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Re: any interest in importing pf?

To: Munish Chopra <chopra@xxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Hiten Pandya <hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 08:10:27 +0000

Munish Chopra wrote:

On Thu, 06 Nov 2003 16:13:13 -0600, Jeremy Messenger wrote:

If add PF, then it means one of you will have to bring ALTQ in too? CARP
will be insterest to play with too, btw.


No, as done in FreeBSD, pf can be brought in without ALTQ. ALTQ happens to
tie in very well and the pf/ALTQ combo is very powerful, so it'd be nice
to see them together -- I know several of us are awaiting that :) The
major problem with ALTQ for FreeBSD is the fact that an import is very
intrusive and touches many many things, so it's rather hard to do while a
lot of other work is going on.

I did update the ALTQ patchset to work for 5-CURRENT, but due to the lack of interest, it also faded away in the background. Most of the changes ALTQ patchset makes are not necessary and can be considered cosmetic. Except for the ones made to the NIC code.


Hiten Pandya

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