: Stabilization pass
      Fix numerous pageout daemon -> buffer cache deadlocks in the main system.
      HAMMER 59G/Many: Stabilization pass (low memory issues)
      HAMMER 59H/Many: Stabilization pass
      HAMMER 59I/Many: Stabilization pass
      HAMMER 59J/Many: Features
      HAMMER 60A/many: Mirroring work
      HAMMER Utilities: Mirroring and pseudo-fs directives
      HAMMER 60B/many: Stabilization
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with recent work.
      HAMMER Utilities: Stabilization
      HAMMER 60C/many: Mirroring
      HAMMER 60D/Many: Mirroring, bug fixes
      Error out if no volumes are specified instead of core-dumping.
      HAMMER 60E/Many: Mirroring, bug fixes
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with 60E
      When creating a new HAMMER filesystem also create a PFS record for it,
      HAMMER 60F/Many: Mirroring
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with 60F
      Rename fid_reserved to fid_ext.
      UFS+softupdates can build up thousands of dirty 1K buffers and run out
      HAMMER 60G/Many: Mirroring, bug fixes
      Add the HAMMER filesystem to GENERIC and VKERNEL.
      Cleanup - move a warning so it doesn't spam the screen so much, cleanup
      HAMMER 60H/Many: Stabilization pass
      HAMMER 60I/Many: Mirroring
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with 60I
      HAMMER Utilities: Mirroring work
      HAMMER 60J/Many: Mirroring
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with 60J
      Add crc32_ext() - allows continuation of a 32 bit crc.
      HAMMER 61A/Many: Stabilization
      HAMMER 61B/Many: Stabilization
      HAMMER 61C/Many: Stabilization
      Add a vclean_unlocked() call that allows HAMMER to try to get rid of a
      Correct a bug in the last commit.
      HAMMER 61D/Many: Mirroring features
      HAMMER Utillities: Sync with 61D
      HAMMER 61E/Many: Stabilization, Performance
      HAMMER Utilities: Cleanup
      HAMMER 61F/Many: Stabilization
      HAMMER 61F2/Many: Fix bug in last commit
      HAMMER 61G/Many: Stabilization of new flush_group code
      Use a 64 bit quantity to collect file size data instead of
      HAMMER 61E/Many: Stabilization, Performance
      Fix an asf core dump.
      Kernel support for HAMMER:
      HAMMER 61F/Many: Stabilization w/ simultanious pruning and reblocking
      HAMMER Utilities: Features
      2.0 Release Engineering:
      2.0 Release Engineering:
      2.0 Release Engineering:
      NFS performance fixes.
      HAMMER 61E/Many: Features
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with 61E
      Fix a bug in vmntvnodescan() revealed by the recent NFS sync fix.  The
      Fix a bug where mount_nfs would properly parse an IP address, but would
      Fix an issue where libthread_xu was not accepting the full priority
      HAMMER 61G/Many: Stabilization
      HAMMER 61H/Many: Stabilization
      Fix a lock leak in nfs_create(), tracked down from a crash dump and
      HAMMER 62/Many: Stabilization, performance, and cleanup
      Add logic to warn of possible renames, and clearly state when failures may
      In DragonFly, gpt partitions look like slices in /dev, and we match the
      Code documentation only: Describe B_NOCACHE
      Give krateprintf() an initial burst capability if count is set to
      Make some adjustments to the buffer cache:
      Fix multiple bugs in CAM related devices which go away unexpectedly.  This
      When dealing with a failed read properly set B_INVAL.
      HAMMER 63/Many: IO Error handling features
      Detach the SIM when a firewire disk device is disconnected.  Leave the
      Try to make fwohci work more reliably.  Stop printing 'phy int' to the
      O_CREAT was being allowed to leak through a read-only NFS export.
      HAMMER 64/Many: NFS, cross-device links, synctid
      HAMMER 65/Many: PFS cleanups and confusion removal
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with HAMMER 65.
      HAMMER Utilities: Sync with HAMMER 65.
      Change 'default' to 'English'
      Synchronize some of the machine-independant AMD64 bits.
      Synchronize some of the machine-independant AMD64 bits.
      Change newfs_hammer to reserve a minimum of 100M for the UNDO FIFO.  Any
      HAMMER commit
      An off-by-one malloc size was corrupting the installer's memory,
      Adjust the desiredvnodes (kern.maxvnodes) calculation for machines
      HAMMER - fix kmalloc exhaustion w/ 3G ram
      Pass the correct string to md_mount() when doing a diskless nfs mount.
      Add a terrible hack to GPT which allows non-EFI BIOSes to boot from it.
      Add a quick entry for the new 'gpt boot' directive.
      HAMMER: Mirroring, misc bug fixes
      HAMMER Utilities: Streaming mirroring!
      HAMMER Utilities: Cleanup
      HAMMER: Mirroring work
      Cast to unsigned long to match the rest of the expression.  This is just
      AMD64 work:
      Create an #include layer for bus/pci and bus/isa so source files do not
      Add amd64 files for the ISA and PCI busses and adjust the header files
      HAMMER: fsync blocking fixes
      Fix a panic on boot that can occur if you hit keys on the keyboard
      Keep UFS compatible on 32 and 64 bit builds by changing the 'time_t' embedded
      HAMMER 2.1:01 - Stability
      HAMMER 2.0:02 - rmdir, stability
      Implement a bounce buffer for physio if the buffer passed from userland
      Remove daddr_t dependancies in the swap code.  Move swblk_t and add
      Don't bump intr_context when running from the softint.  Hopefully this
      AMD64 Support:
      AMD64 Support:
      AMD64 Support:
      AMD64 Support:
      AMD64 Support:
      AMD64 Support:
      Add memset() to help w/amd64 support.
      * Add a flag to track an in-transit socket abort to avoid races when closing
      Adjust the mcontext code to match amd64.
      Adjust the mcontext code to match amd64.
      AMD64: Fix bugs in cerror().
      AMD64 - Sync AMD64 support from Jordan Gordeev's svn repository and
      Back-out the tls change.  The field must be signed or the system will not
      Add BUF_CMD_FLUSH support - issue flush command to mass storage device.
      HAMMER: Mass storage flush command support
      AMD64: Add JG64 config file for testing purposes.
      AMD64: Fix the crossworld build.
      Flesh out BUF_CMD_FLUSH support.
      * Move /kernel to /boot/kernel and /modules to /boot/modules.
      Remove any vestiges of the old pam, particularly /etc/pam.conf.  pam config
      Continue working the abort path.  Move SS_ABORTING flag handling inward
      Adjust the boot code to boot from either a root with a /boot, or directly
      Remove boot0gpt - it isn't ready yet (and may never be).
      Bring hunt in from OpenBSD.  The best multi-player terminal game ever!
      Update the rconfig examples.  Correct a bug in auto.sh and add hammer.sh.
      Add a reference for /usr/share/examples/rconfig to the rconfig manual page.
      Fix a crash on access to TAP's owning thread.  The owning thread can go away
      Fix an endless recursion and double fault which could occur when accessing
      Bump up the size of the boot partition in the boot+HAMMER rconfig
      Add missing sleep.
      Increase sockbuf send and receive buffers to 57344 bytes.  In particular,
      Fix issues with the scheduler that were causing unnecessary reschedules
      Add a MSGF_NORESCHED feature for lwkt thread-based message ports.  The
      Fix bug in hammer mirror command when used with a remote source
      Augment loader.conf's manual page to describe hw.usb.hack_defer_exploration
      Improve code flow for KASSERT and KKASSERT using __predict_false().
      Fix an invalidation case that tends to occur under load on NFS servers or
      * Implement the ability to export NULLFS mounts via NFS.
      Unbreak buildworld a slightly different way.  Adjust null.h to not
      Add the 'hammer cleanup' command.  This is a meta-command which will
      If snapshots are disabled and the snapshots directory contains no
      * Fix a bug in runcmd() - the argv[] list was not NULL terminated.
      HAMMER: Fix a couple of minor non-corrupting bugs in HAMMER.
      Make two more changes to the ata request queue sorting code.
      Change the autoflush code to autoflush when a flush group reaches a
      Fix a double-flush which was occuring for every unlinked inode, resulting
      Rename the PFSD structure's prune_path[64] to snapshots[64].
      sleep for a shorter period of time when an excessive number of inodes are
      Additions to 'hammer pfs-*':
      Do not loop forever if narg becomes negative.  This can happen when asked
      Add vop_stdpathconf and default it so filesystems do not need to declare
      Use the new vop_stdpathconf() instead of rolling our own.
      Linux emulation adjustments.
      Add support for "RealTek 8102EL PCIe 10/100baseTX".  Checksum support
      Do not return an EINVAL error for certain abort and disconnect cases.
      HAMMER Utilities: Adjust 'show' defaults.
      Add code to verify the data CRC by default, in addition to the B-Tree
      Change hammer_str_to_tid() and its callers to restrict the format of
      Add a new utility called 'monitor' which uses kqueue to monitor a
      Add KQUEUE support to HAMMER.
      Add vfs.nfs.flush_on_hlink and default to off.
      Allow an alignment default of 0 to be treated as 1.
      Try to do a better job aborting active requests when a usb mass storage
      Add kmalloc_raise_limit() - allow a subsystem to raise the allocation
      Raise the kmalloc limit for the M_HAMMER_INO pool based on desiredvnodes
      The priority mask used to compartmentalize the comparison to determine
      Add a new feature to mirror-copy and mirror-write.  If the target PFS does
      Move the HAMMER option around a little and add ALTQ to the default VKERNEL
      Add required range checks prior to kmalloc()ing socket option buffer space.
      Fix flags handling for the install program.  Properly set and clear flags
      * Change hc_remove() to return a -errno if an error occurs instead of -1.
      Fix a bootstrapping issue, UF_NOHISTORY may not exist on older systems.
      HAMMER utilities:
      HAMMER: Correct minor oops in last commit.  Do not allow downgrading.
      Allow an error code to be returned in the head.error element of the ioctl.
      HAMMER Filesystem changes:
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd.org/repository/git/dragonfly into devel

Matthias Schmidt (142):
      Hello :)
      o Change my personal copyright to the DragonFly copyright
      Add 'H' to usage() options.  This was missing from the last commit.
      Don't randomize fortune dat files during build time.  fortune will display
      Pass NULL instead of getprogname() to pidfile().  pidfile() will automatically
      Test cvs add :)
      Enhance the comment
      Sync the adduser(8) command with FreeBSD.  Summary:
      Sync etc/periodic with FreeBSD.  Short summary:
      Update the man page to reflect the recent sync with FreeBSD.
      Remove bogus non-reentrant "temporary" implementation of gethostbyaddr_r()
      Remove 3rd clause of Berkely copyright, per letter.  Don't rename 4. to 3.
      Enclose O_ROOTCRED in _KERNEL_STRUCTURES.  This is needed for the upcoming
      Update kdump(1) to print more human readable information.
      o Add missing dot (.)
      Update to get entries for the Sun Grid Engine and iSCSI.
      Mention /etc/firmware for firmware(9) image files.
      Add pam_nologin(8) to the tree.  pam_nologin verifies
      o Mention pam_nologin(8) in nologin(5).  Only adapt the changes from FreeBSD
      Major update to pkg_search(1)
      Move the following entries from kern to security
      Renamed kern.ps_showallprocs to security.ps_showallprocs
      Commit pkg_radd(1) on behalf of corecode@.  pkg_radd is a wrapper for
      If -m is specified, a newfs(8) command is printed that can be used to
      Add pam(3) support for cron(8).  cron uses pam to check if the user's account
      Sync the passive fingerprinting database with OpenBSD to get support for
      Remove reference to the FreeBSD developers handbook.  We have a chapter
      Sync with FreeBSD.  This bings us the -m option to look for a specific
      Use the new kldstat -q/-m options instead of "| grep"
      Replace home-grown list iteration with methods from sys/queue.h
      Add support for network devices found on Intel ICH9 hardware.  I have one
      Warn the user if he uses -e and procfs(5) is not mounted.
      Remove the ascii version of the handbook from the base system.  This version
      Remove the SUBDIR line.  The last entry was the handbook.
      Remove handbook during next make upgrade run.
      Remove src/share/examples/FreeBSD_version which is not really useful on
      Remove src/share/examples/worm used to build FreeBSD CDROMs.  Its it
      Remove src/share/examples/BSD_daemon containing images/sources for the
      Sync the file with FreeBSD to get the latest USB HID usage tables for
      Sync page with FreeBSD to get mode pages for removable devices.
      o Correct quirks entry for a MP3 player
      Add Makefile_upgrade.inc to the tree.  This file contains all files
      Add a new tool to convert FreeBSD USB device IDs to the format we use
      Nuke src/tools/tools/epfe.  The script is useless because we don't have
      Delete src/tools/tools/tcl_bmake.  We don't have tcl in the source so the
      Remove rc/tools/tools/html-mv which is useless.
      Remove the entries for the deleted tools.
      Create four instead of one devices for vnode disks in /dev.  If you use
      o Install Makefile_upgrade.inc to /etc/upgrade instead of /var/db.
      o Prepend output with a <TAB>
      Vendor import of tcsh 6.15.00
      Merge from vendor branch TCSH:
      Add our READMEs
      Add checkpoiting support to tcsh
      Switch to tcsh 6.15.00
      Remove sh.exp.c.patch.  The fix is included in version 6.15.00
      Remove 3rd clause
      If make upgrade deletes a file, print its name to stdout.
      Mention /etc/upgrade
      Updated the list of USB device IDs for uvisor(4) and needed routines.
      Updated the list of USB device IDs for uvscom(4).
      Update the list of USB device IDs for uscanner(4).
      Update the list of USB device IDs for umass(4) and needed routines.
      Sync with FreeBSD to get support for SHA256
      Remove tcsh emacs script which is obsolete due to the latest tcsh import.
      Fix a bug preventing burncd(8) from dispaying the progress of CD-RW (maybe
      Introduce a new option -S to use the size of a file for sorting (-t).  This
      Bump the date for the -S change.
      FreeBSD released 6.3
      Add HISTORY entry for dntpd(8)
      GC old tcsh version.
      Add quirk for an USB Flash Disk Media Player.
      Mention wpa_supplicant(8) and wpa_supplicant.conf(5) if a user adds WPA
      Add dot (.) forgotten in last commit.
      Minor cosmetic change to the USB devices lists.
      o Update dd(1) to accept capital letters (B, K, M, G) as size modifiers.
      Add lists of product names to the man page.  With these lists its easier
      Complete the driver removal from sepe@ and remove the leftovers with next
      Add the DragonFly Mail Agent dma(8) to the base.
      Add the dma(8) config files to the system.
      Mention /etc/dma and /var/spool/dma.
      Fix some compiler warnings and make dma(8) compile clean on FreeBSD.  Commit
      Allow -q to take an argument (which is ignored) and add fake -O option to
      Mention -O and bump .Dd
      o Remove per-user config file support
      Add a new config option to dma(8).  If a user wants to use plain text SMTP
      Install dma(8) config files with mode 640 as root:mail to prevent ``normal''
      Replace the nologin shell script with a tiny c version.  Just for the sake
      o Remove version number
      Fix memory leaks.
      Also fix a double free.
      Add 'virtual scrolling' support to moused(8).  When holding down the middle
      Remove superfluous ,
      Add space to correctly align Office and Office phone.
      o Convert search string to lowercase to allow case-insensitive matching.
      Mention our handbook instead of FreeBSDs.
      Remove link to FreeBSD porters handbook and to removed version example.
      Adjust for 1.12
      Don't overwrite dma(8)'s config files.
      Correct two links.
      Oops, its index.cgi, not index.php
      Remove _ntp and add _sdpd.
      Remove some more leftovers from _ntp and add _sdpd where necessary.
      Set unique mode for the history, so that repeating a command doesn't
      Add missing S option to usage()
      Fix two typos
      Add a new option -s.  With this option pkg_search(1) will display the description
      Rework some bits of the networking code.
      Introduce two new ioctl(2) commands, BIOCLOCK and BIOCSETWF. These commands
      Mention recent added ioctls in bpf man page.
      Fix typo.
      Add missing ;
      HEAD is now 2.1, so reflect that change for the man pages as well.
      Adjust the path for HEAD to 2.0 for now.  Once we have packages for 2.1 available,
      Update the units(1) program with the latest changes from FreeBSD:
      Add another Qualcomm device ID.
      Add targets to install/update pkgsrc-wip tree.
      Remove four files which where probably accidentally committed.  They have
      Add missing -s to usage string.
      Rename /kernel and /module to /boot/kernel and /boot/module where appropriate.
      Add CRAM-MD5 authentication support for the DragonFly Mail Agent. This is the
      Remove the now untrue statement about plain SMTP login only.
      Note that we imported the OpenBSD dhclient in 2.1.
      Update the usage message again to be even more clear about the available
      Add example crontab line to the prune section.
      Fix spurious printing of the "got link" message.
      Remove the -1 option from the installer.
      Commit the remainder of Max's dma work (with minor modifications).
      Remove the untrue example section of the man page.  We have the -S option to
      Add some DragonFly specific tips.
      Fix path to the dhcpd.conf file.
      Fix another path
      Add man page for utrace(2).  With modifications from FreeBSD.  Xref utrace(2)
      test git
      Replace CVS targets with GIT targets
      Checkout master after clone
      Update committer(7) to reflect the change to git
      Fix wrong path
      Add .gitignore file
      Update due to recent git switch
      Sync family tree with FreeBSD
      Add missing .

Max Okumoto (597):
      Test if I can change this file.
      o Include sys/sysctl.h on all architectures not only i386.
      Style: prototypes, un-register and remove some empty lines.
      Merge the contents of lstInt.h into the public lst.h. This let's us get
      Add my stuff.
      Trying again.  Anyone see this mail?
      Use typedefs for the types of the functions that are passed as
      Change a couple of the primitve list functions to be macros. This changes
      Add missing function description.
      Move catch_child() to reduce diffs between FreeBSD make.
      Take advantage of the .Nm utility.  It remembers the first argument
      o Allow use of the ${MAKE_SHELL} variable to specify alternate
      Reduce the casts off NULL in comparison with a pointer.
      Add code to enforce the paralleism count (-j N) for the entire tree
      Stylification: missing spaces, extra space after function names,
      Remove more whitespace.
      Add back missing space after comma.
      Fix code that modifies const string variables.
      Style: remove a lot of unnecessary casts, add some and spell the null
      Remove a double test for the same ptr != NULL and use the official
      Change the algorithm that matches the builtin shells from the name keyword
      Use __arysize() to cal size of array.
      Style: fix indentation, protect macro with do { } while (0).
      Make sizes to be of type size_t and correct function arguments that
      Use size_t to fix 64-bit platforms
      o Remove an extra space.
      Constify arguments to Hash_FindEntry and Hash_CreateEntry.
      o Remove an unused macro
      Some constification which doesn't require code rewrites.
      Make needs no circular lists so remove them from the list code.
      Constification of arguments passed to functions; no change on the
      Typedefs of pointers to structs are evil. Make Lst and LstNode typedef of
      Changed comment to match code.
      Constify some calls of Buf_AddBytes.
      Constify the arguments to the list compare function. This temporarily
      Get rid of the sequential access feature of the lists. This was
      o Don't free the second list in Lst_Concat for LST_CONCLINK; free
      If a path element directory was never opened it is not on the list of
      Nobody actually checked the return codes from Lst_Append and
      o Remove a useless list where just all command lines are stuffed
      Instead of dynamically allocating list heads allocated them statically
      Fix a long-standing bug when make(1) is passed the -V and
      Missed removal of a file, in previous commit.
      Reduce white space diffs between FreeBSD.
      Move VarREError() to different position in var.c to reduce diffs from FReeBSD.
      Reduce diff between FreeBSD.  kqueue code doesn't crash the kernel.
      Remove cleanup functions. There is no reason to free memory
      maxJobs is declared extern in job.h so it cannot be static in job.c.
      Fix compilation for the USE_KQUEUE case.
      Removed unintentional added macro.
      Clean up include header mess. Split nonints into separate header files.
      Merge the remaining lst routines into a single file, and remove
      Add missing header files to CVS, for check in on 2005/01/06 10:52:59.
      Hiding pointer in typedefs is evil. 'Buffer *' -> 'Buffer'
      Removed unused routines:
      enomem() is only used in one file, make it static.
      Add missing prototype that I missed with spliting up nonints.h
      Change variable name from retstr to ret. Reduce diffs between FreeBSD
      Constify more functions.
      Constify more functions.
      Add missing #include
      Constify more functions.
      Constifying functions.
      Constify more functions.
      - Move sh_builtin string array into shellneed().  It is the only
      Increase WARNS to 6
      - Moved unused argc, temp variable into small scope.
      - Cleanup white space. style(9)
      - Constify more functions.
      - Last of the easy constifications.
      - Replace Buf_Discard(buf, size) with Buf_Clear(buf).  This simplifies
      - Move code into buff.c by converting #define macros to real functions.
      - Nothing modifies outPtr in the Buffer object.  Since it is set to
      - Inline Buf_OvAddByte() since it is only used in one place.
      - Pass NULL as 2nd param to Buf_GetAll(buf, &len), the callers don't need
      - Swap location of Buf_Expand() function.
      Scheduled mdoc(7) sweep.
      - Add back marco that joerg added that I deleted, because I thought
      - Add WARNS?=6 and $DragonFly$ to Makefile.
      WARNS6 clean.
      Add a man page for this program.
      Sort sections.
      - Move PrintAddr() into only file that uses it.
      - We use vfork() so if execv fails we should use _exit().
      - put #ifdef around PrintAddr() proto type.
      - Rewrite Buffer object to maintain only write pointer.  There is no
      - Removed unnessisary append of '\0' to Buffer object.  Buffer
      - Inline silly #define MACRO.
      - New function Buf_Append(), which is given a pointer to a string to
      - New function Buf_AppendRange(), which is given a pointer to a string and
      - Cleanup field names in Buffer object, and add better comments.
      Reverting all of today's changes.
      - Bring in patch to make.1 related to previous patch.
      - Rewrite Buffer object to maintain only write pointer.  There is no
      - Inline silly ADDWORD() macro.
      - New function Buf_Append(), which is given a pointer to a string to
      - New function Buf_AppendRange(), which is given a pointer to a string and
      - Add Buf_StripNewlines().
      - Fix indentation in VarFind()
      Clarify what new code should not cast unused
      - Factor out the duplicate code and move it into VarCreate() and VarDestroy().
      - Cleanup Var_Subst() by removing duplicated code.
      - Replace confusing for loop with a do {} while ().  Tested by making
      - Hide the following characters '(', ')', '{', '}' inside of #defines
      - Convert negative logic, so code is easyer to read.
      - Add missing disclamer.
      Fixes in main.c
      - Move deallocation of Buffer object to end of routine.
      Add regression test infrastructure.
      Added code to handle DragonFly tags in expected results files.
      - Add comments to clarify code
      - Fix some duplicate commenting for struct Job, struct GNode and
      Add __dead2 to enomem()
      Cleanup some white space.
      Cleanup whitespace at end of file.
      Remove duplicate #include of <sys/sysctl.h>
      Back out constify of Parse_File().  It is assigned to curFile.fname
      Put back spaces at begining of functions that have no variables. Silly
      More white space insertion.  Why does putting a blank line at the
      - Revert some white space changes, to keep us in sync with FreeBSD.
      - Removed unneeded variable 'internal'.
      - Constify Var_Delete()
      - In main.c use NULL instead of 0
      - Fix syntax error.  That I added. :-P
      - Pass NULL to brk_string() when we don't need the number
      - make a temporary copy of the name because Var_Subst insists on
      - Reduce diffs from FreeBSD.
      Move WARNS?=6 into src/bin/Makefile.inc instead of having it set
      Moved WARNS?=6 out of subdir Makefiles in to src/bin/Makefile.inc.
      - Define new typedef VarModifyProc and use it to clarify the code.
      - Remove redundent code. Why check for isupper before a
      - cleanup Var_Parse() by removing negtive logic in if statement.
      - Eliminate duplicate code.
      - Use a temp variable to simplify long condition in if-statement.
      - Reduce white space diffs after harti commited my change to FreeBSD.
      - Reduce white space diffs with FreeBSD.
      More white space diff reduction with FreeBSD.
      - Add brace around switch statement.
      Change whitespace to match with FreeBSD.  But to reduce diffs, but
      - Removed declaration of VarModify() since it is defined before it is used.
      - Split out error case where input to Var_Parse() is "$", only a
      - Move Error case to top of elseif chain.
      Removed uneeded white space.
      Move VarCreate() and VarDestroy() close to top of file, and add white
      Untangle VarFind and, while rewriting most of the function, fix the
      Changed renamed macros *_BRACKET to *_BRACE.
      Cleanup white space (removed spc between tabs)
      Move some variables at top of Var_Parse() into local scope.
      Move assignment of variables {freePtr, dynamic, start} closer to
      Fix comment indention.
      Temporarily create new scope and reindent section which should
      Initialise the status variable. W_SETTERMSIG uses its value.
      Lst_Append returns void, so the other case of the ? statement
      Renamed variable 'l' to 'ln'
      Reduced diff between FreeBSD.
      Removed period from end of sentence, to reduce diffs between FreeBSD us from
      Harti moved my comment.
      Re-order conditions in if-statement a group of so common conditions
      Use strchr() instead of a switch statement to determine if a char
      Move statement into both branches of a if-statement so that
      Move statement into both branches of a if-statement so that
      Copy input parameter 'char *str' pointer into two variables.  One which
      - Remove adding of '\0' to a Buffer object, since that is already
      - Changed type of vlen from int to size_t.
      Expand *n't contractions.
      Make sure the $FreeBSD$ tags are correct.
      - Factor out code into a new function VarExpand().
      - Moved haveModifier handing up into else-if block.  This make that
      - Clean up return statements at end of Var_Parse().
      - Cleanup Destroy code at end of Var_Parse()
      - Copy destroy code at end of Var_Parse() up into else-if blocks.
      - Killing some dead code, since the conditions can never be true.
      - Push more variables into local scope of the if else blocks.  This
      - Remove more dead code, since VarExpand() is never going to be the same
      Create two new functions VarParseShort() and VarParseLong() from the
      Add better comments.
      VarParseLong() - Removed space at end of line.
      Changed code to avoid modifying the input string, its not really
      VarParseShort(): Change else blocks to fall through.
      This is an ugly hack, but for now I am spliting ParseModifiers() out
      Make sure that length variable is set to zero before Var_Parse() is
      Fix a bug in handling archive members: when a member was not found
      Style: fix indendation to be 8 and use tabulators. Fix lines longer
      Merged in three patches to cleanup the code by Harti.
      Fix the indendation of some multi-line comments.
      Style: fix indent, use tabs instead of space+tab for aligning things.
      Use the LST_FOREACH macro instead of the Lst_ForEach function
      Replace the calls to Lst_ForEach with the new LST_FOREACH macro and
      Add variable expansion regression test.
      Cleanup test infrastructure.
      Add some documentation about the regresion tests.
      Move more code from test.sh scripts into common (env.sh) script file.
      Renamed env.sh to common.sh
      Change some white space to match FreeBSD.
      Added test for missing Makefile
      Add description of test.
      Add description of tests.
      Add comments and sort commands.
      Change test to check M modifier.
      Add better description.
      Improve report output.
      Add better description.
      Merge in some changes that Harti made to patch 7.49
      The rest of the modifications that Harti made to patch-7.48.
      Cleanup FAIL message
      Add comment harti made about outofdate comment.
      Add better comment for hack_cmp(), and reduced number of paramters passed
      Changed regression tests to write to /tmp instead of in the src dir.
      Cleanup comment and add option so the working dir can be set.
      This should have been part of the previous commit messsage to var.c
      Hack update code since we now have separate src and work directories.
      Add another. This one check if the behavior of ths S modifier is the same.
      Fixed bad result file.
      Use the LST_FOREACH macro instead of the Lst_ForEach function. This
      My regression test had a bug in it.  Quoting a value in a Makefile
      Reduce diff between FreeBSD.
      Reduce diffs between FreeBSD
      ParseModifier() and modifier_M()
      patch-7.110 var.c
      Corrected spelling of colon.
      Whitespace cleanup.  Noted by harti
      Reduce diffs between FreeBSD
      Mark functions that don't return as dead.
      Add a debugging function that prints a message and appends the
      Create a new function Buf_Peel that returns the string from inside
      Use the new Buf_Peel function to simplify things.
      Style: fix indentation.
      Remove useless local prototypes.
      Style: fix indentation of SuffExpandChildren before working on it.
      Style: fix indentation of SuffExpandChildren before working on it.
      Var_Subst() cannot return NULL so there is no reason to check
      Implement a new macro LST_NEXT which is like Lst_Succ but doesn't check
      The previous commit should have had the following comment.
      Reorganize Suff_EndTransform to be called only for nodes for
      Constify Var_Dump and simplify it by inlining VarPrintVar.
      Call ParseFinishLine() also for the last line in a file. This
      Style: Fix indentation.
      Remove the leading underscore from structure tags. All identifiers
      Remove leading underscores from the pathname defines. All identifiers
      Simplify the print routines by using LST_FOREACH instead of Lst_ForEach
      VarParseLong(), ParseRest()
      Convert a couple of other uses of Lst_ForEach to LST_FOREACH and
      Move the creation of a Src structure into its own function.
      Get rid of another Lst_ForEach in favour of LST_FOREACH. Get rid
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/15 14:25:24
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/15 14:28:39
      Var_Parse(), VarParse()
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/16 08:04:45
      Remove pc98 support as a gift to Sascha Wildner :-)
      Patch originally from Matt, then modified by harti.
      Fix dangling ref to auto variable.
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/18 15:23:49
      Reindent stripvarname() to use 8 space tabs.
      Clean up Var_SetEnv().
      Fixed indent for structure
      Fixed reference of memory after free.
      Undo last commit.  This was not my hisenbug. :-P
      Fixed a bug that broke building docs on FreeBSD.  The mistake was
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/22 12:38:55
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/21 11:44:57
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/22 12:40:24
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/22 12:54:46
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/22 12:59:02
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/23 12:56:15
      Reduce white space diffs between FreeBSD.
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/23 16:14:41
      The previous patch had conflicts with our version. This one
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/23 16:28:57
      Date: 2005/03/30 15:18:58
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/31 11:12:45
      Add compat code so code that uses types defined by c99
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/03/31 11:35:56
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/01 10:53:43
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/01 13:35:35
      Date: 2005/04/01 16:24:25
      Make should set optreset to one before it calls getopt() with a new
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/07 12:26:15
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/07 12:29:39
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/07 15:39:38
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/08 10:03:40
      Added #ifdef to aid people upgrading from before March 17.
      Remove previous hack, for now just use strtoull() instead of strtoumax().
      Removed un-nessisary comment.  We can get a zero length arg to make
      Put a '#' between {.else, .endif} and the comment following it.
      Insert a '#' between the .else directive and the following comment.
      Split VarFind() into a series of functions tailored for the different sets
      Inline stripvarname() since it will be removed in the next few patches.
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/11 08:20:09
      add .EXPORT: special tag and add ST_EXPORT variable.
      Create VAR_ENV context, and fill it with everything in the environment.
      Add back .makenv compat until everyone's source tree is updated.
      Forgot to add these files to previous commit.  directive_hash.c
      Stop exporting OSVERSION variable to enviornment via .makeenv.
      Handle double dash '--' in command line.
      Add new function Var_Match(), it returns the number of characters
      Move code code to print out variable from
      Moved all the code in var_modify.c into var.c since no other
      Remove types and functions that are not used by other files out of
      Clean up comments.
      move VAR_CMD, and VAR_GLOBAL from globals.h to var.h
      Removed paramter to Var_SubstOnly()
      Move Cmd_Exec() from main.c to job.c
      Merge compat.[ch] into job.[ch]
      move defines from job.h into job.c since nothing else needs them.
      Add Copyright (c) 2002 Juli Mallett, since I merged with var_modify.c
      Change .EXPORT: to .EXPORTVAR: earlier versions of pmake used
      Make the three version of the fork code more uniform.
      Make shellName and shellPath static to job.c
      Move some #defines related to parsing into parse.h
      Move prototype for Main_ParseArgLine() into make.h so we can delete
      use execl() instead of execv() so we can reduce the number of warnings.
      remove spaces before tabs in this file
      Removed stdint.h hack
      Really removed the hack.  The last patch just added another
      Revert using execl(), it makes it difficult to extract common code.
      Move variable declarations out of globals.h into var.h
      Copy string into temp variable to quiet warning.
      Move OP_* #defines out of make.h and into GNode.h were they belong.
      Move common exec code into a ProcExec().
      Move redirection of stderr into ProcExec().
      Moved execvp() into ProcExec().
      Move clearing of close-on-exec of both stdin, stdout together.
      Use a temp variable to move dups2() out of conditional.
      Moved manupulation of close-on-exec flags on std{in,out,err} into
      Move redirection of stdout into ProcExec().
      Move redirection of stdin into ProcExec().
      Removed duplicate static variable, created when I merged compat.c and job.c
      Move redirection of stderr into ProcExec().
      Doc struct ProStuff fields.
      Pass argv using ProcStuff.
      Move initilization of ProcStuff before vfork().
      Allocate space for arguments, and free them after vfork().
      inline shellneed()
      Set close-on-exec on output side of pipe.
      Create ProcWait(), like ProcExec() this is a wraper for wait().
      Convert Compat_RunCommand() to use ProcWait()
      Move comments to the proper section, and removed some unnessisary
      Cleanup code near the top part of JobFinish()
      cleanup middle part of JobFinish()
      Move some variables into the correct files.
      Move printing of variables into var.c
      remove prototype for Compat_RunCommand() and make it static.
      Remove prototype for usage(), and move the definition above its use.
      Cleanup main()
      Reduce the use of global variables by creating Var_SetGlobal() and
      Clean up main.c
      The first element of the array return by brk_string(), is never
      Cleanup suff.c:SuffFindArchiveDeps() this removes two more warnings.
      Negate if-statement and swap code sections in CondToken()
      Pass CondToken() through indent to cleanup indention.
      Move code between goto do_compare and label, above the goto and remove
      got rid of last warning in cond.c
      got rid of mktemp() warning.
      Handle longjmp(), vfork() warning message about variables.
      Restructured building the directive_hash.[ch] files via the Makefile.
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/28 13:05:43
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/28 16:37:25
      Update directive_hash.c by running
      We have no more warnings, turn on WARNS_WERROR.
      Put paren around return arg.
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/29 15:37:44
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/04/29 16:15:28
      Move #define of DEFMAXJOBS from config.h to main.c
      Minor cleanup.
      use waitpid() instead of wait()
      inline nomem() and delete the function.
      Cleanup brk_string()
      Cleanup MAKEFLAGS_break()
      Cleanup globals in str.c
      Remove some extra white space
      Constify ProcExec()
      Fix spelling error.
      Remove extranious blankline.
      Use strpbrk() instead of array to match characters for meta characters.
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/12 15:16:44
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/12 17:40:16
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/13 07:31:45
      Move print_flags() back into utils.  Since harti decided to start working
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/13 14:47:40
      Constify the result of Var_Value().
      Clean up chdir_verify_path() and add comments.
      Clean up objdir determination code.  Create a local scope to prep
      o Move code to determine objdir into determine_objdir().
      Reduce diff from FreeBSD.
      Spelling error caught by harti.
      Cleanup search for default Makefile, by adding comments and
      Move a few global variables into a struct and pass it as a parameter.
      Move code that reads in the input files into sepearte function.
      Group code that sets global variables (make MACROs)
      Move make global variables setup into a sepearate function.
      Small cleanups
      Move RLIMIT_NOFILE code into Proc_Init()
      Move shell code out of job.c into shell.[ch]
      Add comments to shells array definition.
      Backout last commit.  It should be done after the next patch. <sigh>
      Revert patch on 2005/05/19 17:53:58 it was the wrong one :-(
      2nd Try.  The correct version.
      Add the missing files.  <sigh>
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/18 07:50:38
      Add comments to shells array definition.
      Remove string array called 'copy' and just use the const strings directly.
      Remove shells array and just use the const strings directly.  This
      Rename functions since they are no longer part of job.c
      Get rid of shellPath global by adding another field to the
      Cleanup str_concat() there is no need for special flags.  Just
      Some comment header and whitespace cleanups.
      Move ProcExec() into proc.c
      Move signal handler setup code into its own function, and share
      Pass ENDNode as a function parameter instead of using a file global variable.
      Pass queryFlag as a function paramter instead of a program
      o Remove out of date comment about Compat_Init()
      Move the create list variable out of global scope and put it into
      Move parseIncPath and sysIncPath out of global scope
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/23 14:27:52
      Remove spl*() in src/sys/dev/netif/{ste,ti,tl,tx,txp,vr,vx,wb,wl,xe}
      Remove spl*() in src/sys/dev/netif/wi
      Remove spl*() in src/sys/dev/serial/{cy,rc,rp,si,sio,stl,stli}
      Better function description for Compat_RunCommand()
      Better comment for fields in Shell object, and add additional fields
      Fix memory leak, I forgot to free the path when releasing the shell object.
      Correct some spelling errors
      Add meta and builtins to ShellMatch()
      Add Shell_Dump()
      Restructure .SHELL parser
      Use new meta and builtins fields, to process command to be executed.
      Add meta to free routine
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/24 11:55:00
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/24 11:59:08
      Moved free() out of both branches of if statement.
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/24 14:14:23
      Some DDEFSHELLNAME cleanups noted by harti
      Renamed ProcExec() to Proc_Exec() to follow code conventions in make.
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/24 16:45:11
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/24 16:48:10
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/25 09:46:31
      Reorder functions to reduce determining what harti did.
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/05/25 17:06:14
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/06/14 12:50:52
      Fix some style(9) errors.
      Some more style(9) stuff and took some comment from FreeBSD.
      Reduce diffs
      Fix order of functions Shell_Init() uses ShellMatch()
      Remove spaces infront of tabs.
      Remove extra white space.
      Style(9) - add blank line before first statement in a function.
      Better comment for chdir_verify_path()
      Add a few highlevel comments in main, describing what variables should be set.
      Pass DEFSHELLNAME into Shell_Init(), and remove the dependency of
      o cleanup usage of outOfDate variable.
      Add better comments for main()
      Rename noBuiltins to builtins and invert logic.
      cleanup exit status handling
      cleanup built_stuff()
      Move code from main into subroutine.
      fix comments
      cleanup ReadInputFiles()
      Move compatMake test up.
      Use strsep() instead of custom loop.
      Some cleanup
      Remove extra semi colin and a few remove redundent checks.
      Cleanup Dir_Init*() functions.
      Move sections of init code that do not take any input into the
      Split Dir_Init() into two functions.
      Renamed struct MakeFlags to struct CLI.
      Moved exit status code into subroutine Make_Run()
      Pass commandShell is a paramter to Proc_Exec() instead of
      Reduce usage of commandShell global by assigning it to a local
      Reduce usage of commandShell global by adding a shell field to
      Move code in Proc_Setupsignals() into Proc_Init().
      Remove white space between function name and paramter list.
      Move code out of InitVariables() back into main(), to
      Avoid comments using the word "variable", since it can be confused
      Use LST_FOREACH() macro instead of for-loop
      Group curdir and objdir code.
      Move common code that executes the comands associated with a rule
      Move mkfifio(), and FILENO() into util.c
      cleanup some spelling errors
      Add better comments and renamed functions to match rest of the code
      Return child exit status through ProcStuff.
      Removed unused RANLIBMAG symbol since harti cleaned up the code
      Temporarily remove KQUEUE code for now, since it complicates the
      Make some functions that do not get access outside of job.c static
      Constify Lst_Member()
      Cleanup the signal handling.  A lot of unnecessary code was
      Constify cmd paramter to Compat_RunCommand()
      Move handling of the following signals {SIGTSTP, SIGTTOU,
      Reorder paramters to Compat_RunCommand().
      Fix Saved commands bug.  The following Makefile would cause make to core.
      fix some style(9) white space problems that I missed.
      Remove redundent paramter to Compat_RunCmds(), since the it is
      Use standard bool instead of our own Boolean type.
      FreeBSD-Date: 2005/07/31 04:30:46
      Make prototype match up with function definition.
      Make debug definition match forward declaration.
      Include stdbool.h in files header files that need it instead of util.h
      Bring in better comments for hash.c from NetBSD.
      Remove casting of NULL
      Cast ctype.h function paramters to (unsigned char).
      Bring in better comment for hash.c function header from NetBSD
      Bring in better comments for hash.h from NetBSD
      Get rid of the Byte typedef and just use char.  This gets rid of alot
      Fix bug where commands deferred using "..." where being executed
      Cleanup some lint warnings.
      Cleanup Job_CheckCommands()
      Change return type of CompatMake() to void since no one uses it and it
      Use Var_SetGlobal() instead of Var_Set(XX,YY, VAR_GLOBAL)
      The bix bug was introduced on commit 2005/05/20 04:48:55
      Check result of setenv(putenv) function.
      sort forward declarations in header file
      Remove some unnecessary white space.
      Remove #ifdef SYSVVARSUB since the code is required by posix
      Add AbortProc typedef to simplify code.
      Change shell.c API to reduce usage of global commandShell.
      Move commandShell from shell.[ch] to job.[ch]
      Change prototypes to clearify that the input is an array.
      Remove Var_Exists() and just use Var_Value() and compare
      Get rid of Buf_GetAll()
      Clean up a little after removing Buf_GetAll()

