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git: Texinfo: Upgrade version from 4.8 to 4.13

From: John Marino <marino@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 07:53:31 -0700 (PDT)

commit faea168fe416cfd1c5acb80db5108af0310b7ae9
Author: John Marino <draco@marino.st>
Date:   Sun May 1 13:07:06 2011 +0200

    Texinfo: Upgrade version from 4.8 to 4.13
    This is the first upgrade of Texinfo in nearly 6 years.
    There are 3 new executables:
      * texi2dvi
      * texi2pdf
      * pdftexi2dvi
    As the host version 4.8 can not build the tex.info file, a full buildworld
    is required to obtain this upgrade.
     4.9 (29 June 2007)
    * GPLv3.
    * texi2dvi:
      . new mode --build=tidy which supports compilation in a separate
        directory, where intermediate files are preserved.
      . new option --build-dir, to specify where the tidy build will take
        place, either locally or globally.  This allows avoiding the clutter
        while preserving auxiliary files.
      . new support for AUC-TeX: texi2dvi (weakly) supports arguments a la
        TeX such as `\nonstopmode\input{file.tex}'.
      . new options --ps and --dvipdf, useful especially for pstricks docs.
      . new option --src-specials, passed to TeX.
    * texinfo.tex:
      . Latin1, Latin2, Latin9, and UTF-8 are supported -- only as well as
        the Computer Modern fonts can manage, which means primarily English
        and western European languages, to a limited extent.
      . png and jpg images supported in pdf output.
      . new Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian translations for texinfo.tex:
        txi-ru.tex, txi-sr.tex, txi-uk.tex.
      . section names with \ characters work properly in pdf outlines.
      . have .toc files use @ as the escape character, instead of \.
     Version 4.10
    Never published.
     4.11 (9 September 2007)
    * Language:
      . @documentlanguage now supports an optional country code
        specification after the language code, a la gettext.
      . new command @allowcodebreaks controls breaks at _ and - within @code.
      . new command @frenchspacing controls spacing after sentences.
      . new command @fonttextsize allows changing body text font size to 10pt.
      . new command @textdegree{} produces the normal degrees symbol.
      . new command @thischapternum can be used in TeX headers/footers.
      . new commands for quotes: @quotedblleft @quotedblright
         @quoteleft @quoteright  @quotedblbase @quotesinglbase
         @guillemetleft @guillemetright @guilsinglleft @guilsinglright.
      . new option @set txicodequoteundirected produces an undirected quote
        in code and example output, instead of the regular right quote.
      . new option @set txicodequotebacktick produces a grave accent in
        code and example output, instead of the regular left quote.
    * makeinfo:
      . The @documentlanguage locale is used to translate various doc strings.
      . --enable-encoding is now the default, meaning Info and plain text
        output use 8-bit characters given a supported @documentencoding.
      . new option --css-ref=URL for creating a stylesheet <link> in HTML.
      . new option --transliterate-file-names to use a reduction-to-ASCII
        algorithm for split HTML file names, useful for non-Latin-based langs.
      . @enddots{} outputs three dots instead of four, for consistency with
      . the Local Variables coding: setting written by --enable-encoding now
        comes at the very end, after the tags table, so that Emacs can find
        it in more cases.
      . @allow-recursion (not documented) is deprecated and produces a warning.
      . @quote-args (not documented) is now the default behavior.
      . centering and such take account of character widths.
      . the --reference-limit option is now a no-op.
      . improvements to XML and Docbook output and the DTD.
    * texinfo.tex:
      . @thissection can now be used in custom headings, and @thischapter
        works reliably even without @set chapternewpage.  Custom headings
        have additional flexibility as well.
    * texi2dvi:
      . pdftexi2dvi is a new wrapper to `texi2dvi --pdf', equal to texi2pdf,
        for the sake of AUC-TeX which prepends `pdf' to the compilation
        command when requested to produce PDF.
    * info:
      . look for info files in the current directory first, by default.
      . when calling man, use -a if no explicit section is found.
      . avoid showing the top(1) man page for nonexistent info files.
    * install-info:
      . new options --section-regex, --remove-exactly, --debug, --test.
    * Distribution:
      . autoconf 2.60, automake 1.10, gettext 0.16.1.
      . gettext support now [external].
      . new translations: hu (Hungarian), rw (Kinyarwandan), vi (Vietnamese).
      . most common sources imported from gnulib.
     4.12 (20 April 2008)
    * Language:
      . new commands @clicksequence, @click, and @clickstyle for documenting
        GUI sequences, and @arrow for the default glyph used.
      . new commands @geq{} and @leq{} for the normal >= and <= relations.
    * install-info:
      . lzma compression supported.
      . Much work towards compatibility with Debian's independent
        implementation.  Changes in behavior:
        - new entries are formatted to start at column 34 by default.
        - existing entries are replaced by default.
        - new sections are alphabetized among existing sections.
        - if an entry being removed is the last one in a section, the
          section is also removed.
      . Also many new options:
        --section REGEX TITLE.
        --no-indent: disable formatting of new entries.
        --menuentry, --name: specify left-hand side of an entry.
        --dry-run: alias for --test.
        --regex REGEX: renamed from --section regex, adds to all sections
          matching REGEX by default.
        --add-once: add only to first specified or matching section.
        --align COL: start description at column COL.
        --calign COL: start continuation lines in description at COL.
        --max-width COL: wrap the description at COL.
      . New section in the Texinfo manual describing all this.
    * info:
      Our goal with these changes to the default interface is to make Info
      documents more easily and quickly readable, especially by non-experts.
      . the PageUp and PageDown keys move through the whole document by
        default, instead of just the current node.
      . the h command shows the basic help, and H starts the Info tutorial.
      . the newly-bound x command deletes the current window, e.g. within help.
      . the scroll-step variable is set to 1 by default, for smooth scrolling.
      . the cursor-movement-scrolls-p variable is set to 1 by default, so
        link searches look through the whole document.
      . regular expression searches are supported, and are the default for
        both regular and incremental searches.
      . the new R command toggles between regexp and literal-string searches.
      . the new variable scroll-last-node controls scrolling at the end of
        the last node; by default, it now simply reports there are no more
        nodes.  To restore the old behavior, set scroll-last-node=Scroll.
      . the precise line number specified in index entries is used if avail.
      . --usage=info shows usage for standalone Info.
      . lzma compression supported.
    * Distribution:
      . lang support for no removed/renamed to nb, per Norwegian translators.
      . new translation: es.
      . bug fixes in make check (and elsewhere).
      . gettext 0.17, automake 1.10.1, autoconf 2.62.
     4.13 (18 September 2008)
    * A reference card for Texinfo is now available, in doc/refcard.  For
      convenience, preformatted PDFs for letter-size and A4 paper are included.
    * makeinfo:
      . new option --internal-links for HTML output, to write a tsv file
        mapping indexed/toc terms to links, for easy reference from external
      . - as an input file name reads standard input.
    * info:
      . support for multibyte encodings such as UTF-8.
      . new option --show-malformed-multibytes, to display malformed multibyte
      . new environment variable INFO_MAN_COMMAND sets the name of man binary
      (use it if you a need to override PATH settings).
    * install-info:
      . bug fix: support names w/ embedded periods (e.g., config.status) again.
    * Distribution:
      . autoconf 2.63.

