DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2009-09
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DragonFly commits List (threaded) for 2009-09
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git: annotated tag v2.4.0 created

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 09:01:34 -0700 (PDT)

        at  e987be12d5f5638074b4731be0959c6e741fcefe (tag)
   tagging  2ee9a0d68907366cb987223faf3e28538051f724 (commit)
  replaces  v2.3.2
 tagged by  Matthew Dillon
        on  Tue Sep 15 09:01:12 2009 -0700

DragonFly 2.4.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (DragonFly)


Aggelos Economopoulos (1):
      add KTR_CTXSW option to log context switches

Alex Hornung (83):
      DEVFS - Fix a bug in devfsctl and devfs_rules
      test commit
      vcons - Cleanup of leftover kprintfs in vconsole driver
      DEVFS - Cleanup of C++-style comments in subr_diskslice
      DEVFS - Cleanup of dead functions/comments; various fixes
      devfsctl - Sync up to devfs_rule changes (dynamic memory for strings)
      DEVFS - Avoid hiding of /dev/devfs
      devfsctl - Add userfriendliness; correct #include
      DEVFS - Avoid showing devfs aliases to hidden nodes
      devfsctl - Cleanup of usage() and its callers
      devfsctl - Default to debug build; add to buildworld
      Bump __DragonFly_version after devfs import
      DEVFS - change the rdev allocator to consider minor
      DEVFS - add make_autoclone_dev to take of clone initializing for devs
      DEVFS - Use v_associate_rdev; fix vcount/count_dev
      DEVFS - Use dyn. memory for alias and clone handler
      subr_disk - Use serializing tokens for disklist acceses
      mount - Add missing LDADD and #include
      Revert "mount - Add missing LDADD and #include"
      DEVFS - add vfs ops fhtovp, vptofh and vget
      DEVFS - Cleanup of devfs_core, devfs_rules and devfs_vfsops
      kern_memio - fix check for zerodev to fix memory mappings
      subr_disk - don't show 0-size slices
      devfsctl - Cleanup and several bugfixes
      DEVFS - delete rule-created aliases on rule reset
      DEVFS - (temporarily) fix LINT kernel build
      DEVFS - Factor out recursive code into iterate_topology
      DEVFS - Modification of clone behaviour; general cleanup; xtime
      ttyname(3) - Set errno if ttyname_r call fails
      fdevname - Set errno if fdevname_r call fails; don't prepend /dev
      ttyname(3) - Return EBADF if the fd passed is invalid
      devfsctl - Completely rewrite the parser;separate rule representation
      DEVFS - fix probing of label for MBR compat slice; cleanup whitespaces
      NFS - Implement statvfs to take advantage of 64-bit fields
      DEVFS - Separate ioctl struct from in-kernel struct
      devfsctl - Bring in sync with kernel rule changes
      DEVFS - don't apply generic rules to jailed mountpoints
      devfsctl - Add initial devfs/ruletab support
      DEVFS - Add support for wildcard link rules
      mount_devfs - Complete functionality; integrate rule support
      devfsctl - Disable ruletab support; use proper working dirs
      DEVFS - sync up mount with userland; fix bugs
      DEVFS - add link-to-link support to nresolve
      DEVFS - move devfs headers to sys/sys; fix consumers
      devfsctl(8) - move devfsctl to sbin
      mount_devfs(8) - Accept another argument as mount from
      pktgen - fix to work with devfs
      fd - Fix panic due to device_busy
      DEVFS - fix possible panic on devfs_release_ops
      DEVFS - Avoid clearing of hides that don't come from rules
      DEVFS - avoid ENOENT on fstat of open vnode; cleanup warning
      sys/sys/conf.h - Add GID_TTY #define
      tap - Don't make_dev if dev already exists
      vn - enable autocloning
      Use pseudo-device to specify number of precreated devs
      ELF - allow execution of shared objects
      pty - Introduce unix98 ptys
      openpty(3) - change to use unix98 ptys
      wall(1) - Fix for unix98 ptys
      getttyent(3) - Update for unix98 ptys
      ttyslot(3) - Update for unix98 ptys
      linuxemu - fix typo
      mxge - Avoid using #cpu
      acpi_wakeup - Mark used vars with attribute used
      subr_disk - add debug info
      sio(4) - Fix double make_dev if used as console
      ahci(4) - Add support for ATA passthrough
      devfs - Add new make_dev_covering
      disk - use make_dev_covering instead of make_dev
      make_dev(9) - Update man page for make_dev_covering
      unix98 ptys - Add man pages
      kbdmux - Initial import from FreeBSD
      kbdmux - make it work for us
      kbdcontrol - Add support for kbdmux
      conf.h - Fix buildworld
      kbdmux - Bind into module build Makefile
      devfs - populate statfs f_files properly
      diskmbr - Don't use 'tempname', use dsname()
      ptsname - Minor fixes
      ptsname,posix_openpt - move to libc/stdlib
      devfs - change default GID to wheel
      kbdmux - Add missing opt_kbd.h include
      GENERIC - add device kbdmux

