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Re: the cd boot install does'nt start

From: Christian Jarczyk <christian.jarczyk@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 15:44:32 +0200

user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb:
the installation process dont want to start on my arch :
its stop at the first boot (the cd boot) loading and i dont see the menu

zenith data lx2
HD quantum 6go
cpu pentium 1 200 mhz
2 lan cards  pci and isa (respectively realtek and 3com)
64 mo edo

someone have idea ? regards -- ---------------------- I{ i () r |{ Y Debian User ---------------------- -- Mathieu PASQUET -- Utilisateur Debian SID -- irc: #geekland / irc.freenode.net port: 6667 #mono / irc.gnome.net port: 6667 ---------------------------------------------
I'm not if I understood you, if the CD does not boot on your System, this seems to be normal on those Systems. I tried to install Dragonfly on a Pentium 1 133 Mhz with 32 mb of RAM. The PC does not boot the CD, while other CD's (NetBSD 1.6, FreeBSD 4.2 an 4.4) boot normal. The DragonFly CD is booting on my P4 Laptop, maybe the boot image on the CD does not comply to some old Standart? I saw the same result, as on my P1, on a P 90 maschine, owned by a friend of mine. Unfortunatly my machine doesn't even have a working floppy drive, so I try to do a upgrade install with FreeBSD 4.10 now.


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