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Re: Wiki-fying docs

From: Weapon of Mass Deduction <blacklist@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2004 23:11:53 +0100

Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
I've noticed that there's been a number of people who have wanted to
contribute to docs, but the process of installing the doc-proj port and
all its dependencies, plus talking SGML, plus building it, is forming a
sort of barrier to entry.  I think I'm the only poor soul that's done it.

I was thinking we could copy the existing docs into a Wiki, and see how
contributions change from there. Mashing wiki changes back into CVS may
be less laborious than putting other people through the docproj wringer. Can anyone think of any objections?

It would be wise have two documentations. A documentation managed by the 'fans', which should be easily editable (for which a Wiki is a good candidate). Secondly, the offical documentation, which can be the current one of course.

I think Wiki is nice, but not convenient for official, portable docs.
This, however, doesn't necessarily disallows to have an easy and
simply editable documentation.

Of course, the maintainers of the offical docs should peek now and then,
to see if there are some things not covered in their docs, but are in the unofficial documentation.

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