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Re: The Trolling on the freebsd- lists

From: Paul Robinson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 21:24:44 +0000

Matthew Dillon wrote:

   Just a note... I would request that if anyone who reads this list is
   responsible for or knows the person who is responsible for the trolling
   that is going on on the freebsd lists, to please stop or ask the person
   responsible to stop.   While it is certainly true that I have major
   issues with certain FreeBSD developers, and the path FreeBSD development
   has taken, the sort of trolling that is going on is damaging the wider
   interests of Open Source in general as well as the many end-users
   and many other developers who contribute to FreeBSD, and all the BSD's,
   including DragonFly are poorer for it.

I am not responsible, nor do I know who is. But the person who started the "Where is FreeBSD going?" thread had some valid points, and if it is a troll, it's the first one I've seen that is in fact accurate. Those of us still running FBSD waiting for DF to get to the point where we can go to our management and suggest a migration, well, we're not seriously considering 5.x for anything useful right now. The points made, although personal, are valid. I don't think you should be getting involved in censoring those over there, and I only hope that you, unlike -core, actually listen to the sysadmins and end users in the future before going off and doing something mad. :-)

I agree though, it may put you and DFBSD into a bad light with the way it has been done. There were better ways of doing it.

Paul Robinson

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