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Re: geom, devfs

From: drhodus@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 17:42:17 -0400

Quoting ibotty <bsd@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> hi matt and all,
> do you/we plan to port geom[1] (or a similar) framework to DragonFly?
> i came across this, when i thought about geom-gate, which looks very
> interesting.
Geom-gate does look like a nice start. Though its not really ready
to be used for anything major, as it maps the device and can't handle
any errors the device may have.
> imho, geom is a nice abstraction, so is something similar intended for
> DragonFly?

This type of abstraction is something that has been talk about for a
number of years. I see talks bad to around 94' on the FreeBSD lists.
I have not had anytime to look at the geom code at this point, so I
don't know if that is something we would want to look at trying to pull in.
This is not something we really want to spend time on till FreeBSD starts
using the get_pages. At that point it would become trivial to pull most
changes on the filesystem in, if we choose to....

> .. and what about devfs? i like the concept of having only these device
> nods, that need to be there. (do we really need mknod?, the kernel should
> know better, what he supports).
> i guess, this will have to wait till matt completes his vfs overhaul.
As for devfs, I think this is something someone with some time could
start playing around with. It will become a major task, this is also
something I have not had much time to look at. Though is this something
that will be needed before a release. 


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