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Re: dynamic /bin /sbin

From: Robert Watson <rwatson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 12:19:28 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Richard Coleman wrote:

> Speaking of Kerberos, I hope that DragonFlyBSD will do what the OpenBSD
> guys are doing, and finally remove all the Kerberos IV stuff from the
> tree.  Kerberos V has been around long enough, so there should be little
> need for the older version.  Kerberos IV can always come back as a port
> if someone really needs it. 

This is the approach taken in FreeBSD 5-CURRENT -- I'm not sure when it
went in (maybe a month ago), but it's simplified things a great deal. 
There are some fairly big KerberosIV deployments out there (and small
ones), but they need additional motivation to get on the ball :-).  The
other thing that has simplified the build infrastructure is reducing the
level of support for crypto-free distributions.

Robert N M Watson             FreeBSD Core Team, TrustedBSD Projects
robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      Network Associates Laboratories

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