Alexander Polakov (34):
      libc: locale support for static binaries.
      make.conf(5): mention STATIC_LOCALES
      citrus: fix libc_rtld build with STATIC_LOCALES set.
      citrus: add a list of supported locales and build UTF8 by default.
      test commit
      citrus: iconv support for static binaries
      Stage 1/5: Update libiconv to support multibyte encodings.
      libiconv: Uncomment iconv_vfs_refcount.
      Stage 2/5: Change msdosfs to use libiconv in case.
      Stage 3/5: Add msdosfs_iconv.
      Stage 4/5: Import libkiconv from FreeBSD.
      Stage 5/5: Change mount_msdos to use libkiconv
      libiconv conversion: add libkiconv to the build, fix header path in mount_msdos.
      libiconv: convert cd9660 to libiconv.
      libiconv: change mount_cd9660 to use libkiconv.
      Connect cd9660_iconv msdosfs_iconv to the build.
      citrus: compile in UTF16/32 support for iconv.
      libkiconv: make libkiconv work when statically linked.
      libiconv: we can now link mount_cd9660 and mount_msdos statically.
      Move isonum_ declaration to iso.h
      citrus: ooops, actually build utf1632.
      missing type in iso.h
      msdosfs: add MODULE_VERSION.
      mount_msdos: remove conversion tables.
      Oops, revert the GENERIC part of f5ff88dca23b1b8f4b9287fb7c59959eb976a808
      netbt: add MODULE_VERSION
      smbfs: use libiconv v.2
      cd9660_util.c: ANSIfy, no functional changes.
      cd9660_util.c: fix a typo.
      powernow: AMD K8 frequency control.
      Revert "Move isonum_ declaration to iso.h"
      mount_cd9660: change to FreeBSD-like behaviour.
      libiconv: convert NTFS to libiconv.
      libiconv: change mount_ntfs to use libkiconv.

Antonio Huete (3):
      Correct RETURN VALUES in mountctl(2)
      INSTALLER - Fix a bug with varargs
      ISCSI - Minor module handling

Hasso Tepper (10):
      Fix randomly seen problems with linking C++ programs.
      Add some more Sys V compatibility integer typedefs.
      Add et_EE.ISO8859-15 locale.
      drm/radeon: add RV740 support
      Remove historic _physadr and label_t typedefs.
      Disable telnet autologin by default.
      Add some additional radeon pci ids to drm.
      Add support for radeon RS880 IGP chips to drm.
      Add LIBEDIT_MAJOR and LIBEDIT_MINOR defines.
      Automatic login isn't the default any more.

Justin C. Sherrill (1):
      Switch pkg_radd and pkg_search to appropriate CPU type path, i386 or amd64.