Michael Neumann (33):
      test test
      kprintf to device_printf conversion.
      Make sure to use delay() in usb_delay_ms() while cold booting.
      Defer boot-time exploration of USB busses until all devices in the
      Remove duplicate include of header file "sys/bus.h".
      Expand delay macro into DELAY.
      Get completely rid of sc_dev in usb_softc and uhub_softc structures. Instead
      Fix typos and cosmetic changes.
      Remove __HAVE_GENERIC_SOFT_INTERRUPTS ifdefs as we don't support the
      Allow a NULL pointer as argument to usb_get_next_event(), and don't
      Add a boot loader tunable hw.usb.hack_defer_exploration, which if set
      Correct typos.
      Use NULL instead of 0.
      Remove unnecessary conversion to kilobytes (divide by 1024) to then later
      Cosmetic changes (remove whitespace).
      Move fetching of "hw.hasbrokenint12" tunable closer to it's usage.
      Implement: hammer snapshot <softlink-dir> [<filesystem>]
      Remove an else branch to flatten indentation. Also free up memory allocate
      Adapt usage string from cmd_prune.c.
      Use strftime to produce the snapshot name, for example:
      We only need to determine the softlink_dir when no filesystem is
      Fallback using a default snapshot name if just a directory is supplied
      Add man page entry for "hammer snapshot".
      Extend boot loader so that it can be compiled to work over a serial port.
      Add Makefile that compiles serial port enabled boot loader.
      The symlink generated during "hammer snapshot" should be "/filesystem/@@0x.."
      * Add support for the nVidia MCP61, MCP65, MCP67, MCP73 and MCP77
      Fix an venerable bug: if we're reducing a rule that has an empty
      Fix style(9).
      Implement mounting of a Hammer filesystem as a root filesystem.
      Before installing kernel modules, make sure that the /modules
      Fix function getpfs for pseudo-filesystems specified as absolute path
      Add missing usage information for hammer mirror-stream.

Nicolas Thery (41):
      Test commit bit :-).
      Fix off-by-one bug causing core dump when encountering syscall with index
      kmalloc(M_WAITOK) never returns NULL.
      Removed non-existent entry in .PATH:.
      Add pselect syscall.
      Minor fix.
      Document that zones are deprecated and not MP-safe.
      Add zdestroy() function to release all resources owned by zone previously
      Don't panic if normal zone destroyed before any call to zalloc().
      Call zdestroy() on module unload to avoid panic on subsequent call to sysctl
      Fix build breakage occuring when INVARIANTS not defined and introduced
      Reference wiki version of handbook to be in line with similar change done to
      Remove objcache from allobjcaches when cache destroyed.
      Fix spurious "softdep_deallocate_dependencies: dangling deps" panic occuring
      Mention SIGUSR1 in debugging section.
      Fixed typo in penultimate revision.
      Store some empty magazines in depot at objcache creation time.  Without this,
      Remove code accessing debug registers from vkernel platform to avoid crashes:
      linker_file_add_dependancy() never fails so change its return type to void and
      Add readelf(1) in SEE ALSO.
      Migrate allocation of proc structures from zones to kmalloc().  This gives us
      Use M_ZERO instead of bzero().
      Remove unused proc_zone declaration.
      Allocate struct lwp instances with kmalloc() instead of zalloc() for MP safety.
      Remove obsolete userland lwkt.
      Remove commented out references to lwkt_* source files as lwkt is no more
      Fix warnings (missing casts).
      Allocate lwkt threads from objcache instead of custom per-cpu cache backed
      Fix bugs in spin_trylock_wr():
      Assert that move in directory entry hash table can't fail.
      Fix ordering mismatch between KERN_* values and CTL_KERN_NAMES array.
      Change soopt_mcopyin() and soopt_mcopyout() to not modify soopt_val and
      Fix deadlock occuring when booting vkernel from gdb.  One lwp in the vkernel
      Allocate socket structs with kmalloc() instead of zalloc.
      Allocate sackblock structs with kmalloc() instead of zalloc().
      Allocate unpcb structs with kmalloc() instead of zalloc().
      Remove useless NULL check after kmalloc(M_WAITOK).
      Add minimal support for post-mortem (core dump) debugging of multi-LWP
      Test switch to git repo.
      Merge branch 'master' of git://chlamydia.fs.ei.tum.de/dragonfly
      Fix disklabel(1) core dump.

Noritoshi Demizu (4):
      My first commit.
      Fix a bug in NewReno which may send a huge amount of data
      Fix the same problem described in FreeBSD-SA-05:15.tcp, which
      Suppress kernel message "mfree: m->m_nextpkt != NULL",

Nuno Antunes (16):
      This one is a very accessible intro to err.. nearly everything. And I had some
      poll.h header should define the nfds_t type as required by the SUSv3.
      In __cursignb, always return FALSE if there is no signal pending for the
      Fix arprequest serialization.
      Elaborate a bit more on how spinlocks deal with FAST interrupts and
      Fix typo in comment.
      Elaborate a bit more on critical sections.
      Bump date.
      Make the -O option (show *only* kernel threads) imply the -T option (show
      Introduce experimental MPLS over ethernet support. Add 'options MPLS'
      Add 'options MPLS' to LINT.
      Fix compilation warning.
      Fix tcsh crash when autologout is set.
      * Don't call ifp->if_output() from inside mpls_output(). Make the

Peter Avalos (580):
      -WARNS6 cleanups (452 warnings)
      -WARNS6 cleanup (1858 warnings)
      -WARNS6 cleanup (1441 warnings)
      Remove fortunes-o in the clean target.
      -WARNS6 cleanups (36 warnings)
      -WARNS6 cleanup
      -WARNS6 cleanup
      Checking commit emails.
      -WARNS6 cleanup (7422 warnings)
      -WARNS6 cleanup (4670 warnings)
      -WARNS6 cleanup (68 warnings)
      -WARNS6 cleanup (229 warnings)
      -WARNS6 cleanups (3953 warnings)
      -WARNS6 cleanup (1556 warnings)
      Sync with NetBSD.  Many fixes to include:
      WARNS6 cleanups
      WARNS6 cleanup (1803 warnings).
      Mark as WARNS6.
      Remove out-of-date comment relating to gcc2.
      Cast sentinel for execl*() to (char *) to quiet gcc4 warnings.
      Remove (forgotten?) files from last year's upgrade.
      Silence warnings regarding yyunput being defined and never used.
      WARNS6 cleanup
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import of libarchive and bsdtar 1.3.1
      Add our READMEs to the import.
      Add comment saying this is used by both libarchive and bsdtar.
      Upgrade libarchive and bsdtar to 1.3.1.
      Remove old version of bsdtar and libarchive.
      Make bsdtar our default tar.  GNU tar is still installed as gtar, and can
      Remove crufty build options that are not relevant.
      Grammer fixes taken from OpenBSD.
      Remove WARNS since it's in ../Makefile.inc.
      Fix compiler warnings by creating a new macro "is_eof" that does the PEOF
      The "is_eof" commit made this WARNS 3.
      Fix most compiler warnings.  The last warnings at WARNS6 will need to be
      Merge from vendor branch LESS:
      Import of less version 394
      Add our READMEs.
      Upgrade to less version 394.
      Move WARNS6 up into Makefile.inc for games/ and out of the individual
      Silence gcc41 warnings.
      WARNS6 cleanups.
      WARNS6 cleanup.
      Pull WARNS6 into sbin/Makefile.inc, and mark programs that are not WARNS6
      WARNS6 cleanups.
      Fix spelling error.
      Remove variable names from function prototypes, and add a complete
      Remove a check that is always false.
      WARNS6 cleanups for quotacheck.
      Move WANT_LUKEMFTPD up a few lines so it's not grouped with the cvsup
      Remove an unused argument and mark it WARNS6.
      Add some casts to bring us up to WARNS2.  This is almost WARNS6 except for
      Add a __DECONST to bring this up to WARNS6.
      WARNS6 cleanup.  Add a length modifier to a printf format argument since
      Merge from vendor branch AWK:
      Import of awk 20050424
      Add our READMEs.
      Upgrade awk to the latest version (20050424).
      Add patch from FreeBSD to fix an infinite loop described at:
      Merge from vendor branch TNFTP:
      Import of NetBSD's ftp client under its new name (tnftp)
      Update to the latest version and name (tnftp).
      Remove lukemftpd from our source tree as discussed on users@:
      Fix typos.
      Grab config.h from usr.bin/file/ instead of having 2 identical copies in
      Revert the previous commit in libmagic to make both libmagic and file(1)
      Revert the previous commit in libmagic to make both libmagic and file(1)
      Typo from previous commit (forgot the trailing */).
      Upgrade to file-4.18.
      Merge from vendor branch FILE:
      Upgrade to file-4.18.
      Remove files not in the new version.
      Add a libmagic.3 manual page.
      Merge from vendor branch FILE:
      Add a libmagic.3 manual page.
      Our errno is in section 2, so patch the vendor provided man page.
      Upon further review, VERSION isn't even used in libmagic.3.
      Use the vendor-supplied man pages for file.1 and magic.5 instead of the
      Merge from vendor branch FILE:
      Use the vendor-supplied man pages for file.1 and magic.5 instead of the
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Import OpenSSL 0.9.8d.
      Upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.8d
      Update READMEs for latest import.
      Remove files no longer used.
      We aren't using the asm files so store this in the Attic.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Import OpenSSH 4.5p1.
      Update build for OpenSSH-4.5p1.
      Remove files no longer in vendor's distribution.
      Update for OpenSSH-4.5p1, and add some upgrade notes.
      Add the directory created by the comma syntax to CLEANDIRS.
      Add an error if the patch file doesn't actually exist.
      A u_short cannot be greater than 0xffff, so remove those checks.
      Update with the latest newsletters from the ISO3166 Maintenance Agency:
      We don't use magic2mime, so remove it.
      Update to file-4.19.
      Merge from vendor branch FILE:
      Update to file-4.19.
      See whether we should compile ipfilter with INET6 support by looking at the
      Merge from vendor branch TCPDUMP:
      Import of TCPDUMP 3.9.5
      Merge from vendor branch LIBPCAP:
      Import LIBPCAP 0.9.5
      Upgrade to libpcap-0.9.5 and tcpdump-3.9.5.
      Upgrade to tcpdump-3.9.5.
      Add a note that ndp(8) uses these sources.
      Sync with FreeBSD.  Notable changes:
      Add -P option which causes builtin macros to be prefixed with "m4_".  This
      Correct assorted grammos and typos.
      Return 1 from the unalias builtin if _any_ removal fails, not just the last
      Sync with FreeBSD:
      Use \."- to begin license clause.
      Don't strip a leading ./ from the path for the cd builtin to avoid interpreting
      Convert the remaining callers of errmsg() to use strerror(), and remove
      Use -s to flag POSIX's "special built-in" utilities in builtins.def.  Add a
      Sort by bltincmd and remove lines that have been commented out for years.
      Add the "wordexp" shell built-in command.
      Fix expanding of quoted positional parameters in case patterns.
      Fix typo and remove unneeded comments.
      Check the buffer size when copying the line returned by el_gets() into our
      Add the POSIX option -p to the jobs builtin command.  It prints the PID of the
      Remove some white space at EOL.
      Remove some white space at EOL.
      Issue an error when . (dot) is invoked without a filename.
      Protect malloc, realloc and free calls with INT{ON,OFF} directly in chkalloc,
      Include disabled options in the output of 'set +o'.  POSIX says the output of
      Replace a home-grown printf() clone with a fwopen() wrapper around
      Do not forget to increment the input line counter
      Replace home-grown dup2() implementation with actual dup2() calls.
      Output something reasonable for regular and expanded here-documents.
      Whitespace nits.
      Spelling errors.
      Spelling fix.
      Mechanically kill hard sentence breaks.
      Use volatile where appropriate.
      Suppress the error message for command -v for files with a slash.
      Cast sentinel for execl() to (char *) to quiet gcc4 warning.
      Update to bzip2-1.0.4.
      Merge from vendor branch BZIP:
      Update to bzip2-1.0.4.
      Spelling fix.
      If there is no commitid, we need to initialize Delta->commitid to NULL to
      Remove GNU tar.
      Remove some leftover gcc40 info files.
      Print the "$" symbol on blank lines when the -s and -e options are used
      Avoid truncating the pathname to UNIX Domain Sockets with snprintf(),
      Remove bogus "-" operand from usage message. There is no restriction on
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Remove unnecessary CFLAGS and SRCS lines.
      Update to 4.20 which, among other things, fixes a heap overflow.
      Merge from vendor branch FILE:
      Update to 4.20 which, among other things, fixes a heap overflow.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive and bsdtar version 2.0.25
      Add our READMEs for the libarchive 2.0 import.
      Upgrade to libarchive 2.0.25 which gives us a nice speed boost along with
      GC old libarchive/bsdtar.
      GC old readline version.
      Fix typo.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Import OpenSSL 0.9.8e.
      Upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.8e.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Import OpenSSH 4.6p1.
      Upgrade to OpenSSH 4.6p1.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive 2.0.27.
      Upgrade to libarchive 2.0.27 which brings in a few bug fixes by joerg.
      Use libcrypto for DES instead of libcipher.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Document missing multibyte character handling.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive 2.0.28.
      Upgrade to libarchive 2.0.28 giving us ar support and a new manpage.
      Fix a memory leak in the uname/gname lookup cache.
      Merge from vendor branch TNFTP:
      Sync with NetBSD.  In addition to some bug fixes, this brings in -s srcaddr
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive 2.1.9.
      These weren't supposed to get imported.
      Add our READMEs.
      Upgrade to libarchive 2.1.9.  Including bug fixes, this improves ar support
      GC old libarchive version.
      Use the new PLATFORM_CONFIG_H mechanism rather than maintaining patches
      Sync with NetBSD.
      Grab version from the contributed code instead of manually updating it
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive 2.1.10 which brings in a few minor code cleanups.
      Ease maintenance when importing new versions.
      Import latest awk sources.
      Merge from vendor branch AWK:
      Add our READMEs.
      Upgrade to latest version of awk.  Significant changes can be found in
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive 2.2.1.
      Add our READMEs.
      Upgrade to libarchive 2.2.1 which fixes device node handling.
      Merge from vendor branch FILE:
      Update to file 4.21 which is a bugfix release including an integer
      Update to file 4.21 which is a bugfix release including an integer
      Use exec and fix handling of filenames containing whitespace.
      Merge from vendor branch LESS:
      Import of less-403.
      Add our READMEs.
      Upgrade to less version 403.
      GC old less version.
      GC old sendmail version.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive 2.2.3 fixing a few memory leaks and other fixes.
      Update for libarchive 2.2.3.
      Add log2 and log2f.
      Add MLINKS for log2 and log2f.
      The second argument is not a float, so the "abi.h" abstraction
      Comment out dead/unreachable code.
      Forgot to update $NetBSD$ for previous commit.
      Flip the order of the if statement to prevent unreachable code.
      Comment out dead code.
      make an intermediate float variable "volatile" on i386 to work around a gcc
      Add trunc and truncf.
      Add nan, nanf, nanl.
      Sync with NetBSD.
      Merge from vendor branch LESS:
      Import less-406.
      Add our READMEs.
      Upgrade to less-406 fixing some display bugs.
      From FreeBSD:
      Optimizations, expanded comments, and accuracy fixes.
      From FreeBSD's log:
      Convert to use cam_calc_geometry().
      Fix logic to avoid a potential deadlock in ahd_run_qoutfifo()
      Remove an old comment that no longer applies.
      Correct a typo in a comment.
      Implement ahd_inq_scbram() and change the implemention
      Use clr instead of an explicit mov from ALLZEROS
      Fix a race condition in the flushing of commands that
      Remove extraneous line in comment.
      Use PCIR_BAR(x) instead of PCIR_MAPS.
      When performing our register test, be careful
      Modify assembler to ignore carriage returns in input.
      When outputing a code listing, properly display
      bus_alloc_resource -> bus_alloc_resource_any
      Add aic_scb_timer_start() which will be used in the aic7xxx driver to
      o When restarting the sequencer, clear any pending
      Correct a very rare case where command ordering could be compromised
      Fix an off by one in the critical section clearing code.  The
      Extend critical section protection around portions of selection processing
      Add an ISA attachement to the aic7xxx driver to handle 284X controllers.
      Remove spurious EISA definitions left over from the initial port of the
      Invert the polarity of two tests in the recovery code that could cause
      Set AHD_BUSFREEREV_BUG in the bug field for Rev B chips, not the
      In the PCI error interrupt handler, specify the width of the PCI configuration
      Revert to basing all timeout/timer values in ms rather than us.  The switch
      Add some useful target mode diagnostics for incoming commands
      Explicitly initialize timedout_scb lists, use SCB_TAG for all access
      On Rev. B silicon, we disabled the enhanced busfree detection logic to
      Allow print_reg() to be called with a NULL column.
      Use BUS_PROBE_DEFAULT for pci probe return value.
      remove useless ptr check; cur_column can never be null.
      Set allow_memio to 1 if fetching the allow_memio hint fails.  This
      Correct bug that caused the completed "recovery" scb to have its
      Enhance diagnostic printfs for the chains of free lists used to
      Use the AHC_DISABLE_PCI_PERR flag to silence parity error reporting on
      -Wundef fixes.
      -Wundef fix.
      -Wundef fix.
      initialize some variables before potential use.
      Fix typos.
      Fix typo.
      Use TAILQ_FOREACH to enhance readibility.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive-2.2.5 which fixes a forgotten 'break'.  Without this,
      Update for 2.2.5.
      Should use machine/limits.h, not cpu/limits.h.
      Allocate the full SCB pool at driver attach.
      Add W{INT,CHAR}_{MIN,MAX} to stdint.h IAW ISO/IEC 9899:1999 7.18.3.
      Spelling corrections.
      Fix for CVE-2007-3798 obtained from the vendor.  This is already included
      Add an ISA attachment to the aic7xxx driver to handle 284X controllers.
      Merge from vendor branch TNFTP:
      Sync with NetBSD:
      Import GNU diffutils-2.8.7.
      Merge from vendor branch DIFFUTILS:
      Add our local files for diffutils-2.8.7.
      Upgrade to diffutils-2.8.7.
      Use the "builtin" shell function to make sure that the requested
      It's ``apply echo *'' that is similar to ``ls -1'', not ``apply echo a*''.
      Sync program's usage() with manpage's SYNOPSIS.
      Set BINOWN=root explicitly for setuid root binary.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBPCAP:
      Import libpcap-0.9.7
      Merge from vendor branch TCPDUMP:
      Import tcpdump-3.9.7
      Upgrade to libpcap-0.9.7 and tcpdump-3.9.7.
      Apply the patch for tcpdump.1 even in the NOINET6 case.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive 2.2.6.
      Update for libarchive-2.2.6 import.
      Merge from vendor branch TNFTP:
      Improve parsing of chunked transfer chunks per RFC2616:
      Sync with FreeBSD:
      Document message length limit.
      Check that -w width is not above maximum.  Use DWIDTH instead of hardcoded
      The function's name should begin a new line.
      Re-order alphabetically.
      GC unused sources.
      Pull WARNS6 into usr.bin/Makefile.inc.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Add WCONTINUED option for waitpid(2).
      Manual page update for waitpid's new WCONTINUED option and the
      Sync with FreeBSD and add an entry for git.
      Sync with OpenBSD.
      TAILQ_FOREACH to enhance readability.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive-2.2.7.
      Update for libarchive 2.2.7.
      Remove options that don't make sense for a vkernel, and make SMP default.
      Add a build option (NO_GCC34) to prevent building gcc version 3.4.
      Describe CCVER's default as gcc41.
      Use >= instead of > to explicitly see which WARNS level we're dealing with.
      Fix typo.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Import OpenSSH 4.7p1.
      Upgrade to OpenSSH 4.7p1.
      Markup fixes.
      Allow selection of the affected terminal using redirection
      Make functions static and use M_ZERO instead of a separate bzero.
      Use NULL instead of 0 for the return value of fopen().
      Sync with FreeBSD:
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive-2.3.2.
      Update for libarchive 2.3.2 import.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Sync with FreeBSD:
      static some functions.
      Sync calendars with FreeBSD.
      Oops, forgot to add this to the FreeBSD sync.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Merge from vendor branch LESS:
      Import less-408.
      Add our READMEs.
      Upgrade to less-408:
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive-2.3.4:
      Update build for libarchive-2.3.4 import (add man pages).
      Remove the symlink, not the directory it points to.
      Remove the symlink, not the directory it points to.
      Consolidate local patches into contrib/, making updates easier.
      Import libpcap-0.9.8:
      Merge from vendor branch LIBPCAP:
      Resolve conflicts.
      Our pf includes are in /usr/include/net/pf/, so adjust the appropriate
      Import tcpdump-3.9.8:
      Merge from vendor branch TCPDUMP:
      Update to tcpdump-3.9.8.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Import OpenSSL-0.9.8f.
      Update for OpenSSL 0.9.8f:
      Merge from vendor branch LESS:
      Import less-409.
      Spelling fix.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Import OpenSSL-0.9.8g.
      Update for OpenSSL upgrade to 0.9.8g.
      Sync with NetBSD.
      Switch from libreadline to libedit.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive 2.4.0 which brings some performance enhancements.
      Update for libarchive 2.4.0 import.
      Don't include <sys/buf.h> twice.
      cdevsw -> dev_ops.
      Warns cleanup.
      Build CAM as a module.
      Remove unneeded includes.
      Avoid resource_locate().
      Remove duplicate sys/proc.h.
      Remove unneeded includes.
      Switch to sys/queue.h macros.
      Merge from vendor branch LESS:
      Import less-415:
      Update for less-415.
      Change the peripheral driver list from a linker set to module driven
      Don't use /dev/rXXX names.
      Fix inquiry length detection for the ses(4) driver.
      Rewrite of the CAM error recovery code.
      Fix typo.
      If we have an error and are booting verbosely, don't be complaining
      Fix typo.  SS_START is quite different than SSS_START.
      In camperiphscsisenseerror(), don't return an error when the error action
      Add sense key table entries for DATA PROTECT and BLANK CHECK.  This will
      Fix up unit attention and selection timeout handling.
      Add quirk for SONY SMO drive.  This (pre SCSI-2) drive returns a mystic
      Print out the asc/ascq and description even when both the asc and ascq
      FC path inquiry settings.
      FC path inquiry settings.
      Add a transport settings variant for Fibre Channel.
      Cleanup some of the XPORT_FC code (mostly whitespace)
      Check the void * argument in the AC_FOUND_DEV case against NULL.
      Propagate CAM_DIS_DISCONNECT on through:
      Kill the command (don't rerun it) if we had an AUTOSENSE failure.
      Mark some functions as __printflike().
      Add interfaces for SCSI LOG SELECT and LOG SENSE commands.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Fix bug in scsi_read_write() where it might use 6-byte commands when
      Be very generous with timeouts for synchronize cache. We may wait a very long
      Fix breakage in 'camcontrol defects' introduced in last commit.
      Const'ify the CDB format string passed to the CDB parsing routines
      Staticise a debugging variable.
      Remove comment that doesn't seem to apply any more.
      Remove extra semicolon.
      Remove unused variable.
      Do not +1 with MAXPATHLEN.
      Add REPORT LUNS basic infrastructure.
      If we boot verbose, then print out 'interesting' CAM errors that otherwise
      Add some \n's to kprintf()s.
      Make SCSI_DELAY setable at boot time and runtime via the
      Document camcontrol load.
      Don't call dkpart() just to print the result, it is constant.
      A SCSI_DELAY of zero is a legitimate value to have in some cases.
      Be consistent about "static" functions: if the function is marked
      Use parens for arguments in macro.
      panic() shouldn't have a \n.
      panic() shouldn't have a \n.
      Fix typo.
      Don't use the devstat->busy_count for state decisions in the device
      Merge from vendor branch LESS:
      Import less-416:
      Remove unused ioctl routine.
      Don't use return(foo(...)); in a function returning void.
      Use symbolic constants instead of "4".
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove unused variables.
      Minor debug output changes.
      Only set single initiator buffered mode if we've recorded in our softc
      (camperiphdone): When the cam_periph layer performs sense recovery,
      In camperiphdone(), make sure we check for fatal errors and bail out
      Don't be so chatty when performing manual sense.
      SS_FATAL|ENXIO rather than SS_RDEF for illegal track mode.
      Spelling fix in comment.
      Compare the *number* of patterns to zero, not the pointer to the patterns.
      bzero the CCB header in getdevtree() and set the path properly, to
      Whitespace to make comments more legible.
      Make the module return EOPNOTSUPP for unknown events.
      Sync error messages w/ FreeBSD.
      When printing out an unknown sense code we should print it in hex, not
      Fix typo in comment.
      Remove the camnet swi and CAM_PERIPH_NET.  It has never been used, and
      Add necessary data structures and definitions for the 12-byte SCSI
      Use offsetof() instead of a hard-coded constant for readability.
      Again, use offsetof() instead of a constant to enhance readability.
      Try to automatically scan and attach luns for modern storage
      Restore queue depth settings across tag disable events.  The system often
      Fix a place where we were referencing a pointer after it had been freed.
      Add "report only" functionality to 'camcontrol format', so users can get a
      Fix a problem with the cd(4) driver -- the CAMGETPASSTHRU ioctl wouldn't
      avoid use after free
      avoid use after free
      Protect against dividing by zero.
      Make sure we look at the correct sub op codes when
      Do not initialize path variable with useless value just before
      Fixing a memory leak in xpt_release_device().
      Fine-grained malloc statistics - replace some M_DEVBUF with module-specific
      Make the exploring of all luns supported by an HBA more of a tunable.
      There should be no need to retry when the CCB status code is
      When deregistering a bus, attempt to flush out all outstanding
      Incorporate the O_NONBLOCK open semantics of Linux and Solaris.
      Make sure ioctl doesn't get swallowed (fit in 8 bits).
      CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE placeholders for SAS support.
      Guard against divide-by-zero.
      Actually check to see if XPT_CALC_GEOMETRY had an error
      Handle some of the inquiry flags that have come into
      Fix missing update to reflect change in scsi_inquiry data structure.
      Add PIM_SEQSCAN for HBA misc flags and code that understands
      Spelling fix.
      Implement 'camcontrol reportluns'.  This allows users to send the SCSI
      Put a bit of hysteresis into both BUSY SCSI status returns
      Add a tunable that allows one to turn off the automatic sending of
      Change the qualifier to force async from cur_spi to spi.
      XPT_GET_TRAN_SETTINGS can fail- so check for an error and
      Sync quirk tables with FreeBSD.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive-2.4.5:
      Add CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE as a kernel option.
      printf -> kprintf
      Add some quick documentation regarding the CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE option.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive-2.4.8:
      Fix typo that was causing CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE to do nothing.
      Fixes for CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE.
      Remove unused CTS_SPI_FLAGS_TAG_ENB.
      Sync with FreeBSD:
      Build aic(4) as a kernel module.
      Sync with FreeBSD:
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Sync trm manual with FreeBSD.
      Import file-4.23.
      Merge from vendor branch FILE:
      Update for file-4.23 import:
      Massive sync with FreeBSD.
      Sync mly(4) with FreeBSD.
      Sync mly.4 manual page with FreeBSD.
      CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE fixes.
      CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE fixes.
      CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE fixes.
      Add CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE option to LINT.
      MPSAFE locking for the ahc/ahd drivers using lockmgr locks.
      Merge from vendor branch TNFTP:
      Sync tnftp with NetBSD:
      Make CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE default.
      It's confusing to say that "Command Queueing Supported" just based
      Only print sense data diagnostics if debugging is enabled with the
      Remove superfluous setting of the transport_version field of our
      Advertise to CAM the ability of 790X controllers to negotiate information
      Add SCSI READ CAPACITY support to camcontrol.
      Import bzip-1.0.5 which fixes CVE-2008-1372.
      Merge from vendor branch BZIP:
      Update our README for the 1.0.5 import.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Import OpenSSH 5.0p1.
      LK_EXCLUSIVE has no business being in lockinit.
      Update build for OpenSSH 5.0p1.
      Update to less-418:
      Merge from vendor branch LESS:
      Sync with NetBSD:
      Merge from vendor branch TNFTP:
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive-2.4.17.  See NEWS for details.
      Changes for libarchive-2.4.17 import.
      Quiet gcc4. -I- isn't required any more.
      Move patches for tnftp into contrib/ and remove -I- to make gcc4 quieter.
      Sync with NetBSD:
      It's "useful" not "usefull".
      Sync CAM with FreeBSD using lockmgr locks instead of mutexes.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Import libarchive-2.5.4b.
      Update build structure for libarchive update.
      Import libarchive-2.5.5.
      Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
      Update build structure for libarchive-2.5.5.
      Add quirk for the Samsung YP-U3.
      Make bsdcpio the default cpio.  Place WITH_GCPIO in make.conf if you want
      Fix whitespace.
      Update SCSI opcodes and ASCs.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Import OpenSSL 0.9.8h.
      Upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.8h.
      Import OpenSSL-0.9.8i.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.8i.
      Import OpenSSH-5.1p1.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Upgrade build for OpenSSH 5.1p1.
      Install a moduli(5) manual page.
      Sync with FreeBSD:
      Bring in some changes to bsd.sys.mk from FreeBSD.
      Follow symbolic links named as command line arguments if run without -R.
      Add an entry for lchflags using the same number as FreeBSD.
      Add the lchflags() syscall.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Add an interface to the lchflags(2) syscall.  The new -h option will
      Conditionalize the lchflags() call since chflags(1) is a bootstrap tool.
      Fix a copy/paste from chmod(1).  We're changing file flags, not modes.
      Add -f and -v options to chflags.
      Grab some changes from FreeBSD:
      Test commit/push access for master.
      Use ${INSTALL} so installworld works for non-root users.
      Let make upgrade install new files in etc/ if they don't exist.

