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stuffed dragonfly

From: ibotty <me@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 00:26:32 +0200
Followup-to: bsd@ibotty.net

this is the wrong list, but (for obvious, sufficiently discussed reasons)
here i write...

i really like to see a stuffed (plush) dragonfly.
so an idea crossed my mind. what not simply ask for one?

i have good experience with steiner, the company, which originally produced
beastie and tux. (they once made me a custom bee for my mothers car)

i know for sure, that they do good-looking and durable ;) stuffed animals.

i think a 30cm dragonfly would be ideal, so i ask, what do you guys think.
i will happily order some for you too.

(maybe we can get a discount, if we order a couple of dozens ;-)

just send me your thoughts...

btw: if you want to order, pls drop me a (noncommittal) line on my email
address, we do not want to pollute the usenet, do we?


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