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Re: SCO after BSD settlement

From: Gary Thorpe <gathorpe79@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 22:01:07 -0500

David Leimbach wrote:

I like what you are saying and what a lot of the Open Source authorities say about this
but, quite frankly, AFAIK YANAL [you are not a lawyer]. OJ Simpson got off... Microsoft
never gets anything but a wrist slap for their behavior so I wouldn't rest so assuredly that
this is open and shut.

There are plenty of rich people who got off entirely or for long periods of time (Michael Skakel?). OJ's case had no evidence linking him to the crime that had not been tampered with (remember Mark Furman - the police officer who took the fifth when asked if he tampered with evidence?). If he (OJ) did do it, then the LAPD blew it long before the prosecution got up to bat. I guess they should go back to beating prisoners/detainees or other displays of excessive force. Open and shut, yes sir.

Hopefully, public opinion will be based on facts and not emotion or _gut_ feelings (or financial motivations?) in future cases. I can just remember the Microsoft zealots bawling bloody murder when Microsoft got their wrist slaps....why not lets just shut up and see what happens?

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