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Re: bash me, if you like

From: Christopher Weimann <cweimann@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 18:06:08 -0500

On 12/09/2003-08:57PM, evs wrote:
> I don't want to start a jihad here but, imho DragonFly should switch
> to bash as the default shell. 


> I know csh ( and consequently its descendents tcsh & zsh ) is
> Berkeley's baby but, 

And as a result has a nicer license.

> bash can do everything csh can do

And zsh can do anything that bash can do.  So.  I use zsh personally
but have no desire for it to be a default.  I'd like to see the
base system get smaller not larger.  

>  and its betterfor shell programming. 

Matter of opinion.

> Most new unix users arrive from the Linux camp
> these days so they already know bash and they will be more likely to
> try DragonFly if they don't have ot learn a new shell. 
> Even Apple has switched to bash for OS X.

They don't have to learn a new shell.  They are more than welcome
to install bash, ksh, zsh, or whatever other shell they want.

> Bash has won, 

Based on what?  Number of users?  If that is the measure cmd.exe
has won.  Even command.com might still have bash beat based on 
number of installs.

> and it's only a matter of time before csh goes the way
> of the dodo. 

I wouldn't stay awake waiting if I were you :)

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