Robert Garrett (132):
      Begin register keyword removal commits
      register keyword removal
      More register axe work (remove the register keyword)
      register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Register keyword removal
      Update a case where changing the uname to DragonFly would break RCng
      Fix mergemaster so it doesnt depend on stat
      Remove annoying calls to non existing sysctl's
      Import Stat.
      Make stat behave in the default case
      The code to print correct time in long format is not currently in
      Now we can add stat to the build
      Add rc.subr to /etc/Makefile this fixes a bug where
      Let us not forget network.subr either
      Bring in the man page for nsswitch.conf this is part of RCng
      update manpage to reflect changes in RCng
      Add nsswitch.conf.5 to man page build
      Update rc manpage to reflect RCng
      Add rc.subr to our list of most informative manpages
      attach rc.subr to the build
      Update mtree so man pages quit complaining
      Enable SSE by default, add nob to turn it off
      fix ;; in /etc/rc.subr
      Fix conditional that had two &&'s so that make release
      Change this back
      Undo a local change that made it into the makefile
      add -crypto to the list of required libraries
      remove reference to krb4 in sysinstalls man page
      remove unmatched endif
      Hardwire i386 instead of using the borken machine variable
      add missed sysdb to /etc/rc.d's Makefile
      I think it's about time we added this file to the cvsup examples directory.
      add missing space between libraries -lcrypt-lcrypto should of been -lcrypt -lcrypto
      Fix path for nfs mounts, and correct sysctl
      Remove -traditional which breaks the keyword signed
      Add netbsd, openbsd, and open darwin supfiles, rename freebsd stuff
      remove old cvs files
      loose this file, dont need it, don't want it.. by by
      Change the names of these files to match the FreeBSD ones
      finish fixing my braindeadness..
      Play viking, get axe ... take axe to useless deadwood that has existed way
      play viking, swing axe, remove deadwood..
      __P() != wanted, begin removal, in order to preserve white space this needs
      __P() != wanted so tell makesyscalls to stop putting that crap there.
      __P()!=wanted, clean up the vm subsystem
      __P()!=wanted, remove old style prototypes from the vfs subtree
      remove extra ) from )) in this file as well.
      Do you think /sys/netproto needs to use __P() prototypes?
      well, if netproto doesnt need old prototypes inet6 doesnt either
      if ipv6 doesnt need oldstyle prototypes maybe its time we took them out
      change vn device from old style raw device to block device.
      __P() removal
      __P(); not anymore in this directory
      __P() removal
      what the heck one last one before i go take a nap...
      __P removal
      __P removal
      lets go ahead and commit this before we hit the network interfaces
      __P!= wanted
      remove __P() from this directory
      remove __P
      remove old ___P() prototypes
      remove oldstyle __P prototypes
      fix typo from adding $DragonFly$ keyword
      fix __P
      final __P removal commit
      I am not certain but I believe this is what was intended, this I do know
      The second fixes a dependency problem if compiling kernels
      The first a bug in pax and should be commited to FBSD, too.
      allow this to compile
      add missing CFCR_DLAB declaration, this was left out in the
      add missing $DragonFly$ keyword to at/panic.h
      fix this the right way
      remove CFCR_DLAB from this file as it redifines it to 0x80
      remove NetBSD and FreeBSD from rcng scripts
      update rcng to remove FreeBSD and NetBSD
      update rcng to remove FreeBSD and NetBSD
      finish updating rcng to remove FreeBSD and NetBSD code
      fix bug where i accidently left ;; at the end of two case switches
      remove ifwatchd we don't have the binary we don't need the script
      only update motd if the first word of the first line is Dragonfly
      Add much needed scripts to /etc/rc.d
      update this file correctly
      Forgot the contribited by line
      Add DragonFly partition type and change FreeBSD in warnings to DragonFly
      Update a few macros to print DragonFly instead of FreeBSD
      change FreeBSD in examples to DragonFly
      Add warning about memory usage to resident.conf and examples to both files
      define __FreeBSD__ for diff
      grep needs __FreeBSD__ defined
      __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__
      dhclient needs __FreeBSD__ defined
      __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__
      Define __FreeBSD__ in the make file for ipmon
      __FreeBSD__ defines
      define __FreeBSD__ for things that use kernel source that needs it for now
      more __FreeBSD__ and __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__ work.
      Disable -fformat-extensions temporarily
      Allow world to build with gcc3, basically force openssl to use gettimeofday
      __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__
      __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__
      undefine __FreeBSD__ it is no longer needed, since the kernel include
      add code to test for single files, instead of just full paths
      __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__
      Patch this file to allow the crossbuild to work again
      Fix a couple of typos that slipped in
      The last commit was noticed by Yonetani Tomokazu
      __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__
      remove unwanted __DragonFly__ >= tests
      It seems I missed a directory when doing the __FreeBSD__ -> __DragonFly__
      fix typo
      Patch forr FreeBSD-SA-04:04.tcp
      Add support for multiple boot profiles
      Add newbtconf to the build
      Add support for dntpd to /etc/rc.d
      Add support for dntpd to /etc/defaults/rc.d

