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Re: shortcut to install dragonfly?

From: Dave Leimbach <leimySPAM2k@xxxxxxx>
Date: 11 Dec 2003 15:36:07 -0600

evs <erik14@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

All I did was get a snapshot CD and used /stand/sysinstall :).

I had to fight with it a bit but I have a DragonFly system and I didn't
use a "from scratch" method to get it.


> the dragonfly download page states:
>  you need to use fdisk, boot0cfg, disklabel (don't forget to install
> bootblocks), newfs, and mount, and then at the very least 'cpdup' the
> contents of the CDRom into your HD. Be sure to remove
> /boot/loader.conf and fixup /etc/fstab on the HD before trying to
> reboot through the HD
> That's OK but, I'm lazy.
> Could we:
> 1 do a minimal install to the target HD with FreeBSD 4.9 ( or 5.1 )
> 2 boot from the dragonfly cd
> 3 delete all the FreeBSD files on the target HD
> 4 cpdup the dfly cd to the hd, fix fstab, remove loader.conf
> 5 point the bootloader at the new kernel and reboot?
> maybe step 3 isn't necessary. I haven't tried Matt's clever cpdup
> yet.
> I've done installs down at the nitty-gritty level but, like I said,
> I'm lazy.

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