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kernel URL as VFS, UDEV generalization

From: "js" <jantpajakREMOVE@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 12:52:02 -0500

IANAKH (I am not a kernel Hacker)

I thought I would post my idea here because I
have been lurking here and learning about
features they most want in a perfect OS.

Recently I read an article over on
http://www.kerneltrap.org about
various Linux efforts for the
spefication of User space system
device enumeration. in dynamic environments.

I tried to understand the differences, but
I think they are all on the wrong track so
I wanted to make my suggestion for your

Why dont Unix kernels adopt the same approach
as DNS/Routing achieves with IP numbers and names?

Separate the naming, and the routing to enable
kernel modules to behave like routers on the internet.

This would allow the kernel to act as the
Root kernel name server for all the names,
but to allocate authoritavive servers to be
managed outside the kernel.

Kernel modules could be anywhere you trust
them to be. Messages between modules would
be passed like packets on the internet.

Does this make any sense?


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