Matthew Dillon (313):
      vnode - move v_pollinfo.vpi_token to v_token
      Make operations on struct bio_track MPSAFE.
      bio_track - fix bug in last commit (the negative count assertion was wrong)
      lwkt_token - Add ASSERT_LWKT_TOKEN_HELD(token) macro.
      buffer cache - Control all access to the buf red-black trees with vp->v_token
      Make biowait() MPSAFE.
      Make getpbuf(), trypbuf(), and relpbuf() MPSAFE.
      Document pmap_qremove() as being MPSAFE.
      buffer cache - protect bufqueues[] with the bufspin spinlock.
      pipe - add required critical section around tsleep_interlock() call.
      BUF/BIO - MPSAFE work on core buffer cache routines.
      CCMS - Make the cache coherency locks MPSAFE.
      Normalize the defines for the vnode flags (non-operational change).
      CCMS - bug in last commit, remove #include <sys/spinlock2.h> from ccms.h
      CCMS - Correct bug, add #include <sys/spinlock2.h> to kern_ccms.c
      MPSAFE - Add read() and write() path MPSAFE support, and more.
      HAMMER - Add MPSAFE suppor for hammer_vop_read().
      MPSAFE - system calls set_tls_area() and get_tls_area() are MPSAFE
      MPSAFE - Document a few procedures as MPSAFE (non-operational)
      MPSAFE - Implement sysctl vfs.getattr_mpsafe, make fstat() MPSAFE
      MPSAFE - Regenerate system calls for MPSAFE changes.
      HAMMER - new hammer_lock code, fix mplock bug in last commit, mpsafe getattr.
      tsleep() - Add PINTERLOCKED flag to catch edge case.
      tsleep() - Use PINTERLOCKED in msleep() and serialized_sleep().
      Minor adjustments of recent commits to fix UP kernel build.
      MPSAFE - tsleep_interlock, BUF/BIO, cluster, swap_pager.
      LWKT - Rename lwkt_yield_quick() to a more appropriate splz_check().
      LWKT - Make sure an exiting thread is not sitting on a tsleep queue.
      undo - Add <sys/param.h> to get MAXPATHLEN
      NFS - Make the NFS read-ahead defaults & limits more generous.
      Whitespace cleanup
      pipes - set kern.pipe.mpsafe default to 1.
      Adjust atomic_cmpset_int/long - Faster version, fix amd64 issue.
      MPSAFE - Add a set of general blocking/spinnable mutex functions.
      MPSAFE - Add a set of general blocking/spinnable mutex functions.
      MPSAFE - mutex enhancements.
      MPSAFE - mutexes
      MPSAFE - mutex - better exclusive lock sequencer, bug fixes, abort
      NFS - Use mutex API, begin refactoring the state machine.
      NFS - move nfs_reqq from global to per-nfsmount.
      tsleep_interlock - Fix bug with TDF_TSLEEPQ
      NFS - Minor compile fix
      NFS - Remove old nfsiod, start adding new kernel thread infrastructure
      NFS - install nfsmount on nfs_mountq, for timeout handling.
      NFS - create nfsm_subs.c, clean up externs
      NFS - Marathon - completely refactor the nfsm_* macros.
      NFS - Fix refactor bugs.
      NFS - Cleanup pass -factor out strict temporaries from nfsm_info
      NFS - refactor nfs_request() and add state machine fields to nfsm_info
      NFS - implement async state machine for nfs_readrpc_bio()
      NFS - Fix unmounting blockages, fix tick interval, hack cpu assignments.
      tsleep_interlock() - Fix bug in cpu_lwp_exit().
      NFS - Rewrite the RTT code and the request flags & low level state machine
      NFS - Stability pass / recent work.
      NFS - Fix panic on umount/reboot
      The limit specified in kern.ipc.maxsockbuf only applies to userland.
      NFS - Implement async write BIO, greatly increase sockbuf limits, better rexmit
      NFS - Increase default read-ahead from 4 to 6
      EXT2FS: support variable inode size.
      NFS - fix d_ino reporting for readdir, readdirplus, fix unsigned check
      HAMMER / VFS_VGET - Add optional dvp argument to VFS_VGET().  Fix readdirplus
      AHD: Add a DELAY() in the XPT_RESET_BUS path to avoid a race.
      HAMMER - Augment "Missing inode for dirent" Warning.
      VKE - Move vke_init_addr() to fix panic
      NFS - Change the mount default from udp to tcp, add "udp" option.
      GZIP - Add unpack support to gzip
      NFS - Increase server-side listen queue for TCP connections from 5 to 64
      GZIP - Add SCM ident and commit missed changes to gzip.c
      TCP - Remove net.inet.tcp.minmssoverload
      TCP - Fix re-establishment issues if a client reboots
      Fix nasty bug in exec*() code that can crash the machine.
      AHCI - Add a description for the loader variables to the AHCI(4) man page.
      DEVFS - Bring Alex's GSOC DEVFS core into the main tree
      DEVFS - Bring Alex's devfsctl into the main tree
      DEVFS - Bring Alex's GSOC libc tty/dev adjustments in.
      DEVFS - Bring Alex's GSOC mount_devfs.
      DEVFS - Bring in Alex's GSOC kernel adjustments.
      DEVFS - remove dev_ops_add(), dev_ops_get(), and get_dev()
      AHCI - fix hint.ahci_* -> hint.ahci.*
      GCC-4.4: Fix improper object placement in (potentially read-only) src.
      DEVFS - Rollup
      DEVFS - Remove specfs from the build proper.
      DEVFS - rollup, namecache invalidation
      DEVS - rollup - kernel core
      DEVFS - rollup - all kernel devices
      DEVFS - rollup - Userland, nrelease, and installer
      DEVFS - change /dev/pci0 to just /dev/pci (fixes X)
      DEVFS - Remove /dev/MAKEDEV* when upgrading.
      DEVFS - Fix NULL ptr deref when reclaiming unlinked devfs_node.
      DEVFS - Remove debugging
      DEVFS - Add required call to devfs_tracer_orphan_count() back in
      MOUNTCTL - Add MOUNTCTL_MOUNTFLAGS, create vop_stdmountctl() as default.
      MOUNTCTL - Adjust the hammer and null filesystems to work with the new mountctl
      gzip - Fix stack underflow, exit on path too long
      kernel module loader - fix load dependencies from preload modules by kernel
      DEVFS - Add serial number links for all CAM and NATA attachments.
      DEVFS - Fix bug in devfs_clone_bitmap_set() (xor -> &= ~)
      DEVFS - Fix the TAP device.  Auto-cloning and old-style iteration both work now.
      DEVFS - Adjust the vkernel to use if_tap's autocloning feature.
      DEVFS - Remove use of make_adhoc_dev() by keyboard driver
      DEVFS - Remove numerous leftovers of the old device code.
      DEVFS - Cleanup, remove debug messages.
