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Re: syscall messaging interface API

From: Adrian Chadd <adrian@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 Jul 2003 09:58:12 GMT

In article <20030724082921.GA18216@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, David Schultz wrote:

> Even if you did manage to come up with a program where ``syscall
> throughput'' is significant, batching the calls as Matt suggested
> would provide much better performance benefits than microoptimization.

I agree - I've been playing with insanely fast IO servers (where insanely fast
means 30k FDs pushing out a few hundred mbits of traffic) and I've hit syscall
throughput limits.

It'd be nice to attach actual buffers to kqueue messages which the OS could
fill out for you - that way you could do network IO in a pair of syscalls -
but I've been a little busy. :p


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