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sys/ tree re-structuring proposal

From: Hiten Pandya <hmp@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 04:52:47 +0100

Hi Gang. (Matt... 8-) 8-)

I would like to propose re-structuring the modules/ tree as a start. Currently, we just dump various directories under modules/ without any clear separation based on the type of source modules, etc.

I.e., it doesn't make sense to rebuild the whole modules tree when you only want to build, say, for arguments sake, network related modules. If we can restructure the modules/ sub-tree to use the following structure, for clarity:

	|- net/      - Network related eg. ethernet drivers, netgraph...
	|- security/ - Things like IPFilter, IPFW and CRYPTO go here...
	|- dev/      - Device Tree (sub-divided by buses)
	|   |
	|   |- pci/	  PCI and related driver build files
	|   |- isa/	  ISA and related build files
	|   |- usb/	  USB and related build files
	|   |- firewire/  IEEE-1394 and related build files
	|   |- etc...
	|- vfs/      - File systems.
	|- exec/     - Emulation and related framework build files
	|- contrib/  - Contributed modules, eg. gnufp, ext2fs, etc.
	|- misc/     - Uncategorized driver build files

IMHO, this will make things easier and cleaner under the modules/ tree. All it takes is restructuring of the various Makefiles, which I am prepared to undertake sometime in the next one month, or so.

Better yet, we can also adopt a framework along these lines for the sys/ tree for making it all look neat and tidy, instead of just dumping directories here and there. I.e., we can move various vfs_*.c files into a vfs/ sub-directory under the sys/ directory, and such...

It will be great if this idea is accepted; I am sure it will make things certainly look a whole lot cleaner.


Hiten Pandya

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