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Re: Serial console working?

From: Skip Ford <skip.ford@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 13:56:15 -0400

Galen Sampson wrote:
>   In the past when I tried to get a serial console working I found that setting
> the correct baud for the transmission between the two machines was an absolute
> must to get anything to work.

Thanks, but this is a fairly permanent serial console not
something I'm just now trying to get going.

It's been there for years now and worked with DragonFly, FreeBSD,
Linux, and others during that time.  DragonFly is on there now and
that worked fine for a little while.

I've tried different speeds along with different ports on both
machines without success.  In every case, it fails the same way.
No gibberish, just one-way communication.

I'll just have to try a different machine.  That should work fine.


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