      DEVTAB - Add mountroot & fstab support for serial numbers, and devtab.
      NFS - Fix crash on client on write attempt to ro fs.  Fix ro-test on server.
      DEVTAB - Add devtab support for manual mounts
      getdevpath - support API moved to <fstab.h>
      DEVFS - Code cleanup.
      DEVFS - Code Cleanup
      DEVFS - vknetd - Change default socket path from /dev/vknet to /var/run/vknet
      Kernel mtx - Add mtxsleep(), interlocked tsleep w/ mutexes
      DEVFS - Fix asynchronous race on reprobe, remove devfs_msg id, cleanup
      vkernel build suite - change -I network from /dev/vknet to /var/run/vknet
      vkernel build suite - add README describing network bridging.
      DEVFS - Add required vget when disassociating a vnode from a node.
      DEVFS - Refactor the loop in disk_probe() to fix GPT partition #0 (s0).
      DEVFS - Cleanup pass.
      DEVFS - probe for disklabels in GPT slices.
      DEVFS - More GPT fixes.  Fix serial number aliases for slice 0.
      bioqdisksort - fixes to avoid starvation
      fifos - fix broken mkfifo style fifos.
      DEVFS - Cleanup.  Remove svn_read() / svn_write() and specvnode_fileops.
      PIPE - Fix bugs in pipe_shutdown(), and multiple readers.
      tsleep - close a tsleep/wakeup race.
      bioq - Add a sysctl kern.bioq_barrier to control bioqdisksort()'s sorting.
      GCC - Add NO_GCC44 feature and use it in test/amd64/Makefile
      AMD64 - Fix 64 bit buildworld, missing compiler options in sys/boot
      AMD64 - Fix atomic_cmpset_long()
      AMD64 - Fix prototypes for atomic_cmpset_long()
      DEVTAB - Add support in umount, fsck, and hammer, and add sample /etc/devtab.
      DEVFS - Make synchronization prior to mountroot more robust
      NFS - Cleanly unmount NFS on halt/shutdown/reboot
      EHCI - Fix early probing problems.
      USB - Clean up address setting and softc allocations
      nrelease - adjust usb disk-key image generator
      disklabel* - Make disk and filesystem types case insensitive.
      mount - Finish refactoring mount -v and MOUNTCTL_MOUNTFLAGS
      CISS - Fake up SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE by default.
      AMD64 - Sync machine-independant bits from smtms.
      AMD64 - Sync machine-dependent bits from smtms.
      AMD64 - Sync additional modifications so amd64 kernel & world builds on i386.
      AMD64 - Sync additional modifications to amd64 test Makefile
      swap, amd64 - increase maximum swap space to 1TB x 4
      AMD64 - Fix bug in pmap_prefault, adjust vn kprintfs to conform to amd64.
      AMD64 - Fix bugs in pmap_growkernel()
      AMD64 - Change VM_SWZONE_SIZE_MAX from 32M to 512M
      DEVFS - change leak_count from size_t to long and use the correct atomic op.
      Fix swaponvp prototype.
      devtab - swapon now supports /etc/devtab
      DEVTAB - dumpon now supports devtab
      AMD64 - Enable TSC functions.
      GDB - Fix register layout for 64-bit builds.
      AMD64 - Use Elf_Word for note alignment
      AMD64 - Fix kgdb for kernel core files.
      AMD64 - Properly detect kernel thread register frames.
      AMD64 - Fix file descriptor passing.
      DEVFS - Fix xterm pty allocation, permanently fix pty permissions & ownership
      NFS - Do not allow rsize/wsize or the socket proto to be changed on mount -u
      VINUM - header file syntax cleanup
      VINUM - Fix 64 bit compiler warnings
      DEVTAG - Add devtab suppor for disklabel, disklabel64, and fdisk
      DEVFS - Refactor vinum to operate with devfs
      DEVFS - Add sync_devs()
      Add more intel stuff to pcidevs.
      VINUM - Fix reinitialization bug
      Add umax, umin, i64max, i64min, u64max, u64min.
      VINUM - correct deadlock, correct 32 bit truncation, cleanup string copies
      VINUM - Support geometries > 2TB
      BIO - Do not try to redirty a bp on error unless it has a vnode association.
      pcidevs - Add entry for SYMBIOS SAS1068
      MPI Driver update
      MPI Driver update - additional merge work.
      MPT - fix all compiler warnings
      MPI Driver update - additional merge work.
      PIPE - Fix a blocking race.
      disk/fd - fix panics
      kernel - Fix bug in usched_set()
      Kernel - Instrumentation for experimentation, interrupt threads
      HAMMER - Add vfs.hammer.yield_check, yield on cpu intensive loops
      usbd - Do not start moused by default when a usb mouse is connected
      MFS - Fix bug in SIGUSR1 signaling.
      MFS - Clean up debug code, remove stuff no longer needed for DEVFS
      AMD64 - Fix bogus signal interruption
      DEVFS - Call disk_setdiskinfo() for SCSI/ATAPI CDs.
      Kernel - Use built-in suffix handling for "hw.physmem" kenv.
      AHCI - Chip reset, Inquiry alignment, ATAPI adjustments, Intel attach
      DEVFS - Remove /usr/sbin/devfsctl when upgrading.
      HAMMER Util - Add new features, fix history retention bug in prune
      HAMMER Util - Bulk transfer, SIGPIPE, more features.
      NFS - Fix socket race against nfs_timer.
      AMD64 - Move fdisk and nextboot up one level and remove src/sbin/i386.
      AMD64 - Fix printf type
      size_t/ssize_t - change to [unsigned] long
      Fix miscellanious size_t related compiler warnings.
      Change typedefs for vm_offset_t, vm_size_t, and vm_pindex_t, add szmin/sz/max
      AMD64 - Refactor uio_resid and size_t assumptions.
      HAMMER - break atomicy for huge reads and writes.
      AMD64 - Pipes now support 64 bit size_t for uio_resid.
      AHCI - Fix bricking issue with older chipsets on boot.
      Kernel - Check cd8/cd9 for root mount (USB)
      HAMMER mirroring - Multiple adjustments to support better incremental ops
      HAMMER rebalance - Fix propogation race.
      HAMMER Util - Refactor mount list scan and other fixes
      AHCI - Fix interrupt enablement sequencing
      HAMMER - Rework write pipelining
      bioqdisksort - refactor I/O queueing to fix read starvation issues.
      NATA - Replace the queuing algorithm with the one used by bioq.
      NATA - Convert sysctls to globals to make NATA compile ok
      disklabel64 - Fix DIOCSDINFO64, DIOCWDINFO64 bugs
      BIOQ - Create a more sophisticated bursting mechanic for writes.
