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Re: Worlds greatest kernel

From: "Kyle" <kyleNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 20:12:07 -0600

This approach was originally taken by IBM a long time ago.  The paging
algorithm eventually only has pages in memory that are used (by either the
kernel or applications).  The definition of "used" can be quite varied but
anything that would affect performance as you mentioned below would
certainly qualify as "used".   The overall affect of this is that one gets a
"no-fat" in memory execution state regardless of where the "fat" may end up
(in kernel or user space).

<bellucda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> > 3. Everything is paged (except the pager)
> are you really sure?
> IMHO kernel data pages shouldn't be paged due to performance issue...
> please, correct if i'am wrong.

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