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Re: variant symlinks (was Re: Anybody working on removing sendmail from base?)

To: Sander Vesik <sander@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Hiten Pandya <hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2003 19:52:25 +0100

Sander Vesik wrote:

Well, having 47 differenty versions of something may sometimes be resoanable and be implemented differently in situations where you have / don't have variant symlinks. Might even be something like:

/tmp -> /home/$USER/tmp

[ this mail not as a followup, but a general overall look ]

	Hmm, 47 different versions of the same *ONE* software is what we
	are limiting ourselves with at the moment.  But if you think
	about this in a recurring way, we could end up using a lot of
	disk space, wether we hide it or not.

	From what it looks, the whole idea does not space conservative,
	but heck, prove me wrong I say. 8-)

	In a scenario where you need to install a package which has
	multiple dependancies, with sub-deps, it is going to result
	in a huge mess.  I am assuming that the sub-deps will have
	their own particular dependancy requirments thus giving us
	lots of packages.  Hiding them will not make any difference
	space wise.

	Unless this scheme is made optional, i.e. if the user chose
	it, I don't see potential in it.  But if the above issue is
	ironed out, then I don't see any problems, personally.  8-)


Hiten Pandya

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