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Re: what does you think of fink?

From: Ryan Dooley <dooleyr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 17:01:37 -0600

INST on IRIX. handled package versioning fairly well, and handled things like conflicting OS patches very well. Of course the latter doesn't matter much when you do most maintainence from source the way we generally do.

*shudder*... rqsall on an O2... *shudder*

Inst I never really took to, it always seemed to be cumbersome at best but your right, for all the pain it caused it kept conflicts in software to a minimum (the only issues I ever encountered where switching from maintenance to feature or vice versa).

Both of the above worked better than Solaris' patch+package system,
and infinitely better than FreeBSD's.

Amen to that ;-)

I find the biggest issues are upgrading "core system" and breaking a "/usr/local" package because the (ports) installed don't inform the package manager that they are dependant on something the core provides.

Having a package manager that is aware of both sides and will tell you that you are about to break something would just be cool.


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