Summary of changes:
 contrib/texinfo/README.DELETED                     |  109 ++++
 contrib/texinfo/README.DRAGONFLY                   |   16 +
 contrib/texinfo/install-info/install-info.c        |   37 +-
 contrib/texinfo/util/texindex.c                    |    2 +
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/Makefile                       |   14 +-
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/Makefile.inc                   |   17 +-
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/Makefile.inc0                  |   14 +
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/config.h                       |  423 --------------
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/doc/Makefile                   |   14 +-
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/info/Makefile                  |   46 +-
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/info/doc.c                     |  147 +++++
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/info/funs.h                    |  245 ++++++++
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/infokey/Makefile               |   18 +-
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/infokey/key.c                  |  147 +++++
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/install-info/Makefile          |   16 +-
 .../install-info/patches/install-info.c.patch      |  135 -----
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/Makefile                |   36 ++
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/alloca.h                |   57 ++
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/argz.h                  |  162 +++++
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/config.h                |  541 +++++++++++++++++
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/configmake.h            |   25 +
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/getopt.h                |  226 +++++++
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/string.h                |  614 ++++++++++++++++++++
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/sys/stat.h              |  292 ++++++++++
 .../lib => gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu}/unitypes.h  |    0
 .../lib => gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu}/uniwidth.h  |    0
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libtxi/Makefile                |   20 +-
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/makeinfo/Makefile              |   34 +-
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/texindex/Makefile              |   16 +-
 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/texindex/texindex.c.patch      |   80 ---
 30 files changed, 2771 insertions(+), 732 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 contrib/texinfo/README.DELETED
 create mode 100644 contrib/texinfo/README.DRAGONFLY
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/Makefile.inc0
 delete mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/config.h
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/info/doc.c
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/info/funs.h
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/infokey/key.c
 delete mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/install-info/patches/install-info.c.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/Makefile
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/alloca.h
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/argz.h
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/config.h
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/configmake.h
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/getopt.h
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/string.h
 create mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu/sys/stat.h
 copy {contrib/texinfo/gnulib/lib => gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu}/unitypes.h (100%)
 copy {contrib/texinfo/gnulib/lib => gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/libgnu}/uniwidth.h (100%)
 delete mode 100644 gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/texindex/texindex.c.patch


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