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messaging questions...

From: David Leimbach <leimy2k@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 11:06:08 -0600

I am still intrigued and slightly confused by the messaging system

"The messaging API will wrap this basic mechanism into synchronous and asynchronous messaging functions. For example, lwkt_domsg() will send a message synchronously and wait for a reply. It will set a flag to hint to the target port that the message will be blocked on synchronously and if the target port returns EASYNC, lwkt_domsg() will block. Likewise lwkt_sendmsg() would send a message asynchronously, but if the target port returns a synchronous error code (i.e. anything not EASYNC) lwkt_sendmsg() will manually queue the now complete message on the reply port itself."

Here is how I interpretted the above:

lwkt_domsg() sends a synchronous message waiting for some kind of reply. If we get EASYNC from the target we block. What if we don't get EASYNC?

lwkt_sendmsg() sends an asynchronous message but if the port returns anything that isn't EASYNC lwkt_sendmessage will queue its
whole message on the reply port.

What do you mean by "now complete"? If it sends asynchronously why would it send an incomplete asynchrounous message? Also I would think that EASYNC would imply that some error occurred while trying to do something asynchronous. I don't understand the rationale for the

Perhaps a state transition diagram of some kind or a flow chart or something would help me visualize what is being said. :)

I think I understand the part about mp_SendMsg() working with the message as it came in synchronously without telling
the message originator to "go away... I'll get it later".

"User<->Kernel messaging interfaces simply employ mp_SendMsg() function vectors which do the appropriate translation, so as far as the sender and recipient are concerned the message will be local to their VM context."

I presume these vectors are how the system call interface is implemented via messages?

Still trying to understand :). One day I will try to run this at home again.


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