      HAMMER - Massively improve performance
      Revert size_t/ssize_t 1e8087d481c6bfecf14ce6eddc5c722031742332
      Revert "printf(1): don't use getopt"
      VKERNEL - fix procedure argument to match prototype.
      INET6 - Fix broken call to ip6_notify_pmtu()
      Fix numerous compiler warnings and format conversion specifiers.
      AMD64 - Get buildworld working again.
      AMD64 - Fix compiler warnings
      AMD64 - yp functions take pointers to int, not pointers to size_t.
      AMD64 - AUDIT RUN - Fix format strings, size_t, and other issues
      AMD64 - Fix compiler warning.
      AMD64 - Refactor the 'top' program.
      AMD64 - Fix compiler warnings.
      AMD64 - Fix SIZE_MAX test from previous commit
      TCP - Fix problems with dynamic receiver and sender buffer scaling
      Change TCP_MIN_WINSHIFT from 6 to 5 to accomodate broken firewalls.
      AMD64 - Fix just enough of the missing prototypes to help vi not crash
      AMD64 - Fix unsigned promotion that was meant to be a signed promotion
      Network - redispatch was not properly adjust ip->ip_len
      PF - Must set FW_MBUF_REDISPATCH when translating input packets
      Add a flags argument to VOP_FSYNC()
      fsync - Add sysctl to relax fsync requirements.
      Rename serialize_sleep() to zsleep()
      Rename msleep() to ssleep().
      Bring in ISCSI initiator support.
      ISCSI - correct compiler errors due to recent divergences.
      Kernel - Fix issues with vnode_pager_setsize() (effects NFS only)
      NFS - Properly handle NFSv3 EOF short-reads
      Kernel - more NFS fixes, more dirty bit fixes, remove vfs_bio_set_validclean()
      AMD64 - Fix dev_t tests in cpdup
      AMD64 - Cleanup - Remove JGPMAP32 and READYx
      AMD64 - Adjust _pmap_allocpte() to handle races.
      AMD64 - Fix format conversions and other warnings.
      AMD64 - Fix bug in mpstable pass 1 non-default configuration
      kernel - Add support for %z[d,x,etc].
      Fix issue1314 - panic when exporting -public flag
      Kernel - pass sysmsg through to ioctl.
      Kernel - Add scsi/scsi_sg linux-compatible SCSI pass through device
      cdparanoia hacks - add ENOMEDIUM, fake out scsi_inquiry() in CAM headers.
      Testing - fix bugs in fsx related to 64-bit systems.
      AMD64 - Correct wire_count, statistics, and other pmap fixes and cleanups
      Kernel - Clean up conditionals to make them more readable (no real code chg)
      AMD64 - Fix minor issues.
      AMD64 - Ansification of fsx to deal with misc 64-bit issues.
      Kernel - fix access checks
      Kernel - Close VM/BIO races and document.o
      NFS - Fix remaining VM/BIO issues
      Kernel - add ksnrprintf() and friends.
      Kernel - replace unbounded uses of kvcprintf() and reduce stack use by devfs
      MFS - Fix mmap issues with files under MFS
      MFS - Fix MFS size passed to kernel mfs component
      Kernel - add missing crfree() calls to two linux emulation functions
      Kernel - Disk - do not bother trying to read the MBR if media_size is 0
      Kernel - remove the old specfs trialings.
      Kernel - Minor cleanup.
      NFE - Fix bug with imtimer transitions and improve performance
      TCP - Reduce context switching when handling large send*() or write()'s
      HAMMER - Fix lost inode issue (primarily with nohistory mounts)
      CAM - Check DA media on open, basic suppor for removable DA media (vs CD).
      HAMMER - Add vfs.hammer.stats_undo
      HAMMER Util - hammer iostats now reports undo space used.
      modules: Kill debugging.
      AMD64 - Make machine/endian.h work properly when compiled -m32.
      PIPE - Fix more races in the pipe code
      MFS - Use mmap() instead of malloc().
      USB - Avoid unnecessary reprobes.
      USB - Preallocate umass buffers to avoid interrupt deadlock
      USB - Formalize polling mode and fix ohci interrupt storm
      Remove nearly all MP contention from ip_randomid()
      Revert "USB - Formalize polling mode and fix ohci interrupt storm"
      PIPE - Fix a panic introduced by the last commit.
      SILI - Merge Alex's ATA pass-through ioctls from AHCI driver into SILI driver.
      NFS - Fix panic if the readdir base offset is beyond the directory EOF
      USB - Reintroduce OHCI fixes without the larger polling infrastructure fixes
      powernow - only build for i386, BIOS macros currently broken for 64-bit.
      NFE - Change default RX ring size from 128 -> 256, Adjust moderation timer.
      MBUF - Account for failed allocations so netstat -m reports properly.
      MBUF - Do not limit an objcache common pool to 10 magazines.
      Kernel - Enable the TCP inflight limiter by default, but with generous values.
      IPV6 - Attempt to fix tcp46 compatibility listen sockets
      HAMMER - Try to improve backend stalls due to heavy write activity.
      KERNEL - Implement a poor man's ioscheduler using sys/iosched.h
      kgdb - Add -D_KERNEL_STRUCTURES to access kernel structures properly.
      Fix buildworld issues - conditionalize thread.h in mountctl.h
      HAMMER - HAMMERIOC_GETHISTORY ioctl fails on directories in PFSs
      HAMMER - Update hammer.5 manual page
      nrelease - Redo /usr/Makefile to use only git repos.
      nrelease - generate git repos for pkgsrc and (if a gui build) src
      DEVFS - Fix unprintables in serial numbers reported by the device
      DEVFS - Wait an extra 2 seconds before looking for the root mount
      DEVFS - Fixed missed unlock when attempting to list a hidden directory
      AHCI - No longer cycle the port during port initialization
      AHCI - zero-pad ATAPI commands
      ext2fs - A few bug fixes and syntax adjustments.
      Kernel - change sync_on_panic default to 0
      games - atc - replace sgtty with termios, remove #ifdef madness, fix warnings.
      games - bs - remove redundant libmytinfo
      games - backgammon - use defined names instead of magic numbers.
      games - hunt - minor include fix for portability.
      games - misc - clean up compiler warnings
      games - mille - remove #ifdef madness
      fdisk - Use heads = 255 on file images
      nrelease - USB image - use a noatime mount.
      RELEASE 2.4 - Release Engineering on release branch adjust to 2.4

