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Re: Remove BIND, Sendmail, Perl and etc from base?

From: Jeremy Messenger <mezz7@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 20:46:48 -0500

One more question: Are your goal only to have binary package system or
both (binary and source)? I hope, you keep both ability in the package


On Tue, 22 Jul 2003 11:47:31 -0700, Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     The eventual goal is to make *ALL* userland applications, including
>     things like cp, ls, etc... all operate through the packaging system,
>     and remember that it is the packaging system's goal to support
>     installation of multiple versions of anything without conflict.
>     This will be a big sub-project in DragonFly... to rip up the whole
>     buildworld system and replace it with a packaging system, but one that
>     I think needs to be delayed until we can actually implement the
>     packaging system, which in turn will require the ability to operate
>     userland VFSs (for the 'environment's I keep talking about).  There is
>     no reason to rip the apps out now because we have nothing to replace
>     them with until the packaging system is ready to go.  I'm talking
>     probably a 6-12 month time frame for this stage.
> 					-Matt
> 					Matthew Dillon
> 					<dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> :Jeremy Messenger wrote:
> :
> :> First all, you don't need to create some odd flames. I am pretty aware
> :> about a lot of info are in the FreeBSD's mailing list archives, but all
> :> I want to hear in here is... 'yes or no'.. Maybe, it would be nice with
> :> a small details too without a flame, since this isn't FreeBSD. ;-)
> :> 
> :> I always want a FreeBSD without have BIND, Sendmail, Perl and etc in
> :> the base system by default and use the packages/ports instead if anyone
> :> want those stuff.
> :> 
> :> Cheers,
> :> Mezz
> :> 
> :> 
> :For Perl we need to wait until the dust clears, as removing perl has all
> :kinds of implications to the kernel build.
> :
> :Rob

bsdforums.org 's moderator, mezz.

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