Sascha Wildner (1972):
      Clean (void) casts from sbin
      Clean (void) casts from usr.sbin
      Correct the module search path in some manual pages.
      - Remove string.h
      Remove '?' case.
      Silence groff warnings
      - Take back the commit from Oct. 1, 2004 since FreeBSD has changed their
      Messed up the man page in my previous commit. Now all is well again.
      Replace perl code with a sed script.
      - Fix a comment typo.
      Update OpenBSD tags to reflect which revisions we are synced with.
      ntpdate(8) is gone and has been replaced by rdate(8).
      Add some documentation for ntpd_flags.
      unknown_incoming may be customized so we only install it if it doesn't
      Add SC_PIXEL_MODE because it's nice to have higher console resolutions
      ntpdate(8) is gone and has been replaced by rdate(8).
      wx(4) is gone. Also remove the module itself.
      Explicitly mention in RETURN VALUES that socket() sets
      - Sync with FreeBSD.
      Adjust FreeBSD tag to reflect sychronization.
      Add IOCTLS section and do some minor cleanup.
      Remove some old ioctls and structs which were there for backwards
      Scrap DEC Alpha support.
      In VESA_800x600, never draw the mouse pointer in the border area
      Fix a little redundancy from my last commit. The border cannot be outside
      * Remove Alpha support and redundant flags from the Makefile.
      Scrap PC98 support.
      Remove unneeded conditionals.
      Make VGA palette registers available.
      * For the direct modes, get rid of the predefined palettes and use the
      harmless test
      remove toast
      Remove PC98 support.
      Remove Alpha support.
      Remove PC98 and Alpha support.
      Remove duplicate FreeBSD tag.
      PC98 is not supported.
      Fix #include.
      Remove PC98 and Alpha support.
      Remove PC98 loader.
      We don't support DEC Alpha.
      Remove Alpha support.
      Remove arch-alpha variable.
      Remove Alpha support for ficl.
      R.I.P. ARC
      Remove elf2exe.
      Remove uac(1). We don't support Alpha.
      Remove PC98 fdisk(8).
      When building as a kernel module, ignore the setting of the
      Add missing .El to silence groff warning.
      Release the old a.out-only boot loader into freedom.
      Remove last remnants of the wd(4) driver which was moved to the Attic some
      Remove more left over files from wd(4) removal.
      Remove PC98 support. Leave the machdep.ispc98 sysctl in because make(1)
      Remove some unnecessary braces and fix a gcc 3.4 warning.
      Remove PC98 support.
      Remove PC98 support.
      Remove PC98 support.
      When building the release ISO, add an initial /var/db/locate.database
      Remove unnecessary space.
      Fix some groff warnings.
      Remove PC98 support.
      Remove DEC Alpha and PC98 support.
      Remove the euc(4) and utf2(4) man pages. They are now in section 5.
      Now that make no longer needs it, remove the ispc98 sysctl.
      Forced commit to supply a proper message for the previous change.
      Fix order for SI_SUB_TUNABLES.
      Adjust man page sections.
      Give syscons its own malloc_type and remove some unnecessary casts.
      Remove PC98 keymaps.
      Fix typo.
      Remove newline so that it looks nice in Postscript, too.
      Change herz to hertz.
      Fix a buildkernel warning by properly initializing dom_next in struct domain.
      Change NOACU to NULL.
      Remove unnecessary .El (fixes groff warning).
      Add entry for libarchive.
      Add NetBSD 3.0.
      Sync with OpenBSD.
      Sync with OpenBSD.
      No longer check if PCVT is configured.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Remove support for dead architectures.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Remove support for canbus (which is PC98 specific).
      Comment out description of the maclabel parameter.
      Remove inactive code for the maclabel parameter. DragonFly doesn't support
      Remove unused clear() function from the console renderer interface.
      Add a missing .El and fix a couple of typos.
      Add C90 Amendment 1 (for citrus man pages).
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Correct typo: vender -> vendor
      - Use standard types.
      Remove PCVT kernel part and mop up.
      Perl is gone from base. You can use your own style again.
      Remove MGA/CGA/EGA rendering code.
      * Declare vtb_buffer as a pointer to uint16_t and get rid of
      Remove an extra comma and fix two typos.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Fix misspelled filename.
      Use M_ZERO instead of an explicit bzero().
      Fix supfile name.
      Fix CVS root directory name.
      Remove old workaround for 2.6.3 optimizer bug.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Use M_ZERO instead of an explicit bzero().
      Add sorta colorful Fred logo for the boot menu. Rename beastie_disable
      Fix date.
      Always clean the cat directory as well.
      Handle renaming of battd.1 to battd.8
      Add the DragonFly cvs id.
      * Remove register keywords.
      WARNS6 cleanup.
      Remove no longer relevant file.
      Add DragonFly cvs id.
      * Remove timevaladd() and move timevalfix() and timevalsub() to
      * Add __unused where necessary.
      Use volatile sig_atomic_t variables and async-signal-safe functions for
      <sys/vmmeter.h> need not be included twice.
      Remove spl*() calls and replace them with critical sections.
      Remove spl*() calls in netgraph and replace them with critical sections.
      Remove spl*() in net/{altq,bpf.c,bridge,dummynet,ef,gif,gre,hostcache.c}
      Remove spl*() in net/{altq,bpf.c,bridge,dummynet,ef,gif,gre,hostcache.c}
      Remove spl*() in disk/{ata,buslogic,ccd} and replace them with
      Clean up some of the worst style issues:
      Unbreak LINT by including <sys/thread2.h> where proper and remove some
      Remove spl*() in dev/raid/{aac,amr,asr,ciss} and replace them
      Remove unused variables.
      Remove spl*() in dev/raid/{dpt,ida,iir} and replace them
      Remove spl*() in dev/raid/{mlx,mly,pst,twa,twe} and replace them
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Dispose of support for IBM's Micro Channel architecture (MCA).
      Remove obsolete comments.
      Remove PC98 support.
      Update pcic(4) and add more NEWCARD manpages.
      Fix controller names.
      Correct item lists.
      Remove pcic(4) manpage. This was updated by mistake.
      1) When randomly placing ships, allow them to be anywhere on the board
      Mop up OLDCARD remains.
      Use csh for {foo,bar} filename substitutions.
      Fix wrong list head which crept in with the last commit.
      Change spl*() to critical sections.
      Remove PC98 support.
      For quickrel, use our quick{world,kernel} targets.
      No need to remove the .gz files since we just gunzipped them.
      Clean up obsolete info files.
      Clean up obsolete stuff in /usr/sbin.
      Clean up obsolete files in /usr/bin.
      Don't remove gcc34's /usr/bin/CC.
      Add missing man page links.
      Clean up obsolete cccp.1 man page.
      Add missing curses.3 man page link.
      Add link for termcap.3 man page.
      Add link for localeconv.3 man page.
      Fix typo and add more obsolete man pages.
      Clean up stale supfile examples.
      gmp.h wasn't cleaned because of a typo.
      We're DragonFly, not NetBSD.
      Change ntp.conf to ntpd.conf and add dntpd.conf.
      Define NLSNAME to make the NLS framework really work.
      * Also clean up /usr/share/man/en.ISO8859-1/man1aout.
      Don't forget to install the magic manpage, too.
      Add this year's leap second (as announced by Bulletin C 30).
      Fix typo: netgarph -> netgraph.
      * Remove unneeded <sys/proc.h>
      Remove files that were used only for the DEC Alpha architecture.
      Use M_ZERO instead of explicit bzero()s.
      Update zoneinfo database.
      Remove extra whitespace at the end of some lines.
      Remove note about MDA and CGA adapters which we don't support anymore.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Allow only non-banked direct modes.
      Add information about console fonts.
      Remove parameter names from prototypes.
      -malign-functions is obsolete, use -falign-functions.
      Fix manpage links.
      Add DragonFly 1.3.2.
      1) De-K&R-ify function declarations, add const where necessary and bump
      Convert to mdoc.
      Convert to mdoc.
      Convert to mdoc.
      Remove trailing blank space characters. mdoc(7) explicitly recommends doing
      Fix wrong section in manpage reference.
      Fix man page cross reference.
      Remove crossrefs to non-existant usb(3) man page.
      Fix cross reference: makewhatis(1) -> makewhatis(8).
      Remove drivers.conf(5) man page. The file was removed on 2004/11/15.
      Fix man page cross references.
      Remove man page for PicoBSD which was removed on 2004/11/15.
      Fix man page reference: tcpdump(8) -> tcpdump(1).
      Fix man page and variable references.
      Mention the shell builtin.
      Link to the real file.
      Fix typo.
      Fix typos: CIRCLE_* -> CIRCLEQ_*
      Only one name per .Nm macro for better readability.
      Fix typo from the last commit.
      Global .Nm vs. MLINKS cleanup:
      Remove NDINIT(9) link again. The old API was removed on 2004/11/12.
      Add nlookup(9) man page.
      Clean up copyright notice and remove reference to comments.
      Remove the old namei(9) man page and make namei(9) a link to nlookup(9).
      Fix forgotten comma from last commit.
      Continue (not return) if OP_LIB is not set.
      Allow the VESA code to handle devices that don't claim to be VGA devices.
      Remove PC98 support.
      * Add a definition for a panic key (CNTL-ALT-SHIFT-ESC) to every keymap
      Add missing parenthesis.
      Update zoneinfo database.
      Remove pointless -? flag.
      Scrap PC98 specific snc(4) driver.
      Remove PC98 support.
      Remove PC98 support.
      Remove PC98 support (forgot these in my last commit).
      Remove pointless -? flag.
      Fix loader.rc path.
      K&R style function declarations -> ANSI C style.
      * Remove parameter names in function declarations.
      * Constify and initialize potentially uninitialized variable.
      Remove old wtmp conversion tool.
      FreeBSD -> DragonFly
      Remove false statement. Rejected hunks will come out in whatever format
      Take back last commit. It's about normal vs. context diff, not
      mergemaster -> make upgrade
      Adjust pointer in function definition.
      Synchronize with FreeBSD.
      Add manpage for the axe(4) driver.
      [forced commit to correct commit msg]
      Add axe(4) driver.
      Really sort alphabetically.
      Add obsolete time zone information files to upgrade target.
      Remove joy(8). Its sole purpose was to kldload joy.
      Remove minigzip(1) and joy(8) via 'make upgrade'.
      Remove more scripts whose only purpose was to kldload modules.
      Add missing MLINK exp.3 -> log1pf.3 (the rest is reformatting).
      Add stale exp10(3) and exp10f(3) man pages & cvsbug(8) to make upgrade.
      Fix wrong MLINKS. isnan(3) has a man page of its own.
      Remove Tahoe support.
      Remove VAX and Tahoe support.
      Remove custom 'load' and 'unload' targets.
      Remove Tahoe support.
      Remove VAX and PDP-11 support.
      * Initialize nlist entries and bump WARNS to 6.
      Remove description of the old release infrastructure.
      * Add braces to while statements and remove the '?' option
      Fix a memory leak I introduced when I changed the vtb_buffer from
      * Document the {build,install}world targets instead of just world.
      Sync with FreeBSD. This enables 'set -o emacs' by default (for command
      Replace FreeBSD mailing list aliases with appropriate ones for some
      Add iwi (fixes building of LINT).
      * Fix width in begin list (.Bl) macro.
      Sync with FreeBSD's rev. 1.12. This works around an mdoc(7) bug which
      Add rue(4) man page.
      Document the "polling" and "-polling" parameters.
      * Remove the old hardclock documentation and add information about
      Use nlink_t for number of links.
      Fix wrong '/etc/rmt' and '/etc/termcap' symlinks created by
      Upgrade rc.shutdown to FreeBSD's rev. 1.25. This is from
      Add 'shutdown' keyword to save mixer settings upon system shutdown
      Sync zoneinfo database to tzdata2005n from elsie.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      - include <stdlib.h>
      Fix style(9) issue: move * to the line specifying the function type.
      msg_name and msg_control are void *, so no need to cast.
      Fix style(9) issue: move * to the line specifying the function type.
      Sync atol(3) manpage with FreeBSD's rev. 1.13 to include documentation
      Ansify function definitions that take no parameters.
      Sync with FreeBSD's rev. 1.16:
      Add missing CPU options and reorder a little bit.
      - Constify betting instructions.
      - Fix several compilation warnings.
      - Remove unused "network" and "network[123]" scripts.
      Remove unused network[123] scripts.
      Add removal of etc/rc.d/network[123] to 'make upgrade'.
      Add missing prototypes.
      - Document ttyname_r().
      - Fix some warnings.
      Sync with FreeBSD's rev. 1.15. This brings in documentation for va_copy().
      - Ansify function definitions.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      Add XXX comments to document dubious random number acquisition technique.
      Move ef.4 from sys/net/ef to share/man/man4.
      Remove prototypes for hidden functions. We'll deal with that later
      Add an XXX comment to document that the initializations are for silencing
      Remove forgotten K&R parameter declaration.
      - Note that 'make upgrade' not only upgrades /etc but the whole system.
      Move individual parameter comments into the general comment.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2005o from elsie.
      - Fix wrong table size (which resulted in the descriptions being off by
      Fix comment.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      Include <time.h> to silence some warnings.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      Ansify function definitions.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      Use DOSMAGIC from <sys/diskmbr.h>.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      Add DragonFly 1.2, 1.3.6 and 1.3.7. Remove 1.2.* (those have bug fixes only).
      Silence troff warning.
      - Ansify function definitions.
      Ansify function definitions.
      Add 'manlint' (from bsd.man.mk) to the top level targets.
      Remove BOOTWAIT and NO_SHAREDOCS options. BOOTWAIT was from the old
      Remove library definitions which are in doc-syms now.
      Add some better mdoc markup.
      Remove last traces of 'DragonFly' keywords in RCNG scripts.
      Remove obsolete 1aout manual section.
      Add some bits from FreeBSD to reflect reality.
      Fix some manlint nits and add .Dx where appropriate.
      Ansify function definitions.
      Ansify function definitions.
      * Ansify function definitions.
      * Ansify function definitions.
      * Ansify function definitions.
      Fix typo.
      Fix reference.
      Update for axe(4), nv(4), re(4) and rue(4). Add missing xref to bfe(4).
      Fix xrefs.
      Add documentation about the interrupt flags and the serializer argument.
      OS is no longer needed.
      Add some better mdoc markup.
      Fix installworld until new bridge is fully committed.
      Add documentation for the pfil interface. This is NetBSD's rev. 1.24
      * Ansify function definitions.
      Fix parameter order in livelock message.
      Comment out dfports (deprecated). Add doc (commented out).
      * Ansify function definitions.
      Pull in relevant parts of FreeBSD's rev. 1.42 and sync our badly outdated
      Use the Er macro for error numbers.
      Add link for bzip2recover(1).
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2005r from elsie.
      Add 2006 to the copyrights.
      Bump OS version to 1.5 for DEVELOPMENT.
      * Remove (void) casts for discarded return values.
      * Remove (void) casts for discarded return values.
      * Remove (void) casts for discarded return values.
      * Remove (void) casts for discarded return values.
      * Remove (void) casts for discarded return values.
      * Remove (void) casts for discarded return values.
      * Remove (void) casts for discarded return values.
      * Remove example supfile for dfports.
      Remove ports specific periodic script & documentation.
      Set %bx register instead of %di register as specified by the
      Remove 400.status-pkg from the Makefile as well.
      * Replace DragonFly with Dx.
      Fix comment indent.
      Add a wmake(1) man page using the commit message for the description.
      Add wmake(1) reference.
      Remove antique, unused test code.
      Remove support for some obsolete architectures.
      Remove extra tokens from the end of #else or #endif directives.
      Add missing header for isab_attach prototype.
      Initialize variable.
      Remove unused variables.
      Add some casts to silence warnings.
      Add ansification to silence -Wold-style-definition warnings.
      * Move function types to a separate line.
      Remove ports(7) man page since we're using pkgsrc now.
      Sync BSD family tree with FreeBSD.
      Fix spelling mistake.
      Remove extra 'the'.
      Fix comments.
      Remove .Pp directly following .Sh or .Ss (not necessary, see mdoc(7)).
      Remove unnecessary .Pp following .Sh (forgotten in my last commit).
      Sweep-fix man page section order to match mdoc(7), part 1/5.
      Sweep-fix man page section order to match mdoc(7), part 2/5.
      Sweep-fix man page section order to match mdoc(7), part 3/5.
      Sweep-fix man page section order to match mdoc(7), part 4/5.
      Sweep-fix man page section order to match mdoc(7), part 5/5.
      Retire lib/msun. It was replaced by NetBSD's libm.
      * Remove unused SC_RENDER_DEBUG option.
      Sync pciconf(8)'s database with FreeBSD-CURRENT's rev. 1.34.
      Bring in the ndis(4) man page from FreeBSD (with minor modifications).
      Remove empty line to silence troff warning.
      Replace .Fx with .Dx where necessary.
      Remove SPLASSERT(9) and spl(9) man pages and fix a few references.
      Oops, overlooked some spl*() references in my last commit.
      Update the DEBUG KERNELS section to reflect reality.
      Use \(xx style escape sequences for some special characters so that
      Add documentation for CAPS system calls.
      Fix section order (missed in my last commit).
      ERRORS is errno related only. Move documentation to DIAGNOSTICS.
      RETURN VALUES is for function return values only. FreeBSD has an own
      Pull in a number of fixes from FreeBSD to fix at least the worst
      Remove extra .Cm
      .Pq and friends add some unwanted extra whitespace. Use normal
      Fix typos:
      Don't modify p twice betweeen sequence points.
      Add missing argument.
      * Only use two digits for DragonFly version numbers referenced from the
      Add CAVEATS section documenting some possible pitfalls.
      Document the .Dx macro.
      Remove the old release infrastructure documentation inherited from
      Oops, it's /usr/release, not src/release.
      Remove dfports.
      Remove extra token after #else to silence warning.
      Fix typo.
      Avoid name conflict with built-in function log().
      Silence warnings.
      Fix implicit declaration warnings.
      * Kill hard sentence breaks.
      Silence warnings about ignored trigraphs.
      Bring in the altq.4 man page from FreeBSD.
      Add more drivers that support ALTQ to the list.
      Throw out the list of supported devices. All drivers should support
      Fix xref.
      Fix xref order.
      The xref list is not a sentence.
      Plan9 -> Plan 9
      mdoc nit
      Properly sort xrefs.
      KTR_VERBOSE's logging was being done outside 'if (ktr_buf[cpu]) {'
      b_resid and b_bcount are int, so use %d.
      Remove unused variable.
      struct buf's b_bcount field has been changed from long to int. Adjust
      Remove redundant .Pp macros right before .El, .Sh and .Ss.
      Move .Pp outside of display.
      Remove redundant .Pp.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Plug an fd leak and closedir() two directories.
      * Fix incorrect usage of \- (mathematical minus).
      Fix copy/paste error.
      Fix some special characters messed up in my last commit.
      Remove owi(4) (old wi) driver and adjust related bits.
      Remove owi(4) from build.
      Add a SYNOPSIS section and put the kernel config option there.
      Use .Cd for kernel options.
      Small comma fixes.
      Change forgotten getinoquota to ext2_getinoquota to fix building
      * Add documentation for the batch and lastcpu keywords.
      More mdoc cleanup.
      Put the 'V' option back in.
      Use .St for references to standards.
      Add section numbers to references and fix .Xr abuse
      Remove references to multibyte(3) which is no longer there.
      The new bridge(4) manual page somehow never found its way into the Makefile.
      Add missing isnormal(3) manual page.
      Add MLINKS for all functions.
      There are no manual pages for hosts.allow and hosts.deny.
      linux(4) was added in Sep 2003 but never made it into the Makefile.
      Add as(1) manual page.
      Merge from vendor branch BINUTILS:
      Add as(1) manual page.
      For symmetry's sake, put as(1) into the amd64 Makefile, too.
      Add gbk.5 to the Makefile (forgotten when it was moved here).
      * Comment out reference to non-existing format command.
      Add MLINK for rc.d(8).
      Remove sysinstall(8) reference and fix wording.
      Change some documentation mentioning ports to pkgsrc.
      We use RCNG for restarting.
      Assorted .Xr fixes:
      Sync with FreeBSD's rev. 1.7.
      Add missing cm(4), mn(4) and my(4) manual pages.
      Adjust manual pages to recent lock related changes.
      Fix LINT build.
      Add missing braces.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Remove unneeded comma.
      Signals are described in signal(3).
      Add documentation for the new preadv(2) and pwritev(2) system calls.
      Update HISTORY section for preadv and pwritev.
      grrr...fix reverse chronological order
      Move the error check into the else clause because it only applies there.
      Never generate external references for __cursig().
      Fix typo.
      Add some missing manual pages.
      Add missing #includes.
      Document recently added devices.
      Remove ports(7) reference and reword.
      Fix kldstat option.
      Remove unused label.
      Fix .Os and a .Xr. Expand HISTORY a bit.
      Comment out references to cnw(4). It's unlikely that we'll import it.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      * Remove the following obsolete options from the system:
      Remove Alpha specific header file.
      Fix spelling and remove hard sentence break.
      Remove all traces of umapfs and associated stuff.
      Add isinff(3) manpage.
      Remove isinff and isnanf prototypes. Our isinf and isnan functions are
      Per default, restrict recursive queries to
      Misc mdoc(7) cleanup:
      Mop up remains of the ibcs2/streams/svr4 removal:
      - Uniformly use .In for header file references.
      Remove /usr/share/examples/ibcs2 via 'make upgrade'.
      Add a spinlock(9) manual page (based on a writeup by Matt).
      Remove trailing whitespace and fix references.
      Add kobj(9) manual page.
      Zap references to Digital's TurboLaser bus.
      Add some mdoc markup and remove hard sentence breaks.
      Silence warning.
      Fix typo.
      Add necessary #includes (fixes LINT build).
      Bring in FreeBSD's script to generate the pciconf database.
      Add us.dvorakl.kbd and us.dvorakr.kbd.
      Add an entry for rxvt-unicode (pkgsrc/x11/rxvt-unicode).
      Reword since mdoc does a line break before .Nm in SYNOPSIS.
      1) Add the sysctl(9) manual page from FreeBSD with the following
      Avoid line break before author name.
      Add xref to sysctl(9).
      Remove oldbridge manpage, too :)
      Remove old bridge module...
      Sync our ieee80211*.9 manual pages with the recent upgrade.
      s/ieee80211_attach/ieee80211_ifattach/ in comment.
      Adjust for pkgsrc and fix a supfile name.
      Remove some ports specific references.
      Remove ports and dfports specific include files.
      Sync with reality:
      Remove ports specific portsinfo script.
      Remove portsinfo.
      Replace /usr/ports with /usr/pkgsrc in the list of dirs to search.
      Fix comments:
      Ports -> pkgsrc
      fix case
      Remove ports related documentation and adjust disk usage.
      Remove unused SCTP_TCP_MODEL_SUPPORT option.
      Fix wording.
      Bring etc/defaults/make.conf closer to reality:
      Remove obsolete documentation regarding usbd/kernel interaction.
      Remove ancient module.
      1) Hook pctrack into the build.
      Comment out empty sections.
      Add a manual page for the crit_enter()/crit_exit() family of functions.
      Remove the old wormcontrol(8) command and the worm(4) man page.
      Sort by chapter.
      Remove unnecessary check (u_int8_t is 0-255).
      Remove obsolete worm(4) ioctl definitions.
      Sync with FreeBSD (makes it actually work).
      Match revision separator only if preceded by a newline.
      Sort references by section.
      * To distinguish the separator from commit msg lines consisting of
      Compiling the nv(4) driver into the kernel is not supported in DragonFly.
      For crash dump debugging, we use kgdb.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Add an ASCII copy of the handbook to the system. It can't hurt to have it
      Mention all arguments and fix wording.
      Use full month name for .Dd
      Use .Cd for kernel configuration options.
      Get rid of .Pp before .Sh
      Fix date format.
      Update upgrade procedure and adjust disk usage.
      NOUUCP was removed a long time ago from the system.
      Document the recently added WITHOUT_SRCS variable.
      Comment out empty BUGS section.
      Remove brconfig(8) from the build.
      ruserpass() takes 4 arguments but is called with only 3. Since we
      Add some missing IDs in preparation for switching some network drivers
      Use pcidevs.h and common PCI probe style.
      Use pcidevs.h and common PCI probe style.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Use pcidevs.h.
      Don't call pci_get_device() multiple times.
      Remove all occurences of double semicolons at the end of a line by
      Use .Cd for config declaration and add missing quote.
      Match .Dt with filename.
      Perform the following cleanup in sys/dev/netif:
      Add a pointer to boot(8) where the kernel options are actually documented.
      Silence LINT warning.
      Add ids for Broadcom's BCM5714 and Comtrol RocketPort boards.
      Use pcidevs.h's definition of the BCM5714 id.
      Use pcidevs.h
      Use pcidevs.h
      Correct path.
      * Remove bsd.cpu.gcc2.mk and bsd.cpu.gcc3.mk since those GCC versions
      * s/FreeBSD/DragonFly/
      Fix dubious construct.
      Remove unused string.
      Initialize local variable.
      Remove unnecessary argument.
      Silence warning.
      Use 'j' size modifier for printf'ing ino_t.
      Use proper casts to silence warnings.
      Fix wording.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Use dirty trick to silence -Wformat warning.
      Oops! Add null character.
      Use nl_langinfo(3) to obtain the format string for strftime(3).
      Fix section ordering.
      The coda filesystem is gone from the system.
      Remove coda remains.
      Comment out WARNS line. libc is not even WARNS=0 clean.
      Remove register specifier.
      General overhaul to bring hier(7) closer to reality:
      Some more fixes:
      Remove more DEC Alpha support.
      Document the recent upgrade of the printf and scanf families of functions.
      Update X11 path.
      Remove reference to obsolete brconfig(8) command.
      Comment out references to ifmedia(4) which we don't have yet.
      Add nfe(4) manual page.
      Add rtw(4) manual page.
      Use correct version number.
      Nuke old sendmail versions 8.13.4, 8.13.6 and 8.13.7.
      Add an ifmedia(4) manual page.
      Remove DEC Alpha support.
      Update default make.conf and its manpage:
      * Remove support for VAX-style and IBM mainframe-style floating-point
      Remove obsolete pre-Citrus file.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Change one forgotten malloc() to kmalloc().
      Fix small mistake.
      Note that Netgear WG311 v3 does *not* use an Atheros chip.
      Fix typo.
      Ansify the rest of the K&R-style function declarations in sys/i386.
      4BSD is history. Long live DragonFly!
      Fix ng_mppc module building.
      As of the recent libarchive upgrade, archive_read_open_file() and
      Remove unused function.
      Remove some unnecessary -r options and use csh for man page removal.
      Fix typo.
      GCC 4.1 also needs memset() in a freestanding environment.
      Remove incorrect extern declarations for stuff that is already
      Avoid casts as lvalues.
      Remove wrong redeclarations.
      Rearrange stuff a bit to satisfy GCC 4.1.
      Add missing header for struct pcb.
      De-staticize (previously declared extern).
      Remove unneccessary MALLOC_DECLARE (declared static in kern_exit.c).
      Fix redefinition of M_IPMADDR malloc type.
      Remove obsolete disk size check.
      Use .Dx
      1) Document the new statistics report settings.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2006m from elsie.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2006n from elsie.
      Add a manpage stub for ecc(4).
      Remove obsolete time zone.
      Add fsck's memzone.c to SRCS (needed by inode.c now).
      Remove references to device.hints.
      Remove stone age man page checking tools. They don't work anymore
      Fix path names.
      Fix references and .Nm abuse.
      * s/ports/pkgsrc/
      Add reallocf.9 for removal with 'make upgrade'.
      Adjust man pages, comments, messages and some defunct driver generation
      Adjust stuff to the renaming of free to kfree and realloc to krealloc
      Fix typo.
      Adjust to post Citrus import reality.
      Fix typo.
      Use .Ft for function types.
      Fix typos.
      Update configuration instructions.
      Rather than making static declarations global, get rid of the extern.
      Fix file-/pathnames which have changed now.
      Fix typos in some messages: writting -> writing
      Remove obsolete prototype and documentation of the suser_proc()
      Fix typo.
      NgSendMsgReply() doesn't exist. Should be NgSendReplyMsg().
      Fix function name and add MLINKS for all functions.
      Comment out the remaining references to rman_reserve_resource_bound().
      Fix incorrect function name (kobj_free -> kobj_delete) and remove references
      Remove recently deleted header files via 'make upgrade'.
      Fix parameter name in prototype.
      There is no securenets(5) manual page. Use .Pa and add a reference
      Sync strtol(3) and strtoul(3) with FreeBSD.
      Add wcstod(3) and wcstol(3) manual pages.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2006o from elsie.
      Turn off splitting in the AUTHORS section.
      Fix typo.
      Turn off splitting in the AUTHORS section.
      Fix path.
      Remove /usr/include/machine/dvcfg.h with 'make upgrade'.
      Fix another typo.
      Fix warning.
      Add a check for installworld (similar to the buildworld check) to ensure
      Rename boot_i386.8 to boot_pc32.8 by repo-copy in order to enable the
      Add Belarus locales (identical with FreeBSD's).
      Add USB serial adapters/cable.
      Sync the uplcom(4) driver with FreeBSD.
      Fix for the latest developments in the kernel architecture reorganization.
      Fix .Xr abuse.
      Fix references.
      Reflect reality.
      an, awi, cue and kue don't use the miibus interface.
      Add stge(4).
      ifconfig manpage upgrade:
      Fix typo.
      Add minimal umodem(4) manual page.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2006p from elsie.
      Move the committer manpage (outlining the rules for committers) from man8
      Quick-fix some mdoc errors.
      Fix compilation warnings when compiling without DEVICE_POLLING.
      Fix typos: mininum/minimun -> minimum
      Add markup and bump date for rev. 1.5.
      Add documentation for the mcontrol system call.
      Convert to mdoc.
      Convert to mdoc.
      Remove unnecessary escape character.
      Fix a typo (found in FreeBSD) and update CVS tag.
      Make umct compilable into the kernel and add it to LINT.
      Add a manual page for umct(4).
      Define kvsnprintf as vsnprintf for the case where subr_sbuf.c is compiled
      Rename printf -> kprintf in sys/ and add some defines where necessary
      Rename printf -> kprintf in sys/ and add some defines where necessary
      Rename printf -> kprintf in sys/ and add some defines where necessary
      Rename printf -> kprintf in sys/ and add some defines where necessary
      Rename printf -> kprintf in sys/ and add some defines where necessary
      Rename printf -> kprintf in sys/ and add some defines where necessary
      Rename printf -> kprintf in sys/ and add some defines where necessary
      Remove an #ifdef _KERNEL inside an #ifdef _KERNEL.
      Remove printf() definition and prototype from the kernel.
      Ansify function declarations and fix some minor style issues.
      Remove unnecessary argument to .Nm.
      - addlog(...) is identical to log(-1, ...). Get rid of it to avoid
      printf -> kprintf
      Don't interpret 'Dx' as a macro name.
      syscons doesn't support EGA, CGA etc. anymore, so remove the mapping
      Use %j to print an ino_t.
      Make descriptions more descriptive.
      Remove ancient comment from 1997.
      Fix typo.
      struct tty's t_dev is a pointer now. Fix warning.
      Use %j to print an ino_t.
      Add markup and some references. Fix the wording in a few places.
      Remove unused _games.
      Add a kprintf(9) manual page.
      printf -> kprintf
      Repo-copy malloc.9 to kmalloc.9 and clean up.
      [committed on behalf of sephe]
      - little mdoc cleanup
      As discussed with sephe: uncomment awi(4), seems to build ok.
      Remove redundant #ifdefs.
      Unbreak ndis(4) building.
      Remove page in cat4 as well.
      * Add documentation for KERNCONF and KERNCONFDIR.
      Update ktr.9 for Matt's rewrite.
      Oops, wrong year.
      /usr/include/machine/physio_proc.h is no longer there.
      * Sync with FreeBSD-RELENG_6.
      * Remove some zoneinfo files from 'make upgrade' that were re-added to
      Add a vkernel(7) manpage which I hacked together from Matt's comments.
      [committed on behalf of sephe]
      [committed on behalf of sephe]
      Remove old MLINKS.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007a from elsie.
      Fix 'make upgrade'.
      [committed on behalf of sephe]
      Remove old zoneinfo files.
      Remove DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS which is not used anymore.
      Sync names of fs modules with what's really there.
      * Add documentation for -s.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      s/. Ar/.Ar/
      Add missing #endif.
      * Add documentation for -I and add an example for network setup.
      Remove gcc40 remains.
      Document -U.
      Fix MLINK.
      Add CC.1 MLINK.
      Remove wrong declarations (fix gcc41 build).
      Assume 0.0 if no float value is passed.
      DragonFly supports up to 16 partitions, not 8.
      Remove BUGS section and note that Matt fixed nullfs.
      Sync the network and sound modules sections with what we actually have.
      Remove unused argument.
      Remove GCC 4.0's manpages, not those of 4.1.
      Don't use readline anymore. kadmin/ktutil should be updated to use
      Fix redefinition of KEX_DEFAULT_PK_ALG.
      Fix argument lists of locking primitives (thereby fixing some compilation
      Document the recently added {STAILQ,TAILQ}_CONCAT macros.
      Enhance markup.
      Remove unused VIRTUAL_KERNEL option.
      Fix typos.
      Sync with FreeBSD (adding DragonFly 1.8.0).
      Fix example: Put /dev/vkd0a in /etc/fstab.
      Add some words about signals and mention that CTRL-\ will drop the vkernel
      Use .Pq for parentheses.
      Bump date for r1.6.
      Fix typo: firmare -> firmware
      Restore {SYM,M}LINKS.
      Fix typo.
      Add firewire dependency.
      Remove documentation of the recently removed fuswintr() and suswintr()
      Fix typo: cgetseq -> cgetset
      Remove documentation of extinct macro MULTI_DRIVER_MODULE() (nuked in
      Remove MCHTYPE() documentation (removed in rev. 1.14 of sys/sys/mbuf.h).
      Fix function names.
      Fix function name.
      Remove ancient SimOS support.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007b from elsie.
      The KAME project has been dissolved and kame.4 isn't terribly useful.
      Fix path.
      Uncomment NULLFS which was fixed by Matt some while ago.
      Remove unused variable.
      Fix typo.
      * Add .Nm and MLINKS for BIOS_* macros.
      Remove unused malloc type M_ACL.
      Do some syncing with reality.
      Fix typos.
      Fix typo.
      * Sync the list of devices in the polling(4) manpage and the polling
      Fix config declaration.
      Fix wording.
      Fix references.
      Add an ifmedia(4) reference to the manpages of all drivers that support
      Add missing .Nm
      Remove empty line (silence manlint).
      .ar -> .Ar
      Fix comments.
      Add missing .El
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007c from elsie.
      Validate msg_controllen, as per RFC2292.
      Remove trailing space.
      Sort by section.
      No . needed here.
      Fix prototype.
      Use .Er for errno value and fix typo.
      Fix typo.
      Bring back in some previously commented out references to ifmedia(4).
      1) Fix prototype in vget(9).
      Fix typo.
      Remove weird license clause which has expired.
      Document some tunables:
      err() and warn() print the strerror() message by themselves.
      Add a better description for the hw.bge.fake_autoneg tunable.
      Add a little documentation for the hw.em.int_throttle_ceil tunable.
      Add reference to em(4).
      Use correct parameter order for strcpy().
      Add nfe(4) and vge(4).
      my(4) doesn't use miibus
      Add missing config declaration.
      Add stge(4) and vge(4).
      * Reduce differences to FreeBSD.
      Convert to mdoc.
      * Add callout(9) MLINK.
      Make the vkernel disk (vkd) known to vinum.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Add /dev/vkd0 to the list of devices to be searched when the
      Reword a couple of sentences and do some minor mdoc cleanup.
      1) Fix typo in getopt_long's prototype.
      Oops, really add the MLINK.
      Add a note that getopt_long_only(3) is deprecated.
      * Use .Dv for ioctls.
      Use .Dv for defined values.
      Use .Dv for ioctls.
      Fix typo.
      Use .Dv for defined values.
      Activate -i and add some documentation for it.
      Document that the maximum number of vke interfaces is 16.
      Add code for creating multiple virtual disks. Multiple -r options
      Document the new behavior of -r.
      Fix message.
      Reword a couple of sentences and do some minor mdoc cleanup.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007d from elsie.
      Kill trailing whitespace, fix some typos and remove an unneeded .Pp
      Fix message.
      Use .Dv for ioctls.
      Add a make.conf variable GROFF_PAPER_SIZE which allows to set the paper
      The R state is followed by the CPU number.
      Add -O and -T to the SYNOPSIS.
      Bring in numerous fixes from FreeBSD.
      Raise WARNS to 6 and perform some style(9) cleanup.
      Raise WARNS to 6 and perform some style(9) cleanup.
      Adjust various paths for xorg.
      Convert to mdoc.
      Sort all entries in dictionary order ignoring case.
      Put debugging information into a section of its own.
      Correct two cases which I overlooked in my previous commit.
      Add a first version of a serializer(9) manual page.
      Add references to crit_enter(9) and serializer(9).
      Add an EVENTHANDLER(9) manual page.
      Remove some obsolete MLINKS via 'make upgrade'.
      * Fix some comments.
      Sort all entries in dictionary order ignoring case.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007e from elsie.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Convert to mdoc.
      Fix '
      * Remove compatibility with some old config options that were removed
      Remove unused definition.
      Remove manual page of bus_generic_map_intr(), which was removed from
      Fix function name.
      Remove leading zeroes.
      Add some missing references.
      Use standard section name.
      The LK_NOPAUSE flag was removed last year.
      arc4random() returns 0 - 2**32-1, not 2**31-1.
      Convert to mdoc.
      Add missing .Pp
      Improve mdoc a bit and uncomment some references.
      VOP_BWRITE() was removed in 2006.
      Remove unused variable.
      Fix various forms of .Pa abuse/mistakes.
      Add minimal device_get_parent() manpage (device(9) references it).
      at_shutdown() is long gone and was replaced with event handlers.
      Remove the hostcache code which has been inactive since 1998.
      * Bring in some relevant changes from FreeBSD.
      Remove obsolete header files.
      * Raise WARNS to 6 and fix all warnings.
      Remove redundant -Wall option.
      Use .Fn for functions, fix .Nm usage.
      Oops, forgot to remove parentheses.
      Separate punctuation.
      Swap "underflow" and "overflow" in table header.
      Don't use \*[Px] because it leads to an unwanted font size change.
      Misc. mdoc fixes.
      <> -> ()
      Remove ldconfig_paths_aout which was removed from the system.
      Ansify parameter declarations.
      Ansify parameter declarations.
      Ansify parameter declarations and fix minor style issues.
      Remove 'register'.
      Make hw.vkeX.tap_unit sysctl read only.
      Add a DEVICES section and vkd(4)/vke(4) MLINKS.
      1) Remove redundant -print's in EXAMPLES.
      Fix link names with $DESTDIR.
      Bump .Dd for the -L option and add -L to the SYNOPSIS.
      Remove argument to .Os.
      Don't use .Xr for pathnames.
      Fix typo and use section numbers for .Xr.
      Fix function name.
      Properly use .Cd
      Use .Fn instead of .Xr.
      Create a symbolic link /usr/local/share/man -> /usr/local/man because
      Use .Nm
      style(9) cleanup: Remove parameter names from prototypes.
      Enable manpath(1) to map more than one man dir to a bin dir.
      Revert my previous commit to nrelease/Makefile and add /usr/local/share/man
      Sort alphabetically.
