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Re: libcaps thread testing code committed

From: Sander Vesik <sander@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 08 Dec 2003 16:33:04 GMT
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Craig Dooley <cd5697@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I dont think this will work. Anything before the pIII did not have SSE,
> so PPro, PII, old Xeons are now useless?  Also, even the pIII only had
> SSE, not SSE2, so there is no way to do double precision floating point
> with just SSE.  Any Athlon before they went to XP I believe does not
> have SSE, and I think there might also be no SSE2 in AMD Chips except
> Athlon64 and maybe Barton.  I dont think this many CPU families can be
> dropped.  They will have to be supported though.

Worse, K8 is the first AMD processor that has SSE2, similarily several
of the minority x86 processors don't have it. So this is basicly a bad

> -Craig


+++ Out of cheese error +++

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