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Re: Really big port problem :-)

From: Skip Ford <skip.ford@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 14:12:23 -0500

Adam K Kirchhoff wrote:
> Skip Ford <skip.ford@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Adam K Kirchhoff wrote:
>>> I'm trying to get a full list of all the ports I have installed with
>>> pkg_info, but it dies somewhere in the l's :-)
>>> libxfce4mcs-4.0.0   XFce 4 settings management library used by most XFce4 modu
>>> libxfce4util-4.0.0  XFce 4 library with non-graphical helper functions
>>> libxml-1.8.17_1     Xml parser library for GNOME
>>> libxml2-2.6.2_1     Xml parser library for GNOME
>>> pkg_info: read_plist: bad command '@crcent */,'
>> If you list the contents of the /var/db/pkg/ directory
>> alphabetically, what comes after libxml2-2.6.2_1, and what
>> are the contents of the '+CONTENTS' file in that directory?
> linux_base-8-8.0_2 (which I'm pretty sure I pkg_deleted a few days ago)

Something must've gone wrong with that delete then.

> I'm not gonna dump the entire contents of +CONTENTS here, but the bad
> line seems to be:
> Next time I'm in DragonFly, I'll try and pkg_delete it again.

You can try, but pkg_delete may get stuck where pkg_info did.
You may be able to just delete the offending line.  Or if you
can track down the contents and delete them by hand then you may
be able to just rm -rf that directory.

You can also remove the '+CONTENTS' file and do a forced reinstall
just to be able to do a clean delete.  Might be interesting to see
if the corruption happens again.

Whatever you do, be sure to run pkgdb -F a lot.


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