      Add a manual page explaining the format of /etc/manpath.config.
      Use a smaller indentation because it looks better.
      Add a reference to manpath.config(5).
      Use .Xr for manpage references.
      Remove unneeded comma.
      Specify section number for .Xr
      Add FreeBSD 6.3 (for archive_write_disk(3)).
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007f from elsie.
      Fix some warnings and raise WARNS to 6.
      Bump .Dd for recent updates and do some mdoc cleanup.
      Add resident.conf(5) and varsym.conf(5) manual pages.
      Hook resident.conf(5) and varsym.conf(5) into the build and add some
      Fix typo.
      * Add descriptions for:
      Add reference to dntpd(8) in SEE ALSO.
      Sync newsyslog(8) with FreeBSD's current code.
      Use GNU style like the rest of the file for my last commit.
      Add missing newline.
      Use .An/.Aq
      Use .Pa for URLs
      Use .At, .Bsx, .Fx, .Nx and .Ox
      Use .Nx
      Make fsstress compile.
      Sort references
      Use .Nm
      Fix numerous spelling mistakes.
      Another round of spelling fixes in manpages, messages, readmes etc.
      Add NetBSD's pkgsrc(7) manpage.
      Link to pkgsrc(7) instead of packages(7).
      Remove diskpart(8) manual page.
      Kill references to the recently removed diskpart(8).
      Next round of fixing all kinds of spelling mistakes.
      Include <diskslice.h> for DIOCGPART. This fixes the LINT build.
      Fix typo.
      Remove mcd(4) and scd(4) remains.
      Miscellaneous mdoc fixes.
      Comment out empty section.
      Fix section numbers.
      Raise the values of several debug options to cover some more code.
      Welcome our new bce(4) driver to various manpages & files.
      Add a bus_set_resource(9) manual page.
      Add ifmedia(4) reference.
      Remove unnecessary empty arguments.
      Fix typo.
      Remove etc/rc.d/archdep which didn't serve any real purpose.
      Kill documentation for harvest_{interrupt,ethernet,p_to_p} which were
      Make 'device natausb' compile again.
      Fix loopback setup for firewall_type="closed".
      Document some variables which were added with Andreas Hauser's rc.firewall
      Oops, add variable types.
      Document pf(4) related variables.
      Nuke some obsolete named(8) related variables which were removed from the
      Replace the remaining *LEN constants with *SIZ constants.
      Replace the remaining NG_*LEN constants with NG_*SIZ constants for real.
      Readjust some comments.
      Add the cvsup manpage to the ISO, dammit.
      Add some words about -v.
      Update FreeBSD ID tags.
      Document that bge(4) supports polling now.
      * Perform some minor cleanup in the manual page and bump the date for
      Add 'nataraid' and 'natausb'.
      Switch LINT to building NATA.
      Remove some non-existant variables and clean up the manpage a bit.
      Fix typo.
      To create a disklabel, the vn0s0 device is now used instead of the raw
      * Fix the example for configuring /etc/ttys according to the original
      CDRom -> CD-ROM
      Document that nata(4) is now our default ATA driver:
      Remove obsolete names (MLINKS have been switched to nata(4)).
      The text states that the CSPRNG is seeded from /dev/urandom, so add a
      disklabel(8) and newfs(8) now act on the compatibility slice (s0)
      Add some words about _Exit() and create an MLINK.
      Adjust Makefile like those of other drivers which support polling
      Fix typo.
      Add a wlan_ratectl(4) manual page and reference it from drivers that support
      snd_emu10kx.4 was removed today.
      Turn VINUM_LABEL into a noop (fixing LINT).
      Use router_program.
      Add uuidgen(2) to the build.
      Add the uuidgen(1) utility to the build.
      Clean up driver list and add wlan_ratectl(4) reference.
      Oops, clean up SEE ALSO.
      Improve markup and add missing functions/values.
      err takes 2 arguments.
      * Add a missing KMODDEP to ng_eiface and hook it into the build. [*]
      Use .Va for rc variables.
      Actually process rc_info.
      Fix markup.
      Add markup for DIOCGPART.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Add a slightly modified ataraid(4) manpage from FreeBSD as nataraid(4).
      Fix HISTORY.
      Fix typo in a diagnostic message.
      Add missing name.
      Add some useful references to various manual pages which deal with random
      Use .Va for errno.
      Clean up a bit.
      tvtohz() was split into tvtohz_low() and tvtohz_high() in Jan 2004.
      Use the actual function name in the message.
      mi_switch() and cpu_switch() are gone. Remove manpage and prototype.
      Add markup and clean up a bit.
      Remove .Pp before .Sh.
      Oops, forgot space.
      Add a hostapd rc script.
      Update list of supported drivers in hostapd(8).
      Correction to my commit from yesterday:
      Quick mdoc cleanup of the new usched_set(2) manual page.
      Make SEE ALSO section a bit nicer.
      Update README.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Sync ahc(4) and ahd(4) with FreeBSD 6.
      * s/cpu/CPU/
      KQueueFd is declared static in sys/platform/vkernel/platform/kqueue.c and
      Add a wpa_supplicant rc script and bring in code to handle "WPA" in an
      Add units to offset adjustment messages.
      Bump .Dd for -l and fix markup.
      Remove some /usr/freebsd_pkg remains.
      Add some words about rtsold_{enable,flags}.
      pccardd was removed a long time ago.
      Fix reference.
      Use .Va for sysctls and tunables.
      Oops, add missing space.
      Fix function name.
      The maximum numbers of CPUs is 31, not 32.
      sched.h, semaphore.h and mqueue.h have been moved from
      Fix documentation of -o and document -p.
      Use .Nm properly and streamline the wording a bit.
      Remove unnecessary .Nm arguments.
      Remove some redundancy and add some markup.
      Use .Ux for UNIX.
      Don't require dhclient which is 'nostart' now.
      Add MLINKS.
      s/device/drive/ (fixes LINT build)
      Remove some unused variables.
      Fix return values.
      Add some words about krateprintf().
      Add MLINK for krateprintf().
      s/atacontrol/natacontrol/ in messages.
      Add keys for 'previous screen' (Shift+PrintScr).
      We have <sys/select.h>. Note that in the SYNOPSIS.
      Retire the getNAME utility which was only used by an old script in
      Document the getresgid and getresuid system calls.
      Fix wrong parentheses.
      Use .Dv for ioctls & minor cleanup.
      Sync libfetch and fetch with FreeBSD.
      Nuke trailing whitespace.
      Add missing space.
      Fix typos.
      Rephrase comments.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Adjust some comments with reality.
      Fix some remaining issues with MSDOSFS_DEBUG and add it as a
      Clean up synopses.
      Improve indentation.
      * Start each sentence on a new line.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Adjust for Matt's recent changes.
      Adjust the shape of the right wings and make the apostrophes more
      * Repocopy sys/dev/misc/syscons/daemon -> sys/dev/misc/syscons/fred.
      Fix typo.
      Sync etc/rc.d/addswap and various manpages with the recent disklabel
      Add a taskqueue(9) manual page. Taken from FreeBSD with some
      Bring some changes from FreeBSD into the jail rc script.
      Fix typo.
      Use .Dl, not .D1.
      Sync this manpage some more with the recent disklabel changes.
      Sync the vinum manpages with the recent disklabel work.
      Re-add the bootconf rc script because newbtconf(8) needs it.
      Add forgotten section number.
      Fix uslcom path.
      * Add DPMS support to the vesa module.
      Add 'options CARP' to the SYNOPSIS.
      Add some words about the vcd driver in the DEVICES section.
      Note that the vke interface needs to be brought up for its IP address to
      Use upper case for section header and expand HISTORY a bit.
      Add MBUF_DEBUG.
      Add some words about the MBUF_STRESS_TEST kernel option and the sysctls
      Add some missing LIBRARY sections.
      * Use one ioctl() (CONS_SET, analogous to CONS_GET) for switching video
      Allow up to 13 bits for mode numbers.
      Add missing .Sh LIBRARY.
      Update for the latest changes to nrelease/Makefile.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007g from elsie.
      Comment out empty section.
      mdoc makeover, no content changes
      Use the argument as a file name only if no section was specified.
      Don't use \*[Px] since it will change the font size permanently.
      Fix LINT: Remove cm(4) and fla(4) remains.
      Remove leftover .Dx and add a reference to setcontext(3).
      Remove leftover nv(4) remains.
      GC even more remains of the recent old driver removal.
      Use .Pa
      Document some ATM media settings.
      Use .Dv
      Remove redundant initialization.
      Use bcd2bin().
      * Start sentences on a new line.
      Oops, forgot one .Dv
      The weekly script runs Saturday morning.
      Synchronize manual page installation of gcc34 and gcc41 and switch the
      Remove previous hack to cope with CVS IDs.
      Use .Dv and start sentences on a new line.
      Switch even more to gcc41.
      Add missing .El
      Escape the ' chars in the example.
      Fix typo.
      Remove NO_WERROR.
      Add a skeletal kernconf(5) manual page for documenting the structure
      Fix path.
      Remove several mann/catn directories in /usr/share.
      Add missing LIBRARY sections and extend mdoc.local accordingly.
      Remove two unused entries.
      Fix typo.
      Make the firmware_image_load() and firmware_image_unload() functions
      Fix typo.
      Fix typos, mostly effect -> affect.
      Bring in some miscellaneous changes from OpenBSD and point to an
      Silence gcc 4.1's "packed attribute ignored..." warnings.
      Add missing space.
      Fix some kprintf format warnings.
      Fix 'value computed is not used' warnings.
      Fix 'type qualifiers ignored on function return type' warnings.
      if_ioctl takes a pointer to struct ucred.
      Add a manual page for the new bwi(4) driver (Broadcom BCM430x/4318
      Add reference to bwi(4).
      Add reference to SEE ALSO as well.
      Add a reference to wpa_supplicant(8) to the manual pages of all drivers
      Add bwi(4) entry.
      Remove unneeded #include.
      style(9) nit.
      Reduce differences to FreeBSD.
      Oops, forgot sys/module.h.
      Synchronize AHD_DEBUG_OPTS values with the header file (commented out
      Add documentation for AHC_DEBUG, AHC_DEBUG_OPTS and AHC_REG_PRETTY_PRINT.
      Fix some URLs.
      Bump .Dd for r1.31.
      Small mdoc cleanup.
      Add some info about ACPI_QUIRK_VMWARE.
      Add some missing files.
      Sync with OpenBSD:
      Add some words about ADW_ALLOW_MEMIO.
      Bump .Dd for r1.21.
      Bump WARNS to 6.
      Remove duplicate -Wall.
      Bump WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007h from elsie.
      * Reduce differences to FreeBSD.
      Make column a bit wider.
      Remove bogus cast (taken from FreeBSD).
      Sync with FreeBSD:
      Misc. mdoc nits.
      The list ends after 'kbpt'.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Make usage string slightly more usage string like and a dd the 'disable'
      Fix the 'unexpected operator' error rclist gave every time it was
      Add a device_printf(9) manual page.
      The kernel's psignal() function was renamed to ksignal() some time ago
      Bring in some minor fixes from FreeBSD.
      Spelling fix: as follow -> as follows
      Add some words about faststart. While here, sort references.
      Add a rcrun(8) manual page.
      Remove stale MLINK via make upgrade.
      Add rcrun(8) reference.
      Add reference to wlan_ratectl(4) and fix copyright year.
      Add references to bwi(4).
      Fix SYNOPSIS.
      Remove hp300/m68k related junk.
      Add some missing MLINKS and sort alphabetically.
      Add missing comma.
      Remove duplicate line and add missing MLINK.
      Add missing MLINKS.
      Add missing .Nm
      * Add an example how to create /etc/mtree style mtree(8) files.
      Oops, missing space.
      Use .Nm
      Use .Nm
      Remove unnecessary argument.
      Fix some mdoc issues.
      Adjust column.
      Remove OS name from the description.
      Remove two unused variables and model the copyright a bit more
      Comment out some "negative options" (options which make stuff not compile)
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007i from elsie.
      Belated update of ktr(4) to reflect our current state of affairs.
      Note that an interface doesn't have to be up when enabling polling.
      Add missing '.'
      Remove unused tunables.
      Sort references.
      Check bit D0 ("Mode supported by hardware configuration") in the
      Fix broken section.
      Fix section reference.
      Remove reference to nonexistant section.
      Use .Dv for ioctls.
      Add a line to the rc.conf example to not try to set the screensaver
      Remove usbdevs.h and usbdevs_data.h via 'make upgrade'.
      Remove last I386_CPU remains.
      Fix references.
      Initialize tupleid to stop gcc's whining.
      Include <sys/socketvar2.h> for ssb_lock/unlock (fixes LINT build).
      Some aac(4) cleanup:
      Revert part of my previous commit.
      The maximum AAC_DEBUG value is 4.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Remove reference to non-existant uhub(4).
      Fix function name.
      Fix usage().
      Fix building of bktr(4) with 'options BKTR_GPIO_ACCESS'.
      * Remove the remains of the obsolete timeout()/untimeout() interface.
      Add an altq(9) manpage.
      Remove <net/intrq.h> via 'make upgrade'.
      Remove old freebsd-tips fortune(6) datfile.
      Remove various references to sysinstall from the system.
      mdoc(7) section order
      Uniformly use .Pa for URLs.
      Fix .Dv abuse and use .Li instead.
      Use .Ev
      Remove comments about 0x2 flags value and FDC_YE option of which there
      Use .Ev
      Properly use .Ar
      Fix a number of typos in defined values (ioctls and others).
      Uniformly refer to RFCs as 'RFC xxxx' and not 'RFCxxxx' or 'RFC-xxxx'.
      Use .An
      Remove old prototypes of consinit() (which was removed along with pcvt(4))
      Adjust acpi.c and bios.c to use kfreeenv()/ktestenv() and remove the
      Add some #include's to fix 'implicit declaration of...' warnings.
      * Add prototype for callrpc()
      Remove (now) bogus prototype.
      Fix some mis-usages of NULL.
      Clean up the manual pages of mount_hammer(8) and newfs_hammer(8) a bit.
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database from the following files:
      Add imaxabs(3) function and manual page.
      Add references to llabs(3) and imaxabs(3).
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Fix typo: RMX_RTTUNIT -> RTM_RTTUNIT
      Fix facility name.
      LK_NOPAUSE no longer exists.
      F_FLOCK no longer exists.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007j from elsie.
      operation is a function argument, not a defined value.
      Update per Newsletter VI-1.
      Fix typo.
      Add some missing prototypes.
      Cleanup the pkg_search(1) manpage a bit.
      Improve the wording in the ERRORS section.
      Improve wording of the comment for rtable_service_loop().
      dhcpd and dhclient manual pages are in section 8, not 1.
      Add reference to the LWP "counterpart".
      * Follow conventions and rename -i (for printing verbose info) to -v.
      Don't use macros which expand to some text (such as .Dx) in the short
      Improve markup.
      Add some words about lwp_rtprio() to rtprio(2).
      Only use '.' at the end of sentences.
      Comment out CTLFLAG_SKIP which we don't have and use .Va for the name
      Move a .Ed to the right place and use .Fa for struct members.
      Use .Fa for struct members.
      Correctly document the PPIGEPP* and PPISEPP* ioctls.
      Fix usage of .Fa, .Fn, .Vt, .Dv, .Sy...
      Remove definition and documentation of EI_BRAND which was renamed to
      Bring in some fixes from FreeBSD.
      * Begin sentences on a new line.
      Convert to mdoc.
      Fix building with 'options CPU_DISABLE_SSE'.
      Fix .Dv abuse: Use .Li for the labels.
      Fix SYNOPSIS.
      .Pp is not needed before .Sh
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Add a manual page for the est(4) driver.
      Fix accents.
      Remove NetBSD synopsis.
      Fix tunable name.
      Fix yet another tunable name.
      Bring in a script(7) manual page which describes some details about
      Use .Dx
      Use .In
      Use normal date, we don't support $.
      Remove duplicate option.
      Fix various typos in our manpages.
      Remove CVS ids.
      Fix typo.
      Add some words about THREAD_LIB.
      * Remove references to 'options GPL_MATH_EMULATE' which was removed
      Fix typo in kernel option.
      Don't include .It in the width specifier.
      Add /etc/pam.d, /etc/rc.d and /etc/ssh.
      Add a manual page for msk(4).
      Adjust various manpages/files for the new msk(4) driver.
      Add et(4).
      Vlan tagging support in msk(4) is still missing.
      Use uintmax_t for printing/reading ino_t.
      Use .Fa for struct members.
      Use the correct version.
      Remove the xrpu driver as FreeBSD did ~1 month ago.
      Remove trailing space.
      Sync with FreeBSD (adds NetBSD 4.0).
      Bring in some fixes from FreeBSD.
      Make DDB optional in vkernels.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007k from elsie.
      Add 2008 to our copyrights. Happy new year!
      Add PCI IDs for ICH9.
      Use .Bx 386 for 386BSD.
      Add definitions for LONG_BIT and WORD_BIT.
      Don't use leading 0 in .Dd and begin sentence on a new line.
      Sort entries in /etc and bump .Dd for today's change.
      Remove trailing space.
      .Pp before .Sh is not needed.
      For kmalloc(), MALLOC() and contigmalloc(), use M_ZERO instead of
      Remove some dead code.
      Replace MALLOC()/bzero() with MALLOC(M_ZERO).
      Remove bogus checks after kmalloc(M_WAITOK) which never returns NULL.
      Fix brain-o introduced in my previous commit.
      Brush up the example a bit.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Use .Pa for URLs.
      Remove references to kldxref(8) which we don't have.
      Remove a lot of old, mummified code whose sole purpose was probing and
      * Add a missing kernel option and a VGA spec reference.
      Use .Fx and .Dx.
      Clean up etc/mtree a bit:
      Remove some ancient HTML files and an obsolete copy of 'Theory' (there
      Rearrange a bit to avoid duplicate code.
      Nuke remains of recently removed stuff.
      handbook.txt has been removed
      Add bluetooth files to the 'distribution' target.
      * Document the valid values for variables of type bool. They is already
      Mention that '_enable' is not needed.
      Add some more rc vars for Bluetooth to rc.conf and document them.
      Add some words about /usr/share/i18n and /usr/share/openssl/man.
      gbk.5 was added by mistake.
      Add a manual page for contigmalloc() and contigfree().
      Remove some unnecessary initialization.
      Sort sections as per mdoc(7) and bump date for r1.16.
      Start sentences on a new line, fix typo and use .An.
      Use set_rcvar and fix path.
      Add etc/rc.d/newsyslog to the build (seems to have been forgotten).
      Remove some unused variables.
      Start sentences on new lines, sort links in Makefile, remove trailing space.
      Remove references to non-existant opiechallenge(3).
      Add lldiv() and imaxdiv() to libc.
      Add lldiv_t and a prototype for lldiv().
      pbm(5) is part of pkgsrc/graphics/netpbm.
      Bring in some fixes from FreeBSD.
      In SEE ALSO, mark references to pkgsrc manual pages as such.
      Oops, wrong year.
      List all USB drivers along with a short description.
      Sort alphabetically.
      Fix building with CPU_DISABLE_SSE (this fixes LINT building).
      Bump date for -l.
      Add missing manpage name.
      Rename HAMMER to HAMMER_CPU (like I686_CPU) to not conflict with the
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database from the following files:
      Fix various manpage nits.
      Adjust date for bthcid(8) variables.
      Remove trailing space.
      Comment out .El as well.
      Silence warnings.
      Add gx and ray modules.
      Remove stale references.
      Use .Er for errnos.
      Remove leading zero in .Dd.
      Fix messages: s/installer_fetch/installer fetch/
      Fix buildworld: add -I${.CURDIR} so aliases_parse.c can find dma.h.
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove wicontrol(8) references.
      It's actually postfix(1).
      Remove leading 0 in .Dd.
      ifconfig_blah0="authmode wpa" causes ifconfig_getargs() to interpret
      Don't use special CWARNFLAGS. Our default is good enough.
      Add some words about __MAKE_CONF.
      Fix Picasso's birthday.
      acxcontrol(8) is gone.
      Remove empty line.
      Add a mountctl(2) manual page.
      Remove redundant sentence.
      Don't break the line before .An.
      Move text which is not part of .Fa to the next line.
      Move text which is not part of .Fa to the next line.
      Remove obsolete header file.
      Clean up and update our supfile examples.
      Oops, forgotten part in last commit.
      Remove old cvsup examples.
      Point to our handbook.
      Point to our handbook.
      Fix include file name.
      Clarify that KTR_VERBOSE is needed for verbose mode.
      Clean up remains of the umsm(4) -> ugensa(4) renaming.
      Fix WARNS6: values_len is size_t, thus n must be unsigned.
      Fix WARNS6: mark s as unused.
      Remove more (x)ntpd remains.
      Fix reference.
      Fix list width.
      Sync with http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/ISO-639-2_8859-1.txt.
      Put -e in SYNOPSIS and mention that -d needs -DDEBUG.
      Add prototypes for the varsym system calls.
      Add a varsym(2) manual page (documenting varsym_{get,set,list}()).
      Fix typo from previous commit.
      Revert my previous two commits. Varsym prototypes are in unistd.h.
      Add <unistd.h>.
      Finally, re-add an #endif I removed. :)
      Improve wording.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Add some PCI IDs for the upcoming sln(4) driver.
      Add an experimental driver for NICs using Silan Microelectronics' SC92301
      Use .Va for sysctls.
      Ansify some remaining function definitions in the kernel.
      Add MLINKS for SDP_{GET,PUT}_UUID128.3
      Retire our /usr/share/misc/iso3166 file in favor of the version provided
      Fix some errors and reduce differences with FreeBSD.
      Bring in some changes from FreeBSD:
      Remove old files in /usr/share/groff_font/devlj4.
      Remove some lines warning about 'make upgrade' before 'make installworld'.
      Use uintmax_t for ino_t.
      * Add MLINK for serialize_sleep()
      Instead of copying packages into the ISO root, use mount_null.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2008a from elsie.
      Move README to share/zoneinfo.
      Add code to merge the pci.ids list from http://pciids.sourceforge.net/
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database from the following files:
      Add an example on how to create a live CD with xorg.
      Clean up prototypes and staticize.
      Slight rewording using existing ioctl names.
      Add iwl
      Add an initial iwl(4) manual page.
      Forgot one.
      Move new sentence on a new line.
      Better handle restarting a previously aborted build by adding a protective
      Add some substitutions to groff/Makefile.inc and fix pdfroff's Makefile
      Nuke unneded include.
      Add some lines on how to MFC to specific branches.
      Add a bus_space(9) manual page.
      xref nfe(4) <-> vlan(4) (MCP55 supports hw vlan tagging)
      Remove unneeded argument.
      Remove unused variables.
      Remove old function (no longer used since r1.25).
      Bump .Dd for -V.
      Remove ipw(4) remains.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2008b from elsie.
      Bring in some fixes from FreeBSD.
      gx(4) and ray(4) are gone
      * Update to Ficl 3.03:
      Remove old time zone files.
      Fix 'testmain' building.
      Make the value of PTT_RELAY_SID match the RFC.
      Make ISOROOT overridable.
      * MLINK nrelease(7) -> release(7).
      Add support for the Core 2 Duo T7500.
      Start sentences on a new line and add some markup.
      Treat the argument as a file name only if it contains a '/'.
      Sync with FreeBSD (adds -n, -s and -x).
      Fix typo in comment.
      Remove trailing space.
      Ansify a bit.
      Start sentences on a new line and bump date for fair queueing.
      Mention ALTQ_FAIRQ.
      Remove references to patches that no longer exist.
      Sync with FreeBSD:
      Bring the list of variables and function docs in time(9) closer to
      Clean up remains after the Citrus update.
      * Bump date for recent new features.
      Start sentence on a new line (and remove trailing space).
      Add MLINKS for MD[245]Pad.3.
      Fix various typos in our manual pages.
      Add <sys/types.h> for size_t.
      Remove hardcoded paths from etc/rc.d/ldconfig and move them to
      vfs_export_lookup() doesn't have a manual page.
      Sync with FreeBSD (adds reload).
      Sync with FreeBSD (documents -P).
      a -> an
      Improve markup.
      Add a vflush(9) manual page.
      Add a device_set_driver(9) manual page.
      Add section.
      VOP_ABORTOP(9) was removed before we forked.
      Fix reference. While here, remove trailing whitespace.
      Update STANDARDS. While here, fix some mdoc issues.
      Oops, I typed .Op where it should have been .Fl
      Remove extra whitespace after parenthesis.
      Remove whitespace after parenthesis.
      a -> an
      Add missing 'be'.
      The historic and deprecated setgrfile() function never existed in
      Another round of typo fixes (mostly in messages).
      Neither rand48 nor _rand48 are functions.
      Fix function name in message.
      It's syslogd which calls fsync(), not syslog.conf.
      Add missing newline.
      Fix compilation in tools/tools/crypto and fix some minor issues.
      Fix typo: spam -> span
      Fix various names of defined values.
      Fix section ref.
      Use 'MS-DOS' and not 'MS DOS' or 'MSDOS'.
      Remove unneeded argument.
      Add KTR_TESTLOG to LINT.
      * Mention that bmake must be used for pkgsrc.
      Remove obsolete keywords: conflicts, controller, disk, tape
      Sync with FreeBSD (adds OpenBSD 4.3).
      Add FreeBSD 7.1 (which is already referenced in cmx.4).
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database from the following files:
      Turn off yy_flex_realloc() related warnings (such as the one issued when
      Remove some obsolete lines.
      Reduce vertical space.
      Move .Pp outside of .Bl
      Add .It
      Move text that doesn't belong to a list outside of it.
      Sweep over our manual pages and remove .Pp before a .Bd or .Bl without
      Use a list with tags.
      Elaborate a bit more on lexical conventions and ISA device configuration.
      Add missing names and MLINKS.
      Fix some mistakes and add some missing entries.
      Add more missing entries and fix more mistakes (some of which I introduced
      Adjust to our current directory layout on pkgbox.
      The vkernel's maximum number of CPUs is now 16.
      Add some lines about lwkt_serialize_adaptive_enter().
      Use .Dv for signal names.
      Sync member functions with our struct ifnet.
      Fix function name.
      Fix function name.
      Comment out some unimplemented syscalls.
      Add an ffs(5) manual page.
      Bring ifnet(9) a bit closer to reality.
      Reword slightly and point out that DESTDIR has to exist.
      Mention ASSERT_NOT_SERIALIZED() and IS_SERIALIZED() macros.
      Bump .Dd for r1.8.
      Add some more remains from the Fortran removal.
      For 'make upgrade', teach etc/Makefile to remove GNU info files from the
      Our man can use local files, thus mark as done.
      Use correct date.
      Add KTR_KERNENTRY to ktr(4) and LINT.
      Fix a warning and raise WARNS to 6.
      Fix two cases where device_printf() was used with an empty format.
      Make c89 work by using 'cc' as execv()'s argv[0] to satisfy objformat.
      Perform some mdoc cleanup.
      Fix .Er abuse.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2008c from elsie.
      Fix typo.
      Minor corrections.
      Mention that -W too only works with -p or -d.
      Add some missing manual pages: wcscoll(3), wcswidth(3), wcsxfrm(3), and
      mdoc cleanup
      Raise the size of the /etc MFS to 12MB (for ssh blacklists).
      Add 'options HAMMER' to LINT.
      Fix a crash when "Arctic Ocean" was selected.
      mdoc cleanup
      Add <sys/_null.h> for the definition of NULL:
      Include <sys/_null.h> for the definition of NULL.
      Remove some unneeded definitions of NULL.
      * Fix some cases where NULL was used but 0 was meant (and vice versa).
      Don't use NULL where 0 is meant.
      Fix typos.
      Fix typo.
      Fix a path in the comment.
      Remove the old FreeBSD logo screen saver.
      The default value of net.inet6.ip6.v6only is 'on'.
      Remove extra parenthesis.
      Fix path in comment.
      Update FILES section.
      Fix paths.
      Fix -Wold-style-definition warnings in the scanner skeleton.
      Silence -Wold-style-definition.
      Silence -Wold-style-definition.
      Mention aggelos' lwn.net article.
      Sort alphabetically.
      Add a pnpbios(4) manpage.
      Sync with FreeBSD.
      Update cvs id.
      Add an isa(4) manual page.
      Fix typo: Phenix -> Phoenix
      Use standard section name: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -> AUTHORS
      Fix typo.
      Remove trailing space.
      Fix a typo so that old netgraph builds again.
      * Remove empty lines and trailing whitespace.
      * Use literal displays instead of .Li
      Remove extra '.'
      Fix typo in sln(4) PCI ID.
      Fix typo in sln(4) PCI ID.
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database from the following files:
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2008d from elsie.
      The behavior of -m introduced in r1.4 leads to an error message upon
      Build the installer as part of normal build-/installworld if WANT_INSTALLER
      Add some OLD_PKGSRC_PACKAGES again (accidentally removed in the last commit).
      Clarify that the argument to -t is in seconds.
      Add HAMMER to the list of file systems to be searched by locate.updatedb.
      Include HAMMER file systems when checking for setuid diffs.
      Remove unused file.
      style: compare return value of getopt() against -1 rather than EOF
      Add some files that seem to have slipped during the conversion from
      Nuke libreadline, it's no longer being built.
      Add remains from the libreadline removal.
      Add prototype for crc32_ext().
      Typo fixing & minor cleanup.
      perror() will print its own colon.
      We're building live CDs using the installer in base for some time now,
      Uniformly refer to 'B-tree'.
      Sync the 'hammer show' description with reality.
      Exclude acd* and fd* from the list of disks.
      Remove useless types(5) manpage.
      Add a incomplete hammer(5) manual page.
      Add a pointer to hammer(5) and fix some minor issues.
      Add some examples and move some stuff around.
      Add a calendar.dragonfly file to remind us that on July 16, 2003, DragonFly
      Make HAMMER build and work as a module and extend hammer(5)'s SYNOPSIS
      Minor corrections.
      Fix MODULES_WITH_WORLD build.
      Start describing snapshots.
      Set count to a negative value for an initial burst.
      * Add some lines about HAMMER mirroring which are based on a nice explanation
      Fix message.
      Remove outdated hammer.txt.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Fix last 'missing sentinel in function call' warning.
      Fix prototypes and correct some other mistakes.
      Fix typo.
      Add missing section.
      Reference hammer(5).
      Fix path for the package tools.
      Remove old comment.
      Uncomment reference.
      Sync with FreeBSD (adds DragonFly 2.0).
      Document TAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE.
      Remove stopgap definition of TAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE.
      Fix LINT now that we build with -Werror-implicit-function-declaration.
      * Shuffle things around a bit for better structure.
      Document -f.
      Fix typos.
      Mention loader_color (for a color version of Fred in the loader menu).
      Remove some *_load lines for stuff we don't have.
      Remove reference to ndisapi(9) which doesn't exist.
      Add some standard examples to the wireless driver manual pages and adjust
      There is no ndisapi(9) manual page.
      Add wlan to the SYNOPSIS.
      Rather than putting examples in every wireless driver page, put them in
      Add jme(4).
      There is no ndisapi(9) manual page.
      Add jme(4).
      Add ifmedia(4) reference.
      Add stg(4) and digi(4)/dgb(4).
      Remove one .El too much.
      Fix two small mdoc issues.
      Fix small mdoc issue.
      Fix comments.
      Actually install packages into ${ISOROOT}.
      Remove old packages.
      Remove old TINDERBOX kernel config.
      Remove some old driver remains.
      Argument not needed.
      .Pp not needed.
      Update for 2.0.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2008e from elsie.
      Fix 'unused variable' warning in case neither BOOTP nor NFS_ROOT are
      Use humanize_number() from libtool instead of rolling our own version for
      Forced commit to clarify the previous commit message:
      Actually install the blacklists of compromised SSH keys into /etc when doing
      Sync humanize_number(3) with FreeBSD.
      Use libutil's humanize_number(3) for -h.
      Remove reference to expand_number(3). We'll bring in dehumanize_number(3)
      Fix 'Used' column in -h/-H output by using int64_t.
      WARNS is 6 for usr.bin/.
      Silence two warnings by casting to time_t *.
      * Add some missing MLINKS
      Add MLINK for kvm_readstr().
      Add missing MLINKS.
      Add MLINK for strnvis(3).
      style change: don't use an MLINK as the source for an MLINK.
      Add MLINKS for mpool(3) functions.
      Add sradixsort(3) MLINK.
      Remove some useless code I forgot to remove in r1.24.
      Remove useless assignment.
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove useless assignment.
      Remove two unused variables and improve readability slightly.
      Remove useless variable/assignments and add a missing 'break'.
      Move declaration and assignment of minr into #if 0.
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove a useless assignment and two unused variables.
      Use "ipl" as module name and not the full version string. This makes
      Remove wrong semicolon.
      Remove extra comma.
      Remove unused variables.
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove unused variable/assignment.
      In usage(), adjust number of %s's to match # of args.
      Remove /* within block comment.
      Comment out some .Pp's as well.
      In print_mesg, remove unused FILE* argument. Also remove a dead increment.
      Fix null dereference.
      Remove __P.
      Add refs to acpi_toshiba(4) and acpi_thinkpad(4).
      Small cleanup.
      Add comma.
      Get rid of whitespace before the parenthesis.
      Fix some parenthesis/whitespace nits.
      Commit our installer patches to contrib/ (that has already been committed to).
      Some installer cleanup.
      Add obsolete version of acpi_toshiba(4).
      Update elf(5) with the recent changes to elf64.h and bring in some changes
      Adjust whitespace (reduce differences with FreeBSD).
      Document kgetenv_ulong().
      Add /usr/include/machine/pci_cfgreg.h (moved).
      Adjust for dhcpd/dhcrelay removal.
      Adjust for dhcpd removal.
      Add dhcp(8) which gives some general info on DHCP client/server
      Small fixes.
      The new dhclient will go to the background automatically so there's no
      Add .tgz to the dhcpd packages.
      Remove unused variable.
      Add _dhcp user.
      Bring in some entries from FreeBSD.
      Add an autologin entry for the console.
      Add some more obsolete files from the dhcpd removal.
      Fix some mdoc nits.
      Bring in Louisa Luciani's GSoC 2008 work, a DragonFly LiveDVD that is
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database from the following files:
      Remove unused variable.
      Remove unused variable.
      Set .Dd and remove unnecessary .Nm arguments.
      Ansify (silence -Wold-style-definition)
      Silence warning.
      Ansify (silence -Wold-style-definition)
      Bump .Dd, add .Lb, and use 'RFC xxxx'.
      1) Small mdoc nit 2) regardless if -> regardless of.
      irregardless -> regardless
      Add markup.
      Remove obsolete sentence about ports & improve wording.
      Remove unused variable.
      Use .Dq
      Use standard section for examples.
      Remove unused variables.
      Use FILES section for referencing files etc.
      Add missing .Nm's
      Minor wording improvement.
      Add missing .Nm
      Sync libmd with FreeBSD:
      Add line width calculations for 15/16 and 24/32 bit modes in case
      Fix calculation of total_capacity in case the user requested a partition
      Count only partitions where the size was specified and use 1M as
      Add NetBSD 5.0
      Add dehumanize_number(3).
      Add MLINK for dehumanize_number(3).
      Fix bug in normalization.
      Avoid conflict with <paths.h>.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2008f from elsie.
      Small fix.
      If a NULL pointer was passed, panic like everywhere else.
      If ae is NULL, just print that the controller is unsupported and return,
      Silence warnings about unhandled enum values.
      Unbreak buildworld: define _KERNEL_STRUCTURES for struct netexport.
      Remove dereference of 'i' which is never set. getopt() will take care of
      Remove dereference of uninitialized 'i'.
      Fix function name.
      We no longer specify block and fragment sizes using disklabel(8).
      Add documentation for the statvfs, fstatvfs and fhstatvfs system calls.
      Add .Lb
      Remove Lua backend and add README.DELETED.
      Remove checks for other BSDs.
      Revert part of my previous commit which was removing too much.
      Use .In for include files.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Add MLINKS.
      Use spaces instead of tabs like everywhere else.
      Ansify (i.e., silence -Wold-style-definition) the rest of lib/
      Raise WARNS to 6.
      Silence warnings.
      Fix HISTORY.
      Don't use .Fn for getcap. Reference it with .Xr instead.
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database from the following files:
      Prefix hex numbers with '0x' in debug messages.
      Adjust for recent devd(8) import.
      Bump .Dd
      Remove extra comma and bump .Dd
      Re-add some previously removed docs about devd(8) notifies.
      ether_demux() is now ether_demux_oncpu().
      Silence remaining "'packed' attribute ignored for field of type..." warnings.
      Silence warning on UP build with KTR.
      * Constify return type of gai_strerror() as per bwg2001-009
      Remove unnecessary .Pp
      Whitespace adjustment.
      Nuke obsolete DEVICE_SYSCTLS option.
      Fix bug: sprintf() was used where snprintf() was meant.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2008g from elsie.
      POSIX conformance:
      Add some xrefs.
      Add missing .Lb
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2008h from elsie.
      Remove unused variable.
      * Silence -Wold-style-definition (i.e., ansify).
      Xref utrace(2) from ktrace(2) instead of ktrace(1).
      Change 'then' to 'than' in comparisons.
      Use standard markup for one or more files.
      Change 'then' to 'than' in comparisons.
      Fix some typos.
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database from the following files:
      Sync libc/stdtime and zdump(8)/zic(8) with tzcode2008h from elsie.
      Fix typo.
      * Remove 'exit 1' so the script continues running.
      Remove trailing whitespace.
      Add a periodic(8) script to run 'hammer cleanup' (snapshot, prune
      Reduce differences with root_skels in contrib.
      Remove more stuff: ports/, root_skels/ (which we maintain in nrelease/),
      it's -> its
      Remove stale header file.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2008i from elsie.
      Remove some warning flags and raise WARNS where possible.
      WARNS= -> WARNS?=
      Remove remaining LIBC_SCCS related stuff.
      Remove warning flags and raise WARNS where possible.
      Fix warnings which cropped up in the gcc34 build. While here, update
      Fix gcc34 warnings.
      Fix comment.
      Regenerate the pciconf(8) database from the following files:
      Bump .Dd to when it was updated in DragonFly.
      Clean up a bit.
      Use %z for printing size_t/ssize_t.
      crc32()/crc32_ext() prototypes are for userland.
      Add a bus_get_resource(9) manual page (based on bus_set_resource(9)).
      then -> than
      Update physio(9) for physread()/physwrite() separation.
      * Raise WARNS to 6 and fix all resulting warnings.
      Raise WARNS to 6 and fix all resulting warnings.
      Fix amd64 warnings.
      Fix 64-bit warnings.
      Fix 64-bit warnings.
      Fix a 64-bit warning. While here, also fix a gcc34 warning.
      Fix warnings.
      Fix 64-bit warning.
      Adjust uio(9) a bit more to reality.
      Some small fixes.
      No .Pp needed here.
      Silence -Wold-style-definition.
      Update and switch to UTF-8.
      Some mdoc cleanup: Improve markup, adjust list width.
      Deactivate -Werror for now.
      Fix some typos in user visible messages.
      Make ath(4) compilable into the kernel and add it to LINT.
      If a user has turned on snapshots in /tmp and has clear_tmp_enable set,
      Raise WARNS to 6 and silence resulting warnings.
      Raise WARNS to 6 and silence resulting warnings.
      Adjust list width.
      Correct my previous commit which only preserved snapshots/ but not
      Bring in a devclass_get_count(9) manual page.
      Use .Fn for functions and macros with parameters.
      Add/sync some feature strings.
      Remove wrong parentheses.
      Bump .Dd to when the page was updated.
      <utime.h> shall define time_t.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://swildner@crater.dragonflybsd.org/repository/git/dragonfly into posix
      git(1) doesn't allow to clone into an existing directory so it doesn't
      Remove handling of CVS IDs.
      Axe various remains from the CVS era.
      Update development(7) for git usage.
      Update some documents for git usage.
      Reference development(7).
      Start new sentences on new lines.
      Some more cleanup & markup fixes.