Matthias Schmidt (5):
      pkg_search: Change URLs and honor possible mirror settings
      Fix typo in development(7)
      DEVFS - Add rc.d script to load rules at startup
      DEVFS - Add rc.d script to Makefiles and examples file
      DEVFS - Change rc.d script and add rc.conf(5) entry

Michael Neumann (11):
      Expand HAMMER filesystem stubs
      Expand HAMMER filesystem step 1/2
      hammer expand: Do not assume sequential vol_no's
      hammer expand: Layer 2 formatting (step 1.5/2)
      Minor adjustment which does not change behaviour.
      hammer expand: Layer 1 formatting (step 2/2)
      hammer expand: Also increase number of total bigblocks
      hammer expand: Refactor code
      hammer expand: Use default values for boot/mem area
      hammer expand: add manpage
      priv: hammer expand not allowed within jail

Nicolas Thery (32):
      add openat(2) system call
      add openat(2) man page
      dirent.h: fix typo in comment
      add fdopendir(3) implementation (1/?)
      make openat(2) a POSIX syscall instead of BSD one.
      libc_r: fix bugs in openat()
      new nlookup functions for "at" syscalls
      add fstatat(2) syscall
      fdopendir(3): remove file offset limitation
      add fchmodat(2) system call
      add fchownat(2) system call
      improve a bit chmod(2) man page
      mknod(2) man: fix incorrect include
      crget(): use M_ZERO instead of bzero()
      add unlinkat(2) system call
      'at' syscalls: remove unneeded _AT_SYMLINK_MASK constant
      remove #ifdef'ed out quota code from vop_helper_access
      ext2: refactor vop_access to use vop_helper_access
      hpfs: refactor vop_access to use vop_helper_access
      isofs: refactor vop_access to use vop_helper_access
      msdosfs: refactor vop_access to use vop_helper_access
      udf: refactor vop_access to use vop_helper_access
      ufs: refactor vop_access to use vop_helper_access
      procfs: refactor vop_access to use vop_helper_access
      nfs: refactor nfs_laccess to use vop_helper_access
      smbfs: refactor smbfs_access to use vop_helper_access
      nwfs: refactor nwfs_access to use vop_helper_access
      access(2): fix confusion between real and effective uid/gid
      vfs: add support for incoming faccessat(2) syscall
      add faccessat(2) syscall
      nfs: init real/saved uid/gid in server-side credentials
      nfs: fix real/effective id mismatch in nfs_access

Peter Avalos (2):
      Update gzip.
      Implement autosizing TCP socket buffers.

Sascha Wildner (133):
      Remove the distribute, redistribute and distributeworld targets.
      Fix typos in mse(4) and ppp(8) manpages: compliment -> complement.
      Fix some typos in manpages.
      isdnd(8): Fix some NULL dereferences.
      Fix LINT build.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tz{code,data}2009k from elsie.
      /usr/Makefile: cvs update using -q.
      stty.1: Start sentences on a new line.
      man8/Makefile: Fix a small typo and sort alphabetically.
      open.2: Fix typo and reword an awkward sounding sentence.
      priv.9: Mention that NULL_CRED_OKAY is used by priv_check_cred().
      Repair rcenable(8) and rcdisable(8).
      Remove suser*() functions, manpage and assorted remains.
      open.2: Remove trailing whitespace.
      telnetd.8: Clean up a bit.
      mxge.4: Comment out incomplete sentence, use .Fx and add ifmedia(4) xref.
      gzip.1 & co.: Please keep DragonFly timeline for .Dd, not FreeBSD's.
      telnetd.8: Some more mdoc cleanup.
      atomic.[ch]: Clean up some warnings that crept up in the recent weeks.
      nrelease: Read the # of CPUs and build with -j / MAKE_JOBS.
      makesyscalls.sh: Constify syscall names array.
      Regenerate syscalls.c
      kdump(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      truss(1): Raise WARNS to 6 and fix warnings.
      kdump(1): Fix amd64 warning.
      mountd(8): Raise WARNS to 2.
      getty(8): Raise WARNS to 2 and fix a warning.
      mail.local(8): Raise WARNS to 2.
      gzip.1: Mention that our gzip(1) can now unpack, too.
      Bump __DragonFly_version after removing suser() and suser_cred().
      nlookup.h: Include <sys/file.h> for struct file.
      Bring back sys/bus/pci/pcidevs which was deleted accidentally.
      nrelease: Read the # of CPUs when it is actually needed and not generally.
      mount_devfs(8): Clean up C++ comments and comment out an unused variable.
      mount_devfs/devfsctl: Until we have manpages, don't install wrong ones.
      Remove some devices.conf(5) and MAKEDEV(8) related stuff.
      Remove various references to MAKEDEV(8).
      fchmodat.2: Fix MLINKS
      Makefile_upgrade.inc: Fix paths.
      mtree: No need to create the /dev/fd/ directory anymore.
