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Re: interface renaming

From: "Max Laier" <max@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 15:12:42 +0100

"Hiten Pandya" <hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
> Max Laier wrote:
> > 1/4th (or less) through, I started wondering about interface cloning.
> > do you have opinions on that? If memory serves me right, somebody was
> > talking about "interface framework"-work on IRC, just can't recall
> > who. Cloning is already used for gif and faith (and maybe in some
> > other places as well).
> >
> It would also be nice to have device cloning in general, though
> I have not researched this path very well.

Thing is, that it'd make the if_xname change somewhat easier if the
cloning is done beforehand. There are quite a few drivers using softc
arrays indexed with if_unit, which is not so good for the if_xname
change and not at all required as you almost always get the ifnet
structure and can use .if_sc instead.

I'd like to do this in one pass as it is rather trivial to do the
transition, but a pain to touch the if_*.c files twice in the same
places (attach/detach/ioctl). So how are the chances to get
"cloning+if_xname at once" committed? Referencing to your general
policy it'd be better to do the cloning first and if_xname as a
independent item ... tell me.

Best regards,
 Max                          mailto:max@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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