Scott Ullrich (24):
      Allow options BRIDGE to be defined without having to define options IPFILTER.
      Minor comment update.
      Fix typo in Makefile syntax to unbreak the build.   Top was being patched from /cvs which would break the build process if /cvs did not exist.
      Import OpenSSH 3.8.1.p1 into base.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Import OpenSSH 3.8.1.p1 into base.
      Missed file from OpenSSH import.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Missing files during OpenSSH import.
      Missing files from OpenSSH import
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Missing files from OpenSSH import
      Import OpenSSH-3.9p1 from openbsd.org
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Import OpenSSH-3.9p1 from openbsd.org
      Remove OpenSSH-3.8.1p1 from base.
      Convert strcpy -> strlcpy and convert strcpy and strcat -> snprintf
      While I'm here, convert other strcpy -> strlcpy
      Update the BSD Family tree chart to include DragonFly.
      Change DFD to DFB since it sounds more correct for DragonFly BSD.
      Change DFD to DFB to remain consistent.
      Rename freebsd-tips to dragonfly-tips to eliminate a No such file or
      Bring if_bridge up to date with FreeBSD.
      M_WRITABLE() is not applicable to DFLY since if*mp is from the driver

Sepherosa Ziehau (1206):
      test commit.
      Remove unnecessary bzero(softc).
      printf("%s: str", ifp->if_xname) ==> if_printf(ifp, "str")
      in cm_isa_probe():
      1) Remove compat code
      1) in cm_isa_attach(), setup intr in the last step
      For Arcnet, announce link layer address in arc_ifattch(),
      - printf("%s: str", if_xname) ==> if_printf/device_printf
      in cs_isa_probe()
      1) merge almost identical cs_{isa, pccard}_attach() into cs_attach()
      remove nonexistent kernel tunable parameters' statments.
      - use pci_{get, set}_powerstate() instead of reinventing the wheel in dc_acpi()
      add missing {} after if()
      fix the support for AN985 chip, which does not set the RXSTATE to STOPPED,
      - set dc_softc.{dc_type, dc_flags, dc_pmode} for ADM9511, ADM9513
      new device:
      In axe_stop(), move axe_reset() after usbd_close_pipe().
      use ether_crc32_be()
      typo fixing
      - convert PRVERB to use device_printf()
      free aha_softc only after it is not used any more
      remove unnecessary XXX marked comment
      - include stdio.h
      Port rue(4) from FreeBSD:
      check NULL pointer, before free()
      check pointer for NULL before calling free()
      Setup intr in the last step of uhci_pci_attach().
      - remove compat junks
      do not build following files:
      in if_xl.c, xl_detach():
      - in xl_attach(), print xl card type ("90X"/"90XB"), if verbose booting is
      setup UpPoll register before installing RX list pointer
      - Factor out xl_dma_alloc() from xl_attach()
      In xl_list_tx_init_90xB()
      For bge(4), dc(4), lge(4), ndis(4), nge(4), pcn(4), re(4), sis(4), sk(4), ti(4)
      - make declaration of ed_get_packet(), ed_ring_copy(), ed_hpp_readmem() and
      If m_defrag() succeeds, the original mbuf has already been freed, so don't
      - In em_encap(), call seralized version of em_82547_move_tail(), since
      add missing bus_dmamap_sync()
      - Make device polling use seperate SYSTIMER instead of hardclock
      Since intr has been setup in the last step of vr_attach(), mii_phy_probe()
      unbreak GENERIC building
      unbreak LINT building
      Sync with FreeBSD dev/em
      add DEVICE_POLLING option
      Add brief comment on DEVICE_POLLING option.  This comment is taken from LINT
      Adjust comment on DEVICE_POLLING option.
      Change kqueue_scan() interface to take "thread" instead of "proc", because
      - polling(4) support
      - Move DEVICE_POLLING from opt_global.h to opt_polling.h(newly added),
      unbreak kernel building by
      add forward declaration to shut up dev/usbmisc/umass/umass.c compile time
      We have INTR_ENTROPY in sys/bus.h for ~20 months
      - convert {set, fill}_??regs() and ptrace_single_step() API to taking
      bug fixing:
      Kill most of the "unused variable" warning
      remove getdec() declaration, since this static function no longer exists or
      - In rlphy_attach(), turn on BMCR_AUTOEN after mii_phy_reset().  This unbreaks
      nuke mii_data.mii_{readreg, writereg, statchg}, since we use Kobj instead of
      - In mii_anar(), turn on ANAR_CSMA at beginning instead of doing this in almost
      - hide ukphy_probe(), since it is not intended to be used outside of ukphy.c
      in mii_layer/ruephy.c
      Sync with Intel's em(4) driver version 3.2.15
      Sync with FreeBSD dev/xe
      - Remove unnecessary ETHER_* macros
      Prefer m_getcl() to EPIC_MGETCLUSTER() which uses MGETHDR()+MCLGET()
      There are two possible causes which will make vr(4) stall:
      In unregister_int():
      unbreak LINT building
      remove duplicated `use'
      minor style change
      1) Add support for NIC found in Sony FS570 laptops
      - serialize iwi(4)
      After bus/pci/pcivar.h rev1.10, pcib_get_bus() should be called with device's
      Add PHY module for re(4)
      hook rgephy
      In fxp_detach(), disable interrupts after fxp_stop(), since software resetting
      Add support for Xircom X3201
      {ether,ieee80211}_ifdetach() can't be called with serializer being held, since
      Move bus_teardown_intr() from wi_free() into wi_detach().  This is accidentally
      do not try to hold serializer in nge_rxeof(), since nge_rxeof() is called by
      Pass correct argument to lwkt_serialize_{enter, exit}()
      In ep_if_start(), restore 'm' after it is used to traverse mbufs, or following
      Pass serializer to bus_setup_intr()
      - Add NVIDIA nForce MCP12 support
      Add a new tunable "hw.bge.fake_autoneg", get rid of BGE_FAKE_AUTONEG kernel
      - Fix following bugs:
      - Change original TI's product ACX100 to ACX100A
      - Import driver[acx(4)] for TI acx100/acx111 based WiFi NIC.
      Bring in new ifconfig(8) from FreeBSD6.  It is more modular and flexible with
      m_free -> m_freem
      Add NetGear FA-511 support
      correct "polling" support
      Nuke duplicated header files, which restores `buildworld'
      Put atomic_cmpset_int() into central place.  This function was defined and
      Add a commant, which warns atomic_cmpset_int() is a !I386_CPU function
      Fix static array overrun.
      Sync 802.11 support with FreeBSD6:
      - Describe new 802.11 options
      Add man page for 802.11
      Remove old 802.11 sources code, they have been repo copied into
      Add VIA 612X GigE product id
      Add model id for Cicada Semiconductor PHY modules
      - Add ciphy for PHY modules produced by Cicada Semiconductor
      - Add ral(4) for Ralink RT2500/RT2501/RT2600 chip based wireless NIC
      For acx111:
      Avoid possible double fclose()
      In bfe_ifmedia_upd(), setup LED after mii_mediachg().  This makes bfe(4)'s
      Merge from vendor branch WPA_SUPPLICANT:
      Import of WPA supplicant 0.4.9
      - Add usr.sbin/802_11 to hold wpa_supplicant and other 802.11 related
      Nuke redundant 'MIN' macro definition
      segments total size is (MCLBYTES * RT2661_MAX_SCATTER), not MCLBYTES
      - Replace lnc(4) driver with NetBSD's le(4), which gives us better performance,
      Add build infrastructure for wpa_cli(8), which can be used to interact with
      - Add back references to wpa_cli(8)
      missing ','
      Initial import of Atheros Hardware Access Layer (HAL) version
      Merge from vendor branch ATHEROS:
      - Port ath(4) driver from FreeBSD, which supports various Atheros chip based
      Add device ids for various NVIDIA's GigE
      Rather than calling mircotime() in catchpacket(), make catchpacket()
      Rename acx_fw_txdesc.f_tx_{ack,rts}_fail to
      - Add ieee80211com.ic_sysctl_oid, so sub-wlan module (e.g. wlan_wep) can
      none_funcname() -> none_crypto_funcname()
      Sync MII support with NetBSD/OpenBSD:
      Sync with Intel's em(4) driver version 6.1.4
      For some iwi(4), the frequency of firmware error is very high, so resurrect
      Correct the rgephy driver so that it only applies the DSP fixup for
      - Port nfe(4) from OpenBSD.
      Hook nfe(4) into module building
      Add an entry for nfe(4)
      Hook nfe(4) into LINT
      Implement a generic TX rate control algorithm framework in 802.11 layer.
      - More reverse engineer: acx111 does support multi-rate retry!
      Merge from vendor branch HOSTAPD:
      Import of hostapd 0.4.9
      - Move pcap_{get_selectable_fd,pcap_inject}() from 802_11/wpa_supplicant/Packet32.c
      Add more nVidia GigE PCI ids.
      Add nVidia MCP61/65 GigE support.
      Fill content of hostapd.conf.5
      Fix an off-by-one bug.
      fixup list station support:
      - Correct static array overrun.
      Add missing MODULE_DEPEND().
      - Add Belkin vendor id
      - Port rtw(4) from NetBSD, which supports various RealTek 8180 chip based
      - Add comment about wlan_ratectl_onoe
      Add comment:
      - Correct aliases for 1000CX/1000SX
      Alias for 1000SX is not corrected by last commit.  Fix it this time.
      Add "Turbo mode" and "Monitor mode"
      Fix comment.
      unbreak LINT building
      nfe_jref() wrongly uses atomic_subtract_int() instead of atomic_add_int(),
      Whitespace adjustment.
      Serializer is already held before calling rl_watchdog().
      Set 'error' if we can't get Mac address from Xircom cards, so that caller
      Add device id for Corega CG-LAPCIGT (8169S)
      Add support Corega CG-LAPCIGT Gigabit Ethernet(8169S)
      - Use RE_RX_LIST_SIZE instead of RE_TX_LIST_SIZE while dealing with
      sk(4) only supports Rev.2 of Linksys EG1032 GigE
      Add support for Linksys EG1032 rev.3 GigE
      Add comment that Rev.3 Linksys EG1032 is handled by re(4)
      More Realtek chip IDs
      Add device id for USR Robotics 997902 Gigabit Ethernet
      Nuke M_HASFCS processing in ieee80211_input(), since
      Change the AMRR TX rate control algorithm:
      WOL_MAGIC 0x7770 -> 0x1111
      Add support in ONOE/AMRR for drivers that can't provide per TX statistics:
      Bug fixing:
      Avoid duplicated ifname in debug message.
      - busdma(9)fy
      update manpage according recent sk(4) changes
      Sync re(4) with FreeBSD:
      Update re(4) manpage to reflect recent re(4) changes.
      Clean up #includes
      - Correct register name
      Make sure BBP is ready before writing to it.
      Add ids for Marvell 88e3082 and IC PLUS IP1000A
      - Add stge(4) for Sundance/Tamarack TC9021 Gigabit Ethernet chip.
      Add manpage for stge(4)
      Change to ${.CURDIR} before generating miidevs.h
      Properly setup Link/Act LED for rt2x61 chips.
      Correct layout of RT2661_TXRX_CSR4
      Don't turn on TX_BUSY (rt2560/rt2661) or TX_CIPHER_BUSY (rt2560) before TX
      - Cleanup #includes
      - Add kern.fwd.mk to generate forward headers for missing machine/*.h
      Don't append extra _H in forward headers' guardian, since
      Nuke redundant declaration of 'nfs_diskless_valid'
      Rework rt2661 TX interrupts processing
      - Tighten invariant on loops used to parse ie's; this ensures we never
      Implement set(IEEE80211_IOC_STA_STATS) for hostapd; for
      If power save mode changes, call ieee80211com.ic_reset instead of forcefully
      - Add noise floor in ieee80211_nodestats; return it as zero until we can
      - Add IEEE80211_IOC_BMISSTHRESHOLD for managing the beacon miss threshold
      - Add some missing stats to the global ieee80211_stats
      Nuke macros that are moved to ieee80211.h
      Add per-sta ucast/mcast stats
      Ensure outbound data packets in hostap mode are delivered only to stations
      Move conditional preprocessing out from the IEEE80211_DPRINTF macro
      Correct short preamble support.
      - Factor out front part of ieee80211_set_shortpreamble() into
      Use LIST_FOREACH()
      The Problem [1]:
      Wrong #undef
      According to IEEE Std 802.11b-1999 subclause
      Don't use unprocessed (e.g. negociated) peer node's rate set to fill
      Properly set ifmedia_entry.ifm_data when nge(4) tries to camouflage an
      Add PBCC modulation support in netproto/802_11:
      - Enable PBCC based rate 22Mbit/s
      In rtw_pci_shutdown(), hold serializer before calling rtw_stop()
      Order ${_MACHINE_FWD}/include/machine and ${_FWDHDRS} so that intermittent
      nfe_init() should be called with softc not ifnet
      Fix a stack overflow in ifconfig(8).
      - Factor out _ieee80211_probe_resp_alloc() from ieee80211_send_mgmt().
      - Use ieee80211_probe_resp_alloc() to setup probe response template.
      - Add ids for RT2501USB/RT2601USB/RT2500USB
      Sync USB support (host controller part) with FreeBSD6.
      Update following manpage to reflect changes made to USB host controller part:
      Add support for RT2500USB devices.
      Add support for RT2501USB/RT2601USB devices.
      Add missing header if USB_DEBUG is defined
      - Hook rum(4) and ural(4) into GENERIC and LINT
      - Add manpage for rum(4)
      rtw(4) requires wlan_wep(4)
      Mention required kernel devices for rtw(4) and acx(4)
      Don't mention recently nuked sysctl MIBs
      Exploring low speed busses during cold boot, so USB keyboard will work even
      - Correct some debug messages format.
      - Factor out ieee80211_print_rateset().
      - Use jumbo buffers only when MTU > 1518 bytes.
      - Don't call m_adj() to make RX buffer's _payload_ on longword aligned,
      Massive 802_11 XRATE bug fixing.
      Since all necessary bits are in 802_11 layer now:
      - Replace magic number with macro.
      Sync with Intel's em-6.2.9
      Sync em(4) manpage with the one in Intel em 6.2.9
      Add more chip id for fxp(4)
      Add NVIDIA MCP67 Lan PCI ids.
      Add NVIDIA MCP67 LAN support.
      Mention MCP67 in nfe(4) manpage
      Add more ids for RT2500USB.
      Add more ids for RT2500USB.
      List more RT2500USB devices in ural(4) manpage
      List more RT2501USB/RT2601USB devices in rum(4) manpage.
      Restart TX rate control algorithm for a peer node, if its current TX
      acx(4) firmware can't handle beacon missing, use software beacon missing
      Add PCI ids for Broadcom BCM430x/BCM4318 wireless NICs
      - Fix some comment.
      Sync ieee80211_radiotap(9) manpage with NetBSD (mainly dyoung@netbsd.org)
      - Unhook usr.bin/uname from boot strap tools building, because it is not
      hw.machine_cpu should use content in machine_cpu[] array.
      Use software beacon missing handling
      Use a temporary rate set to hold current channel's rate set.
      Fix an off-by-one which could mean writing beyond the end of the array when
      Nuke local implementation of pcap_{get_selectable_fd,inject}(), which are
      - Obey the beacon interval of the IBSS if we are going to join it.
      - In ieee80211_setmode(), don't mark basic rates on ieee80211com.ic_sup_rates.
      Invoke ifnet_detach_event when close a tap(4) device file.  tapclose()
      - Invoke ifnet_attach_event when open tap(4) device file, for which the
      Expose socket() function declaration for vkernel too.
      - Add multi pseudo network interface support for vkernel
      By default do not enable hardware csum on PCIe re(4), which trashes
      Put socket() declaration into __{BEGIN,END}_DECL, so c++ compiler
      Add a workaround for some Lenovo/IBM laptops' onboard em(4).
      Check EEPROM twice in em_hardware_init(), because for some PCIe em(4) first
      Add missing '\n'
      Add PCI ids for Intel WL-3945ABG wireless minipci adapters.
      Nuke unused header files
      Convert RSSI to receive signal strength (dbm).  The real convertion is not yet
      Use relative RX signal strength (relative to noise floor) as RSSI.
      For rt2661 part:
      Use relative RX signal strength (relative to noise floor) as RSSI.
      Correctly calculate absolute RX signal strength and use relative RX signal
      Absolute RX siganl strength correction value from EEPROM should be within
      For rum(4) and rt2661 part of ral(4):
      Convert RX desc's rssi field to relative RX signal strength (relative to
      Convert RX buffer signal level to relative RX signal strength (relative to
      Avoid possible mbuf re-tap on error path.
      More rum(4) ids
      Add more ids
      Describe new added rum(4) ids.
      - Move vke_softc.sc_kqueue initialization from vke_start() into vke_init()
      kmalloc(M_WAITOK) will not return NULL
      In bpf_ptap(), duplicate incoming mbuf's m_pkthdr.rcvif, so !bpf_d.bd_seesent
      - Rename reset_d() to bpf_resetd() just like other function which operates
      - Prefer m_getl()
      - Replace 0 with NULL when pointers are tested.
      Reclaim challenge text, if we operate as an AP and other side switches auth mode
      PCIe re(4) can't handle TCP csum offloading well if short packets
      - Add 'chan' parameter for acx_join_bss(), since for Monitor operational mode
      - Factor out acx_set_chan(), nuke ACX_ENABLE_{TX,RX}CHAN() macros.
      Add ieee80211_plcp2rate() to convert PLCP signal/rate to net80211 rate.
      - Clean up device header file inclusion.
      - Nuke no longer needed macros.
      Don't assume mgtq will always be empty, drain mgtq explicitly.
      - Add noise floor to stats
      Discard deauth/disassoc that are not for us.  Reception of these frames
      Add sc_newstate_arg to ural_softc, so ieee80211_new_state() 'arg' can be
      - Add additional parameter to ieee80211_mgmt_output().  Use this new
      Expose IEEE80211_MSG_ for user space programs.
      Add wlandebug(8) tool for turning on/off debug flags in netproto/802_11
      1 TU is 1024 usecs
      Correct TU <-> millisecond and TU -> ticks convertion.
      Correct the unit of assoc/reassoc req listen interval: it is in number
      Correct the unit of "powersavesleep" argument: it is in TU's, not in
      Use random octet stream to create IBSS's BSSID as suggested by
      Don't try holding serializer in ti_rxeof().  This function is only called by
      Make libpcap parse following expressions, so tcpdump can filter 802.11 frames
      Add a fix for CVE-2007-1218
      Oops, forgot to hook CVE-2007-1218 fix into building.
      Set Short Slot Time subfield in Capability field, if ieee80211com.ic_caps
      RTL8180L is capable of short preamble.
      Get rid of long rety counter; it is never adopted.  And for NICs, which
      Revert rtw.c rev1.7, though it works well with my ral(4)/ath(4) based
      Rename "short/long" retry counter to "data/rts" retry counter.  The
      Report link states changes (link up/down and braudrate changes) through
      Adapt lnc(4), which is miibus(4) unaware, to support routing socket's
      Add routing socket's link state change message support for 802.11 layer.
      Vge(4) is miibus(4) aware, so nuke the already commented out link state change
      Change NXCFLAGS+= to NXCFLAGS=, so include path inherited from CFLAGS
      - Make sure size of Supported Rates ie does not exceed the limit set by
      Don't contraint size of Supported Rates ie as specified in 11g standard,
      Turn on hardware vlan tagging and vlan mtu for NICs which have these
      - Implement ieee80211_ack_rate() according to IEEE Std 802.11g-2003
      - Add a definition for the length of 802.11 MAC frame's FCS.  Use it instead
      Firmware TX buffer length is 2bytes not 4.
      Allow "join bss command" argument's essid field to be IEEE80211_NWID_LEN long.
      Add support for 82562GX
      Yet another RTL8110SC
      - Correctly configure BGE_RX_MTU register.  Since we set the IFCAP_VLAN_MTU
      - Add suspend and resume device methods support.
      Add PCI id for Broadcom BCM5752 GigE.
      Add support for BCM5752.
      It is TIGON1 that uses NIC local memory.
      - Call bge_setmulti(), if bge(4) is up and running and IFF_ALLMULTI is to
      Unbreak make -j X buildkernel KERNCONF=LINT, X > 1
      - Define 802.11 modulation types as 'enum ieee80211_modtype'.
      Document that ifconfig(8) knows Sample TX rate control algorithm.
      Add Sample and Onoe TX rate control algorithm support in 2661/2561 part
      Nuke old TX rate control algorithm coming with ral(4).
      Rssi correction value is in lower byte not upper byte.
      - Initialize ti_jslot_serializer before it is used.
      Code cleanup:
      Nuke unnecessary NULL node checks.
      Fix comment: 1000baseTX -> 1000baseT
      When read BBP registers, avoid writing to BBPCSR until it is no longer busy.
      BGE_MBX_TX_HOST_PROD0_LO is write-only, avoid reading it.
      - Return error if reading eeprom times out.
      For bge_rxeof(), return immediately if no RX descs need to be processed, this
      Expose number of TX/RX descriptors through read-only sysctl hw.emX.{txd,rxd}.
      Busdma(9)-fy, mainly obtained from FreeBSD:
      Const-fy rate set argument of ieee80211_iserp_rateset().
      TXRX_CSR5 stores allowable ACK rates instead of basic rates, so rename
      - Define macro for the number of channels.  Use it instead of the magic
      Turn off Sample TX rate control algorithm support for 2661d BBP.  Due to
      Nuke unnecessary setting of ural(4)'s security registers.  ural(4) only
      Mention wlan_ratectl_{onoe,sample}
      Correct hardware csum offload support for bge(4)
      - Cleanup header file inclusion.
      - Don't disable interrupt in bge_intr(), just acknowledge it.  This avoids
      - Factor out ieee80211_reset_state() from ieee80211_newstate(), so
      - PHY error bit no longer exists in RX descriptor flags.
      - Don't use the status block's link state change bit to micro-optimize
      Correct inverse setting and clearing BBP_R3 "smart mode" bit.
      - Merge following link state detection fixes from FreeBSD:
      More Broadcom GigE PCI ids.
      PHY ids for Broadcom 5755/5787
      Restore part of old behaviour of bge_tick() -- if link is up, then don't
      Add new devices support for bge(4)
      Return lowest rate for a "reclaimed" node, whose TX rate control data was
      Adapt 802.11 generic layer to support hardware crypto other than ath(4).
      Add hardware crypto support for 2x61 part of ral(4).  This kind of hardware
      - Merge bge_release_resources() into bge_detach().  This funcion is only used
      Reset ifnet.if_timer in bge_stop()
      Use M_DONTWAIT for mcluster allocation on em_init() path to prevent system
      - Fix a typo which may leave promisc/allmulti mode mis-configured.
      E2BIG -> EFBIG
      E2BIG -> EFBIG
      - Turn on VLAN_MTU for 905B typed cards.
      Add support for Broadcom NetXtreme II GigE.  Jumbo buffer support
      Nuke commented out compat shim.
      Apply if_rum.c rev 1.11's resource alloc/free fixes and cleanup to ural(4)
      For rum(4) and ural(4):
      Catch up with the latest LWKT msgport updating.
      - Avoid mbuf "use after free", if bridge(4) is in monitor mode.
      bstp_input() can't return non-NULL mbuf, explicitly assert that.
      kmalloc(M_WAITOK) will never return NULL.
      - Break long lines.
      - Nuke the second parameter of bridge_stop().  This kind of stop interface
      bridge_{input,output_serialized}() only need to be static; they are actually
      Don't let ether_input() to do the bridging work, i.e. change input iface,
      bridge_enqueue() does not use bridge(4)'s softc, so don't pretend that the
      If PCI_MAP_FIXUP is defined, following fixes will be applied:
      Some non-802.11e non-standard conforming APs use seperate TX sequences
      - In bridge_enqueue(), dispatch the mbuf to the current cpu's netisr, instead
      - Make "ifconfig nfeX mtu xxx" work.
      Add sysctl/tunable for TX/RX interrupt coalescing variables.  Default
      Add some KTRs in bge(4) to count RX/TX packets per interrupt.
      Drain packets even if link is down.
      - Add KTR_IF_{BGE,EM} to opt_ktr.h
      - Factor out bge_{disable,enable}_intr().
      - Add hw.skcX.imtime sysctl node and hw.skc.imtime tunable for interrupt
      If RX csum calculation with pseudo header is enabled, bge(4)'s will
      Update cardbus/pccard support.
      After lwkt_waitmsg/lwkt_waitport splitting, the second parameter of
      Parameters of icu_{set,get}var() are used.
      Fix comment.
      - When creating dma map, allocate at least one bounce page even if the
      busdma(9) fixes for bfe(4):
      Correct RSSI calculation.
      More Broadcom 43xx PCI IDs.
      Make ath(4) and ath_rate(4) depend on wlan(4).
      'phrase' and 'pending_polls' should never be changed by users, since
      Import wpa_supplicant 0.5.8
      Merge from vendor branch WPA_SUPPLICANT:
      Import hostapd 0.5.8
      Merge from vendor branch HOSTAPD:
      Hook {wpa_supplicant, hostapd} 0.5.8 into building.
      More Marvell PHY IDs.
      Update Marvell PHY supports.
      Add hardware csum offload support.
      Pass address of mbuf pointer to bge_encap(), so the caller could know
      Fix txcsum/rxcsum ioctl support, so that txcsum and rxcsum can be
      Hardware seems to have trouble to handle fragmented IP datagrams'
      Re-enable hardware UDP/TCP checksum calculation with pseudo header on
      GC wpa_supplicant 0.4.9
      GC hostapd 0.4.9
      PCI-E re(4) needs multi hash in reverse order.  Add comment about it.
      Add a new csum flag to tell IP defragmenter that csum_data does _not_
      If PCI_MAP_FIXUP is defined, we can no longer do the reallocation magic;
      - Overlooked pccard dark corner: NIC lan id should be returned by reference.
      Extra ';' after if() would cause panic if attaching failed.
      - Add ic_headroom through which drivers can inform 802.11 layer to reserve
      Fix for CVE-2006-7180
      Switch ipfw from ipfw1 to ipfw2.
      Add WIP support for Broadcom wireless chips:
      Hook bwi(4)
      - Add missing header protector
      Kill token ring remainder.
      It does not make sense to call interface's initialization routine when
      Nuke the hack in vr(4) that polling(4) will be turned when watchdog times out;
      - Fix comment.
      NULL should never be passed to ether_poll_deregister().  Try catching any
      Correct DEVICE_POLLING support in vr_init()
      - Make fwe(4) aware of IFF_POLLING setting in its if_init().
      - Add interrupt moderation support by only using TIMER intr; IM is not
      Prepare to support polling(4) on multiple cpus:
      Bug found by GCC41 warning:
      Shut up GCC41 warning: different pointer signedness
      Convert RSSI into signal strength (relative to noise floor)
      Make sure that the received frame contains at least an extra header,
      - Add radio tap support
      For bwi(4) parts that use TX status ring:
      For bwi(4) parts that use TX status registers:
      - Use RF/PHY information printing format to print BBP information.
      - Pass mgt packet's node into bwi_encap(), so fallback duration can be
      Create per-interface sysctl tree.
      Modulize bwi(4) debug prints.  Leave ATTACH/INIT/TXPOWER on by default.
      Support polling(4) on multiple CPUs, i.e. each NIC can be assigned to a
      Add description for 'pollcpu'
      - Adjust comment according to the recent addition of multiple cpu
      Enable Onoe TX rate control.
      Fix netstat(1) CIDR printing.
      - Fix a bug introduced by dynamic polling frequency support:
      Move reg_frac/reg_frac_count adjustment out of hot code path.
      - poll_burst and residual_burst are dynamicly adjusted by the running code,
      - Move poll_burst_max adjustment out of hot code path.
      Move poll_each_burst adjustment out of hot code path.
      - Move polling disablement, i.e. deregistering all NICs, out of hot code path.
      - Remove the second parameter of ether_input(), since:
      - Initialize 11b PHY rev4 according to v3 specification.
      Restore BWI_PCIR_BAR with the correct value.
      Add device ids for Agere(LSI?) ET1310 chips
      Polling(4) is enabled by default.
      The "different pointer signedness" reported by gcc41's -Wall does
      BWI_BBP_ATTEN is 16bit register, not a 32bit one.
      - Add OUI for PHYs from Agere
      Add et(4), which supports Agere ET1310 based Ethernet chips (PCIe only)
      Reduce code duplication: if_init() supressing is now done in ether_ioctl()
      Constify 'eh', which will not be modified in ether_ipfw_chk() at all.
      - Remove ef_input{EII,SNAP,8022}() 'eh' parameter, which is never used.
      Constify vlan_input_p 'eh' parameter.
      Shut up gcc41 warnings by clearing return values before doing any further
      Hook fec
      Constify ng_ether_input_p/ng_ether_input_orphan_p 'eh' parameter.
      Save a copy of ethernet header instead of leaving it in the mbuf, so we
      - Pull NetBSD David Young's bitops.h into sys/sys, nuke the local copies in
      Move assertion to the proper place, since the target CPU will always see
      Fix possible races between calling systimer callback fucntion and
      Replace dummynet(4)'s callout by systimer, so you will not need to mess
      Make my Linksys WPC54G v3 LEDs work.
      Turn on VLAN_MTU
      Mention that et(4) can receive oversized packets.
      Enabling TX/RX in et_init() will always fail when cable is not plugged in,
      Buffalo WLI-CB-G54S works well with bwi(4)
      Rework bwi(4) LED support:
      - Add macro to convert MTU to frame length
      Use __offsetof()
      - Instead of overriding the meaning of the embedded mbuf header's mh_nextpkt,
      - m_tag_get() expects MB_DONTWAIT not M_NOWAIT
      - Change some comment's style
      Add a sysctl node, which could be used to turn off software TX power
      - Add jumbo buffer support for et(4), which supports up to 15794(*) bytes
      Move ipfw/dummynet from SI_SUB_PSEUDO to SI_SUB_PROTO_END, so they
      - Switch dummynet(4) from mbuf based tagging to mtag.
      WESTELL A90-200WG-01 works woth acx(4)
      dummynet_io() may be called from interrupt thread and TCP/UDP netisr thread,
      Use CRC_LEN consistently
      Nuke unnecessary NOMAN and .PATH
      - M_WAITOK will never return NULL
      realloc_dynamic_table() and add_dyn_rule() may be called from interrupt thread
      White space cleanup for heap functions
      - Strip excessive white space
      - Nuke no longer apply comment
      - Use upper case for first letter in comment
      - Yet another round of cleanup
      Use the orignal dummynet's indentation style
      Clean up
      Clean up
      Clean up
      'ipfw pipe X config bw iface' never works, so nuke the related user/kernel
      Adjust DUMMYNET_CALLOUT_FREQ_MAX according to the comment in ip_dummynet.h
      Since sys/net/dummynet/ip_dummynet.c rev 1.24, dummynet(4) callout frequency
      Create user land dummynet(4) pipe/flow_set/flow_queue/flow_id structures,
      Remove ipfw1 from system.
      - Add ipfw_init_default_rule() to perform default rule initialization
      Factor out ipfw_dec_static_count(); add assertion in it to make sure
      - Create user land ipfw(4) rule/state/flow_id structures, so that we could
      In free_chain() if we are asked to "kill default":
      Use POSIX int type
      Replace debug printf macro
      - Move some macros from ip_dummynet.h to ip_dummynet.c; they are
      Yet another round of clean up
      Use TAILQ for packet queue in flow queue and pipe
      - Use hash table for pipes and flow set, which accelerates flow set looking up
      Fix possible memory leakage under following conditions:
      - Use LIST for flow queue hash table
      Protect pollctx fields (noticably netmsg used to schedule netisr_poll),
      Don't enable annoying -Wpointer-sign in -Wall
      Linksys WPC54GS ver.2 works well with bwi(4)
      Unbreak LINT build
      CPU localize dummynet(4) step 1/2
      Nuke net/intrq.[ch] and ipintrq related bits; they were gone almost three
      Make sure that the mbuf contains pkthdr.
      More assertions:
      - Move dummynet sysctl tree root from ip_dummynet.c to ip_dummynet_glue.c
      Offload the dummynet(4) init/stop work to the netisr on CPU ip_dn_cpu
      Add a new light weight function to synchronize IPI queues on other CPUs by
      CPU localize dummynet(4) step 2/2:
      - Add CAP_PTR macro for type 2 devices (cardbus)
      Create structure to group PCI power management configuration
      Add comment about pcicfgregs.pmgt field
      - Push PCI status "capability list bit" checking down into pci_read_extcap().
      - Factor out pci_fixup_nextptr().
      White space
      Rename pci_read_extcap() to pci_read_capabilities() to avoid possible
      Factor out a function to read power management capability
      Cache following information for PCI Express capability:
      Use m_freem() to free the whole mbuf chain.
      Use m_freem() instead of m_free()
      For ip_lengthcheck():
      - Move IFF_UP checking to the beginning of ether_input().
      M_MCAST and M_BCAST are set before bridge_input() is executed, so use these
      - Factor out pcie_slotimpl() to check whether PCI Express slot is implemented.
      - Increase m_flags' size, we have already short of flag space.
      Black list the atapci device on Intel PRO/1000 PM, which is just an NIC.
      In bge_stop():
      Make sure that ip_dn_cpu does exist, if not set it to CPU0
      Add a note that 'noerror' option is always on for pipes and queues.
      - It does not make sense to set IP options or multicast options on DIVERT
      Nuke unused stack variable.
      Avoid use-after-free
      Rework sk(4) detach code:
      Unbreak buildworld:
      Make divert(4) socket dispatch mbuf to correct the lwkt port for further
      cOPy?  o.O
      Generalize PF_MBUF_GENERATED mbuf firewall flag
      In divert_packet():
      In divert_packet():
      - All inpcb related operations are now CPU localized, so there is no need to
      - Add THREAD_LIB to make.conf
      Add Broadcom 5906/5906M 10/100 NIC PCI IDs
      Add PHY IDs for Broadcom 5906 10/100
      Import msk(4) which supports Marvell Yukon II based NICs (both gigE and fastE)
      - Use M_ZERO
      - Use NULL
      kmalloc(M_WAITOK) will not return NULL
      - Regroup global variables, function declarations and macros
      Use TAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER to initialize global variable 'ifnet'
      - Factor out if_purgeaddrs_nolink(), which frees all non-link ifaddrs no
      Make the cast (zero extension) consistent between non-indexed loads
      Add more sanity checks in bpf_validate():
      Use NULL for pointers
      According to Ralink Linux driver, tx/encryption intr processing should be
      - Add additional parameter to firmware_image_load(), since some devices do
      Don't enable ATTACH/INIT/TXPOWER debug prints by default.
      - Properly initialize flash bank size for ich9 based chips
      Put benign warning message under bootverbose
      - Split if_clone.c out of if.c, license in if.c is attached to if_clone.c
      Add SparkLan RT2573
      Simplify tx rate control for drivers which only support periodic TX
      - Store tx rate control parameters in drivers, so switching between tx rate
      More ids.
      - Save two sets of average RSSI for 2529RF
      Nuke staled code
      - Add auto TX power and RX sensitivity calibration support.  Add two sysctl
      Add RX sensitivity calibration according to false CCA at relative long distance.
      Add TX power compensation support in TX power calibration.
      Fix EEPROM channel TX power parsing.
      - If channel TX power from EEPROM is above 32, set it to 24
      - Extract RX sensitivity calibration capability from EEPROM
      Nuke staled code
      - Capabilities information field is 2bytes long.  Mark old scan result
      - Capabilities information field is 2bytes long.  Mark old sta info
      - Don't set hardware slot time according to "short slot time" capability
      - Setup BBP according to the values stored in BBP
      For 2560 parts:
      After the channel TX power bug fixing in rt2560_read_config(), it is impossble
      Turn on VALID bit in TX desc only after the TX desc is fully setup.
      Add sysctl node to set RX sensitivity, useful when operating in non-STA mode,
      - Correct false CCA based RX sensitivity tuning.
      Don't reset watchdog timeout value, if there are still TX descs pending
      There are actually two TX queues for 2560 parts, so add two softc private
      ral(4) for 2560 part does not support hardware WEP (yet)
      Set 2560 part default txpower to 24dBm.  This value works _much_ better then
      - It does not make sense to use "for (;cond;)", use "while (cond)" instead
      Nuke following outdated drivers
      Nuke raycontrol(8)
      Set flow control pause time to 512us _again_ as it was two years ago
      - Add sysctl nodes for statistics (*)
      - Use firmware(9) for acx(4) and revoke acx(4)'s private ioctls
      Use per softc debug level instead of a global one.
      In TCP PRU_CONNECT handling, install inp's route with the route entry on the
      - Turn on IFM_HDX
      tcp_output_dispatch() is only used by SMP kernel
      Initialize firmware image tailq
      Release serializer around firmware_load_image() to avoid possible dead
      - Try adjusting TX power as much as possible when doing the initial TX power
      constify channel parameter
      Add capability flag to inform 802.11 generic layer that device will do auto
      Add serialize_sleep(), which will atomically release the serializer
      Add serializer port backend.  Implementation is mainly based on spin
      Add an entry for serialize_sleep
      Rewrite driver for Intel 2100BG:
      Make sure stack variable is cleared.
      Parallelize ifnet.if_addrhead accessing by duplicating the list itself
      - In command RX intr, if the command number returned is 0, then hardware
      Cleanp leftover of the ifnet.if_addrhead parallelizing.
      Don't duplicate code of ether_ioctl()
      Shut up gcc warning (if ifac is not NULL, ifa must be initialized in this case)
      - Add an entry for iwl(4)
      - Nuke no longer needed .PATH
      Set framelen to 0; it might be used without being initialized
      Add 'volatile' qualifier
      - Embed ether vlan tag in mbuf packet header.  Add an mbuf flag to mark that
      Factor out vlan_ether_ptap() from vlan_input_tag()
      Add ETHER_BPF_MTAP() which will call vlan_ether_ptap() for packets whose vlan
      Rework vlan configuration processing:
      Nuke stack variable which is only used by INVARIANTS
      - Factor out ether_restore_header() from ether_ipfw_chk() and
      Tiny step to keep ether header in mbuf on ethernet input path:
      Change ether_demux() interface to accept mbuf containing ether header.
      - Nuke last parameter of ether_ipfw_chk(), which is always FALSE
      - Set number of TX descriptors to 512.
      Remove ipw(4) from LINT building and module building
      GC ipw(4)
      Remove ipw(4) manpage
      Remove ipw(4) module and manpage during upgrading
      Add PCI id for Broadcom 4402 10/100 ethernet controller
      Add Broadcom 4402 in bfe(4)
      Nuke debug prints.
      Add kernel module and a simple configure tool to generate packets at full speed
      Fix bugs concerning cached route entry in UDP inpcb.
      Remove debug prints
      Install into /usr/sbin
      Pull back part of rev1.7
      Add MPSAFE version of netmsg_service_loop()
      ifaddr threads does not need MP lock
      Add two tunables to run netisr and udp_thread without mplock, so experiment
      Add tunable for polling burst max, which is a significant tuning parameter
      Add configuration to generate packets with different [sd]port and/or [sd]addr
      Clean it up a little bit
      Use sysctl_ctx in softc
      - Add two fields in lwkt_serialize to profile serializer contention.
      Correct print format
      Constify second parameter of timeval{add,sub}()
      - Save statistics
      Add counters for serializer enter/try
      Parallelize ip_flow:
      Unbreak UP building
      atm_output() must be serialized.
      sppp_output() is installed in ifnet.if_output and is only called through that
      tunoutput() is declared as static function and is used in this way too.
      Hold serializer of the correct interface when calling if_output
      When aarpwhohas() is called, interface's serializer has already been held:
      Add a line about netrate/
      Don't do following optimization in udp_disconnect():
      wi(4) depends on wlan(4)
      Revert rev 1.40, which will cause deadlock, if task's function tries to
      Print unknown hardware version.
      Add basic support for 8111C; hardware checksum offload does not seems to work
      Three int arguments are used in IPIQ_STRING
      KTR various serializer operation
      Add tunable for each_burst.
      - Promote em(4) polling begin/end ktr into polling(4)
      ktr cpu_send_ipiq
      ktr the end of various ipiq sending operation.
      Mention that BCM430[69] chips do not work properly on channel 1/2/3
      Introduce ETHER_INPUT_CHAIN option:
      White space
      - Put exit ktr in proper place
      - Randomize spinlock exponential backoff value, which reduces the chance of
      Use mask instead of modulo, since bo->backoff is always power of 2
      - Add lwkt_serialize_adaptive_enter(9), it is same as lwkt_serialize_enter(9)
      Add strings for some AMD features
      iwi(4) does not support hardware based WEP encryption/descryption.
      Reduce ifnet.if_serializer contention on output path:
      Mention KTR_IFQ and KTR_IF_START
      'check' label is only used in SMP build.
      Unify vlan_input() and vlan_input_tag():
      Casting anything above ~2.1G to 'int' makes the result value negative.
      KNOTE still needs mplock, so tapifstart() could be called in MPSAFE theads.
      Return after calling bridge_ouput_p.
      - Add devq which stores mbuf dequeued from ifnet.if_snd during ifnet.if_sart.
      Count if_opackets.
      Count if_opackets and if_oerrors.
      - For 350 chips, don't set various INTR bits in TX control word; turning INTR
      - Print L3 cache (on NorthBridge) information
      Add comment
      Minor white space and style changes
      Minor style change.  Add blank line between two 'switch' code blocks.
      Hold ifnet.if_serializer around ifnet.if_ioctl; rtinit() does not need
      No need to cast
      - Add blank lines between code segments
      - Put inaddr hash table alterations in crit section
      Avoid possible memory leakage.
      Use "pause" in spin loop.
      - Count and defrag mbuf before setup TX desc
      Fix following possible bugs for SIOCSIFADDR, if in_ifinit() fails
      Avoid panic upon module unloading
      - Apply same adjustment to softc cached TX/RX BD index
      Only collect 'count' packets when polling(4) is used.  Set softc cached
      Use standard include path
      - Add tunables and sysctl nodes for interrupt moderation variables.
      - ifnet.if_output() should be called without ifnet.if_serializer being
      - Rename bce_init_context() to bce_init_ctx()
      Add brief description about the recently added interrupt moderation sysctl nodes
      Add ifa_listmask field in ifaddr_container; currently it is mainly used
      - Avoid excessive goto
      Use same naming convention as other host controller stats
      Reduce log verbosity
      Use 1Mbits/s as beacon sending rate; it seems to fix TX performance issue
      acx111 parts can't send using short slot time, but it seems to have no problem
      Avoid code duplication
      - Rename ifa_portfn() to ifnet_portfn()
      Add rt_cpuid, which records rtentry's owning CPU id.  It could ease route
      Add periodic rf calibration support for acx111 part.  This seems to stablize
      Make sure that ifac is still valid before unlinking it from or linking it to ifnet
      - Expose ifa_forwardmsg()
      Use ASSERT_IFAC_VALID whenever possible
      - oia is no longer used
      Parallelize in_ifaddrhead operation
      Add tunable to enable/disable PBCC support in acx(4) and it is enabled
      Move stack variable near its usage
      Parallelize in_ifaddrhashtbl
      Strip "serialized" suffix
      Remove unused parameters to bridge_output
      Member iface's serializer does not need to be held when calling bridge_output()
      Minor style change
      - Check cached ifnet.if_bridge again in bridge_{input,output}()
      In the final code block of in_control_internal, remove ia from the hash table
      Break long line
      Don't assume RV2P page size is always 4Kbytes; at least 8Kbytes page size
      - Add FXP_USABLE_TXCB, which equals (FXP_NTXCB - 1)
      Add missing return
      - Fix a possible race between getting vlan media and changing vlan parent
      - Don't turn on IFF_OACTIVE when dequeuing ifnet.if_snd; it no longer
      - In if_up(), purge ifnet.if_snd before turning on IFF_UP, this is used to
      Serialize bridge configuration operations by netisr0, so that "test and set"
      Change number of TX desc back to 256.  512 TX desc does not work on 88E8036.
      - Release bridge interface's serializer when configuring member interface
      Release bridge serializer before calling bridge_control
      Temporarly comment out message based bridge control; there are copyout deep
      - Don't dispatch bridge 'get' ioctl to netisr0, there are copyouts down
      Minor style change
      - In bridge_delete_member(), release bridge's serializer when configure
      Dispatch whole bridge_ifdetach() to netisr0, since it will touch
      During bridge destroy, dispatch bridge member/span deletion to netisr0
      Minor style change
      White space
      Use __func__, instead of hardcode the function name.
      Since either hardware or ether input code will strip packet's vlan tag,
      Add ether_input_chain2() which could be called by ethernet NIC drivers to
      Discard packets which was lingering on msgport when receiving interface
      White space
      Expose ether_input_oncpu()
      VLAN_MTU works as expected on em(4)
      Add vlan(4) support for ETHER_INPUT2.  It is not built by default.
      Move mbuf chain initialization into common place.
      Make nfe(4) aware ETHET_INPUT_CHAIN and ETHER_INPUT2
      Make re(4) aware ETHER_INPUT_CHAIN and ETHER_INPUT2
      On UP system, make sure that mbuf chain is not empty before accessing it.
      Make xl(4) aware ETHER_INPUT_CHAIN and ETHER_INPUT2
      Make fxp(4) aware ETHER_INPUT_CHAIN and ETHER_INPUT2
      Make bge(4) aware ETHER_INPUT_CHAIN and ETHER_INPUT2
      Make bce(4) aware ETHER_INPUT_CHAIN and ETHER_INPUT2
      MCP65 has no hardware csum offloading support.
      Add PCI ids for nVidia MCP77 MCP73 and MCP79 NICs
      Add MCP73, MCP77 and MCP79 support.
      TX_UNK -> TX_POLL
      Missing TX_UNK -> TX_POLL conversion
      Make bfe(4) aware ETHER_INPUT_CHAIN and ETHER_INPUT2
      Make msk(4) aware ETHER_INPUT_CHAIN and ETHER_INPUT2
      fxp_stop needs to be serialized
      Add nfe(4)
      Add flag to indicate that the NIC does not have power control capability.
      - Disable WOL during attach, don't mess with it during init
      - Rename NFE_RXTX_V[32]MAGIC to NFE_RXTX_DESC_V[32].
      Rework stop path.
      Nuke unused field
      First step to split hardware capabilities and softc flags
      Split hardware capabilities and softc flags
      Use hardware timer to simulate interrupt moderation.
      - Add delay in MII registers reading
      If boot verbose, print asicrev, chiprev and bus type.
      Add bits for PCI Express device control register
      TX coalesce ticks can't be more than 1023
      For PCI Express devices:
      Adjust default interrupt moderation variables
      Print chip informantion in bge_attach() instead of bge_probe()
      Nuke unused macro and comment
      The MAC address of nfe(4), whose device id is above MCP55, is saved in
      White space
      IFF_BROADCAST will never be changed
      Handle MPLS on ETHER_INPUT2 code path
      Make et(4) aware ETHER_INPUT_CHAIN and ETHER_INPUT2
      - Increase RX coalesced packets from 32 to 129 to avoid being livelocked when
      Update et(4) manpage according to recent changes
      - Recollect TX descs, if et(4) is going to enter OACTIVE state.
      Update et(4) manpage after recent change
      - Correct max segment size passed to various bus_dma_tag_create()
      Use softc sc_rx_ring_count to allocate jumbo frame instead of nfe_rx_ring_count
      - Decrease NFE_MAX_SCATTER to 32, should be enough
      Prepare to rework nfe_start():
      Add tunable for number of TX desc
      Add brief description about tx_ring_count
      - Check number of free TX descs before trying to xmit packets
      Increate receive max coalesced bds to 80 to prevent system from being
      Unload the bus dmamap, which was successfully loaded
      - Remove the callout and related bits in mii_layer; all of the ethernet
      Add OUI for PHYs from JMircon
      Add driver which supports PHYs from JMicron
      Add jmphy.c
      Increase RX ticks to 100us
      Add serializer assertion in all NIC driver interfaces
      - Add bge_cksum_pad() to assist hardware csum offloading on runts
      Don't let PROMISC interfere hardware vlan tagging operation.  Enable hardware
      Simplify ether_mport().  This also fixes the bug that m0 is not cleared in
      Move em(4) from MD conf/files to MI conf/files
      Enable hardware timer simulated interrupt moderation by default.
      Add support for JMicron Gigabit/Fast Ethernet chips.
      Add jme(4)
      Add manpage for jme(4)
      Bring following change from FreeBSD (yar@freebsd.org):
      - Serialize re_{resume,suspend}()
      Add function comment about ether_input_chain2
      Borrow comment from ether_input and ether_demux
      Staticize ether_input
      Switch to ETHER_INPUT2 on ethernet input path by default:
      Add serializer assertion in all NIC driver interfaces
      - Staticize ip_fw_default_rule
      - Dispatch ipfw loading/unloading to netisr0
      Use seperate variable to indicate whether ipfw has been loaded or not, so
      Dispatch ipfw control to netisr0.  To avoid possible dangling netmsg handler,
      Unbreak kernel building.
      Minor white space and style changes
      Minor white space and style changes
      Minor white space and style changes
      Remove unused macro; undefine temporary macro
      White space and style changes
      White space and style changes
      - Undefine temporary macro
      White space and style changes
      White space and style changes
      Assert that static rules' count is only updated on CPU0
      - ipfw_add_rule will never fail
      - Add macro for cpu_portfn(0), on which all ipfw configuration should happen
      - Make dynamic rule allocation non-blocking
      - Use NULL
      Introduce dynamic rule hash array generation, so that after possible blocking
      White space
      Add serializer assertion in all NIC driver interfaces.
      Promote sysctl_int_range()
      - Add serializer assertion in all NIC driver's interfaces
      - In dc_intr(), check IFF_RUNNING instead of IFF_UP; this closes a possible
      - Use sysctl_int_range() for autoinc_step
      ipfw(4) parallelize stage 1, step 1/2: lock dynamic rule table
      Don't allow set 1 or 0 to dyn_buckets
      Though following code sequence is safe currently (even w/o BGL):
      - Group together the declaration of static rule related global variables
      ipfw(4) parallelize stage 1, step 2/2: per-CPU static rule lists
      - bpfpoll() is a static function
      Various tap functions of bpf(4) are the only non-MPSAFE code on ethernet
      Pass cpuid to ifa_domsg()
      - Rename ifa_{domsg,forwardmsg}() to ifnet_{domsg,forwardmsg}()
      Add assertion to make sure that the next cpuid is within valid range
      Utilize ifnet_{domsg,forwardmsg}()
      Don't terminate the fragment iteration upon error; just keep draining
      - Correct 'forward' support
      Save 'ipfw forward' information in mtag, use m_pkthdr.fw_flags to indicate
      next_hop information is now saved in mtag, so the netmsg_packet embedded in
      White space
      Move ipstat.ips_reassembled updating from ip_input() into ip_reass()
      Move ip fragments reassemble related code from ip_input() to ip_reass()
      - Test m_pkthdr.fw_flags against DUMMYNET_MBUF_TAGGED before trying to locate
      Staticize save_rte()
      Save srcroute options in a mtag associated the mbuf, mainly to eliminate two
      If a packet is to be reinjected by dummynet onto ethernet input path,
      White space
      Don't allow multicast address to be used as the target address of a transparent
      Grrr, forward address is in network byte order
      - Consistently test pkt_dst instead of ip_dst
      Prepare to make IPDIVERT transparent to ip reassemble code:
      Unbreak compile: we have STAILQ_FOREACH_MUTABLE
      Move IPDIVERT processing from ip_input() normal code path to ipfw(4)
      Make IPDIVERT transparent to ip reassemble code by fully utilizing the
      Fix comment
      Move IPDIVERT related declaration from netinet/ip_var.h to netinet/ip_divert.h
      Enable intr_mpsafe by default
      In aue(4) txeof, differ ifnet.if_start to ifnet's CPU to:
      Bring in if_loop.c from FreeBSD (silby@freebsd.org):
      Add hwcsum support to lo interface.  This is mainly used to help new sockbuf
      - Move stack variable near its usage
      - Staticize lo{output,ioctl}
      Move dummynet tag extraction and ipfw args setup into ipfw processing
      - Save the route struct in dummynet mbuf tag into the route stack variable,
      Break long line
      Check the mbuf returned by ip_fw_chk_ptr against NULL before accessing the mbuf
      Let ipfw_chk() return IP_FW_{PASS,DENY,DUMMYNET,TEE,DIVERT} and the caller
      Move next_hop (tranparent forwarding) testing and extraction out of ipfw
      - Factor out ip_localforward()
      - ipfw(4) does not need opt_ipdn.h and opt_ipdivert.h
      - Add rtfree_remote(), which send rtentry to its owner CPU to be freed.
      - Fix function parameters order bug:
      Add IDs for JMicron and its JMC250/JMC260
      Use IDs from pcidevs.h
      - Clean up header inclusion
      Split capabilities and flags
      - Save device caps in device id array
      Use extended interface FIFO depth to workaround CRC errors emitted by
      - Let caller of ip_fw_dn_io_ptr call ip_dn_queue(), so that callers have the
      Add FW_MBUF_REDISPATCH, which should be set by various firewall code,
      - Move IPDIVERT related bits into netinet/ip_divert.c
      pf(4) may reassemble ip fragments, so we probably should recalculate hlen
      Move ipfw(4) related bits into ip_fw2_glue.c
      Add a place holder sysctl function to enable and disable ipfw(4)
      Move ipfw(4) code for ip_{input,output}() into ip_fw2.c to create in/out
      pfil_hook_get() is only used in pfil.c, so hide it
      Merge pfil_hook_get() into pfil_run_hooks(), use TAILQ_FOREACH afterwards.
      pfil_get_hook() is gone
      typedef pfil_func_t
      Serialize pfil hooks' adding/removing by netisr0
      Make pfil(4) MPSAFE using following way:
      We always wait during pfil hook's adding and removing; we could not afford
      Update pfil manpage:
      Bump ipfw static rules generation when set/clear IPFW_FULE_F_STATE to avoid
      SYSCTL_NODE is always defined
      mycpu->gd_cpuid -> mycpuid
      Header inclusion
      ip_dn_stop() and ip_dn_stop_dispatch() is used only if dummynet(4) is compiled
      struct packet_filter_hook is actually implementation detail; hide it
      Save flags pass by caller
      - Rework ipfw(4) debug print macro
      Add DUMMYNET_DEBUG option
      Fix stack variable names inheritted from ip_{input,output}()
      Factor out ipfw_match_uid(), put it under BGL explicitly
      - Remove unnecessary crit sections
      Nuke unused function
      Remove the '2' suffix from ether_input_chain and vlan_input; their counterparts
      Always enable ETHER_INPUT_CHAIN support
      'func' has the type of pfil_func_t
      Use absolute inclusion path
      Make net/netmsg.h userspace friendly
      Embed a netmsg in ifaddr_container, so IFAFREE could be non-blocking
      'dst' does not need to be static
      Call ifnet.if_output() in netisr0, so it executes in a controlled enviroment.
      If there are no pfil hooks, just remove the dummynet tag (for packets that
      In bridge(4), if the packet is tagged for dummynet or is tagged for tranparent
      - Add workaround field in softc
      Add workaround for JMC250A2 under 10/100 hdx mode.
      Check ipfw static rules generation after get the BGL
      Update comment
      Add TDF_NETWORK lwkt flag, so various assertion could be performed to make sure
      Instead of rejecting the eligible packet back into the correct cpu,
      Add PFIL_MPSAFE flag to give hint to pfil(9) that the underlying firewall
      - Add KTR of ethernet operations
      Add following three network protocol threads running mode:
      Use netmsg_service_sync() to protect vlan_input_p
      On ethernet input path:
      polling(4)'s poll/pollmore netmsg handler will not be changed, so initialize
      Include necessary head file for {get,rel}_mplock() to unbreak UP kernel build
      Mark all msgs used by polling(4) as MPSAFE ones
      Add NETISR_FLAG_NOTMPSAFE, which could be used as the last parameter to
      If the current thread is not a network thread then rejecting the packet back
      Add NETISR_TO_MSGF() to convert netisr.ni_flags to lwkt_msg.ms_flags to
      If not in debugger, output kernel debug information to both the console and
      - Minor style and white space changes
      Schedule ipfw_tick() to IPFW_CFGPORT to run, this function is too time
      For SMP kernel
      Revoke the INTR_MPSAFE flag; nata is not MPSAFE yet.
      - Constify 'enaddr'
      Split arprequest() into two parts, arpreq_alloc() and arpreq_send().
      - Instead of using magic number 4 define it as RE_TXDESC_SPARE
      Rework re_newbuf() and re_encap()
      If RX/TX ring initialization failed, then stop re(4) and return
      Rework DMA stuffs' allocation/free
      Factor out re_free_rxchain()
      - Don't substract ETHER_ALIGN from the fragment length, we don't do
      Print hardware revision during attach
      Transmit csum offload does not work at all on certain hardware revision
      Free sysctl tree during detach
      - For relative newer parts (8168B), setting MTPS (max transmit packet size)
      Recheck ifnet.if_bpf after we hold the BGL
      On ethernet output path:
      - Add tunable (net.link.ether.inet.arp_mpsafe) to register ARP as MPSAFE netisr.
      re_chain_data is never used
      Move some macros from if_rereg.h to if_revar.h; regroup them
      Don't assume that RE_RX_DESC_CNT and RE_TX_DESC_CNT are always same
      Add tunable for RX/TX descriptor count
      Set ifq maxlen according to number of TX descriptors
      Get bus clock, which will be used to fix broken TCTR setting (hardware timer,
      - Set hardware timer according to bus clock.  Adjust hardware timer to 8000HZ
      re_freebufmem() may be re-entered, so set the mbuf tag to NULL after it is
      Add RX interrupt moderation suport for PCI-E GigaE chips.
      - Rearrange comment
      - Nuke interrupt bits definition which don't apply to 8169
      - It does not make sense to disable TX interrupt moderation
      - According to Realtek's BSD driver v176, we could always write to MISSEDPKT
      LINKCHG interrupt is still needed
      Use hardware timer to simulate interrupt moderation.  Old devices will no
      Increase default RX/TX descriptor count from 64 to 256
      Update man page to reflect recent changes
      Rename some HWREV
      Rework re_probe()
      - Nuke re_type, add RE_C_8139CP to indicate the chip is 8139C+
      Avoid following possible race:
      re_softc.re_swcum_lim is applied to ethernet frame without trailing CRC, so
      - Read ethernet address from IDRx registers.
      Bring in some PCI register settings from RealTek BSD driver v176.  Disable
      Add some PHY fixups before we do mii_phy_probe()
      0x28000000 is 8168D according to Realtek r8168-8.008.00 driver
      - Adjust PCI latency timer on all types of chips
      Add hardware csum offload support for MAC style 2 chips, which include
      According to wpaul's comment, 8139C+ only support 64 TX/RX descriptors
      Adjust max read request size according to MTU; 512 seems to be the only
      Correct jumbo frame support for 8168C/CP/D.
      Fix re_ioctl SIOCSIFCAP support, so that VLAN_HWTAGGING and VLAN_MTU could
      Fix hardware vlan tagging support by setting vlan information on all TX
      - Don't claim 7422 MTU size is support by various 8111/8169 chips (PCI devices);
      Reduce the threshold that control when "cut through mode" should be applied;
      There are 4 fields in re_hwrev
      Try recollecting TX descriptors when we are short of them in re_start()
      - Move PCIe chip detection into re_probe()
      Instead of using lwkt_migratecpu(), use ifnet threads to do dom_rtattach()
      - Pack boolean fields into re_softc.re_flags
      - Pack boolean fields into re_softc.re_flags
      - In re_stop(), call re_reset(), which is supposed to stop TX/RX engines.
      Reduce RX coal ticks to 100us (favors performance a little bit)
      Add m_devpad() to avoid code duplication in various network device drivers
      Add pcie_set_max_readrq() to avoid code duplication between various network
      In route_init(), call netmsg_service_port_init(); mainly to register route
      Unbreak UP building
      - Move RX filter configuration from re_init() into re_setmulti()
      Add tunable net.inet.ip.mpsafe to register IP as MPSAFE netisr.
      Add 5906/5906M support.  Based on my old patch with some additional work from
      Use atomic_fetchadd_int() to simplify the reference counting logic.
      - RX/TX coal parameters could be set at any time.
      - Return the real cluster limit used by the objcache
      - Move ipflow definition from ip_flow.h to ip_flow.c; it's implementation
      Bring in following changes from NetBSD ip_flow.c
      Perform ipflow timeout, only if the CPU has active ipflows; saves us some
      - ip_mport() will make sure following things for us:
      - If a packet came in as link-level broadcast or link-level multicast, don't
      Update ips_total
      pr_ctlinput is usually called when certains types of ICMP packets are received.
      - In addition to the IP flow hash table, put the flows on a list.  The table
      Break long line
      We obviously do not want protocol threads to be block; blocking the current
      - All of the ipflow table/list read/write operations happen in protocol
      - Move unlinking ipflow from table/list out of ipflow_free().
      Monir style and white space changes
      - The assertion in ip_input, should test sizeof(struct ip) instead of sizeof(ip)
      Add comment about ip_lengthcheck()
      In ip_lengthcheck(), make sure that pkthdr.len is not less than "IP total
      Try recollecting RX/TX descriptors if we are going to switch back to TX/RX
      Recollect TX/RX descriptors if we are going to switch back to TX/RX interrupts,
      Don't use listen socket's route cache, it is not MPSAFE currently.  This could
      Use atomic_fetchadd_int() to avoid N->0 race when freeing sfbuf.  The
      Put unknown hardware ids print back into bootverbose, mainly to suppress it
      Install pr_ctlport for the rest of the protocols.
      Use the same indentation as the rest of the functions in this file.
      Use the same indentation as the rest of the functions in this file.
      - Add comment for lwkt_initport_serialize()
      All of the thread port backend functions are static.
      Factor out _lwkt_pushmsg() and _lwkt_enqueue_reply(); these put message
      Our raw socket expects ip.{ip_len,ip_off} in host byte order.
      The workaround is no longer needed after netinet/tcp_subr.c rev1.62
      - Add priority message queue to msgport.  Send a message with MSGF_PRIORITY
      - During ARP resolving, current thread msgport or current CPU's netisr msgport
      Use priority messages to carry out syncache callout function.
      We don't need to register route threads for netmsg_service_sync() anymore;
      Reconfigure default interrupt moderation parameters:
      - If we receive redirect or host dead ICMP message due to packets sent on
      - Use priority message to carry out ipfw callout.
      Record number of valid ifaddr containers in ifaddr, so we could use
      Allocate if_start_nmsg from M_LWKTMSG
      - Update comment: bridge_rtupdate() is no longer called within interrupt
      MT_TAG has gone for a long timer, GC bridge_handoff_notag()
      Serialize bridge up/down by netisr0; this could ease the upcoming bridge_input
      - Defer bridge callouts to BRIDGE_CFGPORT using dropable priority message.
      Default timeout is 1200
      - Defer deep copyout which happens in bridge_ioctl_{gifs,rts}(), so that
      Parallelize bridge_input step 1/2:
      Return the value returned by lwkt_domsg()
      Restore rev1.6 in different form
      Don't use "timeout" mode for RX HC.  The "collect" mode gives much simpler
      Since kmalloc's limit testing is not synchronized across CPUs, we raise
      Parallelize bridge_input step 1.8/2:
      - Update bridge ifnet's if_imcasts
      White space changes
      - IFF_MONITOR processing will happen in ether_input_oncpu()
      Factor out ether_reinput_oncpu().  Mainly used by pseudo interfaces to change
      bstp_input() always returns NULL, so nuke its return value and let caller
      Parallelize bridge_input step 1.85/2
      Parallelize bridge_input step 2/2:
      Remove MSGF_PRIORITY support.  The flag testing and message queue selection
      Add comment about how to survive blocking operation during percpu member
      Save the value read from TX queue CSR, so we don't test against a stale one.
      - JMC260 with full mask revision 2 and ECO revision 0 does not support
      - Proper handle flags passed to bridge_rtflush() and bridge_rtdelete(),
      - In sys_setsockopt():
      Resurrect priority message support; there is always +/-5~10K measurement error.
      test push
      test local mirror
      test enigma
      test xanadu
      test lance
      - Use a longer timeout value for firmware handshaking.
      Remove jumbo frame support for 8169; it never works (except slow ping) and
      Filter out 8139 chips by PCI revid.  It looks like certain 8139 does have
      Add TTTech
      Recognize TTTech MC322
      Fix speed report on Intel SATA chips in compat mode.
      Fix carp_input() prototype to meet the requirement of protosw
      Avoid NULL pointer dereference

