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Re: ntfs kills

From: David Rhodus <drhodus@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 12:42:06 -0500

On Saturday, November 1, 2003, at 12:32 PM, James Frazer wrote:

It's probably my own fault for being reckless enough to attempt to mount an ntfs partition -- but it turns out it totally trashed my DragonFly install. Froze the machine up pretty hard then it spontaneously rebooted.

fsck seemed to hang upon boot, and a single-user mode fsck returns a swap error.

Any ideas? Should I even waste anymore time with this, or just do a new install?

There are a few major problems with the NTFS code at this time. I've been able
to produce several panic's while attempting to utilize the code. I would recommend
against casual use of mounting NTFS disks at this time until a few of the problems
can be fixed. I'd also be happy to test fixes you might come up with.


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