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Re: bash me, if you like

From: ibotty <me@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 22:16:29 +0100

> but, bash can do everything csh can do and its better
> for shell programming. Most new unix users arrive from the Linux camp
> these days so they already know bash and they will be more likely to
> try DragonFly if they don't have ot learn a new shell. Even Apple has
> switched to bash for OS X.
> Bash has won, and it's only a matter of time before csh goes the way
> of the dodo. Since Dragonfly is taking the lead in so many other
> areas, we might as well bite the bullet and do this too, as soon as
> possible.

i perfectly understand the need for a comfortable bourne shell (one with
auto-completion, and such).
but first of all, afaik, bash is gpl. this is at least ehm.. suboptimal.
second, some/most bsd users are used to the csh.
i found it quite straightforward to move to tcsh, now i even find meself
writing 'foreach i (*) ... end' on linux.

i guess simply including bash in base would solve the problem, as you could
simply set bash as default shell, if you want to. (w/o installing a port)

~ibotty (csh user)

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