Simon Schubert (692):
      Test for my existance
      Import of FreeBSD rev. 1.2 by mlaier:
      Add support for building modules with configured kernel options,
      Sync with FreeBSD cp.
      Fix a bug in the ioctl mapping (written by me), which basically failed
      Add compatibility with old style extended options to CVS.
      In preparation of switching to CVS 1.11.12, repair its import:
      Merge from vendor branch CVS:
      In preparation of switching to CVS 1.11.12, repair its import:
      WFORMAT: Use -Wnon-const-format only with gcc2
      Sync with FreeBSD: Add support for sha1 and rmd160
      Update the bktr driver to match the current state of FreeBSD-current,
      Switch to CVS 1.12.11
      Clean up generated files
      Import man pages for pf(4), pflog(4) and pfsync(4) devices.
      fix bug that creeped in in last commit
      Fix ICMP problems in rc.firewall:
      Bring in fix from FreeBSD/cperciva:
      Bring in fix from FreeBSD/cperciva:
      Fix compilation with gcc-4.0: static int debug can't be extern.
      Move function prototype from function scope to file scope to
      K&R -> modern C
      Attempt to make code more readable
      Move function prototype from function scope to file scope to
      Fix gcc40 compilation by removing casts of lvalues.
      Fix gcc40 compilation of lib/libsvg by merging from FreeBSD:
      Make hack compile with gcc40: Remove previously deprecated, now
      Make this compile with gcc40: Move function prototypes from function scope
      Make this compile with gcc40: rename variables so that they don't collide
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Remove -fwritable-strings from CFLAGS.
      Fix compilation for gcc40: Don't declare variable with conflicting types.
      Clean generated files
      Make getty compile with gcc40: reorder/include headers to resolve
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Only use -fno-stack-protector with gcc versions
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Move declaration of variable so that type isn't
      Fix compilation with gcc40: un-static-ize variable to match extern
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Move structure definitions up so that array
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Swap #include order
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Move function prototypes from funtion to
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Make `padchar' char *, like all other
      Fix compilation with gcc40: *_hash() take (unsigned char *) as
      Fix compliation with gcc40: Don't cast the lvalue, instead cast the rvalue.
      Fix compliation with gcc40: Don't export ROOTKEY with wrong type at all.
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Don't cast lvalue for postincrement.
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Don't declare static variable extern.
      Clean generated files/directories.
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Move function prototype from function to
      Fix compliation with gcc40: Move structure definition within headers.
      Clean generated directories
      Fix compilation with gcc40: Don't postincrement and cast lvalues.
      Add -t/--tag option to automatically add $DragonFly$ tags to the patch files
      convert spl*() to critical sections.
      unbreak world: only include sys/thread2.h in kernel, not in userland
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Import of virgin gcc 4.0.0 distribution.
      Add infrastructure to build (static) libs for the host system
      Add gcc40 infrastructure, but don't tie it to the build yet.
      remove ct, a pc98-only driver
      remove bs, a pc98-only driver
      Add entry for disk/mpt, "LSI '909 FC adapters"
      convert spl* to critical sections
      Add directories for gcc40
      Fix ctype::is() by using the right array
      update cvs to 1.12.12
      Merge from vendor branch CVS:
      update cvs to 1.12.12
      Add notes how to get xauth forwarding going with pkgsrc
      take cvs 1.12.11 sources out of duty
      remove conditional to get required macros
      Don't unconditionally compile in ALTQ.
      If compiling a module with the kernel, suck in opt_global.h.
      Remove references to NBPFILTER. We unconditionally use bpf.
      Sync with FreeBSD to fix (a genuine DragonFly) bug that printed
      Import bzip2-1.0.3 modulo unneeded files.
      Merge from vendor branch BZIP:
      Import bzip2-1.0.3 modulo unneeded files.
      Switch to bzip2-1.0.3
      remove old bzip2
      Fix bzip2 vulnerability.
      Fix references to bzip2
      Remove unreferenced files. Seems they now live in sys/boot/common...
      We are DragonFly. Besides, FreeBSD doesn't include mined at all.
      Lots of third party programs declare
      Ignore -I if -i is specified, otherwise we can get double prompts.
      remove errnoneous whitespace
      - Convert `inline' to `__inline__' to make gcc happy with -ansi.
      Fix shell expansion to cover dangling symlinks as well.
      - Use __inline instead of __inline__. Therefore include sys/cdefs.h. [1]
      Don't unconditionally compile in ATLQ.
      Merge various changes from NetBSD, OpenBSD and FreeBSD, especially:
      - Merge few fixes from NetBSD/FreeBSD.
      Only symlink if we're building either sendmail or mailwrapper.
      Fix filtering on bridged networks. We (actually I) had source and
      Fix possible buffer overflow in zlib, FreeBSD-SA-05:16.zlib.
      Add updated versions of the DragonFly 1.2 compat libs which include
      convert ln to ${LN}
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Import of openssl-0.9.8, a feature release.
      - update OpenSSL to 0.9.8
      Add our readmes.
      remove old openssl
      Add a more friendly way to deal with files that are installed into /etc.
      Add possibility to specify a path to install a compat lib into.
      Add DragonFly 1.2 rtld. This should enable running -Release binaries
      Also pull up cat dirs to en_US.ISO8859-1
      Make us bootstrap on FreeBSD-6.x. Joerg seemed to fix it before, but
      Refactor the code to use bsd.files.mk, it's a considerable amount
      Remove directory prefix, it's stored in the Makefile.
      Really get the libz fix into libstand as well.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Welcome a trimmed version of OpenSSH-4.1p1 in the tree.
      Add our READMEs.
      Switch to OpenSSH-4.1p1.
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Add files that slipped through. Weird, I thought I double checked
      Remove files I just imported.
      Use src/share/mk to get a current sys.mk which defines LN.
      Don't expand CCVER when testing for its definition.
      Unbreak release build from older machines which don't define ${LN} yet.
      From FreeBSD:
      Add dependencies on files being distributed.  This unbreaks nrelease.
      Note that select behaves like sleep(3) when no descriptors are being checked.
      Reference nanosleep(2) instead of sleep(3).  It matches the behavior
      Don't reference nanosleep at all, but describe the behaviour.
      Actually install lesspipe.sh
      Remove Hitler quotes.  This for sure is something I don't want to see.
      Correct typo.
      Test for malloc returning NULL.
      Only use variable if malloc succeeded.
      Don't panic if we can't allocate memory.
      - Use M_WAITOK in attach()
      Convert to use vop_write_dirent.
      Add descriptive comment back in
      A break was still hanging around from the conversion of
      Convert to use vop_write_direntry,
      Dereference pointer like we should.
      Add a hack to pkgtools to install to a different root.  This differs from
      Add a version identifier to enable detection of additional features.
      Detect pkgtools fakeroot feature and use it.
      Add a stopgap to get a proper osversion and osrelease on -Preview.
      Add gcc40 build hooks.  Gcc40 isn't built per default, you will have to
      Add CVS Id to the config files so that mergemaster won't prompt to
      make confuses the text file `moduli' with a binary which needs
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Import stripped gcc-4.0.1 sources.
      Update our READMEs.
      Update gcc40 to 4.0.1
      Add helper script to generate README.DELETED files.
      pull changes from gcc34/libstdc++: rename ctype class flags
      Implement permanent answers to confirmation questions.
      Unbreak basename suffix removal introduced in last commit.
      style(9) cleanup
      Add declaration of struct tm to suppress a warning.
      Correctly pass arguments.  This enables doing e.g.
      Rework Makefile logic so that it actually does what it should.
      Fix breakage introduced:  When bootstrapping from -RELEASE we don't
      Bring cross-compiling to amd64 into shape, i.e. make the infrastructure
      Merge from vendor branch GDB:
      Bring cross-compiling to amd64 into shape, i.e. make the infrastructure
      Change cvsup collection names.  It has been more than 8 months now
      Userland 1:1 threading changes step 1/4+:
      Set up correct lpw->proc linkage
      Disable lwp_flag and lwp_stat for now so that it doesn't get
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.1/4:
      - Don't build PIC in btools
      Alias NO_CLEAN with NOCLEAN.  I just get bitten by this every second build.
      Clean up old yacc syntax
      Enable emacs line editing by default.
      Add -O option: Ignore non-files when recursing.
      Remove erroneous MLINKS.  These are handled elsewhere (better even).
      Add sources to generated files.
      Print what we are doing when running make cleandir.
      Bring in FreeBSD rev 1.123:
      Add linux_nosys which handles non-existing syscalls like linux does:
      Whitespace cleanup.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.2/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.3/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.4/4:
      Get sources right so that we don't make depend if not needed.
      Correctly initialize n_threads.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.5/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.6/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.7/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.8/4:
      Fix brain-o.
      Add forgotten temporary bandaid until ps knows about lwps.
      Unbreak vmstat by using sysctl instead of kvm.
      Remove fakeroot hack, it won't be used with pkgsrc anyways.
      Don't close the toplevel makefile.
      Import NetBSD's ftp client as of 2005-11-12.
      Merge from vendor branch LUKEMFTP:
      Update libedit from NetBSD.
      Switch to NetBSD's ftp client.
      Fix mdoc errors exising at least since the beginning of time (1991 import).
      Remove some files we don't need from CVS's sources
      Merge from vendor branch CVS:
      Remove some files we don't need from CVS's sources
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Import OpenSSL 0.9.8a
      Update our READMEs for OpenSSL
      Update to openssl-0.9.8a and regen man pages
      Use sh to run scripts instead of relying on their +x bit
      Merge from vendor branch CVS:
      Import a stripped down cvs-1.12.13
      Add our READMEs to the new cvs import
      Switch to cvs-1.12.13
      Add the globbing flag GLOB_PERIOD.
      Fix a bug which was introduced in cvs-1.12.13.
      Add pf example configs
      GC old cvs source
      Do not try to write sparse files when using zlib.
      Adjust sources to accomodate for repo copy of our bridging code
      Don't try to install bridge.4, install oldbridge.4
      Remove use of keywords in rc.d/*
      Create usr/include/net/oldbridge
      Bring in if_bridge from Open-/Net-/FreeBSD
      Bring in if_bridge from Open-/Net-/FreeBSD
      Bring in if_bridge from Open-/Net-/FreeBSD
      Aquire serializer before calling ioctl
      BPF_MTAP at the right place so packets to the bridge iface are tapped as well
      Account for packets sent out via the bridge interface
      MFFreeBSD rev 1.155 and 1.156:
      Clean up whitespace
      Build wchar string support
      Add kwrite, a tool to inspect and write kernel memory
      Fix proc->lwp conversion error
      Add missing \n to printf
      Fix a refcount bug which would appear when you kldunloaded a busy module,
      Add missing pkgsrc paths to shell dotfiles and rc scripts
      Remove HP-UX only files
      Merge from vendor branch GDB:
      Remove HP-UX only files
      Move the MAKEDEV step at the end of make upgrade so you can background it
      Add kvm_readstr, a convenience helper which lets you read C strings from
      Also make clean for internal pic archives.
      Shape up asf to be better usable on DragonFly
      Use _KERNEL_STRUCTURES where appropriate
      Import a softdep fix from FreeBSD rev 1.183 by tegge:
      Retire old subvers file
      Check for setenv/putenv's success
      Fix use of history without HistEvent, causing segfaults
      Fix insecure tempfile usage in ee, see FreeBSD-SA-06:02.ee
      Add forgotten part of setenv cleanup
      Fix warning:
      Properly refcount module dependencies loaded by loader
      make zero prefix or suffix tell patch not to produce backups at all
      Adjust X11BASE so that ssh/sshd find xauth with pkgsrc.
      Sync nv with FreeBSD and update the binary driver to 1.0-0310.
      Pull the fix from procfs_vnops.c:1.27 also to linprocfs
      Set proper termio flags for the sysmouse tty
      Make patch break hardlinks even if not making backups.
      Allways pass -n to echo so that wmake -n will do the right thing.
      Pull patch handling into its own file so that patches with
      Move patch handling out of .if defined(PROG)
      Remove no_obj patches from SRCS
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Import OpenSSH 4.3p2 modulo unneeded files
      Update our READMEs
      Adjust build infrastructure for OpenSSH-4.3p2
      Consolidate patches into the sources of top, which were imported from
      Fix patch handling in kernel sources.
      Fix file sizes > 2GB on isofs.  This has already been fixed in the other BSDs.
      Switch to building a libgdb and both gdb and kgdb.
      Rename ${ENV} to ${ENVCMD} to prevent bad interference with some shells.
      Enable TCP wrappers in sshd.
      unbreak world: spell MPSAFE correctly
      Check cvs commit's -m argument for being a filename and ask the user
      Don't allow backslash characters in smbfs path requests.
      Also obey securenets when TCP wrappers are enabled.
      Fix C++ linkage: use __BEGIN_DECL/__END_DECL for the select prototype
      Coverity CID 3384: Don't close -1.
      Coverity CID 890: Possible NULL pointer deref.
      Coverity CID 1755: Add fts_close() in traverse.
      Coverity CID 1754: Call fts_close() after we're done copying.
      Coverity CID 1670: Call fts_close() at the end of rm_tree().
      Add entry for CanoScan D660U
      Add CanoScan N676U and D660U
      Document that only sockaddr_storage sized parameters can hold
      Remove OLDBRIDGE
      Remove outdated headers of OLDBRIDGE
      Invoke recvfrom with MSG_FNONBLOCK
      Handle return values correctly, don't treat ssize_t return val as errno
      Delete unused variable
      only compile function in the SMP case
      use ${MACHINE_ARCH} instead of ${MACHINE}
      remove long gone makefile
      Restructure kernel makefiles and factor out MI and MD parts.
      Set limits for inlining functions.
      Copy b_cmd into new buf
      Correct typo in comment
      Correctly handle dumping kernel threads
      Don't use B_PAGING with geteblk() bufs
      Copy /etc/localtime into the bind chroot so that log messages come from
      Assign the packet length to the pkthdr and mbuf.
      Fix two bugs in cluster_read:
      libssl needs libcrypto, so link it
      Make dlsym() search all (recursively) loaded objects and not just
      Fix bug introduced in rev 1.33 and make a clearer code flow.
      Pull in fixes from FreeBSD to make -e handling work better.
      Default kdump's data limit to 64 bytes and document how it can be disabled.
      - Move error exit in front of tsleep_interlock()
      Merge from vendor branch GDB:
      restore erroneously removed header
      Build amd64 with the i486 files
      Link libgcc_pic for shared libs
      Restructure Makefiles to accomodate multiple archs
      Restructure Makefiles to accomodate multiple archs
      Remove unneeded patches
      Add correct register offsets
      Add amd64 target sources
      Add amd64 support
      Do obscure va_list handling also on amd64
      remove i386-only conditionalisation
      Use %zd for size_t printf()s
      Pull up changes from i386
      Add defines for amd64
      Build battd only for i386 (uses apm)
      Compile libc_r for all archs
      Import amd64 MD headers
      include the correct headers
      Add amd64 defines
      Tell malloc.c about amd64
      This is suitable for amd64 as well
      Add amd64 atomic_lock implementation
      Always create __sys_name syscalls with weak symbols _name and name
      add header glue
      Remove get/make/signalcontext.
      Correct TLS and PIC addressing
      Update amd64 bits of libc's math routines
      Retire brconfig.  Its functionality is covered in ifconfig.
      Add amd64 support
      Move include under _KERNEL protection.
      Update the documentation to reflect current state:  d_reclen is dead.
      Don't prematurely check for non-active descriptors by looking up the
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
      Import OpenSSL 0.9.8c
      Update READMEs
      Update to openssl-0.9.8c
      Add camellia.h to the headers
      Remove DESTDIR from MAKEFLAGS to unbreak make world
      Add man -F, which allows you to display files directly.
      Advise to use make installworld instead of make world, it is not really
      Move conditional to support -t in combination with -F
      Revert last commits and make man treating the argument
      Import useful files
      Merge from vendor branch CVS:
      Adjust README
      Factor patching out into a macro, so that it can be easily used in other
      Add cvs annotate -b which allows to annotate "backwards":
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.9/4:
      Don't unlink the target if the source and target are the same file.  Instead,
      Always warn about identical target and source.  Nevertheless, don't treat
      Run trimdir in a subshell so that our cwd doesn't change under us
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Import a stripped down version of gcc-4.1.1
      Add our READMEs
      Welcome the build infrastructure for gcc41
      Update strtonum(3) to the latest OpenBSD version, which uses long long's
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Import stripped down sources of OpenSSH-4.4p1
      Update our READMEs
      Update build infrastructure for openssh-4.4p1
      Merge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
      Import erroneously removed header from OpenSSH-4.4p1
      Unbreak world build by including a now required header
      Fix smb panic, td might be NULL
      Always zero out vpp, like the nresolve compat code expects
      Mark the static abi tag variable used, so gcc41 doesn't optimize it away
      Make xlint work with gcc3+
      Unhook the old ports tools from the build
      NO_PKGTOOLS doesn't exist anymore
      Fix pathnames for gcc41
      Add missing parentheses to fix a segmentation fault that is easily
      Remove old, outdated headers
      We're long on 1.7, so remove 1.5 subvers info
      Add the -D flag to specify an alternative dumpdev.
      reorder libs to allow static linking
      The uthreads code previously didn't work for debugging while
      Unbreak compilation without IPSEC:  move variables into conditional
      Abort if the device doesn't exist.
      Don't break buildworld for upgrading users:  "i386" is no valid platorm
      Disable use of wide char functions for mkmagic.nx, a host tool.  This
      Correct a signedness bug which allowed members of the operator
      Janitor out stale defines and ifdefs.
      clean to WARNS=6.
      Add initialization to silence compiler warning.
      Remove vgrind and nvi as build tools.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.10/4:
      Say hello to a sound system update from FreeBSD.  This includes the long
      remove old man pages and modules
      Move makewhatis to the end so that pages which will be removed in this
      Add handler for timespec values.
      Install gdb docs.
      Fix the obscure at(1) permission problem.
      Install tap headers.
      Use SEEK_SET instead of magic constant.
      Substitute a phony target with a cookie, thus not requiring the
      Unbreak build by moving the include up.
      Disable sshd on the Live CD.  This just takes time generating the
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Update to gcc-3.4.6
      Update to gcc-3.4.6
      Do not use dbg() too soon.  This fixes rtld with -DDEBUG.
      Do not lookup symbols with STB_LOCAL binding
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Import crt code from gcc-4.1.1
      crtstuff.c is now present
      Reorder libs to allow -DNOSHARED linkage
      Copy forgotten header from gcc34 build glue
      Create startup files from the GCC sources and drop our versions.
      Retire gcc-4.0.
      Remove traces of gcc40
      Remove build glue of gcc40.
      Also build+install csu in the world stage.
      Use genassym to create target symbols instead of
      Fix negation handling.
      Fix handling of MACHINE_CPU.
      Complain if CPUTYPE is set to an unknown value.
      Fix internal compiler errors with propolice enabled.
      Add DPADD lines for used libs.
      Don't build gcc libs with -liberty.
      Pass structs by reference if you expect the callee to modify them.
      Declare dumpmag as used, even though it is an unused static const.
      Fix values for CCVER, they are gcc*, not cc*.
      Rework DEV_SUPPORT infrastructure.
      Do not build bus modules for vkernels.
      Change kinfo_proc interface between kernel and userland.
      Report non-existing procs as pid -1, not NO_PID.
      Teach the vkernel to behave and not fsck with my tty.
      Implement window size passing between real tty and virtual console.
      Don't segfault the kernel if it can't resolve a name on a backtrace.
      Fix indention.
      Fix ps %CPU output in vkernel by exporting hw.availpages.
      Clean up stale code.
      Remove now unused cpu_coredump.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.11/4:
      Don't rely on sys/resource.h including all necessary headers.
      Use the saved ucontext pointer and not the return value of get_mcontext.
      Don't hand-roll an own version on selrecord.  This unbreaks LINT build.
      Add flag to optionally disable stripping of old kernel and modules.
      Do not create /var/db/pkg, pkgsrc bootstrap doesn't like it.
      Use a new pkgsrc bootstrap to work with recent tar changes.
      Use proc flags instead of lwp flags.
      Fix RSS display by calculating the correct value.
      Document and correctly name fields.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.12/4:
      Merge from vendor branch GCC:
      Import gcc-4.1.2.
      Update our README.
      Update to gcc-4.1.2.
      Re-order #includes to silence warning and use inline version of ``ffs''.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.13/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.14/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.15/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.16/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.17/4:
      Build gcc41 per default. This can be disabled with NO_GCC41 in make.conf.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.18/4:
      Remove outdated comment.
      Silence compiler warning.
      Replace magic number with constant.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.19/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 2.20/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 4.1/4:
      Fix symbol resolution for objects loaded by ELF dependencies.
      Fix stopping of the current process, which was broken by the last commit.
      Make setrunnable() behave more like it is intended.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 4.2/4:
      Enable building/installing of multiple kernels in nrelease.
      Unbreak wrong offset calculations by using the correct functions.
      Fix taskqueues to truely work on SMP systems.
      Remove superfluous conditional.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 4.3/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 4.4/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 4.5/4:
      Drop a.out coredump support from gcore.
      Get rid of struct user/UAREA.
      Fix suspend behavior by really stopping the process and setting its signal.
      Add forgotten file.
      1:1 Userland threading stage 4.6/4:
      1:1 Userland threading stage 4.7/4:
      Add precautions so that threads won't race to exit1() and get stuck there.
      Add prototype for lwp_create().
      Add man page for lwp_create().
      1:1 Userland threading stage 4.8/4:
      Rework stopping of procs.
      Drop this strange start/endzero thing for procs and lwps.
      Adapt libthread_xu to use the new lwp kernel functions.
      Disable ar support in libarchive due to buffer overflow bugs.
      Import binutils-2.17.
      Merge from vendor branch BINUTILS:
      Add our READMEs.
      Convert assembly which accesses segment descriptors to use 16bit ops.
      Add build infrastructure for binutils-2.17.
      Hook binutils-2.17 into the build.
      Switch binutils default to 2.17 and remove old gcc2 code.
      Change the compilers to alias -pthread to -lpthread.
      Add a proxy libpthread.
      Point P_tmpdir to /tmp instead of /var/tmp.
      Build libc_r before other libs, particularly before libpthread.
      Error out when parsing invalid IPv6 addresses.
      Create the right symlinks for libpthread.so.0.
      Pull morse(6) into the new millenium and teach it to use sound(4).
      Add the possibility to dump the generated audio to a file instead of playing it.
      Add support for generic prosigns by enabling ligatures.
      Correct conditional to correctly treat segments which end on a boundary.
      Use MAXPARTITIONS instead of hardcoded value.
      Don't loose count when adding too many plexes to a volume.
      Fix module loading for vkernel.
      Try hard to restore the termios state on exit/reboot.
      Get rid of disklabel faking/processing.
      Switch xorg to modular, so that it fits with the prebuilt packages.
      Use correct variable types when copying files.
      Allow vchans to have their own volume control.
      Fix conditionals to prevent endless loop.
      Remove unused variable.
      Finally retire ports pkg_* tools.
      Fix path.
      Add tac, a simple sed script to reverse stdin.
      Hook tac to the build.
      Retire tac.  tail -r does the same thing already.
      Fix default target architecture.
      Add quriks for my motherboard so that the microphone input will work.
      Pkgsrc defaults to modular Xorg and /usr/pkg nowadays.
      Change comment to reflect that X11BASE moved.
      Make vinum use libedit instead of libreadline.
      Properly import bind-9.3.4-p1 sources.
      Merge from vendor branch BIND:
      Fix a memory leak when kern_execve() fails fatally.
      Fix linux.ko linking.
      Reorder initialization sequence of devclasses.
      Fix select and poll use in LWPs.
      Use pkgsrc packages from a custom location.
      Switch to gcc41 as default compiler.
      Fix automatic vinum probing to include the compat slice and extended slices.
      Drop binutils215.
      Remove NO_GCC41 make option.
      Fix exporting of lwp data.
      Remove custom mk.copf stuff -- a correct one comes with the pkgsrc bootstrap.
      Add msleep(9) to the sleep(9) page.
      Fix panic with ALTQ.
      Remove stale prototype.
      Write status output to stderr.
      The first commit of a series of 6 commits for the amd64 port.
      Resurrect headers for sys/platform/pc64/include from CVS Attic.
      Fix amd64 support of libc.
      Don't include the kernel target.  This is handled in kgdb separately.
      Fix size types.
      Define macros also for amd64.
      Drop the stupid patch infrastructure and merge patches into contrib.
      Merge from vendor branch GDB:
      Drop the stupid patch infrastructure and merge patches into contrib.
      Use the i486 headers for amd64.
      Change gcc41 search path setup to match gcc34.
      Define USED_FOR_TARGET in tconfig.h, matching what gcc does.
      Don't define USED_FOR_TARGET on the command line.
      Define MACHINE et al like this header is supposed to do.
      Drop reference to non-existing variable.
      Define TARGET_PLATFORM matching TARGET_ARCH.
      Output more detail when reporting errors.  Use err() instead of warn();exit();
      Don't hang `all' off `_EXTRADEPEND', but rather on `afterdepend'.
      Rework generating of files so that every generation tool will only run once.
      Print the msgbuf even if using a kernel without symbols instead of aborting.
      Fix a bug in linprocfs and hold lwps to prevent a race condition.
      Kmods always need their headers in place.
      Compile in a variable default search prefix.
      Correct off-by-one error.
      Consolidate all local CVS patches into the contrib sources.
      Use gnuregex.h instead of a private header whose declarations are wrong.
      Allow comment lines in input files.
      Yugoslavia split up into Serbia and Montenegro some time ago.
      Resync patch with contrib.
      Add llabs(3).
      Add llabs(3).
      Fix possible lockup when ptrace()'ing multi-lwp process.
      Make sure that we're locked when initially reading the config from disk.
      Switch to libthread_xu per default.
      Export bootverbose as sysctl debug.bootverbose.
      Don't let DS_BUSY buses block attachment of other devices.
      Call selwakeup() from an MP-protected taskqueue.
      Define _KERNEL_STRUCTURES when obtaining the list of include files.
      Add support for newer CPU models.
      Correct errno value to comply with SUSv3.
      Rename RB_STATIC_* to RB_*_STATIC to match up with FreeBSD.
      Update from FreeBSD:
      Add small hack to allow both agp and drm to attach to i810+ devices.
      Pull up CVS idents from FreeBSD to match our current version.
      Don't segfault when printing unknown signals.
      Add _rtld_functrace support.
      Compile the kernel and modules with C99 warnings, not C90 (-ansi).
      Remove old file.
      Fix lockuninit.
      GC ifdef magic for old gcc version.
      Merge from vendor branch GDB:
      Import a stripped gdb-6.7.1
      Customize the code to make it compile nicely.
      Remove erroneously imported files
      Add our READMEs
      Switch to gdb-6.7.1
      Merge from vendor branch GDB:
      Import missed files from gdb-6.7.1
      Update for import
      Add our register layout changes.
      Adjust for the DragonFly ELF ABI
      Use correct register
      Don't write errno to the GOT, but properly follow the indirection
      Add shim for pthread_set_name_np.  Not functional.
      Don't link to any threading lib as libc already exports weak symbols.
      Set valid bits when updating a fake page.
      Don't panic when invalidating a fictitious page.
      Resurrect deleted file.
      Merge from vendor branch GDB:
      Adjust README.
      Hard code the register offsets instead of deriving them at compile time.
      Remove tm.h and xm.h handling, as it wasn't used.  Use nm.h only when needed.
      Adapt the amd64 kgdb for the new gdb.
      Only build nm.h if necessary.  GC tm.h and xm.h.
      Work around a `label defined but not used' warning in *generated* code.
      Use correct extension.
      Yield after processing a couple of vnodes to avoid running too long.
      Report the last error code when searching for a tap device.
      Add O_SYNC, a SUSv3 alias for O_FSYNC (well, roughly).
      Don't require the tsc frequency to be available.
      Unstaticize some variables so ktrdump will find them.
      Don't forget to set internal error message in kvm_nlist().
      Fix incomplete stack traces by gdb.
      Dump entries can have the same timestamp, so accept those as well.
      Resurrect code mistakenly #ifdef'd out before.
      Fix layout.
      Sync audio data with other output.
      Enforce proper sequencing of world and kernel targets.
      Properly yield to userland processes.
      Make the code we're running under total signal mask as short as possible.
      Add blacklist feature for weak Debian-generated ssh keys.
      Add blacklist feature for weak Debian-generated ssh keys.
      Add blacklist feature for weak Debian-generated ssh keys.
      Declare lsearch(3)/lfind(3), move them to libc and make them POSIX compliant.
      Declare lsearch(3)/lfind(3), move them to libc and make them POSIX compliant.
      Change asf defaults and flags to suit Dragonfly more.
      Don't #include <sys/select.h> from sys/types.h, to conform to SUS.
      Don't manually declare select, instead include sys/select.h.
      Add macros for the linker, which might be different than the compiler.
      Add KTR for tracing userland->kernel entries, i.e. faults and syscalls.
      Fill CPU info for vkernels.  This makes KTR use TSC in vkernels.
      Enable MS-style pragma push/pop.
      Update blacklists to more thorough versions.
      Properly work with path names which contain a dot.
      Move definition of fd_set to sys/fd_set.h.
      Include sys/fd_set.h in the BSD_VISIBLE case.
      Fix macro name.
      Fix type name as well.
      Include sys/select.h to conform to SUS.
      Implement Farnsworth mode.
      Install libedit's readline headers.
      Stop building libreadline.
      Drop out of place readline function declarations.
      Don't run binaries in the new built root, but use host binaries instead.
      Clean up stale comment and unused umount.
      Clarify comment.
      Don't try to run newaliases at all.  This happens anyways on boot.
      Make ip_forward public, so that it can be used from other places as well.
      Make -pthread a complete alias to -lpthread, not only in !shared case.
      Allow gdb to be cross-compiled.
      Unbreak world.
      Make vector selection easier to maintain.
      We're really DragonFly, so bastardize the FreeBSD file.
      Add hammer read support for loader.
      Enable hammer read support in boot2.
      Consolidate moved variables.
      As a safety measure, don't install dma with setuid bit until it has undergone
      Add a gaussian filter for maximum beeping pleasure.
      Test mail hook
      More testing.
      Testing push demultiplexing 1/2
      Testing demultiplexing 2/2
      Update the atime when mmap'ing a file
      Install the ppi header
      Add support for MAP_TRYFIXED
      Fix makefile by rewriting parts into shell code
      Perform logarithmic volume control for vchans
      Add script to output the current repo version
      Roll DragonFly 2.1.1

