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Filesystems again (was Re: cache_lookup() work this week.)

From: Pedro Giffuni <giffunip@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 23:53:30 -0500

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Jeremy Messenger wrote:

> Agree. It will be even better (awsome) if anyone dare to write something
> new FS from stratch in BSD license. I like the new Reiser4. It looks like
> the author of ReiserFS is little flexible on license, but I don't know how
> he will like to allow it change as in the BSD license.

Hans Reiser flexible on license?? You must be kidding... unless I'm outdated,
he hasn't even GPLd his fs, it's a business! He also posted several times on
FreeBSD lists that it would be easier to rewrite reiserfs than to port it to

It would be nice if someone takes the few GPL'd files in FreeBSD's ext2fs and
replaces them with the NetBSD stuff, which is was reimplemented from FFS. Also
OpenBFS looks good (I posted the URL in this thread), and Apple's HFS looks
even better as it's being ported to FreeBSD.


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