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Re: bash me, if you like

From: David Leimbach <leimy2k@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 15:20:56 -0600

On Dec 9, 2003, at 2:57 PM, evs wrote:

I don't want to start a jihad here but, imho DragonFly should switch
to bash as the default shell.


I know csh ( and consequently its descendents tcsh & zsh ) is Berkeley's baby but, bash can do everything csh can do and its better for shell programming. Most new unix users arrive from the Linux camp these days so they already know bash and they will be more likely to try DragonFly if they don't have ot learn a new shell. Even Apple has switched to bash for OS X.

Mac OS X defaults to bash then I promptly switch it to ZSH. :)

Bash has won, and it's only a matter of time before csh goes the way
of the dodo. Since Dragonfly is taking the lead in so many other
areas, we might as well bite the bullet and do this too, as soon as

It's a default... who cares? Leave it as sh... teach people to use their
own bloody system to switch it to bash.

I see no real reason to make this change... if people want more linux they
can just try another distribution.

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