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Re: Non-gcc compilers

From: Alexander Leidinger <reject@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 15:16:49 +0100

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 21:47:44 +0100
Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <asmodai@xxxxxx> wrote:

[CC=tcc enough?]
> You are close, but the worst part comes in the handling of assembly
> files, CFLAGS, and more of that sort of compiler specific stuff.

For FreeBSD-current I have patches for the build infrastructure (see my
mail to arch@). With my patches it's just "CC=icc make"... but only for
the kernel so far. I think it should be easy to base your tcc work on
this (as long as tcc has something similar like the gcc "-include"

If someone has questions regarding some specific parts of the my patch,
feel free to ask.


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