      mdoc cleanup: Add missing .Os
      ifconfig.8: Remove empty line.
      directory.3: Add some lines about the new fdopendir() function.
      stat.2: Document fstatat().
      directory.3: Fix wrong date.
      ee(1): Fix some wrong usage of NULL.
      hexdump: always stat input when skipping
      chmod.2/mountctl.2: Remove trailing whitespace.
      ahci.4: Improve markup, begin sentences on a new line, bump .Dd.
      development.7: Improve markup a bit, bump .Dd.
      ahci.4: Oops forgot one .Nm
      shlock(1): Remove a wrong free() of a stack variable.
      i4b(4): Remove a declaration which is no longer needed.
      vkd(4): Comment out an unused variable (just like the code).
      List NO_GCC44 in make.conf and add some lines to the manpage for it.
      'options DEVFS' isn't anymore, so remove useless VKERNEL_DEVFS config.
      installer: use cmd_name()
      installer: GC some dead code.
      stdlib.h: Adjust indentation a bit.
      Add some documentation for fdevname() and fdevname_r() (thanks, alexh).
      boot2: prevent use of DEBUG_FLAGS
      compilers.conf(5): Kick gcc44 from the config, now that it's in base.
      devfsctl(8): Add a manual page.
      devfsctl.8: Add a description of the rule syntax.
      mount_devfs(8): Add a manual page.
      devfsctl.8: Fix some references.
      Revert "installer: use cmd_name()"
      Sync family tree with FreeBSD.
      mpt.4: Update manual page.
      mpt(4): Hook the module into the build.
      devfsctl(8): Fix WARNS regressions.
      Silence some 'unused variable' warnings in the kernel.
      mount_devfs.8: Update for new options. Add some EXAMPLES.
      installer: Fix creation of the /sys symlink.
      distrib-dirs: Create /sys only if it doesn't exist.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009l from elsie.
      systat.1: Document pvmmeter display.
      Fix some WARNS fallout from the recent (s)size_t changes.
      ahci.4: Fix tunable name (reported by hasso).
      Remove dev_ops_release() and two more stale prototypes.
      sys/boot: Fix warnings in sys/boot and raise WARNS to 1.
      ciss(4): Use a more proper fix to silence the ciss_print0() warning.
      Install sys/dev/disk/mpt/mpilib/*.h to /usr/include, too.
      man(1): Fix an amd64 warning and raise WARNS to 2.
      tip(1): Fix some amd64 warnings.
      vmstat(8): Fix some amd64 warnings.
      IPXrouted(8): Fix some amd64 warnings.
      Clean up iSCSI options.
      Add some MLINKS for cpp(1) and gcov(1) manual pages.
      Wipe up gcc34 remains via 'make upgrade'.
      Wipe up kerberos remains via 'make upgrade'.
      Oops, remove the correct file via 'make upgrade' (gcc41 -> gcc34).
      installer: Enable writing to the disk label area prior to wiping it.
      Add iscsi_initiator(4) manual page to the build.
      Update the make_dev(9) manual page for devfs.
      device.h: Properly tabify
      malloc.3: IMPLEMENTATION NOTES were moved to posix_memalign.3.
      Fix typo: aquire -> acquire.
      Fix some more typos in manual pages and messages.
      Fix registration issue in the devfs rc script.
      make_dev.9: Use .Dx and fix a typo.
      Some small fixes in the iscsi manual pages.
      trek(6): Drop fast/slow modes and the broken autodetection
      rpc.statd(8): Fix 2 cases where syslog() was passed too many args.
      math(3): Remove some dead initialization.
      libobjc (gcc44): Don't build when NO_OBJC is set.
      nrelease.7: /dev/da8 is the default IMGUSBDEV.
      sys/conf/files: Remove duplicates.
      LINT: Mention KTR_CTXSW.
      Add the make_autoclone_dev(9) manual page.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009m from elsie.
      iscontrol.8: A little cleanup.
      Fix MLINKS.
      installer: Add dumpdev support.
      pfi: Adjust a bit better for devfs.
      Add a kbdmux(4) manual page (taken from FreeBSD).
      Add kbdmux to LINT.
      kbdcontrol.1: Reduce differences with FreeBSD a bit.
      kbdmux.4: chmod 644
      Add a devfs(5) manual page (based on FreeBSD's).
      devfs.5: chmod 644 :(
      backgammon(6)/hack(6)/larn(6): replace sgtty with termios
      mount_cd9660.8: Reduce differences to FreeBSD a bit.
      mount_msdos: Remove some /usr/libdata/msdosfs remains.
      Add a tentative devtab(5) manual page.
      Adjust/cleanup fstab.5 a bit.
      /etc/devtab: Fix wording in comments.
      make upgrade: Take back destroy_dev(9), it still exists.
      mtree: No longer create /usr/libdata/msdosfs.
      Sync LiveDVD kernel configs with GENERIC.
      make upgrade: Remove a file that was existing with a dir name for a while.
      installer: Add serial number and /etc/devtab support.
      installer: More /dev/serno work.

