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Re: compiler version

From: David Leimbach <leimy2k@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 09:41:00 -0600

On Dec 13, 2003, at 9:28 AM, Emiel Kollof wrote:

* Dave Leimbach (leimySPAM2k@xxxxxxx) wrote:
So it seems that many C++ projects would be greatly helped by a newer C++
compiler on DragonFly than version 2.95.4 of gcc. 3.4 is around the corner
hopefully and contains a newly hand written recursive descent parser.

That may be a bit adventerous for some. Perhaps 3.3.2 would suffice?

Install the gcc3 port. When we get the new VFS stuff, switching 'default' compilers will be a breeze. I believe the ports system already has some gunk in there fo facilitate port compiles with the gcc 3 compiler. There is a knob for make.conf, IIRC.

Ah cool. I used to do a lot of stuff in FreeBSD "on my own" meaning installing
my own /home/dave/opt and putting all the things I wished were default on
FreeBSD there instead of on the system.

This included KDE CVS builds and other goodies.

That is unless the code generation and compilation speeds are deemed
inappropriate for DragonFly usage.

I have a bunch of simple C++ examples that just don't work on the default
DragonFly compiler. Most of which involve use of the STL and such.

Also I can't get arts from KDE to compile properly from its KDE CVS at this
time though that may be due to some KDE developement going on.

The KDE situation is being worked on. On a related note, asmodai will probably want to get the TenDRA compiler working with building kernels and world, since he's the main TenDRA guy that frequents here :)

Right! And I plan to test anything I can get from him in that regard to help

Also, I think TenDRA would be a better fit for DragonFly licensewise. A
BSD system with a BSD licensed compiler would be a very cool thing to
have, now wouldn't it?

Its BSD and Crown license actually but Crown isn't too restrictive either.

There is a balance between functionality and non-restrictive license that
I think is important. I love the BSDL and I love the idea of TenDRA but it
has 0 C++ support last time I checked and if installing C++ becomes a
separate option from the kernel compiler that's fine with me too.



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