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Re: git: Revert "rename amd64 architecture to x86_64"

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2009 13:28:47 -0800 (PST)

   I go on vacation for a few days and we have commit war.  Come on folks.

   Nobody should back out anyone else's commit unless it's something really
   trivial (like if the original committer made an obvious mistake and
   the commit only touched a few files anyway), and the original committer
   could not be contacted.  i.e. where no conflict of opinion would is

   Certainly no large commit should be backed out without discussing it on
   IRC first, and I will moderate any final decision if the parties cannot
   reach a consensus.

   On root access to the machines:  That's primarily for maintainance.
   Simon and Sascha both have root access on crater and in addition
   Justin as root access on leaf, and so on and so forth depending on the
   function of the machine.  There is no particular pecking order here,
   just major project devlopers who have also committed their time to
   keeping the machines running smoothly, plus the provisio that
   both Avalon and Crater need to be kept as secure as possible.

   The access is not meant for any other action short of an emergency...
   meaning that you are unable to contact your's truely.  Honestly I think
   both parties in this matter acted with an inappropriate level of


   The original commit itself was sanctioned and is primarily being driven
   from the viewpoint that it will be easier to manage pkgsrc with the
   64-bit platform set to x86_64.  Please remember that our 64-bit platform
   is still deemed highly experimental.  The time to determine what the
   best designator is for pkgsrc building on 64-bit platforms is NOW.

   The industry is generaly confused about the issue:


   However, my take on it is that in documentation and papers people are
   basically calling things x86-64 now ("x86_64" being the arch name, I
   believe), and not "amd64".  Many OS's still use the legacy "amd64" name
   but the feeling from the point of view of pkgsrc compatibility was
   that "x86_64" would work better.


   I will have to weigh my options and contact the two parties offline
   before I take any further action.  In the mean time, I am locking this
   thread.  If people want to discuss the merits of x86_64 vs amd64 for
   package building, please start a new thread for that discussion that
   leaves out personal issues.


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