Sepherosa Ziehau (18):
      lapic_init() -> lapic_map()
      Add driver for Attansic/Atheros L2 FastEthernet
      Add ae(4) into module building
      Add ae(4) to LINT and GENERIC
      Add ae(4) manpage
      Add age(4) to GENERIC and LINT
      Shuffle IPI handlers to the last two blocks of the IDT.
      Remove unused macro
      APIC ABI: Support 32 IDT vectors
      ae(4): Reset PHY during resuming
      Import acpica-unix-20090521
      ACPICA-UNIX: Building fixup
      ACPICA-UNIX: Fix usr.sbin/acpi warning by properly define ACPI_THREAD_ID
      miibus: Add PHY id for BCM5722
      miibus: miidevs.h regen
      brgphy: Add support for BCM5722
      sockopt: Short circuit most of the code in soopt_from_kbuf(), if len == 0
      soopt_from_kbuf: Use szmin(), since both len and sopt_valsize is size_t

Simon 'corecode' Schubert (5):
      dma: better tag handling
      dma: Re-arrange argument consistency checks.
      dma: Move comment.
      dma: rework queue handling
      Revert "Increase the default TCP maximum segment size from 512 to 1460."

Simon Schubert (147):
      dma: several fixes to make dma build on non-BSD OS's
      dma: properly log last remote status message
      dma: treat a QUIT error as merely a warning
      dma: bounce message instantly on permanent remote delivery errors
      dma: also list locked queue files
      dma: fix two typos and a word order problem
      dma: note that the -q option requires an unused argument
      dma: various code hardening
      dma: lock temp files on creation
      dma: provide proper bounce error message
      dma: add FULLBOUNCE config option
      dma: add the MAILNAME and MAILNAMEFILE config options
      dma: better logic for guessing username
      dma: ignore a whole slew of sendmail options
      dma: constify bounce reason and avoid strdup
      dma: restructure set_username
      dma: prevent races from sharing fd between children
      dma: always send EHLO after tls setup
      dma: adjust syslog logging levels
      dma: correctly initialize error before delivering mail
      dma: implement alternate identity for mailq
      dma: unconditionally use openssl
      dma: note that we will have to clean up SSL state
      dma: log mail queueing more thoroughly
      dma: properly close and free SSL connection state
      dma: treat encrypted connections as secure
      dma: clean up network code
      dma: pass over the code and improve error handling
      dma: use ANSI string continuations
      dma: add required headers if they are not present
      stdio.h: declare snprintf also for XSI 5
      release engineering: record 2.3.2 in subvers
      dma: note that the data file provides the id
      dma: restructure logging
      dma: correct logic for setting the locked flag
      dma: rewrite file management
      dma: drop CVS ids
      dma: always log error exits
      dma: fix mail bouncing
      dma: fix various bugs in local mbox delivery
      dma: more loudly note that we should query for MX records
      dma: treat seek errors as permanent errors
      dma: add comments for ESMTP support
      dma: accept -q without argument.  report argument errors.
      dma: don't block on lock/opening the mbox file, backoff instead
      dma: don't block when trying to aquire a queue file
      objformat: don't hardcode compiler versions
      make: expand .EXPORT/.makeenv variables
      bsd.dep.mk: pass -std= flags to mkdep
      bsd.*.mk: allow the setting of separate compile flags for files
      bsd.cpu.gcc41.mk: don't set CFLAGS directly
      libc: link with -nodefaultlibs -lgcc instead of -nolibc
      ranlib: specify .c instead of .o as SRCS
      Import gmp-4.3.1
      Import gcc-4.4.1
      Import mpfr-2.4.1
      gcc44: add our READMEs
      gmp: add our READMEs
      mpfr: add our READMEs
      gcc44: add local changes
      gcc44: import build infrastructure
      gcc44: hook to the build
      gcc44: add missing Makefile
      gcc44: add patch files necessary for build
      gcc34/gcc41: always set library search path
      gcc44: properly pass and report target machine and version
      bsd.cpu.gcc44.mk: add i686/pentiumpro alias
      boot: consolidate per-platform settings
      .gitignore: properly spell cscope, add empty vim swap files
      mpfr: always include stdint.h to allow build from DragonFly-2.2
      kern_memio: don't treat any memio device as /dev/zero
      development.7: add descrption on how to perform vendor imports
      gcc44: import forgotten file
      pcm: perform stereo volume mixing for vchans
      hammer util: avoid running concurrent cleanups
      hammer util: rename function to match behavior
      gcc44: adjust README.DELETED
      nrelease: do not mount devfs for build
      vnconfig: fix misleading error message
      buildworld: properly sequence quickworld
      gitrev.sh: search harder for the git dir
      gitrev.sh: make it usable during buildkernel/world
      nrelease: use space instead of "-" in iso label
      newvers.sh: use gitrev.sh to assemble uname -v
      test/amd64: increase root size
      test/amd64: update to qemu-0.10.6
      test/amd64: increase qemu opcode buffer limits
      distrib-dirs: invert logic
      sound: add cloning with devfs
      gitrev.sh: disable dirty-tree check
      newvers.sh: shorten version string
      printf(1): don't use getopt
      xargs: error out if argument to -L is no valid number
      rc.d/mixer: save state for all /dev/mixer*
      Finish revert "size_t/ssize_t - change to [unsigned] long"
      libc: fix declaration: use size_t instead of vm_size_t
      distrib-dirs: replace symlink if it is dangling
      printf(1): don't use getopt, second take
      acpidump: fix interaction with iasl
      remove gcc34
      remove kerberos/heimdal
      remove more kerberos/heimdal
      dma: don't set it->mailf too early
      __DragonFly_version: bump after sleep function renames
      ppi.4: remove wrong statement
      games/quiz: add another president answer section and update data
      dma: factor out mail handling code
      dma: initialize queue structures
      dma: move sender into queue
      dma: add queue-only mode (no instant delivery attempt)
      dma: beautify queue listing output
      dma: convert to more extensible queue file format
      dma: add recipient parsing from headers
      dma: man page cleanup
      dma: bump man page date
      gcc41: add forgotten file
      gcc41: update README.DELETED
      gcc44: add forgotten file
      gcc44: update README.DELETED
      gcc41: install mm_malloc.h
      gcc44: install mm_malloc.h
      dma: add TODO
      amd64: sync missing functions/config from i386
      acpi: restructure genwakecode.sh
      amd64: declare initializecpu outside of SMP
      modules: drop a.out module support
      modules: disable dummy module declarations
      modules: pull in most of FreeBSD's module linker changes
      modules: add elf_obj linker for amd64
      loader: update elf module code from FreeBSD
      test/amd64: build and install modules
      modules: correct dependencies / version declarations
      Revert "usbd - Do not start moused by default when a usb mouse is connected"
      add tools/chkmoddeps
      ig_hal: add module version
      sys/module.h: include sys/linker_set.h
      modules: add/correct module versions and depends
      modules: remove KMODDEPS, it is not used anymore
      sound: mmap returns page number, not byte offset
      gcc44/gmp: make directories before populating them
      gcc44/gmp: fix last commit
      bsd.dep.mk: fix race condition with beforedepend
      gcc44/gmp: remove Makefile hack, it is fixed proper in bsd.dep.mk
      atomic.h: use system namespace for function arguments
      Makefile.inc1: don't build aicasm
      buildkernel, nrelease: use AMD64_GENERIC as kernel default config
      amd64: sync AMD64_GENERIC and platform/files with i386

Stathis Kamperis (11):
      termios.h: Expose tcgetsid(3) function.
      Import complex arithmetic functions from {Net,Free}BSD.
      cmp.1: Add compatibility section.
      at(1): Print datetime upon job submission as POSIX mandates.
      tcsetpgrp(3): Return EINVAL upon invalid process group id.
      cacosh(3): Return correct principal value.
      cproj.3: Add missing man page.
      printenv(1): Rework how env vars are looked up.
      sh(1): Expand $LINENO to the current line number.
      top(1): Silence gcc warnings.
      getcwd: Return proper error codes.

Thomas E. Spanjaard (4):
      gcc44: import forgotten file
      gcc44/gmp: add amd64 Makefile for gmp
      gcc44: adjust README.DELETED
      gcc44: fix buildworld on amd64

Thomas Nikolajsen (4):
      rc.d/random: Fix typos
      rc.d/nfsclient: Put newline after last action
      nfsclient: nfsiod isn't used anymore
      rc,rc.8,rc.shutdown: Note that rc & rc.shutdown aren't for local modification

YONETANI Tomokazu (3):
      Fix mplock mismatch.
      Fix installing from read-only ${.OBJDIR}
      Fix installing from read-only ${.OBJDIR}

DragonFly BSD source repository

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