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Re: sysinstall v2

From: Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <asmodai@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 08:14:34 +0200

-On [20030904 01:12], Matthew Dillon (dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>    rsync has an excellent track record and is tiny, with no dependancies.
>    We should definitely include it.

Just remember it is GPL'd.  Not to stir things up here, but we do need
to be careful what we use and how, license-wise, since it might bite us
in the arse later.

>    cvsync has problems similar to cvsup, though not quite as bad.  If we 
>    installed a static version it would probably be ok.  I don't know if
>    cvsync handles all the cases (like tag updates, repository forks, and
>    local forks) that cvsup handles.  Without knowing how robust it is I
>    would hesitate to include it.

I'll ask/check, since I help out on that project anyway.

Oh, btw, it _is_ robust.  I've been using it for a couple of weeks now
with no ill results.

One of the best features, in my opinion, is the fact that it can list
the repositories available at site X.

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