Thomas E. Spanjaard (55):
      Hello, world!
      Initial import of the port of the new(er) FreeBSD ATA code.
      Now that the objcache supports M_ZERO for objcache_get() in the case of
      Use IODATA as pcmcia vendor id for the IO-Data CBIDE2. Actually, it should
      Add more kmods to the Makefile after testing.
      Our cam_sim_free() does not have a flag to signify it should free the devq.
      Import of the port of the new(er) FreeBSD atacontrol(8), as natacontrol(8).
      Fix a bug in our confstr(3) implementation, it did not conform to POSIX
      Add a SUSv3 symbol to our local mdoc(7) file. A patch has been submitted to
      Pending enlightenment, specify confstr(3) to conform to SUSv3 instead of
      Add a function to retrieve the speed a USB device is running on.
      Fix some of the C++/Java-style comments in ata-usb.c. Adjust the default
      Revert to zero'ing the objects we pull out of our objcaches ourselves.
      Expand the Intel Brand ID table to cover all known brand IDs as mentioned
      Fix the paths in ata_if.m and the module Makefiles to reflect their
      Fix a deadlock in the request completion code when the timeout timed out.
      This time *really* fix the .PATHs in the kmod Makefiles. I promise.
      Explicitly specify null_dtor as our objcache destructor. Fixes a panic when
      Modify the device description for the standard nForce and nForce2 on-chip
      Have the genassym.o target depend on forwarding-headers. This unbreaks
      There is no "atapi-all.h" anymore. Remove reference to it from atapi-cam.c.
      Add the PCI_MAP_FIXUP code as proposed two weeks ago. The code is only
      Add generic printout of extended CPUID feature flags on Intel processors.
      Fix typo in sctp_output.c. The lwp structure has lwp_ru embedded directly,
      Adjust a couple of kmalloc calls to use M_WAITOK instead of M_RNOWAIT. It
      As bridge_rtupdate() can be called from interrupt context and must not
      Bail out of acd_open() when we're called with a cdev_t that wasn't created
      Add a temporary fix to ata_interrupt() to ignore weird interrupts seen on
      Add 'cd9660:acd0' and 'cd9660:acd1' to cdrom_rootdevnames so a root mount
      Print names for two more bits in cpu_features2: Supplemental SSE3, and I
      Forgotten in previous commit: add 'verbose' bit definitions for the VMX and
      Add support for a dynamic environment array in the kernel.
      Enable the ACPI quirks kernel environment variable setting, and add a
      Add options ACPI_QUIRK_VMWARE to LINT.
      Add a manual page in section 9 for the recently added kernel environment
      Correct the DragonFly version of first appearance from 1.8 to 1.7.
      Add SYSCTLS, FILES and BUGS sections to kenv.9, and misc cleanups.
      Don't use 'kenv' as default .Nm.
      Fix iovec checks to match properly. iovec == MAXIOV and iovec == SMALLIOV
      Restore exporting of kernel threads as 'fake' processes. Different from
      Do not generate a trap signal for a spurious SIGTRAP caused by single-
      For acd(4), create the 'root device' (e.g. acd0) and link a and c to it.
      Make natadisk's ad_dump() actually work. Ditch the fake bio/buf scheme to
      Misc cleanups for NATA ataraid, and write ata_raid_dump() to look like
      Misc cleanups to NATA ata-raid.c to make it compile. Fix malloc/free ->
      Add NATA devices to LINT, and hook the natacontrol binary into the build,
      Add a 'NATA' kernel config file to go with the previous commit by Simon
      Add (proper) support for ATi SB600 southbridge SATA controllers in AHCI mode.
      Fix nrelease/Makefile from trying to execute whatever is in an environment
      Remove fugly hack from the ATA channel interrupt handler. It never was really
      Fix a bug where all 'generic' ATA controllers were handled as if they had
      Make sure we tally an interrupt when calling sched_ithd() from
      Fix the fact that I thought about adding a comment too when adding the v_intr
      Remove unmatched crit_exit() from dsp_ioctl(). A critical section was never
      Set a sensible mode on /etc/upgrade/Makefile_upgrade.inc .

Thomas Nikolajsen (135):
      Sync usage() with arp.8
      Adapt to DragonFly. Remove ports sections.
      Use .Pa everywhere.
      Delete obsolete rc.* manual pages.
      Correct references to obsolete /etc/rc.* files: rc.serial & rc.network.
      Correct location of oltr.4.
      Correct location of svr4.4 and streams.4.
      Delete reference without relevance.
      Correct references to this OS.
      Add two cross references.
      Fix usage() to use correct name of program.
      Fix flag name: it is 'schg' according to chflags(1).
      Do a better job formatting vmstat -i output:
      Fix spelling.
      Clusters are gone.
      Add FILES.
      Slip tag used for RELEASE checkout.
      Fix typo.
      loader help update:
      Add Cross reference.
      Add cross references.
      Update diskless help:
      Add hammer_flusher.c, to make kernels with options HAMMER build.
      Add HAMMER to disklabel.8
      Make description of -C option more clear: describe what option does first.
      Add nohistory flag.
      ports is gone: remove use of PORTSSUPFILE.
      Describe flags more verbose.
      Update etc/inetd.conf:
      Describe which FW package is causing error;
      Fix typo.
      Ensure AP is associated before we return.
      Add description of DragonFly-src-supfile.
      Update names of rc.d diskless scripts.
      Update file list and description.
      ata(4) isn't used in GENERIC anymore.
      Add description for CVS_UPDATE and update description for SUP* variables.
      Add PF_MPLSOPS, route flag `m', to netstat.8.
      Change name of kernel tunable from imtime to imtimer,
      In manual pages and LINT,
      Fix paths;
      Change .Fx to .Dx where appropriate.
      Fix typos.
      Fix typo.
      Fix error: `#' can be escaped by `\', not `\\'.
      Fix `option INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE',
      Update FILES section and add a few extra cross references.
      Add some cross references.
      Update estimate of extra disk space for debug kernel from 10MB to 60MB.
      Update recommendation for disk partition sizes;
      Update example disklabel to bigger slice,
      Change how `options INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE' is fixed:
      Make support for polling(4) more visible,
      Update LINT:
      Update netstat help:
      Tunables are called loader tunables; fix this in a few places.
      undo(1) doc fixes:
      Update mount_hammer doc:
      Update hammer doc:
      Update newfs_hammer doc:
      Add VKERNEL.
      Add VKERNEL to FILES and make some paths a bit shorter.
      Update `-t' flag; now it is always transaction-id.
      Capitalize TAP and add some markup.
      Add missing space and newline to error message.
      HAMMER can now be demand-loaded.
      Add note on more HAMMER features:
      Update newfs_hammer.8:
      Add description of how to specify sizes.
      Update mount_hammer.8
      Add uuids.5 manual page.
      Add uuids.5 to build.
      digi/dgb update:
      Add ncv.4, nsp.4 and stg.4 manual pages.
      Update disklabel.8:
      Update disklabel64.8:
      Update gpt.8:
      Update fstab.5:
      Update hammer.8:
      Whitespace fix (cosmetic): delete empty line and tabs at end.
      Update fdisk.8:
      Update mount_cd9660.8:
      Update ffs.5:
      Add Xref to committer.7.
      vnconfig doc update:
      Update hammer.8:
      Update hammer.8:
      Add missing `)'.
      Add description of default section list.
      Add Xref.
      Add note that this is 32 bit disk label.
      Update disklabel doc:
      Update disklabel64 doc:
      Update gpt:
      Update hammer:
      Remove extra space in usage()
      Update hammer.5:
      Fix Boot Setup example:
      Update pf.conf.5:
      Fix Boot Setup example:
      Update fdisk.8:
      update fdisk.8:
      Update MAKEDEV:
      Update gpt.8:
      Update gpt.8:
      Change vkernel.7:
      Update gpt.8:
      Add missing description on context addresses.
      Fix typo.
      Add an example os how to change label format from 32 bit to 64 bit,
      Delete false note.
      Add a bit markup.
      Add a bit markup.
      Fix Xrefs for ata[control](4): add / change to nata[control](4) as appropriate.
      Adapt manual pages to change in boot code to support using
      Add note on move of kernel and modules to boot directory.
      Change how DESTKERNNAME is handled:
      White space fix: wrong TAB in usage.
      Fix markup:
      * /loader is loaded if /boot/loader fails
      Fix old ATA driver name.
      * Break line at end of sentence
      * Move description of hw.usb.hack_defer_exploration
      Add note that NFS exporting PFSs isn't supported yet.
      * fix markup of `auto' argument
      * Add note on HAMMER use for NFS exporting PFSs
      * Fix `cleanup' usage to match program
      - fix description of time (cleanup): suffix is mandantory
      Start sentence on new line.
      - adjust boot command description for booting from
      - null mount for PFS slave can't be set up before first mirroring operation,
      - sync usage() to manual
      - fix UP build
      - sync usage() to man

Victor Balada Diaz (32):
      First commit
      Merge from vendor branch BIND:
      Import of bind-9.3.2-P1
      Upgrade bind to bind-9.3.2-P1
      Upgrade bind to bind-9.3.2-P1. This tools are no longer used.
      Merge from vendor branch BIND:
      Add updated README files based on our previous version
      Upgrade to bind-9.3.2-P1. Delete unused cat files for dnssec-makekeyset
      Delete unused bind version.
      Fix name collision on C++.
      update man page:
      Update to new API and make it compile and work again
      Support enabling daemons in base and pkgsrc like NetBSD and FreeBSD, ie:
      Now that we support foo_enable="YES|NO" as well as foo="YES|NO" some
      Add support for SIGINFO.
      Add support for SIGINFO.
      Add support for pentium-m CPUs.
      Document pentium-m support
      Made jails IPv6 aware and support more than one IP address.
      Update the copyright year
      jail(2) now returns the jail id if successful or -1 on error.
      Add support for -l and -U. -l creates a jail in a clear environment and
      Update the man page, now jail returns a non-negative integer if succesful
      Change the synopsis from ipnumber to ip-list
      Fix a stack reference bug and do a cleanup.
      Import bind-9.3.4
      Merge from vendor branch BIND:
      Import bind-9.3.4
      Merge from vendor branch BIND:
      update the readme files for bind-9.3.4 import
      Add a missing header that prevents detecting the kernel is compiled with INET6 support
      This file is an amd64 config file, not i386

Walter Sheets (2):
      Importing some newer defines for elf to fix build of pkgsrc/devel/libelf.

YONETANI Tomokazu (139):
      Register ips device with devstat subsystem so that {io,sys,vm}stat
      last commit removed the space before the comment at end of line,
      `proto' field was forgotten in the previous commit.
      Do not overwrite z*grep commands with shell wrappers in this directory.
      lwkt_runnable is declared in <sys/thread2.h>
      add ServeRAID disk node to `MAKEDEV all' for many(> 1) people's convenience.
      Remove unnecessary weird locking macro I added to blindly replace
      just a test
      rename foo to bar
      Avoid parsing past strdup'ped string.
      - clean up a leftover in binutils215/ld
      Fix -iostat feature by properly calculating the divisor in stat1().
      Don't remove /usr/bin/perl if it's a symlink, which was probably
      The last commit couldn't handle cases when $GZIP contained
      Do not use tsleep when the system is not booted. This fixes acpi_ec
      Clean up Makefile's in preparation for importing new Intel ACPICA code.
      Unbreak the build of netstat and systat by hiding stale
      Clean up entries for undefined mbuf tags to catch up with
      Import acpica-20050211 from Intel.
      Update ACPI build wrappers to use new ACPICA code.
      Forgot updating SYSACPICA_VERSION.
      Change the behavior of -fstype so as not to terminate the process
      Constify all users of dktypenames to unbreak buildworld.
      Now that const'ification of users of dktypenames also const'ified
      Import acpica-20050309 from Intel.
      Update ACPI build wrappers to use new ACPICA(20050309) code.
      Remove unused version.
      ${CC}'s here were supposed be used as preprocessor, add -E.
      Move unused version into Attic. Remove DragonFly_Stable tag afterwards.
      Bring in long-forgotten man pages for ACPI components currently available
      Merge revision 1.5 from FreeBSD:
      Merge from FreeBSD:
      Resurrect some of functions shared by rrestore.
      Add a debug knob debug.acpi.avoid.paths, a variant of debug.acpi.avoid
      yp_maplist is one of those undocumented functions, resurrect and prototype it.
      Backout part of the change in 1.4; copy directory part of the path,
      leftover from proc->thread stage 4
      Fix typo inside #ifdef SMP.
      A few shared libraries get installed with schg turned on.
      Backout the last commit. _S is also true for a few control codes for which
      Fix duplicate bitmask for _A and _G.
      Deal with "or later" notation of USE_GCC knob.
      ("" < 3.4) always evaluates to true, which unconditionally
      Minimum bandaid to the breakage due to the last gcc40-cleanup.
      More -Wwrite-strings cleanup and make sure you can actually play it.
      Don't treat an empty command buffer as parse error.
      Replace spl*() with critical sections.
      remove an unused struct
      New openssl installs manual sections 5 and 7, populate the directories
      rev 1.21 has left namei.9 by itself, resulting in wrong pairs
      isab_attach() is called from acpi_isab_attach(), so it's supposed to
      Get rid of 4.x-derived acpi code:
      Explicitly specify `all' as the default target(as it used to be), so as
      Retire old, FreeBSD 4.x -derived ACPI code.
      Workaround the panic, triggered by the netgraph attempting to
      Forced commit to note that the review and the suggestion
      Avoid panic by not using linker_* API in the early stage of
      - Catch up with rev 1.157 of sys/dev/acpica/acpi.c in FreeBSD:
      cppinternals.texi includes generated gcc-common.texi in .OBJDIR.
      Unbreak `device pmtimer' for compiled-in acpi driver.  It's only
      - kill `unused variable' warning pointed out by sephe@
      Catch up with renaming of macros IRQn -> ICU_IRQn in i386/icu/icu.h,1.7
      Rename spin_lock()/spin_unlock() to spin_lock_quick()/spin_unlock_quick()
      Fix LINT kernel; spin_lock function definitions have been split into
      upgrade_etc: remove altqd and network scripts too, which have been around
      Do not try to detach when successfully attached.
      Some of ServeRAID card may report an unusual status code after
      Fix buildworld with WANT_GCC40 defined. In gcc-4.0,  __offsetof__ macro
      Initialize intrcnt[] with 0 before using it, because hw.intrcnt
      crit_exit() is called where crit_enter() is supposed to be.
      Move serializer locking from pppoutput() to pppwrite(), which was
      Fix "ls: not found" problem during buildworld.  mdate.sh script
      forced commit to test new log_accum.pl script
      another forced commit from cvs-1.12.13 client to test log_accum.pl script
      Don't forget to replicate b_cmd, which has been split off of b_flags.
      Merge revisions 1.38,1.41 of eval.c from FreeBSD:
      Fix `/etc/rc.d/dhclient stop' by explicitly returning 0, otherwise
      sync with FreeBSD rev 1.6:
      Add a new flag in pkthdr.fw_flag for ipfw2 so as not to abuse mbuf flag.
      Clean up ACPI build wrappers:
      Add Enhanced SpeedStep driver(EST), based on Colin Percival's early
      Cleanup variables so that you don't need to maintain two variables.
      Port EST driver from NetBSD, as it has better support for newer CPUs
      Sync with Osd/OsdDebug.c rev1.9 in FreeBSD:
      Last commit changed the function arguments of userland version of
      Fix a BM control -related panic by bringing rev 1.44-1.45
      Fix malloc->kmalloc leftover to fix kernel without VGA_NO_MODE_CHANGE
      acpiioctl() can be left without ACPI_UNLOCK(), leading to
      Typo in commented out line.
      Borrow the code from test/pcpu/cpustat.c to display per-cpu load average on SMP machines.
      Implement suspend method and wait for channels to be idle
      The ":R" operator is never needed after ":S/./_/g", which replaces
      ${_LHDRS} must succeed ${_MACHINE_FWD}/include/machine, which creates
      uname(1) is still used in a few places during buildworld,
      remove extra crit_exit()
      Setting 0 to c_cc[] member doesn't disable the special character function,
      Import acpica-unix-20061109 from Intel.
      Merge from vendor branch INTEL_ACPICA:
      Update ACPI build wrappers to use new ACPI-CA code.
      Teach rcs utils about commitid phrase.
      AcpiTbDeleteTable() now takes a (ACPI_TABLE_DESC *) as its argument,
      Rework the make rule for patched *.c files.
      Fix a hang during boot.
      pbn * vn->sc_secsize may wraparound, because both pbn and vn->sc_secsize
      Incorrect calculation of a virtual block address within
      Move acpica-unix-20050309 into the Attic
      Initialize ACPI task thread before AcpiEnableSubsystem() installs
      Silence harmless warnings (for module build).
      i should be pre-incremented in the loop maintenance code or else
      kern_recvmsg() may not return a valid(non-NULL) pointer to `sa'
      Enable setting debug.acpi.{layer,level} via sysctl command.
      o Add modified tables based on the reports/patches from the following people:
      add prototype for linprocfs_init()
      leftover from aout_coredump() removal:
      leftover from 1:1 Userland threading stage 2.11/4
      Don't loop beyond maximum cpu ID (ncpus - 1); this probably hasn't done
      Don't print error messages on AE_TYPE from AcpiGetCurrentResources().
      Writing PstateControl(formerly named PstateCnt) to SMI_CMD is a notification
      Add ACPI_DEBUG_CACHE debug option to module build of acpi driver
      fix critical-section mismatch
      When enabling A20, put upper limit on amount of time we wait for the
      Put a DELAY in the AT-style keyboard detection loop to wait
      (essential part of rev 1.54 in FreeBSD)
      Do not rely on the fact that components in module_path to have
      Merge fixes to debugging messages from FreeBSD:
      vmstat -iv: include IRQ number before the interrupt name, unless
      we do not want to shift by the block size, which is much larger than
      Merge rev 1.26 from FreeBSD:
      Fix read-only build of cc41.
      Merge From FreeBSD:
      Merge ACPI resource manager changes From FreeBSD:
      Remove KKASSERT() from the code block where not all callers' CPU own
      Prototype declarations don't have an initializer.
      One more place where an inode is still printed as a 32 bit quantity.
      Humanized number can be up to three digits + unit letter + terminating NUL.
      Don't fail if the file flags of source and copied symlinks don't match.
      missing crit_exit()
      #ifdef DDB without including "opt_ddb.h"

Yonghong Yan (6):
      a helloWorld ci test by yanyh
      prepare the amd64 kernel build, ext2_bitops.h merged in from FreeBSD
      more header changes for amd64 port; the pc64 building infrastructure
      More headers for pc64 platform kernel build/linking
      A simple README.amd64 and AMD64_GENERIC kernel config file
      cleanup the duplicated $DragonFly$ cvs id, my bad


DragonFly BSD source repository

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